I heard there was some shindig going on at Wiserchad’s place.


Some guy name Dave showed up:


B.A. Cock was there, too.


Scott brought his new Van:


A surprise visitor from Michigan:


And Pupster finally met Americano:


I hope they all remember to document the event to social media.

And everybody stays safe.


On this glorious weekend, please remember what is really important.


Thank you.








  1. Always look forward to laughs from your funny poats. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wakey wakey

  3. Keno was dead on last night. So I had that going for me.

  4. The other bartenders kinda don’t like it when I bartend … not to be big headed, but I am good at it.

    I just don’t want to to do it THERE. If they gave me a raise, it would be worth it. But since He doesn’t value my mad skillz, fuck ’em. I’ve had people stop me in the street and express their disappointment that I don’t bartend anymore (people that I honestly don’t even recognize). Some just a few weeks back …a woman went on and on … How great I was behind the bar. I really have no idea who her and her husband were, so she wasn’t a super regular. I’ve also had people tell me they don’t go to sit/eat at the bar anymore since I don’t work it.

    Oh well.
    Talk to Lucky, man.

  5. Talk park fundraiser /walk in 35 min. I gotta inhale this coffee and get movie. Moose gets to go (I can only handle one dog at a time) because that’s the request of everyone. Oschi is kinda crazy on a leash anyway. She doesn’t like it. I do need to work on it, but with our property, there simply isn’t much of a reason.

  6. DOG PARK. Talk park … I’d be there every day.

  7. Note to self:
    Car in doesn’t water down the drinks.

  8. Note to self:
    Car in doesn’t water down the drinks.

  9. The get movie I like. I need to get movie.

    lol. You know, we really don’t use fukksize around here as much as we should.

  10. I think it was Mesablue who talked about how easy it was to be a bartender. “Just talk to people” was what he said. I was all like, “In person?”

    Have you ever heard of a “Hunyuck”? Pronounced Hun Yuck.



  13. EMBED to the HEAD

    Don’t make me do chores.

  14. *sigh*

  15. Alert the media!! It’s taken me all spring to do it, but I’m down 6 pounds. Ideally…20-25 to go.

    *runs off cryiing*
    *feels bounce of fat*
    *looks around…cuts pupster*

  16. According to former president Mary McAleese….

    “…early Baptism breaches fundamental human rights, she said: “You can’t impose, really, obligations on people who are only two weeks old and you can’t say to them at seven or eight or 14 or 19 ‘here is what you contracted, here is what you signed up to’ because the truth is they didn’t.”

    The current model of Baptism “worked for many centuries because people didn’t understand that they had the right to say no, the right to walk away”, she declared.

    “But you and I know, we live now in times where we have the right to freedom of conscience, freedom of belief, freedom of opinion, freedom of religion and freedom to change religion. The Catholic Church yet has to fully embrace that thinking,”

  17. The White House has released a proposed reorganization plan for the Federal Government. Just read the table of contents. It’s glorious. It’ll never happen, but it’s glorious.

    Click to access Government-Reform-and-Reorg-Plan.pdf

  18. So, is the title of today’s poat “Meme Meetup”, or “Me Me MEETUP!!!”?

  19. Comment by Pupster on June 23, 2018 8:53 am


    That was excellent, Pups.

  20. I think it was Mesablue who talked about how easy it was to be a bartender. “Just talk to people” was what he said. I was all like, “In person?”

    Yea, well … just talk to people, while you make their drinks, everyone else’s drinks, serve food, make drinks for the server, work the keno machine, run to get shit from the kitchen … etc etc …

    so, yea, I wish it was just “talk to people”. Thing is, people DO want you to talk to them. While you’re doing 8 other things at the same time.

  21. Eff off, Mary McAleese.

  22. Okay, I don’t know who has the time to put music to a bird walking (mating dance) but that too was excellent.

  23. That is the second “new” person here at the H2 (The best POS blog on the planet) in 2 days.

    End times?

  24. I thought the official title was “shithole blog”?

  25. With the greatest possible charity Mary McAleese wasn’t catechized for shit, and knows precisely fuckall about the sacrament of baptism.

