MMM 337: Summer’s End

You’ve got a little less than 2 weeks until Summer 2018 ends.  Make the most of it.

Kitty phone.


Pretty smile.


Confused peacock.dOeuXK4.jpg

Dark roots.jVoM01K.jpg

Squishy bubble.


Functional camo.  Literally.rSzpsRQ.jpg

Slender hourglass.


Happy Monday, folks.  Go do something worthwhile.


  1. Good morning, nice job Leon

  2. Huh. I just saw highlights of the Packers coming back to beat the Bears. Looks like Rogers was worth the money.

  3. Nazis. It’s always NAZIS if you disagree with the Islamification of your nation

    Or browning of it, or even just importing people with the express intent of changing the electorate. We’ve got open floodgates here to any and all (excluding Christians and white Africans, of course), and any opposition is painted as the vilest, base tribalism.

  4. I wonder if Scott will still visit us after he finds the mother lode of colonial coins with his metal detector

  5. Squishy butt’s butt looks weird,

    wakey wakey

  6. cheese slipping off the cracker – love that line

  7. I like cheese and crackers

  8. With those little pepperoni slices

  9. Nazis. It’s always NAZIS if you disagree with the Islamification of your nation

    And what side were the Muslims on in WW2? At least in the middle east.

  10. Morning Bishes!

    Props to XBradTC for his helicopter tweet and being on the ONT.

    I say we make “nazi” the new “n” word. Call me a nazi, and I get to to start punching faces.

  11. The Packers came back? Wow.

    The Bears dominated them for the entire first half.

  12. Hmm, Nike sales up 31%, compared to the same time last year. This smells rotten.

  13. I saw that. Was that compared to the same three day period as last year?

    I bet they used September 1st – 3rd.

    Last year it was Friday, Saturday, Sunday, This year it was Saturday, Sunday, and a paid day off to buy sneakers.


  14. Nicer than average bunch this Monday.

  15. That Nike deal is bullshit indeed. People are pissed.

    And to think all of this started because Colin was Muslim pussy whipped.

  16. Nike appraised their main customer base correctly. These are brand-conscious, image-conscious people who like the easy shortcut to SJW virtue-signaling a simple shoe purchase can provide. Good for Nike. This was a smart move.

    It may be the case that the Kaepernick thing is not a big deal to most people and most people will still buy their sportswear. Or it may be that they are now toxic to so many, that they will have to constantly continue doing stupid SJW imagecraft like this in order to keep their niche client base happy, but we’ll see.

    Either way, the asian slave children that make their products will still remain employed for a while.

  17. I loved watching Serena Williams cry like a little bitch. The fans were assholes.

  18. I listened to sports radio on my way in to work this morning and the hosts were worshiping at the altar of Serena

  19. The Nike thing might just be the Archduke Ferdinand event. We’ve completely come apart if it actually helps their bottom line.

  20. Stabbed in the eye by a sword.

    I’m not a fan of using too much protective gear, because I think it makes you sloppier and careless, but anywhere I’ve gone use of a mask when you’re doing any sort of thrusting has been rule 1 or 2 of safety.

  21. I got four of these over the weekend. At first it scared the shit out of me. I was sweating and everything. But then I knew it was malicious because I don’t visit porn sites. But it made me worried about what other information they were able to get because the password was definitely one that I use. I was worried about banking and credit card stuff. I keep a document on my computer with every username and password going back to when I first began using the internet, but it has a very difficult password to guess. I know, anything can be hacked, but we’re not talking the CIA here.

    Anyway, the theory is that a database like linkedin or facebook was hacked and that’s where the passwords were stolen.

    These cocksuckers are getting pretty creative – not your average Nigerian prince emails anymore.

  22. OMG that’s terrible.

  23. Not wanting to be a dick here, but sword fighting without eye protection? Really? Fucking Darwin Award material, but he only ended up blind.

  24. Comes in handy to use the same password for different purposes. Then you can track where the leak came from. Also misspell your name in interesting ways.

    Bugmenot is a good way around email scams.

