Tuesday Flowers

My raised planter has been re-purposed. No more vegetables allowed (i do have a small clump of chives still hiding in there). Flowers are everywhere now. Some I don’t know what they are. So lets have a naming contest.

Ya what ev haters… so i like flowers – sue me.

These are from around the yard. I fully expected everything to be dead when we got back, but I guess lauraw must have watered them when she was here moving stuff out of chez monkey-hut.

these have a funeral home vibe and scent:


lots of pansies:


the fence is a jungle of different stuff:

and my apples, cuz you’re a commie if you don’t like apples:


these are by the porch – hain’t got a clue as to what they are


There was some tranny named Flower when we were at the arch. You can see him here (upper left corner):


carry on


  1. Primo!!

  2. Ooooo, pretty.

  3. Who doesn’t like flowers! And apples! Well done on your lovely garden, Jimbro.

  4. Jam, I like that light pink ruffly daylily in the center left of your gallery shot. I shall name her, ‘Louise Mandrell, 1980.’

    I think that thing by the porch is a mandevilla.

  5. I can’t play. I know what everything is.

    Wakey wakey

  6. I could only wish for such a variety of flowers Mare. I have a lot of flowers in my yard but most of them are wildflowers or formerly planted stuff that’s wildsown on their own. I’ve let my younger boy do the mowing last two times and he isn’t as thorough as I am. When I last looked in the backyard there were a lot of flowers near the porch where he didn’t cut it

  7. Today Kavanaugh-Hate will replace Thai cave boys as the news focus.

  8. The kind of relief 12 families in Thailand are feeling right now is hard to imagine.

  9. Classic chancla deployment


  10. Lady in her 40’s article. Good luck with that. At 42, I think it’s a tad early to declare her victory complete. It’s not that I don’t believe her, or her confidence in her choices. It’s her smugness.

    The other day my niece declared, “I want to be just like you, Auntie Glynnis! Single and no kids.”

    Yea … I’d want “Auntie Glynnis” around my kids. @@. My childhood friend is childless, as is her sister. Their parents probably aren’t super happy about that. I’m sure it’s a daily heartbreak.

  11. It’s really rude of the folks in Thailand to rescue those folks during the wee hours of the morning when we cannot follow it.

  12. Pepe, I saw that yesterday and it made my day. Stupid dirty girls.

  13. You CANNOT make this stuff up and it’s hilarious:

  14. Are they all rescued now? Awesome!

    RIP to the one SEAL who died.

  15. Auntie Glynnis will be crazy Auntie Glynnis in a few years. And pretending to be happy will eventually shrivel her mind and soul even further.

    There is a natural longing that exists in humans. Female humans especially.

    I’m not sure if it was linked here but did any of you catch that skank, Wolf’s, oh so hilarious, take on abortion? It was a rousing 4th of July tribute to abortion.

    The sickness runs deep.

  16. Human sacrifice is an ancient tradition long honored by those who serve the lord of this world.

  17. The apparel story is hilarious. Creeper starts a company as an act of misguided repentance, then his feminazi employees – whose livelihoods rely on the fact that he risked personal capital to start the company – tell him that he should quit.

    Guess what, he did. That means y’all don’t have jobs.

  18. heh, nice article, mare. Business reality, meet college feminists.

  19. leon, he didn’t quit, though. He is continuing operations. Looks like he was going to quit, then decided differently.

    I’m not sure his target audience will continue ordering, but that’s another bridge. Meanwhile, dust off those resumes, ladies!

  20. Effectively, he did quit, forcing closure of the firm and the downsizing of all employees. Thereafter, he resumed business under the same name. The effect is the same as what he did in actuality.

    Did those cunts – and I use that word reservedly – really think that he’d resign as CEO and let them run the company he still owned? It’s absurd.

  21. That’s exactly what they expected, leon. Just like in college.

  22. He’s definitely still a pos slimeball. It just so happens he’s the slimeball that owns the company, and you can’t fire the boss, geniuses.

    It’s hilarious how shortly after they confronted him and he walked out, the company card was declined when they tried to order materials.

