Travel Tuesday

So far the outer banks itinerary has been nice. The rain has been impressive. We spent Monday driving around on the beach and trying not to mow people over or hit any of marezee-dotes cousins.

There’s a population of wild horses.

Guess which one is Mare –

These beasts have free reign of the joint. Not sure how many there are in total but there are tours dedicated to looking at them.

A few vehicles got stuck on the beach (rain and tide related) and some cranky old dude was driving around in a very large tow truck charging $500 per hook up….

He evidently lectures you about driving on the beach as part of the service. For five hundred each, he should have had a smile on his face.

Some pics:

the stooges

the girls

they all got their toe nails done up… i guess it’s a thing.

the storm that passed us was impressive

lots of these little beasts

the obligatory sally and her sea shells

tiny feets

Wednesday or Thursday we may do a charter gig for fish….

I hope peace finds all of you this week!


  1. We did the jeep ride to look at the wild horses too. Only saw very few. Favorite Outer Banks thing was the side trip to Kitty Hawk. Nice pics, Romacita. Hope you’re having a nice time and some rest.

  2. Jam2! Sorry, I don’t know where I got it in my head Roamy was on vacay.

  3. wakey wakey

  4. At some point in my training, med school or residency, I read an article about hiking on the outer banks. I convinced a buddy to make the trip with me (that part of the story is vague … I can’t recall if we were both on road trips for interviews or struck out from home). When we got there there were thick clouds, heavy winds and sideways rain which was forecast to last a few days, i.e.: the duration of our allotted time. Our plan was to sleep in a tent and since funds were short and a motel was out of the question, we drove straight through to NYC to stay with his sister. Drinking beer in a NYC bar at 4AM was a new experience.

  5. I thought golf was a relaxing game

    Bonus fact, he’s from my old hometown

  6. So … what are all you front holes up to today?

  7. I’m a front limb, thank you.

  8. Nice pics, jam. Ditto on Kitty Hawk.

  9. I’m a man of leisure today. Serving as a taxi driver for kids to/fro XC and flipping burgers. Throwing frisbees, putting away clean dishes and washing dirty dishes, logging on to work desk top remotely to sign my charts, So, basically, farting around.

  10. I’m dreaming of the day when I won’t be in this cube.

  11. double points day for lunch though. WOO HOO!

  12. Comment by Car in on August 21, 2018 8:10 am

    So … what are all you front holes up to today?

    Work. I’m trying to write a couple of reports, and I need to do some online training. Weee. After work I have to go look at violins for rent, and then go to the gym tonight to run.

  13. “Front holes”. WTF?

    It’s sad when the Bloodhound Gang is more anatomically accurate than supposedly serious people

  14. I need to rig everything in my apartment (except my alarm clock) to turn off at 10pm instead of my dumb ass kicking around until half to midnight. Might actually get some decent sleep for once.

  15. BC, I feel you. I have to get back onto a regular schedule of being in bed by 10-10:30, but right now I end up going to bed closer to 11:30 or midnight. It doesn’t help that I work out at 9:30 or 10pm a lot of times.

  16. You have the excuse of a time zone change IIRC. Me, not so much.

  17. Front Holes was good for a laugh this morning.

  18. My internet’s been down, what are front holes?

  19. No, I was just as bad about it when I lived in Cali. At least there I left for work at 9am and worked 10-7, so getting home at 10pm and futzing around until midnight wasn’t too bad.

  20. Front Holes. Link goes to Gateway Pundit.

  21. Hillary is a front hole.

  22. There’re vaginas and there are artificially-prolonged surgical wounds.

    There are no front holes. This madness must stop.

  23. “This madness must stop”

    Yes it does. Question becomes HOW?

  24. My front hole is oozy. Any suggestions, Leon?

    Coconut oil?

  25. Start with a boot up their back holes

  26. Collapse the media. If they don’t have every media outfit pushing and celebrating this madness, this crap dies down in a hurry.

    Honestly, I think 90% of the problems in this country trace back to the media at this point.

