N.E. Cabalathon Round-up

ne cabalathon was a lot of fun.

met some new ppl – some guy named weird dave, his funny as fuk wife (canadian bacon), jj, and a lad named after a marital aid.

First out of the chute was b’cock he tried to grab my junk and pinch my monkey trunk when he gave me a bro hug.  when i gave him the stink-eye he said it’s the way they meet and greet in the florida glades. some traditions imma avoid.

the W’s were, as always, awesome… there was that episode with lauraw describing in fairly intricate detail how to hide bodies in swamps, ponds, bodies of water…. (word of advice, don’t go swimming with her). Scott gave me a lead on a fishing spot in New Mexico and kept playing with knives.

the banglar party van II­™ is larger than your mom – should easily be able to fit 33 kegs, hookers for everyone, a coffin, 13 one legged midgets, 2 cases of grenades, a sheep, mj and his buddies from the new muppet movie, carin’s hatred, a poker table, a gross of Depends®,

Tushar… he pointed out that i tan up darker than he does, ergo i’m evidently a long lost relative of his. as soon as he mentioned it i could feel my IT skillz start to grow. whodda thunk? I’m glad to finally be reunited with my long lost brother from India. not to put too ghey a point on meeting him, but that dude gives a pretty awesome bro hug.
WiserBride is a beautiful, sweet lady. She must of been drugged or drunk when she married wiser.
Wiser… what to say about Wiser
So – lauraw summed it up nicely yesterday, when she mentioned how nice everyone was. You all are great! and i hope to be able to meet each of you at some point.
Next Stop!!! ABQ


  1. was kinda rushed the last 2 days –
    i’ll try to fill in some color later

  2. Sound like you guys had a lot of fun. I’m glad no one died other than Bcock.

  3. https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

  4. Well, Talk of the Town is at the top of AOS now. I guess wiser can claim the weekend as an advertising write off.

  5. that’s quite a snatch you posted on FB, Car in!

  6. Ha! I’m always so jealous when I hear about these meet-ups…funny how the HQ/H2 folks seem thin on the ground in these parts…

  7. I forget where you are, Cavil. I’m sad that I’m so far from Hotspur and Carin now, we all used to be close enough for day trips.

  8. leon in his hermit kingdom…

  9. They make the snatch look so freakin easy. MOST folks don’t land that far under, and need to finish the squat after they catch the bar.

  10. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched it this morning.

  11. Today is a “working” day. First thing checked off my list.

  12. leon in his hermit kingdom…

    That reminds me, I need to do a photo tour poat of this place so you get why this was worth doing.

  13. Make sure to get pictures of the guard towers, and auto cannons.

  14. I’m in Alabama, I think roamy is the closest geographically. I wonder if it’s because folks in some areas lean more on forums like this to find like-minded folk, whereas in areas like mine folks take it for granted…

  15. Land mines, leon. You didn’t sign that treaty.

  16. Land mines are obsoleted by flamethrowing drones.

  17. I need to visit Mongolia.

  18. I didn’t think they had computers in Alabama.


  19. Supreme Court upholds travel ban. Suck it, lefties.

  20. They have 4 or 5 that they all share, Jay.

  21. two jerbs done

  22. Well, today will be fun on facedouche, then.

  23. sigh. I know. my life kinda sucks

  24. We had the first electric streetcar, the first air conditioned public building (still there!), cutting edge medicine up in B’ham, and honest-to-God rocket scientists, but folks still think this place is backwards.

    At least we don’t eat Tide pods here…

  25. You have two newfies and a lake. Your life doesn’t suck.

    How many Kiwi stalkers have you had to bury in the woods this week? Round to the nearest dozen?

  26. At least we don’t eat Tide pods here…

    Why did you use eat instead of have? Changes the meaning…

  27. We kid, that’s all.

    I had a meeting once with some Alabama-based engineers from Evans & Sutherland. It was very hard to square a discussion on polygonal density and pixel throughput with the Duke Boy accents.

