Tuesday random stuff

With the scandal rocking the Church, I’ve been watching clips from The Young Pope to keep my spirits up.

James Keen is an interesting figure.  I don’t buy everything that he’s selling, but some of his thoughts regarding debt/banking are interesting.

How the hell did my girlfriend get all the way to Texas?

L to R: World, Mare.

Some music to start your day.

Fossils and Foxes

The Show Ponies


Good luck. You’re one-fifth of the way through the work week.  Don’t give up now!


  1. Mouse season is in full swing at home. We’ve moved back from camp and the local mouse population has been used to freely roaming around the house. I spotted one the other night and last night Boy #2 was beside himself because one ran under his desk. After the obligatory reminder of “That’s why we don’t keep food in the bedrooms” talk he decided to sleep in his brother’s room. 4 snap traps are loaded with peanut butter and awaiting their prey.

  2. Running late this morning, stayed up too late with a bunch of old emails and pictures in a forgotten folder on my iPad. Thanks for the post Alex.

  3. We had some mice last winter, moved in to our kitchen pantry and set up shop. Our attached neighbor leaves her garage door open when she is expecting company and they infiltrate through the shared back basement stairs.

  4. 4 snap traps are loaded with peanut butter and awaiting their prey.

    Your mom’s snap trap is loaded and awaiting its prey.

  5. So what’s going to be today’s excitement?

    Yesterday was full of drama.

  6. We’ve got a pickup to do by the shore. It’s right next to a museum and an art gallery.

    There will probably be clams or lobster.

  7. I have to go rebury my septic tank, then meetings meetings meetings.

  8. She sells sea shells down by the sea shore.

  9. It’s right next to a museum and an art gallery.

    There will probably be clams or lobster.

    Sounds horrible. So glad I only have to clean my house.

  10. The Museum Of Modern American Mollusks

  11. Re-buried, but we didn’t get the grass seed out over the excavated area yesterday, and it’s about to rain.

  12. The Museum Of Modern American Mollusks

    No, it’s just your mom’s dusty old clam, don’t be putting on airs, now.

  13. Is anyone talking about the fact that the Jacksonville shooter obviously planned out his attack well in advance? I mean, he wasn’t from the area, and he had a gun on him. Given that he was a “never trumper” etc …

    I’m really guessing that there are aspects to this case no one wants to talk about.

  14. Not necessarily a never trumper – he may have been a straight up lib.

  15. Clams Casino: Everyone’s A Winner WithYour Mom!

  16. Morning Bishes!

  17. Want Net Neutrality to give equal access to the Internet, all part of the plan…

    Trump wants to ensure equal access to the Internet, and everybody’s head explodes!

    Crackdown vs Google, Facebook, etc. INCOMING…

  18. Fuckin’ Republicans.

  19. Which was worse, Failure Theater, or Not Even Pretending Anymore?

  20. Business as usual.

  21. What do you expect me to do?

    /every Town Hall meeting from now until November

  22. Ok, what I have is an underground colony of yellowjackets. The
    poison with meat trick won’t work because this time of year they are not longer looking for meat, but carbs. That’s the word.

  23. I can’t even go into my garden and my chickens are going to die.


  24. AKA “Why I’ve been screaming for eight years that we need a replacement for the GOP”.

    No, not the yellowjackets. Can’t help with that.

  25. Apparently the sprays suck for the underground holes, because the nest is often far down.

  26. What do you expect me to do?

    Make a wholehearted attempt to fulfill campaign promises. Build the Wall. Overturn Ted Kennedy’s immigration act from 1965.

  27. Attach a garden hose to your propane tank and run it into the nest, then throw a match at it after the hose is out.

  28. Car in’s house blows up in 3…2…1…

  29. The nest is right next to the propane tank, so it’s in no-man’s land.

    (but I don’t think you were serious anyway)

  30. Suggestions include a DUST form of insect killer, and pouring castille soap and hot water down the nest.

  31. They sell a foaming spray for yellowjackets.

    It works.

  32. M-80

  33. You should at least try the meat and poison thing…..whats the worst that can happen?

  34. Do you have access to a good tactical nuke?

  35. They want carbs? Mix the poison into some honey?

  36. PaleMoon is pissing me off. Are we allowed to use Firefox?

  37. Irradiated thallium.

  38. When they make apple fritters at the local festivals, the cinnamon sugar trough is always covered in yellowjackets. I’m sure there’s something sweet you could easily poison for them.

  39. Can any of you recommend a logo shirt company? We need new company shirts.

  40. Well, the deal with the meat was that ONLY the yucky things would get hurt, not the good bees. My neighbor is a beekeeper.

  41. Judging by the garbage cans on campus, yellowjackets are attracted by soda/pop.

  42. Ok, is it situated so that you can put a glass bowl over their entrance hole? At night, obvs.
    Maybe you could make it so only they could access the bait.

