MMM 333: Summer wanes

It’s still pretty darned hot here, but the nights are getting cooler.  Make the most of what remains if you’re due for snow in a few months.

She looks good in snow.


Do the vents help with cooling, you think?


She looks angry.  So do her shoulder veins.


It’s like they went and looked at superhero costumes from the 80’s comics and then decided to make workout leggings.


Slightly less comic-book inspired.


I want to watch her swing that.  And that.


And that’s a post.  Welcome to Monday in mid-August, 2018.


  1. wakey wakey

  2. The difference between being alone and being lonely is that in the latter you want companionship. It’s possible to be alone and be happy.

  3. gmurserwaq

  4. kind of like being alone on h2 in the afternoon

  5. Going to go try and get a short workout in before my actual workday starts.

  6. Push ups and db presses before I got ready for work. I’ll run when I get home.

  7. Did a quick 10 minutes of squats, pushups, and pullups. Not a ton, but it’s better than yesterday.

  8. Phew. A day off. I’m either making pickles today or throwing all this produce on the compost pile.

    corn relish
    sandwich dill slices
    dilly beans

  9. I used to run.

  10. The red-haired snow fox in the first picture is a rare beast. I’d buy her a farm and spend the next few decades raising horses and babies.

  11. My dad had a paper copy of the surrender of Germany to the US/Russia/England/French, and Mrs Jay scanned it. Let me know if you would like a copy, and I’ll send it to you. 3.8 meg pdf document. Has signatures, and parts in German and Russian.

  12. making pickles today or throwing all this produce on the compost pile.
    A variation on the old saying from moms everywhere, “Here, eat this or I’m throwing it out!”

    Jeez ma, I can eat garbage?

  13. Lonely can feel alone in a crowded room. So, yeah.

  14. Ozark season 2 out in August, they say.

    Yeah, August 31. Same person prices gas at price + .9 cents, too.

  15. the last dood has a robust rumpus room

  16. I would like to explore the space in her rumpus room.

  17. She’s probably taken a trip to dine on Beaver Island, but that was back in college, and once when she was in Vegas with her boyfriend for their anniversary.

  18. She’s probably taken a trip to dine on Beaver Island, but that was back in college

    To be fair, I believe this is a degree requirement at most colleges anymore.

  19. One of the most toxic individuals I’ve ever had the misfortune to work with got picked up by our new prime and may be added to my contract.

    2nd look at cashing out my 401k early and farming all my own food.

  20. Second look at getting a swarm of Ace refugees so I’m not all alone here.

  21. How is this person toxic?

  22. You are not alone Leon. Savoir Fare is EVERYWHERE!

  23. He can’t be more toxic than me.

  24. When the customer asks for things, he consults me for a work estimate, then tells the customer “yes” and gives me none of that time, and adds it to the current “sprint”. Because “Agile”.


    We’re ready to deploy, and there will be a surprising new scan or security hoop through which we must jump, and for which I get no time to react or correct. I had to beg for 3 days to do 3 weeks worth of work. I got that done. But it was over a year ago and I still haven’t completely recovered. Too much Monster and too much anger.


    He hates his wife and home life, so he finds a way to create a crisis, like clockwork, every Thursday, so he has an excuse to “work” all weekend. Which means my boss and I work the weekend and he keeps polling us for ‘status’. He calls after hours, calls on weekends, had an “EMERGENCY MEETING” on a Sunday morning once. He writes checks and expects me and my boss to back them again and again.

    He’s a fucking monster, and I’ll burn his house down (metaphorically) if he pulls this shit again. I already tell anyone who’d listen to never ever hire him, he’s the worst thing you could add to your organization short of deliberately hiring an insider threat.

  25. No, the insider threat would work harder and be more fun to work with so they’d face less scrutiny.

  26. 3rd look at getting my CDL and offering to drive the Honey Wagon for the place that did my septic cleanup.

  27. “he finds a way to create a crisis,”

    crisis junkies – the Munchausen by Proxy cow orker

    i’ve been around a few of them.
    i’m not geared for that behavior so mouthy jam shows up and it’s a them or me show down

  28. toxic work places is a major contributor to me being self-employed

  29. when shit goes sideways at my office the list of those responsible is really short

  30. For starters, I’m not answering any call or text outside of 9AM-5PM EST, M-F. He calls more than once and I’ll report him to HR for harassment.

  31. lauraw have you posted a dill pickle recipe?
    most of the homemade dill recipes i’ve had weren’t crunchy.
    a flaccid pickle is no way to go thru life.

  32. Sorry Leon, I’ve got a busy day today. All week really. I’m pushing to get ethan and erin driving and putting an end to this long nightmare.

