Thursday Teabagger Treat

Well, after covering coffee last week it was only natural that I shift my focus to its Limey bastard cousin; tea. Surely tea drinking began somewhere in China and caught on elsewhere along the Silk Road trading route (I just made that last part up but I’ve found that if use terms like “Silk Road trading route” people will often believe the rest of the verbal diarrhea that flows from your mouth). Alright, where were we? Tea. Pretty popular drink everywhere. Great Britain. Ireland. India. China. Wakanda? Not so much.


Down south they’re fond of sweet tea, aka diabetes in a glass.


I stick with hot tea with honey for the fall and winter months. The old man had his tea hot with milk and sugar year round. I remember being amazed when we’d be out working in the backyard and, at break time, my mom would bring out hot tea for him and cold lemonade for us. We thought the old man was crazy when he said it cooled him down. Turns out he might have been right.

(Daily Mail: Come for the interesting article title, stay for the half naked women depicted on the side bar clickbait articles)

There’s a definite shortage of funny tea gifs and memes.


Would smash as a Plan B


Teapackman … wtf?


Then there’s this angle


Forget looking for anything related to the term teabagger. Trust me, it’ll just raise your blood pressure. So, really, what have we learned here? Tea may be a refreshing beverage but there is next to nothing funny about it at all. Finally, can you believe this bullshit?


Update/car in  – crazy shit from facedouche will be poated here for your viewing pleasure:


Top comment to this little piece of work? :


All GOP / Nazis need to go.
No longer any room for Hate in America,
No longer normal
No longer Okay.




  1. I make my own sun tea. Unsweetened, even though I’m officially in the South. I just don’t do all that sugar.
    My usual soft drink if/when I do fast food is an Arnold Palmer (excellent at Chick-fil-A!).

  2. On more than one occasion, I have been asked by a Southern waitress if I’m sure I want unsweet tea.

  3. You’d be amazed at how many restaurants don’t even have it – especially the further deep south you get.

  4. roamy, i chuckle everytime i wear my Sabo, hillary 2016 tee shirt around…

    i get comments every once in a while when i wear the che one

  5. This morning’s vivid dreams have been brought to me by Continuous Roaring Thunder™, and I simply could not be more satisfied with their product.

    Continuous Roaring Thunder™ has provided the backdrop and context for all my sleep-time meanderings today since 5 AM!

    Kids, remember to use Continuous Roaring Thunder™ for all your weird nightmare needs!

    Just what I needed after getting home at midnight. Sheesh.

  6. thunder is good for the soul

  7. I have determined that the true border between North and South here in the States is defined by the transition between restaurants that offer sweet tea and merely sweetened tea. Yes, there is a difference!

  8. Heh.
    The owner of the Red Hen has been getting backlash not just from Trump supporters, but her own town. She has closed her restaurant indefinitely, and has been forced out of her position as executive director of a downtown Lexington business group, Main Street Lexington I think it is.
    Karma. Ain’t she a bitch?

  9. It’s like a movie script Lauraw. The slow evolution of insanity as the mental institution, possessed by an ancient feather Indian spirit, works its way into your subconscious. Before long your garden consists entirely of poisonous plants and the brand new truck develops a major problem with the braking system.

    *off in the distance THUNDER!!! *

  10. the fuck is wrong with you Jimbro

  11. In the summer I make my version of sun tea with a one liter Nalgene bottle, one tea bag and some honey or agave syrup for sweetening. Fill it with tap water, invert a few times and then let it sit in the fridge for a day or so. Pretty damn good, at least to this yankee.

  12. Any old Indian burial grounds nearby? Have you recently taken possession of a small, dried out monkey paw? Have you had any Egyptian relics for packing and shipping that may have been inadvertently left in the corner?


  14. Wow, we are getting a good soak-a-doak rain. Needed it. Nice.

    I guess it’s just going to be this kind of a day. I need to run out there and pick some peas in between showers.

  15. The ‘Longest Time’ video in last night’s ONT is so funny. Oh man. I chuckled in my pantaloons.

  16. ww

  17. And the thunder rolls …

  18. Tea is my drink. It has replaced pop (yeah, midwest) as the snack drink of choice. Unsweetened, and yes it’s hard to order unsweetened in the south. They look at you differently when you order it that way.

