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  1. “…It’s like saying you’re hungry when there’s a hotdog on the ground”



    Excellent post, Pups!!

  2. Beautiful sunrise this morning. Pfffffftttttt every sunrise is beautiful.

  3. https://is.gd/iXGfb7

  4. Weekend meme post is my favorite.

    Can you believe some countries have banned memes?

    Is that true or is that an internet myth I fell for? Kind of like the Michael’s birthday deal.

  5. Happy birthday, Anita! Hope ChrisP does something nice for you today.

  6. Happy Birthday, Anita!!!

    I was listening to Dave Ramsey the other day and thought of you and Chrispy. He was talking to a guy who is a 66-year-old, classic American Millionaire. Worked hard, saved, lived within their means and now has about 2 million in the bank.

    *high fives*

  7. Excellent poat, Pups.

  8. Wakey wakey.

    What’s a whisp?

  9. great gerbil pup!

  10. btw – someone needs to teach that whore danielle how to cook

  11. Will O’Whisp

  12. Could not find OSU / Penn State on the boob tube last night. Sounds like it was a fantastic game.

  13. Tears on the charcuterie board followed by victory shots

  14. I think I need to know how much everyone here drank in college. Because … you may be a rapist. I’m just asking questions.

  15. More like, IF you drank beer in college you ARE a rapist!

  16. True. Fess up rapists.

  17. After 4 years at a Catholic college I had a lot of catching up to do in med school.

  18. You disgust me.

  19. I didn’t attend college. I’m innocent!

  20. Nice try Troy. If you’ve ever had a beer in the company of women you’re guilty.

  21. I can’t believe Troy is claiming innocence. ARE YOU AWARE THAT ONE IN THREE WOMEN IS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED?

    A lot of you are guilty.

  22. We should have a get-together where you all burn your high school yearbooks.

  23. We should have a meat up where we all rape the shit outa each other.

  24. I’m sure it’s already happened at previous meetups.

  25. Happy Birthday, Roamie and Anita!!

  26. Apparently Brett Kavanaugh went to Hedy LaMarr Memorial High School, where he was part of the Fightin’ Taggarts football team.

  27. Comment by Car in on September 30, 2018 12:01 pm
    I’m sure it’s already happened at previous meetups.

    I don’t know what you freaks up in Michigan do at your meatups, but there was no raping in Tempe.

  28. I’m pretty sure there have been more than one occasion at the meetups where someone’s memory of events is foggy. That’s when it happens. duh.

    I can’t believe I have to explain this to you.

    And … I believe there are pictures of the Dildo deal from St Louis.

  29. I didn’t drink much in college because I didn’t go to many parties. When I did, I may or may not have put myself in situations that I later warned my daughter to avoid.
    Am I the rapist or should I feign PTSD and go after any young man who looked at me wrong?

    We’ve having a reunion of sorts with my husband’s teammates this fall. One or two may be lefties. They better step lightly or maybe I’ll hypothetically accuse them on the spot and tell them to prove I’m wrong.

  30. Car in, there are pictures of two dudes molesting each other.

  31. Ford read Judge’s book and adjusted her story to fit, that’s why it doesn’t match with what she told the therapist.

    Why was she allowed to read her own letter to Feinstein and make changes there on the spot?

  32. Oh, there were a few times I did rather stupid things too. I think for the most part girls watch after each other now-a-days. That’s why I think a lot of the accusations are more than likely regret.

  33. Why wasn’t she asked about her yearbook or her drinking habits or if she ever ground her genitals on others?

  34. Car in, agreed. I’m not sure about girls watching after each other now-a-days, though I did warn my daughter repeatedly what to avoid, but back then…pffffft. Once, I went to a party hosted by a frat, with a group of women from my sorority. An hour or two later, I look around and realize they had all bailed on me. Not surprised because most were falling over drunk (a couple of them left with guys). I was not. It was five or so miles from campus, around midnight, out in the boonies. WTF? I had to look around and ask some guy – an acquaintance – for a ride home. Otherwise I would have had to try to walk back.