  28. Don’t worry, BC, they still think we go to the bathroom outside here too.

  29. We had the first electric streetcar, the first air conditioned public building (still there!), cutting edge medicine up in B’ham, and honest-to-God rocket scientists, but folks still think this place is backwards.

    Just Tuscaloosa.

  30. You have two newfies and a lake. Your life doesn’t suck.

    I’ll try to focus.

  31. I actually have no idea how outsiders see Michigan. Other than making cars, I don’t know what the rest of the world caricatures us as.

    Well, I do know that if you say you’re from Detroit, Parisians and Londoners look scared and back away. But that’s it.

  32. Michiganders are all either Detroit gangbangers, Deerborn Muslims, or hiding out in a deep-woods cabin with two years of freeze-dried food, a four-wheeler, and enough guns to rearm Germany.

  33. Well, there’s Michigan, and then there’s the area where Carin lives.

  34. Today calls for some mullet rock from the 80s.


  35. I say keep quiet about Michigan. the fewer people who know about how awesome the state is, the better.

    Yes. Gangbangers, Muslims, and Militia folks. That’s the entire state. And the big tire by the airport.

  36. Ah, I had forgotten about the “Michigan Militia” fake news that ran a couple decades ago. Probably still part of the collective impression of the state. I wonder if that makes people scared to come here and get off the main roads.

    I hope so.

  37. Someone should really write a series of horror novels about this place to really play it up. King did it for Maine, the lesser-known but decent author Brian Keene did it for Pennsylvania.

  38. Keene’s books are where I first read about Pow Wow/Amish hedge magic. There’s a fascinating chunk of history there.

  39. Its cause we’ve been socially conditioned to equate a southern accent with ignorance, so a rocket scientist with a southern accent fooks yer head. As a kid I about shit when I ran across a black guy that spoke full on Kings English. I went to school in harlem and that definitely wasn’t the dialect I was used to hearing. Froze me up for a second.

  40. There needs to be a Lapeerapalooza at some point once I’m in Ohio.

  41. Its cause we’ve been socially conditioned to equate a southern accent with ignorance, so a rocket scientist with a southern accent fooks yer head. As a kid I about shit when I ran across a black guy that spoke full on Kings English. I went to school in harlem and that definitely wasn’t the dialect I was used to hearing. Froze me up for a second.

    I served with a black LT who had family in Jamaica who spoke the same way. “This is our cousin, leftenant Powell…”

  42. Rocket City Rednecks blew a lotta minds back in the day…

    Hell, I’m still amazed they never got themselves killed.

  43. When do you move, Alex?

  44. Saturday. It’ll probably take me a week to get to Columbus and unload the trailer and start searching for a place to stay. After that, I’m going to see about flying to Portland to see family for a couple of days.

  45. Comment by Brother Cavil on June 26, 2018 11:23 am
    Rocket City Rednecks blew a lotta minds back in the day…

    Hell, I’m still amazed they never got themselves killed.

    “What’s that statue?”

    “That’s a memorial to our chief engineer, Jim Bob “Cooter” Davenport. He died trying to get a Dodge Charger into orbit.”

  46. You’ll be about 4.5 hours from me by toll road. We could meet in Toledo for lunch if you ever had the urge.

  47. Lapeer porch is always available.

  48. Lapeer is now 3.25 hours. The old route was much shorter distance, but had a lot of turns and few highway stretches, so it was about 2 hours from Sumpter.

  49. Bro Cavil, I did a month long rotation in my 4th year of med school down in Birmingham. I pretty much knew I’d be accepted at UMass and I wanted to see how it was done somewhere else. Hoo boy, did I ever. Most of them had never met a yankee with a Massachusetts accent. I soon noticed a trend where anytime I spoke people would turn and look. I saw the Black Crowes for the first time during that month.