  19. when did the avatar change car in?

  20. my brother said the hand wringing and pearl clutching on MSDNC and CNN was precious, re: Kennedy retiring. Anyone run across a good mashup of reactions yet, like they had for the Trump election?

  21. It’s finally not raining here. Maybe I can finally do all my weeding/trimming/tree removal around the house today.

  22. About 20 minutes ago.

  23. From facebook – there is some funny shit. brb

  24. That’s some funny/unhinged shit right there.

  25. Everything is green again. I see weeding on the agenda for today.

  26. I read that as “I see a wedding on the agenda for today” and thought, Wow.…that was sudden!

  27. Not much of an Intellectual there.

  28. Shotgun weddings are sudden, jimbro.

  29. “Babies in cages were no ‘mistake’ by Trump,” argues Fintan O’Toole in the Irish Times, “but test-marketing for barbarism.”

    These people live in their own world. But they are able to infect others with it.

  30. O’Toole – fitting name. Who gives a shit what some irish cum guzzler has to say?

    Eat shit and die.

  31. Adding sugar to tea makes it yucky. There, I said it.

    These people live in their own world. But they are able to infect others with it.

    They are being ginned up on purpose. Their hearts are in the right place on that score: babies in cages is horrible, no question. The Big Lie is who did it and when. Someone wants these people ready to kill, ready to face danger with a sense of noble purpose. The foot soldiers aren’t the problem, it’s the fucking Svengalis manipulating them.

  32. What was chocolate Jesus test-marketing when he put babies in cages and wrapped them in tin foil?

  33. What was chocolate Jesus test-marketing when he put babies in cages and wrapped them in tin foil?

    Spirit cooking. And pizza.

  34. Pretty sure “securitizing” is a subset of usury.

  35. How many times can the world come to an end in one year and five months?

  36. Comment thread here is interesting.

  37. Chicken shit.

  38. Ha ha ha ha, Carin! I saw a bunch of really stinkin’ cute baby pics on that duckduckgo search page for ‘frightened baby’ and thought a couple would make good avatars.

  39. This article is spot on. The liberal judges on the court are a disgrace. They are the only reason I voted for Trump. I was going to sit the election out until Scalia died.

  40. Heh:

    Steven Haworth
    1 hr ·

    I wish I was a dog…
    That way Donald Trump could be my president for 56 years.

  41. Leon, will you dismantle this bullshit for me?

    Post workout FUEL!

    Did you know 🧐 if you don’t refuel your muscle tissue within 30 minutes of completing your workout, the majority of the anabolic state (when our body is most receptive to building lean muscle and burning fat) you achieved goes out the window 🏠

    So why did we just put ourselves through a near death experience (go hard or go home right? 🤪) if we aren’t going to get the MOST out of it? 🤷‍♀️

    Working out (especially weightlifting) is the process of tearing apart muscle tissue so that it can repair, rebuild and come back stronger than before 💪

    “Repair” and “Rebuild” are both verbs (action words 😉) and any action taken by our body requires FUEL.

    For our muscles, that means PROTEIN (that the muscle is made up of), AMINO ACIDS (that bind the proteins together) and CARBS (to carry both into our body faster) 💪💪💪

    If your body is a race car on the track to winning the trophies of our best lives 😉 FOOD would be the fuel and QUALITY SUPPLEMENTATION would be the oil

  42. Fuck me. The plan was to leave work today at 2, drive to Bakersfield and pick up a trailer, and be home by 9 or 10 so that I could start packing tomorrow morning. Well Uhaul just called and told me that they don’t actually have the trailer I reserved, they don’t know when they’ll get one in, and the closest trailer that they do have is about 73 miles further away, but the site closes at 6:30. I’ve got a reservation for 9am tomorrow, but I’m going to see if I can make it over there by 6pm tonight (I’ll try to get out of work by 12:30 or 1:00) and if I can’t make it in time I’ll just find a hotel for the evening so I can get some sleep and pick up the trailer bright and early.

  43. That sucks. I’ve been reading lots of articles, as I’m sure you have too, about fees for rental vehicles out of the Golden State (high) vs rates for entering (relatively lower).

