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  2. Now everybody is playing the blame game re. the Victoria Martens case that Oso mentioned. DA is blaming the cops, cops are blaming the previous chief, cops are blaming the fact that the defendants lied to them!!!, mayor is blaming previous administration, etc.

    They did finally find something to cover other than the “border crisis”.

  3. Good morning, Hostages. Whose turn is it to secretely give Pupster bacon under the table when Mom’s not watching?

  4. secretly

    If you’re giving bacon by secretion, you need to see an endocrinologist and an exorcist and cut back on meat

  5. Only of its that fake turkey bacon crap. He ain’t getting the good stuff.

  6. I give your moms sausage under the table…

  7. It’s hotter than a $2 pistol out there.

  8. I made potato salad today.

  9. I’m working this weekend.

  10. Yeah, get to work on that whole locally-sourced bacon thing.

    I’ve been telling my fambly about this place, headed there now.

  11. Grab me a box of gluten free crullers with rainbow sprinkles and some locally sourced sausage please

  12. Yeah hot as blazes already.
    The Jehovah’s Witnesses were here at about 10 and they were already sweating like Mike Tyson at a spelling bee.

  13. My town is holding our annual freedom festival today. I’m thinking we could move it til mid october. It’s Africa hot out there…..Tarzan couldn’t stand this heat.

  14. Paula was up at the ass crack of dawn to get ready for a memorial for her friend’s mother who died of ALS this past winter. The woman went quick, she was able to stop by our camp last summer for a big cookout we were having. It was a fast visit and she didn’t come up the stairs inside which, in retrospect, makes sense. We didn’t know she had been diagnosed at the time. The service is way over in Farmington which is about a 3 hour drive from here. I’m in charge of the dogs and the layabout teenagers loafing in the living room.

  15. “Sweating like a whore in church”

  16. Did you ever get the phone reception deal solved?

  17. Not yet. The Verizon booster requires an internet connection which sort of defeats the purpose. If we had a decent connection there would be no problem. I found another device called a weBoost which only requires electricity and an outside antenna. I tried ordering it direct from the manufacturer but the ordering process was FUBAR’d. After trying a few times I gave up. I found the same thing on Amazon but was faced with several other options as well. Which prompted me to revert to one of my default maneuvers: procrastination. It’s time to do some more research and ask around st work to see if anyone else has had luck with a local source.


  19. Sweating like R. Kelly at the Kids’ Choice Awards.

  20. Ahhh – procrastination. My longtime friend and companion.

  21. OK, so these two dumb crooks were trying to escape a convenience store. The video is silent, so some geniuses found a silent movie soundtrack to play at the same time. It’s perfect. And funny.

    Load both and play as close to the same time as you can:



    Stick with it, it’s pretty great.

  22. they were already sweating like Mike Tyson at a spelling bee.

    Stealing that.

  23. I saw that video and found it reassuring that Canada has losers and skanks too


    Mayo belongs in tuna fish salad and turkey sammiches and that’s it.

    I like Bruce Willis’s line from “The Whole Nine Yards” about mayo on hamburgers.

  25. My dad is driving me batshit crazy. I called, and I didn’t even get a hello, I got “It’s about time you called.” I call every week. It may be Saturday, it may be Sunday, but I. Call. Every. Week. My dipshit brother can go for months without calling, my sister hasn’t spoken to him since my oldest brother’s funeral in 2010, but I get “It’s about time you called.” Dayum.

  26. Mrs. Pupster’s store has a “Wellness” department, and it is everything you would think it is for Holistic Hippie southern canada. She had to call in to the Wellness Lady for an update, and found out she is a volunteer organizer for “The March”. Without getting any details, she hung up and asked me if I knew what the march was for or against.

    “Let’s see, it’s anti-Trump, so I’m going to say pro-immigration save the children at the border who are being locked into cages.”

    While she was googling I saw her eyes get a little wider, “That is it exactly! How did you know?”.

    “I figured it was either that or pro-gun control support our free press that are under attack by guns and Trump being mean to them.”

    “That too! You already knew about this, didn’t you?”

    “Nope, lucky guesses.”

  27. I need a nap. Commie cousin should be here soon though …

    It was hot AF and Zumba was crazier than your mom the week before Fleet Week. Only about half of us finished. I want my funcking finisher medal.

