Hello trash-cats, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born July 25th, 1976 in Great Falls, Montana.  She stands 5’9″, 36-24-38 and weights 112 lbs.  Please give us a smile and welcome Miss Tera Patrick!



  1. I used to see Abby the Spoon Lady on the street when I lived in Nashville, looks like she is in Ashville NC now, making a living playing spoons.

  2. Timewaster of the day. Make sure you have the sound on.

  3. Oh, and good job, Pupster. She seems nice.

  4. Tera Patrick looks like a dirty dirty girl.

    Superb boobs

  5. For many many men, Tera Patrick was the Time waster Of The Day.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. Ethan said his knee was hurting last night, but thinks it was scar tissue breaking up. He didn’t fall, and he wasn’t in the sort of pain he’s been in the past. Just minor- needed an aleve, but no wrapping, ice, drama.

    I just want this to end. I want to watch some SOCCER. There are no black power salutes in soccer.


  8. Big difference between training to play versus actual competition. He’s using his knee harder than he has in several months if not longer. Good luck to him for a successful season, he deserves it after all the BS he went through.

  9. Yay Ethan! Good thing he gets to compete, even though it’s hockey without ice.

  10. My aunt went for a walk when she lived on the farm (actual farm, not a storehouse for pet destination alibis). She was on one side of the creek (pronounced crick) and there was a mountain lion tracking her on the other side, when she finally noticed. She wasn’t a large lady, so the cat definitely could have gotten her if she didn’t hustle home. Scared the crap out of her.

  11. another fine joob Pup!

  12. that spoon chick is sumthin

  13. there was cat scat along the stream in North Nowhere New Mexico when i was chasing trout last month.

    it gives a person pause when you know you’re around an animal capable of doing some real damage

  14. and happy anniversary Pepe

  15. I encountered a Mt Lion @ 02:00 at nite standing perimeter post on a estate in Beverly Hills. We were “pushing post” (rotating posts) and as I entered the area heard rustling and growling from just the other side of a wire mesh 6′ high fence. I asked the guy I was relieving what the noise was he said he didn’t know but scooted most ricky tick when I approached the fence and shined my light which elicited more growling, but still no visual confirmation.

    Later on that nite I pushed to the Main entry post where we also had off duty LAPD motocops (this was a diplomatic detail) and I told him the story and the guy said “Oh yeah, that was probably a Mt. Lion.” Now, we had multiple little prince and princesses running around the property at all hours on this detail. Next push, I advised the Command Post and the next day at post brief we were advised as to ROE for Mt. Lions. Which, ultimately was if you see it, interdict, ensure your backstop is safe and if it doesn’t spook off, light it up. Thankfully there were no further encounters.

  16. Is there like a character limit on comments? Seems whenever I go above a paragraph, I get dumped into spam. My Mt. Lion story is in the spam bucket.

    Tera Patrick…. next to Jenna Jameson, probably one of the best looking women to ever do the pron.

  17. Honorary Hostage

  18. There are no salutes because they lack the upper body strength to raise their arms that high.

  19. Yea, this poor fellow looks almost handicapped, so lacking in upper body strength:

  20. He should put his shirt back on. He’s just embarrassing himself.

  21. haha – colex triggered carin

  22. There are no salutes because Black Power is an American thing and American blacks play basketball.

  23. I’m willing to bet more American blacks play soccer than, say, hockey, but it’s not a big slice o’ the pie.

  24. looking up cougar statistics without safe search is futile…

  25. mounting loins

  26. I’m old enough now that a woman who’d count as a cougar to me would be likely menopausal.

  27. Puck football.

    “In all, 15 players from five different teams — the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens — protested during the Star-Spangled Banner. Two players took a knee, three raised their fists (the old Black Power salute), eight left the field or stayed in their locker room, “one placed his arm on a protesting teammate’s shoulder and another stood with his back to the field as a statement against inequality,” the Daily Mail writes.

