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  1. *pees a little*

  2. Hahaha, I love the tiddy timeout one.

  3. Nice selections!

  4. This is an excellent poast. I loled and also giggled way down in my pants. Good morning, errybody. Work weekend.


  6. So, how did the second date go, Alex?

  7. Pupster, she had a good time, but “didn’t feel a spark”. So be it.



    This poat reaches the level of “Not the usual H2 Crap!”


  10. You know your dog or good friend loves you when they poo a little when they see you.

  11. *poos*

  12. hahahahhha


  13. Bill Whittle‘s latest.

    Not sure what happened to him in the last year. I subscribed to Common Sense resistance then got dropped, so I didn’t bother renewing. Emails went unanswered. Google shenanigans?

  14. Roamy, I always watch the Bill Whittle, Steve Green and Scott Ott split screen on youtube. Excellent, excellent stuff.


  16. “poo a little when they see you.”
    Mare, I had an ex that used to do that!

  17. Sorry, Roamy, I was watching your linked video. Whittle has many channels and I didn’t know which one you were referring to.

    And you should make a comment on the video about your subscription or email him. I don’t think he’d like it that you got dropped.

  18. Michigan up 39-0 over Nebraska at the half. Good day in The Big House.

  19. I always feel bad about being the total fuck up on the Hostages.

    Smack your husband until I get tired. You aren’t and neither is BC.

    I ask my husband sometimes if he had any clue how ‘tarded I really was before he married me. He said he had his suspicions.

    There’s a lotta things about me you don’t know anything about, oso. Things you wouldn’t understand. Things you couldn’t understand. Things you shouldn’t understand.

  20. Good poat, puppeh.

    I do that patting my own shoulder thing. And I respond back with, ‘GFY’.


  21. roamy, I’m with you re: Kavanaugh. Can’t imagine what his family is going through. That, and the fact he couldn’t even take his name out if he wanted to. He is stuck. He has to defend himself or they’ll say, ‘see’.
    This shit is giving me a bellyache. I hope Grassley has the votes. I hope Kavanaugh sues the shit out of her.

  22. Ah, rat farts. I have stuff to do outside but ragweed pollen is high, grass pollen is moderate…and my sinuses are not happy. Feel like my eyes are going to pop outta my head and roll across the floor. Probably should swiffer the various hairballs and dust bunnies so they don’t tangle up in it.

  23. What in hell could they possibly investigate? And how? But you know the billionaires are lining up to arrange it.

  24. If she does, the dems will get the delay they need.

  25. You realize every single excellent conservative candidate for the Supreme Court has to be thinking, “I’m out, they’ll ruin my family. FTS”

    It’s going to take someone with the mindset of a particularly brave soldier to say, “This is going to be hell and I need to protect my family but we need conservatives on the court and I am one, so I’m taking one for the team.”

  26. And Kavanaugh was squeaky clean (this accusation is complete bullshit).

    So they know made up bullshit wins the day.

  27. Here’s the other thing that’s happening, I’m a hard ass so it might be different for most women, but I’m at the point where I don’t give a shit what happened to you if you don’t have a police report in hand and bruises to back it up. And the police report better be right after the incident, LIKE KEITH ELLISON’S ACCUSER! Considering the number of women who have made false accusations and ruined mens’ lives I want some effing proof. Not this bullshit, he said, she said.

    And if you lie about being attacked, mandatory jail time.

  28. If she does, the dems will get the delay they need.

    Exactly and why I suspect she will do it.

    And why I really hope Kavanaugh is already arranging to counter sue her. I thought I heard that his lawyer specializes in defamation and has represented Clinton. *which gives me the willies*

  29. mare, I’m with you.

    I don’t care how skeevy Weinstein or Cosby was. 1. You don’t go to a hotel room with a fat, greasy, guy, thinking nothing is going to happen. You are there expecting something will and hoping it isn’t going to be too gross because fame and fortune is on the other side.
    I don’t believe most of the accusations against either man.

    2. You don’t wait ten, twenty, thirty, years to say anything. Put on your big girl panties, say something immediately, and file a report. Save other women from the same fate, if it was so bad.

    Too many false accusations have destroyed a lot of men and zippo happens to those who make them. (remember mattress girl? The university settled with the male student. She got off with zero punishment.)