    I hope to force erin to take the diving test w/in the next 10 days. Ethan starts segment 2 tomorrow, and he can take his driving test at the end of September.

    I’ll probably be around tomorrow, because I’m going to drive him to segment 2 and just sit and read rather than go back and forth.

  33. Get heysuus to teach erin to drive a manual.

  34. lil jammette has been driving the truck out at the farm for a few years – she’s counting the days till she can get her permit.
    she’s been tooling around in the fields like a little baja racer. it’s funny, until someone losses a truck.

  35. i’ve got to get her to improve her shot placement tho…

  36. I figure Possum can start on the lawn tractor in another 10 years or so, possibly a Gator or ATV if we end up getting one to haul around the farm.

  37. Younger boy has been moving cars and trucks around the yard for a couple of years. He’ll turn 15 in September and do Driver’s Ed after cross country season is over. We’ll be letting him take his license exam at 16 versus making his older brother wait till he was 18 (lot of good that did … ).

  38. #1 Son was driving as soon as he could reach the pedals. By the time he took driver’s ed, he had been driving for years. On the ranch, lots of roads to drive.

  39. The only issue he had was not looking in the rearview mirror enough. He explained that he was used to driving trucks with a feeder on them, or pulling a trailer.

  40. I’ll take a couple quarts of bread & bitter pickles!

    Last dude is a smokeshow, but he has the crazy eyes. I’d hit it but never reveal my real name or where I live.

  41. In other words, another day that ends in “Y” for Chi…

  42. Jam, I made a new hot canned pickle recipe today from Ball, it’s a dill hamburger slices recipe. Fresh cuke chips, covered with hot vinegar solution and spices, canned in hot water canner. I used a little ‘pickle crisp’ in each jar. It’s a calcium supplement that’s supposed to preserve crunch in rawpack pickles. See how it goes. They have to cure for 4-6 weeks now on the shelf.

    My standard brined, (non-hot canned) natural fresh pickle recipe is as follows:

    In bottom of quart jar: 2 tsp dill seeds, some crushed, 1 tsp black peppercorns, some crushed, 2 smashed garlic cloves.

    On top of these, layer a coupletree big fresh grape leaves, torn a little. The tannins in grape leaves stabilize the cell walls and keep the pickles crispy. You can also use horseradish or oak leaves but I don’t like the flavor they sometimes give the pickles. Grape leaves are pretty neutral.

    Now pack in enough very fresh (less than three days from picked) cukes to fill jar fully and tightly. Older cukes lose their fermentable sugar and will not ferment reliably. I like the smaller cukes, they seem to have a better texture without the big seeds.The cukes should be washed and have the blossom ends cut off. The blossom ends contain enzymes that soften the pickle quicker.

    Cover with a 3.5% solution of kosher salt and unchlorinated water. That’s 18 grams in a typical 2-cup measuring cup. If some of the cukes want to float, wedge a flexible plastic container lid or something inside the neck of the jar to keep them under the brine.

    Affix the jar lid and place in cool spot out of direct sun. Fermentation bubbles should start to appear in a day or two. Swirl and burp the jar a couple/few times a day for 3-4 days or so, until when you taste one, the pickles are as sour as you like them. The smell when you open the jar should smell savory and wonderful and make your mouth water. That’s how you know you did it right. Refrigerate and enjoy.

  43. I wonder if I can make bread & butter pickles but less sweet. They take a shittonne of sugar.

  44. Heh. Bread & bitter pickles. That was a funny typo.

  45. Pickle Solutions LLC



  47. My week is so freakin busy.

    I just need to push through. 10 days. I’m going to make her take that driving test w/in the next 10 days.

    I think soccer games start next week. Yea!

  48. I need to make pickles. Who has time? And I need to harvest. I’m going to have to do that tomorrow morning before the crazy starts.

  49. I probably need to do this in the very near future.

  50. Xbradtc shaved his balls for this?

  51. By the way, where has Xbrad been? I miss his humor. And by humor I mean his announcements of the latest celebrity deaths.

  52. Xbrad has been here. where the hell have you been?

  53. In your absence, we elected you as Xbrad’s official ball shaver. There was a vote and everything.

  54. thanks lauraw!
    i put that into the draft bucket at the recipe site –
    if it’s ok with you i’ll post it

  55. *grabs straight razor, does some stretching*

  56. There was a chinese couple in our association with the cutest kid that have all kinds of cucumbers growing by their house, all elevated with handmade branch fences. I haven’t seen them in a few weeks, and the cucumbers are coming in now.

