MMM 327

Had to clean up my cat’s pet ants this morning, so now I’m itchy and I feel them crawling all over me.



Dem rhomboids.


Pretty hair.



There’s something very alien about this whole image.


Ah, much better.  Though this always looks like a setup for a shoulder injury to me.



What’s that in her hand?


Happy Monday, folks.  Every day from now ’till almost Christmas will be shorter than the last.


  1. Swingset for Possum got halfway built yesterday and the lawn got mowed. Today I discovered the ant farm and that the rescue dog had eaten out of the cat litter again.

    No more house pets. Never again.

  2. Rainy Monday

  3. Werky jerky. Foist!

  4. Thoid

  5. I’ve seen 2 TV ads and one online ad for Plan B “birth control”. Nowhere do they use the words Plan B. The online version was in a newsletter I get called Word Of The Day and since I’ve never searched for or clicked on a Plan B ad it must be part of a marketing campaign. The tag line was “Birth control that you don’t have to take every day”. So, normalizing abortion for profit.

  6. Bootie girl looks…what’s the word…cartoonish?

    The first gal looks like an in-shape 40 or so ish. She looks great.

  7. Monday is leg day…BOOOOOOOOO!

  8. Where were the ants Leon? In the cat food? I usually put down ant bait/poison in the spring but since we never got around to picking up the old ones I think they’re still working. So far I’ve only seen a couple of ants in the house and, who knows, they may have hijacked a ride on one of the dogs.

  9. “Birth control that you don’t have to take every day”

    I know women who’ve taken these after mishaps with boyfriends. The experience is universally described as something worse than an ER-level food poisoning experience.

  10. I’m old enough to remember when Plan B meant taking the chubby girl home from the bar once her cute friend shot you down.
    Now, it’s just indulgent, reactive birth control. And they’ve been “normalizing” abortion for over forty years

  11. We have the cat food up on a freestanding cabinet so the dogs don’t eat it, and the cat is a messy eater so some had fallen down behind it. The ants decided that wasn’t enough, so I found them swarming in his bowl this morning. I usually do a perimeter spray with Ortho when the days start to get above 70F, but I’m way behind on normal chores just trying to keep the lawn down and get things set up here.

  12. Where’s MJ been? Just because he’s a new father, wants a new job and could be moving doesn’t mean he can’t hang out here.

  13. One day as I sat in the garage reading and smoking a cigar I noticed a steady stream of ants walking back and forth the front of my garage inside of it. I laid down a line of diatomaceous earth in a spot where it wouldn’t be disturbed and it actually worked!

  14. SNATCH

    wakey wakey

  15. Boots look silly on quad girl.

  16. Oh, those are boots? I was thinking industrial grad high heels.

  17. I don’t want to wait until tomorrow for NE Cabal meatup details.

  18. that quad dood is scary

  19. I don’t add to the binders much anymore, so we sorta scraping the bottom at this point.

    Who wants to switch to Mighty Mycology Monday, where each week we do a new fungus expose`?

  20. snatchmo should get a special award for his consistent foist and thoid

  21. i agree with marezeedotes –
    the first dood is a good looking, well formed human

  22. Is McCain dead yet?

  23. You Matter

  24. They are keeping McCain alive until 2 weeks from midterms.

  25. McCain dicking conservative groups using the IRS is the last effing straw.

    If I had a wiener (I just can’t imagine squatting to urinate in public), I’d piss on his grave even though public urination sickens me. It would be worth my own self-hate.

  26. I don’t know what I’m saying.

  27. Ace cobs JJ Sefton and Charliebrown’sdildo (CBD) and Weird Dave all attended this last meetup, and I feel very lucky they showed up. They had a lot of interesting stuff to say about current events. We had many nice chats. You know how meetups go; we always like each other and get along. Because no matter what walk of life, we’re basically the same kind of asshole. One memory that stands out is CBD’s long burst of derisive laughter when I told him how much 9 miles of useless busway costs in CT. That was fun.

