Stupid Or Skilled?


You may call it a unique talent but it’s all but guaranteed that somebody somewhere thinks it’s a waste of time and effort. Don’t listen to the haters, embrace your special purpose.








They’re all skills of a sort. Some more useful than others. Obviously there’s crossover … if you can rip a beer can off with your teeth you’re probably also a Canadian for example. Who here has any unique skills they’re willing to share with the group? (Before anyone asks, eating an entire bag of dicks, while admirable in its own way, is not the type we’re looking for here).




  2. Is it Friday afternoon yet?

  3. Sadly, it is Friday Jr AM.

  4. I don’t have ‘Fridays’ anymore in the normal sense.

    Anyway, I’m gonna pick a cabbage out of the front flower garden and make sauerkraut today. Then work. Then off tomorrow, then work the weekend, then three days off next week, then it will be October. Gosh, can you believe it?

  5. Aww, that’s nice. Serving rotted cabbage.

  6. Senator Maizie “Macadamia Nut” Hirono


  7. Too many gifs on the front page will kill reloads, folks.



  10. It has, quite often, occurred to me that I have no talents other than raising what I consider 2 high functioning children. I also have a good marriage and I’m close to my family, I have 3 close friends who would do anything for me. So although I’m a talentless hack I guess that’s okay.

    Do any of you wish you could do something well that you don’t currently do?

    I do. I want to be a good surfer. I am not. And rarely try. When I do surf I end up riding the board on my stomach. When my hip was particularly bad I couldn’t “hop up” fast enough to catch it standing up. My hip has improved so I should practice more.

    My husband enjoys it and it would be a fun thing to do together while we are in Hawaii. I do just hang out on a board while he surfs. I hang with the turtles and enjoy the late, late afternoon beauty.

    I have yet to find $20 in the water.

  11. My therapist told me I need to tell myself out loud that I was a good person who deserved better. Now I feel like I’m trapped in an effin’ Stuart Smalley skit.

    /checks Amazon for a sale on serotonin

  12. Although I laughed, I do not take your predicament lightly, Cavil.

    Do you get outside everyday? I’m not talking about driving, I mean walking, riding a bike, going to a park (pro tip: don’t look creepy around kids) that kind of thing. I was just listening to a podcast about serotonin, circadian rhythms and outside activity (sunlight etc.).

    Also, I know that the desire to punch people in the face who have simplistic answers to complicated problems runs very high.

  13. There is a lot to be said about that, Cavil. For instance, I’m positive that I’m way better than everyone in this chat room.

    Really helps me feel better, even though the bar is low.

  14. Got any pennies in your pocket?

  15. One of the problems is that such self-affirmations run smack into my diminished job performance and poor housekeeping. Unfortunately my swimming I’d been able to do for a while this summer dropped off once the rainy season (aka August) hit, so my outside time has been limited.

    As for simplistic answers, I wouldn’t mind so much if they were followed up with “…and here’s some basics on doing that, since your life-long depression has naturally atrophied certain skills most folks take for granted”. F’n’A, if it was that damn simple I wouldn’t be in this mess…

    (Not saying my therapist isn’t right, just saying I feel silly…)

  16. Get some little things done, and stick to them. Clean a little bit every day. Enjoy it. Pretty soon you’ll be tackling the big stuff.

  17. Negative self talk is a self-fulfilling activity.

    Like Boss Baby said, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!”

  18. ugh, don’t watch that stupid show. Boss baby irritates me.

  19. You act like I had a choice, Joy.

    I’ve seen the Emoji Movie. I didn’t want to see it, but there it is.

  20. I’d love to be much more skilled at playing the violin.

    I regret not taking surfing lessons while in CA.

  21. Shit, now I have to disagree with Kurt Schlichter.

    No sloppy joes or hot dogs? No pretzel buns?

