Shave Your Balls Tuesday

So we learned over the weekend that j’bro has a collection of various styles of razors for manscaping.

And that Roamy was the instigator.


For those that weren’t around – Quit yer ballin’ here’s the rundown:

Some are partial to keeping their balls in a jar like this.

Some just want extra staying power & length when playing with their balls like this.

For those that just want to maintain an affable freshness there’s this.


For the motor-head in your life there’s this.

For the gastronomy aficionado there’s this.

For the music lover in your life there’s this.

And for Car-in our resident ball waller.

What’s mare doing today? She’s probably gonna help xbrad with his manscaping…

Ahh-ite, enough playin’ with your balls, time to go out there and get something done.


  1. Seems a little drafty in here, anyone else notice a cool breeze?

  2. someone leave the barn door open again?

  3. Mine are bigger.

  4. wakey wakye

  5. Nice poat Jamster.

    Tuesday! Damn. Where did the week go?

    Mine are bigger.


  6. A retired bishop’s Canon Law case for why Francis may be merely the putative Pope, elected by an invalid conclave:

    Reminds me of the process I went through getting my Decree of Nullity. Just as necessary here, from the narrative laid out.

  7. I’m not ready to adult yet, but there internet is dead.

  8. What the hell was Nike thinking?

  9. Nike is betting that the future will be dominated by non- whites who are absolutely convinced that they’re oppressed (even though they can afford multiple pairs of $200 shoes) and woke whites who feel obligated to subjugate themselves to the oppressed class in order to atone for the sins of their ancestors. They’re probably correct.

  10. What’d they do, Scott?

  11. They got a loser quarterback who can’t get a job to be their newest advertising front man.

  12. But, people who pay $200 for “athletic” shoes that they don’t actually DARE use on athletics … you’re already dealing with a population making some poor decisions.

  13. Yeah, Nike logo on your shoes is about signaling, not performance.

  14. Also, they’re making it very difficult for an MSM organization to publish any investigative journalism that might happen to occur regarding Nike’s practice of working young kids in sweatshop conditions in 3rd world countries.

  15. The guy who hates the country so much he went to Africa for the 4th of July,

    I think its going to go down as one of the dumbest business decisions ever.

  16. OJ Simpson would have been a better choice.

  17. He was at least a top-flight athlete.

  18. Better choices for Nike. Go:

    The agony of defeat guy from the 70’s.

  19. Better choices for Nike:

    Literally any dad coaching a Little League team.

  20. Funnier better choice for Nike:

    The vegan guy who went viral ranting so hard about meat eaters that he lost one of his front teeth on camera.

  21. I ordered some stuff from Amazon on Sunday.

    It delivered 10 minutes ago.

  22. OJ would have been awesome.

    “Had I been wearing Nikes, they would still be looking for me.”

  23. OJ should be the face of Nike’s new driving shoe.

  24. “Nike is betting that the future will be dominated by non- whites”

    It’s more than that. The guy hates this country, won’t stand for the flag and fled to Africa for the 4th of July.

    That will piss off a lot of non-whites too.

  25. We get to call the insurance later today and see if they have a preferred shop over here. Ugh.

  26. Not pictured: Kid with bat getting slipped a Hamilton by dude’s wife.

    The future population Nike seems to want isn’t one that can sustain $200 sneakers. I’m just sayin’. In fact the only thing that makes those populations remotely viable is a society like the one they’re trying to destroy, which is stable and wealthy enough to bankroll those “diverse” shitholes directly or otherwise. It’s kind of a thing.

    And shit like what leon posted is making it REALLY FUCKING HARD to continue my Back to Church initiative. No wonder I hate humans.

  27. The gates of Hell shall not prevail, Cavil. The Church is, was, and always will be under attack. The sacraments depend not upon the holiness of the priest administering them. Pray to St Michael to defend the church from those without and within.

    I pray with for the Pope’s intentions with added provisos now (“whoever he may be, and insofar as his intentions align with your will”), but I still pray for them. It’s your own salvation being worked out here, your eternity, and that’s more important than any temporal crisis.

