Bad Week to be a Leftie

Man, it sure has sucked to be a leftie this last week or so. Outdone by Donny Two Scoops, the single biggest idiot ever to populate the White House (their words).


Never has the divide between left and right been more apparent than the last few months.


Hopefully, the dialog gets a little better as the populace realizes that the media is completely one sided, and is usually completely full of shit.


They have been on the side of the left for so long they have forgotten what the right even looks like.

This isn’t going to help them as they continue to flail about like little babies.


We know they are crazy most of the time, but now the cracks are showing, and the rest of America is starting to see it too.


As a public service in closing, lets be careful out there. Carry your frozen wash clothes for your natural brain buckets.


Now everyone go over to FaceNuts and with PJMomma a Happy Birthday for the 180th straight day!

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  1. Truck dropped off. Dad drove me home.

    Did dishes, coffee and sun tea are brewing.

  2. Based on what I’ve seen the past few weeks, any Caucasian-American who votes D is a race traitor. Even the brutally oppressed Caucies who have vaginas.

    And shit.


  4. Democrats have all but adopted “Hate Whitey” as official plank.

    Also Joo hate, but only observant Joos.

  5. That is your news brief for this morning.

  6. Now … I need to get all my hairs (on my head, you sickos) cut.

    Little garden. Maybe mow the lawn. Lecture Erin. I want to get a few more pictures on the wall.


  7. This is my summer of “come to Jesus” talks with my kids. Yesterday was Matt’s turn. It is an ongoing process- not a 1 and done thing.

    Erin’s #2 round is today.

    What’s been Matt’s problem? Or was that the shit-test video you made him watch?

    Isn’t Erin was already having come to Jesus meetings on a regular basis now, what with him being her boyfriend and all?

  8. Matt was contemplating doing something foolish, that would not only hinder him financial, but would have cause a rift between him and his brother. IMHO, he had been shit tested by his girlfriend, and failed to see the reality of the big picture.

    I re-framed it for him. It was a good talk.

    I’m ignoring the the implications of your latter comment. And it’s HEYSUS. Or, NB. New Boyfriend.

    We still like him. Pay is ready to declare that he’s the only “Friend” allowed in the house.

  9. financially.

  10. Now … I need to get all my hairs (on my head, you sickos) cut.

    She lasered the rest off years ago.

  11. She lasered the rest off years ago.

    Painting her eyebrows back on every day is a real PITA.

  12. Are you in O_H_I_O yet Alex? Why not?

    Let me know how your come-to-Heysus talks go CARin. Mine tend to fall on deaf ears. I could use some pointers.

  13. I should shave today. Might lose the beard today. Heat is making it unpleasant.

  14. Thanks for poating, Jeh Ames.

  15. Will do, Pup.

  16. Sorry I couldn’t forewarn everyone, I had an dentist appointment.

  17. Been thinking about losing the beard too. It’s been 2 years now.

    I’ll be in California in 2 weeks for a week long installation, perhaps I’ll shave for the trip.

  18. Can’t see how a beard is comfortable at all in the summer.

  19. Great article on the border medic, Car in. I want to post that to so many people, but PJ Media! It’s the devil’s word!

  20. Pupster, I’m in Colorado visiting family and waiting to hear back about the Virginia job. I leave for Ohio tomorrow morning.

  21. You can post comments here. I know the poat is awesome, and all that. But you won’t ruin it!

  22. Having lengthy discussion on truck longevity. Finding a decent used truck is tough these days, and ours needs $1500-$2200 of parts and labor. Again.

  23. We’re thinking of a truck too, leon, within the next 2 years.

  24. 0bama’s “cash for clunkers” obliterated the used truck market, and new ones cost as much as a house.

  25. Not sure if we can even sell it for enough to cover the remainder of the Venza balance. The fences, shelters, roof and gutters we had to do on this place and the workshop have taken a serious bite out of our savings.

  26. In Colorado??? Hey uh….if yer going to drive through Illinois on the way to Ohio from Colorado, would you mind stopping by the store for me? I just need you to pick up a couple of things…

  27. It’s never “a couple of things” is it?

  28. Jay, there was a link to the facebook post in that PJM article. Here it is:

    Kind of ticked me off that the video newsblurb the local station put together did not actually include his most important points.

