MMM 334: towed

Gotta call around to get the truck moved to a professional, so here’s the slate o’ pics for today.

Renn Faire soul thief.


Nice intercostal definition here.




That’s a big beach.


Pretty smile.


Doin’ that ‘sultry’ look for the camera.


Does the skull on her pants put you off?  I can’t decide.w2m2HOm.jpg

Have a happy Monday.  I’ll let you know if I do.


  1. Still praying for Sean and his family. Dad came by yesterday to help me with the dead truck and I was holding back tears a few times at how grateful I was that it was the truck. We didn’t get it fixed, but I didn’t care.

  2. Pretty sure she’s doing that sultry look for me. ;)

  3. Intercostal butterface

  4. I thought of saying that, Jimbro, but her smile is sweet and I wouldn’t turn her down.

  5. Apparently you reset the computer in one of these trucks by disconnecting the negative lead to the battery and leaving the headlight switch in the “on” position for 10 minutes.

  6. Gotta drain the capacitors to reset the computer.

  7. I’m sure it was just a bad photo. Add a little make up and shoot from another angle and -boom- hotness.

  8. I found a few more of her when I got that particular shot. She photographs better from some angles, but her face is slightly unusual, reminds me of some of the Egyptian Christian girls that used to visit my parish selling wood carvings from the Holy Land.

  9. The ‘Battle of Athens’ story in last night’s ONT is awesome. Athens, Tennessee.


  10. Can someone explain to me why CNN wants the names and addresses of jurors in the Manafort trial?

  11. So that the left can put pressure on them to vote the correct way.

  12. Battle of Athens is one of those stories the PTB do not want to get around. Might give peeps “ideas”.

  13. Ren Faire Soul Thief is cute. I like belly dancers.

  14. Resetting the computer was a bust. Tow truck inbound.

  15. Well fuck, I take a weekend off and shit falls apart.

    Deepest condolences, Sean, Hasn’t been that long since mine went. I know the pain and hope it fades with time, leaving only the better memories.

  16. Also, don’t be like my stupid ass, get grief counseling. If I had I’d probably have had a year’s head start on where I am now and that would have done me a world of good on many fronts.

  17. The human condition, in a nutshell.

  18. Tom Hill!

  19. Yeah, not listening to Tom.

  20. not listening to you either!

  21. *rolls sleeping poat on its side for safety*

    *takes its wallet, also for safety*

  22. Leon dont feel like your the lone wolf with vehicle issues… the continuing saga of the euro piece of shit BMW….got everything back together and running, lad took it around the block a couple of times, we let it idle for a while, thought all systems were “go.” Kid takes it to the local car wash (four blocks away) and I get a call…”This (insert many obscenities here) is over heating again”……FOOK ME. Respond to scene, pour water in, limp car home….now Im scratching my head. But it really doesnt matter what is wrong with it….cause Im going to be required to take it all apart AGAIN. Only thing I can think to do is replace the water pump. He said it didnt overheat until he tried the AC, but yet his temp gauge was sitting pretty right in the middle. I’ve replaced the radiator itself, 4 out of 5 hoses, the thermostat and t-stat housing (all one piece)…If I replace the WP that will amount to all major components (that I can think of)…..

  23. Wakey wakey.

    (I went to zumba first)

    Wod had a mile run in it and clocked in at 9:03. Not bad – was trying to pace myself for the entire workout.

  24. Anyway.

    Attended Mass of my own accord for the first time in…well we probably have Hostages that weren’t born yet. I dimly recall the wording of stuff changing, but I felt constantly out of step. And I do NOT like the “contemporary” music.

    Also, crying silently much of the time. Guess it’s part of the shit I have to work through.

  25. You still got off your butt and made a positive effort in your life, BroC. Kudos! Keep going.

  26. Did PragerU really get deplatformed? I heard someone say it, but I didn’t see anything in print. Bill Whittle too.

  27. They’ve been getting jacked with there and on Disgracebook. Matter of time.

  28. Still praying for Sean and his family. Dad came by yesterday to help me with the dead truck and I was holding back tears a few times at how grateful I was that it was the truck. We didn’t get it fixed, but I didn’t care.

    God bless you and yours, leon. And I hope you get the truck sorted out.

  29. Nice laura, thanks.

  30. Undress me with your words

  31. No call from service dept yet. I wonder if it got there too late for them to get to it today.

    Soffet and fascia work started on the workshop, but they had to stop for the coming t-storm.

  32. No change for my friend in the coma. Our fundraising workout looks like it’s going to be successful. We’ve got something like 75 people saying they’re going to come. Lots of cool things have been donated to raffle off.

  33. Then there’s the head gasket, TTroy…



  36. Gross.


  38. And I do NOT like the “contemporary” music.

    You and me both.

  39. First day of school! Rebecca got all new clothes this year. She wore one of her dresses to school this morning, came home, and has now proceeded to put on -and then change out of – an additional 3 outfits. She just went upstairs again.

  40. School starts sometime before Labor Day here. Preseason cross country practice for our new freshman has started. They have gone for some good team runs already and are heading to Acadia NP tomorrow to run on the carriage trails.

  41. I hate school season. School buses around here have a top speed of about 50 MPH.

    Instant traffic jam.

  42. heading to Acadia NP tomorrow

    Wish I was, but then I wouldn’t be running on the carriage trails.

  43. Sex houses…haahhhhaaa

  44. Hey Leon, found a sport for you to watch. NSFW

  45. School starts next week here. I’ve got another busy week (like last week).

    Driver’s ed (last class for ethan) tomorrow. Then i have to find a way to get erin to AA sometimes – lose wire on her braces. Thursday is Ethan dentist. Soccer every day. They scheduled me to work Friday Day shift (arg) and Saturday is the Crim.

  46. Work was horribly dead, but i usually is right before school.

  47. School started last Wednesday around here.

    Getting ready to head over to the home. Night nurse didn’t like what she is seeing and gave us a call. She did the same last week but he seemed to rally by morning.
    Just going to check in on what’s going on.

  48. Rebecca cracks me up, Teresa. She loves her some new clothes!

  49. You load sixteen tons, what do you get
    Another day older and deeper in derp
    Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
    I owe my soul to the company store

    If you see me comin’, better step aside
    A lotta men didn’t, a lotta men died
    One fist of iron, the other of steel
    If the right one don’t a-get you
    Then the left one will

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