    Another reason why I stopped associating with my own sorority.

  35. Wow. My friends would have never left me anywhere. I dated a guy in a frat, so I was at “his house” a lot, and then he moved into a house with some guys the next year – and zero # of them ever wanted to get a girl drunk and rape them.

  36. Paula just made these


    No word on how they taste, the flavors are undergoing a mystical transformation in the fridge right now.

  37. My friend made some sort of oatmeal bar thing with bananas and chocolate chips. They were ok. I don’t know if they were worth the trouble.

  38. My younger brother was president of his frat at UMO. Even in 1997 he spent hours in meetings dealing with prevention of sexual assault. He had one brother that transferred in from another college and he was a suspect in the old school. A lot of time was devoted to dealing with that shit.

  39. She gets them premade from a lady at the gym and likes them. When I ate the last couple and discovered how much she paid for them I told her that there must be a million recipes out there for something similar. There are and this was one. At work there isn’t a lot of time to sit down for a meal and they serve a purpose.

  40. Car in, as regards to your link….if anything, perhaps all of this bullshit will redpill many of Kavanaugh’s friends, coworkers, and acquaintances.

  41. .if anything, perhaps all of this bullshit will redpill many of Kavanaugh’s friends, coworkers, and acquaintances.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s doing that to a lot of women who have sons.

  42. Re Jimbro’s link. Why do they always put weird shit like chia seeds in these recipes?

  43. Only time I left a friend at a party, she wanted to be left. Still didn’t feel right.

  44. Calories: 128, Fat: 7.4 g, Net Carb 10 g, Protein: 6 g

    Meh. Fat is kind of high (my g of daily fat are between 53 and 70). I’m usually looking for more carbs. They make a dry nut thing that takes out a lot of the fat. That’s a big hit for a little, bitty ball.

  45. Thank you, Pepe!

  46. You could easily take out the chia – but I don’t know why. They’re really not that funky and really good nutritionally.

  47. There was only one time where I got a bad vibe from someone and it wasn’t at a time where I may or may not have put myself in a potentially bad situation. Party at a popular bar down on Main Street. Lots of people. About a mile from campus. I could have ran home.

    Big football guy asked me to dance, which I did. Tall and big as in ‘roid big. Immediately didn’t like his looks, his grip, or his body language and declined another dance. Got my buddy and my ride, and went home. Didn’t trust the football guys – especially the roided ones (it was a problem at my university and the town gym at the time) because quite a few were dating sorority gals and were known to beat hell out of them.

  48. I am down 11 pounds since the start of spring. The political b.s. has been a great appetite suppressant.

  49. I’m exactly the same weight despite the fact that my carbs are over 300 – my low day has me eating 1900 calories, while my higher days top out over 2400.

  50. Me: “I’m down 10 pounds since spring.”

    Husband: “Yes, I can tell. It is noticeable.”

    Me: *does a little sa-shay in his direction* “Oooo, tell me more!”

    Him: *not wanting to fall into any trap* – “Go away.”

  51. Happy BD!!! Roamy!
    what are the party plans?

  52. Car in, you are in great shape. I’m a potato.

  53. I’ve abandoned low carb since I’m rarely home to cook meals and everything around the office is tacos, sandwich shops, and a gyro joint. I stick with one meal a day, try to load extra protein when I order out, and cook up a bunch of crockpot meals on Sundays to carry me through the week. A side of steamed rice from the chinese place across from my office is $2 and I’ll top it with homemade chicken mole, pepper steak, etc.

  54. Me: “I’m down 10 pounds since spring.”

    Husband: “Yes, I can tell. It is noticeable.”

    Me: *does a little sa-shay in his direction* “Oooo, tell me more!”

    Him: *not wanting to fall into any trap* – “Go away.”

