American Airlines Flight 11

United Airlines Flight 175

American Airlines Flight 77

United Airlines Flight 93

17 years. 2,996 Killed. Much more than that since.

The root cause is still an existential issue for the West and sometimes the gravity of it seems to be trivialized or forgotten.

We’ll sort this all out at some point I’m sure – ’till then…

Keep on – Keepin’ on.



  1. one of the few things where i still harbor actual hatred


  3. what Roamy said –

    “”Comment by roamingfirehydrant on September 11, 2018 5:48 am

    Happy birthday to Osita and CoAlex!””

  4. Downpours here. We need it though. Quite a contrast from the weather on 9/11/01 which was a perfect day.

    I was on vacation and returned to Bangor immediately following a mass casualty alert that sadly wasn’t needed.

  5. *raises coffee mug in the general direction of Oso and Alex…sips*


  7. party at oso’s

  8. 17 years ago, I had just returned from the weekly stand-up at the Ops Group. I heard something on the radio about an explosion at the WTC. I went down to the team room and got one of the little black and white TV’s. I just got it turned on and tuned in in time to see the plane hit WTC2. I picked up the phone and called the Unit Commander and told him “We are at war”. He had been watching it at the University and was well aware of what was happening. We went over short term plans that had to be completed in preparation for deployment. I reminded him that we currently had one team of four personnel at a JRTC training rotation at Ft Polk. Finished that call and then did a ring down of the recall roster and told the unit to talk to their employers and prepare them for their departure, talk to your families and prepare them, prep your bags and get your power of attorneys and your wills up to date and stand by for orders.

    I hate this day, even 17 years after it crushes my heart. Because as much as was stolen and killed and harmed 17 years ago, as much as we have fought and died and paid the price

    This nation has forgotten.

    Well some have, not those who will never forgive and those who will never forget,
    But those who didn’t want to see when it happened,
    those who made excuses for those who did such evil,
    they are the ones who claimed we caused this,
    and are the ones who claim today that they are “The religion of peace”
    That we are the ones who caused the problems in the world,
    That we deserved this.

    I hate this day, obama proclaimed whose side he was on,
    and was elected twice.
    He comes out this month and complains that the recovery that President Trump has brought,
    is his.

    And the Media celebrates. I hate this day, not because of what it has meant,
    But because Those in power have not remembered,
    And that means that another day must come.
    I hate this day.

    MSG Grumpy

  9. for whatever it’s worth – i’m with you MSG

  10. Wakey wakey

    Happy Birthday Oso and CoAlex

    Fuck those who are clueless about what this day means. Gave Ethan a short lecture on the drive to work- he’s dialed in. We’re doing a HERO Wod at crossfit, named after one of the firefighters who died rushing into the buildings (and a fireMAN brought the crazy outfits they wear to the gym, because RX we have to do it IN the outfits).

  11. my comment at 7:47 seems to have not taken –

    anyway that’s colex’s birthday chicken

  12. present for oso:

  13. I don’t think that stuff works on Hoppers.

  14. The annual Stink Bug invasion began a couple of days ago.

    I wonder if it works on them?

  15. Happy Birthday Oso and CoAlex

  16. Happy birthday, Oso and CoAlex!

    And fuck you media! Google gave up a little flag at the bottom of the page. Couldn’t possibly mess with their logo, not on a day like today.

    *raises glass to MSG Grumpy

  17. soapy water works on box elder bugs. Mom calls them Democrats. Still makes me laugh.

  18. Stay safe, chi and other coastal Hostages!

  19. Don’t forget the scrotal hostages!

  20. Shaving their scrostal area since March 2009

  21. Disturbed Sounds of Silence 9/11 tribute

    Mixture of emotions in both the song and the video.

  22. On this day, 17 years ago

  23. *waits for picture of Car in in turnout gear

  24. Since that day this has always been a day of negative emotions, mostly anger and sadness. In hindsight we probably should’ve nuked Baghdad, Kabul, Kandahar, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, & Tehran.

  25. Preach it, Grumpy.

    My NY brother has business in Manhattan from time to time. 9/11/2001 was one of those days.

