Hello you fluffy animals, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today has been featured before, born April 24th, 1996 in Essex, UK, she measures 5’ 7″ and 9 stone, 32GG-26-36. Please  try to keep up and welcome, Miss Beth Lily!


  1. Poor woman. She can’t afford any clothes that fit.

  2. The featured band is a lot of fun, I hope you guys give them a minute or so, it’s a genre I’m just starting to get into, kind of a Heavy Blues.

    Well I heard about the devil
    And I heard about the Lord
    And I heard all your excuses
    And I’m getting kinda bored
    You won’t get broke by doing right
    It’s doing wrong you can’t afford

  3. I approve. Good job, pup.

  4. John McCain spent eight months planning his funeral. If you spend eight months planning your funeral, there better be strippers and a motorcycle jumping through a flaming hoop suspended over a tank full of sharks.

  5. nice joob pup!

  6. ” there better be strippers and a motorcycle jumping through a flaming hoop suspended over a tank full of sharks.”

    ha – i actually chuckled at that one colex.

    Colex’s Wake Services™

  7. Jam, I got a Land Ranger.

  8. Wakey wakey.

    Chi – that’s really weird, and I don’t think you did anything wrong. How is BOOK lying out in the open “private”. Did you lose her page in the book or something? Does the wife hate you and was irritated you were even there?

    8 months planning his funeral? Ok, that’s just … weird. Ego. I mean, unless he was going to do one of those deals where they pose the body for the wake. I imagine that takes some thought and planning.

    Look if Tool isn’t played during my funeral I’m going to come back and haunt whomever is responsible. Other than that? I don’t give a crap. Just don’t waste money and make sure everyone is good and drunk. done.

  9. Chevy Chase, “This just in, John McCain is still dead.”

  10. scott you’re gonna really enjoy detecting i think.
    you’re in a great area for cool old stuff.
    i’ve found a few farthings and a 1 real
    and one of my better colonial finds was a silver button from a british uniform marked KRR.
    it was most likely from a soldier serving in the Kings Royal Rifle Corp out of Johnson Hall in Johnstown, NY.

  11. It could have been an embarrassing book, Chi.

    Still, not your fault.

  12. I don’t leave anything in the living room I’m not comfortable with guests seeing. I’m weird that way.

  13. Introduction to Vajazzling

  14. The Great Controversy by Ellen G White.

  15. What’s so strange about that?

  16. Doesn’t everyone vajazzle?

  17. The H2 – vajazzling your mom since March 2009

  18. *leaves Gravity’s Rainbow open on the coffee table

  19. If my sister had a sense of humor, I would still tease her about leaving “The Joy of Sex” in plain sight when Mom visited. Mom took pics of Sis sitting in her recliner, holding new baby niece, and “The Joy of Sex” is in plain view in the side table (the kind with a magazine holder) in all of them.

  20. *leaves Gravity’s Rainbow open on the coffee table

    I leave that out hoping someone steals it.

  21. YOU GUYS!

    Even though the economy is growing at 4.1%, that’s for everyone! Individual people are still falling behind! Trump is lying to you!

    /things I see on Facebook, from people who don’t care about individuals ever until it works to their benefit

  22. Mom took pics of Sis sitting in her recliner, holding new baby niece,

    Those are the pictures that come out during Thanksgiving and Christmas embarrassing story time.

  23. So let me get this straight…..Chi was invited to a residence by his friend. Upon arriving Chi sits on a couch in the living room. Chi see’s a book on the coffee table in front of the couch in plain view. Chi looks at book. Chi gets accused of “violating privacy”.

    Chi needs to stay the hell away from this obviously idiot friend. Dont care why his friend is a idiot (drink, drugs, crazy, dont care)

    My response to friend and his wife. “Fuck You unreasonable crazy people. Stay the fuck away from me, I want nothing to do with your insanity now or in the future. Buh Bye”.


  25. Mornin’ all. I concur, Chi, your “friend” is a jackass.

  26. Or, next time he goes over to his friends how, before he touches ANYTHING, he could ask if it’s his wife’s personal property?

    “Is this your wife’s private glass?”

