MMM 330

July rolls on with intermittent heat and thunderstorms.  I just got locked out of my electricity website and now I have to call someone, so that’s exciting.



Do all the color panels help?


Michelle Lewin.


Abs in the bathroom.


Twister on hard mode.


Don’t hurry.  Take your time and make the right choice in there.up46u503m2w01.jpg

Looks like Saguaro Lake in AZ.


And that’s the post.  If you don’t like it, go comment at some other crappy blog.


  1. Refrigerator girl…whoa.

  2. Good selection today. Bedroom abs chick didn’t show her face so she gets the booby prize

  3. Monday did not start well.

  4. I think we would all be foolish to think Hollywood joking about pedophilia is just “making jokes about something taboo.”

    These freaks are mental and we need to pay attention.

    Seriously, WTF jokes about this stuff? Who finds this funny? I did not think even one tweet of James Gunn was funny. And who would find the above link funny?

  5. I have to make some phone calls today. Fixing up the door in my pole barn is going to be another $3700. Gutters on the workshop were almost $5k because it also needed fascia and soffet. Sold the Camry to my cousin for $8500 and blew right though it. Still have to get some stalls built before Winter.

    Oh, and the property taxes on the land in Comstock aren’t appeal-able until February.

  6. Apartment hunting today.

  7. My sleep cycle is screwed up. This next week is going to be fun as I try to get back into a regular rhythm.

  8. elationship for Erin?

    Continue to be a cocktease. It seems to be working.

    Hush, you. We like Heysus. He does nice boyfriend stuff. Takes her to the park, with a blanket. Opens the car door for her. Brings her pressents.

    Who am I fooling. He’s too nice. I hope she lets him down easy.

    I need him to pick raspberries for me before she dumps him.

    wakey wakey.

  9. MMM 330 is like 2 years of effort. Good job, little guy.

  10. Who am I fooling. He’s too nice. I hope she lets him down easy.

  11. I didn’t realize Erin had moved on to a brown skinned guy named Jesus. How very unracist of her.

    When she’s much older and gets accused of being racist cuz whitey she’ll be able to say that she used to date a brown skinned guy.

    She’s smarter than Matt. I bet he only dates white guys.

  12. WTF jokes about this stuff? Who finds this funny?

    Same with threats to the President. I loathed TFG but never wished him dead. (It would have made him a martyr and probably spawned massive rioting, too.) Don’t even joke about that shit.

  13. I thought Canada had all kinds of gun control.

  14. From the sound of it, Hayzeus is as brown as the typical male lead on a Telemundo soap opera.

    Which is to say “European with a few Moors 10 generations back”.

  15. Yea, he’s about as dark as Oso. I think his grandma is mexican, dad half, yada .

    I’ll let you know if he has the “fruit picking” gene. I have my doubts.

  16. Gunn found out the hard way the problem with running with the Wild Hunt.

    Mornin’ Hostages. Actually some presentable specimens up top this morning.

  17. She finds it funny though. On her phone, his number identifies as “My Mexican” with a heart.

  18. I’m as Irish as he is Mexican, by the sound of it.

  19. There are two sorts of Mexicans, the mostly-Europeans and the mostly-Indians. The small brown ones we usually think of are the second category. As for the first, there’s an old joke about their TV news having more blondes than Fox News…

  20. Anybody seen my pants?

  21. Morning, all! 😊

  22. Morning!

  23. Really, there is only one question for HeyZeus, regardless of the topic.
    “Are you a mexiCan or a mexiCan’t??”

  24. Good morning. Pretty girls in the post today, Leon.

    There is a friendly fly in my house. He wants to be my friend. I hate a friendly fly.

    Unfortunately, this particular one is fast as Hell and apparently also psychic.

  25. Urrrgh, just killed another big rattlesnake right outside the shop door. Fortunately, the dog told me he was there. Just like last time, I heard the dog barking, which is really unusual, and walked outside to see what was up. He’s looking toward the backhoe again. One more bark, and he took off. Big snake right by the overhead door. Not posting pics this time. Tired of all the geniuses who say they aren’t dangerous.

  26. Hmm, any idea why they showed up all of a sudden?

  27. Apparently the dog is calling them.

  28. “Here’s the deal. I leave your best alone. You send the members of your tribe who need culling, I get treats for warning the humans.”

    “Ssssssoundssss win-win to usssssss!”

  29. It’s been pretty hot. The concrete porch is probably cooler than out in the rocks. Another pretty big snake, 3.5′ plus. We run into several around the house every year.

  30. I’d like the dog to kinda help me focus in on where the snake is exactly. He’s 40 feet off, barking at the shop. When I come out, he gets the heck out of Dodge and goes back to the house. Meanwhile, I’m playing minesweeper, walking around trying to see the snake before I step on it.

