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Old school gangster


Coming to you soon on a Monday




Thursday be like



Straw man argument

They’re taking this straw thing too far. Like they’re going to somehow ban Krazy Straws or penis straws (the straw that says I’d Fluid-Bond With Anyone).






  1. For some reason I thought Krazy Straws were called Silly Straws

    Fake Memory

  2. thai photo –

    behind the scenes with wiser

  3. “Comment by scott on July 25, 2018 10:25 pm

    I would rather have chipmunks.”

    *high fives scott*

  4. straw ban –
    another amazing woke idea.
    pure genius

  5. I have a Dumb New Nurse class at work this morning, after working til midnight last night. Couldn’t get my brain down for sleep until almost 1 am. Woke up at 5 and sat there until it was time to get up and shower.

    Poop. I hate being a dumb new nurse

  6. proggies are history’s counterpoint to the Age of Enlightenment.

    they’re funny fuckers. i often wonder what it’d be like if we had interstellar travel and could leave and colonize somewhere else. leave all the proggies behind. let them save the earth one tech-step backward at a time.
    how many generations do you think they’d last?

    farming would collapse in gen1
    they don’t hunt or fish….

  7. dumb new nurses rock!

  8. wait….
    that’d might not of come out right

  9. What’s the subject matter for your class Laura?

  10. Golgafrincham B Ark.

    Google it.

  11. Is that the one with all the hair stylists and phone sanitizers? You know, all the important jobs for colonizing a new planet?

  12. wakey wakey

  13. If I was in any fit state to colonize a wilderness planet, I’d be signing up for that so fast…

  14. Heh, is wiser covering the CT official kneeling in protest of Trump?

  15. Did you read that story Jay? That freaking women actually said “I don’t think the Pledge of Allegiance has anything to do with the flag”.

    So that whole “I pledge allegiance TO THE FLAG of the United States of America”…… that has nothing to do with the flag and is just in there cause the words are pretty….

  16. I pledge allegiance to your mom…

  17. Slow morning here, huh?

  18. Yeah, but it’s really busy at H3.

  19. I’m on strike.

  20. I love saying the pledge.

    Although, I’m not sure about the indivisible part.

  21. Your mom’s legs are not indivisible.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  22. If they just hadn’t added “Under God” during the 50’s we wouldn’t have any controversy!

  23. LOL


  24. In the movie Bells os St. Mary’s, the children say the pledge of allegiance and the “under God” phrase is missing. It was made in ’45. It sorta stands out when you hear it.

  25. We said the Pledge every morning in school, but I started kindergarten in January of 1955, so I never said it without “under God”.

  26. I thought you were before God.

  27. Nobody tell Jay the URL of H3.

  28. LOL

    When Red did that speech there were 48 states. Some knuckle dragger put a 50 star flag behind the video.

  29. Actually, at the very end he mentions the addition of two states. This was probably just after.

  30. I should have listened all the way through.

    Who’s the knuckle dragger now?

  31. I took a detour from my influenza book to read a few comic collections. Northlanders by Brian Wood is pretty damn good, it’s about Vikings. I just ordered the third of three volumes. The other one is Tarzan by Joe Kubert. He both adapted the stories from the original and drew the comics which is pretty rare these days. They’re from the 1970’s and would be met with condemnation nowadays by the SJW crowd.

  32. I finally signed up for the Babylon Bee newsletter and will admit to primarily looking at the article titles rather than clicking through to read them. There’s at least one every day that makes me chuckle. Today it was “Teen At Summer Camp Dedicates Life To Christ At Least For The Next Two Weeks”.

  33. When are you serving up the food for RAGBRAI Jay?

  34. that was Tuesday night. Freakin crazy at night.

  35. The Babylon Bee is great. They even poke fun at themselves, but aren’t really mean to anyone.

    The Onion goes way overboard sometimes.

  36. *kneels in protest of this poat

  37. I’ve heard about RAGBRAI before. My ex wife was a big cyclist and she wanted to ride in it someday.

  38. Right on the heels of Fakebook stock tanking:


  39. They interviewed a guy from Vermont who has ridden the last 5 years. You could get a ride from him!

  40. I would wear these around the house, but do you expect me to believe someone paid $90 for them at some time?


    Even $30 is too much.

