MMM328: heat wave again

Been in the low to mid 90s for about a week, hot enough that I’m afraid to run the lawnmower and haven’t even wanted to go outside to do anything, even though it’s been sunny.  Did about 5 hours in the lake swimming with the family on Saturday, and that about wrecked me for Sunday.  Did manage to cut down a small cherry tree on Friday that was way too close to the house.  Debating whether the apple tree needs the same treatment.  What kind of moron puts an apple tree 5′ from a foundation wall?

Kayli Ann


Unnamed but worth looking at.


Her sports bra is frowning or something.




Matchy matchy.




Weathered wood.


And “Fourth of July Week” begins.


  1. Time to go start the ice cream churn.

  2. No go. Custard appears to have fully cooked and solidified in the refrigerator overnight, and the machine isn’t snapping together for some reason.

  3. is that your keto ice cream recipe, Leon?

  4. Got to 100 degrees in some parts of CT yesterday. It was pretty grody, ok? But the weather people were carrying on as if we’d all die. Ridiculous.

    In brighter news, along with the heat and sun, it hasn’t rained in a few days and it hasn’t been chilly at night for a few days either. So Secret Lake should be shaping up nicely for human invasion. I’m off work today and going to see if I can get Scott to knock off early afternoon and go swimming today.

  5. It is. I’m still adapting to the propane stove here, though, and the lowest setting is apparently still too hot. It tastes fine as custard, but I really wanted it to be churned and frozen. Not sure what’s wrong with the machine, I’m worried it got warped in the move.

  6. Can you warm it to soften it a little, and try whipping it/ freezing it anyway? Maybe you could make it into a semi freddo instead of ice cream.

  7. Possibly. I’m not sure if the churn will still work, though. Can’t snap the lid into place. Had a small dish of the custard for breakfast and I wasn’t displeased.

  8. Ugh, tired and cranky today. Our AC at camp isn’t all that effective and I felt like someone had misted the sheets every time I tossed or turned. Which was often. We’re not as warm as youse guys but for up here it’s unusually bad.

  9. My favorite header pic is back! It perfectly encapsulates The H2.

  10. Jimbro, how’s your humidity? Part of the problem we have here is that there’s just so much water in inland lakes and streams and ponds (all of which are extremely high right now, to boot) that hot days are absolutely swampy.

    The neatest thing for me about visiting Arizona was that it was the first time in my life that sweating had actually worked.

  11. Perfect start to a Monday:
    1) dog rolled in rabbit crap, necessitating an emergency dog bath.
    2) AC in our office building is out, and it’s already 300°K.
    3) Conference call with idiots next.

    GO MONDAY!!!

  12. Pope Francis, I respectfully ask you to STFU.

  13. Another July, fortunately the apartment’s A/C was recently serviced so it’s rollin’ fine. No, today’s headache is the trip to the oral surgeon to finish the extractions so I can use the nice denture I have to get a bite and a smile back.


  14. It’s only 292 kelvin here. *puts on light jacket

  15. wakey wakey.

  16. Why did you pick a picture of a baby having his temperature taken rectally?

  17. Humidity is also bad here. Despite past experiences with the whole notion of “work”, my workplace is actually more comfortable than home now.

  18. Kelvin and Hobbes: This Ain’t Hell But We Can See It From Here

  19. Ugh.
    I’ve been reading up on the 800+ new laws our dumbass new Gov just signed into effect.
    The stupid, it just burns. That’s exactly what we need – more regulation!
    Thank goodness the legislature has tackled the tough problems Virginia faces. We really really needed to name an official state salamander!

  20. That’s me looking at today’s temperature.

  21. I’m glad I live in flyover country. All GOP, all the time!

  22. Well, if you don’t start talking, I’m gonna go find some puns…

  23. I have an emergency drive to Detroit on deck right now. SOrry. Entertain yourselves.

  24. Why, did they run out of crime victims? BE SAFE CARIN

  25. That diet link was an incitement, Jay. I almost punned. Stop incitin’.

  26. Heh, Illegal Immigrant Song

  27. Our long national nightmare is over: Cher weighs in on the Supreme Court

  28. If there’s a facebook group for your community, and people keep posting pictures of hurt bunnies, and wondering where to take them for care, would it be wrong to post a picture of a pot of boiling water?

