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Your model for today was born December 16, 1991 in Granada, Spain. She stands 5’5″, 36D-24-37 and 110 lbs. Please listen up and say buenos dias to Miss Nekane Sweet.


  1. Other than some unfortunately thick thighs, she’s about as nice as we’ve had around here in a while. I’d roll my Rs with her.

  2. She loves Christmas!

  3. PD, hows the hip/weight situation?

  4. She’s shockingly easy on the eyes.

  5. Hip is working great. Weight is up and down dependent on whether I’m behaving myself or not. Currently I’m in a down pattern and have lost 12 lbs in the last two months. Both my hips, real and fake, need for me to be a good boy for an extended time and lose about 30 more.

  6. So

  7. Did a little quick research on Nekane, and she’s not been a good girl at all. Some of her videos remind me of Hotspur’s mom back in the day.


  9. nice joob pup

  10. 110?

  11. They’re Spanish pounds.

  12. I included those last 2 links for you Leon, para mantener sus habilidades de traducción nítidas.

  13. Hmm, why is the company net filter going crazy when I search Reality Kings and Brazzers?

  14. Spectacular

    I wouldn’t mind pounding her Spanish something something

  15. Wow. Color me shocked:

    Little girl that was the face of the recent child separation controversy and the cover of Time magazine was never actually separated from her mother. Busted crossing the Rio Grande in a raft, after paying a coyote 6,000.

  16. I included those last 2 links for you Leon, para mantener sus habilidades de traducción nítidas.

    DuoLingo works, people. I could understand nearly everything, even though I learned American Spanish (Mexico and points south of it) and she’s speaking Spanish Spanish.

  17. 110?

    Reading my mind.
    And, my gawd! You could drive a Buick through that gap in pic #5!

  18. That picture left a similar impression on me as well Chi. I got Paula a pair of those and some tamer shorts for something and I’m delighted to say she wears them frequently.

  19. That gap in #5 has to be courtesy of photoshop.

  20. I don’t know why.
    It’s not exactly what I would call flattering.

  21. Yeah, it says “I spread my legs a lot”. Eeesh.

  22. I’d say you’re right on with the Pussyshop for dat gap

  23. McCain’s tumor continues to disappoint.

    I hope it’s at least excruciatingly painful.

  24. McCain can’t die soon enough for me. And to think I had to actually vote for this piece of fecal matter in 2008, is especially galling. Fuck him. he’s a gash.

  25. And BTW, I give this model huge credit for no tats.

  26. Busted crossing the Rio Grande in a raft, after paying a coyote 6,000.

    Would you put your two year old on a raft to cross the Rio Grande under the protection of a coyote? How much would it cost to get here legally. Pretty sure had she done it legally that $6k would have gone a long way in making it so. Pretty sure legally would get you on all the welfare programs too…*spit*.

    WTF are we throwing welfare at people crossing the border? My grandmother and in-laws got NOTHING. Sure sounds like the government is racist.

  27. Legally, they probably wouldn’t even be considered.

  28. I’m having a breakdown!

  29. You have a problem…

  30. I pick up my new truck today.

    This is exciting. I have not seen or driven one yet.

  31. What’d you get, Scott?

  32. A Ford Transit?
    Ugly, but probably a pretty nice ride. I wouldn’t turn one down.

  33. A big ole Ford Transit with the high roof option.

    It’s almost 7 feet tall in the cargo area.

  34. He could pretty it up Chi……but he refuses to listen to my advice.

  35. My town won’t allow it.

  36. Orange shag carpeting inside and big ole Molly Hatchett murals outside would go a long way towards making it cool.

  37. My friend with 5 kids has the same one. It’s nice.

  38. “Ugly, but probably a pretty nice ride. I wouldn’t turn one down.”

    Now there’s some low hanging fruit……

  39. I dated a girl like that. Twice.

  40. Not bad. Pretty sure she’d wind up torching your car and emptying your bank account, but still.

  41. When Sweden plays Denmark…

  42. Fack. I have to bartend tonight.

    booo hissssssss

  43. I just checked Abby Pollock’s IG while reviewing some of our archives.

    She got bolt-ons. She’s ruined.

  44. I’m excited about Scott getting a new truck. That’s fun.

  45. hey mare, I got a new car 2 years ago.

    That’s not boring.

  46. Fack. I have to bartend tonight.

    I’ll have a Maker’s and soda, thanks.

  47. Miss. MISS! Beer’s empty!

  48. Fans: The Last Jedi sucked

    Fanboi defenders: Oh yeah, like you could do better


  49. I don’t remember that, Jay!

    I would have been excited for you too!

  50. Ugh. It was nice that the rain came through today so I sent have to water the garden, but good grief! did it make it humid.
    I may have to close the windows and turn on the A/C.

  51. It’s done. Some things are better, and some things aren’t.

    Everything is different.

  52. I’m amazed this didn’t end in a fireball.

  53. Scott I think you will like the Transit van. My company bought one two years ago. I’m the primary driver and I like it a lot. The only problem we have had is with the skid plate at the rear doors. It is plastic and broke in less than a year. We replaced it and it broke again in less than a year. Other than that and a slight tendency to get a little sporty if it is windy, its a great van.

  54. I’m amazed this didn’t end in a fireball.

    Nothing good comes after “careens.”

    I was amazed by how apparently calm the guy who walked her away from the wreck was.

  55. Good to know, Spad. The Sprinter was scary in the wind, hopefully this isn’t worse.

  56. If it’s half full or better you don’t notice the wind, but if you are driving in wind with no load it is two hands tight at all times. We have the high hat extended length 250 Transit.

    It is good on gas too about 450 miles to a tank.

  57. Scott’s main task for now will probably be to train himself to stay away from the diesel pump.

  58. We went out to eat and had the misfortune to sit next to an 14 top of LOUD OBNOXIOUS TALKERS. The waitstaff were rolling their eyes, I asked to be moved. It was terrible, all adults 50+ talking over each other at rock concert level, not drunk, just amazingly loud with heavy southern canada accents. They thankfully stopped talking when the food came, I joked with the waitress that I’d like to buy the whole table desert if they would shut the fuck up. She just gave me a fake laugh and said “I’ll get your check”.

  59. New Banglar Party Van. How’s the party?

  60. That’s what I got, and you just described the Sprinter in the wind.

    I got hit with a 50 mph cross wind a few months ago and was blown into another lane. I thought I was going over.

    At the time I was on a bridge, at least 100 feet up.

  61. I’m at work. I’ll be at the meetup tomorrow.

  62. I hate that I’m missing it.

  63. Me too.

  64. I’m re-reading Oct 2016. I’d forgotten all about Anthony Weiner’s “Life Insurance”.

  65. I wish I could be there as well.

  66. I can’t decide if the waitress looks more like a bisexual indie lead singer, out your best friend’s kid sister.

  67. Some speak of the future
    My derp she speaks softly
    She knows there’s no success like failure
    And that failure’s no succes at all

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