Sean’s Derp part 2

Just a place holder till someone comes up with something better, but weirdpuss wouldn’t let me potate it  –

Sean’s derp song from a couple weeks ago led me down an 80’s rabbit hole.

Holy crap I forgot how good looking the chicks were!!


i gotta get to work


  1. ok seems to have posted

  2. hory crap!!!
    i missed J’ames’es’ezzzz’zz’s birfday

    HAPPY GIRFDAY JAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. B

  4. Happy birthday, Jay!

  5. jay you can have the ’80s singer of your choice as my present to you

  6. Happy birthday, Jay, I missed it entirely.

  7. Tiffany and Debbie Gibson each have a special place in my memory.

  8. As we age we all appreciate those special life memories, as such you’re buddies here combed the world over for that special birthday memory.
    We unearthed this for you Jay –

    Jay’s B-Day Present

    Happy B-D

  9. Hadn’t thought about Sheena Easton in ages.

  10. Happy Birthday Jay! I made you some of this nifty coleslaw.

    Everybody likes coleslaw on their birthday.

  11. I don’t see any tattoos up there, either.


  12. Dear Abby,
    My husband hasn’t worked for the last 14 years. All he does is get dressed in the morning and hop in his fancy car to visit his cronies. I know he’s cheated on me many times with young girls who could be his granddaughters. I know this because he brags about this to me. He smokes fancy cigars and drinks the most expensive liquor day and night. We sleep in separate beds because he tells me he knows I`m a lesbian and besides that, my varicose veins and fat behind turns him off.

    Should I clobber him with something heavy, or should I just leave him? Your advice would be appreciated.

    Mad as Hell

    Dear Mad as Hell,

    You don`t have to take that kind of treatment from any man. I suggest you pack your bags and move out a.s.a.p.! Don`t resort to violence and try to act more like a lady.

    Remember, you were almost elected President of the United States, so try acting like one.


  13. Clothes were so great in the 80’s. The fabric, the construction. This was before tee shirt and leggings became the sloppy ass uniform. We used to dress to the nines.

  14. Great big earrings…sigh.

  15. And the best part was, I was young. Although that was also the worst part.

  16. I don’t know what happened, – I went planned a whole birthday thing for J’ames at Cedar Point but He didn’t show up.

    Oh well. I rode the rides in your honor. Hope you had a good one.

    wakey wakey.

  17. Thanks everyone. I’ll share my coleslaw.

    Ok, no I won’t. I love coleslaw.

  18. Thanks Jam.

    I remember shoulder pads in women’s clothes, so weird.

  19. Dammit, I knew there was something I didn’t know about that I should have written down, but since I didn’t know I couldn’t really do it.


  20. Didn’t do the big earrings, but I did wear a peasant blouse, broom skirt, and boots. Add-a-bead necklaces and those necklaces with the tiny, tiny beads where you picked different colors and twisted them together.

  21. popped collars, big hair, and mullets

  22. Oxford shirts with the “fag tag”. Probably get expelled for saying that now.

  23. I had big hair.

  24. Mullets were all the rage

  25. I had your mom.

  26. Bring back big hair!

  27. The ’80s? High school and general growing up BS for me. Probably still better days for me than now, all said.

  28. I had hair. (not so much now). I had hair down to the middle of my back till I was 17. Then I adopted the “Tom Cruise” hair look (least thats what the girlys would tell me) I didnt look like Tom Cruise, just my hair……after that it just got shorter and shorter til I had a high and tight up til my hair decided to stop growing out of my head and start growing out of my nose. (WTF is up with that!??) And what the fuck is up with the lone hair that grows out of my ear?? What? Is it like as you age you need hair in your ear to filter out…??

    But Im not bitter or anything…just get off my lawn


  30. Clothes were so great in the 80’s. The fabric, the construction. This was before tee shirt and leggings became the sloppy ass uniform. We used to dress to the nines.

    One of the nice things about the current jerb: All the young women dressed professionally.

  31. Aretha Franklin has died.

    (also, I didn’t know “Respect” was a cover.)

  32. “Respect” was a cover.


  33. Otis Redding

  34. no wonder she didn’t have much of a career


  35. So, Ancestry DNA is down to $59. I wonder how much African blood I have, since my ancestors all moved here in the mid 1860s from Denmark and Sweden.