  41. They have similar ones across Mass and Maine that she’s done that I know of. Haven’t seen her in over 10 years so I have no eye deer if she’s done it.

  42. A guy at Brewer’s League had ridden across the US at one time, both side to side and top to bottom. He had company this week.

  43. *orders several pairs for work*

  44. Not enough pockets.

  45. Shawn showed me where to get cargo shorts, so I have plenty of pockets.

  46. Speaking of beer, I picked up a 15 pack of this at BJ’s today


    Will report in later on the taste

  47. Hmm, not strong or high IBU’s. Untappd only ranked it 3.49. Hope you like it.

  48. Ill need to adjust my palate from the PBR

  49. Hey HS, do you sail on Lake Erie or Lake St. Claire?

  50. Lake Michigan

  51. Why so far away?

  52. Happy to see Facecock getting cuntpunted.

  53. Lake Michigan is the pretty one.

    Which port? I’m not far from St Joseph and points south.

  54. Arcadia

  55. Because Lk. St. Clair is shallow and boring, and so is Erie. I used to be in Harbor Beach on Lk. Huron. But when we bought the inn in Frankfort I moved the boat to Lk. Michigan. Frankfort’s harbor was too shallow in those days to haul the boat out, but Arcadia’s wasn’t so that’s where we are.

    Next summer I want to move to DeTour by Drummond Island.

  56. I would think St Claire would be as smooth as glass, with how shallow it is.

  57. Actually the more shallow the body of water, the more choppy it gets when the wind blows even a little.

  58. Drummond Island would be very pretty! Plus 3 lakes right there.

    Can you sail on Superior?

  59. the waves aren’t as big though, right? on the shallow lake, not Superior.

  60. Yes, but I never have. I’d have to lock through at Sault Set. Marie, but it’s no big deal. I’ve just never done it.

  61. The Babylon Bee’s utter loathing of Joel Osteen is funny.

  62. The waves aren’t as big, but sailing in chop is a pain in the ass – very rough ride.

  63. How much does it cost to go through the locks at Sault Ste Marie?

  64. The nice part about DeTour is that it’s only an extra hour by car, but you’re within easy distance to loads of cool uninhabited islands to anchor out.

    Where we are now there isn’t anything close.

  65. It’s free.

  66. The way the Soo works is that cargo ships pay a tax on their cargo at their destination port, and that money goes to the operation of the locks.

  67. Do they have boat lifts, instead of the locks? Watched a show about that recently, pretty cool! Originated in England.

  68. TiFW, James Patterson wrote an Epstein novel. Innuendo about Trump. Nada on the Clenis. Still touring with the Clenis about their book “The President Is Missing”. Mueller gave Epstein federal immunity.

    Hmm. As a warning to Trump?

  69. My daughter is sitting on the floor sorting through ‘old’ Polly Pocket toys from when she was a little girl. These are now considered vintage and some people are making decent $$ on ebay selling their lots. I saved a bunch of the boxes.
    She told me to keep them and sell some of my other crap.

    *wishes I would have kept the son’s Power Rangers and Pokemon stuff….but he wanted to sell most of them in a garage sale when he was younger, to put the money towards video games*

  70. Decent as in over $500.

  71. Polly Pockets


    Nothing like the feeling of walking barefoot through the room, and stepping on something incredibly painful only to find out it’s a goddamned miniature high heel.

  72. No boat lifts. Just locks.

  73. I think the Trent Severn Waterway in Ontario that connects Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay has lifts in places as well as locks. It’s almost 250 miles long.

  74. Heh, should have bought the Power Rangers at the garage sale.

    My mom used to collect baseball cards when she was little. She redid the first floor of her house with a secured loan from a vintage Mickey Mantle rookie card.

  75. Haha, did you read this twitter thread from AOS?

    Snowflake central

  76. Ugh. Driver’s side window motor kaput. And sleep doc recommended. AND a new med.

  77. I collected cards when I was a kid. I had Mantle, Maris, Aaron, DiMaggio, Kaline, Bunning, etc., etc. A whole shoe box full.

    Told my folks to toss them when I went in the Navy.

  78. Haha, so true!

    Twitter is Trump’s laser pointer & Dems and the media are cats.

