Hey, let’s get this day started off the right way


Right Mare?


Gotta be careful with the volume though


I’m your friend with benefits


Carin’s kids all chipped in on a mug


Friday’s cup looks like a DD


Not a Starbuck‘s I’m sure


Sunday coffee


Those were the days


Department Of Unknown Superheroes


Beat that one to death on a Thursday. Next week: TEA !!!







  1. Somali-free post

  2. Hewwo. Scott is making me work again today. We will be by the shore.

    Clamshack is a beautiful way to say ‘I love you.’

  3. That’s one helluva euphemism.

  4. She sells sea shells down by the sea shore.

  5. Clamsicle

  6. ww

  7. It’s all better folks, we can stop worrying about Peter Fonda

    Trump Jr. called on Sony Pictures Classics to stop the release of its film “Boundaries,” in which Fonda has a small role. The company condemned Fonda’s tweets as “abhorrent” but said the film would be released as planned.

    Because throwing a kid into a cell with pedophiles isn’t as bad as what Rosanne did.

  8. somalia – that’d make a nice ocean front resort community.

  9. A new era of colonialism is probably coming. Oh, and genocide.

  10. Though there’s already a genocide happening in South Africa. We hear nothing about that in the news because it doesn’t help the Dems.

  11. Not only does it not HELP the Dems, it sorta goes against their messaging.

  12. By ignoring it, it’s not happening, Car in.

  13. Somalia? IRENE! Fuckin IRENE!

  14. i agree
    it’ll be a clash of cultures separated by centuries while being loosely bound by technical amenities

  15. Not only does it not HELP the Dems, it sorta goes against their messaging.

    And yet, it’s what Europe will look like in 25 years or less.

  16. somebody was extolling the virtues of this pos:

    i made the mistake of going down the hole (heh)

    long / short-
    even commie pieces of shit understand where totalitarian rule takes them
    wtf o

    they’re lying pieces of crap and yet we can’t seem to mount a campaign against them using their own words…

  17. Oh, but then this is the next little bit of Paglia’s criticism of Sontag, and it’s delicious:

    Sontag’s cool exile was a disaster for the American women’s movement. Only a woman of her prestige could have performed the necessary critique and debunking of the first instant-canon feminist screeds, such as those of Kate Millett or Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar, whose middlebrow mediocrity crippled women’s studies from the start. No patriarchal villains held Sontag back; her failures are her own.

    Paglia mentions several criticisms of Sontag, including Harold Bloom’s comment of “Mere Sontagisme!” on Paglia’s doctoral dissertation. Paglia states that Sontag “had become synonymous with a shallow kind of hip posturing”.[30] Paglia also describes Sontag as a “sanctimonious moralist of the old-guard literary world”, and tells of a visit by Sontag to Bennington College, in which she arrived hours late, ignored the agreed-upon topic of the event, and made an incessant series of ridiculous demands.[page”

  18. they’re deranged
    and suicidal

  19. i’ve also noticed that this dumb ass (and i say that with all due scientific contempt) is being resurrected:

  20. How many deaths is she responsible for?

  21. “but her combination of “scientific knowledge and poetic writing” reached a broad audience and helped to focus opposition to DDT ”

    Because nothing says “rational argument” like science presented as poetry.

  22. “Somalia? IRENE! Fuckin IRENE!”

    somalia has an amazing fishery.
    when the goat fuckers/warlords are wiped out, imma see ifn’ i can buy a nice beach side slice – it’ll be incorporated as jamville; y’all are welcome.
    “Come for the fishing, Stay for the hookers and booze”

  23. Plus the pirates will be gone, so the tourists might come back.

  24. carin cut right to the heart of carson’s asshattery

  25. Somalia won’t be genocided, it’ll just move to Maine.

  26. in jamville, a residency requirement will be small arms proficiency and ownership.

  27. Works for Neil Degrasse Tyson

  28. clothing optional

  29. 139 political assassinations in Mexico just this election season.

    When does the press realize that our southern neighbor is a rogue/failed state and an existential threat?

  30. neil de-ass tyson is about as sharp as his cousin mike

  31. Like, guys, I don’t care how much you hate Trump. This isn’t about cheap landscape help or lettuce. This shit will roll right through your gated community and sweep away your posterity along with mine. You will not be unscathed.

  32. They’ve been trying to move Somalia to Minnesota. I predict initial success, until the pirates take to the 10k lakes and get devoured by the swarms of mosquitoes that blot out the sun from the sky.