    Two players in Philadelphia, safety Malcolm Jenkins and cornerback De’Vante Bausby raised their fists during the anthem, while defensive end Chris Long put his hand on Jenkins’ shoulder in support. Defensive end Michael Bennett wasn’t on the field when the anthem started.”

  28. There are no salutes because Black Power is an American thing and American blacks play basketball.

    I don’t really care what the reason is. If folks what to support black power bullshit by helping pay their salaries, that’s on them.

  29. Huh. Didn’t think Tera Patrick was still a thing.

  30. I never watched the NFL, I can’t boycott them harder than I already am. I’ve got no interest in or especial hatred for soccer, just supposing a reason it hasn’t spread there.

  31. Black Power……so strong they cant stop themselves from killing each other. The only thing that oppresses blacks in the US is other blacks.

  32. I wonder how big a % or the population they’d be if they murdered each other and aborted their children only as often as whites. If LBJ hadn’t destroyed the black family for votes, I gotta believe they’d be almost a quarter of the population by now.

  33. Soccer is a great sport. It’s barriers to entry should be as low as they are for basketball, but white people always fuck it up. They need to form expensive clubs, with costly training and coaches. That’s why we never win internationally. Basketball we dominate because the players get all their experience with friends at the local court. At a young age, when interest is fostered, everything is pretty equal.

    In most american sports, the kids who excel are those kids of the parents with either the most time, or time and money. When they’re little – they can afford to put them in the $$$$ camps, pushing out the kids with talent (perhaps more – which would end result in a better player) but little means.

    That’s why we always lose.

    Football is another exception, since it’s pretty much 100% through the schools. But we must hate football now.

  34. I just like triggering Car in. It’s a fun sport.

  35. So my son has decided he wants a tattoo. I have seriously tried to counsel him against doing so but he remains steadfast on the idea. He also floated the “We should get one together Dad” idea.

    Im willing to indulge him to ensure he doesn’t get something that will be regretful in the future due to placement or content or lack of artistic ability. I’ve been looking at artwork to support the endeavor, and found a “Sons Of Liberty” design that has the words “I am the Descendant of Men who refused to be Ruled” in a circular pattern with Sons of Liberty within the circle and two crossed muskets. Considering throwing a American Flag into the background for shits and giggles. Seeing as how my family name figures VERY PROMINENTLY on the Declaration of Independence, I figure it’ll fly.

    * I have no clue as to whether I have any familial link with the signature

    ** I only share this with you cause I know how many of you have a deep appreciation for the tattoo art medium.

  36. I think soccer is a lot more popular now than it was when I grew up. We will see more success internationally in soccer because of that. I agree totally Car in.

  37. If LBJ hadn’t destroyed the black family for votes, I gotta believe they’d be almost a quarter of the population by now.

    And nobody would care, as they wouldn’t be so deep in dysfunction and pathology that cultures worldwide have negative opinions of them.

    In short, they’d just be another bunch of Americans.

  38. Is the birdcage made of nickel?

  39. And nobody would care, as they wouldn’t be so deep in dysfunction and pathology that cultures worldwide have negative opinions of them.

    In short, they’d just be another bunch of Americans.

    Before the “War on Poverty”, black out-of-wedlock births were lower than white. Black divorce rate was lower than white (which was at the time almost non-existent in the first place). Black men were husbands and fathers with jobs.

    But we beat poverty. Thing of the past. It was all worth it.

  40. SHould I post a few more pictures of shirtless soccer players to hammer down the point?

    WHere the hell is mare?

  41. Not unless they are female soccer players and still have their sports bras on. Would’t want WP to de-platform us.

  42. Terrible Todd Handcock

  43. @ pupster

    who’s the gud doggie? Yer eyebrows ever come back?

  44. One did.

  45. Did you have two to start with?


  47. Car in, do it.

  48. Aug 10, 2018 08:54am
    Out for Delivery

    Once competence kicks it, that shit moves fast.

  49. Beasn is soooo going to enjoy her package tonight!

  50. *fucked up and looked at Jams linked vid

    *schedules intervention for Jam


  52. Wakanda will save American vlacks with their super advanced technology.

  53. Beasn is soooo going to enjoy her package tonight!

    I sure will…..and it will have nothing to do with getting my biscuits buttered.

