Wow – Retrospective in a minor chord

Quite a while back (can’t remember how long ago because time kinda does its’ thing around me and leaves vague images of passing) I thought about sending post ideas to Wiserdude and others. It took a number of years for me to stop being a lazy farquaar and actually step up and post. Many are the times that I’ve intended to thank all of you beautiful turds for the years of laughter that your post ideas and comments have brought – you all are quite a group – Every one of you.

I was looking at the User list and reminiscing.

I haven’t posted all that many times but I recognize the effort (sometimes a whole minute or two) that goes into throwing some kind of digital spaghetti against the chatroom wall. Some of you clowns have really gone above and beyond. In the spirit of counting dicks:

Carin – over hakf a century

Andy – purtnear a century

BlackisWhite (Purveyor of Purfidy) – more than a century and a half

Jimes – 2 centuries

J’ames – more than c A rin

Some Clown by the name of Jooky Jones (hhahahaaahahahaaaa – cracks me up everytime) – 2 centuries and derping

Clint – two hundo ish big ones

ThreePeeOh – a century

Mesa – almost a century of cooking

The Little Felt Fukker – Three and a half centuries

The Beautiful & Amazing Miss Cyn – over 4 and a half centuries

Jewstin – our pig pokin’ squirrel – a Century

Peej – a century and a half of eyeballin’ the room

Xnad & Teh Chumpinator – three quarters of a century

Wiserbud, Meany, Dude, & Crew – over three centuries

The Funniest Manlez on the tittyweb jenkins – 442

and our current lead-off Crew:

Our one and only diminutive caveman – Leon – with over 300 & 60 upskirt shots of doods

Pup/notpup/puppalony – hotdoggin’ it with over 3 and a half centuries

and the current board leader with a “Holy Fuck how can you find the time to type that much” 550 ish splatterings – the Amazing Rocket Chick ROAMY!!

So, I guess that’s a long winded way of saying Thanks – appreciate the effort (and I’m actually looking forward to the new peeps that will be coming on board)!

I commissioned this amazing piece to commemorate the occasion (it was inspired by a tuesday evening with your mom):

editorial note: updates to follow


  1. wakey wakey.

    I think I was scarred early of/by poating by Patty ann. She set me up for failure.

  2. Some good/longish videos here – discussion of transitioning:

  3. I just watched the last video, but I’ll watch some others later. That poor woman. It’s great that she has the capacity for self-reflection now to understand what was happening to her. Too bad kids don’t possess that, and she was able to get her way, when she was too young.

  4. In the first video, she talks about how the idea that someone doesn’t fit into the birth gender identity is bs. Just because you’re born female, but like tools and cars – doesn’t mean anything beyond that’s what interests you.

  5. Rainy day here, remnants of the hurricane. I defrosted some beef cubes. Gonna run between the raindrops to the garden for leeks and potatoes and make a nice big beef stew. And some sourdough bread. The dough has been aging in the fridge for a coupletree days. Om nom nom.

  6. Got twenty nice butternut squashes sitting in the picture window. Most of them grew from the compost. The ones I planted on purpose didn’t produce squat. There’s some more outside but they’ll mature a bit more.

  7. Morning Rachels.

  8. Wow, in second video she says “stay critical. keep questioning.”

    What a hater.

  9. Crossfit. Take Erin to Work. Mow lawn. Pick Erin up from work. Go to see Heysus’s tennis “match” (Tennis being the sport of his homeland).

    I’ve been warned that I may meet his parents.

    I feel an illness coming on …

  10. Same here, last video too. I’ve had limited exposure to this stuff (thankfully). One adolescent FTM and a school age cross dressing boy who adopted the female way of dressing. The first example was easier for me to deal with, kid was nearly 18 and I had known her as an unhappy chubby girl for several years of visits for her spine. At the last visit she must have gotten her meds straightened out because “he” was much happier. The second example was just bizarre. Parents were in the mental health field and I couldn’t help but wonder if they were swept up with the times and trends of the whole transgender movement that’s happening in society. As in, ten years ago when a boy or girl said they wanted to be the opposite gender they were told to STFU and leave the grown ups alone but now they drive them to the store to buy frilly clothes while posting the whole thing on Facegram

  11. Can’t decide if I want to do crock pot, or dutch oven.

    That reminds me, I got reverse-dutch-ovened by a really sweet but psychotic patient the other day. I came into her room to give her some meds. She pulled the blanket off of herself to get up, and an invisible brown cloud flew out of the sheets and assaulted me. Almost knocked my glasses off. I felt hurt inside.