  33. The left wants completely open borders, and won’t be satisfied until that’s done.

  34. Make them tear down the walls and fences to their gated community first.

  35. some comic relief from an aspiring rocket surgeon:

  36. It’s all right for me, but not for thee.

    The Left’s Theme Song.

  37. The left wants completely open borders, and won’t be satisfied until that’s done.

    Weak amygdalae. They are r-selected nincompoops with brain damage that prevents them from proper threat assessment.

  38. Ok, anyone read Jordan Peterson’s book? I wish he had a somewhat shorter version that I could convince my boys to read – BUT what i’m going to do is create a summary of each chapter and text it to my oldest. I know I know … but he won’t read it.

    First chapter is about standing with your back straight (physically and metaphorically). I’m just composing my summary right now and just wanted to ask if anyone had anything to add.

  39. “Dominance hierarchies have been an essentially permanent feature of the environment to which all complex life has adapted. ”

    You guys don’t mind if I leave my notes here, do you?

  40. I have it but haven’t read the whole thing yet.

  41. “All that matters, from a Darwinian perspective, is permanence – and the dominance hierarchy, , however social or cultural is might appear, has been around for some half a billion years. It’s permanent. It’s real. the dominance hierarchy is not capitalism. It’s not communism, either, for that matter. It’s not the military-industrial complex. It’s not the patriarchy – that disposable, malleable, arbitrary cultural artifact. It’s not even a human creation; not in the most profound sense. It is instead a near-eternal aspect of the environment, and much of was is blamed on these more ephemeral manifestations is a consequence of its unchanging existence. “

  42. Chop chop leon. This is important.

  43. Sorry, I really need to finish Storey’s Guide to Raising Sheep before I start going to 4H fairs this summer.

  44. Haven’t read it, haven’t bought it.

  45. Why are you going to 4H fairs?

  46. Alot of whats in Jordan’s book is learned in boot camp. Just send him there.

  47. Lately, I’ve been loving coffee more.

    Odd but I’m bored with wine (any alcohol) and drinking. Since I’m trying to lose some I don’t drink. Tuesday was my 31st Wedding Anniversary and I had 2 classes of dry champagne over quite a long period of time and that was enough. Hadn’t had a drop for 2 weeks before Tuesday and that was one vodka/diet tonic and lime.

  48. First chapter is about standing with your back straight (physically and metaphorically).


    Very important. Look at those hunched over twerps and you know they are not exuding confidence, masculinity or leadership. I don’t like it when I KNOW I can kick a male’s ass between the ages of 18-26 because they are pussies.

  49. 4H fairs are neat!

  50. “Yoga, Pilates, weight training and stretching are fantastic exercises for strength, flexibility and stress management. However, aerobic exercise, including walking, running, biking, swimming (among others) seem to be the most effective at increasing serotonin synthesis in the brain. Have you ever heard of a “runner’s high?” Well, it describes the effect of “feel good” neurotransmitter chemicals released during exercise that elevate mood during and after a workout. “

  51. Silent Spring = Utter crap

  52. “Come for the fishing, Stay for the hookers and booze”

    I like hookers and booze. Fishing is another word for picking up hookers, right?

  53. Sontag was a cunt. Or in the words of Peter-mouth Fonda, a gash.

  54. Peter mouth says gash is worse than cunt. So it’s a step up in insult-land.

  55. New Project for leon

  56. fishin’ is fishin’ B

  57. “Why are you going to 4H fairs?”
    leon is gonna piss off xb if he’s not careful

  58. Speaking of xb, where is that gash?


  60. Not only are they not illegal, undocumented, but now migrant children.

  61. xb is doing pushups in anticipation of joining the SPACE FORCE.

  62. No need for pushups. It’s easy to make weight when you’re weightless in space.

  63. Fucking J’ames, stealing my thunder.

  64. How can there be Rocket Jockeys with no Rockets?

  65. *commences raining on someone else’s parade

  66. Why are you going to 4H fairs?

    To find potential mentors and suppliers.

  67. As well as potential slave labor

  68. Well, I intend to outsource the majority of my lawn mowing next year to slave labor if possible.

  69. If I can find someone to process the slave labor (i.e. chickens) into meat at a reasonable price, I could easily see raising 100 or so birds next year without having to add a single square foot of pasture. I might need another chest freezer, but I could probably sell quite a few if I wanted too.

  70. I thought goats did the lawn mowing, not the chickens.

  71. Freeze them solid, and send them to me! Love me some fresh chicken

  72. I’m guessing the drone flamethrower is a short-burst aerosol with a pilot light. Risky to the drone, but cheap to build.