  29. Are you free on the 4th?

  30. Explains a lot. How many does the swamp creatures have under their thumb?

  31. Jay, CNN had an interview with Border Patrol. He said similar things as the medic.

  32. Bought some La Croix. I’m thinking…blech.

  33. If you don’t like La Croix, you probably won’t like the hard seltzer things either. The flavors are very subtle.

  34. I’m switching back to sun tea to save money. The LaCroix/Bubly habit was getting out of hand.

  35. Sun tea is THE BOMB! Gallons a week!

  36. except I boil mine, since I’m patient and shit.

  37. Is this when Rush reads the story of the National Anthem?

  38. Boil sun tea? WTF? You just set teabags in water in sunlight and wait. Am I doin’ it rong?

  39. How much la croix where you drinking? I bought a 24 pack last week, and I’ve had one, I think.

  40. Jay is calling the Sun a pussy.

  41. 2-3 a day. 12 packs here are $4. Same amount of tea is like $0.25.

  42. boil 2 quarts water, put in 2 teabags, let it sit for a while. No sun necessary.


  44. Hardly! The sun kicks my ass every time I go outside. I’m a Scandi Iceback, after all.

  45. I don’t really drink soda anymore, Mrs. Pupster and I load up on La Croix every week, with her employee discount it is pretty cheap, and both the Pupsterboys think it is poison, so win-win.

  46. We tried Bubly at home, didn’t care for it AT ALL! I’ll tell the Mrs. to try LaCroix, and blame you if we don’t like it.

  47. I’m pretty tan from yard work and lake time this year. A few more hours in the sun and I can probably start passing for White Hispanic again.

  48. I buy the generic seltzer water from Vons when they’re on sale for $2 a twelve-pack. Other wise it’s chai tea with heavy cream. I make iced tea, but it tends to sit in the fridge because I’m never home.

  49. Priest: Repeat after me

  50. Ha!
    Stolen Pallor, aka Rachel Dolezal has been arrested on welfare fraud.


  52. Stolen Pallor, aka Rachel Dolezal has been arrested on welfare fraud.

    I’m pretty sure that’s racist on a variety of levels.

  53. Property taxes for the vacant land just came. 10x what we paid last year. The sharecropping will not cover even half the amount, so it’s now a drain on resources rather than an asset.

    Good times.

  54. On topic picture added to poat.

  55. what happened to the original estimate, leon?

  56. ppearing to take a shot at President Donald Trump and make light of the various Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) checkpoints in Los Angeles, Heard took to Twitter on Tuesday, saying, “Just heard there’s an ICE checkpoint in hollywood, a few blocks from where I live. Everyone better give their housekeepers, nannies and landscapers a ride home tonight…”

    ba haaa haaaa

  57. I don’t see anything on the form indicating a change in taxable value, so it’s entirely possible that these are just the normal summer taxes and the last one I was on the hook for were the winter and thus smaller taxes. Checking my records.

  58. Yeah, the last bill I got was for winter taxes. I’m hosed. Unless the woods out back can be sold at a profit (one-time thing) there’s no way to hold the land without losing money until it’s off the books.

  59. LOL, “deep throat journalist”

    “……… the New York Times begins dealing with deep throat journalist Ali Watkins.

    (Via NYT) The New York Times demoted a reporter who acknowledged a romantic relationship with a Senate staffer who is suspected of leaking information to journalists.

    Times editor Dean Baquet said Tuesday he would reassign the reporter, Ali Watkins, from the paper’s Washington bureau to New York in the wake of revelations that she had been involved with James Wolfe,…………….”

    From here:

  60. We keep a potato masher…

  61. Rush was talking about reading the book, ‘Licensed to Lie’, yesterday. A caller today said the used copies on amazon, where it is no longer available, jumped to $500. (Kindle version is avail. for 7.99)

    I found it on the author’s website for $30. She deserves every cent for trying to expose them f*ckers. Looks like a good read.

  62. Jay, thanks for poating that link about our National Anthem. I knew very little about it’s history because the public school I attended SUCKED donkey balls.


  64. leon, why are they so high while the land is vacant? I think our property taxes for the farm are about $700/yr. But that is mostly for the three bedroom double-wide than the 16 acres it sits on…which gets farmed out and more than covers the tax.

    I’ll have to ask Mr. B what it would be if there were no house.


  66. Okay, here is the one I was looking for. Looks like the same shithole, pythons-eating-dog, dump.


  67. How do dragons…

  68. Well don’t let the thing go!
    Don’t they make a living with machetes? They should be lyong arund everywhere. Cut the fucker’s head off and eat the damn thing. Keep the dog around for the holidays.

  69. Did you ever hear about the cheese factory that exploded in France? There was nothing left but de Brie.

  70. leon, why are they so high while the land is vacant?