  25. I was replying to the story about the guy who got stabbed in the eye, not Hotspur’s granny porn site being hacked.

  26. Granny porn or tranny porn?

  27. I can usually spot a scam because of the atrocious grammar and spelling, but this password was actually one I use often. If they hacked my linkedin account I don’t give a shit because I never use the thing anyway, and if it was facebook, I deleted the account during the 2016 election season.

  28. The instructor was demonstrating something to the class. Since it was a beginner class, I’ll assume it was something simple like proper thrusting technique or a simple combination. Properly done, the risks should be minimal. It sounds like this instructor may have been trying to show off, or was just stupidly aggressive.

    This is a discussion that comes up time and again: how much protection to use and when. Too much gives students a false measure of safety, and can encourage bad habits. Too little creates risks.

    I know of one guy, an expert on sword and buckler, who has his students warm up with sharp swords and no protective gear, but at veerrrrrry slow speeds. He does this because sharp swords behave differently than blunt steel or wooden wasters. He doesn’t use a lot of protective gear because he wants his students to be aware at all times that the sword is dangerous, and behave as such.

  29. Comment by Hotspur on September 10, 2018 10:42 am
    Granny porn or tranny porn?

    Tranny grannies? Granny trannies?


    Social Justice Math Theory is a thing?

  31. Math classes don’t create academic apartheid. Not understanding math causes it.

  32. Wow, the 1 train stops at WTC for the first time after the 9/11 attacks. That’s a long time!

  33. there is NO WAY they’d be able to see the effects on Nike this quickly. That’s bs.

  34. If a student is really good at math, let him test out of HS math. Same with any other subject.

    Require an exit exam to graduate high school. 70% to pass if you’re a senior with no Fs, 80% for juniors, 90% for sophomores. Let the smart kids get the hell out and focus your energy and bringing the poor performers up to the standard.

  35. I wonder if reported Nike sales include all the Payless and other discount store numbers. That’s the last place I bought a pair.
    I know I haven’t overpaid for a pair of shoes since I was a teenager. Ascis makes better running shoes all day long.

  36. The negative effects are likely to come later on, as people wear out their shoes/gear and choose another brand.

  37. anywhere I’ve gone use of a mask when you’re doing any sort of thrusting has been rule 1 or 2………….

    That’s what your mom prefers too……………….

  38. Let’s play Wheel of Fortune!

  39. He made 2 fat jokes yesterday…

  40. Separating students based on ability is vitally important. First of all, it lets the high achievers soar without having class time wasted/ slowed/weighed down by the kids who aren’t getting it. Second of all, it’s important that the high achievers don’t see first hand how stupid their peers are at an age where they really don’t have a well developed sense of empathy.

  41. I agree. Far better to discover it when they’re in the work force and discover those same peers are now their supervisors.

  42. Over the weekend I read a linked story somewhere that described how one NY Med School was getting rid of nominations for AOA (some type of academic honor society I’m obviously not a member of) because minority students were insufficiently represented. And by “minority” I’m gonna guess they didn’t mean Asian. So stupid. They use objective criteria for the most part, I think there’s an element that’s subjective just to give the administration a way to keep psychopaths out. I skimmed the article but it relied on the old saw about how minority students do poorly on standardized test. At some point you’ve got to learn how to color the dots with your #2 pencil Felicia.

  43. Gotta make everyone feel good about themselves!


  44. PayPal is doing a promo today for 30% off Levi’s. I wonder if that’s their attempt to pull a “Increased sales at Nike” story for the media.

  45. The 31% increase was specifically in online sales, which, as Laura notes, that’s where their core demographic does a lot of shopping. Nike hasn’t said whether their total sales increased or decreased.

    The information we have is simply insufficient to inform us.

    But even if Nike has alienated a fair chunk of the population, increased brand loyalty from core demographic may well be a smart business move.

  46. And I feel the same way about the reported uptick in Nike sales. Bullshit. I’m stopping at my eye doctor’s office tomorrow to order new reading glasses. My current pair is Nike -spit- and I don’t want to in any way convey I’m okay with their bullshit.

