Seven Sisters are chalky


Wasn’t there a movie about this?



Oops, wrong movie


Roz Chast is an unusual namea-panel-called-creation-the-true-story-which-roz-chast

I guess I never actually knew what the Seven Seas were



Happy Thursday, thinking of you today my west coast inbred cousin






  1. hbd Clint

  2. Happy birfday, Clint.

  3. I don’t know who Clint is, but in an effort to fit in – Happy Birthday, Clint.

  4. Clintbird used to hang here. He’s on facedouche.

    wakey wakey.

    To chilly this morning to see if the soap worked, but I was able to water my chickens this morning w/o getting stung.

  5. You need a beesuit. At least the head veil to protect your face. You can use jeans and a jacket for the rest along with a pair of gloves.

  6. She has chirrun, she doesn’t need a beesuit.

  7. but I was able to water my chickens this morning w/o getting stung.

    Wait – is either “water my chickens” or “getting stung” a euphemism?
    This place is hard to keep up with, and I’m on my first cup of Sanka.


  9. For $10, you can get a full body Tyvek suit on the paint aisle at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Another $5 gets you a cloth face mask. Add gloves and duct tape, you could conquer every yellow jacket nest in the county.

  10. Missed a local one

  11. Let’s play hopscotch!

  12. What’s the best hover over picture viewing tool?



  15. i use hover zoom
    seems to work pretty well



  18. Mornin’ old folk, with yer Hoverounds…

  19. Moarning Bishes!

  20. The official Hostages scooter:

  21. Honorary mention:

  22. Almost time to go check that nest.

  23. Should I take my dog to the vet?

  24. I’m pretty sure I’ve hiked on a couple of those sisters back in medical school Scott.

    Aren’t there a group of 7 all women colleges known as the seven sisters?

    (Yep, just checked. Their 7 “historically” all women’s colleges. 2 are coed now.)

  25. It’s been just under an hour since she left. Does anyone suppose Carin is in distress from multiple stings?

  26. Im bored…..its time for childhood tales from TT. I ever tell you guys about the time I was held hostage by a junkie at the tender age of 11yrs old?

  27. Ground pests are still alive.

  28. Ok. Ok. So Grandpa was a professor at Columbia U in NYC. Colombia sits right on the edge of Harlem and my public schools were all in Harlem. At the time in NYC the evolution of kids into gangs was first, all the pre-teens would get bikes, then they would ride around as a group and if they spotted any other kid on a bike they would surround that person and beat their ass and take that persons bike. (Later these groups would adopt names and become the latest gang faction in the hood) On this particular day this very thing occurred for TT for what was the 3rd time in a month. I had two other bikes stolen from me with this method within the previous month. Now, it was a sin in my home to not fight back, and I did. I’d get a couple of good licks in and then get lumped up…..

    Soooooo…this occurs again and I return home beat up, the folks ask what happened, I tell them, and my ole man decides “we’re going to go find those kids and get yer bike back.” Now, the ole man at the time had just returned from out in Cali where he had been hanging out with some Angels…as in Hell’s Angels. He looked the part, long hair in a ponytail, big biker beard, and this is 1974. Ok, so there is this park called Morningside Park that separated my area from deepest darkest Harlem on the east side. This parks actual elevation was about 75′ lower than my street and to enter the park one would go down about two very large flights of stairs. So to the park we go. Mind you, I want nothing to do with this shit any more. I’m like “fuck it” I’ll walk, I dont want a bike anymore. But Da is like “no, we’re going to kick some ass.” So we wander around the park (me knowing it was a futile gesture all along) and finally decide to leave and return home. We make it to the stairs leading up to our block and right then this fucking Junkie literally jumps out of the bushes, put his arm around my neck and puts a knife to my throat. Fucking guys say to my ole man “give me all yer money.” My ole man (in his infinite wisdom) says to the guy “all I got is a dollar fifety”. This freezes up the junkie for a second and it looks like Im about to get cut, so the ole man follows up with “But I live right up the block and I got 50 dollars”. Junkie says “go get it and if you’re not back in 15 mins the kid gets it.” And my ole man proceeds up the steps without me.