  26. Good job Beasn. 6 pounds is no small feat.

  27. It’s a medium-sized foot at least. Maybe even part of a calf as well.

  28. Huh, I’m at camp with the boy and the dogs and Paula went home to clean the house. She claims she can get a lot more done without us underfoot. Pretty sure that means she’s throwing shit out.

  29. I did not realize how many jackets I’ve accumulated over the years. It’s probably for the better.


  31. It’s already started but she laid the bullshit statement down that she’ll clear any major douches of my stuff in advance. The plan is for her to send me a picture of the stuff. We all know that the reception is poor up here so I’m pretty sure I’ll be wondering where my stuff went for a while.

  32. Speaking of that, poor cellphone reception, not douching, do any of you have any experience with cellphone signal boosters? I know they exist, just not sure if they actually work or if they’re expensive.

  33. T Mobile sent me an in house 2 piece unit for free.
    I’m in the city with 5 towers nearby. A rep even stayed on the phone with me while I tested placing the receiving unit in the window facing the tower that worked best, then I just mounted the transmitter in the hallway (center of house).

    It works well, I guess. I got great reception outdoors, but horrible inside the brick house. Now? Almost never less than four bars.
    Good luck.

  34. Yes, Beasnsnsnsns, great job. 6 pounds is really good.

    I know…I KNOW how hard it is to trim down *cough* after a certain age.

  35. True, Chi. I always enjoyed Hotpur’s characterization of this blog as a shithole.

    I think several names could apply.

  36. We’re on Verizon so I guess I’ll be stopping by their store this week. On the porch I get 2 bars of LTE but in the house I get next to nothing. 1x which is worth diddley squat. We have a metal roof so I’m sure that’s the reason why. We got rid of the satellite internet through Hughes net. They wouldn’t let us suspend it while we weren’t here without a fight. On the plus side I do a lot more reading on my kindle in the summer.

  37. I have a box for t-mobile and it works pretty good. It’s several years old (and they gave it to us for free).

  38. I may or may not be highly insulin resistant or may or may not be eating too few calories. I’m doing everything else right and my workouts are kickass. Weight loss is slow but I think I do see some body changes. Even if stuff is happening and not the scale, it’s just fun to see the scale go down.

    Also, F U fat.

    Women of a certain age *cough* should NOT wear two-piece swimsuits unless they are in good shape. I lost a lot of weight last summer and wore one in Hawaii. It was my 30TH anniversary and we met and married in Hawaii and I wanted to look like “not an old lady”. My husband thought I looked good but he knows which side his bread is buttered on IYKWIMAITTYD.

    I may or may not do so this year. I have 5 weeks left in Operation:
    Grasping for Youth 2018.

  39. I’m reading about the campaign in the Huertgen Forest now. That was a frigging meat grinder and so unnecessary in retrospect. I saw on the news this morning that they just buried a PFC from Iowa who died there in 1944. After reading about it I’m not surprised it took so long to find him and repatriate his remains. His younger brother is all that’s left of his immediate family now.

  40. I KNOW how hard it is to trim down *cough* after a certain age.

    I blame my husband. He eats cookies/snack cakes a couple of times a day – one of those times about an hour before bed. With a beer. He’s 6′ and about 180 pounds. I rarely eat cookies and I gain the weight. I stand next to him or one of my kids and I look even more chunky. (They are all long and lanky.)

  41. My son is 6’1″ and weighs 140 with his clothes on, soaking wet.

  42. My husband thinks I should get a two piece until I stare at him like he’s got three heads. I don’t own any swimsuit. I’ll get one when I can look like the 60 year old in the PIYO infomercial.

  43. What I’m wearing in my gravatar is my swimsuit —->

  44. I’m 12 pounds from looking good in a 2 piece.

  45. Paula wears a two piece but NEVER wears just the bottoms without some type of gym shorts over them.

  46. Cookies? What are cookies???

    Sugar is not in my life. At all.

