Thorsday Filler – Liars Abound

“”The Truth Behind Pathological and Compulsive Liars

We all lie, but some people take it to extremes, destroying careers and relationships in the process.””

The lying going on is stupefying. Normally we would blame it on mare – ‘cuz you know – whore, but the current level is Soviet era propaganda level lying, so she’s off the hoof.

Holy Moly how in the universe can anyone with an IQ over 60 actually believe any of the crap that’s coming out of DC and the denizens thereof?


According to this chick – lying is a cooperative act:

“Deceit is the linchpin of conscienceless behavior.” ~Martha Stout, The Sociopath Next Door


  1. Boy1 is on the autism spectrum, he does not process tone or voice inflection, body language, eye contact is hard for him. He looks for the lie like a street cop in everything he sees and hears, but he’s really inaccurate and socially awkward so he comes off as a paranoid crank, very jaded and negative. I try to get him to see the good in things but it is exhausting sometimes, he has the reflexive teenage oppositional disorder cranked to eleven.

    Also he says “yah?” at the end of every sentence and he’s too big for the wood chipper.

  2. Thanks Jam, good post for today

  3. I went through an FBI check. They interviewed the family whose daughter I tutored in algebra when she was in 9th grade and I was in 11th. (The dad paid me by check.) I’m enjoying pointing out to libs that why call for a 7th FBI investigation if the previous six investigations somehow missed the rape train business.

  4. This bullshit reminds me of Benghazi. My bullshit detector pegged in the red immediately upon hearing that our consulate was attacked because of a riot which was the result of an obscure YouTube video. I was appalled that they’d even trot something that transparently false out there. And yet…….enough of my fellow Americans bought it enough in order to allow them to pull the lever for that fool three weeks later. We Do Not have a serious electorate any more and this scotus shit show is prooof.

  5. Someone catch me up to speed. Who did Kavanaugh rape over night?

    wakey wakey.

  6. Carin, someone who heard it from someone else who had been assaulted by Kavanaugh (all completely anonymous) and some nutter in Rhode Island who says he beat up Kavanaugh and Judge for raping someone on a boat and also says the Russians are coming to take over the White House and why doesn’t the military rise up.

  7. Your mom.

  8. What about Xbrad’s comment last night?

    BTW, Judiciary investigators interviewed someone who says he think’s he’s the guy that Ford had an encounter with.

  9. Pendejo, I’m sure my mom is willing to come forward with accusations …

  10. Senate Republicans released a timeline of their interviews. I’ll find a link.

  11. Beginning of twitter thread.

  12. Thanks Roamy.

  13. What time do hearings start?

  14. Redstate? Does Erick Erickson know he’s publishing something that might help a Trump nominee?

    Man, that guy has been insufferable.

  15. I’m suspicious of that story. Why would anyone come forward to admit sexual assault?

  16. Jay, maybe they claim it wasn’t sexual assault, but consenting?

  17. Drunk guy tries to kiss a girl. When did that become sexual assault?

  18. Drunken hugs = sexual assault.

    I need to apologize to a bunch of you.

  19. Whats the difference between making a pass at someone at a party and sexual assault?

  20. Hyperbole

  21. 10 AM, I think.

  22. Drunken hugs = sexual assault.

    I need to apologize to a bunch of you.

    Same here. And Mrs. Cuffy for bringing the dildo to the STLMU.

  23. Comment by terribletroy on September 27, 2018 9:21 am
    Whats the difference between making a pass at someone at a party and sexual assault?

    How attractive the guy is.

  24. The official Hostage sexual harassment training video.

  25. Bwahahaha, someone at the public affairs office scheduled a press conference about NASA’s 60th anniversary this morning. Good luck with that.

  26. Another Hostage training video

  27. I sent drinks to a table of girls at a bar once when I was separated from my first wife. Pretty sure that’s sexual assault now.

  28. Democrats are now the Puritans.

    Don’t tell all the rapey ones.

  29. That’s unfair to Puritans, who were believed in having lots of sex inside of marriage.

  30. According to the philosopher laureate of American Values, Chris Rock, sexua harassment is when an ugly muhfucka is tryin to get some pussy. Denzel will neva get no sexua harassment thro n on his ass.