    Tushar was here too and he always has a little different take on things, as well as being generally a funny man. He had an interesting linguistics convo with Gingynorth, who is Weird Dave’s wife. Tushar got the smoke from the firepit no matter where he moved. Which didn’t seem fair, so Gingy shared the tears with him for a while.

    It was real good to see Jam2 again, he’s a nice man with a nice smile and he had lots of nice complimentary things to say about you pack of idiots. I have no idea why.

    Some tool named Cockran showed up, we all rubbed dirt in his hair and made fun of his life alert bracelet.

    Wiser made me one of his awesome nonsweet margaritas and life was awesome.

  28. I’ve heard of at least one Vietnam veteran who showed his son a jar of piss and said “If Jane Fonda outlives me, that’s for her grave. Do me proud.”

  29. Lauraw, thanks for the info. My favorite part?

    “You know how meetups go; we always like each other and get along. Because no matter what walk of life, we’re basically the same kind of asshole.”

  30. Comment by leoncaruthers on June 25, 2018 9:45 am
    I’ve heard of at least one Vietnam veteran who showed his son a jar of piss and said “If Jane Fonda outlives me, that’s for her grave. Do me proud.”


    I love that Vet.

  31. Now what should we talk about?

    I missed Confession on Saturday because there was a wedding. I should have gone to the 830am one, but I’m a lazy idiot and slept in.

    Also, I’m sad to report that Lunker’s is closed now forever, and I never even got to try the 72oz steak challenge.

  32. Finally had a good soaking rain yesterday. The lawn soil was getting powdery in spots.

  33. Comment by leoncaruthers on June 25, 2018 9:45 am
    I’ve heard of at least one Vietnam veteran who showed his son a jar of piss and said “If Jane Fonda outlives me, that’s for her grave. Do me proud.”

    I’ll bet that man never has to pay for his own beer at the VFW. God Bless him.

  34. This was the first weekend without rain in weeks, and it rained enough to fill a kiddie pool this week (ask me how I know) so mowing the lawn was my critical task yesterday. I shaved an entire hour off my time because it was finally short enough to mow with only single passes.

  35. Doing laundry.

  36. Doing laundry.


    Best comment ever!

  37. ^Old school Rosetta

  38. crossfit. store. Breakfast. Now clean. later? WORK!

    Living the life.

  39. Doing your mom

  40. I think I need coffee first, though.

  41. I got us some new art. There’s not a day that goes by where Paula doesn’t say how much she loves our dog Rowan.

    I have no idea if that dog is a cattle dog but it looks close enough for me.

  42. I overslept and woke at 7 instead of 6, so I’m running behind this morning. I need to do a quick workout and then go in to work. I have twelve hours of PTO, so today might be my last full day.

  43. Almost time………

  44. She’s got a nice painting of a cock.

  45. Nope, no way THAT could backfire, nosirree…


  46. Time to bust some trusts, mofahkahs.

    Oh, and that 10-year, $10B contract to build “DoD in the Cloud”? Gone.

    Bezos can comply with the idiots on his payroll or clean house. If Jeff is smart, he’ll fire everyone who signed the letter.

  47. Has MJ recovered from his her sex change?

  48. Too busy playing with his bolt-ons while looking in the mirror.

  49. “She’s got a nice painting of a cock.”

    you think it’s her’s?

  50. “^Old school Rosetta”
    when he was a little girl commenting about laundry was a lot of fun

  51. random –
    i used to work with a chick by the name of laundry.
    she didn’t quite fall into the hotntot level of c-word, but she was a weaselly, back stabbing bint. just smart enough to be dangerous, not smart enough to be self aware.

  52. Laundry? WTF?

  53. jamster worked in some weird places.

  54. If they get rid of palantir, SF folks will have to use DCGS-A, and that is a bridge too far.

  55. There’s a cream for that, I think.

  56. Just watched King Abdullah arriving at the White House. The Marine guards even open Suburban doors in full honors, both sides at one time.

  57. I thought it was weird when they opened both sides of my Tacoma, especially since I was solo. So, that’s an honor, eh?