  50. To be fair, it was you they were turning to look at. There’s many reasons.

  51. Huh, seeing Black Crowes is really a non sequitor in the context of that story. It’s one of my memories of that trip though. And eating grits with butter in the cafeteria in the morning, a food introduced to me by Uncle Sam but not served in New England.

  52. Where are you near, Leon? I thought you were somewhere by Kalamazoo??? that’s under 2.5 hours.

  53. There were 4 hospitals in a several block medical district that they rotated through. University hospital, children’s hospital, VA, and a “charity hospital”. The residents pretty much ran that place with just a little oversight from the attendings. We had one of those in Worcester and I did my first year physical diagnosis course there. Once a week we’d be assigned a patient and because the resident was a bit of a dick, he gave me 10 out of 10 patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Sadly that place became a long term care hospital before I was a resident.

  54. I’m sure they had a lot of reasons Jay! Probably had grits in my beard.

  55. The 19 acre parcel that we bought is near Kalamazoo. We’re in Niles just north of the Indiana border. I can literally see Indiana from my office window. I still own 29 acres of Michigan.

    If I somehow luck out and sell the 19 acres in 7 years for a 10% profit over purchase price, I can have this place paid off before I turn 50.

  56. Only in the last few years have I made my peace with grits.

    For quite a while I considered myself a Minnesotan in exile, but that wore off sometime in the last 15 years or so.

  57. I’ve had grits, not a fan. I’d rather have fried mush if I’m going to eat corn for breakfast. And I’d rather have corned beef hash with some soft-poached eggs than just about anything.

  58. Honestly, when I have time for it I make what I guess would be a breakfast scramble, eggs with hashbrowns, some onion flakes…I started adding some chipotle flakes, found the result to my liking. Sometimes some bacon crumble or ham depending on what’s at hand.

    Grits I’ll eat if presented with them, but I don’t exactly seek it out.

  59. Grits are good with maple syrup. Hell, nearly anything is good with maple syrup.

  60. There’s a diner in Ypsilanti a few miles from the old Willow Run bomber plant. Interior has posters from WW2, models hanging from the ceiling. Best damned corned beef hash you’ll ever eat.


  61. Doyle’s in Jamaica Plain, MA was my go to place for corned beef hash and Guinness beer

  62. Grits are good with maple syrup. Hell, nearly anything is good with maple syrup.

    I can hear that in a NE accent.

  63. Sous vide corned beef. That is all.

    Even better: sous vide pastrami

  64. If you don’t like grits, then you probably don’t like hominy. Personally, I’m a fan of either form – just not the inalstant grits. Its worth the extra time for the real stuff.

  65. Maple syrup >>> high-f***tose corn syrup dressed up like real syrup

  66. Grits are the same thing as polenta, and I do like that.

  67. “polenta”

    isn’t that some kind of dance move at a gentlemen’s club?

  68. This is some genuine basic-folk comfort food. Nonna used to boil some chicken broth, add the cornmeal until she got the consistency right, and serve this in a bowl as hot mush, topped either with tomato sauce or some chopped tomatoes quickly fried with garlic. Maybe a little grated sharp cheese.

    Smile when I see polenta on the menu of a fancy restaurant. Of course, they tart it up quite a bit.

  69. how have I not had polenta?

  70. Hey Siri!

  71. I’d never had it until I made a recipe of a beef stew served over polenta. It’s become a family favorite.

  72. I work in a kitchen…

  73. cornmeal and water? ick. with chicken broth, though, that would work.

  74. Heh.
    I love seeing polenta on the menu in hoity-toity restaurants.
    Go to any any diner in the South and get grits for $2.99, or go to the newest trendiest posh place up north and get the same dish, only they moved the decimal point over? Hmmm. And don’t get me started on shrimp & grits. Good eatin’ right there. Now the fancy places are taking it as their own.

  75. 2 workouts in 2 days. Yesterday almost killed me, I bonked hard and had to lay down for a few minutes and my hands were tingly.