  44. I can see how locating a uhaul in Cali would be a problem. If everybody wants out.

  45. If the “short anabolic window” was real and not bullshit, modern hunter-gatherers would have no muscle. The pattern we see in hunting tribes is heavy activity temporally separated by hours or even days from a high-protein meal (the hunted animal is rested, butchered, and cooked long after the hunt). It’s also pretty rare to see a mixed meal in those circumstances. Tubers/starches are typically consumed when there’s no meat to be had, and meat is consumed exclusively when available and until the supply is exhausted.

    Hormonally, insulin sensitivity is at its peak after a heavy workout, so carbohydrates consumed at that time will be handled better than they might be outside of that time, but that “peak” is fairly broad. Hours, not minutes. Insulin is an anabolic hormone, but not a particularly strong one, and its action favors de novo lipogenesis, not muscle tissue. Carbs do not “carry” amino acids. That’s complete bullshit. Muscles in a state of injury and inflammation take up free aminos from the bloodstream when needed, and supercompensation from that state is normal regardless of the blood sugar level.

    Your body is not a fucking race car, the metaphor is a jalopy.

  46. Ok, I raffed at this:

    “The prime minister has refrained from criticizing Trump to avoid offending the new president. More than 75 percent of Canada’s exports go to the U.S.”

  47. Uhaul sucks anymore, Alex. Twice during our move I reserved something for a specific location, only to get the call the day before that I could only get it in a much less convenient one. Fuck those guys, call Penske.

  48. Car in, my instructor always had the 30 minute rule. She recommended chocolate milk if you couldn’t eat within the 30 minutes after working out. Rebuilding was the reason.

    I’ve heard this.

  49. Thanks. Can I cut and paste that?

  50. Except for after something extreme (half marathon, tough mudder) I usually feel no need to “refuel” in any way after a workout. I think most of those folks who advocate that are trying to sell you something. Or they’ve just been told it so many times, they just accept it as fact.

    The chick who posted what I copied – she’s a local fitness place owner who has build most of her income on a MLM scheme of fitness bs supplements.

  51. Penske only has trucks, and I need a trailer. A truck is way too expensive, and I’d need to tow my Toyota as well.

  52. I can see it if you are a body builder, makes complete sense then.

  53. Have you tried craiglist? Maybe someone is selling a trailer, and just needs it transported.

  54. The body builder model is NOT a healthy one. I don’t care what they do.

  55. heh, just looking at the body builder can tell you it isn’t healthy.

  56. OMG where has this guy been all my life. Love his parodies.

  57. Thanks. Can I cut and paste that?

    Sure. I’m sure broscience supplement guys will have refutations aplenty.

    I can see it if you are a body builder, makes complete sense then.

    Maybe. Bodybuilding is a fairly unnatural habit. Being “swole” isn’t something you see anywhere ancestrally.

    Penske only has trucks, and I need a trailer. A truck is way too expensive, and I’d need to tow my Toyota as well.

    Buy a trailer at Lowe’s or Tractor Supply and sell it in Ohio. Heck, I’m in the market, I might come get it from you myself.

  58. The thing that “bugs” me about body builders is the admiration by the general public that they are somehow fit.

    A gal at work does the bikini bodybuilding and she’s constantly showing pictures of herself. It is nothing but narcissism, cloaked in fitness.

  59. But then, I don’t like gym selfies and all that crap either. Perhaps I’m a curmudgeon. I keep trying to get my buddies to “fight back” with crossfit “selfies” – us lying on the floor DEAD looking like shit.


  60. I think the burliest guys you’d see prior to modern bodybuilding were athletes and soldiers in the pre-gun era. I have read some books from “physical culturists” of that era, and they mostly talk about eating a lot of beefsteaks and eggs and milk in general. Not a ton about meal timing. I don’t doubt there’s some differential effect to be had, and there’s something to be said for “working up an appetite” if your goal is to eat well beyond what might normally satisfy you, but the effect simply can’t be as big as the sales pitch, or guys like Eugen Sandow wouldn’t have existed.

  61. MLM is a lot of what drives this BS.

  62. Buy a trailer at Lowe’s or Tractor Supply and sell it in Ohio. Heck, I’m in the market, I might come get it from you myself.