    That’s pretty much verbatim as best I recall from watching that particular leftur on hbo.

  31. Leftur = Lecture.

  32. Their ongoing hope is that the Republicans are easily scandalized by the hint of sexual interest on the part of their representatives and their appointees.

    They really, truly think that we get the vapors over this and we’ll call for resignations and removals. The squishes in the senate probably think the same thing, and must be disabused of this notion, because voting for Trump clearly didn’t get the point across.

  33. I’m waiting for the day that we get a nominee accused of sexual harassment who responds, “Why would I need to harass her? My wife picks out all my girlfriends.”

  34. According to the philosopher laureate of American Values, Chris Rock, sexua harassment is when an ugly muhfucka is tryin to get some pussy. Denzel will neva get no sexua harassment thro n on his ass.

    This is why it’s better to be short than ugly. Short gets you politely declined rather than a call to HR.

  35. Okay, I’m done with my morning gang raping. What’s up?

  36. Whats the difference between making a pass at someone at a party and sexual assault?

    D and R

  37. Holy shit, she showed up. Didn’t expect that.

  38. i’m tired of the fake civility bullshit.
    fuck the dems.
    & fuck the pussy repubs too.

    hand them all a war club and let them hash it out

  39. grassley sounds feeble. he’s stumbling over his opening too much.

  40. This whore looks like a psycho.

  41. “I heard Brett and Mark leave the bedroom laughing and loudly walk down the narrow stairs, pin-balling off the walls on the way down.”

    I want to know what pin balling sounds like.

  42. Especially over loud music and through a closed door.

  43. She looks 10-15 years older than Kavanaugh.

  44. Ford’s Attorneys: “Look scared, and frail. Look like you could burst into tears at any moment.”

  45. term limits

  46. Everything Feinstein is saying is irrelevant.

  47. giving feinstein any platform is a travesty

  48. The FBI has done background on Kavanaugh 6 times, you stupid cunt. He’s been investigated.

  49. I thought this was supposed to be Ford getting questioned. WTF are they allowing Feinstein to continue her list of unproven claims as if they are fact. Why don’t they tell her to STFU?

  50. She looks 10-15 years older than Kavanaugh.

    Madness and hatred add years.

  51. This bitch should be terrified. She might be going to prison.

  52. So did they coach her to act frightened for the weak sisters and Flake?

  53. FFS

  54. Anyone who believes a word of this insane.

  55. The comments on the youtube live stream are brutal. Nobody is buying this.

  56. I bet she stiffed the contractor. My gut after 34 years in the business would tell me to run far far away.

  57. You know who’s an evil bitch to the level of hillary evil bitch? Feinstein and this whore.

  58. Okay her faux vulnerable tone is quite annoying and a bit over the top.

  59. If this whore is telling the truth, why is she reading a script? When it’s a real experience you just talk. And her acting is awful. What whining lying cunt.

  60. She is reading everything from a paper.

  61. Feinstein has committed treason for decades. Wittingly.

    Well, as wittingly as she can do anything.

  62. You made this shit public that’s why it’s in public you cunt.

  63. Grassley telling colleagues not to filibuster in their questions. So why did he allow Feinstein to filibuster in ‘introducing’ her.

  64. You’ll take a minute to0 read it?? You say you wrote it, you dipshit.

  65. She is critiquing her own letter and allowed to ‘oh that’s not quite right’? WTF?

  66. Can’t listen or my head will explode. I’ll try listening to Rush at noon. He’s got a way of injecting levity into shit shows such as this one.

  67. Comment by Car in on September 27, 2018 8:01 am
    Pendejo, I’m sure my mom is willing to come forward with accusations …


    No offense Carin but your mom is exactly the type of true believer, all-in, nutty feminist that would “sacrifice” herself for the cause and make shit up like the others.

  68. What else can she blame in this faux assault? she’s a wackadoodle

  69. I turned off the radio because Feinstein sends my blood pressure to ‘cut a bitch’. Let me know when that witch is done.

  70. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on September 27, 2018 10:04 am
    Holy shit, she showed up. Didn’t expect that.