    Near as I can tell, it’s just based on land size.

  71. You should always carry a machete when traveling in places where you find both miserably hot and humid weather, and the potential for dangerous predators. Sub-saharan Africa, southeast Asia, Florida…

  72. Yeah, not going to try the seltzer things.

    There is something called ‘Sparkling Ice’. They inject some vitamins into sugar..fruit juice. The ‘bubbles’ aren’t as off putting as La Croix.

    The ginger/lime smells like bathroom cleaner but has a refreshing taste.

  73. Well don’t let the thing go!
    Don’t they make a living with machetes?

    That’s what I was thinking. The comments on the facebook posting of it were along the same lines…’why let the cunt go?’…’Where are your machetes?’.

  74. Sub-saharan Africa, southeast Asia, Florida…


  75. Sub-saharan Africa, southeast Asia, Florida…

    Any fundraiser with Bill Clinton in attendance

  76. On the plus side, it looks like I can deduct the taxes, at least. They count against my “farm income”.

  77. Zillow seems to think it’s gained sale value since the purchase last year, but that would require finding another sucker buyer.

    I kid. It’s good land, just needs someone who wants to build there more than I did.

  78. Today marks 2,500 days sober, by the grace of God. Thank you all for being a big part of that.

  79. That’s a lot of days.

  80. Almost time to get the pitchforks…………

  81. Congrats, Sean, that’s quite an accomplishment.


  83. Well done! Keep up the good work.

  84. Congrats, Sean. That’s a helluva accomplishment.
    Have a Diet Dr. Pepper on me tonight.

  85. Thanks, guys. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I think I’ll shoot for another 2,500.

    One day at a time, of course.

  86. Congrats. I can’t believe that much time has passed already.

    Tushar told me how old his kids are and I almost fell over.


  88. A Short Film

    Mare is Late, Now Even Later


  90. That’s wonderful, Sean!! Congratulations.

  91. Pepe, we are past time for pitchforks. Media is letting that shit slide too while applauding that fraud Mueller in his hunt for whatever the hell he wants.

  92. leon, Mr. Beasn says farmland is taxed pretty cheap around here. Had we just had the land and not the house, taxes would be 300-400 less.

  93. My property is a larger piece of vacant land contiguous with the smaller piece with my house on it. The difference is approx 10x, more expensive for the dwelling.

  94. I doubt I can do much about it, but I got it today and it’s not due until September. I’ll look at the property tax history and see if I can make a case of it.

  95. Just spotted a groundhog, and a damn squirrel is eating all of our blueberries.

    Stupid nature.

  96. You need a machete.

  97. Just spotted a groundhog, and a damn squirrel is eating all of our blueberries.

    Stupid nature

    I left to go to the ABC store at 7 – still broad daylight. A skinny racoon was walking around. I watched him walk right across the street towards my yard and bump into the fire headfirst. He just turned and staggered down the street.
    Odd behavior. Hope it was rabid.

  98. WTF autocorrect?
    How do you turn “curb” into “fire?”

  99. ABC stores are a scam.

    I couldn’t believe their prices when we were there.

  100. State run monopolies.
    Government should NOT be in the retail business.

  101. I think they wanted over $40 for a big bottle of Tito’s.

    $29 here, and we are expensive.

  102. Watching Next of Kin, bad Patrick Swayze movie from 1989. Crazy how many people I recognize in this.

  103. It amazes me when I go to other states and can buy liquor at 7-11 or the gas station

    Hell, I can get a slurpee made with Bacardi 151 and Everclear at a drive-thru in Nawlins. I bought a six pack of Corona at a drive-thru bar in FL, and the girl offered me a sliced up lime!
    Virginia has its benefits, but for the most part we suck. And we’re getting worse.

  104. I think Patrick Swayze’s mullet got a best supporting actor nomination out of that flick. Certainly was the best performance in the whole thing.

  105. He was a dancer who smoked 3 packs a day.

  106. Doing it wrong.

  107. Next of Kin, with the bus full of snakes.

    Prime movie!

  108. Congratulations, Sean! 💕

  109. Mark Levin’s radio show gets aired here from 9pm to midnight.

    Just heard him talking about the alleged front runner for SCOTUS, Kavanaugh. I did not know this guy used to clerk for Kennedy. Hmm.
    I find that suspicious how everyone is throwing him to the front of the line. Coincidence? And he says the Bushies are lobbying hard for him…as well as Rove. Don’t want a Kennedy clone. Don’t trust the Bush clan.