  54. Just heard the local news reporting on the ‘foster family’ in NM that was training the kids to shoot up schools.

    Foster family.

    Nothing to do with jihad or being the son of a known terrorist imam.

  55. Foster family.

    That had an AR15. TWELVETY!!!

    Not. One. Word. About terror ties.

  56. Thanks Car in!!

    Waka Waka!!

  57. I can’t find the youtube video – but on facebook there is a thing from aug 6th or so about a dude totally disrespecting a cop in chicago. It will make you see red.

  58. Given the closure rate on murders in Chicago, I’m not sure I have much respect for those cops either, but I imagine it’s a different sort of disrespect.

  59. You have to see it. THe cop does an excellent job of not letting the PUNK get a reaction out of him.

    Dude deserved a slam-dunk on the pavement.

  60. And I’d blame the closure rate on politics, how things are ran, rather than the cop on the street.

  61. I wish I could find it elsewhere, but I’m just seeing it on facebook.

  62. Fair enough. I think you’d either have to be a saint or want in on organized crime via a badge to take the job in Chicago.

  63. I know a retired cop from Chicago. He basically is a saint.

  64. If that guy used the N word one more time…

  65. Check out Second City Cop if you want the skinny on policing and politics in Chicago. Read the comments, lots of active (vs. retired) LE talking the truth. Heyjackass is also good for stats on Chicago crime

  66. J’ames, find the video for me elsewhere. It is unbelievable.

  67. What Car in said. It’s the mayor, circuit attys, the councilmen, and the activists tying the cops hands. From what I’ve heard, the cops have backed off even more for self-preservation.

    We’ve seen the same in St. Louis after Ferguson. Crime has escalated because cops have had to double up on calls for their own safety. Shit ton of unsolved murders because the circuit atty ran on ending prosecutions of the poor ‘persecuted’ black, male, criminal – leaving many innocents at the mercy of the thugs. The same circuit atty who had better things to do like go after a sitting white governor on bogus charges with zero evidence. Yes, she is f*cking racist.

  68. all I can find is the facebook version

  69. Waka waka, indeed.
    Damn, but that woman can move.

  70. I don’t like soccer, but I’m find of Shakira’s waka waka video.

  71. Don’t look now, but the Horde is scoping this joint out for their doomsday blog/bunker…

  72. Is doomsday upon us? I don’t read over there.

  73. Deplatforming worries, since the whole Alex Jones thing blew up.

  74. I am over here to get away from all that chatter. Tell ’em we’ll only allow the first 20 who show up.

  75. Lion has a fresh elk killed right where I saw him. He’s still hanging around.

  76. They won’t all fit here, but we could handle a few more.

  77. The red, orange any yellow bell peppers are the same breed, right?
    I’m going to save the seeds for next year, but am too lazy to separate.

  78. They won’t all fit here, but we could handle a few more

    That’s what your mom said.

  79. Heh. I doubt a large portion would come here–I couldn’t really see FenelonSpoke hanging out in these parts…

  80. There are a few I wouldn’t want around here.

  81. Agreed. It’s an interesting question of where folks would go if that happened. (The answer should be “to the mattresses”, but who knows…)

  82. Most over there refuse to believe what is happening is happening. Now they are getting scared.

  83. Honestly, if TSHTF I don’t like my odds. Unarmed in a majority-minority city isn’t a way to start the Burning Times.

  84. unarmed?

  85. none of my business really – but why?

  86. Didn’t feel a need until relatively recently, then cash flow until relatively recently. I’ve been looking at rectifying the situation, but I’ve had other concerns on my mind of late.

    Also, I’d be lying if part of me really didn’t care since dad died. Maybe it’s for the best for the moment, honestly. I’m a pretty damaged dude.

  87. Also, dad did have a shotgun in the house, which was at least something. It was a decent neighborhood, and honestly I never felt unsafe there.