  31. I see the dilemma here. You need to hire Oso.

  32. I hate snakes. Kill them all dead.

  33. Oschi agrees.

  34. My mom is deathly afraid of them too. She got a 6′ bull snake in the kitchen a few weeks ago. She wound up calling the sheriff (local guy, he’s a neighbor, not a 911 call). Of course I have modified the story with her for comedic effect.

  35. I like the snakes in my garden. There’s a big bertha that lives in my potato patch. I hope she’s eating voles and not just bugs.

  36. Although there’s nothing fun about grabbing a bale of hay and having a snake shoot out the side of it. Brrrr. Makes you shout and throw the hay every time.

  37. I have what looks like potato plants in my hill. I didn’t plant potatoes, but I guess some may have remained from last year. You think they seeded? I’m going to go look in a bit. So curious.

  38. Sounds like pepe can set you up with a few rattlers, laura.

  39. potatoes grow when you bring them home from the store. I’m pretty sure they would self start if you didn’t get all of them.

  40. We do have rattlesnakes in CT! Timber rattlesnakes. Just living in a couple isolated hilly breeding areas.

    I think our only other venomous snake is the Copperhead. Aquatic. We see them all the time in Secret Lake. They’re pretty nonaggressive, supposedly. Never did test it though.

  41. I didn’t think spuds could over winter that for north, but I guess under the right conditions it’s possible.

  42. That’s why i’m so curious.

  43. Never did test it though.

    Are you sure it’s fish biting at your legs? Good luck getting that out of your head next time!

  44. Got lots of snakes around here. I only send them to the farm in the country when they encroach on the zone of exclusion. I don’t mind them but my girls scream in a way that’s more terrifying than the snakes ever will be.

  45. When I lived in Monticello we’d see rattlers in the village frequently.
    A few miles south in PA they used to have round ups.

  46. Just looked up garter snake record – ~4’5”
    I relocated one last week that was around 3 feet, so I’ve got a ways to go before calling Guinness.

  47. Largest garter snake I ever saw was 3′ or so, and it had been a well-fed pet for several years.

  48. Ummm… where I’m from copperheads aren’t known for their sunny disposition. Matter of fact most material describes them as aggressive. Word of mouth stories all seem to bear the same descriptor, but then again, very few people tell stories about the non agressive snake the stumbled upon.

  49. Snake juice guzzler.

  50. Hey, Jack holes, you know who knows a lot about trouser snakes? That’s right.

  51. mare does

  52. Copperhead are aquatic? I’ve never seen that. And I have always known them to be quite aggressive as well.
    Are you thinking of cottonmouth (water moccasin)?

  53. Mention snak juice guzzler, and who immediately shows up?

  54. Hotspur knows your mom.

  55. How would you two liked to be kicked in the poon?

  56. *sniggers like muttley*

  57. Copperhead, cottonmouth, either way I give ’em a wide berth.

  58. *smooooocchhhh!!!!*

  59. Look! A trouser snake kissed mare! And not the other way around!

  60. Hahahhhahahhh

    Total Jackholes.

  61. “When I was growing up, there were scholarships I couldn’t get, colleges I couldn’t attend, jobs I couldn’t apply for just because I was a girl,” she lamented.

    Yeah, the poor whore was stuck going to Wellesley and Yale, and had to take a job in a sweat shop law firm.

    What a cunt.

  62. So, Carin, when are you going to have that “come to Jesus” talk with Erin……..

  63. She’s not in THAT much of a hurry for grandkids…is she?

  64. “When I was growing up, there were scholarships I couldn’t get, colleges I couldn’t attend, jobs I couldn’t apply for just because I was a girl,” she lamented.


    She’s effing mental. Why are we hearing crap that happened 50 years ago? Everything she said could be applied to men for different reasons. She needs to go away and STFU.

    Some are smart at math—science—art—cars—electrical work, for flip’s sake, stop with the separating Americans based on bullshit criteria.

  65. Erin’s come to jesus talk is more of a process, versus one event in time. She’s got this summer to finish up with classes (one done, one to go) and she’s working. Heysus limits the excess boys, and anyway they are mostly working or preparing to go to college. Or, they’re having that OH SHIT summer when they realize /or not that high school was a moment in time, and since they enjoyed themselves too much they now have bleak options. They don’t all have the loving parents that Erin has – who won’t assist them mentally or through guidance. Two basically were kicked out of their homes this past year, and have … nothing planned. I kinda feel like slapping their parents. I don’t know what they think their kids are going to do.

    And yes – both are from divorced homes and all the cliched add-ons.