    After the ole man leaves the junkie lets me go and tells me to sit on the steps, he still has his knife palmed in his hand and he sits down next to me while we wait. A couple two or three people walk past us ….unbeknownst to me when the ole man got up to the street level and was walking toward our apartment, he saw and flagged down a passing patrol car…, now I’ve been sitting with this shitbird for almost 10 mins and Im getting worried and the junkie is getting jumpy. Out of the corner of my eye I see some shiny shoes descending the steps, but I dont put two and two together. The junkie didnt notice them.

    The next thing I hear is “FREEZE. POLICE” ……this caused the junkie to go from zero to light speed in a blink of an eye and he rabbits through the bushes looking like a rabbit. He was jumping bushes and swerving and then he was gone. Cop didnt even try to chase him. What the cop did do was walk up to me and say to me (and I shit thee not) “you little motherfucker, why didnt you move so I could shoot him.” ….

    At that point I was like “fuck this shit” Im outta here. I was certain that junkie was going to remember me and would get me if we ever crossed paths again. So I ran my ass off all the way home. When I arrived I told my mother that I was never going back outside again, and I was serious. Needless to say, I was so glad about a year and a half later when we moved to the suburbs of Northern Virginia and then to Appalachia …..where I got my ass kicked cause I was a “gawdamn yankee city boy”. But I was able to fight my way through that shit and became an honorary southerner.

  29. You should’ve tried the meat poison thing…..

  30. Ok, I’m going to try the meat thing. I put some lunchmeat out to see if it would attract them at all, and I didn’t see nuthin.

  31. I’m tired of my brain betraying me. Another item at work I managed to let slip through and have to fix long after the fact.

    I’m trying to get set up for a sleep study, possible/probable sleep apnea. I’m praying I haven’t lost anything permanently, because my brain’s all I’ve really got going for me these days, and if that’s screwed, I’m screwed.

  32. Hell with it. I should try to become a professional YouTuber, Even if my brain’s damaged I’m still not nearly as dumb as 90% of that lot. Either that or figure out a way to monetize shitposting.

  33. I thought you said they want sweet stuff now.

  34. But so do honeybees. Meat won’t draw bees.

  35. Sweetened meat or sweetmeats? Kind of important here.

  36. Try a milkshake

    Sing it with me:

    “Carin’s milkshake brings all the bees to the yard
    And they’re like, it’s better than yours”

  37. I

  38. But they’re not taking meat at this time of year, right? I think we had this talk already. Hopefully they’re still taking some meat. I guess Carin will find out.

  39. I read somewhere that they go after protein until LATE fall. worth a try.

  40. If they don’t eat their meat, how can they have any pudding?

  41. The House of the Seven Gables.

  42. My only Harlem story was when I interviewed at Columbia for residency. One of my attendings had a father who was on staff there and an interview was offered after I applied. I stayed with my friend’s sister somewhere on “the East Side” (I have no idea where but it was a semi nice area) and took the subway to and from Harlem. Uneventful trip but I was on edge the entire time. I wore an old thrift shop jacket over my suit and Doc Martins that I swapped out for my pointy toe shoes when I got there. The old man on the train was probably Troy’s junkie pal.

  43. Seven Bridges Road is actually in my area. So that I got covered.

  44. In other news, I’ve been eating perfect Summer tomato sammiches every day for several days. Gettin’ jiggy wid it. I mixed homemade pesto with some mayo today and spread that delicious gloop on a toasted portuguese roll. It was better than okay.

  45. Quite the story Troy! Glad you didn’t get stabbed by a junkie. And that you moved to a neighborhood with a better class of bullies.

  46. Fresh tomato, cheese, and Duke’s Mayo on white bread.
    That shit is like manna straight from Heaven.

  47. If you want to get fancy, sprinkle on some Mrs Dash.

  48. redneck bullies are the best.
    once they’re done making you squeal like a piggy they’ll show you the good fishing holes.

    ☺euphemisms by mj☻

  49. Daily Mail headline says the Pope is under attack from “ultra conservative faction”. So let me get this straight, criticizing the Pope for being aware of, but not addressing child molester Priests is only problematic for ultra conservatives?