  73. I thought goats did the lawn mowing, not the chickens.

    Going to put sheep on the pasture after it’s planted, but my lawn is a mix of plants not necessarily ideal as forage for sheep. After the pasture is planted and has been mowed for hay a couple of times, I can start grass farming it with sheep in mobile fence and following them in the rotation with even more chickens.

  74. Ruminants need a good mix of grass and legumes or they can bloat. That’s very bad, and my lawn might b a crappy mix for them. There’s not much clover or vetch in it. Fine for birds (who’ll get their protein from bugs and supplement feed if needed), but perhaps not ideal for sheep. Goats really need to browse, too, so I’d have to keep cutting branches and supplying them, and I’m not sure if the woods would support that.

    Plus goats are basically gremlins.

  75. I’m guessing the drone flamethrower is a short-burst aerosol with a pilot light. Risky to the drone, but cheap to build.

    That would disperse too quickly and be subject to wind and drafts, like say, from the drone’s rotors. That looked like a liquid stream.

  76. Actually I see better vids that show the nozzle is extended outside the radius of the rotors. Still, it’s clearly a stream of something. But hey, it’s China, they do stuff like that.

  77. Is the plan to you the sheep just for wool? Or for milk and eventually meat, as well?
    I love me some sheepsmilk cheese, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried mutton, and I’m not a huge fan of lamb.

  78. I’m planning hair sheep, not wool. I’ve got no interest in farming for fiber, just meat and maybe milk. Hair sheep don’t produce anywhere near the level of lanolin that wool sheep do, so I’m told it tastes a lot more like beef or goat. Finding a supplier for my initial stock is a big part of the reason for going to fairs.

  79. WSJ is reportinb that the Trump Admin is going to propose combining the depts of Ed and Labor.

  80. Is the plan to keep the max headcount from one or the other and let them fight amongst themselves over the various jobs?

  81. If they do it with hardcore cage matches a la Mick Foley, I’m down for that.

  82. Sheep Blog killed it…..baaaaaah

  83. Slow-mo


  85. Probably combine and then reorganize.

    Oooh, use H1B application fees to cover student loans for the education for those jobs.

  86. The full speed version makes it look like her head went splat…

    Honestly, I kinda like it better…

  87. Did she survive that?

  88. The Melania jacket thing is a unforced error. Dont know who the fuck decided that would be good on the First Lady, EVER. I want attractive, dignified, and professionally dressed from the First Lady…..not trendy designer “statement” BULLSHIT. With that said…..FUCK THEM. I hope she comes out and says that was a message to all you progressives and socialists.

  89. Honestly, I think my sense of humor may have become a touch too dark.

  90. Just saying, that looks like a pretty serious impact to the face. I can’t see coming out of that without at least a minor injury unless that was a seriously overripe jack-o-lantern style pumpkin.

  91. At any stage of ripeness, that kind of hit from a Jarrahdale would be a broken nose, probably ocular damage, maybe a few broken teeth and possibly a broken jaw.

  92. I thought she took the brunt with her forehead, but still, that had to ring her bell and swell both eyes shut.

  93. looks more like a watermelon to me. softer rind

  94. This afternoon I pinned 2 elbows. Kids were same age, same gender (it’s on their medical record haters), same last name (unrelated), same first initial, both left side, both the same fracture pattern. There was a 3rd kid same side and fracture pattern but they were visiting from out of state and dad was flying in tonight so mom wanted to wait until tomorrow when I offered our chief of service to do the case.

  95. Paula interviewed at a different hospital about 30 minutes south of here for an ER per diem job. Our place is just crazy in the ER with high census numbers and psych patients parked for days while waiting for beds at the psych hospital. She may have to work nights at first but she’s ready to make a switch after all the abuse heaped on her by disgruntled patients and their family members. A couple of her friends have made the same move and say the overnight shift is 2 nurses and 1 doctor (not a porno title I assure you) and there’s often no patients after midnight. Crazy.

  96. Good luck to Paula! Sanity in the workplace is a treasure.

  97. Well, Krauthammer has passed. Godspeed, sir.
    Keep your eyes on Twitter for the classy responses from the tolerant Left.

  98. YASSS! I just saw a monarch butterfly on one my milk weeds (SYWM). The bees – honey and bumble – have been buzzing the shit out of them since they bloomed. I’ve got fifteen of them in the lower garden, and each one has 5 to 6 blooms/blossoms.

    They smell so nice.

  99. Good vibes being sent for Paula to get the new position!!

  100. That sucks about Krauthammer but on the other hand…he didn’t languish weeks like he thought he might? Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Just hope he didn’t suffer.