  22. Sorry, Colonel, you’ll get my sloppy joes when you wipe them off my cold, dead fingers.

  23. I used to play the violin. Gave my 3/4 to a niece. Turns out it wasn’t pretty enough, so they just “got rid of it.”

  24. He’s never had a Maid Rite (Marshalltown IA). Rumor has it they have been cooking them in the same pot for 50 years, constantly.


    Sorry, 80 years. During the recent tornado, they fed a lot of Marshalltown, because the gas fired pots didn’t require electricity.

  26. Get some little things done, and stick to them.

    This. Oct. 1 will be one year spent decluttering. The house is still messy, but it’s better. I should have taken “before” pics.

  27. File this in the “Shit the Mainstream Media Will Never Report Folder”.

  28. I finally got to try a Maid Rite. It was awesome, and I could feel my arteries hardening.

  29. IKR? Used to work in Marshalltown, and they were a staple lunch item.

  30. It reminded me of how Krystals used to taste, with the cooked onions.

    One of the fancy burger places here has the option of a fried egg on your burger. Gross. (Disclosure: I can’t deal with runny eggs. YMMV)

  31. I’ve had a bacon-egg-and-cheese burger with spicy aoli that was really good.

  32. I love runny yolks. Somewhere along the way I learned about having a fried egg on top of a tostada. I order tostadas that way wherever I can. Some restaurants won’t do it. Fuck them. I never return.

  33. Love O’Keefe’s videos. That one landed a punch. Can’t wait for the next one.

  34. Love a runny egg on a burger! I’m with HS.Some places put a hard egg on the burger, not the same thing!

  35. Dippy eggs are the only eggs.
    Well, that a deviled. And pickled.

  36. OK I assembled my first ever batch of German-style sauerkraut, with caraway seeds. I used a little of my reserved kosher pickle juice to goose-start the fermentation. Can’t believe I have to wait at least three days to try it. Never have had real natural Kraut-kraut before. Except for that guy in high schnevermind.

  37. My second date with HotBride was making sauerkraut at some friends’ house. We made 25 gallons of it. It takes about three weeks to ferment. It was awesome. We do it every few years.

    I think it’s time to do it some more.

  38. “Too many gifs on the front page will kill reloads, folks.” Maybe you need to get a better omputer.

  39. Just jiggle the handle.

  40. Cavil, at least you’re trying. I sat and discussed a lot of things with a patient last night who has debilitating anxiety disorder. At one point in the conversation it became obvious that she was not willing to do a single bit of work to help herself. No exercise, no breathing, no relaxation, no cognitive behavioral therapy, no nothing. I could see her shut down right in front of me whenever she realized actual effort was involved. She wants to find the magic pill. Well, there isn’t a magic pill.

  41. Three weeks?? This recipe says three days, taste it, then throw it in the fridge.

  42. Germans ferment cabbage, it’s sauerkraut, an accepted condiment.

    Koreans do it, it’s kimchi, a proscribed substance under most WMD treaties.

  43. Lots of pain/pressure in the sinus cavities this morning. Supposed to get rain tomorrow. UGH, feel awful but need to go water some shit. It’s been a continuous hot/humid again.

    You know what’s weird? Only planted two petunias this year because didn’t want to battle the voles and rabbits. Didn’t see any vole activity and only one rabbit in the front garden. The weird part….I’ve got a dozen petunias and one snapdragon that have sprouted on their own in the front garden. One is a purple. Last time I planted purple petunias was 2-3 years ago. Last time I planted a snapdragon was about 3 years ago. The heck?

  44. Bro is correct. It has to ferment.

  45. A friend does sauerkraut too and she uses the “it takes weeks” method. Her’s kicks ass.

  46. Kimchi is more stinky than regular sauerkraut because of the daikon radish. Radishes ferment to a great offensive stench of sulfurous fartness. I know this because I have fermented radishes by themselves and woooo! Bad. Holy moly. Putting an actual egg fart in a jar can be no different.

    Cabbage fermented by itself is really not bad at all. Pleasant even.