  50. have i ever mentioned how much i hate nyc

  51. nyc deserves shitwads like warren wilhelm

  52. The yellow jackets were eating meat in idaho two weeks ago……i sincerely doubt they’ve stopped eating meat, they may prefer sweet stuff over meat at this time of year…

  53. The first restaurant I went to when I visited NYC back in ’87 I only remember because it’s no longer there. It was Windows on the World. Friends of my brother’s had a wedding reception there.

  54. “ultra conservative faction”

    This is media speak. The translation to English is “practicing and faithful Catholics”.

  55. one can only hope that it’s re-descent into the hellish savagery of the 1970’s and 80’s is swift and final.

    no one should be allowed to leave either –
    bed made –
    sleep in it –

    glaring object lessons are good

    that goes for chicago too. wallow in your own filth motherfuckers.

  56. Heck, there are plenty of CEOs* that are fed up with him.

    *Christmas, Easter, and Occasionally

  57. “This is media speak.”
    yep –
    if you actually believe murder is bad, telling lies is not cool, and banging your neighbors wife is a poor life choice….
    then ultra-conservative

  58. Happy Birthday, Clint!! You ol’ scamp!

  59. sevin dust

  60. I used to date a guy whose brother was gay. The brother was friends with their local Catholic priest, who was also a young gay guy. That priest told my date’s brother that when he was in seminary school, the older priests used to “run through the rooms at night.” Basically they sampled all the young priests. This was over twenty years ago.

    I think this Pope is bad news, and he’s in on it. All of it. It stinks.

  61. The Lavender Mafia took over the seminaries at the same time the Communists took over the Universities, and for the same reason.

  62. Slate runs headline with Donald Trump Doesn’t Use Computers and uses a picture with an open laptop on the desk.

    Plus where do they think twitter is, a book?

  63. My aunt is very involved in her church, and doesn’t think the pedophilia thing is rampant. Maybe it is in certain circles, but it’s getting a lot more press than it has participants.

  64. American seminaries have had some pretty serious purges since the first of the scandals, so I’m optimistic that it’s been largely corrected, at least in the US. There were serious global reforms in 2004, and all the current “new” revelations so far date prior to that last I’d read.

  65. She’s been involved a lot longer than that.

  66. Just making a point. I suspect that it gets a lot of press – deservedly, it’s pure evil – but isn’t ubiquitous.

  67. There was a great article I read a few years back at how the church fomented the gay priest culture back in the 60 and 70’s. I’ve since searched but can’t find it.

  68. That came out the first day, leon. His girlfriend and Mollie were FB friends.

  69. I read the emails from Catholic League a few times a week when I have time. They sum things up pretty well, sometimes they head off into the weeds. Here’s a recent one as an example

  70. how are the yellowjackets? thin them out at all?

  71. btw jimbro, nice job on the gif in Wasn’t there a movie about this? That’s EXACTLY what popped in my head as I read it.

  72. It does seem like there are fewer, but they are still there.

  73. Car in

  74. I need to watch that movie again. I’ve only seen it once and there’s a lot going on there that I missed. Lot of movies are like that. Once you know the surprise ending or twist it seems like a waste of time to watch again but given enough time they’re worth the rewatch.

    Seven, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, etc

  75. Seven has great acting in it. I’ve watched it multiple times.

  76. Unbreakable sequel is coming in January. I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

  77. The first one was meh, but I was comparing to The Sixth Sense.

  78. Heh, did you see that the new movie about the moon landing supposedly doesn’t have a flag planting scene, because the actor said the moment transcended countries.

    Except the whole part about a space race. Canadian idiot.

  79. This year for Christmas I am giving myself a metal detector.

    I had a cheap one when I was a kid, the newer technology is pretty amazing.

  80. Canadians shouldn’t be allowed to portray Americans in movies.

    It’s racist that other people can’t tell the difference.