    “Is this your wife’s personal chair?”

    etc …

    God forbid he uses what appears to be a guest bathroom, when it’s actually his wife’s PERSONAL bathroom. That would be horrifying.

  27. Or you could just say, “Dude, some crazy person stole your phone and left me 12 idiotic messages. By the way, your wife’s taste in books sucks.”

  28. What’s so strange about that?

    Well, I’d be embarrassed, but I’m a Catholic living a half hour from St Andrew’s University (SDA seminary). Plus I’m pretty sure it predicted a date for the end of the world. In the early 1900s.

  29. Dude, some crazy person stole your phone and left me 12 idiotic messages. By the way, your wife’s taste in books sucks.”


  30. For those of you just tuning in, here is a link to chi’s comment in question.

  31. Now I feel uncomfortable that I bitched about Houseguest reading my to-do lists. Though since my house is small, the spare room downstairs is occupied, and the dining room is a place of business, there really are no non-private areas to entertain indoors anymore.

  32. you could always “entertain” in the dungeon

  33. Kinky

  34. My son turned 19 today. I said Im so proud of you can you stay for awhile? He just shook his head and said with a smile, What I’d really like Dad is to borrow the car keys….see ya later, can I have them please……

  35. Huh? …w-what dungeon?

    shit shit shit how does he know about that

  36. Interesting. I used the html ‘small’ tag to make one line a little smaller text. Then I tried to edit it and make the script even smaller by nesting, which you’re supposed to be able to do.

    But WP removed all the ‘small’ tags instead to leave me with same size script. I couldn’t even replace the original tag, unless I reposted the comment from here.

  37. Test test testes

  38. Noop. Just one small size, nesty no worky. OK.

  39. test

  40. leaves out to-do list hoping someone reads it and does that shit

  41. Test again

  42. test

  43. test

  44. test

  45. Andthenthere’sthis…

  46. Frak.

  47. Bugger this.

  48. Font size 1
    Font Size 0

  49. To do list:

    1. Turn off html tags on the H2

  50. ˙ʇɐɥʇ ʍouʞ noʎ ‘unɟ ou ǝɹ,no⅄

  51. I’d just turn them back on.

  52. HTML tags are what separate us from the savages at the HQ.

  53. Colex ate too many of the small pills

  54. And b’cav went tits up.

  55. HTML tags are what separate us from the savages at the HQ.


  56. And b’cav went tits up.

    good one

    *fistbump Jam

  57. Sorry. Someone slipped brown acid into the art thread at the mothership. I may be having sʞɔɐqɥsɐlɟ for a while.

  58. aww that’s cute, all sorts of web developers on here now.

  59. Soooooooo

    McCain. Who won the pool?

  60. I think for the 2020 election we should spraypaint “Bill Foster Lives!” on overpasses.

  61. I think I did, he outlived every predicted death date.

    I’ll take a super Americano with half’n’half.

  62. What an asshole that guy was.

  63. The Hooten Hollers are pretty bad ass. I like the sound. I can’t imagine the lead vocalist is gonna last long with that singing style. Unless he just plain talks like that all the time.

  64. Indeed, McCain was a tremendous asshole. And the MSM are hypocrites for lauding him as much as they are now solely because he and Trump weren’t butt buddies.

  65. What an asshole that guy was.

    Including his cunt of wife, and front hole of a daughter.

    But you knew that.

  66. She makes a cute librarian. Other, she just smells of Daddy issues.

    Thanks. He has already called to apologize (in a half assed sort of way – perfectly acceptable for my crowd of “friends”).
    Nope, she doesn’t hate me – just the opposite. Thinks I should come over more often because I’m a good influence. The only guy that hangs out and isn’t a complete loser. (I am, btw, she is just fooled)

    He’s called twice since I talked to him this AM – I ignored the calls like a bitch. Probably wants to take me to lunch & bury the hatchet. I’m still confused as fuck…

  67. You should’ve seen the knob gobbling PBS did on their McLame special. They even managed to make his treason look courageous.

  68. Yea, super weird. Glad it’s over.

  69. Liberal elsewhere is arguing that the black power salute is perfectly fine because it’s not their INTENT to be racist (how she knows this, I’m not sure), but confederate monuments and /or the stars and bar are, in fact, racist always and ever.