    I did. I saw pictures of her in front of Elizabeth Arden Red Door for a make over and Neiman Marcus for clothes.

  71. She’s looks like she’s lying

  72. Seriously mare? Where?

  73. Is she reading her answers off paper too?

  74. Who wants to be that when Feinstein kicks the bucket, her kids will write their own ‘Mommy Dearest’?

  75. Why is he being allowed to filibuster and not asking questions?

  76. Twitter, Carin. Let me look around.

  77. This is an outrage. She is lying her ass off. Soros has already written the check.

  78. Damn it, I saw it TWICE on twitter and googled it, can’t find it.

  79. I had to turn it off too. Makes my blood boil that supposed “good guys” let this kind of charade go on.

  80. Jennifer Rubin is an actual dolt.

  81. The lectures by the democrates are tiresome and trite.

  82. Dick Dustbin is now bloviating.


  84. They”re giving her credit for her emboldening women to falsely accuse men who they want to harm in the future.

  85. This woman looks like she partied too hard in her youth. Not kidding.

  86. The lectures will be effective, they always are, for the LIV and the dem predators that lap them up.

  87. So, who is the first to say that Ford is DESTROYING Grassley?

  88. So wait, republicans will not be allowed to question this broad.

  89. Haha, the lefties on FB are so in love with Ford.

  90. Let me guess, she’s not under oath, either.

  91. Okay, they’re taking a break. I am too. I think I’ll go to my boat. This is a shitshow.

  92. If your Mom, wife or sister thinks this bitch is credible tell them to fuck off from me.


  93. She’s under oath. The republicans are having the sex abuse bitch use their time.

  94. It’s ironic, because Ford looks appears to be basically the opposite of a strong woman.

    And I still don’t get the whole “I need two front doors” thing at her house.

  95. In one of the feeds, they are saying Judge Nap thinks she is credible. How? She hasn’t been really questioned, she was allowed to read – then tidy up the letter she wrote, and not challenged on any discrepancies.

  96. I think she really believes most of what she is saying. That doesn’t make it true. And I think her beliefs of how evil Trump is is taking her the rest of the way.

  97. How many questions has the sex abuse lawyer given her? She allowed her to read through her letter and make adjustments to it and then maybe one question about the number of people and if they were talking. WTF?
    This is indeed a shit show and they should have never allowed this. Why treat her any different than Kavanaugh, of whom the democrats will savage.

  98. Car in, I think the opposite. I think she is a crazy loon who thinks herself a good soldier for the resistance. We’ve all met females like this and have avoided like the plague.

  99. Anita Hill was a more believable liar.

  100. Why does a grown ass woman have a vocal fry?

  101. Leading the witness. Motherf*cker.

  102. Is there a question in there somewhere, Whitehouse?

  103. A woman with a fun king PhD doesn’t know the definition of exculpatory?

  104. Okay, so the lawyer is reading questions the republicans have. Lee’s questions just proved she’s a cunt regarding flying. “I’m afraid of flying…unless I’m going on vacation to surf and other assorted interests or meeting with democrats.”

  105. I can’t meet with the committee because anxiety of flying…

    So you flew here, you flew here in August, you flew all over the world to surf………

  106. Lefties are mad about that question. She has flying issues, yannow!

  107. They’re mad because they don’t like their fellow travelers to be found out as a lying cunt.

    *I may be turning into hotspur*

  108. And apparently there’s a fifth. Looks like the Republicans are dumping all the anonymous allegations they’ve received in order to muddy the waters, according to sources.

    And now they’re trying to break her down on her discomfort with flying?

    Shut the fuck up Chuck.

    This is probably all I needed to read about the Kavanaugh hearing

    Grassley seemed awfully shrill and emotional in that closing. He should smile and try to be more likable

    It’s okay. The orderly will bring Chuck some jello at lunch and he’ll settle right down.

    This woman isn’t making shit up.

    You have to point and laugh, and ignore them. You can’t reason with them.

  109. It’s just a team jersey to them, anymore. They don’t care that this is all lies and bullshit, or even what kind of justice Kavanaugh will be. It’s pure tribalism, and they want the power to deny the other side anything they can.