  47. I can’t think of a thing that I own that has the Nike brand on it, so I don’t have anything to burn. :(

  48. These glasses cost enough that I’ll keep them as a back up pair. Maybe get a couple of small Trump stickers to cover the swoosh logo

  49. Fuck.
    Florence just upgraded to a category 4.

  50. Trust me, learning what imbeciles your fellow math student are isn’t any better at 36…

  51. Not that I can spell or type, but hey

  52. Comment by lauraw on September 10, 2018 12:17 pm

    Separating students based on ability is vitally important. First of all, it lets the high achievers soar without having class time wasted/ slowed/weighed down by the kids who aren’t getting it.


    I used to dread the class taking turns reading a book aloud in English. 45 minutes of semi-literate high school kids sounding out sentences was horrific. No wonder the teachers drank.

  53. I did great at math with the exception of 2 years out of many. Algebra II Honors as a junior in HS and Calculus as a freshman in college. I think doing well my first 2 years of HS math landed me in the honors class with the future titans of the tech world of which I was not one. After that embarrassment I was back with my fellow paste eaters learning trigonometry from an elderly nun who wore the whole get up. And the calculus was a requirement otherwise I’d have never suffered through it.

  54. Sounding out sentences in high school? Where the fuck did you go?

  55. Sounds like the same inner city public school I did. Booker T Washington HS.
    Yeah, it was as pleasant as it sounds.

  56. Got to agree with Hotspur, my “reading, writing and arithmetic” catholic schools that stopped in 2nd or 3rd grade.

  57. Public school in New Mexico. A lot of not too bright kids, along with quite a few really smart ones. There’s a good college there, so you’d have kids whose parents both had doctorates in engineering. Lots of drugs and alcohol back then. Lots of gangs and serious drugs now.

  58. How close are you to sea level, Chi?

  59. I would have thought that certainly now with emphasis on learning bullshit in schools reading levels would be waaaaaay off, but not 30 years ago. But then again, I know shit.

  60. You know who is an under achiever considering his background, wealth and education?

    Well, I was going to say John Kerry but then any person who was in the higher echelons of Obama’s administration (including Obama and his stupid wife ) would be the correct answer.

  61. In the Catholic school I attended, we were taught phonics, starting in second grade. Sounding out words was over by the time third grade was over. And we had to know our times table though twelve by the end of third grade.

  62. I don’t think they teach phonics or times tables anymore.


  63. And they don’t teach cursive writing anymore. We were graded on our penmanship.

  64. And we were graded on grammar and spelling on any written assignment. It didn’t have to be English class. If you turned in a science or geography/history assignment, you got graded down for fuck ups.

  65. If we put the gear numbers in cursive on a manual transmission, we could solve the car theft problem forever!

  66. Yeah, but in Catholic school, the nuns/brothers could beat the education into you. :)

    What really shocks me is how few people read anymore. I’ve got a friend who is really smart and he’s only read one book since high school. He watches TV and plays some video games. Penelope and I are voracious readers.

  67. Heh, one of my friends has a son, very good in sports. She tries to get him to read, but he just won’t. She told a story that instead of reading, he tried to get her to let him watch the football game with captions on, so he could read those.

    I give him a 10 for ingenuity and effort to get out of reading.

  68. I’m reading ‘The Brain That Changes Itself,’ and in one of the beginning chapters there is ample discussion about how it’s being shown that the penmanship obsession of old-school education was actually a vital brain exercise that helps children with other critical skills.

    Tracing and copying pictures, rote memorization, etc…all great for developing brains. I think copying pictures/ lines was credited with helping kids develop the brain skill involved in fluidly following the development of a concept throughout a cohesive paragraph of text. You just never knew what some of those pedantic old school exercises were really for…until they were gone. Now it’s becoming rather obvious.

  69. Part of the reason that I don’t like the obsession with STEM is that the artistic portions of our brains are just as important, IMHO.

  70. As usual, Mike Rowe has a great outlook on the Nike controversy:

    Don’t worry, we’re going to do something

    Hi Sam. Nike’s free to celebrate whomever they wish, and Kaepernick is entitled to his opinion – kneeling, standing, or lying down. But if I was going to put someone’s face on a billboard – someone who epitomized bravery and sacrifice – I might have gone another way, especially this time of year. I might have gone with this guy – Tom Burnett.