    I wish I could tell you people more stories about what happens at work. Some of this shit is hilarious. Crazy people are great.

  12. Swing by the dry cleaners, then work. I went to the gym this morning, but I only did squats and bench and I don’t feel like I fully worked out.
    I’ll probably try to work out again this afternoon. Then it’s duolingo and reading tonight before bed. I should probably cook up some rice to go with the mole chicken I have in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch.

  13. Eh, work stories can be told but you need to be vague with the specifics. After a week goes by a 10 year old boy with a right femur fracture becomes “a kid with a broken leg I took care of once” and so on.

  14. I’ve got a femur and an elbow starting at noon supposedly.

  15. Yes, Roamy, Danube Waltz with a side trip to Prague. The top three cities on my list of places to visit before I die.

  16. got a text over the weekend from a friend/client telling me that a mutual friend was in the hospital with a brain infection….wth

    he married a chi-com chick who is difficult to communicate with, but when i was finally able to get a hold of her i learned my buddy Bruce is in an induced coma following a surgery to deal with an abscess…

    anyway, longwinded way of axing for positive vibes for Bruce.
    he’s a good guy

  17. So what, you just let any sorry SOB post here? Madness…

    I need to get back to my earlier wake-up. Shifted from 6 to 6:30 because I wasn’t getting enough sleep, now I don’t have time for breakfast half the time. I hate these vicious cycles. I seem prone to them, which may be the lack of serotonin or just bad habits (or both).

  18. How many times has your crutch been grabbed Hotspur?

    Under a hundred? Over?


  19. BC, I feel ya. I woke up at 5:20 this morning, about twenty minutes earlier than normal, because I need to get to the gym before everyone else gets there. Unfortunately, I sleep like crap a lot of nights, so I feel those missing extra twenty minutes.

  20. ” I hate these vicious cycles. I seem prone to them”

    it’s probably your prostate – you should have mj check it for you, he’s a doctor of hangdown handling…

  21. Weird dreams last night. The one I remember most vividly was of a bizarre snack food called “Nugs” consisting of battered, deep-fried, honey-glazed bear anuses stacked up on a wooden skewer.

    I’m going to blame the mole chicken I ate for lunch yesterday.

  22. Nobody touches my crutch.

    I keel you.

  23. Misanthropic scorned this piece yesterday, but I’m mostly 100% in agreement with it.

  24. Don’t want to get pregnant? Don’t have sex.

    Anything else is bullshit.

  25. I mean seriously, blaming it just on men is kinda ridiculous. Pretty sure there’s a second party involved there.

  26. Did you even read her piece?

  27. For Leon.

  28. Honestly, no, I didn’t. I’m probably getting the gist entirely backwards as a result.

  29. I did, and it’s crap.

    She basically denies any agency to the woman. In her world women are apparently little better than animals, incapable of making an informed choice about balancing the risk of pregnancy versus the pleasure of sex, the benefits and costs of birth control, or considering the quality of her potential partner and whether he is willing to wear a condom or not before she hops into bed with him.

  30. We have wild strawberries here near the bean field. They are vile.

  31. I’m calling bullshit. There’s no way you read that in under four minutes, but even if your speed reading skillz are superhuman, her larger point is that men are irresponsible. A pregnancy cannot be caused without jizm.

    Is she a bit over the top? Yeah, that’s why I said I only mostly agree. But the men mostly cum and go. The woman is stuck with the consequences. There are almost no consequences for the man.

    How about, you knock a chick up, mandatory snip snip?

  32. Meh.

    Create a Pollack on the belly.

    *claps hands

  33. LOL

  34. I read it yesterday and thought it was shit.

  35. mj – painting by penis since marching into your mom ’09

  36. I’m sorry you guys can’t taste this beef stew. It’s trememblous.

    Making bread in an hour or so or whenever these cold yeasties wake up and start rising this dough. Shoulda taken it out of the fridge earlier, oh well.