    While her husband was deployed, a friend spent the time working out and losing weight. When he returned his first response was, “they’re gone!”

  55. Jam, that looks like it has the potential to give any of the participants, whiplash.

  56. CoAlex – heh. I never had big ones..though, I gain weight, ‘they’ get bigger but then so does everything else, so proportion-wise, no difference.


    A lot of you are guilty.”

    i think it was all done by the same person…
    that motherfukker Kavanaugh is responsible for all rapes, inappropriate touching, leers, aggressive stares, slack jawed drooling drunken debauchery – all of it. (except for the stuff weiner, clinton, & lyin’ of the senate kennedy did)

  58. I’ve been eating two meals a day, portion control, and snacking on peanuts or hummus/veggies midday.

  59. i’ve been chuckling about this kav the drunkard, beer in high school dealio….

    not a single word or comparison to the second coming his most royal buffoon ‘n chief O’bambam and his storied choom gang and drug abuse all throughout college…

  60. I bought some of that pea protein ‘milk’. Bolthouse Farms. 10 grams of protein. Chocolate and vanilla are not bad at all. Not going to try the ‘unsweetened’ as I hear it’s ‘chalky’.

  61. jam, it would have been great had Kav said something to the effect of, I drank beer…I didn’t do coke or belong to any choom gang.

  62. Tho, all of the lefties would yell that he didn’t rape all the women like Kav did. Unfortunately, the gay men he did are dead under suspicious circumstances, and can’t be reached for comment.

  63. Thank you, jam. Just had dim sum for lunch, nom, nom, nom.

  64. “The woman who charges she was gang-raped at a party where Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was present, Julie Swetnick, had a lawsuit filed against her by a former employer that alleged she engaged in “unwelcome, sexually offensive conduct” towards two male co-workers, according to court documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.”

    court filing..->


  65. Meh, big tits are like fast cars: fun when you’re young, and all your buddies are jealous, but impractical for day to day activities, and the maintenance is a hassle until eventually they only come out a couple of times in the summer and the rest of the year remain cooped up.

  66. Fuck you, liberals! Go secede, you rotten sons of bitches! LEAVE THE KIDS OUT OF THIS
    (don’t click if you have blood pressure problems, I’m seeing red.)

  67. My blood pressure is good. I’ll risk it.

    /clicks link

  68. Chris Britt can go fuck himself.

  69. So cute I can’t even.


  70. Chris Britt looks like a BLM seat sniffer.

  71. THAT IS SO CUTE, lauraw!!

    *sends it to my crazy bird lady sister*
    *she’s down 3 birds…has 8 left*

  72. Needed that, thanks lauraw.

  73. 29 and 32 years old and $1,000,000 in debt. Want to guess where they work?


  74. Holy crap! That bird deal is the sweetest thing since I saw this and watched it 10 times.

    turn up volume

  75. Oops, screwed the pooch on that one. hang on.

  76. http://tinyurl.com/oc83kyu

  77. Has scott posted this yet?


  78. Just add http, you dick!!

  79. welp, the washing machine is finally dead. over 20 years old. Wore off the post that the spin bearing is on.

  80. This is neat.

  81. We were talking about useless degrees vs trades the other day. A freight company is looking for drivers in our area and offer the following:

    4 or 5 day week, your choice
    Days or nights, your choice
    Insurance – health, dental, vision, and life
    Matching 401K
    Home every night
    $1600-$1850 per week
    $10,000 signing bonus
    First 30 qualified applicants get a $200 gift card

    That will give you an idea of how the economy is doing.

  82. You will be lucky if your next one lasts 5 years, Jay.

  83. Our new HE washing machine didn’t last a year, stopped running this morning. I blame Jay.

    Actually I blame the landlady who went cheap when she bought it but renters can’t be choosers.