  28. “I ordered some stuff from Amazon on Sunday.”

    Speaking of sweatshops…

  29. I ordered some stuff from Amazon on Sunday.

    It delivered 10 minutes ago.


  30. “I ordered some stuff from Amazon on Sunday.”

    Speaking of sweatshops…

    Those workers choose to be there. If they don’t like having their bathroom breaks timed, or wearing the shock productivity collars, well then they can just find a new job.

  31. OK, finally checked Nat’l Hurricane Center tracking, doesn’t look like Gordon will be much of an issue for me. Of course the damn thing could decide to do something else, but for now not worried.

  32. Some rightwing group needs to start attending these hearings, and any time some progressive protester makes a disruption, lay on the beatdown.

  33. The next time Kamala starts a scene, I want the Sergeant-at-Arms to grab her, put her over a knee, and deliver the spanking of her life. In public.

  34. I’m pretty sure Kamala wants that as well.

  35. CoAlex, amazon is opening a distribution center about a half hour away. I was going to apply. Was. I didn’t like the reports you had to walk a half mile of so to get to the bathrooms. I’d like to keep the Depends wearing out for another ten years or so.

  36. John Rich Verified account
    16h16 hours ago
    Hey @nike if you’re gonna make the shoes, make the PIG SOCKS to match. Right? Cmon, people will LOVE that.

  37. well, haven’t overslept work in a LONG time. Helps if you set your alarm, especially if you didn’t sleep very good.

  38. big warehouses are like that. They don’t put bathrooms every 50 feet.

  39. Saw a Twitchy version of that with Pat Tillman’s portrait

  40. Jay, maybe not, but if much smaller retail chains, can have restrooms strategically located throughout their stores, so can an extremely large warehouse. (i.e. – Target and Walmart have restrooms in the front, and smaller ones, in the back of their stores. Some Targets even have a set back in the stockroom, too.)

  41. *takes bets on throw down between beasn & jay*

  42. *looks up Vegas odds*

  43. Its a fucking WAREHOUSE. They could put porta potties in strategic locations……

  44. *50:1*

  45. Nice knowin’ ya jay. I was always supportive of you in the secret emails that ragged on you.

  46. Tee-Roy might be on to something – the warehouses could go all French or even San Francisco-y

  47. I wonder where they shit at the Porta Potty factory?

  48. When you buy a new gun there’s always that test shell in the package. Brand new portable toilets might come with a test log in them.

    Yep, it works!

  49. I’m planning to get a composting toilet for the workshop if I ever move my office out there.

  50. Oh, Linda Saursour was protesting the Kavanaugh hearings.

  51. Kavanaugh has good enemies.

  52. “Its a fucking WAREHOUSE. They could put porta potties in strategic locations……”

    Exactly and seeing as how much money Bezos is making, porta potties cost very little.

  53. There are a fukklode of bathrooms around the hospital. Finding a clean one is the challenge if you need to drop the kids off at the pool.


    fuckers –
    it’s constant.

    they’re a giant parasite that will eventually kill the host

  55. Thinking of you guys T.

  56. so –
    little jamette does the swim team gig at school to stay in shape for bball season.
    this year she was moved up to varsity swim ’cause there is no jv.
    she’s not leading the field as a result (that and the fact that she thinks swim is boring and dogs it)…
    first swim meet of the year is tonight.. da – Da – DAAAAAAAAA!!!

    hopefully the right lesson is learned.

    swim and bowling are the only sports that her school seems to be competitive in. (both are the girls teams)

    the boys teams are an embarrassment – their motto should be “It doesn’t matter if you lose or lose, it’s how you shave your balls”

  57. Back to the Potty Blog?

  58. They should enclose the “observation gallery” where they hold confirmation hearings in sound proof ballistic glass and pipe the audio in. You want to observe proceedings, fine. You want to disrupt or protest proceedings, that’s a no go.

    PS: Install a whole room pepper spray system for the gallery as well.

  59. Use the Cone Of Silence

  60. jam, my company won’t do business in China, because of copyright theft.

    If we did, they would just copy the design of the forms and start making them. The government over there is horrible about this.