  110. Grassley not even providing evidentiary documents to the rest of the committee.

    Grassley’s in such a rush he’s even cutting his own time off in the middle of an answer.

    So the Republicans are questioning her own documentary evidence they hadn’t previously provided or announced as being part of the hearing? That’s bullshit.

    Merrick Garland as the Chief of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, effectively Brett Kavanaugh’s boss, should put Kavanaugh under all appropriate disciplinary sanctions.

    Grassley really doing his best to frame this hearing as a waste of his time.

    Grassley comes out the gate whining and grandstanding.

    More tidbits I read all the time, and laugh.

  111. That’s really true, leon. They are willing to suspend belief, and do anything to get their way.

    Look how that worked out with Gorsuch, after they passed the nuclear option.

  112. Really wish Chief Justice Roberts would come out and say “we don’t want him until he’s cleared of these allegations”. I know it won’t happen and wouldn’t help if he did but it would be nice to see someone on that side show some integrity and pride in their institution.

    One of my favorites.

  113. Total bullshit and anyone with half a brain can see this. You have five minutes of ass kissing by democrats who should be asking questions and five minutes of actual questions from republicans asked through a female attorney.

    It really is unbelievable.

  114. None of this should be happening.

    This is what happens when you tolerate the constant thumbing of noses to the law, the Constitution, and basic decency.

  115. At least I can get up every five minutes to get something done, when it’s the democrat’s turn to slobber all over her.

  116. Good point someone on Mark Levin’s FB post…..she fled the house and left her friend there alone with potential rapists?

  117. 1. The distance between the accuser’s house and the country club was between 6-8 miles, thereby necessitating a driver since she was 15 at the time. Who was the driver?
    2. There have been discrepancies on dates, i.e., when the alleged assault took place.
    3. There is no mention of Kavanaugh in the 2013 therapist’s notes.
    4. Before they were married, she told her husband she had been assaulted but didn’t mention Kavanaugh.
    5. Despite her alleged fear of flying, which was said to be the reason for delaying the hearing until a later time, she has flown often for work and vacations.

  118. Kavanaugh Accuser Sued Former Employer, Used Law Firm Of Other Accuser

  119. Has this been mentioned at all?

    The Senate Judiciary Committee reportedly met with two men this week who think that they assaulted Christine Blasey Ford in 1982, not Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

  120. HOW DID SHE GET HOME. And … big question … whose house was it?

  121. She doesn’t know even though she may have been sober while on her way there.

  122. Apparently, Ted Cruz was not hounded out of that restaurant. The management took him and his wife to safety, called the cops, and then let them finish their meal.

    The chef/owner Fabio Trabocchi said, ‘Politics, like elbows, are best left off the dining table and we welcome everyone.’

  123. For a little break, here’s a story I didn’t know before:

    North Platte Canteen: Where The Heartland Opened Its Heart In WWII

    It seems that they did the same thing this summer: Kelly: North Platte welcomes visiting soldiers, just like it did during WWII

    I can’t find the cookbook, though.

  124. Comment by Car in on September 27, 2018 1:02 pm
    HOW DID SHE GET HOME. And … big question … whose house was it?

    This is why they should have all partied in your basement. None of this would have happened.

  125. No raping in my house. The Moose does not approve.

  126. When does Kavanaugh get to gang raped by the democrats? I’m turning this shit off.

  127. ‘get to be’

  128. I’ve only been listening on and off. I just went for a 2 mile run. I just can’t all day. I’VE GOT SHIT TO DO.

  129. Saw some nitwit on FB say he’s a scumbag…with all the evidence against him.

  130. The democrat speeches are unbearable. They don’t even pretend to be asking questions

  131. It’s completely different, listening to lefties and us explain what’s going on. They are convinced she is 100% telling the truth verbatim, no possibility of anything else.

  132. Same people who cried over Tom Robinson being falsely accused in a book of fiction…and may or may not give a shit about the real Emmett Till.

  133. A compelling testimony by Ford was ALL they have – they don’t have proof of any sort. They had to make sure that went well- I’m sure she was well coached.