  27. Colorado husband now claims that his wife killed their kids and he killed her in anger. He apparently was having an affair, and claims she reacted after he told her he wanted to separate.

  28. Yes it does. Question becomes HOW?

    Historical precedent suggests a counter-revolution, likely bloody.

  29. He killed them all and is going to burn in hell. He’s a murderer, so lying is peanuts.

  30. That’s got to be the story his defense attorney cooked up for him.

  31. MJ, try the entire coconut

  32. You should listen to Jimbro. He’s…some kind of a physician on my computer.

  33. Jimbro, how much do you guys make on an average coconutectomy?

  34. Heh, Rush says the Pussy Hat is now the Front Hole Hat

  35. More money for insertions

  36. Crazy coconut money pays my mortgage

  37. Why is Jimbro performing unnecessary fronthole coconutectomies?

    *starts Internet outrage*

  38. The ongoing horror of the POS who killed his wife and 3 children is so sick it’s….I can’t find a word.

    Having an affair? So all this for a piece of ass and someone who makes you feel like a stud.

  39. The husk.

    Oh god the husk.

    Why didn’t you tell me to use coconut oil on the husk???

  40. The abrasion is necessary to stimulate healing.

  41. Anal-Eaze can be used on the front hole too…

    …I’ve heard

  42. Some of us people kind of enjoy the husk.

  43. Is it still your butthole are we not inclusive of those without one?

    You guys are such backholes.

  44. Fronthole

    Well done, Hostages.

  45. My huskhole is itchy.

  46. I think anus gets to stay anus, since that’s theoretically gender neutral, unless the maniacs insist on calling it a “boipussy” in “health literature”.

  47. Is it still your butthole are we not inclusive of those without one?

    My colon cancer surviving friend literally doesn’t have a butthole anymore. You haters.

  48. The Fronthole Surfers

  49. Sounds like we need a new classification, then.

  50. The scourge of pruritis ani

  51. My colon cancer surviving friend literally doesn’t have a butthole anymore. You haters.

    But that’s what it would be if he had one, since I’ve been informed that it’s still a penis even if a “girl” has it.

  52. Space Force never said he. Sexist.

  53. No, I’m really just insulting Space Force by assuming a dearth of female friends.

  54. I identify them as friends, even if they have a Permanent Restraining Order.

  55. Good job, hot front-appendages!!

    The gay community has now gone pure looney.

  56. This isn’t even the gay community, it’s a specific subset, and probably consists as much of eager “allies”.

  57. MJ, how is the ankle biter and have you added any new pictures of him in POL? If not, why not?

  58. If by “allies” you mean “Leftists using them as human shields and battering rams”, then yes, mostly “allies”.

  59. So, some freaks want to be women so bad, but then turn around to change the name of the feminine part…..but not the male part if it’s a ‘girl’ with a dick.

    Embrace your freak and wear it proud but it’s not being inclusive to force women to conform to your ………..whatever the heck it is.

  60. Missing Iowa girl found dead…this has all the appearances of a fubar case.

  61. they never said where she was found. Must be part of the case.

  62. Embrace your freak and wear it proud but it’s not being inclusive to force women to conform to your ………..whatever the heck it is.

    There’s an article you can search for, if you dare, titled, “Why can’t my gender-nonconforming friends get laid?”

  63. I’m betting it was the boyfriend’s brother.

  64. I noticed that too Jay. I thought I heard a report that there’s an immigration retainer on the case too. I was wondering if the pig farmer was involved or not..

  65. I been watching this case the whole time thinking “they really are putting out a bunch of “disinfo.” I figured it was to draw out a specific individual they had in mind. Whats the old stat? 90% of murderers are previously known to the victim?

  66. Nevermind, I missed that they have a suspect in custody and it looks like he confessed.

  67. 90% of murderers are previously known to the victim?

    I wonder how that number changes once you remove the gangbangers/known criminals from the victim pool.