  43. Night: place bait cup near hole. Cover hole and bait with large glass bowl.

  44. Can any of you recommend a logo shirt company? We need new company shirts.

    The ratty Van Halen 1983 concert t-shirts too worn out to use anymore?

  45. https://tinyurl.com/y97l6hc3

  46. Interviewed a tattooist over the weekend to do the Father / Son tattoo (my sons idea). The guy is very very good, does phenom fine line and grayscale. So its one last tattoo here in the near future, and then I’ll upload a pic of us goobers and you can have a headliner for your HHD. Or Not.

  47. When you show up to take people’s valuables away, it’s good to be wearing a company shirt.

  48. Something that doesn’t hold bloodstains, esp important

  49. We have good local people for shirts, haven’t done anything big.

  50. If I can get close enough to cover it, that’s basically how you kill them. They apparently can’t dig their way out.

  51. Yeah they can. They say they won’t, but they do dig their way out. Use the bait.

  52. Kick ’em in the nads.

  53. I think that one was among everything we did to that stupid yellowjacket nest a few years ago, and they kept making new exit tunnels, lol.

  54. Well, they say you have to cover a significant portion. But I don’t think I can cover it well enough anyway, because it’s along the edge of a raised bed.

    Dust killer stuff looks like a good option. I may buy traps to reduce the population and dust.

  55. Sounds like you should have someone look at it, Car in.Like Laura and scott did.

  56. The School Shootings that Weren’t

    Compiled by NPR, so it’s safe to use as a safe for snowflakes.

  57. The guys get shirts. That’s just the fucking way it is.

  58. Where’s Joe?

  59. Jimmy Carter is joining Cavuto at 4pm on Fox to discuss the economy and McLame. Set your clocks!

  60. But…but…but…even one school shooting is too many.

  61. When you show up to take people’s valuables away, it’s good to be wearing a company shirt.

    Custom embroidered balaclavas?

  62. Open up some wine coolers around the perimeter of the hole. Plastic tent the whole thing…seal around the edges.

  63. How much would an exterminator cost? Sometimes it’s best to call in a professional. Saves you time, labor, and money in the long run. And sometimes they have a guarantee, so if it doesn’t work the first time you don’t have to go through the hassle of doing it yourself again.

    Plus, you won’t be the one getting stung.

  64. Dump out 2/3s of the wine first. to leave enough room to drown a bunch of them bastids.

  65. What Teresa said. She knows things.

    It’s like Mr. B. wants to do repair to the sewer line his own self and I’m like ‘just no’. Hire professionals, it’s done in a day and if they f*ck it up, it’s on them.

  66. Had a piss test today at work…

  67. Ok, got a trap out to get an extras. Got the foam stuff for ground yellowjakets. Pay is going to do the deed tonight.

  68. Jay, when did you start washing dishes at Car in’s work?

  69. We don’t drug test dishwashers. We NEED employees.

  70. The motherfucking Chinese had access the whole time she was SecState.

  71. As soon as we learned of the illegal server, we assumed that was the case.

  72. Busch Beer is changing names:

    Busch Latte

  73. That’s pretty funny.

  74. I messaged the bar manager below the pizza place, said he needs to run a special.

  75. Piss test, don’t get me started. A little secret to folks: It’s not about the drugs, it’s about whether you can be assed to do what you need to in order to piss clean. It’s not that hard. Just lay off a couple of days and voila! Easy pee-zy. But know, your dumb ass can’t be bothered, so the company says “Hey, if this idiot can’t manage this, how good a job will he do for us?” And hires someone who did have enough brains and self control to lay off for a few days!


  76. Hey, there’s a bowl of Cheerios over here, why not pee in them?

  77. Thanks Colex!!
    you da bomb (for a sunglasses wearing jihadi chick)

  78. that powder wasp killer will do the trick.
    make it snow

  79. I was only half serious about the propane. Plugging the nest opening with spray foam would do well I’d think.

  80. “we assumed that was the case.”

    yep – all of the dead cia operatives in china were kind of a klaxon signalling a breach…

    the fucking clintons – what horrible ppl they are

  81. “Hillary Clinton served as the 67th United States Secretary of State, under President Barack Obama, from 2009 to 2013,”

    from The Guardian:
    “Investigators suspected a former CIA operative of being a mole, but failed to gather enough evidence to arrest him and he is now living in another Asian country, the report said. Those who rejected the mole theory attributed the losses to sloppy American tradecraft in China.

    By 2013, the FBI and CIA concluded that China no longer had the ability to identify American agents, the Times said.”


  82. and this part:

    “By 2013, the FBI and CIA concluded that China no longer had the ability to identify American agents, the Times said.”

    is the most despicably laughable because the agents were all dead and clinton was out

  83. i think Louie Gohmert had a little rant about it recently

  84. I assumed she was at least selling state secrets to foreign powers. Letting them slip out through poor planning beggars belief.