    Those who are “hair on fire” right now (Fox News staff) need to pull up their panties.

  134. Is her part over?

  135. And why is Fox News hairs on fire?

  136. I just had some Indian or paki call me wanting to get in my computer to protect me from hackers.

    I played with him for awhile until he got really pissed and told me to go fuck myself. I told him to do the same, after which he should strap on a vest and blow himself up.

  137. Just caught someone saying the lawyer asking the questions was a disaster for the republicans because of the way the questioning was done.
    I don’t get why they even had her. Ford should have been treated the same as Kavanaugh.

  138. btw, I did not think her testimony was compelling.

  139. Now it’s Kavanaugh’s turn?

  140. “A compelling testimony by Ford ”


    Ahhhhhh nope.

    Who paid for your expensive polygraph test wherein 2 questions were asked?

    Ford: I don’t know.

  141. I hope he downs a few shots of Jameson first and swaggers in like he’s about to grab some serious pussy.

  142. Kav’s mad. Not the right look to lead with.

    Liberal commentary

  143. Question on Quora: Why do restaurant hamburgers taste so much better than the ones I make at home?

    Answer: you suck at cooking hamburgers.

  144. It’s exactly the right look for an innocent man.

    I’d expect nothing more. And any leftist will say anything to get what they want, Ford/feinstein/Schumer just proved that.

  145. He’s making my eyes leak. I feel so bad for him, his parents, and his wife.

  146. He’s on fire

  147. He sounds great – I’m listening not watching. I could tell there is a lot of emotion.

  148. He’ll never convince everyone, but he’s convincing me.

  149. He sounds precise, direct, confident, and truthful.

  150. Wow, he really misses his dad. I know the feeling.

  151. It’s almost like he’s an innocent man falsely accused and tired of this shit.

  152. Comment by Jay in Ames on September 27, 2018 3:19 pm
    Question on Quora: Why do restaurant hamburgers taste so much better than the ones I make at home?

    Answer: you suck at cooking hamburgers.

    Salt and fat. Most people don’t use nearly the amount that restaurants use.

  153. I thought he said his parents were there. Is his dad deceased?

    Sounds like he started his calendar because his dad did and he wanted to be like his dad, who he greatly respects.

  154. Couple of people on twitter have stated that even Melissa Milano (who is sitting a couple of rows behind his wife and is there to protest his nomination) was crying during his statement.

  155. Alyssa, not Melissa


    WTF is this?

  157. “The democrats are going to burn in hell for this.” -Pay, Who had to call and tell me that.

  158. My home cooking improved dramatically after I started salting to taste.

  159. If for nothing else, I’d like to thank Judge Kavanaugh for sealing the deal on the Red wave this fall.

    I whole heartedly believe that normal Americans (if they see this or have been following) can see the political hit job the Dems orchestrated.

  160. Is anyone else doing a double-take every time they see a quote from Lindsay Graham lately?

    Did Tucker Carlson send him some breakfast cereal or something?

  161. why isn’t he given a break like bitchface was?

  162. “The democrats are going to burn in hell for this.” -Pay, Who had to call and tell me that.

    I really wish Kavanaugh would have stood up and said,

    “I’ve answered every question asked regarding my judicial philosophy and temperament. I’ve denied and continue to deny these accusations completely. I can understand an attack on my judgments and my time serving in the White House, those are legitimate political points of debate. However, these personal accusations will echo for decades after this committee holds its final vote. I have been called a rapist, a predator, and a drunk. Anonymous scumbags have spread filthy implications about the time I’ve spent coaching my daughters’ teams. Those accusations will never fully die. My reputation has been ruined by the cowardly, the greedy, the vainglorious, and the stupid. My family has been dragged through the mud and subject to harassment to satisfy the egos of senators seeking to fundraise for their presidential runs, hurt the current administration, demonstrate their importance to Senate leadership, or simply grandstand for the media. I’m through. Vote to confirm or don’t, but I’m done answering your questions. You can all go to hell.”

  163. Leon, that asshole, McCain was holding Graham’s strings, we’ll probably never know why, but since that heap died, Graham’s saying all the stuff he wants. Very interesting.