  30. Btw, why hasn’t Ellison been charged with domestic abuse or has he? Is he buddies with the police chief? Isn’t he running for AG of MN?


  32. When you see your friend about to do something stupid, and you should probably intervene, but you kind of want to see what happens…


  34. So, Grassley gave another extension. WTF, quit torturing the man and get this shit done. Deadline was today.

    “Throughout the day on Friday, Dr. Blasey’s lawyers and Senate Judiciary Committee aides tried to work out details like how many photographers and television cameras would be in the room (Dr. Blasey, fearful of being mobbed by the news media, wanted one of each); who would ask the questions (Republicans wanted an outside lawyer, Dr. Blasey favored senators); and what day the session would take place (Dr. Blasey asked for Thursday, Republicans wanted Wednesday)………
    In a follow-up tweet sent after the one directed to Judge Kavanaugh, Mr. Grassley wrote: “With all the extensions we give Dr Ford to decide if she still wants to testify to the Senate I feel like I’m playing 2nd trombone in the judiciary orchestra and Schumer is the conductor.” He was referring to Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader.”

  35. ^^^ Maybe he should grow a pair and kick greaseball Schumer in the nuts.

  36. Survived.

  37. Tonight you run in heck.
    Comment by shreddedchi on September 22, 2018 7:16 am

    How long of a race is it? 10k ?

    9 miles. 28 or so obstacles. 30 burpees for every failed obstacle. I did 150 last year. 60 this year.

    OH yea. I succeeded at three obstacles that totally kicked my ass last year, and I was pretty excited about that.

  38. Congratulations Spartan. Have a beer.

  39. and 7 bowls of cereal.

  40. I’m waiting for the Real Spartan Race, where you run it naked and kill a bunch of helots at the end.

  41. wow, texas looking really good against TCU

  42. Pretty sure that will be the next scandal coming out of Michigan State, CoAlex

  43. Did Car in have to go to Zumba after the Spartan?

  44. Leon Bait.

  45. OMG SCOTT EASTWOOD!!!! BRB reading comments

  46. Ugh! I H8 working in bakery. I don’t mind packaging yummy bread, cookies, and muffins. The part I H8 is cake pickups. What’s the name? Tessa. Could it be another name? Nah, she tol me to pick up. What time? 10. We have a 10 o’clock for Rebecca. Could that be it? Yah, Rebecca is Tessa’s mom.

  47. test

  48. Huzzah!!! Carin!!!!!

  49. Each is awesome, Pepe.

  50. Mare!


  52. What’s the name? Tessa. Could it be another name? Nah, she tol me to pick up.

    Try making pizza. I want to slap people sometimes.

    “What did you order?”

    “I don’t remember”

    Did you order pepperoni?

    Yeah, that’s it.

    I don’t have an order for pepperoni.

    Maybe it was sausage.

    What was the name again?

    I don’t know, I didn’t order it.

    Who ordered it?

    My roommate.

    What’s your roommate’s name?


    I have an order for bob, He ordered canadian bacon.

    Oh yeah, he likes that.


  53. I don’t work in a blue collar town. These are college students.

  54. Funny thing is, the deeper I get in my own funk, there are certain subjects where I gave my last fucks years ago. Eh.

  55. Ugh. I think one of the reasons I don’t like going out much is that this town is turning to a blue hell. Gotta get my shit together and my ass outta here.

  56. Army tied with Oklahoma in Norman, in the 4th? What is happening?



  59. Jay, Army had a interception (not the qb fault) sooners on thier on 38. 1:40 left….now on army 43. Shit.

    Army has been controlling the second half. And to lose in the last seconds would be heartbreaking. Now at the army 32. If ANYONE doesn’t respect Army after this game…well.

  60. Jay, earlier in the 4th Army held Oklahoma TWICE inside the 10.

  61. Sean?

  62. The Sooners played perfect last week against us. Guess they were up, didn’t want to get beat by the Cyclones 2 years in a row.

  63. Laura?

  64. Whoa, tied up! Siebert missed the field goal from the 8, according to ESPN!

  65. 2 seconds, kick is up and it’s no good for Oklahoma.