    Literally, I don’t fucking believe it. She was paid for these, and the security “lapses” are a deliberate attempt to cover her ass.

  85. Oh good lord I would like to see that women hung by the neck until she was dead. dead. dead.

    *please forgive me and save the starving pygmies in Africa….

  86. I always assumed that she was selling influence through donations to the Clinton Foundation, and that’s why she wanted her emails off government systems: they discussed selling influence to foreign governments and individuals.

  87. Why not both?

  88. When in doubt, assume the worse about the Clintons.

  89. https://is.gd/S5en45

  90. Imagine a world where Hillary had the foresight to Arkancide State Senator Zero.

  91. I guess we should count our blessings.

  92. Anyone think John Krasinski (The Office) had a conservative turn? First he’s in 13 Hours (Benghazi) now in the new Tom Clancy series on Prime.

  93. Heh, no. From his IMDB bio: Is a staunch liberal Democrat.

  94. This song just came on the iPod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDXa4FkAw-4


  95. ” Pay is going to do the deed tonight.”

  96. what a day

  97. shit blew up at a customer site regarding a project timeline.

    looks like a critical component is going to miss a target date by 5 to 7 weeks…

    i’m trying to not be tarred by it – but i’ll miss a completion date because of it.

  98. The question is…. Will Pay do the deed dirt cheap? Or will there be a price to be paid to Pay? I don’t know bout you guys, but I would have to levy a “price”…..negotiate for services rendered so to speak…..and the going rate for hostile critter removal not immediately impacting the actual abode (gardens are somebody else’s AO) could be a bit pricey….just saying…..

  99. I cried when I heard it.

    Vegetative state.


    But they say it doesn’t mean what “I” think it means … it just means he’s in a deep coma . deep asleep. He’s breathing on his own. Just still.

    But I was pretty teary. They’re moving him to another hospital soon – U of M. It’s closer and it’s one of the best in the state.

    In other news, we’ve got 15 other crossfit boxes doing “Rob’s WOD” and donating the money. One box – the owner was in a horrible accident as well, and is matching whatever donations the members put in. She credits crossfit for her recover.


  100. I shouldn’t have googled.

    “A persistent vegetative state (PVS) is a disorder of consciousness in which patients with severe brain damage are in a state of partial arousal rather than true awareness. After four weeks in a vegetative state (VS), the patient is classified as in a persistent vegetative state. This diagnosis is classified as a permanent vegetative state some months (3 in the US and 6 in the UK) after a non-traumatic brain injury or one year after a traumatic injury. Nowadays, more doctors and neuroscientists prefer to call the state of consciousness an unresponsive wakefulness syndrome,[1] primarily because of ethical questions about whether a patient can be called “vegetative” or not.[2]

  101. So sorry for your friend, Car in {{{hugs}}}

    His family will be in limbo for a long time. Will you be able to visit later? It means so much to families who are experiencing this to know that they haven’t fallen off the grid.

  102. They’re moving him to a closer hospital soon. I know they didn’t want visitors earlier and I’m not sure if they have changed their position. Caroline is probably just a mess. I do go to Ann Arbor often, so hopefully I can visit with her for a bit so she can cry on my shoulder.

  103. We’re going to videoshare somehow the workout on Monday. I think the kids are coming (they are young 20’s).

  104. Carin, that’s terrible. I’m so sorry.

  105. ugh, tough news, car in.

  106. I’m sorry about your friend, CARin.

  107. I’d send you some of this no-knead bread for carbs, but the crust is a bit hard. Not good enough for you.

    *eats ham and cheese

  108. Geez, CarIn, that’s awful. Puts my own problems in perspective to see things like that happening to good people.

  109. Our Wal-Mart had a local business that did shirts. Embroidered and screen print.

  110. Get Wiser to design something on Cafepress.

  111. Watching Better Call Saul. Feeling really Messican. I’ve had two cousins burnt on the Mesa. Not as picturesque as Rio Puerco. Same Mountain View.

  112. So sorry, Car in.

  113. All hope isn’t lost. It’s just … you know. You guys get it. He could just wake up. Pray for a miracle.

  114. Ca rin,
    Prayers going his way. May he just ‘Wake Up’…

  115. VDH on impeachment:


    Very good…

  116. Praying, Car in

  117. Look up Torreon Cabin murders. We can talk.

  118. Sorry, Carin.

  119. ((((Hugs)))) to Carin. What an awful circumstance.

  120. Lipstick cherry all over the lens as she’s falling
    In miles of sharp blue water coming in
    Where she lies
    The derping man’s coming up for air
    ‘Cause the crowd all love pulling Dolly by the hair
    By the hair
    And she wonders how she ever got here
    As she goes under again

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