  164. Yeah, I’m generally in the “FU” from Kavanaugh group too, Alex.

    Oh and nice summary.

  165. OMG, the republicans are still speaking through this lawyer? WTF?

  166. It’s obvious Kav is playing direct to Trump with this opening. No awareness of how he’s contrasting to Ford.

    All women law clerks? All model hot, I bet.

    The black outs came on whiskey nights.

    He’s lying and his dad is sitting right behind him while he’s doing it and that’s what’s choking him up.

    He’s really blowing it for everybody but the audience of one.

    The process I’d want applied is a professional, independent investigation. Why haven’t you demanded one, Brett?

    Fuck you Brett Kavanaugh. Get your bullshit faux righteous anger out of here.

    This is your opponent.

  167. They live under a green sky.

  168. The process I’d want applied is a professional, independent investigation. Why haven’t you demanded one, Brett?

    As angry as I am that always makes me laugh. Why would an innocent man demand an investigation of something that didn’t happen. Why?

    See also: Collusion investigation

    WTF would investigate with a clear eye? The FBI *giggle*

  169. Ford’s glasses make her look like Bubbles, from the Trailer Park Boys, in drag.

  170. The SEC is suing Elon Musk for securities fraud.

  171. Tesla pursued by police to the launch pad is coming any day now.

  172. My MIL just said, “They act like communists what they do.”

    A woman who has spent time in a Soviet camp.

  173. Totalitarians are ultimately all alike.

  174. There it is: Dicky Durbin challenges Kavanaugh to suspend the hearing, for an FBI investigation.

  175. And Grassley tells him to get bent…

  176. Graham gets balls? When the hell did I make the trip to Bizarro World?

  177. Graham gets balls? When the hell did I make the trip to Bizarro World?

    Just wait until you find out who’s President…

  178. McCain isn’t blackmailing him anymore.

  179. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see him put on a fur coat and get a hot girlfriend.

  180. So, his yearbook inscriptions are admissable.

  181. Who slipped testosterone into Miss Lindsay’s cornflakes?

  182. Heh, looks like AOS is down.

  183. The hamster had a heart attack.

  184. There were like 5000 comments in the last 90 minutes.

  185. Now Klobachar is asking for reopening the investigation.

  186. Isn’t it the committee’s job to request for a FBI investigation? Why do they keep asking him to do it?

  187. “At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see him put on a fur coat and get a hot girlfriend.”


  188. cheech!
    how’s things post rain storm?

  189. They want him to withdraw, and stop the hearing.

  190. I’m going to start calling him Mr. Graham.

  191. Mith Lindthey is all out of bubblegum…

  192. It’s been raining off & on for a week or better, but nothing torrential here yet.
    Called for it today, but it barely sprinkled.

  193. I was surprised Graham reacted the way he did. My MIL was like, ‘Wow, look at him”.
    She is normally LIV and doesn’t follow any of it.

  194. Something got to him. And when you’ve redlined a veteran US Senator’s BS gauge…

  195. Comity was Mr. Graham’s dog, it would appear, and DiFi killed it not long after his wife McCain died.

    It was time to sledgehammer the floor open.

  196. HIgh school. This shit is from high school.


  197. Is any normal human thinking, “Kavanaugh drank in high school? WHAT?? No one does this, this is outrageous behavior that only the craziest, wildest, lowlifes would participate in!! This is entirely shocking and people who drink always rape. I can’t believe we would nominate a justice that drank in high school!”

  198. Your average Dem Senator never really left High School.

    Mentally, they probably never even got there.

  199. HIgh school. This shit is from high school

    I actually watched a US Senator question Judge K on the meaning of his 15yr old mind’s use of fart jokes. Un-fucking-believable.

  200. Blumenthal sounds like Mr. Burns.

  201. Something completely different:

  202. Fart jokes ???? Dammminnniitty!!! I missed the fart jokes ?

  203. I think this that’s what you call a Cruz Missile.

  204. And Flake didn’t ask any questions.

  205. I have no respect for the Senate. I have no respect for the House either. Except for Trump, I don’t think I respect the government at all.