  28. I like Mayo, and will even admit to putting it on my original Chick-fil-A sammiches.
    Of course, there is only one Mayo, and that’s Duke’s.

  29. Why on earth are they “marching”/protesting against Trump in Canuckistan?
    Do they realize how silly that is? Nevermind… They don’t care.

  30. I looked for it on youtube and on the Daily Caller website. There’s a DC article about this guy but no video. He cuts right to the point.

  31. Pupster, there’s no reason that Mrs. Pupster can’t get Trump supporters for this march, is there?

    And are they looking for marchers, or people to man a booth? Will they be paid for this, or are they expected to “volunteer” for free?

  32. My primary condiment is mustard. I like almost every kind of mustard including good ole yellow mustard in the squeeze container. We use mayo occasionally but have learned to buy it in the smaller container since it so often goes bad before we use it up. Paula made a pasta salad for this get together today and was horrified to discover the jar she had expired last year. The boys were playing hoops by the corner store and we’re abl to get a jar that will last for the rest of the year

  33. were able

  34. My ex wife used to get the vegan mayonnaise. Yuk

  35. From the previous thread, in case you missed it.

    L – R, Carin – Zumba

  36. Holy cow!

    My 2018 sales will surpass last year’s total sometime next week.

    I think I’ll vote for Trump again.

  37. That’s awesome.
    Is it a seasonal business? Or are you literally on track to have a 100% increase?

    Tired of winning yet?



  40. It’s a little bit seasonal.

    4th quarter tends to be a snoozer.

  41. When I worked retail sales, I could 70% of my business between Thanksgiving and February.
    Basically, Christmas, News Years resolutions, and tax season money. Slight uptick when we had blowout sales every once in a while.

    Nobody wants to go outside to workout in the summer, so I could go days without ever seeing a customer. I got in trouble for putting a “gone fishing” sign on the door with my phone number one year. Heh, little did they know that I did it quite often.
    Couldn’t (wouldn’t?) fire me because I blew away all my sales goals and had four of the most profitable stores out of 30 something stores.

  42. Aaaarrrgh. #1 son was out checking cattle, and the frame on the ATV broke in two, right in the middle. It’s right at the part that holds the transmission and transfer case so you can’t really weld it back together. It’s old enough that no parts are available, so now we get to try and track down a new(er) one. Juuuust when you start getting ahead……



  45. May have tracked down the assembly we need. Really hoping we can get this thing put back together.

  46. Greetings, people who would never, ever buy illegal fireworks.

  47. Hope #1 son is okay!

  48. #1 son is fine, no wreck occurred. He just needs the ATV to get the horses in before tomorrow morning. Hopefully they will come in on their own, or he can borrow one. He’s got the finesse of a Marine, can break anything.

  49. Good luck, Pepe! Growing up in a farming community, I learned the importance of keeping older equipment running. Nothing was throwaway. My brother uses a tractor that is much older than we are.

  50. Wow, Atlanta can really hit. They are 2 years ahead of schedule, I think. They are a real contender.

  51. No fighting, but there are a bit of conspiratorial bs when my sister showed up. I think my uncle was hoping I would go after the guy, because he can’t. But, i was a good girl.

  52. He did try to bait me with “50% of crossfitters get seriously injured. “. A stat I believe he pulled directly out of his ass.

  53. Reply…..only the weak faggots.

  54. It’s only 20%.

  55. Of the people I know who do crossfit it is 100%.

  56. I’m surprised you didn’t respond “100% of jackasses that talk shit about crossfitters get injured.”

  57. Houseguest is never leaving.

    We are closing in on 8 months.

  58. 20% may not sound like much, but it’s still far too many people. And while nobody wants to take away your right to exercise, it’s time we had a conversation about commonsense Crossfit control in this country.

  59. I pay people to crossfit.

    I should look for some people to join my cult.

  60. Houseguest is never leaving.

    We are closing in on 8 months.

    Buy a few copies of this and start leaving them around the house.

  61. Will do, but it is still too soon

    That will be the one year mark.