    Same workout today, almost by the numbers, and I’m feeling good.

    It’s a comeback.

  76. I feel that way at least 3 out of 5 crossfit workouts. Yesterday it was a ladder of hang squat cleans and burpee over bar. Dead.

    I think I have bursitis in my knee. From a stupid thing – squats with a band. Ugh. Stupid stupid stupid. That’s the only thing I can think of, and pain appeared the next day.

    It’s a dull pain. No heaving squatting for me for a bit.

  77. Electric Blue by Icehouse was, is, and always will be a great song.

  78. LOL It’s 2:30, and Ace has managed to squeeze out a one sentence poat.

  79. Two sentences if you count the poat title.

  80. Like the Horde doesn’t produce its own content anyway?

  81. Squats with a loop around the thigh are fantastic for your hips.

  82. Yea, the loop was just below my knee. You concentrate on pushing your knees out as you squat. I think the band was too strong for me (different colors, different strength)

  83. Pepe linked that yesterday, Jay. It’s old.

  84. Leon, I like diet tonic water (quinine) with lime. Is there any medical reason I should not be drinking it? Seems like I read something years ago but can’t recall it.

  85. Acid’s not great for your teeth, and most fake sugar is toxic to some degree. What’s it sweetened with?

  86. I didn’t see it, so it wasn’t linked.

  87. Where the heck did I see it? I was sure it was in yesterday’s thread.

  88. ” Hell, nearly anything is good with maple syrup.”


    Your mom, for instance……

  89. Y’all are making me hungry.

    “What’s a grit?” – Cousin Vinny

  90. Heh, the whole Vinny grit scene is hilarious.

    So, you’re telling me that you made perfect grits in a couple of minutes? I find that hard to believe!

  91. Just as funny as lessons in positraction from Marisa Tomei

  92. Thanks, Leon. But quinine is not generally unhealthy? It’s sweetened with sucralose which is better than most. Low insulin effect.

  93. I can’t say I know enough about quinine to discourage/encourage. I know it’s a treatment for malaria, so it’s good for killing something. Whether it’s deleterious to human health, I’ve not heard.

  94. Grits and polenta are not the same thing. For some reason.

  95. Were these *magic* grits?

  96. White corn vs yellow corn for one. And the cornmeal for polenta doesn’t come from lye soaked corn like hominy grits.
    But they’re basically the same thing – cornmeal mush.

  97. Nixtamel = grits. Ground up corn = polenta.

  98. I’m from Pontiac Michigan and will regret to my dying day that I never returned. Had chance after chance, but was too stupid to avail myself of them. Now I’m fated to live and die in horrid Whoos-ear-land. How i detest and abhor residing here.

  99. Sloppy Joes for dinner.

    I’m a grown-ass man.

  100. maid rite

  101. Boy2 is changing the oil in his car for the first time. We’ve worked out a tenuous bargain for chores like this: I let him do it alone, only offer positive feedback and encouragement, and provide helpful hints in advance. If it “feels” like it is taking too long, I casually check in to see how it’s going, again being positive with my advice and encouraging always. Obviously if he asks for help I am available, but I try not to hover and definitely don’t take over.

    *places ear to garage door*

  102. Heh, I’ve tried that too, pupster. But now I’m “distant” and “unapproachable”.

  103. Mine did his for the first time (changed the oil in his car) last week. I didn’t allow him to get under the car until I had checked that it was properly stabilized. It took at least two hrs. He was cursing that BMW before it was over. He does alright mechanically speaking but his organizational and planning skills leave a lot to be desired.

  104. Pupster, let him be. If he has a question he’ll ask. Otherwise, he’ll figure it out.

  105. I showed him how to make a cheater-bar out of the jack handle. The drain plug plonked into the plastic oil recycling container, at which point I picked up the screen it came with (laying on the garage floor) and casually waved it around, wondering aloud what this thing could be used for…

  106. If you have a tall enough vehicle (or one where your drain plug is fairly high placed) consider looking in to a Fumoto valve.
    Replace your drain plug, then all you have to do is flip a lever to drain the oil.
    I swear by them.