  88. got cha –
    as long as we’re still topside, damage can be repaired

  89. You are the weapon, everything else is just a tool.

  90. Yeah, I’m not high quality gear. Body is crap and brain is shot. Working on both, but time is not on my side.

  91. Last case of 5 today while doing paperwork I hear dad saying “Whoa, I’m seeing bugs in her hair!” I was focused on my work and it didn’t register immediately. As I finished what I was doing I realized everyone was crowding around this 7yo girl’s hair. Sure enough, little black bugs about 2-3 mm long by 1 mm wide were moving around every here and there. Definitely not lice. I’ve seen lice before and this was not it. I’m guessing fleas. I got the pediatrician on call to see her in the PACU. Still waiting to hear what she thinks.

  92. Ewww.

  93. ‘ja wash yur hands?

  94. After scratching my ass

  95. aaaaha

    Pediculus humanus assulosus

  96. Can’t say how many kids with lice I’ve seen discovered in the OR. Over a dozen. Cockroaches in a wheelchair, only once. That was at the Glennon in St. Louis. Pinworms a few times. Oral-fecal transmission makes me cringe.

  97. shit – i misspelled it

    Pediculus humanus assulensis

  98. Anybody know how to unrequest full site view in safari?

  99. “Anybody know how to unrequest full site view in safari?”
    Click on things until one of them works.

  100. Never mind, I found it hidden in white text next to the cookies.

  101. Grandpa with the remote

  102. So Pupster, does Ohio have some secret ginger breeding program? I’ve seen more here than in California.

  103. Central Ohio is God’s Country, Alex. Whatever your honest and true little heart desires, you can find it there.

    Also, yes…in a lab in the basement of Graves Hall on campus.

  104. Pupster reading any comment from Oso with more than one acronym and no context:

  105. Don’t look now, but the Horde is scoping this joint out for their doomsday blog/bunker…

    I’m looking.

    We are not as rough and tumble as we used to be, but an Ace-o-launch ain’t all that anymore, neither.

  106. “-”

    huh – i thought that was just me

    i usually have to get out the secret decoder ring and pray to teh guggle

  107. I attribute my Ginger genes to Central Ohio. I have gross orange freckles!!!! All my acronyms are not attributable to me, but stolen. In HS, Messican in front of me in PE Rollcall had bugs in her hair. Not piojos. When I was in 4th grade, missionary kids brought lice to school. We all had to get the comb through. We had the non-lice kid in our class. Missionary kids had 6 siblings. We got lucky with the twin in our class.

  108. Puppeh, I’m impressed that you were able to find this many photos of Tera Patrick where she’s wearing some kind of clothing.

  109. My co-worker adopted a crack baby from a family member. Family member adopted out two more kids to other family members. 3 adopted crack babies. To kids that know who their birth mom is. FF. Birth mom goes to rehab. Cleans up. Keeps Kid 4 and 5. Kids 1-3 know they were adopted. Know they weren’t “Keepable”. Kids 1-3 all have issues. Kid 1 attempted suicide. Had a suicide cluster at his school last year where 5 kids killed themselves. Looked good this Summer. Got a job. Attempted suicide after Spade/Bourdain. Failed. Under 24/7 watch. Cow just extended her LOA to 9/3. I’ve been covering her job. I was really looking forward to going back to my job.

  110. Freckles are far from gross.
    They add instant cuteness and youthfulness.

  111. If Ace gets DNS banned a la Stormfront (The first to go down, long before Alex Jones), commenting here on this poopblog really won’t be a concern to me.

    Hacking the remaining sites with everything o cam muster will be, along with helping the real resistance keep in touch via HAMnet.

  112. I used to beat kids up for having red hair and freckles. Beat up over 4 kids in a 6 Kid family. Boys and girls. My ginger freckles suddenly appeared in my 20s. Luckily, I had just married Dan, before my incipient Gingerness appeared.

  113. Live were a problem in the Magdalena schools, mainly because of the Navajo kids. #1 Son never got them, fortunately.