  58. Ha, don’t know what to call it. Sounded good.

    xbrad will be by to correct me shortly. Or chief.

  59. No, the “Best comment ever!” was something Rosetta use to say to someone who would comment about a boring, non-sequitur I know because it was running joke which he used on me several times.

  60. i think it was leon that mentioned the longest day dealio –
    we should start a “Peak Sun” movement – see if we can get government funding to fly around the globe henny pennying the fact that the sun is going to shrivel up and die…

    blame it on a political group & just cash in

  61. I’ve decided to write a novel about a Mexican girl who grows up in an ICE detention facility with her family. I’m going to call it…


  62. CoAlex, will your pen name be Charlie Dominguez?

  63. HA! Alex.

    Can you somehow work into your novel that the detention center in the evil United States was 100% nicer than the shithole her family left in Mexico?

    Maybe work in the plot how lefties like to say that millions of Mexicans will help our economy but don’t explain how they don’t help their own country’s.

    Maybe throw in an MS-13 hero of some kind. Because, you know, there are so many of those.

  64. Add some elements of the occult and option it for movies

  65. Rocket Surgery sounds daunting

  66. Hey Jimbro, this may be relevant to your interests.

    There is a youtube link below the gif window. Buh-bye bandwidth!

  67. Rocket Surgery sounds daunting

    No more so than Brain Science.

  68. They seem nice

  69. Never start a database restore at the end of the day. They always take longer.

  70. Car in?

  71. Just start a new one, Jay. Nobody likes old, used data.

  72. hhahahahhhh

  73. Has anybody kicked Peter Fonda in the nads, and cunt punted his sister lately?

  74. Ha!
    I used to live a few short miles from the Goochland county line in Powhatan.
    Ate dinner a few times a week at the little greasy spoon diner in the center of “town.” Their biggest attraction was the women’s State Prison. And they also host the men’s prison where Virginia license plates are made.
    When they got a stoplight, the talk at the diner didn’t stop for a month.
    Goochland was a nice sleepy town then – I bet Richmond has creeper out there and fucked it up bigly by now.

  75. Goochland – names that sound dirty but aren’t.

  76. No lie – right next door is Beaverdam.

  77. The Beaver Road exit in Troy, MI, on I75 is exit 69.

  78. And if you read the article, you’ll see that he bought his knife and duct tape at a Walmart in “Short Pump.” Yes, it exists.

  79. The bartender has “Let Go” tattooed on the back of her neck. I’m going to ask her if it’s advice, or instruction.

  80. Has anybody kicked Peter Fonda in the nads, and cunt punted his sister lately?

    Peter Fonda has nads?


    Wait for it

  82. Interesting. The exec order referenced freezes all financial assets of anyone involved in human trafficking.

  83. **waiting for MCPO to put me in time-out for the embeds**


  85. Awesome, Peps.

  86. The one back dudes reaction is hilarious.

  87. Dammit why the hell did that embed. I was sure I used the correct link. Sorry.

  88. Pixar movie Coco was actually ok. On Netflix now. Luke Cage S2, came out last week, but I’ve been closing

  89. Who’ll be the next in line?
    Who’ll be the next to watch your derp fade?
    All your affections finally fade away
    There will be no use inside
    Who’ll be the next in line for you?

  90. I knew Oso would be a closer. Get her some coffee!!

  91. ww

  92. pos is underway –
    it’ll be a few minutes

  93. already finished the new season of the ranch

  94. well, the volume is not pumped up in here! 100 comments

  95. Is it The Ranch or the ranch. Why no Parmesan Peppercorn?

  96. I’m a fan of Newman’s Own Honey Mustard dressing. Since Paula is not I usually just have whatever dressing she’s having. I’ve grudgingly even had French dressing which is low on my list of enjoyable salad dressings

  97. Jimbro understands marriage.

  98. Salad dressing is a scam. Immersion blender some fresh bacon grease, a trustworthy egg, and some vinegar in a jar and you’re all set. Plus you have bacon for the salad.

  99. I usually do my vinegar egg juice as a shot with a bacon chaser

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