  81. Nationalism is the only reason Man walked on the moon when he did, what a buffoon.

  82. Those flappy heads should be the giveaway…

  83. Good luck Scott

    You’re sure to find more crap than treasure but it’s healthier than buying scratch tickets looking for a big payoff

  84. For me the fact that one of the characters in Unbreakable had Ostegenesis Imperfecta was a big selling point.

    Elijah played by Samuel L Jackson (I had to look that up btw)

  85. I loved it. One of the best “superhero” movies, and not one moment of CGI.

  86. Just saw the trailer, I’ll watch it.

  87. Have you watched Split? Will Glass still make sense if you haven’t watched the Mcevoy film?

  88. Meteoroid/space debris impact on the space station, bad enough for an air leak. Busy day at work.

  89. Yikes.

  90. Metal detector arrived. It quickly located 95 cents, a pull tab, and a wheel weight.

    I love it.

  91. xcept the whole part about a space race. Canadian idiot.

    Minor detail, J’ames. You know, that the rest of the world sucked back then and we rocked.

  92. American exceptionalism makes Canadians feel bad. Hey, if the share in the moon landing, can we appropriate the successes other countries had?

    I’m drawing a blank on what we should claim, though …

  93. Evidently, Front Hole McCain’s family told Sarah Palin she wasn’t welcome at the funeral. Classless pieces of shit.

    I wonder what family Cindy will break up now that she’s single.

  94. Metal detector arrived.

    That was fast.

  95. Remember how Palin resurrected McCain’s campaign and for a brief moment we had a little hope?

    Yea. What a bitch.

  96. That was the first and only election I planned to sit out, until he selected her. Now I regret that I voted for the cock-sucking prick.

  97. I heard she wasn’t invited.

  98. I saw that reported too, Scott, but I’ve never heard of invitations going out for a funeral. If you want to pay respects you just go, but the family stating she is unwelcome is whole new level of dick assery.

    To my knowledge she has never said anything negative about him or his family. He has publicly stated he regretted choosing her. Fuck you, man, she’s the reason you got half the votes you got.

  99. I did not donate any $ to McCain’s campaign until he picked Palin.

  100. Btw, I donated to John James’ campaign, so you Michiganders can complain about other states trying to influence your election. 🙂 Here’s hoping Debbie Stubatoe goes down.

  101. Going to the boat tomorrow. Haven’t been there the past two weekends. HotBride can’t go because of her new job. So it will be projects all weekend. God knows there is no shortage of them.

  102. TTroy, that’s a helluva story. I was offered drugs in Washington Square Park (“don’t worry about that cop over there”) but no grabbing. Not sure if I’ve been to Harlem.

  103. John James must be doing well. Twitter has started to shadowban him.

  104. I’m writing the guest list to my funeral right now, so you hosefuckers may want to watch yourselves.

  105. McCain’s funeral may have been like Al Jolson’s, a bunch of people may have shown up just to make sure he was dead.

  106. Hugs to Sean. I called my dad, promised to see him next weekend.

  107. scott what detector did you get?

    i spent a ton of time swinging loops through the years.
    Lots of fun!

  108. Oh my fuckinggawd. Please give me some advice…
    I hung out at a buddy’s house today. While he was in the kitchen 10ft away making fresh drinks, I sat on the couch – saw a book on the coffee table with a clipped out newspaper article as a bookmark.
    This is a NEWSPAPER ARTICLE from our local rag, mind you, cut out and used as a bookmark. I was curious (I know the subject of said article), and read it. We hung out another couple hours (even discussing the subject of the article), I came home.

    Fast forward four hours, I look at my phone to see 12 messages from him telling me how I violated his wife by touching her personal property, etc.
    A newspaper article. In a book on the coffee table. Right in front of everyone. Where he invited me to come sit. “I would never touch her belongings!!”
    Am I nuts? Did I violate some sacred trust?
    He may just have gotten really drunk, or once he talked to her (out of town) found out that he’s in trouble?
    Fucking weird, but if I leave you in my livingroom, do you think it’s OK to peruse any book or magazine in front of you?

  109. “if I leave you in my livingroom, do you think it’s OK to peruse any book or magazine in front of you?”

    only the normal porn ones.

    the tranny shit is for wiser and the really weird shit is for mj

  110. If it’s out on the coffee table, it’s fair game. It’s not like you were snooping in the bedroom or opening cabinets and drawers.

  111. nite-all

    thinking of you Sean

  112. But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
    Too full for sound and foam,
    When that which drew from out the boundless derp
    Turns again home.

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