    I was thinking this, except for maybe finding a used one.
    I even thought “I bet Leon is need of a decent sized trailer these days…”

  63. I tend to agree, Carin. I never guaged my fitness level on appearance, but metrics. With powerlifting that was pretty easy to do. In defense of crossfit – God help me – it puts the emphasis on the right thing there: output. Appearance is a side effect. Bruce Lee didn’t train for ripped abs, he trained to fight like a bad mofo, and the abs showed up.

  64. You ok Leon? Have you been hacked?

    But yes, that’s what crossfit does, and the proper gym teaches good form, and discourages folks from pushing themselves too hard, etc. Add in the competitive aspect … We love competing with each other.

  65. Evidently we are out of tinfoil in central Iowa:

    The thought struck me this morning that it’s entirely possible, indeed even probable, that Mitch McConnell knew the Russians were interfering to prevent a Clinton Presidency as far back as the death of Antonin Scalia and it’s that knowledge that led him to block Merrick Garland’s nomination.

  66. What is MLM?

  67. Multi-level marketing.

  68. Ah, a cool refreshing drink!

  69. Awwwwww, thank you.

  70. Ummm….I’ve been operating under the impression that the body actually does the majority of its healing and rebuilding during the sleep cycle.

  71. If you don’t think leftism is a mental disorder, you’re wrong.

  72. Trey Goudy is ONCE AGAIN pretending like he’s going to do something about deep state bullshit.

    Goudy, go home you pathetic, dick.

  73. I picked the wrong week to quit schadenfreude.


  74. The strongest guys I know are average height or a little under and built thick from shoulders to knees, like a barrel. #1 son is built like that.

  75. Weightlifting and heavy carrying definitely seems to favor the endomorphic body type. All the World’s Strongest Man competitors have a consistent look.

  76. Facedouche was invented for schadenfruede.

    And passive aggressive behavior.

    and vaguebooking

  77. Facegash

  78. It’s weird how the left doesn’t get how normal Americans want a smart immigration policy and a wall. Somehow that bubble they live in pumps in air that makes them immune to reality.

    I love that they keep getting blindsided by reality.

  79. I also love how that RedHen family dicked themselves over by being assholes. LOVE IT.

  80. There is a twitter guy whose daughter was born prematurely (very). NotScott is his handle and his daughter’s name is Emlyn. She’s been fighting like a champ for a couple of months. She’s had several surgeries, non-surgical procedures, IV’s the works.

    It breaks my heart when I think about abortions vs how hard these little angels fight to live.

    FU leftist, feminist, scum. Your sacred cow is an abomination.

  81. They get it, Mare, they just don’t care. They want to import an electorate that favors their policies rather than appeal to the existing electorate.

  82. I also love how that RedHen family dicked themselves over by being assholes. LOVE IT.

    It’s kinda fun how leftists don’t understand how capitalism and freedom work. As a business owner – you are free to say and do what you want pretty much. And then there are the consequences.

    life lessons can sometimes be hard.

  83. I thought they were gonna be closed for 5-10 days. Like a vacation, planned before.

    I still think something is missing in that story. She followed them to another restaurant, but didn’t say anything of the sort in the interview, in fact made it seem like it wasn’t even her idea.

  84. Updating poat with the silly things I find on facedouche today.

    so much to choose from.

  85. Hey, anyone know a tailor where I can get my Nazi commandant uniform fitted?

  86. Does that lady lamenting our laughter not get that she’s providing guffaw-fuel even now? Because man, my face is starting to hurt from the smiles.

  87. you guys are literally hitler.

  88. Dear tina morphis and Matthew K.:

    (And all you other pond scum.)

    Now you know how we felt during eight years of the evil Kenyan.

    Go to your safe spaces, pet a puppy, and color.

    Hotspur and everyone else in this shithole dump.

  89. Most articles are glossing over the restaurant closing for a while. The restaurant across the street (where she organized a protest) says she said ’til July 5th, then he said “I wouldn’t count on it.”

    Also, I keep seeing that she resigned as director of the Main St business group but the first article I read this AM said she was booted out after the city of Lexington’s FB page got blown up with bad reviews and comments. Maybe the business group’s too?
    I would be surprised if she gets run out of town on a rail at this point.

  90. you guys are literally hitler.