  61. hope the mood is lifted a little bit this week, TiFW. Good that you got away.

  62. fuckers –
    it’s constant.

    they’re a giant parasite that will eventually kill the host

    This is the only consistent theory I have for some of the behavior I’ve witnessed as a contractor. Foreign agents, everywhere, even (perhaps especially) among the “native born”.

  63. John McCain’s tombstone

  64. This is the only consistent theory I have for some of the behavior I’ve witnessed as a contractor. Foreign agents, everywhere, even (perhaps especially) among the “native born”.

    It’s almost like the government might have a reason to be wary of Americans who have strong family ties to other countries we are in competition (or war) with.

    I thought it was pretty well known that the Chinese have focused on making inroads with the Chinese-American community. The Soviets might have tried to infiltrate a high level agent, or turn someone high up. The Chinese go the opposite route, and collect a lot of information from low-level folks and put it all together.

    What makes me wonder is how much of this is being done in the Chinese communities of other pacific rim nations. I still think that if we were to come into conflict with the Chinese, you’d see uprisings in places like Singapore and Malaysia.

  65. singapore and hong kong are the top two destinations for high level bio-pharm executives of the chi-com persuasion to move to after their welcome mat gets pulled here (at least that’s my anecdotal perspective).

    doesn’t seem to matter that they have homes and kids in college here

  66. cheech, how’s the hoof?

  67. The Chinese are also having a great deal of success subverting various Australian politicians and organizations.

  68. Mini-me got to see some of today’s hearings as part of her AP Gov’t class. We made fun of Kamala’s theatrics.

    And Booker. Dude. You said back in July you weren’t voting for Kavanaugh without knowing the first thing about him, other than Trump nominated him. Why should he go to any effort at all for you?

    I think it was one of the senators from NC (Tillis?) who basically commended Kavanaugh’s mom for sitting quietly and not going postal on the Dems.


    Tesla CEO Elon Musk has renewed his attacks against a British man who played a key role in the rescue of a youth soccer team trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand.

    Musk last month apologized for accusing Vernon Unsworth of pedophilia after the diver questioned the value of Musk’s contribution to the rescue, a small submarine that ultimately went unused. But in a series of emails to BuzzFeed News, Musk repeated his original attacks on Unsworth — and made new and specific claims, lambasting the rescuer as a “child rapist” who had moved to the Southeast Asian country to take a child bride. Unsworth denied Musk’s accusations through his attorney.

    Though Musk prefaced one email with “off the record,” BuzzFeed News did not agree to that condition of the correspondence. (Per common journalistic practice, a conversation is off the record only if both parties agree to the terms. )


  71. Screaming eagle noise for Siftys tweet

  72. SO much better, Jammie – thanks.
    All of a sudden one morning, it was much less painful. Still slightly swollen and a minor bruise, but obviously not broken.
    I won’t be running any marathons soon, but I did toss the cane aside.
    I may milk it for a while, though – it’s been nice having friends and family do I shopping or bring me lunch!

  73. That was the nettles.

  74. Exhausted. Two nights of insomnia and a yuge OR day today. Four hours working on a 2 year old’s feet through four 2” incisions. They ended up looking pretty good, they’ll be braced long term given the underlying condition. Then did the biggest spica cast I’ve done in a while in a large 6 yo. Smashed his femur on the trampoline 2 days ago and they saved it for me. That was part of the insomnia. How to fix a comminuted proximal third femur fracture in a 6 yo. Ex fix, ORIF, ESIN, or go old school and put the body cast on. Feeling like a rented mule.

  75. If the cast works he’ll have no incision and I’ll be a hero. If I see things go south when he comes back in a week I’ll go to the Ex fix and lose more sleep

  76. Should have made a nettle poultice

  77. $20

  78. Speaking of $20, I am working on my blog post for Michelle’s 1st anniversary on Friday. It’s turning into a novella.

    I don’t care if anyone reads it; I just needed to get everything written down about those 4 days before I forget it all.

    Hopefully I will have time to add some pictures – otherwise it’s going to be a wall of text.