    Overtime for #5 Oklahoma and Army.

    Army’s coach is a hardass and some negatives but he’s good. And last year was ranked Number 1 and Army was ranked 25.

  66. Army completely controlled that second half, which is incredibly hard for an generally undersized team. HO-LEE-SHIT

  67. Tech thumping Oklahoma state in Stillwater too. Guess Kingsbury wants to keep his job.

  68. where are you watching it mare?

  69. Old Dominion upset Va Tech, too.

  70. Fox has no highlights for Oklahoma in their other games.

  71. Yeah, Virginia Tech, wtf?!?!?!

  72. Lost the starting QB?

  73. Leon Bait.

    That was bait, all right. Click bait. Or parody. Or worse.

    I think Satan wrote it because he wants more company. Hell exists, and it’s a manifestation of God’s love and mercy. Your soul is eternal, as made by God. Hell is as far as you can be from God and still exist, that’s why it is torment, since God is the source of all that is Good. He doesn’t “throw you away”, you throw yourself into Hell by rejecting Him throughout life. This is basic catechesis, how was that ignorant bint writing for an ostensibly Catholic website?

    Gotta be parody.

  74. Damn, just a little short, Army.

  75. I bet she eats meat on Fridays in Lent.

  76. Nah, she’s probably a vegan and only licks carpet on Fridays.

  77. Leon, I figured her for one of the “Jesus was just a nice guy” crowd and quit reading.

  78. Is J’ames trying to shame bakery post with pizza denial? Beasn I needs the hulk fist on Pizza Boy.

  79. She needs to read the Fatima seers’ account of being given a vision of Hell. I think it’s telling that the Fatima prayer caught on so quickly.

  80. Sean?

    Heh. I certainly have those days, Peps.

  81. I’m just trying to get the pizza to it’s rightful owner. There’s no denial.

    People make it difficult sometimes.

  82. Does anybody, like, really own a pizza?

    *bong rip*

  83. Whatever, pizza boy.

  84. Osita, did you get your package?

  85. You sure you want to be slinging pizza-related epithets at people, oso?

  86. She’s ok, as long as you don’t get the thick crust, IYKWIMAITYD

  87. What I feel bad about is my repressed memories of glass and physical trauma that I suddenly have scars for. I always knew my grandfather was a POS. I feel guilty about allowing myself to be bought for cash and Lucky Charms. Apple Jacks. I was a cheap fuck.

  88. Roamy, not yet.

  89. I feel bad that the POS felt he could prey on you. I wish no one ever had to go through that.

  90. What Jay said.

  91. Yikes! That’s awful. Makes me feel thankful to only have the issues I do have…which is sad, frankly.

  92. OK, that probably came out wrong.

  93. Nope, cav, it’s not wrong. Everyone’s issues are important. Yours are important to you, and by extension, they are important to us.

    i hope you get better, and are able to enjoy things. You are obviously of high caliber, or you wouldn’t be interested in this here chatroom. There’s some interesting people here. Or fucked up people. Whatever.

  94. All we can do is listen. But sometimes that’s all that is needed, or wanted.

  95. True. I’m just glad to have a place to unload this stuff. Besides, at least I remember to be reasonably silly from time to time! Wasn’t for humor I’d have chucked it all years ago…

  96. See? We do serve a purpose!

  97. H2 Theme picture

  98. I’ve learned over the past seven years that pain, while it sucks, is something that can give us the stimulation to learn and grow. And that nobody goes through anything just for themselves. Even if you don’t handle it very well, at least you can reach your hand out to someone else and say, “This is how I managed to survive.”

    This hasn’t been an easy year for me, but I wouldn’t go back and change any of it. Because each day adds a little something to the person God wants me to become.

  99. My grandfather fucked up multiple lives. Psychology of abuse gets really fucked up. His daughters that were ignored. The daughter that told him to fuck off. The grandchildren that were abused. We had Anglo dads. My Aunt that was bypassed, married a Hispanic guy, her daughters were bypassed, too. My mom pimped my sister and myself to her dad. I don’t know that it was a conscious choice, based on her pathology.