    I almost feel like he knew this day would come, and what he would do next.

  23. The other lesson from the story is that there is no absolution in feminism. You can’t apologize enough, you can’t do enough penitential acts, you cannot be forgiven no matter what for past sins. There’s nothing in that story to suggest that he ever harassed any of his employees, and they still wanted him to just give them his company.

    And no one involved will learn anything from this, least of all the cunts that run Refinery29.

  24. I chortled:

    “The response echos something many of the former employees have pointed out: Martofel’s ignorance about what it means to be an ally. Many claim that he centered the company’s feminist pursuits around himself, often putting his opinions first and ignoring the requests and advice of people of color, queer people, and survivors, including in campaigns geared towards those groups.
    “I feel like with many brands of allyship, there is an enormous miscommunication over who should be given voice. Alan seemed to feel that his voice should come first,” says Claire Quigley, who was a graphic designer at the company until the firing.“The strongest way to be an ally would be to NOT profit from feminism or survivors of sexual assault,” says Grogan.”

  25. Allyship. lololollll

  26. e’s definitely still a pos slimeball. It just so happens he’s the slimeball that owns the company, and you can’t fire the boss, geniuses.

    See, I sorta wonder – if this dude wan’t guiltshamed into thinking he was an abuser – when he’s nothing but an abuser based on the WACKIEST most liberal definition of the term. All of the sudden, these women are ready to declare him as bad as Harvey Weinstein.

  27. Just planned out my eating for the day.

    I’m going to have to cancel everything. I just need to continually eat.

  28. “The strongest way to be an ally would be to NOT profit from feminism or survivors of sexual assault,”

    If it’s not okay for him, why is it okay for them?

  29. LOL. Because they don’t see that their wages are profiting. It’s all about how you define profit. See: Marx.

  30. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Wages aren’t profit. Got it.

    That said, I should start a feminazi t-shirt business. If he could support 9 FTEs, there’s clearly good money in it.

  31. Wages are different from profit because reasons. Stolen labor, etc …

  32. The labor theory of value is the most transparently-false bit of “economics” that only a college-educated intellectual could believe it.

    I dig a ditch with a spoon. You should pay me more than the guy who dug a ditch with a shovel, because I had to work harder and it took me longer.

  33. You have to accept (with your mind turned off) a lot of bullshit to go along with Marx. I think smoking pot helps.

  34. The apples on my trees all have black spots, shame I have no livestock to feed them to.

    Pears look really good, though. I might have to make some wine.

  35. THis is when it starts to get fun:

    “”The trans movement is a conservative movement which reinforces sexist sex stereotypes.” Yes, yes, I know, transgenderism is a racial Leftist push against reality and DNA, but bear with these lesbians for a moment.

    Feminism has often pushed back against “gender stereotypes.” Transgenderism, by contrast, encourages those who identify with the stereotypes of the gender opposite their biological sex to take that identity as gospel truth and “transition” into a person of the opposite sex. This goes against biology, but it also goes against the idea that women should not fear their femininity just because they don’t like dolls.”


  36. “I’m a woman because I feel like I am, so I dress like a woman”

    “Any way a woman dresses is ‘dressing like a woman’ you misogynist!”

    *popcorn pops*

  37. Yeah, the tranny/lesbian conflict has been brewing for a while. Feminists don’t like the idea that a man can gain the benefits of the feminist movement by claiming to be a woman, and they don’t like the idea of being told that they’re bigoted for not wanting to have sex with a “lesbian” with a penis.

  38. I can’t imagine they’re enjoying all the trannies at their sporting events, either. It’s only a matter of time before a man is winning all the LPGA tournaments unless it’s stopped.

  39. The reason I think the guy is a slimeball is because I am assuming he only self-reported the least of his grody actions. I may be wrong to assume that.

    Oh, liberals! Always slavering to take over someone else’s business. I bet they could see themselves already in the role, driving the nice cars, acting like executives. Then the bad man killed their dreams of heroic theft.