  84. Newer washing machines don’t work well. They don’t use enough water to get the clothes clean.

  85. Some new machines have a ‘deep fill’ option; ie the way older washers work, by filling more of the drum with water.

  86. That’s why I spent $160 on repairing an 8-year-old machine – newer ones suck.

  87. My dipshit brother apparently has a job as a truck driver, even with a DUI and a marijuana bust on his record.

  88. A couple weeks ago I watched a driver try to back into a loading dock.

    It took him over an hour in a wide open space.

    I don’t know how that guy got a license.

  89. Laura is wearing her monkey astronaut scrubs.

    That was a home run, Roamy.

  90. The only concern I’d have about the trades is that while Trump is in office they’ll do fine, and perhaps even if Pence wins in 2024. However, if a Dem wins in 2024, or an Establishment GOP who has sold his soul to the Chamber of Commerce and has drunk the libertarian kool-aide on free trade and open borders… you’re gonna see things get ugly for blue collar workers.

  91. Still better than a history degree from Yale.

  92. Loins!


  93. Pretty sure she’s BBC material


  94. https://tinyurl.com/y89w29wf

  95. Happy birfday, roamy! I got you these for dessert:


  96. Urrgh, “BBF” material. This tablet’s autocucumber sucks.

  97. Most BBF material has also been BBC material as well.

  98. Laura is wearing her monkey astronaut scrubs.


  99. Well, somebody in those period dramas in the great big manor houses has to dust the be–

    Oh. Ohhhhhhhhh. Never mind.

  100. Bought a Maytag, with an agitator and “deep fill” is an option. Mom coached me, said if she had a familly, she’d get the agitator if she had to do it over again.

  101. Happy birthday, roamy. Will they bring cake to work for ya, or is that insensitive to some cultures?

  102. Roamy and michelle’s high school reunion is on. Mmmm, Mira Sorvino.

  103. https://is.gd/___Jaws_Theme__

  104. We’re gonna need a cuter boat. RAWR!

  105. J’ames, it was my mom who likes that cartoon. Lord help me.

  106. Heh, not surprised, Car in. I can’t see who it was, cuz I’m BLOCKED!

  107. Romacita!
    Happy B’Day!

    Anita is out in the garden, harvesting tomatoes.
    The San Marzanos are pretty amazing sauce tomatoes. Very few seeds and little gel. Make great tomato sauce when run through the food mill with the fine screen.

  108. Happy Birthday, Romacita!

  109. I got you these for dessert:

    Whew, I thought it was going to be this

  110. Happy Birthday, Anita P!!!!

  111. Car in, when the MFM found out the Zimmerman wasn’t an old Jewish guy, but Hispanic, they started calling him a “White Hispanic” or Whisp. Same thing the MFM is doing to Cruz while giving the Irish guy a Hispanic nickname.

  112. Happy Birthday Roamie, I got you a rocket cake.


  113. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here already, but I’m likely to be somewhat scarce around here next week. Taking a trip to Memphis and Nashville. Solo in the former, meeting up with some Morons in the latter. Just booked my Graceland tour for Wednesday afternoon.

  114. Thanks, Sean, Jay, ChrisP, and Osita.

    I doubt they will do anything for my birthday at work – it’s not a milestone birthday, and most people know I’m doing low carb.

    Mr. RFH made cinnamon streusel muffins, which were just right, and I know the kids will eat the leftovers.

  115. Thanks, Pupster, I don’t know what’s funnier, the video or the nick of the guy who posted it.

  116. Safe travels, Sean. I’d come crash the Moron party in Nashville, but Wednesday is when I’m traveling, too.

  117. Thanks, roamy. Is that when you’re heading out for the Holy Land?

  118. Yes, Sean. I’ll be back very late on the 15th.

  119. Last time I was in Memphis, Elvis was still alive. Nashville is awesome because of all the live music. It isn’t always Country. Last time I was in TN, BLM was blocking traffic and pulling people out of cars.

  120. Does everybody return plastic?

  121. Roamy was it really your birthday?

    You deserve the best year ever!!

  122. MMM in 20-30 minutes.

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