    In a building right across from WTC.

    Took all day for him to get a train out. Only then did he realize he had that dust in his hair.

    Never been comfortable with him going there since.

    Oh, and the first restaurant I was at when I visited NYC in ’87? Windows on the World. At the top of North Tower.

    Fuck Islam.
    Fuck the people who let this happen.
    Fuck the people who treat the dead and dying as pawns.
    Fuck myself for believing the things that came after were good ideas.

  26. Happy Birthday Oso and CoAlex!!!

  27. I don’t like Islam. Never have never will.

    Do not give me that shit that it is (as that idiot, Bush coined) “a religion of peace.”

  28. Holy Lord, someone on twitter posted the full video of people jumping out of the Tower on 9-11.

    The media tries to hide this stuff but I think it’s important for people to know the horror.

  29. Twitter will yank that thing down before the quarter-hour.

  30. I LOVE Kurt Schlichter”

  31. Religion of Peace

  32. I have not checked the accuracy of this, however, I’ve read it two different places- that Obama rented a 7500 seat stadium for a speech and 700 people showed up.


    Go away, trash.

  33. 1000 seats and 750 was what I heard. These numbers, they always get tweaked in the telling.

  34. I have not checked the accuracy of this, however, I’ve read it two different places- that Obama rented a 7500 seat stadium for a speech and 700 people showed up.

    If I wanted to listen to an asshole, I’d fart.

  35. Huh. I was gassy as hell last night. Must’ve been getting a replay of his speech.

  36. Hahahaha

    If you want to listen to an Obama speech, eat a bunch of beens.

  37. If you want to listen to a Hillary Clinton speech, drag your fingernails on a blackboard.

  38. I just got back from my morning Obama.

  39. Happy birthday, Oso and CoAlex!

    Most younger journalists these days were very young children when 9/11 happened.

    They will have their own “Remember where you were when…” moment at some point in their lives. I was only 3 when Kennedy was shot, so all that I knew of it was pictures and old TV footage.

  40. Challenger is mine. And Columbia at first ascent.

  41. Thanks, everyone. It’s weird to think that I’m 36. A bit depressing, since I’m nowhere near where I wanted to be at this point in my life.

  42. I know the feeling. I’ve been having those moments semi-regularly for nearly two decades now. Increased frequency lately.

  43. Me in turnout gear will probably be on facedouche.

    Muslim is a religion of pieces, fuck that shit. The non-violent muslims either look the other way, or aren’t really following /picking and choosing what they want from their relgion.

  44. I make less than I did eight years ago. Ten years ago I owned a home and seemed to be in a much better place. Now? I’m basically starting over.

    I regret moving to California for grad school. It turned out to be a big mistake.

  45. I was in 9th grade algebra when Kennedy was murdered.

    I was in my mother in law’s living room when Martin Luther King was murdered.

    I was in a friend’s living room when Robert Kennedy was murdered.

    I was in my parent’s living room on Christmas Eve when we orbited the moon.

    I was in my living room when we landed on the moon.

    I was on my job in an architect’s office when Elvis died.

    I was in my car driving to a meeting when Challenger exploded.

    I was walking into my office from a meeting when 9/11 happened.

    I was in my office when we learned of Rosetta’s passing.

    I was in your mom last night.

  46. I’m about ready to give up on the HQ comments.

  47. This is a day for anger for many. I can understand not wanting to give in to it, but sometimes, it’s what fuels what needs doing.

    Doesn’t mean you have to like it–or revel in it.

  48. Wassup with the comments on the HQ Alex? They doing something different than their normal whitebread routine?

  49. Meh, the normal hysterics and stupidity. I’m just bored of it.

  50. It does get old. Especially when it feels like the same ground is being re-hashed again and again. It’s part of why I don’t post so much now (and tend to just shitpost when I do).

  51. No regrets, Alex – you don’t/can’t see it right now, but there is a reason that you went to grad school. You’re a great person in the prime of life.

    Enjoy the day, each and every day.