  70. Confederate monuments were an attempt to help heal a nation ripped apart by civil war.

    We won’t do it again. The next civil war will be much, much worse.

  71. My leftover pickle brine from natural-ferment dill pickles makes a great brine for salmon. Salmon loves dill, after all.

    Think it would work for cod loins too? I’m not going to smoke them, just bake them with a butter cracker topping. Oooh or phyllo envelopes. Maybe I’ll do them in phyllo dough.

  72. The monuments were erected mostly in early twentieth century, when the children of Confederate veterans wanted to honor their ancestors. I don’t have a problem with that. You can honor your ancestors while still recognizing that they weren’t perfect.

    The civil war was inevitable as neither side had an honorable way out. The vast majority of Confederates were loyal to their home states, their friends and their families. Slavery was a nebulous concept, and only part of Southern society and culture that was seen as threatened. Only a military defeat could allow the South to fully reintegrate into the North. And the vast majority of southerners did reintegrate, and become loyal Americans again.

    The protesters pushing this crap are weaklings and nihilists. They are no different than the assholes who torch couches after a football game, or who smash up a Starbucks during a WTO protest. They either do it for the thrill of destruction, or because they like to feel powerful and hurt others.

  73. My go to for cod or any other white fish is panko bread crumbs, butter, Mrs Dash, salt and pepper. I like it, Paula likes it, it works and it’s quick. Never used phyllo for pockets. I’ve never used phyllo for anything for that matter.

  74. I’ve eaten phyllo in baklava and it’s awesome! Haven’t had baklava in ages. My grandfather used to buy it from the Lebanese bakery back in the day.

  75. Pound a chicken breast flat. Roll It up with feta & ricotta and spinach in the middle.
    Wrap in a few layers of phyllo and bake. Instant family favorite, I promise.

  76. I’m doing a big script today. These are always fun.

  77. *side-eyes jay*

  78. Chi, that recipe sounds terrific. Bet it freezes great too for homemade tv dinners. Guess Im buying a box of phyllo sheets tomorrow. I used to love cooking with that stuff but it has been many years.

  79. buy some butter, cuz you know you have to make baklava now.

  80. Don’t forget the walnuts and honey!

  81. First one I found

    Lots of butter involved

  82. When my sister and mom came up to visit last weekend they asked if I wanted anything from MA. I asked for Syrian bread thinking she’d get it from one of the middle eastern bakeries nearby. They brought stuff I could have bought in my local store. I convincingly hid my disappointment. Later my sister told me the Lebanese restaurant they go to no longer makes its own bread there and get it from Montreal. Good Lord! American towelheads no longer make Syrian bread! We need more immigrants stat!

  83. Canucks.
    Doing the work even fake Americans don’t want to do.
    Go figure.

  84. Don’t you need a crap ton of butter for ANYthing made with phyllo?
    I remember having to paint each superthin piece with melted butter as I used it. And it was more fragile than Pupster’s ego – that shit would fall apart in your hands if you looked at it wrong.

  85. It really is good, laura.
    And, as easy as it is, phyllo takes skill (or patience?). More than a good lik me has.
    These days when I make it, I’ve resorted to just coating them in breadcrumbs. Still awesome.
    I think there is a real name for the dish, but I never remember it. The Greek chick I was dating that taught me HATED that I called them ” chicken roll-ups” so of course that’s what I call them.

    /cooking blog rant off

  86. roulade is the common name for “meat roll up”

  87. Have I mentioned how much I despise autocucumber?
    Boor. I am a boor, dammit, not a good.
    We need an edit function on this antique shithole!

  88. you just need to read before hitting send

  89. Roulade is your mom’s middle name?

  90. And it was more fragile than Pupster’s ego

    Now see here, I was having a good day, and you just had to go and hurt my feelings.

  91. I edit comments all the time.

  92. Now, Now Pups go easy, he really didn’t………..SQUIRREL!……..

  93. “I edit comments all the time.”
    Leon’s fuqqing with the chat room again!!!!!