  40. The reason I think the guy is a slimeball is because I am assuming he only self-reported the least of his grody actions. I may be wrong to assume that.

    I can just see it going either way. Moms give their boys way too much soy, and this is the outcome.

  41. What the Hell did I just stumble into?
    Trannies, feminazis, and transgenders before noon?
    *back out of room slowly*

  42. Pretty flowers, Mare!

    Mostly daylilies, but also an Easter lily, daisies, pink coneflowers (Echinacea), and petunias.

    Not sure about the pink flower bunches – phlox or vinca, maybe?

    And, yes, a Mandevilla vine. You would have to buy new ones every year up here, because it gets too cold for them in the winter.

    So jealous of your apples! We have a peach tree that is loaded with fruit right now. It’s a battle keeping the bugs, the birds, and the squirrels from stealing all of them 😊

  43. Floelwers:
    Weird. I planted six little Rose odlf Sharon sticks along the driveway a couple years ago. They all took, and last year I got a few blooms. I just checked on them and one *ONE, has 26 buds on it. The other five all have zero so far.
    Strange. These things are still barely knee high. I’m just happy they survived the harsh winter, but I want pretty flowers, dammit.

  44. I want to see Trump announce a training program for all admin and staffers to train and qualify to Federal Protective Service standards to carry concealed weapons. Not mandatory, only those that see the need.

    This so that staffers that desire, can be properly armed should they be attacked by overzealous whack jobs and capable of defending themselves.

    He doesn’t really have to do anything other than make a announcement. Just the announcement alone will make the leftists freak out.

    **FPS isnt known for their super deluxe high level firearms training standards, more like average. Maybe a hair or two higher than your average armed Security

  45. I bet they could see themselves already in the role, driving the nice cars, acting like executives. Then the bad man killed their dreams of heroic theft.

    They now look like DNC headquarters the night Hillary lost.

  46. Hahahaha, new conspiracy theory. Kennedy only retired if Kavanaugh replaced him. HAND PICKED!

  47. New meme for Laura

  48. perfect

  49. Just finished the lawn mowing. As I said before, I let the boy do the mowing the last two times. While it was nice to lean back, have a cigar and read while he mowed, I learned today why he was done so fast. Holy moly, entire sections were missed and the grass was foot high. Oh well, it’s a process, right?

  50. Burpees are finished for today.

  51. Burpees for today were finished yesterday.

  52. I’m going to burpee later. I’m sorta taking a rest day – I’ll spin and do my burpees. Tomorrow’s workout is killer, so I’ve got to rest up.

  53. Driver-side window fell down into the door of the F150. Shop thinks it’s intact, but they can’t fix it until Saturday. Managed to clear enough space to get it into the garage, but only just.

    If I weren’t broke I’d be getting ready to buy a new truck.

  54. Burpees?


  55. No burpees for me. I haven’t been able to eat since Sunday, and I shouldn’t have eaten then.

  56. The other day my niece declared, “I want to be just like you, Auntie Glynnis! Single and no kids.”

    And when the niece grows up and nutty Auntie Glynnis wants her to take care of her because no kids of her own…..childless Glynnis will be lucky if the niece remembers her and finds her a nice ‘home’.

  57. Went for a walk yesterday evening and it kicked my ass. Air wasn’t moving. We’re under heat warnings again, which is why I wait until 8pm before walking.
    Think I’ll skip tonight’s walk. Not feeling so great.

  58. Can’t you take the inside of the door off, leon? It’s pretty easy, once you remove a few screws, and pop a few clips.

  59. It’s pretty easy, once you remove a few screws, and pop a few clips.


  60. Ford mechanic: Yeah, I could have fixed this for real cheap if you hadn’t popped those clips off.

  61. buncha nervous nellies

  62. Burpees are a scam.

  63. I did that with my old Tercel, but that was a manual window. The motor on this one has been in bad shape for a while, so getting it replaced in the bargain is fine by me.