  36. What we can look forward to.

  37. Seems legit

  38. Z Cavaricci jeans.
    I denounce myself.

  39. Jay, it’ll be at least 0.2%, because “out of Africa” is still the prevailing paradigm, and because you’re a racist.

  40. Members Only jacket.

    Rayban Wayfarers

  41. Growing up we couldn’t afford “trends.” I did have huge shoulder pads in a jacket 5 years after that went out of style. I’m always late to the fashion game. (Still) I saw a picture of me wearing that coat and I looked like a moron. Not sure if it was the jacket or not.

  42. Panters Pants and Parachute Pants

  43. Boy the press is really concerned with Brennan’s security clearance.

  44. OP shirt

  45. I had hair then.

  46. Never have been a fashion plate. Back then I couldn’t afford shit.
    Now I don’t give a fuck. Comfort rules.

  47. Is that why you wore a lime green tux when we met up?

  48. With a matching frilly cummerbund?

  49. Even better – the short short OP corduroy shorts.
    And Birdwell Beach Britches (for you Beach bums out there)

  50. Of all the “cool” clothes….Concert T’s were the measure of a man in my circles….A real Black Sabbath T or a real Zepplin T with the Angel were coveted.

  51. I had a Rolling Stones baseball shirt in the early eighties. The year before mom let me go to concerts, even. I was a legend at school for a few weeks.
    That was probably the only kind gesture my brother ever showed towards me. Before or since.

  52. I never was able to attain concert shirt notoriety. I could afford the concert or the shirt, but not both.Besides, always spent all the extra concert money on weed and booze before the show. I did have a cool MIL t-shirt that had a small pitchfork and the words ‘Devils Brigade” that my buds liked.

  53. These clothing trends are cracking me up. Between my siblings, my friends and myself I can check off every one of them. Some more than once.

  54. By the time I could afford both the concert and the shirt I was old enough for it to not be cool.

  55. Heh.
    My first concert was Rush (wasn’t even really a fan). what tour would’ve been in about ’83? I took 17 joints with me. We would light one and pass it. Rinse, repeat.
    By the time I left the venue, I was so stoned I forgot to buy a shirt to prove I was there.

  56. Rat tail combs in your back pocket? Was that a thing everywhere?

  57. Rocketboy has a pretty good collection of knockoff classic rock band shirts – Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard.

  58. Dark blue chino pants with pleats in the front. Made ya look fat no matter what.

  59. What was the brand of polo shirt with the gator?

  60. Looks like the septic system was inspected in March and got a clean bill of health. Everyone that I’ve had out here from the septic company who’s looked at it says neither the tree nor the fence should have caused the problem, so I’m left perplexed.

  61. IZOD was the gator I think

  62. IZOD (Lacoste)
    Yes, I wore them doubled up with the popped collars. Hand me downs from my rich buddies.

  63. Izod Lacoste, roamy.

  64. stupid refresh not working

  65. Eat moar cheese, Leon.

  66. The slaw knocked him off his game

  67. slippery slaw. Why am I seeing pink mushroom encrusted elephants crawling on everything today? *climbs out on ledge

  68. I’m going to try my hand at simple pickling today. Not actual canning, just refrigerator pickled cabbage, and then some beets & eggs.
    I may be seeing pink elephants myself in about four days…

  69. Izod, thank you. I couldn’t afford the fancy brand name stuff – Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt, Ralph Lauren, etc.

  70. Vans, the slip on shoes with the checkered pattern?

  71. Vans were hot, but the first shoes I HAD to have were those blue suede Pumas.
    I can still remember Mom freaking out over me spending $35 on a pair of shoes. That was a lot of lawns mowed.

  72. I’ve been to 3 concerts…all of them Journey. Haahhhaaahhhh

  73. Every guy wore the op corduroy shorts! My dad wore those in Hawaii! I liked them.

  74. Any one else wear waffle stompers and/or wallabies?

  75. I never cared about what sneakers I wore. The first footware that I had to have was a pair of dingo cowboy boots. I think they were 90 bucks. And thinking about “had to have”….stereo equip…..had to have that pioneer reciever and speakers

  76. Wallabes! Ha!
    I found some in Payless a few years back, only they were slip-on instead of lace-up.
    I bought them in tan AND black!