  107. so i actually just read this post….

    while capitalization may be superfluous, where the hell did spacing, commas , carriage returns, and whole sentences go?

    huhnnnn… weird pus may have put the fuxor on me

    i can’t blame it on drugs or booze.
    brain damage? – whatev…

    worst post evar!
    *down thumbs POS post*

  108. who’s OICU812

  109. everyone head to h3?

  110. You better be *damn* sure your Fumoto valve is working right. They have a signifcant failure rate, and you can seize up your engine right quick.

  111. I knew Fumuto and you, sir, are no Fumoto

  112. OUC pops up with a comment every now and again.

    Post-bullwhip I believe

  113. No leaks. Waiting for startup.

    *relaxes a little*

  114. That’s why I make sure to comment every few weeks.
    So I don’t have to re-answer the bullwhip question, am I really supposed to keep track of each bullwhip insertion? That’s silly. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  115. How many bullwhips are in your Fumoto valve right now?

  116. What’s the worst that could happen?

  117. *victory cruise*

  118. https://is.gd/J5G223

  119. Went to weed-eat the bank by the road yesterday. Stihl FS-65 started and ran fine. After about 6′, stopped like it was shot in the forehead. Something in the exhaust rattles.
    Anita took it to the shop while on an errand run.
    The service guy is; “Yeah, I know exactly what it is. It would take ten minutes to fix. I can’t get the part. They don’t make it any longer. I’ve even looked at E-Bay and craigs list. Your brush cutter is now junk.”
    She bought a Stihl Power Head and a Brush-Cutter and hedge trimmer attachment.
    It’s a very weird setup. The power head is 4-stroke, but has no oil reservoir and it uses 2-stroke gas. There are about a dozen attachments, from a lawn edger to a chain-saw, that fit on the thing.
    “Minors are NOT permitted to operate this tool!”

  120. **looks around nervously for Wiser**

    TIL that Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” is a cover. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the Bob Dylan version.

    I also turned down a temporary 4-month raise in pay. Team lead is going to be on temporary detail elsewhere and they offered me the job. Hmmm, play in the lab and put together flight experiments or go to meetings and act nice to upper management?

  121. Hmmm, wonder if this is accurate.


  122. Jeezus, hostage family theater

    #1 son went to the lake (Elephant Butte, Oso) this weekend with some friends. Central to the story are Tom and Tina married couple, early 30’s

    There were people scattered around in several groups talking, and drinking, of course. #1 son was sitting in between 2 groups of people listening to conversations. Some women, including Tina, were talking in one group, Tom was talking in another group….

    Tina: I’m no good at flirting, I can’t flirt at all. Right Tom?

    Tom (not paying attention): Whut?

    Tina: Tell ’em, I can’t flirt.

    Tom: Girls don’t let her bullshit you, she squirts like crazy……

    Stunned silence.
    *you can hear a pin drop, even the crickets are quiet….*

    Tina (turns red):

    #1 son cracks up.

    Tom is pretty well drunk and is honestly answering the question.

    Too damn funny.

  123. “Minors are NOT permitted to operate this tool!”

    Funny, I have that exact same tattoo…

  124. Nice, CoAlex. Get it in Braille, too.

  125. Warning Label

  126. Pepe, we had two days off together. Had breakfast at El Camino in Socorro. Attended the Chihuahuas game tonight. Headed back to Burque in the AM. I like grits with red chile

  127. My grandparents would Winter in T or C. 20 years. Funny how voices carry when camping and drinking around a campfire.

  128. Sleight of hand
    Derp off the end
    Into a clear lake
    No one around
    Just dragonflies
    No one gets hurt
    You’ve done nothing wrong

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