    Hey now, I’ve got no beef with da Joooos, and I’m not a socialist.

    I’m more like Aspiringly Bismarckian than Literally Hitler.

  91. Don’t quibble with me, Leon. I read Howard Zinn’s book and you guys are LITERALLY Hitler. Because reasons, and my fuzzy understanding of history.

  92. In my town, she could stay. No one would ever go to her restaurant, so it would close, but she could stay. She wouldn’t be chosen to represent anyone on any forum, because she has horrible judgement, but she could stay. This is America.

  93. Make Prussia Great Again!

  94. God must really love America. I was wondering for a while there. I think there are just enough pray-ers to keep God’s providence upon us. I also think those Americans who are vehemently against abortion and continue to pray about it and fight it are keeping us in the game. God should smite America for the funding of abortion issue alone.

    We are the greatest good in the world and I hope we can continue being so.

    Lefties trying to turn us into a Godless Europe don’t really want what they think they want.

  95. Mare?

  96. Jay, of course she can stay. But I love that her restaurant will reap what she’s sown. The only reason she would leave is if she’s too embarrassed about her stupidity.

    Actions have consequences. That photo of herself, her husband and her son all wearing pussy hats tells me that she’s not mentally healthy and will inevitably screw up her life anyway.

  97. hahahhhhahhh, Hotspur, that would be me exactly.

  98. The weirdo who was in Sex and the City and is running for Mayor or Governor of New York… can’t remember, don’t care, anyway, she’s gay…fine, but now her kid is transgender. This shit is ruining lives.

  99. Consequences are for other people to suffer. How dare they be forced to deal with the blowback from their own actions!

    I’m tryin’ not to hate, but these people, they make it sooooo difficult…

  100. Child abuse plain and simple.

  101. can’t remember, don’t care, anyway, she’s gay…fine, but now her kid is transgender. T

    Total coincidence. All the times it happens. I’d like an honest look at the families of transgender kids. If not openly pushing it /in the form of gender identity confusion, then some other major malfunction. There was a gal we did homeschool with who was, for a bit, gender confused (weird, when it was all over the news). The mom was a bit … out there, and they had recently lost a child (a son). And the mom was devastated, and continued to be by his death. I wonder if the girl thought the mom loved the boy more or something.

  102. I think lots of kids are probably gender confused. Parents are there to guide them through it, and help them understand. Once you take away the parents, then every tom dick and harry gets a say in what your child is told. Guess what! Not all of them are very smart, or very ethical.

  103. I hadn’t realized that banning birth control was an issue

    But of course it is.

  104. To be fair, she’s probably talking about abortion, because 95% of the time that’s what it’s used for. Not rape, incest, or global warming.

  105. Really, one more SCOTUS pick and he can suspend elections?

    Civics education in this country is completely in the shitter anymore.

  106. Of course, these are the same dipshits who equate lack of other people being forced to buy you something at gunpoint with legal prohibition.

    Again, civics => shitter.

  107. I’m starting to love Trump. Please, Lord Jesus, protect that man.

  108. Cynthia Nixon is a cunt.

  109. Again, civics => shitter.



  110. And right on que……bring on the false flag operation…..

    (I gotta change my tin foil)

  111. I’m super elite.

  112. Which false flag is that, Troy?

  113. Shooting at newspaper newsroom in Annapolis. 4 dead, 20 injured last report.

  114. Ahhhhhhh, gotcha.

  115. Our local radio is talking about the shooting. They read a report of a guy who was there….’nothing more frightening hiding under your desk listening to the shooter reloading after shooting your colleagues…”

    Bet you wish there was a good guy with a gun present…An armed society is a polite society.

  116. Fox is reporting NYPD mobilizing into every news offices?

  117. Bomb threats?

    When is Maxine going to be reprimanded or that fool who threatened to start planting bombs.

  118. I’m always mystified about the misunderstanding of freedom of speech. They just can’t seem to grasp that it’s to keep the government from arresting you for saying things they don’t like. There are still consequences to your actions.

  119. Shooting in a newsroom, huh? That ought to make the media anti 2nd Amendment.

    Oh, wait…

  120. Your own free speech can’t have consequences. Only everybody elses!


  121. Who was threatening to plant bombs? I don’t remember seeing that story, but maybe it just got lost in all the batshit crazy of this week.