  47. I’m 8-10 pounds from wearing a 2 piece.

  48. My only yikes section is my belly.

  49. Mare,
    As I’ve stated a few times, I spent 20+ years in fitness equipment sales (ACE certified personal trainer too).
    When clients wanted to buy the $300 Detecto Drs office scale, I would tell them “sure. I’d like the commission, but you should save your money and get a nice full length mirror instead. And a cheap digital camera.”

    Throw away your scale. Take pics of yourself in the same outfit ala those weight loss pill ads on TV (before & after) and check the progress visually. Muscle weighs more than fat yadda yadda yadda.
    If you have a consistent and accurate way to measure baodyfat %, all the better, but meh. Not critical. Feel good, look good. Nobody but you cares what the scale says.


  51. Ok which moron is calling me. It’s not coming up with a name (lost contacts a phone or two ago).

    It’s one of you. Who’s at this meet up/ that will pin point it.

  52. Via Althouse: This is why D.C. needs to be razed to the ground. This culture is sickening and is spilling out to the rest of the country.

    When it comes to disclosing their affiliation with Trump, no ground is more fraught than courtship. “Trump supporters swipe left”—meaning “don’t even bother trying”—might be the single most common disclaimer on dating app profiles in Washington.

    One beleaguered 31-year-old female administration official described at length her “very, very frequent” scraps with her matches on dating apps. “You do the small talk thing, and you have a very good conversation, and then they might say, ‘You didn’t vote for Trump, right?’” she says. “As soon as I say, ‘Of course I did,’ it just devolves into all-caps ‘HOW COULD YOU BE SUCH A RACIST AND A BIGOT?’ And ‘You’re going to take away your own birth control.’” In one recent star-crossed exchange, the official told a match she worked for the federal government. When he pushed, she revealed she was in the administration. He asked her, “Do you rip babies from their mothers and then send them to Mexico?”

  53. Chi, I agree with you, that’s why I said it this way:
    “Even if stuff is happening and not the scale, it’s just fun to see the scale go down.”

    I know I’ve added some muscle. And I know I should ignore the scale but this is a 10 year habit…that I need to break.

  54. The Huertgen Forest campaign was a disaster, and the worst operational mistake in the European campaign. I’m a fan of Bradley, but he really dropped the ball here.

  55. Alex, so insane. No really, insanity.

    I think it’s good to know if they won’t date you if you support Trump. It’s an instant insanity meter.

  56. Everything the lefty said in your comment is a ridiculous, stupid lefty talking point. 100% grounded in lies.

  57. It’s still frustrating to know that about the world. I see it all the time here in Cali as well. So many women decide that their personal politics trump all other considerations about a person.

  58. I’m 8-10 pounds from wearing a 2 piece.

    I’m 20 pounds and some cosmetic surgery away from wearing a bikini.

    Nine pound babies like to stretch out their long limbs no matter how small their mommas are.

  59. Alex,
    It’s worse than that.
    Her personal politics are based on ignorance.
    She believes things that are not true and she is incurious enough that she won’t bother finding the truth.
    She also probably has about an 85 IQ.

  60. Who, in their right mind, would date anyone in D.C.?

  61. And ‘You’re going to take away your own birth control.

    HEY DUMBFUCK….your side scaremongers this with every republican administration, so go fuck yourself because I won’t if you were the last man on earth, you tiny dicked chestless manchild.

  62. OR…what do you mean ‘take away MY own birth control’? Are you saying that would be my sole responsibility you hillary seat sniffer?

  63. I’m just guessing that there simply aren’t a lot of date-able people in DC anyway.

  64. So many women decide that their personal politics trump all other considerations about a person.

    I would not date a Nancy boi who goes to pussy marches, supports abortion, and votes democrat. That goes against logic, reason, and my essence as a female. Most dem ‘men’ I know are mental.

  65. Comment by Car in on June 23, 2018 4:12 pm
    I’m just guessing that there simply aren’t a lot of date-able people in DC anyway.

    Supposedly if you’re a single guy looking for a hookup it’s a shooting gallery. The ratio of women to men is something like 2:1.