    In high school, I had already been working for almost four years. I had to follow the crowd (my only friend, Dan) and get a Harmon Karman receiver and Certain Vega speakers. I had D9s in my little 11×9 bedroom.
    I was very popular with the neighbors!

  77. More 70’s, but Famolare shoes. They had the wavy soles.

  78. Comment by mare on August 16, 2018 3:23 pm

    I’ve been to 3 concerts…all of them Journey. Haahhhaaahhhh

    According to your mom, how is Steve Perry like Santa Claus?

  79. I eat plenty of cheese and I’m not a slaw fan. I managed to get the pump in a little deeper today. Had to, as the little bit I was able to drain yesterday was already full again.

    The guy who did the septic inspection prior to the closing is supposed to be calling me later today.

  80. is it inoperable now, leon? I must have missed that.

  81. I expect that conversation to be fairly awkward, as the person I’m going to talk to is going to be doing his best to avoid a lawsuit of some kind.

  82. The septic tank isn’t draining to the field, Jay. I was able to pump enough “water” off the top yesterday to buy about 24 hours of very limited use of our sinks and toilets. No showers or baths here until it’s fixed.

  83. Title of NYT bestseller..”Leon and the case of the shitty septic system”.

  84. What is that smell?

  85. mom’s had a crack in the line, but that was before the septic tank

  86. I’m glad I saw the word “lawsuit.”
    I would be looking into what kind of family connections the guy has to the sellers before he even shows up. Something smells off here.
    Pun certainly intended.

  87. Septic inspection was part of my home inspection. I hired the home inspector who parceled out the septic inspection. There was still snow on the ground here in March, so I’m not sure what he was able to inspect. That’s what I want to ask about.

    It’s entirely possible that he probed the tank and it had nothing wrong with it, but there wasn’t much of a soil disturbance that would indicate such. It’s also possible that cutting down the maple increased the root pressure as the tree tried to survive and that burst into the tank and blocked it.

  88. Speaking of Moms, mine had part deux of cataract surgery on Monday. Checkup yesterday. According to Doc, she is healing “amazingly well and faster than I could’ve imagined.”
    A couple more weeks of eyedrops and another checkup or two, tops.

    So anyone that cared to send up good thoughts or prayers, Thank You.
    She is quite happy, as evidenced about her bitching that she had to buy a pair of readers at the dollar store because her bifocals are no longer needed to drive or watch TV.

  89. Full disclosure, I had the Members Only jacket. Beyond that I wasn’t much the fashionista.

    IZOD is still around, though it’s not exactly upper tier any more. They don’t do the gator anymore, though. (I know because I’m wearing one now…)

  90. I bought one that had a dead gator upside down, it was hilarious.

    My favorite were the crawdad knockoffs in New Orleans.

  91. These:

    I feel like ordering one.

  92. Still pumping. 1700 gal/hr my patootie.

  93. “Is that why you wore a lime green tux when we met up?”

    i wear only the best when meeting my mid-west pals

  94. leon what kind of soil do you have there?

  95. Leon has suddenly started channeling his mom.

  96. how old is the field?

  97. what’s the ground water table like

  98. I need a pair of classic original Dr. Scholls wooden sandals again. This discussion has convinced me. Have any of you ladies seen anybody wearing these lately?

  99. leon what kind of soil do you have there?

    Medium. Not too much clay, not too much sand. Puddles drain fast but you can make a clump with a decent hand squeeze. No idea on age of the field. Can’t be the original because the tank is 1800 gal, and the standard when the house was built was like 500 gal. House is 43, so it’s at most that old, probably 20 years if I had to guess.

  100. No idea about ground water. The crop area dips a good 10′ below where the house is, though, and the low spots don’t show any dampness. The well is 170′ iirc.

  101. I want a pair of Birkenstocks. I’m honestly the hippiest conservative out there.

  102. My daughter said I was starting to look like a hippy the other day. I was wearing a concert T and had my non-dyed hair braided, which goes halfway down my back.

    I may be cutting it soon.

  103. My FIL called (gets the aide to call) my MIL 3x today and got her crying. He’s been saying some crazy things as dementia takes over. He was yelling at her to call 911 because the *the grocery store* locked him up and won’t let him leave. She starts yelling back that that can’t be because he’s in a home…and he’s like ‘WHAT?’ Then she starts wailing.