  122. I hope this is your run of the mill workplace violence shooting and not some misguided fool trying to address media corruption.

  123. LOL

  124. “handmaided”

  125. I don’t get how the handmaid (yes, I know about the book and the series) deal has anything to do with anything.

  126. Handmaid’s Tale is an unwittingly-accurate story about a hypothetical Christian Theocracy that is actually about current and real Muslim Theocracies.

    But, but, #muslimtravelban

  127. I’ve said it before, but I don’t really expect there to be an American Left in a couple more generations unless Roe v Wade is overturned and birth control is banned.

  128. Oh, there’s plenty left. And Roe V Wade isn’t going anywhere.

  129. That’s my point. They are going to abort and contracept themselves out of existence.

  130. The leftists wont be eliminated til you eliminate them at the source and that is academia. Its where they hide and recruit and where the money goes to sponsor leadership of “grass roots” organizations.

  131. If you listen to the lefties, it’s a forgone conclusion

  132. …but now her kid is transgender.

    …because it’s trendy to be some funky gender these days. Nobody wants to be hetero anymore, because then you’re not special.

  133. Being able to participate in the creation of a new human life sure feels special. It’s a shame parents don’t tell kids that anymore.

  134. Leftists may be aborting themselves accidentally.
    The #WalkAway movement seems to have gained a lot of steam as of late.
    Thanks Botox Pelosi, Mad Maxine, NOT President Hillary!, and the rest of you nutbags.

  135. What exactly are they walking away from? I don’t twatter.

  136. From the Dem party

  137. Yeah, the Dem party.
    It’s all over Twat, Instagram, Facedouche, every Social Media platform. 1000’s (10s or 100s of thousands?) of them telling their stories of when & why.

  138. Watch it, Pups!

  139. A very accurate headline…….

  140. I’m starting to love Trump. Please, Lord Jesus, protect that man.


  142. Heh.
    Peter Fonda’s new movie has made a whopping $30,000 since being released earlier this week.
    I’ll say it again today – Karma. Ain’t she a bitch.

  143. Way to go Peterbreath, you fucked your costars and the studio, while you live off the money your old man, who truly had talent, left to you.

    Die at Christmas dinner, you fuck.

  144. I’m on the road to pick up te trailer for the move to Ohio, and I just got a call in response to a jerb I applied for in Norfolk, VA. They want to set up a teleconference interview sometime next week…

  145. Jerbs everywhere.

  146. CoAl, you’re a hot commodity.


  148. Old Redd Foxx bit:

    We are the girls from Norfolk Norfolk.
    We don’t drink,
    We don’t smoke.
    Norfolk Norfolk.

  149. i wonder if maxy is gonna have to pony up some of her grifted graft for bail

  150. Huh. Whereabouts on Nerfuck?
    I’ve lived here since the early seventies when Dad was killed (we just never left.
    Sitting on my couch in that city right now.

    I’d be honored to buy you lunch & a beer or two if you have a reason to side trip here, but I think you’re already obligated to Oh-high-Oh.
    It’s nice to be be in demand, isn’t it?

  151. putting her behind bars (to her brain damaged horde) is like striking down obi-won

  152. oso – we’re heading to abq tomorrow.
    you around next week?

  153. wan

  154. Congrats, CoAlex! The Ohio job will be better from cost of living alone.

  155. Not if he takes up smoking.

  156. Or pole smoking.

  157. you can get paid for pole dancing. or smoking. I heard.

    Well, maybe not Coalex


  159. I’m told that it’s not gay if you get paid for it.

  160. It’s not gay if your mom did it.

  161. Norfolk qould be a defense contractor and probably 20-25k more.

  162. Is it pronounced Norfuck?

  163. Not sure about the cost of living differences. I can only assume Norfolk would be more expensive than OH. They tend to think we’re more important than we actually are here. Mayor and City Council are a bunch of tax grabbing idiots.
    If you’re seriously considering it, I can easily look into avg rent/MTG -I have a couple girlfriends that have the info at their fingertips. I wouldn’t buy here (with the exception of a few neighborhoods) – it’s one big ghetto run by Dems.