  52. I gave up on the HQ comments before I even started commenting here.

  53. Islam is a seventh century death cult.

    My buddy”s parents were on United 93 – the only thing I could ever think to tell him (or myself) was that they were together at the end. Most of us would be happy to be so lucky.
    Can you tell imagine the fear they all felt?
    My God, but today makes me rage…

    Teresa, I tried to answer all your questions last night. Almost the end of the thread.

  54. Hang in there, Alex! From one person who started over, to another. I may be going back to school, too. We shall see.

  55. Wow, micheal moore is being called out.

  56. Laura, is nursing not working out?

    Grad school led me to the job in Santa Barbara, which led me here. Columbus is nice enough, I think. Certainly the things that interest me are available, which is nice.

    While in Cali I lost several friends due to my own stupidity and I feel like financially I’m still trying to recover due to the pay cut from what I was earning as a contractor. I would love to be able to buy a house and settle down, but it’s not likely to happen based on what I’m earning right now.

  57. Nursing is great! i was talking about another degree in nursing. APRNs do great around here.

  58. That’s awesome!

    I’ve thought about going back to school sometime in the next few years on a part-time basis to try and get a masters degree in mathematics.

  59. There’s help headed to the hurricane area. mrs. jay’s boss is a first responder, and just got deployed to Maryland for 2 weeks. She doesn’t know if that’s where they are staying, though.

  60. Got that, Chi, thanks! Looks like you are going to be on the “dirty” side of the storm – lots of wind and water. My cousin’s family members were trapped for days due to the water – people helped each other out A LOT, especially those with boats.

    The eye of that sucker is tiny and tight (SYWM), which generally means a more powerful storm.

    Take care of yourself, and don’t wait until the last minute to decide to leave – that’s when all of the gas stations along the routes out of town start running out of gas and food….

  61. Nick Searcy for Breitbart in 2009: What would I have done?

    My eyes. There’s something in them. Even McCain made a good impression in this one.

  62. The nursing gig is a field that is wide open re: opportunities. It’s worth a serious look see for anyone considering a career change – and they’re begging for men (XY chromosome types) to jump into the fray.

  63. Doubt I have the temperment for nursing. Or the endurance (physical or mental). Or really the willingness to deal with the insane demands.

    I mean, if I’m going to do long hours and crazy schedules, at least let me find it in a career path I’m actually somewhat suited for…

    Though at my age, who even knows.

  64. A handy wind scale for hurricanes

  65. Looks like Norfolk is going to be OK, Chi. Gonna get wet!


    If Tesla doesn’t make some changes, starting with the board, it could spell the end for the company. We believe in Tesla and its mission. We want the company to be successful, but Elon Musk’s increasingly disturbing actions have brought the company to a crossroads.

    Musk’s behavior is costing Tesla in ways that may not manifest in the next quarter or two but will if the board and others in his circle can’t rein him in.

  67. Jesus Hotspur, stay out of living rooms.

  68. Justin Timberlake

  69. I see that Ace forgot to hydrate again.

  70. I hired a new lumper today, a local kid. It will much easier than getting help from the moving company which is 20 miles away, and he speaks english.

  71. Do you have to pay him in cash, or seafood?

  72. Looks like Norfolk is going to be OK, Chi. Gonna get wet!

    Of course. That’s because I spent the day securing the he property and shopping for necessities.
    Meh. At least I have all the important stuff on hand now. Bourbon, ginger ale, crackers, brie, plums, dog food and the requisite milk, eggs & bread.

  73. do they ship in extra for the hurricane? They run out during snowstorms.

  74. Not sure. I was honestly surprised that there was any bread and milk left at all.

  75. I figure they have to, since you actually need that stuff.

  76. Laura is the only one who gets seafood.

  77. Joe Scarborough can eat bag of dicks. So can his vapid whore of a girlfriend.

  78. Ya never know, Chi – power may still go out for a while. But you have enough for a nice weekend, if nothing else!

  79. John Heilemann was funny to watch a couple of weeks ago – practically standing up in his chair, completely unhinged.

    Turns out that show they did in 2016 wasn’t about the presidential race, it was about laughing at the hillbillies who weren’t going to vote for Hillary! in November.