  66. I read that Hillary article from Hotspur’s link and it’s a nice, short version of why everyone hates Hillary.*

    *Those people who like Hillary are mentally off. All of them, don’t give a shit if it’s your mom or beloved Aunt Gertrude or gay uncle Trey. They’re nuts.

  67. Carin, has Erin said what she sees herself doing for a living? Just curious.

  68. If Elizabeth Warren is Newsweek’s “frontrunner” for the Dems then everything will be fine. WTF would vote for that pathetic liar? We already said we don’t want a fist female President if it means we have to listen to a version of Bitchy Aunt Cathy every day.

  69. Leftism is a mental disorder. The fact there is a strange Bernie cult is disturbing to me.

  70. HA! I just read a Jesse Kelly tweet that said the same thing I did about Elizabeth Warren.

  71. I’m gonna let the Aunt Cathy remark slide, this time. Only because mine is really nice, and spells her name with a K.


  73. I’ve got two cousins named Cathy and Kathy. One is a blood relative and the other married into our tribe

  74. He’s too nice. I hope she lets him down easy.

  75. Hillary’s muu muumuu needs more play. Anyone who looks at that and thinks she’s okay needs a psych eval

  76. This is fucking awesome.

    Please, God.

  77. I actually have one of the aforementioned Aunt Gertrude’s.
    Don’t know her well, because Mom never got along with her – even since childhood.

    She looks just like a Gertie, too. Slovenly, trashy suburban Detroit hag.

  78. We already had our first woman president, and she was half black.

  79. Hotspur is correct and unless it’s a Sarah Huckabee type we don’t need another emotional, bitchy, jealous woman in the White House.

  80. I had an Aunt Gertrude.

  81. That Motherfuckers clearance should’ve been pulled when he did his “conversion” to Islam. At the very least it should’ve been pulled when he stopped working. He is one I definitely want to see up against a wall.

  82. Watching this in slo-mo really makes you wonder:

  83. Well, …..My company is officially fucked. Just got off the phone with idiot Project Manager who sustained a OSHA inspection and failed in a way that I would describe as catastrophic. I was at the site this morning and strongly suggested they get their harness and helmets on. They are working in line of site of the interstate which is undergoing major “improvement” as we speak. No reason to anticipate that OSHA would travel this road to oversee the the road improvements. No reason to think that (while in Union country) that the union would call OSHA….no siree….no way to anticipate this!


  84. If Trump was smart he would have revoked their clearances and said nothing.

  85. Ginormous fines from OSHA for those violations. I have seen companies fold because they couldn’t pay them.

  86. OSHA don’t play. It’s the one bureaucracy I cut some slack.

  87. This will probably be the straw that breaks the proverbial camels back. We been dying since the original owner passed away 3 yrs ago. Now his wife (who has a large holding of employee stock and carries the title of Treasurer) has been diagnosed with cancer and she is going to die. My President and my Vice President have had a ongoing personality conflict for the past 20 years and neither one has ANY leadership skills. finally, we cant find enough help to provide for our customers because of the shitty starting wages the company dictates…..

    Should probably get to work on my resume…..

  88. Im not mad at OSHA. We definitely deserved it. These dummies have been acting as if its the 1980’s for waaaaay too long now. Maybe this will help one of our younger workers avoid injury in the future (god works mysterious ways an shit). But we cant take a big fine right now, and the associated increase in our WC policy, etc.

  89. IIRC, it’s a $10k fine for the harness infraction. Per employee. One of the can kill a small electrical contractor or tree service with a bucket truck.

  90. Michael Ian Black, another “funny man” joking about pedophilia

    Michael Ian Black

    My day so far: Mini Wheats, writing, quick baby fuck, more writing, picked up kids from school.
    2:46 PM – May 23, 2011


    45 people are talking about this

  91. That guy has needed to reap the whirlwind for a good long while. Any bad thing that comes to him is deserved.

  92. Way Way back in the day ….dead baby jokes were the envelope edge of “humor.” Don’t know where the whole sex aspect entered the realm.

    @chi Well if that’s the case, were looking at a min of 30k and that’s without factoring any other PPE, equipment, lack of first aid kit, lack of water provided violations etc.

    Going to be a interesting Tuesday to say the least.

  93. Huh. A cursory Bingle search (just because I was curious) brings up this:

    Note – these were all after multiple violations/fines but not the result of an actual fall or death.
    Yeah, y’all might be fucked.

  94. Huh. Jen Rubin is as fantastically dumb as she’s accused of being.

  95. Copperheads do swim, but I just learned that most of the copperheads that I have seen in water were probably Northern water snakes.

  96. At the very least it should’ve been pulled when he stopped working. He is one I definitely want to see up against a wall.