    But, come visit. We have our benefits, pretty places & such, nice downtown, a beautiful beach, Historic buildings, water everywhere (fishing & kqyaking) and great seafood.

    How long do you expect this stint to last?

  164. Norfolk will cost 40k more to live in.

  165. Pretty much how everyone here pronounces it, yes. Occasionally, you’ll here ” nor-folk” but that’s rare.

  166. I’ve really grown used to the idea that you’d be relatively close. I’m going to have to vote no on NorFuck. Leon has crunched the numbers .

  167. The Loomer video with Mad Maxine is the one I was looking for yesterday. Glad to know it hadn’t been disappeared by youtube or google.

  168. I have to call BS on Leon’s numbers.
    40% sounds outrageous. I’m sure we’re more $, but not that bad.
    Alex could rent the 1300sf/3 BR/1 bath house next door for about $1200 mo. Starting in Nov.
    New roof, new central air, redneck neighbor with a minpin that will visit uninvited, the works.
    That sits on an acre, and he could party in the backyard with bonfires, crossbows, and fireworks. Go ride four wheelers in the street, etc.

  169. Today’s water cooler talk was not Anthony Kennedy, it was that Buzz Aldrin is suing his kids. Don’t bother with the Wall Street Journal article on it, it’s full of errors (and I hate to say that about WSJ, but they had his name as Edward instead Edwin, for cryin’ out loud.) General consensus was that Buzz has Alzheimer’s, and a couple of “executive assistants” are taking advantage of him. Co-worker who met Aldrin a couple of years ago said, microphone in hand in front of a large audience, he gave a cringy, rambling talk about his health problems. Also, Buzz skips leg day.

  170. All of the water in Ohio is brown. All of it.

  171. And 56 in a 55 is speeding.

    And don’t get me started on what they call pizza.

  172. And 56 in a 55 is speeding.

    Yup, especially on I-75.

  173. Storm moved through here today. Windchill of 57 in June is weird.

  174. Okay, this is cool.

    “On June 25th, red rays from the midnight sun in Nome, Alaska, lanced into a bank of rain clouds, producing this strange red arc…at the time, the sun was hugging the horizon, barely half a degree high. This explains why the rainbow was red…all of the other colors had been scattered away by air molecules and dust particles in front of the low-hanging sun.”

  175. Mare, Emlyn is such a determined little fighter.

  176. BRB reading comments. Have I bitched here yet that Dan has high blood pressure and now I’m getting a new diet? He’s getting a gym membership, but as of now…I don’t have to join. He wants me to walk with him though. He works at 6 AM. Thinks that getting up at 4 and walking is doable. Pray for Oso

  177. Jam, I’m in town next week. Familia will be here,too.

  178. ok.
    i’ll dig up your emailand send you my cell
    the inlaws live on the west side hill near the petroglyphs
    taylor ranch? i forget the name. it’s off a main drag

  179. i’m thinking of going up north monday or tuesday and fish the costilla
    my schedule is pretty flexible. i’d like to at least say hi to you and pepe while i’m in the area.

    i know you have stuff going on with your mom

  180. Emlyn is such a pretty name.
    What I assume is a nice compromise between two family names.
    I have already and will continue to pray for her and her family.

  181. We live in Paradise Hills. Next to Taylor Ranch

  182. I work at the Westside Sam’s Club. Fire danger is pretty real. Lots of state and fed stuff closed due to fire danger.

  183. My mom has her procedure on the 5th. She decided to text me to bitch about my dad. I refused to listen to my dad about my mom. I refuse to listen to my mom about my dad. My dad didn’t beat the shit out of me as a kid. Anything my mom says that doesn’t start with an apology, Dan has given me permission to hang up or ignore. Most liberating moment of my life. 27 years ago.

  184. Jam (emailed phone # – Roamy). Text me

  185. 505

  186. BRB reading comments. Have I bitched here yet that Dan has high blood pressure and now I’m getting a new diet? He’s getting a gym membership, but as of now…I don’t have to join. He wants me to walk with him though. He works at 6 AM. Thinks that getting up at 4 and walking is doable. Pray for Oso

    Two words: Matching. Tracksuits.

  187. All men have secrets and here is mine
    So let it be known
    For we have been through derp and high tide
    I think I can rely on you…

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