    I feel like I should have a beer, because that’s what I do when I’m cooking on my day off in the afternoon, but…it’s way too early.

  37. To take that woman’s argument, you could put forth that women are responsible for unwanted pregnancies because they don’t simply blow men during those TWO days they are fertile.

    She went off the rails right about there.

  38. It’s never too early for a beer, Laura. You’re an American, aren’t you? Fuck Yeah!

  39. Hotspur, she’s just re-working old ground from a different angle; this really boils down to the fact that young women no longer feel socially secure in their right to be slow and cautious over granting sex, or to refuse premarital sex altogether, the way they could before feminism fucked up the deal.

  40. Women aren’t responsible gatekeepers, apparently.

  41. She’s also a bit fuzzy about some of the biology involved.

  42. 1) To avoid pregnancy, you need to avoid about 6 days around ovulation. not Two. Three before, three after.

    2) Men actually leak a bit of sperm BEFORE ejaculation, so the pull-out method isn’t actually a way to prevent pregnancy.

    3) Vasectomies are not 100 reversible. It doesn’t always work.

  43. Many women *actually* don’t like the feel of condoms either.

  44. I’m not one for daydrinking. I told Scott about wanting a beer and he said, “It’s five o’clock somewhere.”

    So I grabbed a beer and he said, “You’re actually DOING it??”

    Ha ha ha ha. I’ll be asleep by noon.

  45. In my 30+ years of sexual activity, I can remember maybe 3 women that were pro-actively responsible about abstinence (or at least taking a good amount or time).
    I’m ashamed to admit how many I ran across that were the opposite. Let’s just say the difference is staggering.

  46. I tried to read that mess. Her logic faults lead me to believe she’s trolling us.

  47. There’s a LOT of sluts out there now thanks to the Sexual Devolution.

    Your mom hates it, too much competition.

  48. It actually does take two to tango & yes sometimes the burden may be greater for one person over another – ‘tis life.

  49. There’s an old Catholic joke: What do you call a man and a woman who use the “Rhythm Method”? Parents.

  50. Honestly, the women who drew clear limits I had more respect for. I’m fine waiting, and the idea that I don’t have to tiptoe around her fragile psyche means I can be myself.

    If you have to ask permission for every single action then you don’t need to be there yet. Back off, and go to a movie instead.

  51. Remember way back when we were little girls & mom told us it was time to put on our big girl panties …..

  52. Good times.

  53. I read most of it but needed to get to work. I just looked at it as a different version of an old argument that will never be settled.

  54. If it’s going to grow in ya, and you’re the literal Gate being Kept, well, I’d say the burden on you is heavier, as well as the possible boon. A woman who secures a good provider and protector in the father of her children has succeeded in a Darwinnian sense no matter what else she does in life.

  55. f it’s going to grow in ya, and you’re the literal Gate being Kept, well, I’d say the burden on you is heavier, as well as the possible boon.

    Well, apparently according to this chick, you should be able to let the guy into your garden, but he’d better watch himself while inside.

    Which … isn’t really a great plan.

  56. Ejaculate responsibly, men.

  57. The surprise no-condom trick some men play is pretty rotten and out of bounds, though. Actually, it may be the only item that supports her point. But of course, her assertion is that men are responsible for ALL unwanted pregnancies, so, no.

  58. There’s only 2 days that the girl can get pregnant. Great. Now design a light that goes off, and lets the guy know when that day is. Everyone can just fuck away, then.

    Win win!

  59. So she’s saying, she should have a right to be irresponsible with no consequences.

    Seems legit

  60. Haaaaa! A new category is born.

  61. If you remove the condom without her knowing, I think that should be a beating. Can we bring back the whip?

    Why would you sleep around without wearing a condom, anyway? isn’t there a disease where you stick it in and you just blow up?

  62. Ejaculate responsibly, men.

    She knows that this sometimes happens when we’re literally unconscious and the rest of our musculature is paralyzed, right?

    Well, apparently according to this chick, you should be able to let the guy into your garden, but he’d better watch himself while inside.