  79. Cats that piss all over everything and caterwaul at every hour.

  80. Or basically the music Carin listens to.

  81. #6 just shuffled off to buffalo

  82. It is absolutely pouring rain outside. Thunder, lightning and no dish reception as well. Two scared dogs at my feet complete the picture.

  83. Beasn, it was when Mueller was the head of the FBI, during the original trial. Federal immunity. The State of FL went after Epstein after he was released from prison without notification to his victims. Swamp stuff.

  84. Brother Cavil, we got a quote of $700+ from dealer. Local auto glass repair shop did it for around $300.

  85. I had to call out Roto Rooter yesterday due to a blockage in my septic line. Turns out it was Facebook.

  86. ” Driver’s side window motor kaput.”

  87. HS, my mom’s boyfriends kids stole most of her baseball cards when they stole her jewelry and house cash. We have a few cards worth money. Instead of giving them to family, Dan wants to sell stuff. I’m not ready to sell my collectibles

  88. We didn’t really know back in my young adult days that trivial things like baseball card would become valuable. Antiques weren’t even a big deal yet.

    My Fender Telecaster would be worth a fortune. Sold for peanuts when my kids were little because I thought I needed the money.

    I think a lot of this shit will come crashing down, so don’t hold on to it.

  89. I know a guy who makes a fortune on guitars.

    Elderly folks find them in their attic when they are downsizing and have no clue what they are worth.

  90. How long does it take to get to your boat, Hotspur?

    That looks like a long way.

  91. My new tool belt is here! I don’t know why I waited so long.

    I am going to be able to kick ass a lot faster now.

  92. HS, I want it because I like it. Not about resell. My beanie babies are because I wanted them. Never about $. I’m just whining because Dan is in culling mode again.

  93. Heh. I see Scott as Navi Johnson with the phone book scene

  94. Navin.

  95. I use about 5 basic tools all day long.

    I bet I spend at least an hour a day looking for tools.

  96. Your mom looks for tools all day long.

  97. I bought a cold shoulder top today. Dan made it creepy by touching my exposed skin. Old guy said “Good morning, sweetheart” to me. He had nothing but vodka in his shopping cart.

  98. That was me!

  99. Cheap vodka. Scott would buy Tito’s

  100. Re: boat lifts and locks – I got to see the Falkirk Wheel when I was in Scotland.

  101. Your mom got to see Falkirk squeal

  102. I don’t know what I’m saying

  103. Go look outside RIGHT NOW! You can see Mars, which if you are where I am, is to the lower left of the moon.


  104. Beasn, it was when Mueller was the head of the FBI, during the original trial. Federal immunity.

    Probably because that fothermucker visited Pedo Island, too.

  105. is it a dot to the left of the moon? Because I’m not going out to visit the skunks and possums and skeetos just to see a dot to the left of the moon

  106. I was wondering what that was! Saw it last Friday night.

  107. “I was wondering what that was! ” = an unexpected dot

  108. The Polly Pockets are pretty cool. The daughter loved playing with them when she was little. They were a favorite toy. The reason why they are still in good shape is because I told her they were mine and if she wants to keep playing with them, she has to play nice with them and put them all away when she was done. No leaving them out all over the place like she did her Barbies.
    So, we’re only missing a few pieces. The dolls are about an inch tall and I’m thinking one of her friends from way back swiped them. (I caught a couple of neighbor kids I babysat trying to steal some of my kid’s toys. Brats. Their parents had more money and they had better shit. )

    Think we’re gonna sell. Momma is saving for something pretty for one of her fingers.

  109. Lauraw, it’s a very bright star with just a tint of orange or red if you are color sensitive.

    Earlier in the evening, you could see Jupiter and Venus. Also, the brightest stars in the sky.

  110. Well, I could still see Jupiter when I came home an hour ago. (to the west)

    Mars will be visible the rest of the summer and dimming through fall.

  111. 1 am here, got home from work about an hour ago. If I had known, I’d have lingered in the street to see if there was anything to see, before coming in. That’s what I’d have to do to get any kind of view to the South from this property (and even then it’s very limited by obscuring treeline).

    But, since I am already indoors and irresistibly inclined for shuteye, goodnight!

  112. Mars is a scam.

  113. According to the Kinsey Report, ev’ry average derp you know
    Much prefers his lovey-dovey to court
    When the temperature is low

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