    Hee-haw, y’all – we got the last laugh 😈

  80. I wrote this three years ago.

    I just went outside and looked up. The sky is the same cerulean blue it was on that fateful Tuesday morning. I’m in a different state now, half a continent away, and 3000 miles from the site of the attacks. But the sky is reminding me that while the death and destruction were limited to New York, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania, the effect was felt across the entirety of the US. As an added reminder, looking up, I saw no contrails this morning, reminiscent of the eerie absence of air traffic in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

    I was working at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. As most mornings, my carpool and I arrived early, and had a cup of coffee and cigarettes in the member lounge above the trading floor, and then took the escalator down to the floor to get ready to take orders for the opening. Already American Airlines Flight 11 had crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The news shows were just starting to show the pillar of smoke gushing from the wounded tower. Our small team gathered at our desk, not quite grasping just how catastrophic the damage was. We quickly heard that a plane had struck the building, but didn’t realize it was a jet airliner. I immediately thought of the incident where a B-25 had accidentally struck the Empire State Building many years ago. But that was in bad weather. The skies of New York City were as pretty as anyone could ask for.

    As we watched, and struggled to understand, at 9:03am, United Airlines Flight 175, live on television, slammed into the South Tower, erupting into an enormous fireball, and snuffing out the lives of hundreds of innocents. At first, I could not grasp it. Did I see what I plainly had? Of course not. Such a think cannot happen, who would do such a thing? But within seconds, I understood. I knew what had happened. And I knew, in my bones, who had done it. Oh, I don’t think I figured it was Osama bin Laden and his al Qeada lackeys. But I knew it was Islamic terrorism.

    Despite this clarity, this understanding of the enemy, confusion reigned. There were reports of more hijackings, and some said as many as 14 jetliners were streaking towards targets across the US. I wasn’t the only one in Chicago that figured the Sears Tower was on the hit list. And given that the other half of our team worked a block from there, we called and suggested they might want to leave their office, and link up with us. It also quickly became apparent that there would be no trading that day, and thus, no point in staying. So we began to leave. And just as I stepped on the escalator to the lobby, I took one last look at the television screens. It was 9:59am. At that instant, the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed into a stupendous cloud of dust. Again, I couldn’t quite pr0cess what I had seen. Indeed, I hadn’t really seen the whole thing. I didn’t know, didn’t quite grasp, that the entire column had crumbled, a cascading failure all the way to the bottom. And my friends couldn’t understand when I tried to tell them the tower had collapsed. Buildings just don’t do that.

    My friends and I quickly reached our carpool, and hastened to head home. We were hardly alone. The outbound lanes of the highway were as crowded as rush hour. The inbound lanes were virtually deserted. Of course, we listened to the radio, trying to glean every last bit of information. And of course, there were conflicting reports. Reports of the crash of American Airlines Flight 77 slamming into the western side of the Pentagon at 9:37am eventually came in. And eventually news of the collapse of the North Tower, at 10:28 reached us, though we were confused, and didn’t realize it wasn’t just a repeat report of the collapse of the South Tower. It wasn’t until we were safely ensconced back in Indiana that we learned of the fate of United Airlines Flight 93, crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. And of course, it would be days before we learned how the passengers, realizing their fate, took what steps they could to prevent an even greater tragedy.

    We all have certain images from that day seared into our memories. The gigantic fireball, the falling man, police and firefighters rushing to their doom as civilians worked their way down the stairwells, the dust covered zombies on the streets of Manhattan, the grey pall of dust flowing over the harbor.

    These images and more steeled a resolve in the heart of the American people, a terrible anger. And yet, almost instantly, there were those who, beneficiaries of the opportunity of America, having done little to earn their way, ashamed of themselves, cloak themselves not in accomplishment, but assumed moral superiority. They assume it must be that America is somehow unfair, and thus at fault. The first few to denounce the US were greeted with scorn and contempt. But again and again, they spoke, and like a river wearing down a rock, they persisted, until today, not a small number at least wonder if maybe they have a point.

    Our resolve, our determination to roll back the campaign of terror, to secure our own interests, has collapsed, as surely as the twin towers on the Hudson.