  29. Yeah, it should be a skillet, with oil and garlic.

    Lefty freakout over Kennedy continues to deepen. An 80+ year old man is no practically satanic for wanting to frickin’ retire, already.

  30. For Jay.

  31. Made it to New Mexico. Oso’s ppl are setting it on fire or so I just read.

  32. Can one or more of you nice ppl put up a Tuesday post this week ????

  33. Prease!!!!

  34. With illegal alien forest fire on top.

  35. I’ll do it.

  36. Tyia

  37. Better read the poat first, before thanking me.

  38. If Cher is excited now…..wait til Trump takes on the “New” Mexican Presidente!.. Anyone seen the shit this guy was talking while he was campaigning?

  39. I saw enough. How the fuck do you get elected saying “our nation sucks, you should all run away from it”?

  40. On the good news front…..Yall here about the thai soccer team that went missing in a cave 10 days ago? They were doing a group cave thing when it starting raining real bad and the cave system filled with water. Daily News is reporting they have all been found alive….I think thats kinda kewl. 10 days is a long time in the pitch dark with no food.

  41. 10 days without access to Jim Acosta’s crack reporting on CNN …

  42. “Good news, all five members of the team were safely rescued!”

    “Weren’t there six members?”


  43. was that a pro, or a con, jimbro?

  44. UPDATE: Holy shit, that sedative did the job! Now recovering at home while a friend grabs some supplies for me…

  45. I don’t know, TT. 10 days is a long time, but dems have been in the dark their whole lives…

  46. sedative wha?

  47. Does anyone have a 2920 mattress? Can get a good deal on this one.

    Any favorites?

  48. Brother Cavil…peace be upon your mouth. That can be tough stuff. Our own xbradtc has been down that route.

  49. Your mom is the “go to” expert on mattresses.

  50. Twitter weather report:

    Mix of sewage and jokes about sewage, with some flurries of outrage about all the sewage.

    Stay indoors.

  51. Except for Mr. Bean, whose bits I could never stand but this is really good.

  52. you guys hear about the Shit test? I just listened to it, and wow. I sent it to my boys.

  53. Car in, link?

  54. BRB

  55. There is a lot on it, but this is what I listened to specifically. It is very long, and interesting, but not necessarily all a mUST listen. The last 20 minuets. But if you have time, I’d listen a bit in the beginning to get the vibe. There is a lot of sites that answer this in a rah rah men, way, but here he’s really not talking about the hook up culture or whatever, but in a relationship.

  56. Here, he’s talking to a guy with a relationship problem, and he talks to him for a hour and 20 minuets. He’s good. But a lot is specific to the guy’s issues. At 1 hour 3 min in he really gets going on the shit test.

  57. Carin, you ever see the website It’s awesome.

  58. Hmm, I wonder if laura would enjoy gardening puns…

  59. I’m deeply familiar with the concept of a shit test. When I first grokked the concept, my whole first marriage made sense.

  60. Someone made me follow some (on instagram) bitch from Kalifornia with a garden that makes you feel inadequate in every way.

    Just what I need everyday. Pictures from someone’s perfect garden.

  61. The shit test isn’t a bad thing. It’s how it’s used and how one reacts. The guy really explains it better than I can, so I defer to him.

  62. I also like – earlier – the guy got his girlfriend pregnant and then they broke up. she’s pregnant again. lots of bla bla bla.

    But he asks the guys what he “loves” about this woman. And he says she’s a good mom. And Stephen argues that a “good” mom has a child in a committed, healthy relationship.

  63. These are our educators and entertainers.

  64. Not disagreeing, I get why they were being done in my relationship (even if my exwife wasn’t consciously doing anything), I also realized how many of them I’d failed just by trying to be accommodating, and in the process we both became miserable.