  47. Do NOT underestimate the value of “task completion.”

    Kids, adults, everyone benefits when shit gets done. Even if it’s miniscule. Work your way up.

    In other words, what Roamy said.

  48. Not if you smell it all summer, fermenting in a crock in a bathtub, with no AC.

    Then you retch whenever you smell it from that point forward.

  49. OK< for a long ferment, I guess I need to move it to a cooler temperature area, then? Hm. Maybe the cellar floor? Pretty cool down there right now. I'll throw a thermometer down there and see what I learn.

  50. Do I have any talents? I let life get in the way and they atrophied.

    Do any of you wish you could do something well that you don’t currently do?

    The ability to reason and debate on my feet without my tourettes kicking in.
    Looks like Plan B will have to do…..Pick up my pencils and drawing pad and reverse the above atrophy. Then learn how to paint properly.

  51. Just like brewing beer, lower temp = less fusel flavors.

  52. This is how parents ruin their children on a food forever, Jay. Sorry that happened to you.

    In other news, the stinkiness has been gradually bred out of cabbage over the last 20 years or so. The old timey cabbages your parents were using probably did get pretty funky. I remember when just boiling some cabbage was enough to drive people out of the house. It doesn’t do that anymore.

  53. My friend also refuses to make it unless the moon is in the proper phase. She’s a bit kookie, but the sauerkraut turns out good, so who am I to argue? One more rule – DO NOT, EVER, OPEN AND CHECK ON IT DURING THE PROCESS.

    I don’t know what. I’ve just heard her stories often enough. She’ll throw it out if her kids or husband check it.


  54. I’m doing a lot of type-delete today as I reject what I wrote as “not helpful” or just low quality. More than usual. Ugh.

  55. My dad would bury my Mom’s sauerkraut crock pot in the side yard.

    Go for it assholes!

  56. If you think the nutty professor has credibility, we can’t be friends.

  57. LOL, that’s crazy. I have to at least burp the jar during the fast fermentation phase, I don’t have a fermentation lock or a real kraut jar with the overlapping rim. Pickles are pretty hard to screw up, it will be fine.

  58. Car in, checking on it stirs up the air, and causes oxidation. Fermentation creates CO2, which insulates the rotting cabbage. Oxygen introduces off flavors.

    Again, same with beer/wine.

  59. I was replying to Carin wrt not opening the jar.

  60. Use a balloon with a small hole pricked in it. It will only let CO2 out when inflated, and keep air out when deflated.

  61. her friends jar has a small leak in it, which allows gas to escape. Removing the lid stirs everything up.

    I’m confident that the CO2 blanket, heavier than air, will stay on the top of the rotting cabbage, insulating. But you know how old wives tales keep propogating….

  62. They make a fermenting lid that fits Ball jars. Makes the whole thing almost idiot-proof if you get some glass weights to hold the cabbage down.

  63. Yeah, there’s liquid sitting on top of the shredded cabbage, and that CO2 layer blows the air off the top of the ferment pretty quickly. I’m not worried. I will burp the jar and swirl it occasionally, just like when I make dill pickles. It will be fine.

  64. I’m using a glass jar and weights.

  65. My friend has some special crock or something she uses. She probably uses the blood of virgins to mark the spot on the lawn where she buries it.

  66. Use a balloon with a small hole pricked in it.

    This would be horrible advice for HeyZeus and Erin!

  67. The balloon idea is great, Jay!

  68. This would be horrible advice for HeyZeus and Erin!

    Are you kidding. Car in is probably sneaking into Heysus’ room already with a needle, searching for his pack of Trojans.

  69. As desperate as I am for a grandchild, I’m not that desperate. She may very well give me the first grandchild but hopefully not for a few more years. Matt may edge her out.

    Erin is fighting her nature when she pretends to want to be a party type (she doesn’t really pretend that – but she likes to think she’s “wild”). She is a HOMEBODY, which is why I always had excess people here.