  62. You’re just laying the groundwork, scott.

  63. Have you mentioned your sleepwalking and flashbacks to when you were a “problem eliminator” for the cartels, Scott?

  64. Secretly pack up everything one night and move away.

  65. I’ve escaped California and made it as far as Las Vegas tonight.

  66. As for me, well, I’ll find someone
    Who’s not goin’ derp in the sales,
    A nice little housewife, who’ll give me a steady life
    And not keep going off the rails,

  67. Standoff with Thomas Jane and Laurence Fishburne is a pretty good movie.



  70. ww

  71. “100% of jackasses that talk shit about crossfitters get injured.”

    He’s probably just bitter I can lift more than he can.

  72. Coffee on the back porch with Paula, my faithful red heeler and every mosquito that managed to get in past the screen door

  73. I’ll take mine with cream and sugar.
    If I had the energy, I’d make biscuits & gravy. Or at least toasted bagels & cream cheese. Sadly, I am lazier than my minpin this morning.

  74. Comment by terribletroy on June 30, 2018 9:34 pm
    Reply…..only the weak faggots.


    This made me lol so loud that my cats’ ran up the stairs.

  75. Sad news from phat last night – his mother passed away. He is in Texas for a bit. Prayers and thoughts for him and his family. I’m gonna light a candle at church today.

  76. Oh, shoot. Will keep Phat in my prayers. Did she die unexpectedly, Roamy?

  77. I think so, Mare. I didn’t ask how she died, but it sounded like it was a shock.

  78. Seeing vids out of Portland. Patriot Prayer vs. Antfifa. Didn’t go well for antifa. One patricularily sweet one depicts antifa guy getting knocked the fuck out after hitting a guy with some kinda stick like weapon.

  79. Links?

  80. Every Relationship Needs This

  81. ^ More entertaining than a hippie-beatdown.

  82. 100 degrees today.

    It’s gonna suck.

  83. I got no linkfu. There are three or four on LiveLeak.

  84. Expect to see more antifa in the run up to the midterms

  85. We’re getting temps in the 90’s today and as high as 95 in the 4th.

  86. SMH

  87. Knockout

  88. The lad in the wheelchair will end up paralyzed if he keeps that up.

  89. The antifa punks are funny.

  90. I’m looking forward to the antifa clowns going full ‘tard Their collective beatdown will be epic.
    One of my wife’s relatives is a scrawny maggot infested antifa wannabe – I could probably brush past him in a crowd and knock him out accidentally.

  91. That was my thought too Jam. It’s hard to see in the gif but he looks like an achondroplastic dwarf. They notoriously have narrow spinal canals.

  92. Knockout

    That guy grabbed grass and really followed through. Nice form.

  93. Plus he grabbed the guy’s baton and took it away.

    This mob shit is going to get out of hand. People are going to get hurt and killed. Passive police just encourage it.

    They had a sit-in and “600 were arrested”, no, they basically gave them tickets and turned them loose. If they went to jail and were processed in, they might be deterred in the future.

  94. If it weren’t Portland, I’d say “maybe there’s a sane judge with the balls to jail them all come day of court.”

  95. “But if the D.S.A. is happy to work alongside liberals, its members are generally serious about the “socialist” part of democratic socialist. Its constitution envisions “a humane social order based on popular control of resources and production, economic planning, equitable distribution, feminism, racial equality and non-oppressive relationships.”

  96. It’s really too hot to go outside, and everyone here (IRL and online) is being boring.


    This is why I don’t mind working Sundays. No one does anything.


    Jimmy Buffett wrote in one of his books that he did the same thing, mispronouncing “Happy New Year” in Spanish until someone stopped him.

  98. I’m in Utah and have stopped for lunch. Seven more hours to go…

  99. Don’t take any pamphlets and for dog’s sake don’t give anybody there your new address.

  100. Try not to marry a couple of women while you’re there.

  101. Carin, Leon, Hotspur, what can you tell me about John James running for Senate? He’s running against Dingbat Debbie.

  102. I’ve got yard work to do after the sun is a little lower. Right now I’m prepping custard to put in the ice cream churn later.

  103. Carin, Leon, Hotspur, what can you tell me about John James running for Senate? He’s running against Dingbat Debbie.

    He’s not Debbie. That’s all I know.

    And that’s enough.


  105. Don’t take any pamphlets and for dog’s sake don’t give anybody there your new address.

    I gave them yours.