    This is part of that Game thing that all men can benefit from.

  65. Exactly.

    I know I picked the first man who didn’t put up with my bullshit (my shit tests, I assume). Lots of guys were willing to do anything, etc. And it’s exactly right. You ‘fail’ the shit test, I eventually lose respect for you. Or something.

  66. Just starting that video. Who thinks like that?

  67. As I said, it goes on for a long time. The important bit is the last 20 minuets. 1 hr, 3 min in. I found it sorta interesting, and I was driving.

  68. I give the guy calling credit for his honesty.

  69. no, it’s not about his perfect garden. It’s the resources on the site that have links to all these different plants, with their information, culture, and other great info.

  70. Did they discuss keeping your “pimp hand” strong, Carin?

  71. Ah, shit tests. Yeah, another reason that I’ll end up staying single.

  72. Alex needs a stronger pimp hand.

    Actually, most of it is what Carin said. A woman needs to know that she can’t manipulate you, that you’ll stand up to her. If you won’t stand up to her, she can’t rely on you to stand up to anyone.

  73. Guess that’s why I wasn’t a guy floozie: I was standing up to them too much.


  74. I usually don’t get that far. But I’m laid back so I worry about the things I can and don’t care about the rest. I used to have a nasty temper, and it’s taken me years to get to this point.

  75. People are weird.

  76. No, the vast majority of people are scum.

  77. Everyone with an awesome 33.5′ sailboat with a dark blue hull and the name ★ HOTSPUR ★ stenciled on both sides raise your hand.

  78. that call didn’t end where I thought it was. I was wondering why that guy was puzzled over things at the beginning. Interesting take.


  80. H2 Got Heat Prostration

  81. No, but my tummy is a little upset and I never made it outside today.

  82. I’ll be happy to see this heat go away.

  83. Hmmm, Penelope lost her voice during the Blade Show. Still not back after almost a month. She’s going to the doctor on Friday to see what’s up. Usually we get a little hoarse after talking so much, but it goes a way in a day or two.

  84. “blade show”

  85. I mowed (like a boss) fuck this heat. Don’t mean nothing. I kick heats ass! Fucking heat walked up to me and said “it’s about to get hot”. I said “fuck you heat” and mowed anyway……..then I took a nap, in the yard. When I woke up some nice people were putting ice in my armpits, it didn’t feel near as bad as you think….

  86. I keed I keed…I did mow, and it’s hot, did a fair amount of sweating, frozen was cloths are the shizznit for cooling the closely shaved brain housing group.

  87. WASH cloths you auto correct piece of shite

  88. Is she able to speak but with a hoarse voice? Paula’s step-mother had something like that 4 or 5 years ago. Definitely unrelated to overuse which it sounds like Penelope has. Her problem was caused by pressure on the nerve by a thoracic aortic aneurysm. Got a stent through her femoral artery which took care of the aneurysm. They had to wait a while to see what would happen and about a year later she got 2 rounds of injections in the actual vocal cords to toughen them up for speech. Sounds fine now.

  89. I’m overdue for a haircut. Last time I got my hair cut was the morning of Game 7 of the Celtics/Cavs series. I only remember that because the barber was talking my ear off about my Scary Terry (Rozier) t-shirt. The internet wayback machine tells me that was Sunday May 27th. No wonder I feel like I’m wearing a hat in this heat.

  90. Hey Jimbor. How’s the stepson situation going?


  92. Heh heh, we’ve had a friend of his up at camp for about a week that is making him look like a saint. He just saw his new adult PCP after graduating from a pediatrician and, because she knew how it would go, Paula went with him. She kept her mouth closed through the whole visit except at the end. We were denied by our insurance co for a neuropsych eval and this visit was to push for it. At the end the doctor was wrapping things up and she put some knowledge on him. Basically letting him know that he had to practice his address, mailing vs physical, just last year because he had no idea what they were. How he is unable to keep his work schedule straight and relies on sending a picture of the schedule to Paula who prompts him to be ready to go to work And on and on. He eventually saw the light.