    It’s hard to watch them go to waste.I wonder what happened to them, or if they are coming back. The guy didn’t know any English, I don’t think.

  57. They went to go work for DiFi?

  58. Their cousin got caught working for DiFi and they had to skedaddle.

  59. Ha! Jay. Those were good!

  60. Frustrating day at werk today. Somebody tell a joke.

    Your mom is so ugly, your dad takes her to work so he doesn’t have to kiss her goodbye.

  61. What shakes up the bottom of the sea?

    A nervous wreck.

  62. Come here, Pups!

  63. Mare is so old and fat, when God said “Let there be light”, he had to ask her to move.

  64. Sure, Jam, go ahead!

    My garden is getting away from me too, Carin. I had the time today but it’s been a deluge of rain. I just managed to do some of the picking, but not all of it, before the waterworks started.

  65. Pup’s mom is so fat, she’s gross and icky and smelly and fat and whatnot.

    I need to work on my “your mom” disses.

  66. Just had a customer who bought something which costs ten bucks by slooooooooowly counting out four dollars worth of coins and then handing me not the six bucks that would make up the difference, but a $10 bill.

    Me: [trying desperately to be civil through gritted teeth] “So, in other words, you just wanted me to give you four singles for all of that change?”

    Him: [under the impression that this is somehow perfectly acceptable behavior] “Yep.”

    One hour down, seven to go.

  67. It takes all types to make the world go round. Last time I dealt with the “Pay it all in change” crowd was as a paperboy.

  68. Mare’s foray into “your mom” Jokes:

  69. CARin’s mom is so classless she is a Marxist Utopia.

  70. * hands Sean 10 wet singles *

  71. Jimbro’s mom was so notorious they called them “Jumpolines” before she got on one.

  72. Scott’s mom was so ugly, her birth certificate was a letter of apology.

  73. You guys remember the shoes with the zippered pocket called ‘Roos? There was some nasty one dollar bills coming out of those things when I was a Pup.

    You know who else has a bunch of nasty ones?

  74. (not Sean, he won’t be able to make change all night)

  75. These only gayer.

  76. Pupster’s mom is such a filthy whore that even Jeb Bush is trying to avoid her clap.

  77. Leon is so short you can see his feet on his drivers license.

  78. MCPO is so old, he signs his checks “Bird Eye Beetle Different Bird Squiggly Line.”

  79. If you look closely, you can see the hair on top of them.

  80. Sean, you’re so frickin’ smart. Are you taking good care of yourself?

  81. Mare’s mom is so fat, she has her own zip code.

  82. MCPO is so old, he signs his checks “Bird Eye Beetle Different Bird Squiggly Line.”

    Gonna steal that, thank you for the literal LOL.

  83. Sean, you’re so frickin’ smart. Are you taking good care of yourself?

    Thank you, laura. And for the most part, yeah. Sober, mentally and physically pretty healthy, and even happy most of the time.

  84. Gonna steal that, thank you for the literal LOL.

    Glad you got a chuckle, roamy. Wish I could say I came up with it, but I heard it somewhere else.

  85. Tomorrow is gonna be “corn harvest & can” day, unless we get “Elk’d”* tonight.
    We are only gonna do 24 pints and the rest can go to friends who want to come and pick, and left-overs to the food bank.
    This corn variety is “Honey Select Triple Sweet”. It is the best sweet corn we have ever grown. We have given a few pints to friends, that then come back and ask for more. Really good shit..
    The seed is kinda hard to find, but very much worth it.
    Canning tomorrow is gonna suck, but worth it in the long run…

    * Elk’d: Several years ago, we were at this stage in the corn grow (Gonna pick & can tomorrow), when the local herd stopped by the garden in the evening and ate 160 stalks of corn from 8′ tall to 6″ in one night. Stalks, ears, bugs, everything.

  86. Lauraw, Sean is writing poetry!!!!

  87. Here’s hoping the elk find something else to eat tonight, Crispy!

  88. Tell the elk to eat your mom.

  89. A kid asked me today if Sam’s was full of cieling spiders. I admitted to lots of webs without spiders. Pissed her mom off. I showed the kid where to look for spiderwebs.

  90. Osoloco11 is so petite, when she sneezes her head hits the floor.

  91. Dan is so considerate that he makes delicious posole for his wife.

  92. That posole post cost me lots of crap. I H8 posole. Still groveling with Dan about blasting him on FB

  93. I’m not petite. I’m yuge!!!

  94. Chatting with my friends from Bangladesh

  95. I left my lady in the launderette
    You can put some money on it, you can place a little bet
    That when I see my lady
    The derp will be white and the white will be derp
    But The Blues Are Still Blue

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