    I don’t even let Witnesses look inside my house, just in case they are burglars casing the place. WTF is her dysfunction?

  63. which one is new, jamster?

  64. If you remove the condom without her knowing, I think that should be a beating. Can we bring back the whip?

    I’ve long advocated bringing back the whipping post for most misdemeanor offenses.

  65. I read a couple of ‘we have to believe this woman because what does she have to gain by coming forward’ articles and it stuns me that people are this dumb.

    It’s not who has what to gain. It’s whether or not it happened.

    Memories are tricky.

  66. Jay I was planning on adding some gifs but time did something weird

  67. And now I’m on my phone.

  68. isn’t there a disease where you stick it in and you just blow up?

    The UK has some kind of flesh-eating gonorrhea, thanks to their immigrant population.

  69. I’ve long advocated bringing back the whipping post for most misdemeanor offenses.

    I’d want it to be voluntary. Public flogging or time in jail, prisoner’s choice.

  70. No. In jail we have to pay to care for you.

  71. Used to be the girl’s family would take care of such transgressions.

  72. They don’t have families anymore, Jay.

  73. Speaking of which….a case out of Aurora Il last week…..They found the decapitated head and body of a pedo on a Judges front porch. The “judge” let the guy out on bail a couple of weeks ago….Judge says dogs commenced to sounding off about three in the morning and when they checked the body was discovered…..

    and the baby jesus smiled……

  74. fake news, Troy, sorry to say

  75. Thunder! The rain is really ripping now. When Scott gets off work, we’re gonna sally forth and drive around and I want to hit a nursery for some bulbs.

  76. Shoot, that would have been an awesome story if true.

  77. Mostly Peaceful Protest is probably closest to the XM-42 in performance.

  78. The left and media went full court press to lie about and discredit O’Keefe, so now no matter what he uncovers they just immediately dismiss it.

  79. Spring bulbs: I have always loved the looks of certain New England lawns in Spring, with wide flocks of pale blue squill running across them. This is seen frequently in the front gardens of old colonials.

    I’m going to scatter handfuls of those little bulbs and bury them where they fall.

  80. ” But the men mostly cum and go. The woman is stuck with the consequences. There are almost no consequences for the man.”

    Bullshit. Child support for 18 years?

    aaaaand didn’t someone we know *cough* have a wee bit of consequence when the secretary got pregnant?

  81. 61% of people ordered to pay support fail to do so. And there is almost no enforcement.

  82. m going to scatter handfuls of those little bulbs and bury them where they fall.

    And then the squirrels reorganizes them. IF they let you keep them.

  83. Bullshit. Child support for 18 years?

    aaaaand didn’t someone we know *cough* have a wee bit of consequence when the secretary got pregnant?

    I know several young ladies who are get very little, if not zero, child support. One gal – one night stand- the dad lives IN town and now has other children. I think he brought her some diapers once.

    I always wonders what’s going to happen when the kids meet, eventually, in school or what not.

  84. I have a good relationship with my dad now, but yeah, when we were kids he bitterly resented having to pay child support and so his paycheck had to be clipped by the court because he refused to pay.

  85. People just shouldn’t have sex when they aren’t married, and society should shame them terribly for doing so. It’s the fiscally responsible thing to do.

  86. Leon, I get the point and I don’t. Everyone here – raise your hand if you has sex before marriage, and are now in a happy, successful marriage?

    I guess the idea is “I” can do it, because i’m smart. But the plebs really should be married before they bump uglies.

    The problem isn’t sex before marriage, which has been going on since the dawn of time. It’s the sex as recreation deal. Outside of love and a relationship and at least a path to commitment. There have always been whores. But they should be the outliers, not the norm.

    It’s a more complicated message.

  87. If you’re shooting for no sex until marriage, then hopefully even when you fall short of it you’re doing so with someone that you could *theoretically* see yourself marrying.

  88. Right, it’s the target we as a culture should be aiming at, because a near miss at that is still better than what we have now.

  89. On the one hand: Hate seeing a legit deadbeat dad.

    On the other hand: Seen a lot of guys get screwed over in court.