    He calls back and tells her to call *Number One Son* …for same reason.

    Then he calls Number One Son (my husband’s older brother), who just so happens to be in the ER with a clot in his lung, to tell him *grocery store* had locked him up and won’t let him leave….that he had a discussion with personnel, who tells him they can’t let him leave. In which BIL tells him that personnel is correct and that they are there to take care of him, so he’ll be okay. He was fine with that and hung up.

    It’s funny and not funny. We’re just glad he is bedridden. No telling what kind of mischief he’d get into if he wasn’t.

  104. My MIL has no sense of humor and doesn’t understand sarcasm.

  105. Well inspector confirmed that he did indeed open the tank up, drain it, and look inside with a peep camera. He’s coming by tomorrow to help diagnose the problem. The frozen ground in March kept them from determining if I have a drain field or dry wells. If it’s the latter, the system might be fixable as is.

  106. I need a pair of classic original Dr. Scholls wooden sandals again. This discussion has convinced me. Have any of you ladies seen anybody wearing these lately?

    I saw Hotspur wearing a pair just yesterday. Ask him where he got them.


  108. Heh. Top story at HQ, pro Trump Pentagon analyst’s lawyer’s name is Bigly.

    I mean, what are the odds?

  109. Honestly, with Trump I’d say the odds were pretty good. The man is proof that a) the Lord truly does look after fools, drunks, and the United States of America and b) that he has a sense of humor about the whole deal.


  111. I’ve never met a Bigly.

    How far is your office from a window, Alex? Can you see High Street? I’ve watched 4th of July fireworks from your building.


  113. Beasn, Mr. RFH’s uncle has vascular dementia. Long term memory is fine, short term memory is nearly non-existent. He asked BIL if the deceased (his niece) was local. Someone would explain to him that SIL had died, and he’d cry, then you could see that memory expire.

  114. Apparently he’s okay if he’s in his normal daily routine, but anything out of the ordinary and he’s lost.

  115. I have a cubicle between mine and the windows. I’m on the 15th floor. Independence Day fireworks sound interesting. Since we’ll have just finished the budget then (It has to be done by 30 June) it might be fun to watch from there.

  116. leon maybe you’ll get lucky and it’ll be something simple like a bio-mat blocking the d-box


  118. I want a pair of Birkenstocks. I’m honestly the hippiest conservative out there.

    You’ve got the kombucha and the chickens. Now all you need are Birkenstocks, a hemp skirt, and a tambourine.

  119. and a Subaru.

  120. leon maybe you’ll get lucky and it’ll be something simple like a bio-mat blocking the d-box

    That’s my hope, and was suggested by the inspector over the phone. He’s coming tomorrow at 230.

  121. So where are you pumping this stuff? A neighbors yard?

  122. 100′ away from the hole and even further from the house. It’s almost all just water, we had all the sludge pumped out when the honey wagon came, and it’s only been two weeks. I’d bet most of it is baby bathwater. I run the hose out to the edge of the beanfield where the shade of the big oak kept the plants from growing and where I know Possum won’t play. No crops, no grass, and the adjacent crops won’t be harvested for another 60 days. Best I can do.

  123. Could it be an air lock? Did a vent get compromised?

  124. I have no idea how I’d check. It was apparently all in working order 3 weeks before we moved in, and we had the fence and tree done within 2 weeks of moving in, and didn’t notice a problem until mid-late July. So whatever went wrong is unlikely to be related to the work we had done (though that’s still possible), but it went wrong after us living here and using the system for about 3 months total.

  125. Roamy, it’s just been in the past 2-3 months, he’s become confused. On good days, he tells Mr. B. he has very odd dreams and then describes what have been his bad days. Perhaps those days his brain isn’t getting enough oxygen.

  126. Roamy, my MIL was successful at masking until we took her out of her routine. She decelerated so fast. I am still so happy she could afford the level of care she needed.

  127. I have classic Dr Scholls. ZAPPOS ZAPPOS ZAPPOS

  128. Fuck. Hadn’t planned on reading content. BRB

  129. Eesh, the home just called. FIL pulled his foley out because ‘he had to go to work’. They’re going to leave it out for awhile until he quits bleeding.