    Tom’s last act on earth was one of the most courageous things imaginable. And his last words to his wife, Deena, are among the most inspiring I’ve ever heard. Those exact words are at the top of this page, and the bottom. They were spoken seventeen years ago, under conditions I hope to never experience. I’ll never forget Tom’s last words. I hope you won’t either.

    the crux of the matter, now:

    Tom: We’re waiting until we’re over a rural area. We’re going to take back the airplane.
    Deena: No! Sit down, be still, be quiet, and don’t draw attention to yourself! (The exact words taught to me by Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Training).
    Tom: Deena! If they’re going to crash this plane into the ground, we’re going to have do something!
    Deena: What about the authorities?
    Tom: We can’t wait for the authorities. I don’t know what they could do anyway.
    It’s up to us. I think we can do it.
    Deena: What do you want me to do?
    Tom: Pray, Deena, just pray.

    (after a long pause)

    Deena: I love you.
    Tom: Don’t worry, we’re going to do something…

  71. I used to read a lot. Now, not so much. At the same time, I’ve stopped playing video games or watching most TV shows, so I’m in a weird place. I’m trying to bring back the good habits: reading, drawing/painting, working out.

  72. Went to Catholic schools with lots of Air Force kids in them. You could tell who the new transfers from places with shitty schools were.

  73. I’m slowly oven-roasting a couple sheetpans of homegrown marzano tomatoes with herbs and garlic, to concentrate them and preserve them in the freezer. 6 hours at 250 degrees. My house smells incredible. This Winter’s sauces are gonna be off the hook.

  74. Great comment on Rowe, Jay.

    Kind of choked me up.

    That makes it even harder for me to wear Nike. I threw on Nike shorts this morning to take out the garbage and I ran back upstairs and chucked them off when I realized what I’d done.

    I’m particularly irked that Nike (quietly) has been paying Kaepernick all along but the ads come out now. It has the smell of stank on it.

  75. I want to look into that book, Lauraw. I know that somewhere I have read (possibly many times) that the memorization we do as young ones is really important for our brains (of course, just what the book you read said).

    There is wisdom in the old ways or in other words, why did we “fix” something that wasn’t broke.

    School can be difficult and boring, so what.

  76. Lauraw, send me 5 bottles of your stored sauces, thank you in advance.

  77. Stored sauces, huh mare? We don’t call them bottles, vial is the proper name.

  78. Be careful. She may deny you her stored sauces.

  79. Do any of you watch Ozark?

    My husband is out of town and I generally stay up later when he’s traveling but last night I went down a road I knew would lead to going to bed at 3:00am. I started watching Ozark and ended up watching 6-7 episodes. I like Jason Bateman and he was the director of the first episode and the executive producer. Gritty, but I was sucked in like your mom at a Golden Coral buffet.

    Very naughty language.
    Gross stripper bar scenes.
    Great writing.
    Great acting.

    My husband and I usually watch Hallmark series stuff, I think I’m putting junk that acts as a babysitter in my head.

    Holy crap, $20!!

  80. I like Ozark, a lot. Just started season 2.

  81. Welp, I’ve decided not to watch the Netflix series, Stored Sauces. It’s just porno disguised as serial television.

  82. Jay, I liked it too. A lot. Sucked into it until 3:00am a lot.

  83. I don’t know if you watched Arrested Development but a couple of the tag lines are used in Ozark. Kind of funny. When he says to his kid, “that’s what I’m all about” when he forgets the kid is there and is about to drive off.

    The above paragraph is so poorly written and confusing I’m going to keep it up as an example of “how not to write.”

  84. I liked Ozark season 1. I didn’t know that season 2 was out. I’m probably going to pull an Oso and wait until there’s a bunch of stuff to watch, and then get Netflix for a month or two and binge.

  85. *marks mare’s entry for the Ozark writing job


  86. Maybe 9 ft above, Laura?
    I’m 10 miles tops from the Atlantic. 5 or 6 from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.
    But Norfolk is surrounded by water. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a river around here.