    …If Trump was smart he would have revoked their clearances and said nothing.

    Yes. If you are no longer on the payroll, why on earth would you have a security clearance? And why is Trump even mulling it over? Just do it!

  97. Gertrudis. Aunt Gertie is even worse in Spanish. Rattlesnakes. My mom: we never saw Rattlesnakes in Hondo. First time Oso takes Dan to Hondo…Uncle Pres had just killed about a 4 ft rattlesnake in the drive. Hondo House was built into a hill. 1909. Had a pantry/basement that was accessible through the kitchen floor. Washroom was also built into the hill, but had access through an outside door. Wanna know who else had access to washroom through outside door? Effing rattlesnakes.

  98. Beasn, he gets to lead the news cycle. He gets to set the narrative. He gets to define “The Heel”. There’s a reason he’s in the WWE HOF.

  99. Toronto shooter identified as Faisal Hussain, 29, of Toronto.
    No motive is known for killing two young girls and injuring at least 10 others.
    (At least he lost the room temperature challenge!)

  100. Carin, has Erin said what she sees herself doing for a living? Just curious.

    Well, that is a sticking point. I’m not willing to push her into just anything and waste time/money. It’s a process.

  101. She’s 18. A couple of years of working won’t be a waste of time.

  102. Lol, OK so what’s her typical teenage unrealistic idea?

  103. Cartel hit-woman.

  104. probably Northern water snakes.

    I’ve only seen one once while swimming in a pond, she seemed as startled as me, perhaps it was my screaming like a girl.

  105. Would she make a good blimp pilot?

  106. Singing telegram

  107. My son has no clue either. I’m just leaving him be right now. He has his jobby job and is behaving well. And one of the things I suggested is that maybe not think about a exact job, maybe think about what he realisticaly wanted his lifestyle to be. Can’t have 2.5 & single family home and be Mr. Adventure travel guy. Does he want to explore the Urban/suburban life, or stay more rural? I think part of the problem is that there are so many options it is distracting and scary at the same time.

  108. Went to gun show this weekend, they had a really cool full size range simulator that displayed competitive shooting t

  109. …targets. Think like a real fighter jets mil sim quality. Son gets on the line and completely slays the array, then he does it again, then he does again, each time different target presentation and each time faster. I was like “holee shit”. I never worked with him much handgunning wise, mostly his rifle…anyway (enough proud papa) , on the way out he say’s “Hey Dad, you think you could make money shooting competitively?” And of course the answer is “Oh Yeah” sponsor’s all that happy horseshit.” …..kid goes on line today, applied for his foid card (I been telling him for months to get it) so when it arrives we can go to the local competitive shoot held each Tuesday…, regarding unrealistic ideas, they come with the territory. But I’ll indulge this one for a bit.

  110. Troy, that is awesome! And why couldn’t your son be a shooting champ? Go for it! It’s neat to see a kid develop a passion ( if it happens!).

  111. Oh, I know, Carin. Most kids don’t know and love story of adults too!

  112. Love stories are bullcrap.

  113. Except you and Hotbride, right?

  114. That’s a colonoscopy story.

  115. Disney is working on the movie.

  116. Watching Reds baseball. Talking about heartbreak

  117. I got drunk and bitched about Dan’s cooking on FB. Stepping away from drinking.

  118. Nobody cares about baseball.

  119. No word today about the Virginia job. I’ll call tomorrow.

  120. Good evening citizens!

    I’ve had a crappy couple of weeks, but went out and shot trap yesterday.

    That was a fun day.

  121. Damn you OSO!

  122. Howdy Phat! Did your bro knowthe motorcycle cop that got killed by the drunk Messican?

  123. Cards collapsed

  124. oso is gonna be happy with that one.

    Rookie has a no hitter through 7, and the Cards lose. Nice.

  125. I was very happy. Free preview. Dan is rooting for the Brewers.

  126. Free preview through 7/26

  127. Dan is trying to figure out when he saw the Tigers. He’s buttheart that I have all MLB teams before him.

  128. Nice, pups!

  129. OSO, no. My bro the motorcycle cop is my half bro.

    When my mom passed a couple of weeks ago I am the only child/sole executor.

    That being said, my brother Justin is awesome. Still in a wheelchair, but working as a detective.

  130. Please tell me you call Justin “Ironside” and that he laughs along with you.

  131. Yes, that has been noted.

  132. Also, he is the favorite partner of all detectives.

    He has to stay in the station and do the crap work.

    Line ups, reports, basically all of the shit jobs.

  133. I put all the love and beauty
    In the spirit of the night
    And I’m holding my ticket tight.
    Stupidity and suffering
    Are on that ticket, too
    And I’m going down the derp with you.

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