  130. Leon,
    It kinda sounds like the drain-field is blocked.
    Once upon a time, we moved into a split-level, as we thought Anitas’ mom was going to come live with us. It had separate provisions for kitchen, bath, bed, etc…
    She got married again and moved in with her new husband.
    One day, when I was heading downstairs to hit the reloading bench, I noticed that the downstairs shower was full of shit.
    It turned out that the ‘unmarked breaker’ in the box, went to an underground outside outlet, that powered a ‘sump pump’ that was buried in a 35 gallon drum, that pumped effluent from the septic-tank into the elevated drain-field.
    The sump-pump had choked on a cigarette filter that some dumb-ass has thrown into a toilet. Unfortunately, I had just jack-hammered the patio(holding our deck up) and piled the broken concrete on top of the location of the sump-pump.
    Much merriment ensued.
    Good luck, my friend…

  131. You’ve got the kombucha and the chickens. Now all you need are Birkenstocks, a hemp skirt, and a tambourine.
    Comment by scott on August 16, 2018 9:29 pm

    and a Subaru.

    I’ve always been able to “pass” for a liberal.

  132. Ian’s first girlfriend – well a few months back her father struck and killed a pedestrian kinda by where we had lunch in town . A 30ish mom (mom to the boyfriend of someone I worked with).

    ANYWAY. It was in the middle of the day, and he hit her on the sidewalk. He had to turn himself in today and he’s being charged with manslaughter. I don’t know what/where/when why or how. Ian had been told that maybe he’d had some sort of medical event that caused him to lose control of the vehicle, but if they’re charging him, I’m thinking maybe not.

    The worst part? Ian’s ex has been out of school and nursing for the past year. The mom still has access to the account and basically stole 10,000 for the bond (which apparently you lose – that’s what Ian said …since they didn’t put it all up). The bail was $100,000. What did those dude with the dead baby and the guns and the school shooting plan get?

  133. This is going to make a great story arc for lapeer creek.

  134. Dang, Car in. Lapeer Creek has gotten dark this season.

  135. T!!!!
    big hug for ya.

  136. Yea, between this and my friend in the coma … I’m going to have to lighten it up mid season with an alien abduction or something

  137. Musical episode.

  138. carin – you know the aliens get real with the anal probe…. right?

  139. Or a Very Special Episode That The Whole Family Should Watch Together, where we learn about the dangers of mediocre pop music.

  140. i saw a documentary on it once.

  141. chi-chi what’s a family friendly place for dinner in va beach?

  142. T!!!!
    big hug for ya.


  143. Chi, I’m glad your mom’s cataract surgery went well.

  144. Wait, so mom stole $10k from her daughter?

  145. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on August 16, 2018 11:27 pm
    big hug for ya.


    Today (08/16) was Michelle’s birthday – She would have been 27.

  146. Big hug for you from me, too, Teresa.

  147. Stupid Faceplant. I should have seen your post, Teresa, but no, I get yet another dog shelter post from my cousin (there must be thousands of shelters in Florida, and my cousin follows every single one) and yet another “I’m eating dinner alone” from a co-worker. (He has a wife, three kids, and four grandkids old enough to drive, all who live within 10 miles, yet he incessantly posts on Facedouche that he is eating alone. I don’t get it. I feel sorry for him, but I don’t get it.)

  148. Thanks, Roamy. Xs and Os, Teresa.

    Crap! I just lost two paragraphs of reply to Jam²!
    What’s your flavor? What part of town are you staying in?
    My knee jerk reaction was Beach Pub. Their Hatteras Island Clam Chowder is fuckin’ amazing (they were featured on Gay Fiero’s DD & D). Relaxed and cool local vibe last time I went.
    Then there was Pungo Pizza – great pie, and the kids will LOVE the cool gameroom in the back.
    You want seafood? Steaks? Italian?
    Great/overprced beef at Aberdeen Barn around the corner from me (a Tomahawk steak that would choke Andre the Giant), my neighborhood seafood joint Surf Rider with the best crabcakes, fried oysters and brocolli w/hollandaise that you want to bathe in.
    Mexican? Fake French? I could go on…

  149. I once knew a man
    Been everywhere in the world
    Gave me a tiny ivory derp
    Said it would bring me good
    Never believed it would until
    I have been loving you

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