  106. ^Happy Canada Day, eh?

  107. Well, this Alabamian is about to interfere with your election in MI. I didn’t think you’d mind.

  108. In the AoS movie thread yesterday, someone mentioned that Strange Brew is a silly version of Hamlet. Now I have to watch it again.

    One of Mr. RFH’s bosses looked like Max von Sydow.

  109. When does Alex become Columbus Alex.

  110. Lapeerpalooza?

  111. If that’s Lapeerpalooza, who’s doing the faceplant? Mare?

  112. seriously bad baseball in st louis, and not the braves

  113. Sox Yankees in NY this weekend. Each team had a blowout and the last one is tonight. Both teams are having banner years which sucks since one of them is going to be awfully disappointed come September.

  114. Just finished a book called “Quartered Safe Out Here” which was a memoir of the British in Burma during WWII. The author, who was there, lamented what has become of Great Britain these days in certain parts of the book. Lots of dialogue recreated from memory that was hilarious to read. He wrote the dialogue parts using the speech patterns of the men from scattered parts of England at the time which required some deciphering.

    Next up, a book about the Great influenza of 1918.

  115. Whoa, new political term: out of state dark money. It’s funding making Mizzou a right to work state.


    They are claiming that the rich are just going to suck the money away from every worker to the tune of 8700 dollars.

  116. Jimbro, you’d probably enjoy Fraser’s Flashman series.

  117. I’ve done a quick search and may dive deep into the series. I can’t order them on my phone for some reason but I emailed myself the Wikipedia article about them. Last summer it was the whole Dewey Andreas series, this summer it may be Flashman

  118. a book about the Great influenza of 1918.

    My great-great-grandmother died in Tampa in the early days of the pandemic. My great-great-grandfather went to put flowers on her grave, only to find that the cemetery had been turned into a mass grave, and her headstone was leaning against the fence. Rather than put it back in a random spot, he brought the headstone home then later moved it to GA and bought a cemetery plot for placement.

    We ended up moving the marker again to bury my great-aunt in that spot.

  119. Holy crap, no wonder my grandmother didn’t like her stepmom. I went looking through for that side of the family. My step-great-grandmother was two years younger than my grandmother.

  120. Mr. RFH reports that someone put an American flag on FIL’s grave (he was a WW2 veteran). Thank you, nice person.

  121. Pretty much the first thing that happened when I got to work today:

  122. My step-great-grandmother was two years younger than my grandmother.

    Oof. That can’t be an easy family dynamic right there. Pretty sure that would make just about any kid feel weird.

  123. Better than a pile of poop on the floor!

  124. Or in one cup

  125. What happened to my past comment? In the dumpster?

  126. Thus far, there has been no floor-pooping. Let us pray for the potential victims of my potential multi-state killing spree that whoever’s been doing it either stays home or happens to be plugged up today.

  127. Not in spam.

  128. Mr. RFH reports that someone put an American flag on FIL’s grave (he was a WW2 veteran). Thank you, nice person.

    I do this often. When Mom puts new fake flowers on (step)Dad’s marker, I take the old (perfectly fine) flowers and find a grave of a vet that looks like it hasn’t been visited in a while, and put them in the vase along with a new flag on a stick.

  129. Yer a good man, chi.

  130. I scatter counterfeit $10 bills for kicks.

  131. What a coincidence, scott. If you’ll look at my comment from 7:10, you’ll see that I fou–


  132. I wouldn’t say all that, Sean.
    I’m really pretty much a dickhead.

  133. I haven’t visited mom’s grave in quite a while. Now dad’s right next to her.

    Honestly, I just can’t bring myself to do it anymore. Used to do it each year on her birthday.

    I gotta get out of this town. Hurts too bad.

  134. I’m guessing that right now would be poor timing for a joke about your mom’s nether regions.

  135. If it ain’t offended me yet, it ain’t gonna start now…



    Ok I’m out, goodnight and sleep well.

  138. Drove her to the derp and I’m coasting
    Took another sip of the potion hit the three-wheel motion
    I was glad everything had worked out
    Dropped her ass off, then I chirped out
    Today was like one of those fly dreams
    Didn’t even see a berry flashing those high beams

  139. MMM inbound.

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