  66. At this point I think someone’s political persuasion is indicative of a person’s, value system, intellectual capacity, gullibility, and ability for self reflection. I wouldn’t consider pissing on a progressive if they were on fire, much less socialize with one.

    I am willing to take a few on helicopter rides.

  67. What TT said ^^

  68. Roamy ♥ Beasn for all the putdowns but especially the hillary seat sniffer one.

  69. CoAlex, I think NYC is the same way. More women than men and living the “Sex in the City” life.

  70. A lot of them are careerists. Early thirties, looking to climb the corporate ladder, hoping to find some up-and-comer and be a power couple.

  71. I’ll admit that I swipe left for any woman’s profile that reads, “I have a career and own my own house.”

  72. Troy’s comment reminded me of the Liberal Logic 101 memes. (Yes, they are that stupid.)


  74. How’s the meatup going so far? Anybody in jail yet?

  75. Two monarch butterflies in my garden! Next year, when my ‘weed’ multiplies ELEVENTY I hope to draw a swarm.

    Poor Ted Cruz puppeh nose.

  76. How come noone has poated any pictures yet? Or do we have to wait until after dark thirty when inhibitions are tossed under the Party Van?

  77. How’s the meatup going so far?

  78. Two monarch butterflies in my garden! Next year, when my ‘weed’ multiplies ELEVENTY I hope to draw a swarm.

    Monarch butterflies are stoners?

  79. I should explain. “Yes, they are that stupid.” is on all of the Liberal Logic 101 memes. I was not saying that Troy was stupid. Quite the opposite.

  80. I took two naps today, and I’m waiting for my kids to come home from MO so I can go back to bed.

    In the meantime, I’m watching Batman. I didn’t remember Joan Collins being a villain (The Siren).

  81. I’m watching Rockford Files reruns, wishing it were possible to rehash that show.
    Who could pull it off? I think Tom Selleck, maybe. But he’s busy with Blue Bloods. Sam Elliott? Dennis Quaid, maybe? Hmmm…

  82. Nick Searcy

  83. OK. Searcy is a valid option. But maybe too old?
    But I’m now trying to come up with more modern, younger actors.

    You’d need smart, somewhat tough guy, sarcastic, good looking and charismatic. I have come up with Jerry O Connell so far.

  84. Josh Brolin might work.

  85. Speaking of actors, this is an interesting look at the mess that Johnny Depp has managed to make out of his life. I’m astonished sometimes at how badly people can manage to fuck up being wealthy and famous.

  86. Several Ace people were there.

  87. “You’d need smart, somewhat tough guy, sarcastic, good looking and charismatic.”
    I’m too busy right now………

  88. J.J. Sefton

  89. Brolin is too serious

  90. nice turnout! Better than the midwest cabal scum showing up!

  91. I thought everyone from here was “Ace people”

  92. You know who I think would be good? Michael Weatherly. Played DiNozzo in NCIS, and Bull.

  93. @IMAO on Twitter

    Do you think kicking people out of restaurants convinces them that they should rethink their politics or does it convince them that the other side is a bunch of hateful a-holes?

  94. Kids are home safely. Mini-me is exhausted, so I get to hear all about camp tomorrow.

  95. Just bake the cake, right?

  96. Good that they are home.

  97. Not all fingers are thumbs.

  98. You know who I think would be good? Michael Weatherly. Played DiNozzo in NCIS, and Bull.

    That could actually work. David Boreanaz might be another possibility.

  99. That could actually work. David Boreanaz might be another possibility.

    After Bones, I’m not as fond of him.

  100. I looked up Crumb and Get It, the Radford, VA bakery that turned down a visit from Joe Biden, and they closed some time last year.

  101. That can’t be true. Libs are tolerant.

  102. Meh, it wasn’t in a great location. I went by there a couple of times because it wasn’t too far from the in-laws, and it was either no parking spaces anywhere near the place or closed on Sunday.