  101. The husband said I should keep the milk weeds at this number.


    If thirty grow next spring, pretty sure that would be a good reason not to spend the time or money on annuals which are now sharing the space.

  102. Keeping up with 20-somethings at Zumba is hard, but someone’s got to make them feel like shit that a white haired lady is close to kicking their ass.

    I did like Krauthammer.

  103. My mom had a UTI. Surgery rescheduled for July 5

  104. Mom has glaucoma surgery soon. Not scheduled yet, but will be next week. probably in July. I’m concerned. Should I be? How routine is it these days? She’s freakin’ 80…
    She’s looking forward to it – “I won’t need my glasses anymore!”

  105. My dad used to get UTIs all the time. No idea how since he didn’t produce any urine.

  106. RIP Charles Krauthammer. Sometimes I disagreed with him, but overall he was a good guy.

  107. I think I meant cataract surgery not glaucoma.
    I must’ve had weed on my mind?

  108. My grandpa had cataract surgery pretty late in life (well over 80) and he was really pleased with the results.

  109. The ophthalmologists knock out cataracts like an assembly line. Considering the majority of their patients are elderly they must, out of necessity, being doing well if the machine is running that smoothly.

    Good luck for both Chi and Oso’s mom

  110. chi, my FIL was in his late 70s or 80 when he had his cataract surgery. It went well but he f*cked it up and didn’t listen to doctor’s orders of taking it easy for a period of time to let it heal. He went out and did yard work and wound up detaching his retina. He listened when he had the other done and his vision is great in that eye.

  111. Krauthammer has a book out published a while back, “Things That Matter”. If it was narrated by him I’d get the audiobook version

  112. This afternoon I pinned 2 elbows. Kids were same age, same gender (it’s on their medical record haters), same last name (unrelated), same first initial, both left side, both the same fracture pattern. There was a 3rd kid same side and fracture pattern but they were visiting

  113. Jimbro, part of the book is narrated by Krauthammer. I enjoyed it.

  114. Thank you all.
    That makes me feel much better.
    She is still VERY independent (drives every day, etc), but I’m sure we can convince her to rest until well after the second surgery.
    Just the word “surgery” + her age makes me worry…
    Meh. As I’ve recently come to accept, everything is in God’s hands.

  115. I did the cataract thing 7 years ago.
    Easy, quick, and painless.
    You need to pay attention about putting the eye-drops in to fight infection and help heal the incision.
    I did not get the compound lenses, so I have to wear dime-store readers.
    I can see a fly at 100 meters, but I can’t read my watch…

  116. More about infection than anything else. Just watched Coco. Can’t stop crying.

  117. I have cataracts just forming. My right eye which was always 20/20 started getting fuzzy. Left eye prescription hasn’t changed in over ten years, but there’s one there as well. Ophthalmologist says I can probably go at least five more years with corrective lenses, maybe even ten.

  118. My brother actually came to NM. He’s pissed that surgery was postponed. Dan is pissed that once again he’s bailing out a member of my family that is supposed to be his elite and can’t even maintain a fucking car.

  119. Dan is used to mi familia earning millions for being Hispanic Law dogs. He gets pissed though. All the Ivy in the world, and he and I aren’t allowed to be on the same team playing board games.

  120. Dan only treats me like a retard when my family is involved. He has been yelling at me for an hour over my brothers flat tire.

  121. chichi – sames as the others said.
    i sat with my mil (80 something) during her cataract dealio, she had dementia starting and the doc wanted a family member with her at all times.
    I doubt we were in the room more than 15 minutes. She never comp-lained about pain. she was amazed at how bright things became post surgery.

  122. i said a prayer for your mom oso
    i hope everything works out well for you

  123. ne cabal-a-palooza clock is ticking

    I’m frequently accused of altering playground equipment to cause accidents.

  125. then the following week i’m heading to abq.

    fair warning for oso and pepe

  126. I took my car in to get it inspected today. In the waiting area at Honda, they have free cans of soda, a popcorn machine, flavor crystals for water, coffees, and a variety of snacks…peanut butter/cheese crackers, snack cakes, etc.

    A woman and her husband came over and she packed her purse with several packs of peanut butter crackers, a honey bun, two cans of soda, then turned around and saw the popcorn machine and said, “Oooo and popcorn…I’m in heaven”. She stuffed one very full bag of popcorn also in her purse and proceeded to nosh on a second while her husband got another soda and more peanut butter crackers. WTF?

    I wanted to give them on of my ‘looks’, but didn’t.