  70. We make it in five gallon plastic pails that we get from a local restaurant. We have an old fashioned cabbage grater and we put the chopped cabbage in the pail and bruise it (pound the shit out of it with a wooden thing that looks like a square baseball bat). We do it in four inch layers, and sprinkle coarse salt on each layer.

    When the pail is within 3 inches of the top we lay a kitchen garbage bag on the surface fitted to the inside of the pail. Then hold it down with ziplock bags filled with water. We do five pails.

    Then we put the pails in the basement, and three weeks later we have another party to put it in all freezer bags to take home.

    Oh, and we drink a lot of wine while we’re doing all of that.

  71. You had excess people there because you keep a lot of food and pop in the fridge.

  72. When people call something “idiot proof” I find that I’ve often risen to that challenge.

  73. You had excess people there because you keep a lot of food and pop in the fridge.

    Yea … I don’t think that was it.

  74. That’s a LOT of sauerkraut.
    You must eat a crap ton of bratwurst throughout the year.

  75. Beasnsnsnsns can paint? Well, that’s another, “Nope, can’t do that either!”

    Funny, Besansnsnsnnss should mention Tourettes because I have an actual fear of getting that when I’m older (now). I often call out very naughty swear words when I drive or when I just think of something that pisses me off.

    I don’t want to be THAT gal in the nursing home that embarrasses my kids.

  76. You turdfaces know that if we are still talking about sauerkraut when Pupster gets home from work we’re in big trouble.

    Quick someone link a funny gif!!

  77. The 25 gallons gets divvied up between about 10 people.

    And the bratwurst making is another party. We grind up about 50 pounds of pork. and use two different seasonings. And drink lots of wine.


  79. MJ, Christine Blasey Ford?



  81. “If you want that dick to remain attached, get your ass back over here.”

  82. Please tell me me you make your own pierogies too.
    Brats, kraut & pierogies have long been my favorite bachelor meal.

  83. LOL

  84. Yea … I don’t think that was it.

    Why else would a bunch of teenaged boys want to hang out at your place?

  85. We grind up about 50 pounds of pork.

    Is that a euphemism?

  86. “If you want that dick to remain attached, get your ass back over here.”


  87. Yea … I don’t think that was it.

    Why else would a bunch of teenaged boys want to hang out at your place?

    Well, according to Erin, all these boys were totally just her friends, being friendly and wanting friend time.

    That they’ve all disappeared because she has a boyfriend probably means nothing. Because I’m pretty sure if she broke up with Heysus, they’d be back.

  88. Okay, be honest, which type are you?

  89. I want to be that kid’s friend. But not in a creepy way.

  90. I want to be Mare’s friend. But not in a creepy way.

  91. I watched the first season of Yellowstone and really liked it. Mad I have to wait until after January to see the next season. I watched the first episode of the second season of Ozark and I’m kind of putting that one aside for awhile.

  92. Bwhahahahahaha

    From the comment section of that gif:

    this is why i don’t do scare pranks. One absolute legend comes around and i get my face kicked in.

  93. “It was more than obvious to me that she bore the scars of what she had been subjected to,” Eshoo said in an interview with The Washington Post on Wednesday. “She doesn’t have a political bone in her body. And she obviously was really terrified about what could become of her and her family.”

    “At the end of the meeting, I told her that I believed her,” she added. “In telling her story, you know, there were details to it, and I believed her.”

    Details like what? Where it happened? When it happened? Who was there? How many were there?

    I heard some fuckwit bint on NPR this morning being interviewed. She believed the story because the same thing happened to her when she was 15. The interviewer started out by saying the interviewee was a rape survivor. Except for one thing. She wasn’t raped.

    Doesn’t have a political bone in her body? She’s a fucking professor of psychology. Every fucking bone in her body has Democrat® stenciled on it.

  94. Mare, HotBride had the same reaction to the first episode of Ozark. I’m five episodes in, and the violence and gore have been absent, so maybe give it a second try.

  95. “She doesn’t have a political bone in her body.”