  87. Do any of you actually know what working example of socialism multi-millionaires like Jim Carey support?

  88. The one that puts them in charge and has everyone else doing as they say.

  89. I’ve watched a couple of Jim Carey movies. He’s an asshole.

  90. Did I miss something?
    What has that asshat Jim Carrey done now?

  91. Hold on, Chi…

  92. LOL

  93. Another Bill Maher utterance, great

  94. Jim Carrey needs to perform fellatio on the barrel of my AR-15.

  95. Gawd. What a tool.
    That douchecanoe can eat all the bags of dicks.

  96. Plus, he’s Canadian, isn’t he? If he likes it so much, go live there.

  97. The Babylon Bee is killing it!

  98. I cannot deny that Hollywood types are artistic. Meaning, to different degrees they are good actors, painters, singers and what not. However, they are not particularly good at logical, rational thought.

    It’s pretty obvious, conservatives should run governments and with an eye on possible perversions, Hollywood types should stick with entertainment.

  99. Crap. Another comment in the trashcan – I think I used a keyword…

  100. Nothing in spam. WordPress randomly eats comments.

  101. It’s pretty obvious, conservatives should run governments and with an eye on possible perversions, Hollywood types should stick with entertainment.


    This is another sentence that should be trashed, stabbed, and lit on fire.


    Based on every measurable outcome, it’s obvious that conservatives should run governments. And with careful, actionable, oversight on Hollywood, artistic types should stick to entertainment.

  102. Florence up to Cat 5. Suggest anyone in its path undertake protective measures immediately, like say, decamping to Iowa.

  103. Prior to motion pictures, ‘Actors” were held by many in less regard than prostitutes…..we need to return to this way of thinking.

  104. Cavil, when is it supposed to hit your area?

    If you’ve got a few days, fill your gas tank, get all important papers in double sealed plastic, get cash (if possible) and go to a friend/relative in the opposite direction of the hurricane.

    If you can’t do that, make pasta put it into plastic bags in the fridge and buy jars of sauce. You can eat that without heating if necessary.


  105. Protective measures underway.
    I’m hitting the liquor store tonight, and will get supplies for milk sammiches tomorrow.

  106. Jay, Leon, any clue? Translation?

  107. Agree, TT.

    Modern actors act worse than any perceived scumminess during Elizabethan times.

  108. Thanks for looking, Scoot.
    As usual, it was just my normal nothingburger of a comment. While i found it funny at the time, it isnt worth re-typing now, think.

  109. “……….make pasta put it into plastic bags in the fridge and buy jars of sauce. You can eat that without heating if necessary.”

    Egad, woman. That sounds hideous. You know what else you can eat without heating? Pop Tarts, and about 10,000 other things that are better than cold spaghetti.

  110. Looks like Eich found some zombies in a mozilla codebase, along with some evidence of malfeasance on their part. Not sure how serious that is.

  111. Ummm…..if you can’t heat anything up because of the electricity being out, your refrigerator isn’t going to be working either.

    Ask me how I know.

  112. Fuck me running. I have to watch local news this evening.
    A commercial blurb just said some local areas can expect up to 15 inches of rain. That ain’t good.

  113. Ah, okay. Thanks man.

  114. I went to a public school, and we read out loud in English class, usually plays where eventually everyone in the class had a part. The teacher would give the poorer readers the minor characters. I got Casca for a day when we read Julius Caesar. The next day someone else read Casca’s lines. I remember being disappointed I didn’t get to take part in the assassination scene.

  115. Beef jerky, Slim Jims, peanut butter, water, bread, Pop Tarts, Chef Boyardee ravioli, tuna pouches, sardines, fruit cocktail, and on and on. Basically all the food you ate regularly as a kid and randomly now.

    Add Tums and those moist ass wipes just in case

  116. Candles, batteries, bourbon, mixer for bourbon, People magazine

  117. Racist.

  118. Doggeh senses something in the air. He keeps running outside then back in.
    Even at 16 pounds, he sounds like a freight train running through the house. I may need to add tranquilizers to Jimbro’s list.

  119. You are stressed.

    You are the something in the air.