  100. You’re both still around, and for that I am thankful. I am glad to have you in my life.

  101. We really need a pithy comment from PG. He should be in a great mood, the Red Raiders won!

  102. Daryl’s enthusiasm rejuvenated Paulina.

  103. One of good friends from third grade through high school is the father of okie light qb Taylor Cornelius. So I was kinda pulling for them in spite of tech being the regional favorite of West Texans. My day was kinda wrecked already when the frogs shit the bed vs the horns. I fuckin hate tu and everything about it.

  104. Love you mucho, J’ames. I’ll ignore the unfortunate STL fandom. I learn so much from Sean. He’s in my prayers always. I can tolerate the Angels, because I really like Trout, but the Cubs?

  105. I really H8 the TT Fingerbangs. Stoopid Mahomes is a Red Raider. I really have conflicted feelings about the Chefs. Winning is nice, but UGH. Jay’s Cards have the Rally Squirrel. The Browns have a stadium possum.

  106. I really H8 when survivor crap is 24/7. I can’t sleep. If any of y’all have ever been in Group, you know what I mean when I say that Ford is that asshole that ruins group for everyone else.


  108. Ford could develop multiple personalities and STILL have to eat by herself ’cause the others would want nothing to do with her.

  109. Damn, that’s cold. Wife murdered her husband here, then posted on the missing person posts on FB, thanking everyone for their thoughts and prayers and that she would let them know when he came home.

  110. Damn. Some people there’s something wrong with. Head full of bad wiring, missing parts of their soul, call it what you like. May as well be werewolves.

  111. disguised as something else.

  112. really starting to pay off!

  113. friday and saturday swim meet –
    not really a swim kinda guy. the meets (especially the diving part) can be as boring as lint.
    yesterday a couple of the girls were going for state qualifying times and pool records… there were a couple of race horses there – that was actually interesting.

  114. As soon as I got my license it became my job to pick up my little brother from swim practice. Like, the same night I got it. My older siblings were off at college and by default it was mine now. I sat through a bunch of his meets and holy crap they’re mind-numbingly boring.


  116. *hugs oso*

    You were a kid. Forgive yourself.

    Ford probably sucked bags of dicks so I can’t insult her with that. Karma can’t come along fast enough for these kind of people.

  117. Car in’s next race.

  118. Is it true she refuses to fly to D.C. and is driving? Is it also true Flake will vote ‘present’? (wtf does that even mean) Cunts all.

  119. $20 says she never testifies. There will be another excuse and another and another. Perjury = jail time, she’s just trying to run out the clock.

  120. via clintbird
    David A. Clarke, Jr. @SheriffClarke
    Sep 21

    In my 40 years in law enforcement I have NEVER seen a supposed crime victim especially a sex assault victim behave like Christine Blasey Ford with a list of DEMANDS before being interviewed. THAT IS HOW SUSPECTS ACT. Suspects want to set parameters to talk

  121. The fourth person she has named to be at the alleged party, has spoken through her lawyer that she does not know Kavanaugh and was never at the alleged party.

    So all the witnesses say ‘didn’t happen’ and the GOP is letting this shitshow go on.

  122. So, so bad

  123. Jay, I was listening to it. It was $54.99 to see.

    $54.99????????????????? what the heck


  125. *puts Pepe on The List*

  126. 7 point underdogs and playing a team that is 0-3.

    The Giants must really suck.

  127. 0-2

  128. Cardinals game is starting oso

  129. Headline “Michael Moore Says He’ll Flee To Canada To Escape President Trump’s ‘Persecution'”

    Bye, Felicia. Hope socialized medicine hits you good and hard.

  130. Right, like Canada would take him.

    They’ve got standards, Mikey, you’d be lucky to buy citizenship in a banana republic. Flint will only let you live there because they aren’t allowed to exile you.

  131. I was listening to pregame on the sports radio and found it interesting they’re now covering what the betting odds are on the games. Legalized football gambling is here to stay I guess.

  132. Beasnette to Mr. B. – “Pa, where should I go June, 2019?”

    Me – “On your honeymoon.”

    Beasnette – “….”

    Me – *continues watching otter Bingo video*


  133. I want Canada to take him, Leon, and put him on a 3-year waiting list when his sorry ass needs knee or hip replacements.