    Effing bullshit. Why do you think her facebook and all social media were scrubbed?

    How effing dumb are we supposed to be?

  96. Oh, wait, you said second season. I’m on the first.

  97. She doesn’t have a political bone in her body? Full stop right there, because it’s a lie.

  98. Hotspur, I finished the first season, but I always felt that even though the writing was good and so was the acting I was participating in something icky. But that’s just me and I hope everyone else enjoys whatever they watch.

  99. Mare, I totally get what you’re saying. That’s exactly why I couldn’t watch Breaking Bad. I watched like three episodes, and said, “I can’t participate in this degeneracy.” So I quit watching it.

  100. I DO NOT believe anything happened. PERIOD.


    Only partisan assholes would buy into this shit.

  101. I don’t think even the partisan assholes believe any of it. They just want to dick Trump.

  102. That’s so cool, Hotspur!! I don’t have any friends nearby who like to do that kind of stuff. I like making sausage and doing productive things as hobbies. It must be so much easier and more fun when you have more people around.

    If I like this kraut, I will get a proper cabbage masher. It was tough going with my little meat mallet.

  103. I don’t remember cabbage smashing, only cabbage chopping.

  104. “I think it’s difficult for people to understand if you haven’t dealt with people that have been subjected to something like this,” she said. “They keep it to themselves. They feel guilty. They bury it. They tell themselves to move on. And so there wasn’t any kind of political process in her mind whatsoever.”

    The bullshit is so deep in that article, I’m afraid I’ll need to throw away my shoes. Maybe even my pants.

  105. I don’t remember cabbage smashing, only cabbage chopping.

    It turns out better if you bruise the cabbage. It creates more juice to ferment.

  106. It was when I was about 9 so I don’t remember crap.

  107. I’m doing a lot of type-delete today as I reject what I wrote as “not helpful” or just low quality. More than usual. Ugh.

    Actually, those are usually the most fun comments. Either for you, because it was genius, or for us, because of the fodder for ridicule.

    Right mare?

  108. Speaking of which, we haven’t had a mare’s musing in a while.

  109. Wow, her classmate, who said the whole incident occurred and everyone was talking about it, has recanted her story.

    She felt empowered posting it on facebook.

    Yet they ban conservatives.

  110. Saw that one, HAH!

    You’re too stupid to have kids! Here, have a gun!

  111. I often call out very naughty swear words when I drive or when I just think of something that pisses me off.

    I don’t want to be THAT gal in the nursing home that embarrasses my kids.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing. We could be twins in the same nursing home. Yelling ‘COCK’ from opposite sides of the diningroom. Then we will laugh and laugh.

  112. You say that like it’s a bad thing. We could be twins in the same nursing home. Yelling ‘COCK’ from opposite sides of the diningroom. Then we will laugh and laugh.


    I love Beasnsnsnsnsns so very much.

  113. Mare, speaking of crazy old ladies, my daughter thanked me for not being the type to pluck my eyebrows to a single row of hairs like many women my mom’s generation have done or even my older sister. I’ve always just plucked the unibrow in half and kept the stragglers underneath cleaned up. I looked ahead and imagined what drawing eyebrows back on when I’m past 60 would be like.
    I’m glad I did. I need reading glasses and have found trying to put on mascara or eyeliner a pain in the tuckus.

  114. Last night, before I read the last two poats here to get caught up, I watched a ‘documentary’ about detransitioning. Then saw car in’s link to the lesbian who transitioned back after her marbles fell into place.

    Walt Heyer is one of those they followed. He is now married – to a woman – as well as the other man who told his story. The third guy said he’s too old to invest the money and pain into going back but he speaks to young people and encourages them not to do it.

    It’s worth a watch. Similar to the lesbian’s figuring things out.