    On the gripping hand: It was better before “believe all women” and the hookup culture. For everyone.

  90. Wow, so by getting a lawyer, the lefties think Kavanaugh is admitting guilt?

    I can’t believe he didn’t already have a lawyer, sitting beside him.

  91. How did the guys get screwed over in court? Did they sleep with said woman? Were they the father? If yes to both, they didn’t get screwed over in court.

  92. Jay,

    Sometimes they aren’t the father, sometimes the mother denies them access to their child, a lot of times the courts expect them to pony up even when they’re out of work. And it can turn into a vicious spiral: guy loses his job and can’t pay, so the gov suspends his license which makes it more difficult to find a job. Meanwhile his child support is in arrears and racks up making it hard to climb out of debt. Add in ex-wives who misspend the child support, or play games with visitation and you have a lot of men who are bitter.

  93. Jay, your bingle search term homework is “divorce rape”. The courts are a weapon used by unscrupulous women in many cases.

  94. There are a couple of bitter commenters in the ONT at AoS that were utterly destroyed by the court system and their ex wives. None of them sound like deadbeats or bad guys, just victims of the Devolution.

  95. Guys should tap as much ass as possible.

    Right guys?

  96. 1ass4life as often as you can.

  97. Which is why you really should seek out and lock down the nicest ass you can find.

  98. Has Sean’s Penis weighed in on this thread yet?

  99. “Guys should tap as much ass as possible.

    Right guys?”


  100. My apologies for the fake news story….don’t know how that one got past my BS radar….saw the story on two separate supposedly reliable sources…..I figured the Main Stream Fake news were quashing it like the CCW shooting bad guy in Cicero last Thursday evening. (Bad guy actually used a automatic weapon, shot cop, CCW intervened, and the baby jesus smiled…..)

  101. So a Japanese artist will be the first passenger on Elon Musk’s Magic Moon Missile. Godspeed to him.

  102. I have to be honest, I have tapped every ass I could as often as possible.

    It’s shocking how rare the opportunities have been.

  103. i wonder if musk is gonna drive

  104. Heh, just saw a tin foil article that said she sent a similar letter about Gorsuch. Naw.

    Then I saw this: Kavanaugh was at the same school 2 years ahead of Gorsuch:

    Liberal friendly, it’s the washington post.

  105. Tinfoil accusation:

    Twitter: Josh Cornett, banned by a LOT of GOPers.

  106. Schumer has had sexual misconduct against him too. Maybe this is why it went through Feinstein:

  107. I haven’t read either article, Jay. But did someone actually say she sent a letter about Gorsuch too? That’s an automatic disqualifier.

  108. Just the one tweet, mare, and no backup. But I didn’t know they went to the same high school.

    And it meshes with the theory that this first came up back in 2012 when Romney was doing well.

  109. because they don’t simply blow men during those TWO days they are fertile.

    She went off the rails right about there

    Does she have a subscription-based newsletter?

  110. @@

  111. Went to watch Heysus’s tennis match. He’s pretty good, and rather funny, although he got in trouble with the judge for his chatter.

    Erin has fallen HARD. He stopped by after the game for a short visit and she actually walked him to his car when he left.

    She has never done that. I mean, I’ve noticed that dude(s) (two) were put out by her “lack” of a good bye.

  112. Erin’s first love. The others didn’t count because, well, she wasn’t as smitten.

  113. Erin has fallen HARD. He stopped by after the game for a short visit and she actually walked him to his car when he left.

    I hope you like Peter Gabriel.

  114. I do like Peter Gabriel. She really liked NB but he wasn’t a nice guy. Kept her uneven. This one is nice, but not a “puppy”.

    He’s also started lifting weight to bulk up “for her.” It’s pretty cute. Both of them working on improving themselves for each other. It’s how it should be.

  115. Carin, although Erin is young, I love to hear that, “they are improving themselves for each other.”

  116. I have no idea why I said, “although Erin is young.” It’s an “other than self” focused mature thing to do.

  117. Oh, and if xbradtc is reading, thank you for the compliment. It was a good pic and that’s why I used it ( people say they are un- photogenic but, yeeesh, I really am). It was from last summer. At least it’s not from 10 yeas ago.