  64. Rush had VP Mike Pence on the phone at the start of his show. Pence quoted Pelosi saying that the Kavanaugh on SCOTUS would be ‘the end of civilization”. Rush’s follow-up was “What is your timetable for ending civilization and are we on schedule?”

  65. ha ha ha …

  66. I thought civilization ended when we pulled out of the Paris climate scam. Or was that when net neutrality ended?

  67. Oh, liberals! Always slavering to take over someone else’s business. I bet they could see themselves already in the role, driving the nice cars, acting like executives. Then the bad man killed their dreams of heroic theft.

    This. All socialists think this. Rush did an amazing job of explaining this yesterday.

  68. They were probably diving up his executive pay. Because – what did he do? They probably do all the work … @@

  69. Thanks for the reminder, leon. Got tuned in just in time (delayed Rush)

  70. One of Michelle’s cats got out sometime yesterday morning, and hasn’t been seen since. I’m a little bit worried, as she is all white, and thus an easy target for any critters in the neighborhood.

    She had just started warming up to us, letting us pet her and even sleeping next to Paul on the couch.

    I know it’s silly, but she and her daughter are the only living things left of Michelle’s, and they help me feel close to her.

  71. 😦

  72. It’s not silly. At all.

  73. New military fitness test:

    Strength deadlift: “With a proposed weight range of 120 to 420 pounds … ACFT will require Soldiers to perform a three-repetition maximum deadlift … and the weights will be increased.”
    Standing power throw: “Soldiers toss a 10-pound ball backward as far as possible to test muscular explosive power that may be needed to lift themselves or a fellow Soldier up over an obstacle or to move rapidly across uneven terrain.”
    Hand-release pushups: “Soldiers start in the prone position and do a traditional pushup, but when at the down position they release their hands and arms from contact with the ground and then reset to do another pushup.”
    Sprint/drag/carry: “Soldiers will perform sprints, drag a sled weighing 90 pounds, and then hand-carry two 40-pound kettlebell weights.”
    Leg tuck: “Soldiers lift their legs up and down to touch their knees/thighs to their elbows as many times as they can.”
    2-mile run.
    Eliminating the 2 minuets of standard pushups and 2 min of situps. The two mile run remains.

  74. Very understandable Teresa. Hope it turns up in a good way.

  75. I was wondering this yesterday


    Makes sense for the kids and the rescuers. If one of them somehow drowned it would have been blamed for their loss. But it didn’t and they were right to use it.

  76. With the old APFT I did okay with the run. PU and SU were more of a challenge for me but I always passed. This new test is a good idea for a focus on functional fitness. Wonder what other veterans think about it.

  77. I was wondering if they sedated the kids too. It makes sense. I obviously don’t know enough about drugs, but unless it could causes unpredictable behavior it seemed like the best thing to do.

  78. It just seemed like the obvious thing to do.

  79. That APFT is stupid. Too much extra crap. Too much focus on complicated exercises.

  80. And they still keep the fucking 2-mile run.

  81. Sorry to hear that, Teresa! Cats are funny though, she’ll be back.

  82. Since lots of new recruits don’t have the strength or “knowledge” to throw a grenade (featured in some article-where I can’t remember), functional fitness is kind of key.

  83. Random thought: How long until Stormie Daniels dies of an overdose?

  84. Drug those kids! Anything to keep them alive under water.

  85. Situps in two minuets is a kind of stupid fitness test. The test does seem outdated.

  86. When we first moved, we ‘lost’ both of the barn cats at different points for multiple days. They came back.

  87. The purpose of the PT test is to assess their basic physical capabilities for further training. If they’re so weak and uncoordinated, it’s going to do no good to test them on their ability to jerk off one-handed while balancing on a rubber ball, even if it’s somehow “functionally” related to their job. You can’t get to that point until you teach the basic movements and develop the underlying capabilities. That’s what needs to be tested.

    Not to mention that I’m betting this new APFT turns into a logistical nightmare. Weights, weight sleds, handweights, etc. You’re going to need enough to test a lot of people at the same time, which is going to be expensive to procure, and a pain in the ass to store. The old APFT was scalable, because all you needed were enough graders to track people.