    And yes, it is much longer than one of Ace’s movie reviews….

  79. Teresa- I left you a question last night if you have the time.

  80. You’re impressive, Jimbro.

    Teresa…thinking of you quite a bit. (((Hugs)))

  81. Carin, you’ve had a a heartbreak too!

  82. Is the, “Let’s pretend we like McCain in order to use this occasion to bash Trump with McCain’s approval because that’s just how small and vindictive a man McCain was” funeral over yet?

  83. Is it ever really over?

  84. Saw that, Car in; been working on my post all day, so haven’t had time to respond. Let me see if I can help (I am not a doctor, so take what I say with a grain of salt).

    In Michelle’s case, so much of her brain was damaged/dead that she was not going to be able to recover. The little “overbreathing” that she was doing was not enough to sustain life.

    (I will continue in a minute)

  85. I haven’t seen one minute of TV or heard one minute on line of the asshole’s service.

    I did hear that dick, Obama was there.

  86. I’ll be honest, I can’t really fault Bill Clinton for scoping out Ariana Grande’s ass.

  87. WOOOT! Grand slam Molina!

  88. Fucking Cards.

  89. Jimbro,
    I can’t even imagine working on those tiny feet. It seems like it would be like working on a watch, inside a bag. I get eyestrain and a headache just thinking about it, disregarding the long-term consequences of your actions.
    I don’t know how you do it, but I’m damn glad that you do…

  90. I’ll be honest, I can’t really fault Bill Clinton for scoping out Ariana Grande’s ass.

    Any heterosexual man is going to at least glance, even if he doesn’t realize it.

  91. Car in, imma let Wikipedia be my friend here (mostly because my brain is all discombobulated right now):

    “Brain death is the complete loss of brain function (including involuntary activity necessary to sustain life). It differs from persistent vegetative state, in which the person is alive and some autonomic functions remain. It is also distinct from an ordinary coma, whether induced medically or caused by injury and/or illness, even if it is very deep, as long as some brain and bodily activity and function remains; and it is also not the same as the condition known as locked-in syndrome. A differential diagnosis can medically distinguish these differing conditions.”

    Too many of Michelle’s brain cells had died due to lack of oxygen – she was in a very deep coma and wasn’t going to come out of it. She needed machines to help her breathe; without them she died in less than 90 minutes.

    Your friend Rob’s brain has more function than Michelle’s did; however, my understanding is that a person in a VS is not conscious in the way that most of us think of consciousness. They are in an aroused state (meaning that they respond to stimuli), but the response to those stimuli are from a very primitive part of the brain – they are not even aware that they are being stimulated, nor are they aware that their body is reacting to anything.

    Any movement that they have is also from the primitive brain; they can move, but they can’t control that movement, because there is no awareness of movement occurring.

    You can tell the difference in a person’s eyes – awareness involves focus. If the eyes don’t focus when a stimulus is applied, then there isn’t any cognitive awareness.

    I don’t know if that helps or not.

  92. Oh, and I am not a doctor, so it is entirely possible that I am way off the mark….

    Paul’s former boss had a stroke about 10 years back, and was in a bad way – the asshole doctor at the hospital told his wife she should just let him go.

    Well, she didn’t, and about a week later I went to visit her, since the hospital was just up the street from our house. I looked over when one of the nurses came in, and I noticed that he seemed to be tracking with his eyes.

    He got marginally better, even after he was moved to a rehab facility – he recognized some people (mostly family, but a few coworkers, too). He couldn’t talk, though he tried.

    Unfortunately, he developed an infection in his blood, and it overwhelmed his immune system. He ended up dying about a week later – about six months from the time of the initial stroke.

    Anyway, that’s what I meant about awareness being tied to focus – when you see it, you KNOW it.

    I’m not sure that I would want to be in a state like Bob was in – I think it might be better not to know what is happening. Bob’s situation was a mixed blessing for his family – they got him “back”, even if for a little while, but he was probably never going to leave the rehab facility.

  93. *hugs* Teresa and family. And Carin too.

    Insomnia here.Hate this.

  94. Dancing eyes reveal passion.

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