  118. Mare, how often were you groped in high school, where did it happen, and what were the dates?

  119. No kidding, Hotspur. I could bring a shit ton of nominees down. But seriously, even as a hard core partisan I would NEVER accuse someone of that even if they inaappriately copped a feel in high school. Lord, if I was judged by my immature brain from high school I’d be in real trouble.

  120. More importantly, can you name all the members of the hockey team that were involved?

  121. Revealed: Bert and Ernie are gay

  122. And the captain of the football team, and the class president, and the right out of college english teacher, and both girls’ gym teachers.

  123. Jay, welcome to yesterday.

  124. And also seriously, guys did lots of inappropriate stuff to me. But not derail their life for my “too emotionally involved beliefs” inappropriate.

    One 6’4″ guy jumped out a window when I chased his ass after he grabbed me. I went from k-12 with this guy and could not be given 10 million dollars to say he was a ” predator.” Another guy got a fairly decent jab to the stomach (he doubled over out of breath) when he tried to feel me up ( egged on by fellow 8th grade boys) at the water cooler.

  125. Well, crap, Hotspur has been paying attention to my stories.

  126. My point, how bat shit crazy do you have to be to agree to be a pawn in a political game where they are using sophomore in high school bullshit?

  127. I would have totally dated Mare in high school. And never grabbed her.

    Well, maybe not never.

  128. I’d grab Mare’s ass today.

  129. Well, who wouldn’t?

  130. A) George Soros has deep pocket
    2) People are whores
    III) Nike contract

  131. Hey, where has Beasnanansnsnsnsn been??

  132. She was around yesterday, but her husband took her out to the farm.

    No, not that one.

  133. If I could go back to high school, I might grope a bit more.


  134. Mare, it is cute.

  135. You groped enough.

  136. Well, you do drive a Subaru…

  137. Faceplant reminded me of this from 2010:
    “from Teresa. ‘….the Republican leadership and Big Conservative Thinkers play Captain Picard to the Tea Party and conservative populists’ Captain Kirk. I’m mostly a fan of both, but there’s a time to read Shakespeare, and then there’s a time to hit on the hot, green alien chick and kill every Klingon in sight.’”

    Trump would definitely hit on the hot green chick.

  138. For Sean

  139. I didn’t know I had that many poats, jam.

  140. I must have forwarded that comment to you, Roamy – I’m not clever enough to come up with that line!

  141. Pendejo Family Community Theater

    Scene 1: driving through West Texas in a 2011 Ford Explorer last Saturday PM

    Mrs. Pendejo: Do you think the Tech/Houston game is on Sirius radio?
    Me: Google Sirius Stations and see which channels carry Big XII.
    Mrs. P: It says 199&200.

    At this point I must emphasize that As the technical expert in the family it usually falls on me to push th buttons on the radio. I push 199 and it stays on channel 8. I push 200 and it stays on channel 8.

    Me: I guess we didn’t buy those channels.
    Mrs. P: Why do you say that?
    Me: Cause I punched in those two channels and it stayed on channel 8.
    Mrs. P: Try voice command.

    As the technical expert in my family I know nothing about how to do voice command.

    Me: I don’t know how to do any of that shit.
    Mrs. P pushes a button on the steering wheel and says: Sirius channel two hundred.
    Pleasant Electronic Car Voice: I’m sorry, that channel is not available.

    Mrs. P angry and loud: Well Bite Me!!!!
    The radio station changes to a station playing some kinda shitkicker music.
    Pleasant Electronic Car Voice: Sirius Channel 58, Prime Country.

    We laughed until it hurt. Also Tech won.

  142. Hahahahaha, good one, Pendejo. (8 is the 80’s channel, which I also listen to a lot, along with 6, 7, 25, and 26.)

  143. Mrs. P sets the stations since it’s her car. I can usually handle 8 and like 25. The other four she has preset are some weirdo shit.

  144. The kids listen to Lithium and Ozzy’s Boneyard. I don’t remember the numbers, probably in the 30’s. Also the comedy channels.

  145. I’m a philistine over here limping along on Classic Rock on FM.

  146. defiant erin rebuffed pedro

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