  93. I’ve been cutting my own hair since Obama.

  94. The kid staying with us at camp is a former classmate of his who moved to Freeport a few years ago when one of his mothers died. He is way more dense then our dense one. He’s also probably bipolar and has spent every night awake until 3 or 4 in the morning, chewing tobacco and sunflower seeds (with separate spit bottles for each left on the living room coffee table), watching TV, drinking energy drinks and sleeping until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. He’s been told multiple times to cut the shit but he is recalcitrant. Also a ginger. I finally lost my shit last night when I got woken up at 2AM and had to take a piss only to see him sitting on the couch, TV blasting, etc etc. I told Paula that if he wasn’t gone by the time I was done at work she was the solo adult at camp until he left. She is friends with his mother and the plan was that he is leaving July 5th. I told her I’d see her then. I’ve had about 3 or 4 hours sleep the last few nights between the heat/humidity and the older kids’ bullshit. I’m at the end of my rope and just need to get some sleep and focus on doing well at work which is a pretty fucking important thing in my life. I’m at home now and, while I miss everyone but the aforementioned teenage assholes, I plan on going to get some undisturbed sleep real soon.

  95. As an example of his behavior: he failed his driving test for the second time and was so bullshit at his mother told her he was moving in with us at the same time he calmy asked if he could come up for a visit (narrator voice, sotto voce: “NOT A FUCKING CHANCE IN THIS WORLD”) and took an Uber for $150 from Freeport to Bangor rather than the Greyhound that cost less than $20.

  96. Failing a driving test is pretty difficult.

  97. Can only speak in a whisper, if she tries more, it cracks and is really hoarse, Jimbro. She had a sinus infection too. Hopefully it will clear up.

  98. Even ours did it first time. He got to drive around the general area of the DMV for weeks ahead of the actual test. Not that it helped him maintain his license (mid-July court date).

    Alright, I gotta shuffle


  99. He’s manic. Hope he gets help soon.

  100. Nice one, chrisp!

    Sorry to hear of the difficulties, Jimbro.

  101. I wonder what the illegal fireworks count is going to be tonight. Last night it was 4. I expect it to be double that.

  102. Why do my comments consistently fail to post?
    Meh. Not important. I was just complaining about the heat and humidity today. And the fact that my oven decided to take a shit.

  103. Each night I count the stars in the sky
    Hoping that you aren’t telling me lies
    You’re with me tonight, I’m captured by your charms
    Oh, pretty baby, won’t you derp me in your arms?

  104. hahahhhhha, this guy knocked at least 3 antifa pussies out:

  105. Do you guys know if the adds for antifa protesters are real? The adds say they’ll pay between $12-15 PLUS overtime. I don’t know if they are real, but it certainly seems in keeping with the “I don’t know what I’m protesting but ___________ is bad because rational people believe the opposite.”

  106. Plus, “Not working and living in my Mom’s basement doesn’t afford me those things in life I love the most, ding dongs, cheetos, butt hurt cream, tube socks and fat chaffing balm.”

  107. Plus, Soros is evil.

  108. Dropping off truck for shocks & struts. Going to ask them about the transmission and power steering lines because wife can’t remember which needs help.

  109. Taking a plate and screws out of an adorable 7 yo girl this morning who was happy and joking with the nurses until I walked in. Her parents said that once she saw me, things got real. I had her laughing again by the time I left. Phew…

  110. Jimbro – i know your wife isn’t happy with #1’s antics – why is she letting that stuff go on at the lake house?

    This is my summer of “come to Jesus” talks with my kids. Yesterday was Matt’s turn. It is an ongoing process- not a 1 and done thing.

    Erin’s #2 round is today.

  111. Yes, I know that Paula’s son has issues, I don’t know what has been “diagnosed” but allowing that friend of his to be creepy in your house? No thank you.

    Isn’t the camp supposed to be a place of fun and relaxation in between operating on adorable 7-year-old girls?

    It’s good you left.

  112. You know, I’m about to have a come to jesus talk with YOU PEOPLE …

  113. Who are you calling, “you people”?

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