    I hope Trump goes with Barrett. Sounds like she’s been writing ‘originalist’ for years.

  110. Went for walkies the other night. Saw a young rabbit sitting in the middle of the sidewalk next to a busy street. So I tried to run him off the walk and back rough on the edge of the golf course. That little shit started dodging and stomping back at me. I don’t know if he wanted to play or was getting ready to kick my ass! I hope he didn’t become road pizza. I like a bunny with sass.

  111. “…back into the rough…”

  112. I like a bunny with sass.

    Unlike Jimmy Carter.

  113. Heh, the libs are gonna fight Barrett with everything. Scalia lite.

  114. Found the vegan

  115. no one is working tomorrow, WHY AREN’T YOU AWAKE?

  116. I wish I was working tomorrow. Holiday pay would be nice.

  117. Just got home from work a few minutes ago.

  118. I may work tomorrow.
    But that’s contingent on my buddy calling me before I start in on the beer and light the charcoal.

  119. I’ll be having wings, chops, and beer. No work.

  120. Not sure what I’m doing tomorrow. Probably sleeping a bit late, reckon.

  121. nah, you’ll be up at 5, as usual

  122. Gonna do some fries for tomorrow, too

  123. Pretty sure I’ll sleep past 5. Hope so.

  124. I just watched a video from Larry Wolfe where he grilled thick cut fries.
    Search on YouTube for “Wolfe Pit Poutine” and tell me that shit doesn’t look great.
    Now, I just need to find cheese curds around here…

  125. fries with gravy and cheese. how can that not be good?

  126. Weren’t you at the Coke convention back on nineteen sixty-five?
    You’re the misbred, gray executive I’ve seen heavily advertised
    You’re the great, gray man whose daughter licks policemen’s buttons clean
    You’re the man who squats behind the man who works the derp machine

  127. Up at 0455 despite no work today.

    Probably should apply a rub to my meat before too long.

  128. Thick cut fries look like they’re more fun to eat than make TBH

  129. Pretty obscure derpitutude Sean

  130. Local news is showing people shopping for fireworks. They’ve only been legal in Maine for about 6 or 7 years. Thank you Gov. LePage. Before that people just bought from vendors in NH, drove up I-95 with their fireworks and left the tax $$$ in NH. I bought some the first year, lit them off and that seemed to satisfy my adolescent urge for firecrackers and I’ve left it to the professionals since then.

  131. To the greatest Country that has ever existed…HUZZAH!!!

  132. Probably should apply a rub to my meat before too long.


    Jimbro, I know you’ve been a little stressed with the kids at the camp but COME ON!

  133. Hah! As I typed that out I knew it was low hanging fruit lol

    I just noticed that there’s a HHD over yonder, see y’all there

  134. To answer the question posed on the last thread…why does Paula put up with it or something similar to that. She had her older boy when she was young, wild and 18 yo. He was a preemie flown to Boston from Bangor for resuscitation and, only in her older years, did she realize that his fun dad with all the manic energy was bipolar. I’m sure she feels a lot of guilt for stacking the deck against him in so many ways. As much as he drives her crazy, she is his mother and all you mothers know how you fight for your kids. He has had regular come to Jesus talks which are mainly an exercise in personal elocution. Speaking to a brick wall would be more rewarding because you at least would have no expectations from the wall.

    Putting up with the other kid at camp? You got me. I’m only guessing here but she knows his mother from when they used to live around here and they have commiserated about their fucked up kids at many basketball games and school gatherings. I’m sure she views this as giving his mother some respite from dealing with his bullshit. Don’t forget she spent the first 36 years of her life walking with a limp from her dislocated hip. She played sports and was good at them throughout her high school years. If you don’t think the other kids who didn’t know her ignored her limp and unusual gait and didn’t mock her then I’ve got some used clams to sell you. I think, deep down, she has compassion for his circumstances (being “that fucked up kid”who is not like the others) and has the patience to deal with his bullshit. She doesn’t accept his bad behaviors and regularly corrects him but he’s Brick Wall #2.

    I don’t have that patience. I indulge her oldest kid because of my love for her. I did not sign up to deal with an extra kid’s shenanigans so I moved home until he departs Thursday. New conditions for him visiting are 1. NO and 2. If unable to enact #1, admission to the house for 24 hours is contingent on presenting a valid return trip ticket for the Cyr or Greyhound bus. And really, since he doesn’t sleep, it’s really like being with us for 2 days!

    Long winded and off topic but I’m sure at least one or two of you were wondering


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