  206. Seems farfetched

  207. I saw the fake Pappy recipe on a link about Russian Tea. The concept sounded interesting but the few recipes I saw all involved instant tea powders and drink mixes … bleargh. Any of you Southern Belles heard of this or are they just trying to make this a thing?

  208. Jimbro, I have a similar recipe, but it’s instant tea with lemon instead of the separate lemonade. Mom would make up a batch when the weather turned cold, and I would have some before football games for the warmth and the caffeine.

  209. **looks up Youtube video of Lindsey Graham**

    **standing ovation**

  210. We need more of that.

  211. Interesting how shit gets changed, done, turned around, listened to and respected when you don’t act like a soggy dish rag. When you forcefully and honestly call people out.

    Makes the fingers to eyes move to the GOP.

  212. More on the Elon Musk stuff. Apparently the SEC had reached an agreement when Musk’s lawyers announced that he was withdrawing from the deal.

  213. My husband said he was leaving work and one of his coworkers said that they would never hire ‘this guy’ (Kavanaugh).

    My husband went…wrrrrrrpp…turned around and challenged him. “What, so the new standard is an unsubstantiated allegation is enough. What happened to the rule of law?”

    He then looked at me and said, “I’m becoming Beasn. That really pissed me off.”

    Because you’d think the smart people were actually smart…which includes critical thinking/reasoning.

  214. Tucker and Hannity have been all over this. Haven’t watched in years, but they are on it tonight.

  215. Reasoning is for losers.

    Groupthink is where it’s at.

  216. Graham is on Hannity right now.

  217. She had to be coached by one of her attorneys to take the oath. Just saw that in the background.

  218. Land fishing. So true.

  219. So…did anything interesting happen today?

  220. *tackles sean and sprinkles glitter in his beard*

  221. *regrets putting glue in beard*

  222. “glue”, sure, go with that.

  223. I can see beard glitter being a thing.

  224. I work with a 25 year old that wears eyelash glitter and eyeliner glitter.

  225. Beard glitter was a thing a couple years ago.

  226. It’s all about the rhinestones now.

  227. Big hugs, to J’ames. 9th anniversary of my dad’s death. Family group text on blast this morning. Everyone sharing memories and my mom DMing me to give “Her side of the story”. Get to work. Josh changes the radio station on the AMP PA system to a Christian network. Sheridan would’ve been 15 on Sept 16th. Christian radio played both songs from her Celebration Of Life video from her funeral. I may or may not be a bigger mess than usual.

  228. This Perry Mason episode has a young Uncle Jesse (Denver Pyle). Mr. RFH likes not knowing who the actors are, says it ruins it for him.

  229. Hugs Osita inappropriately.

    I should call my dad.

  230. *hugs roamy and osita with decorum*

  231. Love you guys. I agree with Mr RFH. I’m all Ben Affleck now, but the other way. I can’t accept D-Rat actors.

  232. So, my brother was asking me questions about a kid we went to Middle School with. Asked me about this kids LL baseball teams. On Taiwan. This kid was at Yale with Kav. Dropped Kav like a hot potato after the Ramirez story. Dino knew both. Doesn’t want to 💩 on Ramirez. Throws Kav under bus.

  233. The thing I miss the most
    Lives in some demon host
    I know you’re not a ghost
    Just down the derp

  234. I know we make fun of shit that we shouldn’t make fun of. I get it. I can’t even begin to describe childhood sexual asssault. My splitters. Are my safe place.

  235. We are blessed to have you with us Oso

  236. Big day. Double femurs in a young child following an MVA then maybe another femur if the adult group doesn’t do it instead then screws out of an elbow.

    I wonder what Big Item we’ll get to gaze upon today?

  237. What J’Bro said.
    Each time i type some bit of stupidity i second guess hitting the “Post” button –
    i get that it goes without saying – but i’ll say it – it’s the extremely rare comment here that was ever meant to truly offend another Hostage.
    you asswipes are precious (in a helmet wearing, paste eating, strange wardrobe, questionable hygiene kinda way)…


    Two big items, really.

  239. where are the booooobs?

  240. […] blog of the day is The H2, with a post on liars […]

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