  121. Teresa, it takes a lot for pasta to go bad. Ask me how I know. And if you prep your fridge right ( also coolers) they are good for a few days.

    I’ve been in 5 hurricanes (more but no damage or power outages) 2 just this summer. Chi read that link in my comment. It is a comprehensive list of stuff to do to prepare.

  122. Don’t forget the condoms.

  123. Very true, Mare – I’m just thinking of what all of my relatives went through last year down in Houston, when they didn’t get electricity back for over a week, and all of those houses were flooded.

    Better to err on the side of caution and just get the hell out of Dodge before you get stuck on the roads with everyone who decided to wait until the last minute.

  124. You need to brew about 15 pots of coffee before the storm hits.

  125. Oh, no question, Teresa. If it’s going to stay a 4-5 you’ve got to get out (exceptions exist).

  126. Scott is correct. We did that and kept it in a double walled thermos. I like cream so I bought the boxes of cream containers you get in restaurants. No refrigeration needed.

  127. Chi, whereabouts are you? How far from a major body of water? What is your city’s infrastructure like? Are there enough people living in your area that you will be one of the first to get services back if they go out?

    What is your elevation? Are there lots of historic houses/buildings near you? When a natural disaster occurs, those are generally the spots that have weathered bad stuff in the past (the French Quarter in New Orleans, The Strand in Galveston, etc.).

    How far inland are you?

  128. Serena Williams is a cunt. She’s claiming misogyny because men get away with verbal abuse – wrong, bitch. They get warned.

    You were getting coached and got a warning. Next offense is loss of a point. You trashed your fucking racket.

    Then you verbally abused the judge by calling him a thief. Third offense – loss of a game.

    Unfortunately you can’t cry racism because Osaka is half black, and in the liberal playbook, half black is black.

    You’re a classless ghetto bitch. Eat it.

    Osaka is a great player with composure, grace and poise.

  129. And she’s pretty as hell. You look like Michael Vick in a skirt.

  130. “woman”

  131. I changed what I first said because thug is now racist.

  132. Here is Joe Bastardi’s take on Florence:

    He’s usually pretty accurate.
    What got the folks down in Houston was that Harvey didn’t move very quickly once he made landfall, so they just kept having water fall on a city that was built on a swamp way back in the day.

    You’ll know in a few days if your eventual decision was a good one. Do whatever YOU think is best for you and teh doggie 😊

  133. Haughty, uppity, thug, monkey around, niggling, welfare…we have to eliminate all of the dog whistles.

  134. You forgot “Chicago” and “golf,” Hospurt.

  135. LOINS!

  136. HS, she’s used to getting her way. woman, minority, superstar.

  137. Largest women in the world

  138. First man to give birth.

  139. coaching. I can’t keep all the dog whistles straight. I do know FGM, Honor killing, and Sharia are rayciss

  140. Osita, this is rayciss, too.

    (I’m “don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit”)

  141. Heh. I saw that. Osaka has a Haitian dad. She’s lived in FL since she was 3. Almost 6 feet tall. Young. Strong. Her coach is Serena’s former hitting coach. This was theater and umpire with a history of injecting himself into matches, injected.

  142. Is Cynthia

    a) Stupid
    b) Crazy
    c) Trying to lose
    d) All of the above?

  143. Worth a repeat

  144. Sean, ew. That’s a sick individual.

  145. 🤮🤢

  146. Teresa,
    Norfolk, VA. (One of the oldest cities in the nation)
    Atlantic Ocean is 10 miles away, tops. Chesapeake Bay maybe 5?
    Plenty of people around, it’s one reason that i want to leave and buy 5000 acres in Texas.
    I will still be without power for days on end.
    I’m maybe 9 feet above sea level at best.

    I’ve weathered every hurricane since 1970 in Norfolk. Every one since ’88 in my current home. We should fare well as long as the streets and yard don’t flood like they are wont to do. Then I’ll be stuck indoors with a bored doggeh.
    That reminds me – I need to grab a bag of dog food & some treats tomorrow…

  147. Dan eats reheated posole.

  148. Happy birthday to Osita and CoAlex!

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