  134. LOL, Beasn.

    FDIL and Rocketboy are writing their wedding vows. I said they could steal Mr. RFH’s and mine. None of this “as long as we both shall love” mess.

  135. My clock radio started going wonky, turning itself on at random moments (like your mom). I turned it off and threw it in the trash. A couple of hours later, I’m walking past the trashcan and I hear this. I don’t know whether to get the holy water out or not.

    (Yes, it has a battery backup. Still freaky.)


  137. Roamy’s clock radio comment made me Lol in my pants.


  139. J’ames, watching football. Now, watching golf. Trying to get on the Mahomes train…but TEXAS Tech!!!!

  140. Roamy, maybe just a quick sign of the cross and a few Hail Marys

  141. I need to memorize the St. Michael prayer.

  142. (psst, Braves clinched their division yesterday)

    **fistbumps Bcoch**

  143. I wish we still played in the East. We have the same record as Atlanta.

  144. Moore is fleeing prosecution for not paying vendors. Don’t let him fool you.

  145. I need to memorize the St. Michael prayer.

    Me too. I said the same thing at Church today while praying it from the book.

  146. I need to memorize the St. Francis prayer. It’s a thing in AA.


  148. Dear Lord, please do not let these evil people win.

  149. “I remember a penis being in front of my face,” she said. “I knew that’s not what I wanted, even in that state of mind.”

    Every Dem who shoved a penis in someone’s face, men and women, need to step down from their positions immediately

  150. So Kavanaugh was drunk all the time when he was younger? Or everyone around him?

  151. This is how we get more Trump.

  152. Trump 2020: Because Fuck You, That’s Why.

  153. Trump always seems to be one step ahead of these idiots.

    I am starting to think Kavanaugh was his 2nd pick, and his first pick will make their heads explode.

  154. I say delay until that asshole Flake is unemployed.

    There isn’t going to be a blue wave.

  155. Trump is a master at reading the mood in the room.

    I’m pretty sure this Kavanaugh shit is going to backfire. Upper-middle-class white women, the one’s who really push the sexual harassment stuff, look at Kavanaugh and see what they’d want for their own sons: a law degree from a prestigious school, a federal judgeship, a happy family. The idea that their son’s entire life could be destroyed by a random accusation won’t play well with these women.

  156. Yeah, Coney-Barrett was more conservative. I figured he was saving her for when Buzzy Ginsburg gave up her seat, one way or another.

  157. Upper middle class white women are the ones who hate Trump, though.

  158. That’s why the Dems thought that this would work. UMCWW may hate Trump, but they are also the ones who figured out how to game the system for their kids, managing every aspect of the latters’ lives in order to get into a good school and a good career.


  160. Unredacted letter says Ford notified her “local government representative” on July 6. Kavanaugh wasn’t named until July 9.

    This is such bullshit!

  161. If these women are lying, they had better pay a price.

  162. Where were you yesterday?

  163. James Woods banned from Twitter.

  164. He can come back if he deletes a tweet that violated Twitter rules:

  165. Just tell these hints who come forward that they will be put under oath when they testify, and if it turns out they are lying, they will be prosecuted for lying to the Feds. And Kavanaugh will have grounds to sue for libel.

  166. Okay, I think I’ve finally come up with a plausible explanation for how it is that various people insist that Brett Kavanaugh was molesting them at parties while he insists that he was never there:

  167. It was Evil Spock?

  168. Majority side against Kavanaugh nomination. It’s working for the Dems

  169. I don’t think they’ll let Kavanaugh go down like that.

  170. Fuck it. Grassley was in in it. Kept letting this thing be strung along for zero good reason until they could get their next manufactured victim ready.

    Fuck this, I should be asleep. I hate sleeping angry.

  171. I’m with Bro Cavil. Why did Grassley keep bowing to her ridiculous demands?
    I hate all of these f*cking bastards.

  172. And not only bowing to her ridiculous demands, they allowed the total disruption and disrespect in the hearings, and the 1300 written questions, FFS.

  173. He can come back if he deletes a tweet that violated Twitter rules:

    I call b.s.. Those fascist cunts delete people’s tweets all of the time. They just want to rub their shit in his face.

  174. Dammit everybody, remain patient!

  175. Happy Monday proles and other assorted working stiffs

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