  116. Should be “lice” were a problem .

  117. Last night, we got no rain on the Southside of our condo. Tonight, only the east side window is getting rain. Western and Southern windows remain open. Swamp Cooler shut down. 37% humidity, guys

  118. Pepe, lice and vaccine problems are usually a Mojado dealio.

  119. Puppeh, I’m impressed that you were able to find this many photos of Tera Patrick where she’s wearing some kind of clothing.

    It is a labor of lurrve.

  120. Bless you, sir.

  121. Leon Trigger Warning.

  122. That tree’s gotta go.

  123. L to R

    Humidity, Oso, Dan

  124. L to R

    Mare, some guy who took the last hot apple pie

  125. Holy Low Center Of Gravity!

  126. Pupster, that would usually be true. We watched a Dog’s Purpose. We have an old dog. She was feeling ill for two days. We got really worried. She is even more spoiled than usual. She interrupted sexy family time today, and we didn’t care.

  127. ‘Sup, hosephuckers?

  128. I don’t know what local news is like for the rest of you guys, but it seems like “Nail Salon Brawl Footage” has become a regular segment like sports and weather around here these days.

  129. ANDY

  130. Dude, we had a Jihadi compound with a dead kid and it isn’t even a part of the news cycle

  131. 37% humidity though.

  132. ‘Sup Andy.

  133. Andy is Phat with fewer air miles

  134. 37% is dry.

  135. I’ll take that as a compliment

  136. So twitter apparently banned Gavin McInnes.

  137. Scott, killing season here.

  138. Andy doesn’t get to waltz in here with Pat Green while I’m defending TX on social media

  139. Anything below 50 is dry.

  140. Humidity has been in the 80’s here.

  141. Finally got out of the 90s here, only mid 80s.
    Everything is dry as Hillarys cooter.
    Tomorrow we have 70% chance of thunderstorms with hail and high wind. What could go wrong?
    If we get enough lightning here, the west side of the Cascades could have as many fires as the East side.
    It’s been so smoky here that we can’t even see the outline of the mountain, and it’s in our back yard. We’ve started getting a little on-shore flow(west wind) blowing the wildfire smoke to the east, that we can actually see the mountain today.
    I know that in November-February I’m gonna miss this, but right now I hate it…

  142. It’s been really hot and we’ve got a huge fire burning just east of us, Crispy. Ash all over everything. I left my car windows open a skosh just so it wouldn’t be greenhouse hot inside, and I ended up with ash all over the seats.

  143. Holy Low Center Of Gravity!

    Her nickname is Short Bus.

  144. oso, there was a dead kid at the jihadi camp? Was he the kidnapped toddler son of the jihadi?

    Our local news only describes the whole business as foster parents training the kids to shoot up a school.

  145. Cool front began to move in today. Storms popping up all over the place but when you watched the radar, it gets to my city, says, “Oh pardon me”, and swirls around it. Weatherguy mentions we have a dome of something sitting over us. Yeah, like all farking summer.

    We’ve only had one morning of rain since mid May.

  146. We had thunderstorms this morning – cooled everything off quite nicely.

  147. Some asshole stole a turboprop airliner from SeaTac and crashed it in North Pierce County. Hope it didn’t hit Crispy’s house.

  148. Disappointing diamonds are the rarest of them all
    And a derp that lasts forever really can’t be that special
    Sure we know our roles, and how it’s supposed to go
    Does everybody have to be the greatest story ever told?

  149. yo yo YO!!!!

  150. “Some asshole stole a turboprop airliner ”
    that’s different

  151. Yo Jam!

    Yeah, I’m watching that guy flying on the teevee. For a non-pilot he’s pulling some ballsy moves. As we know, he did not stick the landing.

  152. pretty wild – audio starts around minute and a half:

  153. that guy was a pisser –
    too bad he went the suicide route

  154. audio start is actually 48 seconds in

  155. ahh-ite
    gotta go get stuff done

  156. Oh my that’s crazy. The audio. The air traffic controller guy is so freakin calm.

  157. I like inappropriate commas, apostrophes, and semi colons. Fuck it…:::Powell

  158. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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