    It is to weep.

  81. Comment by Hotspur on September 11, 2018 10:23 am

    If you want to listen to an Obama speech, eat a bunch of beens.

  82. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and gifs. Scott, I only saw three Hoppers this year. Weird. CoAlEx, GET. OFF. MY. LAWN. I’m 55 today.

  83. Xbrad, you captured the confusion of the day very well. I remember saying “Fucking Osama” and calling Peter Jennings a cunt. I knew that the warlord fighting the taliban had been murdered on the 9th. I thought it was like the Empire State Building deal until the 2nd plane hit and I found out the 1st plane was a jet.

  84. The guy who will be working with me is 25.
    I think I am older than his parents,

  85. As an added reminder, looking up, I saw no contrails this morning, reminiscent of the eerie absence of air traffic in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

    That’s what I remember most about that time. We live in the flight path of a relatively busy airport, so it was strange not to see anything in the sky.

  86. Congrats on not dying for another year, oso.

  87. CoAlEx, GET. OFF. MY. LAWN. I’m 55 today.

    No, you’re not. You’re 49. Don’t let any negative nancies *cough*Dan*cough* try to convince you otherwise.

  88. Thanks, Sean. The no contrails thing was freaky. I have asshole stories from that day as well. Target Management had my back for my comebacks to assholes for that day and the rest of the week.

  89. CoAlEx, bless you birthday twin.

  90. Oso, it’s your birfday and you should get birfday cake. Fuck diabeetus. Birfday cake.

  91. She tried to make a birthday pizza, but the candles melted in the oven.


  93. Scott 🤪🤣🤣🤣. I have a chocolate bundt cake. Good through 9/19


  95. I hope your birthday is wunnerful.

  96. Thank you, Scott. Already at the grief part of my birthday. ESPN from the 9/11 museum. I didn’t know the Rangers/Messier/FDNY Story until tonight. Braves/Mets MEH. W and the pitch MEH. Hockey? How did I not know this?

  97. “Fucking Osama” reminded me of this

  98. Registration for my 11 year old truck was $140 and change today

  99. Happy birfday to Colex, too. You going dancing tonight?

  100. Got a new pair of glasses to replace my Nike brand reading glasses. The Optician, who looked to be in her early 20’s, kept showing me different versions of Nike frames. Oblivious to why a cranky white dude might not want to wear the swoosh trademark.

  101. Oso, if you want Yard Goats swag, just let me know.

  102. Looking at a Spring road trip for minor league gear. I’ll keep you posted. East Coast.

  103. Roamy, I was on the early kill Osama train. I grew to realize, that by killing Osama, most Americans would be willing to end the War on Terror. Personalized, not in it for the long run. Mitch Rapp y’all.

  104. Sean, no dancing tonight. Tomorrow is martial arts and then Thursday and Friday will be tango.

    I was tempted to sign up for a class down at the Idea Foundry, but decided against it. I may sign up for a welding or woodworking class for sometime in the next few weeks.

  105. Nike makes reading glasses? Are they for…

    …wait for it…

    …wait for it…

    …wait for it…

    speed reading?

  106. Your mom wears them for speed breeding.

  107. Heh heh, nice one weirdo!

    Speaking of weirdos, I wonder if MJr is giving MJ permission to visit the blog anymore?

  108. It was a toss up between Ray Ban or Oakley frames. I went with Oakley. Hopefully they won’t go SJW on me.

  109. A shit ton of cops wear Oakleys. Hopefully, they know where their bread is buttered.

  110. I think Oakley used to have a discount for LE/Mil.

  111. Tmi3rd can sing the national anthem better than this guy for San Francisco/Braves game

  112. Speaking of weirdos, I wonder if MJr is giving MJ permission to visit the blog anymore?
    No, next question

  113. 49 is a good age,Oso. Don’t fight it. Been teary over my friend Rob tonight for some reason. Ugh. He turned 45 last week.

  114. Tmi3rd can sing the anthem in French

  115. What is Rob’s status? Still no change?

  116. hahahahaaa that’s awesome

  117. OMG look at this little poppet

  118. HA!

  119. I know, right!

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