    Push-ups, pull-ups, bodyweight squats, sprints, and a five-mile ruck march. That’s more than enough to assess whether someone is physically fit for training.

  88. Cheaper on equipment, too.

  89. Situps in two minuets is a kind of stupid fitness test. The test does seem outdated.

    Oh, the old APFT does suck. I agree. The problem is that this new one won’t be any better. It sounds like the folks who thought it up are trying to run the Army like a Crossfit gym, which is a bad idea.

  90. Comment by leoncaruthers on July 10, 2018 4:46 pm
    Cheaper on equipment, too.

    Yeah, that as well.

  91. Situps in two minuets is a kind of stupid fitness test. The test does seem outdated

    Almost 18th century!

  92. The fact that we’ve used the same one for so long does let us do some really cool long-term comparisons of force fitness.

  93. https://medcraveonline.com/IJVV/IJVV-04-00072.php

    Looks like quality control at vaccine manufacturers is falling, or fallen.

    But yeah, put these in your kid’s bloodstream without question or you’re anti-science and your patronage at this clinic will be refused.

  94. test them on their ability to jerk off one-handed while balancing on a rubber ball

    Pretty sure that’s Air Force.

  95. Nah, the Air Force PT Test involves a putting green.

  96. AYFKM? I just got a call from the State of Washington. They want to set up a phone interview regarding a position in Tacoma.

  97. I’m actually intimately familiar with the AF PT test, as my wife has been through it multiple times.

    As out of shape as I am, I could still pass (even without correcting for age), but only because I’m still fitter than most folks. It’s not quite a joke, but it’s easier than the Marine PT test, for sure.

  98. Would you want to live up there, Alex? I know you have family closer to there.

  99. When it rains it pours, CoAlex.
    You have job offers/opportunities from coast to coast and points in between? Sounds like a good problem to have.

  100. Yeah, Dad lives in Portland, and I have a friend in the Tacoma area, but it is Washington state, with all the lefty stupidity that entails (no offense to Chris and Anita). I’ll call tomorrow, but if they can’t do an interview this week I’ll politely decline. At this point if I don’t get a decent offer from Booz, I’ll stay in Ohio for a couple of years, get experience, and then see how things shake out.

  101. What area of Tacoma, CoAlex?

  102. Excuse me, I was mistaken. It’s Olympia, not Tacoma.

  103. Doing my go-to bachelor dinner. Michigan/Wisconsin style.
    Bratwurst, pierogies and sauerkraut.
    Very healthy, donchaknow.

  104. I actually laughed out loud watching the video


  105. Calling Hillary a bitch will only endear Kavanaugh to Trump’s base even more. I know it does for me.

  106. These dogs are friggen amazing.

  107. https://tinyurl.com/ycpubm5a

  108. I’d bet a large amount of money Bill Clinton has called Hillary a bitch.

  109. Everyone has called her a bitch.

  110. I bet that was baby Charlotte’s first word.

  111. The NYT ran a column titled “Hillary- The Bitch We Need.”

  112. Her best slogan yet.

  113. Shhh, don’t give her any ideas!

  114. The Clinton’s have billions.

    Why can’t they just stop? I don’t understand this drive for more.

  115. The SAS dog that ripped the throat out of a jihadi and saved his unit was a Belgian Malinois. Those things are badass. Like the Israeli Mossad of the dog world.

  116. They look like German Shepherds, don’t they?

  117. They can. They’re very closely related

  118. Kitty was apparently under the house all day. She doesn’t appear to have liked it all that much…

  119. Yay, glad kitty’s home!

  120. Take your handbook, it’s no trick
    Take the Chapstick, put it on your lips
    Derp a smile, adjust my tie
    Know your boyfriend, unlike other guys

  121. Very happy to hear about Michelle’s cat.

    I have a soft spot in my heart for animals. Although I have a soft spot in my stomach for them too. Anyhoo, I just hate to hear about pets who can’t be found. I’ve lost a cat to what we think was a coyote attack. Blue was such an awesome pet.

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