  94. Holy mackerel!
    My newest favorite youtuber has a new video up.
    Title? “Biological Warfare: Weaponized Mosquitoes/Nanobots Have Been Deployed”

    This lady really believes the chemtrail spiel. She is so freakin’ crazy she HAS to be fun – I wish there was some way I could spend just an hour or two with her. Anonymously, of course.

  95. Cheech – I could introduce you to my crazy sister…. she’s really into that stuff.

  96. She’ll talk you ear offf about everything tinfoil hat.

  97. Dude, if she is that much crazy, I would’ve driven down to Avon/Duck to spend a hot minute with her. I know I’m going to Hell anyway – what’s one more sin?

  98. I used to be a little into that stuff, mostly just because I thought it to be pretty creative crazy. Now not so much…it pales in comparison to the real thing we’ve seen over the last decade or two…

  99. Truth is stranger than fiction, BroCav, but only because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities and truth isn’t.

  100. Mark Twain killed it.

  101. Twelve feet killed it.

  102. Watched American Assassin again last night. It has really fucked up casting. Mitch Rapp and Eileen Kennedy were horrible. Stan Hurley was a good choice. Hollywood could fuck up a train wreck.

  103. Tango class on campus tonight. Quite a few cute grad students.

  104. Found my first piece of silver today.

    Only a mercury dime, but it is a start.

  105. Did the Aretha Franklin funeral finally end or is it still going?

  106. Serena Williams is on steroids.

    Girl athletes simply don’t look like that.

    True story: a sports association drug tester went to her home for her surprise drug test. Serena locked herself in her panic room and reported an intruder.

    No sample given.

    Her fits of rage are legendary, and she once got disqualified from a tournament for threatening to kill a line judge.

  107. Girl tennis player

    LOL. Notify the Cowboys, we found their next fullback.

  108. Girl athletes simply don’t look like that.

    Only on Mondays.


  109. Girls. I said girls.

  110. Bill’s thinking about what Hillary is going to throw at him for the leer at Ariana Grande.

    Or the vegan diet made a couple more brain cells short out.

  111. Jeebus, Scoot.
    That looks like Terry Crews in a skirt! Is that real or a Photoshop?

  112. Tango class on campus tonight. Quite a few cute grad students.

    I hope at least you got a couple numbers.
    Did they all have Hipster moustaches and haircuts?

  113. It’s real, I watched her play a set at the US open when we went out for Messican on Wednesday. I thought Wesley Snipes was on the court.

  114. It’s real. Her glutes are even bigger.

    I just watched her beat her sister in a match on ESPN.

    It looks like a man but it just had a baby.

  115. Serena is freakish in appearance.

    There, I said it.

  116. Her sister looks like a female tennis player. Same DNA.

    Serena looks male body builder.

    Testing her would be racist, and unfair, so look the other way.

  117. That is freaky scary.
    The last actual girlfriend I had was a beautiful black woman that served 3 tours in Iraq. Tougher than a $2 Denny’s steak. SSGT in a mech unit, responsible for the SAW.
    As badass as she was, she was still soft and curvy, not striated and jacked like a pro bodybuilder – that thing had a baby???

  118. I dated a black bodybuilder.

    She was feminine until she flexed. She trained for that, not tennis.

    There has never been another tennis player, male or female, that looks like Serena.

  119. She gave birth a year ago, It looks like she might have cut back on the roids

  120. Scott and Lee Haney, sitting in a tree…

    Yeah, I I’m going through my memory and I come up blank. Billie Jean King may have been more masculine than Andre Agassi, but that pic of Serena is just umm, disturbing.

  121. She stars in a commercial for Visa or Mastercard that is really disturbing. Serena is jogging and it is very clear that she has the ass of a professional offensive lineman,

  122. That dime will be worth 3X that when a democrat is president.

  123. That pic in the link you posted a minute ago, she looks almost attractive.
    The comments I can see and read are funny, though.
    I don’t think she/he cares what others think one bit.

  124. Millionaire with man-hands.

    I could put up with that, but she has man-feet too.

  125. And apparently a man ass.
    That’s pretty much where the line gets drawn, I think.

  126. Long, long be my heart with such memories fill’d!
    Like the vase, in which roses have once been distill’d —
    You may break, you may shatter the vase, if you will,
    But the scent of the roses will derp round it still.


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