  115. Also, the mormon woman who said all the unwanted pregnancies are men’s fault, is full of shit. For the reasons others listed along with if women took the time to understand how their bodies worked and had sufficient self control, they would not ever need a chemical birth control or guesstimating fertile days. For most women, our bodies give clear, regular signals, for when that time is. Men can’t do that for us. That is our responsibility to relay that info to our partners.

    They teach this to Catholics in the first world and to women, with no access to doctors or pharmacies, in the third world. It works when both parties can responsibly work around it.

  116. Rush has repeated a few times over the course of today’s show that it’s likely that they’re going to announce a few more women claiming that Kavanaugh molested them too. Equally unsubstantiated but still aiming to derail the vote.

  117. But beasn, then you can rut like a mink 24/7!

  118. Rush has repeated a few times over the course of today’s show that it’s likely that they’re going to announce a few more women claiming that Kavanaugh molested them too. Equally unsubstantiated but still aiming to derail the vote.

    I know alexthechick over at Ace’s was saying the same thing. I think it’s possible, but unlikely. The Dems bungled this first attack, and it’s only given the GOP some spine. If they suddenly announced new claims on Monday, I think that Grassley would push forward with the vote and the public would see the accusations as bullshit.

  119. I’ve always been perplexed by the gals that pluck their eyebrows off, then draw them back in place. What’s the purpose?

  120. I thought Mormons enjoyed and wanted the babies they have. But then again, I didn’t read the article sited.

    I wish I had had 2 more. I wasn’t really one of those easy breeders *cough* carin *cough* but I did like and enjoyed and still enjoy my kids.

    I was the mom who was bummed summer break was over.

  121. I thought Mormons enjoyed and wanted the babies they have. But then again, I didn’t read the article sited.

    I wish I had had 2 more. I wasn’t really one of those easy breeders *cough* carin *cough* but I did like and enjoyed and still enjoy my kids.

    I was the mom who was bummed summer break was over.

    I’m sure that she enjoys and wants her babies, it’s all those other icky babies by poor people that she can’t stand.

    The core of the birth control and sterilization movement has always been to ensure that the “wrong” sort aren’t permitted to breed.

  122. Some womens eyebrows lose their color as they get older. And hair naturally thins as you age.

    Mens eyebrows and ears are a different matter.

  123. I’m sure that she enjoys and wants her babies,


    Just so we are clear, I wasn’t talking about Carin not enjoying or wanting her children. And I’m pretty sure CoAlex wasn’t either.

    But I get his point, it’s always some smug bitch who wants others not to do something they do.

  124. Can we agree that the left is literally crazy and willing to do anything to get what they want?

    I think we can.

  125. I love it when people draw funny eyebrows on babies. It’s harmless and funny.

  126. Rush has repeated a few times over the course of today’s show

    I’ve been thinking this too and it gives me a stomachache. Look at all the young men in universities that this has happened to, who have had no due process and have had to sue the school….and won. In this case, if they succeed, Kavanaugh may also win later if he takes the bitch(es) to court, but we all lose except evil democrats.

    This could be my husband, or son, or one of you hotsausages. It enrages me. This is not healthy.

  127. Whose turn is it to wrap Jay in bacon and toss him in the smoker?

  128. Some womens eyebrows lose their color as they get older. And hair naturally thins as you age.

    Another reason why it’s not a good idea to over pluck them. Add general hair loss to no eyebrows and you have a fivehead.

  129. Setting up a new MacBook Pro from a Time Machine backup takes a looooong time.

  130. I saw a tweet by the slimey R.O.U.S. yesterday and I wanted to reach through the internets and throw a rat trap at her head. Someone pointed out to her about due process and how the onus is on the accuser, not Kavanaugh and she’s like ‘no it’s not…blah blah, something about you must believe the tramp and the will of the people’. WTF?

  131. A Princess Bride reference. Nice.

  132. mmm, safe from terrorism

  133. Setting up a new MacBook Pro from a Time Machine backup takes a looooong time.
    It’s all the gifs, sorry Hotspur

  134. MJ, Christine Blasey Ford?
    2/10 would smash

    However, there’s only one picture. I guess she really did want to remain anonymous by releasing her name, scrubbing her online profiles, taking a lie detector test, contacting a lawyer, and setting up a GoFundMe page.