  103. I’m okay with being closed on Sunday, but that would be an important thing to note on your website.

  104. Man, if you haven’t seen that movie Annihilation, it’s basically like what would happen if you took some really potent acid during the apocalypse.

  105. I have several tankinis. Mix and match. I can’t one piece because I haz no butt.

  106. Fucking monarchs are moar annoying than the aggressive asshole hummingbirds.

  107. Roamy, the bakery was last minuted with an official visit, Sarah was just part of a group reservation with friends.

  108. Roamy, we had a few restaurants in Burque that were hostile to Anglos. I’m very white. I understand enough Spanish to GTFO. Glad that 2 of the 3 that were hostile to Dan have closed. Lately, on social media, I KNOW, there are reports of Latinx owned restaurants posting English Only signs for their customers to report employees.

  109. BTW, Dan has high blood pressure and I’m the one having to exercise, diet, and stop drinking?

  110. Your health stresses him out and raises his blood pressure.

  111. A heartless hand on my shoulder – a derp and it’s over
    Alabaster crashes down (six months is a long time)
    Tried living in the real world instead of a shell
    But before I began…
    I was bored before I even began

  112. Good morning snausages

  113. All I think with the stories about restaurant harassment is “You want more Trump? Because this is how you get more Trump.”


  115. Mare drinking coffee:

  116. ummmmmmm:

  117. I’ve got lots of work to do but everyone is still sleeping.

  118. Indentured Packers

  119. Lib cousin posted a pic of her cat with a gay pride flag. I’m trying to figure out if the cat is gay, if cousin decided to be a lesbian all of a sudden, or if this is virtue-signaling.


  121. It is virtue signalling by the cat, obviously.

  122. Ah….nice Sunday morning sitting with in laws on the porch drinking coffee. Birthday party for my favorite 3 yr old today, got the yard done last nite……I do hereby declare today to be a day of chill.

    As it is written, so shall it be done.

  123. I wonder how Wiser’s doing this morning?

  124. Pussy Pride

  125. HA! Pups, I swear I was going to link that and say, Pupster today.

  126. Comment by Pupster on June 24, 2018 10:07 am
    I wonder how Wiser’s doing this morning?


    So very true.

  127. Ah….nice Sunday morning sitting with in laws on the porch drinking coffee.

    Troy’s neighbors are having a similar little get together later this afternoon.

  128. I was looking for something to watch while my husband was sailing yesterday. So, I was clicking on the previews and it gave a brief explanation of each show.

    Holy crap, if you don’t think Netflix is all in on the progressive agenda you’re not paying attention.

    I ended up watching reruns of Psych. I love Gus.

  129. Are you going to church today, Mare?

  130. I liked Psych a lot. Ion TV would run marathons of it and I’d sometimes get sucked in watching it. I hope it comes back into the rotation soon.
    What I really miss is Monk, though. That was some silly good TV.
    Weren’t they out of the same studio? Seems to me they originally used to air back to back?

  131. They gotta find their own cousins pups, there heah are taken!

  132. Chi, We TV is running a Monk marathon right now. It’s one of the chick networks.

  133. Dammit. That’s one of the newer networks I don’t get with my rabbit ears. I get a bunch – seems like a new one very six months – but not We.

  134. Hallmark channel plays Monk, Chi. I really enjoy that also.

  135. It’s not new, it’s part of AMC. It was Women’s Entertainment and before that, something like Romance Channel.

  136. I have chicken thawed for lunch but have no idea what to make.

  137. I’ve been craving Buffalo chicken lately.
    I’ve got the butter & Frank’s Red Hot. (Hint, hint)

  138. Mrs. Pupster made some pretty kick-ass lemon-chicken in the instapot last week, if life gave you lemons at some point within the expiration date range.

  139. I need to go do stuff and I don’t want to do the things. If I shave my head and ditch the beard I could freak-out the whole office tomorrow, perhaps I’ll get a new neck tattoo. I could probably also get to Mexico northern canada before anybody realized I was gone, and then it would be quite a bit longer before anybody came looking.