  68. oops. Ace has the story up…..a illegal is in custody and admits to dumping the body……..Im so very done with this shit……

  69. Does this mean that Iowa isnt a sanctuary state?

  70. Beasn—

    The lil guy is doing great. A true chip off the ol husk hole.

    I haven’t added pictures but I’ve almost completed a post filled with MJr pics like eleventy billion times.

    But goddam if I haven’t learned that children suck all of your time. All of it.

    But it’s awesome. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    Ok, I’d trade it for some lidocaine for my itchy husk hole but that’s a one time situation.

  71. It’s all fun and games until they stop laughing at fart noises.


  73. Comment by Pupster on August 21, 2018 7:40 pm

    Does twenty minutes of begging followed by 30 seconds of fun and ten minutes of crying really count as “a lot of time”?

  74. Looks like an October road trip might be happening.

    Leaning towards Blue Ridge Mountains, or maybe Tennessee.

  75. It’s all fun and games until they stop laughing at fart noises.

    They stop laughing at fart noises?

    (Moments after I read this aloud, Mr. RFH started making fart noises with his hands.)

  76. Scott, if y’all come down to Tennessee, I’ll drive up.

  77. We could end up anywhere, Roamy. We don’t really plan out vacations much beyond the next 12 hours, but we will let you know if we get close,

  78. Tripadvisor and Alltrails tell us what to do.

  79. If y’all come through MN you are doing it wrong.

  80. ns as a vacation spot?

  81. Louisiana is on my bucket list, even if it’s just for a weekend to eat.

  82. That and I must get back to Yosemite.

    ….and this lamp.

  83. Don’t do Gatlinburg, it’s tacky. The Cherokee side of the Smokies is quieter, just as pretty, and a better deal, IMHO. Cades Cove is beautiful, but it will be a parking lot in October. We’ve stayed in Bryson City, TN and Franklin, NC.

  84. Correction, Bryson City is NC.

  85. Yeah, I was worried about leaf peepers.

  86. not too hot.

  87. They are delicious.

  88. Not the pig man

    Maybe the pig man was his employer.

  89. Note they’re not saying who employed the killer. Perhaps they worry the place of business would get burned to the ground or the employer may get disappeared in a pig pen.

  90. Speaking of pig farms…where the heck is Jewstin?

  91. * adds eat another alligator to bucket list *

  92. Didn’t think of that Besnsns Will be interesting to hear more as it develops. And by interesting I mean horrific that this promising young woman was killed by an illegal.


  94. i see that the murdering pos illegal was a dreamer…..

    one more death as a direct result of progressive ism

    it’s a straight line from the policies of the leftists like obama to the murder of that young lady…

    straight –
    line –

    i think that’s called being an accessory to murder

    tick tock

  95. With how much everyone enjoys good food, we should do a meatup in Nawlins. That would rock.

  96. only d-bags like chucky rangel , bob-dawg menendez, and andy (the best part of me ran down my mom’s thigh) cuomo can get away with that stuff –

    it’s a bummer about duncan hunter.
    we need to do better

  97. “meatup in Nawlins”
    j’ames is a thinker.

    i really like n.o.

  98. Well, the TV station in DSM makes no bones about it, said Illegal Immigrant. I’m surprised, actually.

  99. Whoa, Facebook suspended An0maly.

  100. Heh, over a month old Sarah Jeong post. Idiots.

  101. Who is An0maly?

  102. poster on Facebook. Pretty logical views, and skews conservative. Car in and Brewfan like him too.

  103. Nawlins was a blast. Other than being soaked with sweat by 1100 hours, I loved it there. Awesome food, great people, a daquiri shop (with drive thru!) on every corner, what’s not to love?

  104. Facebook can go f*ck themselves.

    Youtube disappeared most of Tommy Sotomayor’s videos. Can’t talk smack about ghetto hoo-ers.

  105. I’m taking a little break from facebook. Too much stuff going on and some NeverTrumpers can GFT. ….can’t see the forest for the trees.

  106. Despairs’ Exhaustion Recapitulates Peace

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