    Often that’s the process to remaining anonymous. Rather than you know, remaining anonymous.

  135. Sounds legit.

  136. undergoing surgery today. extraction of a facial acrochordon, presumably non malignant. prayers!

  137. Why can’t you just call it a skin tag like most folks…

  138. I can’t believe no one cares about my major surgery

  139. You made me look it up, Jay, that counts for something.

  140. Its not the surgery they dont care about Jay ……..

  141. I hope Jay’s face won’t be the type where you can’t make eye contact.

  142. Jay’s head is going to be replaced with a mason jar of unfermented sauerkraut.

    Everyone will rejoice, especially children when the see the little balloon attached to the top of the jar.

  143. Thats not a balloon!

  144. Krauthead!

  145. How long do we keep Jay’s head buried in the yard for?

  146. Until three crows are spied sitting on a rusty fence with the look of murder in their eyes.

  147. Until it germinates and shoots up a beanstalk.

  148. *you guys, don’t look now, but Jay is back and…yeeeeeesh*

  149. On the up side Jay’s face is right on time for Halloween!

  150. Should we go old school and just throw rocks at Jay until he goes away?

  151. *slides the name of a good plastic surgeon to Jay*

  152. When I talk to Jay, I wouldn’t mind staring at his nose if that wasn’t so hideous too.

  153. I don’t think it’s right Jay can scare away kids and livestock when the guy lives in Iowa for cripes sake.

  154. Anyone in the mood to do a prayer circle for Jay? I mean that we pray he’ll leave so the dry heaving will stop?

  155. It’s not right, first the Kavanaugh deal and now Jay’s face. How much more can we take\?

  156. Well, at least he still has his mom to love him.

  157. Pay, on his way home from the battery store last night.

  158. Slutty Handmaid Costume ready for Halloween!

  159. mare really brought it. nice work.

  160. Hostage pun

  161. Jay, you know that I would never say anything mean about your face.

    (If I thought you were reading this)

    No, really, did you just have a skin tag removed? Was it in on your eyelid? Because those are the only ones you can’t cut off with sharp scissors and a tolerance for excessive short term bleeding.

  162. Weiner Pit – Aaannnddd a new category is born.

  163. Huma Abedin was a weiner pit.

  164. Jay’s skin tag is in his swimsuit region.

  165. Sharp scissors?


  166. this one was right below my eye, so I had the doc remove it. He wanted to test it anyway.

  167. Rental car reserved.

    We are doing this!

    October road trip to somewhere.

  168. …right below my eye,..

    So, at the prostate level?

  169. Sharp scissors.



  170. Scott, go see MJ and then Mare.

  171. But you repeat yourself

  172. I had a skin tag removed when I was born.

  173. The idea is to head south, but who knows.

    MJ will move by October.

  174. Ugh. I used to just NuSkin my skin tags, but nooooooo….Type 2s are supposed to go to dermatologist for mole/skin tag removal. I’m not supposed to clip my own toe nails or wax my brows anymore. I should just go all in Chola and draw in my eyebrows. 🤪

  175. He’s on the run.

  176. Go see the Alabama in Mobile, and see roamy on the way.

  177. MJ will move by October.

    Probably packing as we speak.

  178. What is NuSkin? What about cider vinegar in removing skin tags? I’m not going to use a butter knife or scissors, you monsters.

  179. What about hydrochloric acid in removing skin tags?

  180. * Michael voice *

    Muriatic acid

  181. Talked to Mini-me about Kavanaugh and Ford. Told her I’m glad she’s had self-defense lessons and I expect her to do a “krav maga handshake” to any guy that tries to maul her.

  182. I read the whole Ed Whelan thing on Twitter. WTF. I wonder if that gives Ford an out, the whole mistaken identity thing so she doesn’t have to testify under oath.