  140. I’m sitting in a recliner with the laptop. Scott is working in the next room. He walked in on me an hour ago and said, “Do you have any grand plans for today?” and I said, “Not really.” And he said “Oh. OK.”

    I’m thinking back on this interaction and I’m wondering if there was some hidden meaning.

  141. I’m thinking back on this interaction and I’m wondering if there was some hidden meaning.

    Have fun packing up someone else’s crap.

  142. What Pupster doesn’t know is that they had him chipped years ago. If he runs away he’ll just get picked up and taken home.

  143. I need to go do stuff and I don’t want to do the things.

    This is me. I picked up some kind of crud, been just sitting around feeling puny or napping.

  144. Perhaps we can dig deeper into the blerg for hidden meanings….

    Comment by scott on June 24, 2018 8:39 am

    I’ve got lots of work to do but everyone is still sleeping.

  145. Good luck with your Tinder date, Alex. Try not to be so literal.

  146. Hairs cut, pharmacy run done.

    Next up, shaving the beard off and making a run for the border.

  147. Don’t forget the neck tattoo!
    (Or did you get needles and Bic pens at the pharmacy? Doing it prison style – nice touch.)

  148. Next up, shaving the beard off and making a run for the border.

    Have fun in Canada!

  149. TIL my dad’s cousin had been a Lt. Col. in the Air Force, served in Vietnam.

  150. This is me. I picked up some kind of crud, been just sitting around feeling puny

    Same. Did a lot of yard work yesterday and it, along with the sun when it peeked out, kicked my arse.
    Sinus pressure and sneezing. Looked at radar and some system is headed this way but precipitation seems to disappear the closer it gets.

    I’ve been bugged by our new Chinese neighbors letting their yard go to hell. They paid primo for the house…buying all kinds of new furniture and are meh with curb appeal. They were out yesterday when I was trimming our back bushes (SYWM)….I had my fingers crossed.
    Today, they had the older kid out trimming all their front bushes…..and grandpa stood out there supervising the whole time. LOL. My daughter always got so upset if I came near her or appeared to be supervising whatever I asked her to do. She’s lucky I’m not oriental…or her grandmother.

  151. I survived ne cabalapolooza

  152. Blog didn’t.

  153. So is bcochran scared off for good?

  154. Yeah, he won’t be around anymore. We made sure.

    *brushes dirt off pants*


  155. strong bitter is boiling

  156. strong bitter is boiling

    You’ve met my ex?

  157. i will fill the rest of you in on the happnin’s during the tuesday morning briefing

  158. stay tuned

  159. All I need to know……Were there any shots fired?

  160. Shoulda been. There was a deer hanging around eating seed out of the neighbor’s birdfeeder like we weren’t even there.

  161. Pew pew, venison stew

  162. Deer nuts. Under a buck.

  163. Two weeks in a row now. I swore I would never kill again after what happened at the yarn store, but my limits are being tested.

  164. mmm, sous vide deer

    So, who forgot the hops at flameout today? Just me? Shit.

  165. So Laura Ingalls Wilder is too racist to have an award named for her now. SMH.

  166. wait, what? Will they come for Mark Twain because of his use of the N word in Huckleberry Finn?

  167. The yarn store?
    Y’know how I know you’re gay?

  168. Jay, they are going after Einstein because of what he wrote about the Chinese. Everything and everyone is racist. The library will consist of “Dreams of My Father” and “What Happened”, and that’s it.

  169. The yarn store?
    Y’know how I know you’re gay?


  170. Heh.
    I used to hire a tile guy that would SWEAR at you – “it’s not gay if you’re getting paid for it!!”
    Poor fuckin’ tweaker…

  171. Twenty dollars is twenty dollars.

  172. Blurgsplarg.

    At least I managed to leave the apartment once this weekend…

  173. It’s not gay if they’re not breathing.

  174. Boxes are slowly being filled.

  175. That’s what your Mom said, Alex.

  176. Did everyone receive perishables?

  177. You sick fucks.

    Magnificent sick fucks

  178. Is it odd that I take that as a compliment?

  179. MMM in about 10-15.


    Forgot the title the first time.

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