  183. NuSkin is a liquid bandaid. I miss it. My dermatologist cousin says I have to make an office appt because of the Diabetes. She used to just snip snip.

  184. She’s supposedly negotiating the terms under which she’ll testify. No attorneys. No oath. Not Monday. Brett can’t be there.

  185. “Probably packing as we speak.”

    Most people call it camping.

  186. I’d like to meet the W’s. I will be home from Israel on the 15th.

  187. If she’s not going to testify under oath, what’s the point?

  188. Hahaha, no way she’s gonna be under oath, she’s lying.

  189. Wow, this Imperial stout is STRONG! The milk stout is really tasty, better than my last one that placed 3rd at state fair.

  190. She’s supposedly negotiating the terms under which she’ll testify. No attorneys. No oath. Not Monday.

    I wonder if the republicans will cave to her demands? How is any of that fair to Kavanaugh who has a right to face his accuser? Is he getting any special deal?

    Under oath, like Kavanaugh, on Monday, or no deal. WTF?

  191. Kavanaugh has a female attorney. To reduce the optics of old white guy Senators doing the questioning, Grassley wanted to have the attorneys do the questioning. Ford has Soros attorney affiliated with the DNC/Soros. That was unacceptable to the lying liar what lies. I read that the GOP was planning on bringing in Haven Monaghan 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and some Duke Lacrosse guys. (Joke)

  192. That is bullshit. Attorneys should be present and Kavanaugh’s should cross examine the bish.

  193. Actually, I think it was Collins who suggested the attys question them both, first, and then the committee, which has a bunch of female gasbags, will.

  194. Read the Ed Whelan thing. Meh.

    I doubt she wants an out. I suspect if she succeeds, she will be able to retire with a really nice off-shore account funded by various democrat bazillionaires.

  195. Neither Kavanaugh’s attorney nor Ford’s attorney should be asking questions. Normally it’s either the Committee members asking questions, or it’s the Majority and Minority Counsel asking questions.

  196. She’s already got that, beasn. No way she exposes herself without a retirement plan already.

  197. XB, stop making sense with your nominee potential witness BS. We’re all ramping up to eleventy and you’re all hold up Red Ryder.

  198. Hey Oso, have you read the new Longmire book? It is set in Mexico instead of Wyoming. I finished it in one night, last week. I honestly don’t think he is that great a writer sometimes, but he has made me care about the characters in his books so hard it is like voodoo.

  199. Dry Bones? Save Jen!

  200. Hah, amazon has that as the latest book. The last one I listened to was Western Star. Depth of Winter picks up the Bedarte/Kady saga, right?

  201. Henry about Walt: I’m a dangerous man, but you are more dangerous than me when you are focused.

  202. WalMart just entered the digital book market. I’ll have to check out the Longmire book at the library. New Mitch Rapp.

  203. I can’t do audio books. H8 being read to.

  204. Well, the guy who reads Longmire is one of the best, and has become the voice of Walt for me. Along with Henry.

  205. Name shame. RL friend keeps trying to get me to go all Diana Gabaldon reading. She loves the audio guy. Watches the Starz series. I’m not quite nerdy enough

  206. I’ve never listened to a book on tape. Do they alternate between male and female voices for the various dialogue, or is it all read in one voice?

  207. My former partner was a big audio book guy. We drove to a meeting in Toronto together and on the way there we listened to classic rock and on the return trip listened to an audio book. “Cutting For Stone” I think. It was long. Started in Canada and he gave me the CD (burned from the original) as I exited at his house in Bangor. One narrator with a (dot) Indian accent. After not listening to the ending for a few years I gave up thinking I’d ever get to it.

  208. I used to drive a lot for work. I’ve only listened to one “book on tape” that I can recall and that was decades ago so it was probably on actual tape.
    I don’t remember a thing about it other than it was read by Hume Cronyn whom I love. I do know that I liked it at the time, most likely because of his voice.

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