  127. They took up 2 seats each, too. Right?

  128. Laura used to give away cookies at her store.

    You wouldn’t believe how many people would make a meal out of free sugar cookies.

  129. The cookie abuse wasn’t so bad. I had to stop putting out a jar of hard candy, because people’s kids would stuff their pockets full and the jar would be empty in short order. Kind of ticked me off that the attitude among some folks was “But its free, so I can have all I want!” Most people had more class.

    Occasionally, I set a little plate of lindt white chocolate truffles out as a treat. One lady took one and ate it, while bitching about how she really did not care much for white chocolate.

  130. Jay, the woman was skinny to normal size. Her husband was a little tubby.

    Laura, you should have sat there with a flyswatter and smacked them little shits if they took more than one. Or trained one of your dogs to oversee the candy jar.

  131. I hope you put a hex on that woman.

  132. My daughter has been sending some photos from Ireland via some app on Mr. B’s phone. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to send them to my email so I can download them.

    The other day she sent a pic of someone’s what looks to be a wolfhounds. One is laying normal at the top of a step. The other, in the foreground, is on his back all mangled looking. I wanted to poat it here ’cause I think you all would get a kick out of his silly self.

  133. She went to Blarney Castle today but didn’t kiss the Blarney stone because someone told her the locals pee on it.

  134. Everybody pees on the Blarney Stone.

  135. If it’s in Ireland, it’s probably pretty safe to assume it’s covered in pee.

  136. A woman and her husband came over and she packed her purse… WTF?

    I saw the same thing in the first class lounge at Kings Cross station, people filling up. I took one cup of tea and one pack of cookies (biscuits).

    I will confess to taking every tea bag that I’d actually drink from the hotel in Northumberland. (I left the peppermint and the chamomile.) We’d had dinner in the hotel restaurant which was the most expensive meal for the whole trip. $140 for the four of us. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t $140 worth of good, either.

  137. Crap. I just lost a long comment.

    Shorter version:
    I used to run high-end fitness equipment retail stores. Up to four at once. I was responsible for $30M in sales annually.
    Once a year we had a clearance sale to make room for new models. We practically gave shit away.
    Now, my stores always had fresh coffee on and a candy bowl, but on that weekend I personally paid for pizza delivery on the hour*.every hour. (We sometimes had 2 dozen potential customers waiting around with only three salespeople)
    It never ceased to amaze me how many people would eat an entire pizza, drink three sodas then call their friends about “free food!” Just taking advantage.

    *it was a regular thing to make $3k to $5k commission in two days, so a couple hundred in pizza was worth it. The entertainment value of watching scavengers was just icing on the cake.

  138. Beasn,
    Can you simply open the image, then hold your finger on the pic until a window pops up with options to “save” or “send”?

  139. I’ll have to tell my daughter about Ireland coated in pee, Scott. That should sufficiently gross her out.

  140. chi, there is a ‘share’ option and then a list of everything to share it with. Email is one. I try sending it but nada shows up in my email.

  141. Huh.
    I assume you’ve tried “sharing” a pic with others (including Mr B)?
    If you want to try sending me one to see if it works, go ahead .
    Senator Stinkbutt McGillicutty at a o l dot com
    (No spaces,of course)

    Maybe, if it’s an app, they want you to pay to save/share it? Greedy bastards!

  142. It’s my husband’s phone and she is sending pictures through whatsapp. I’ve tried sharing them to my email but they ain’t coming. Don’t know much about the app. I’ll play with it a little more or ask Mr. B. to see if he can save them and then see if we can email from there.

  143. Tea bags, sugar packets, shampoos, and hotels are one thing. Those places even figure in towel/robe theft.

    Waiting rooms at other businesses like dealerships, and lauraw’s front counter is quite another. Which reminds me. There are suckers and hard candy at the front desk of our dentist. They don’t have a lot of turnover of those candies at the dentist.

  144. Okay, I can send the pictures to my phone..which I can then send to my email/pc. Don’t know why it won’t go directly from his phone to my email.

  145. Good Luck.
    I’m going in for a big bowl of my healthy Elvis ice cream before naptime.
    (Frozen yogurt sliced banana, melted peanut butter. Yum)

  146. IMG-20180620-WA0003

  147. She’s on a beautiful isle and she sends us pics of mangled doggehs.

  148. Mangled maybe – but he looks pretty darned content in that pic.

  149. Fucking drunken Irish can’t assemble anything properly.

  150. Mr. Derp and Tunnel on the Starlight Express
    The head of special effects in my mind’s eye
    Hokey Cokey with the opposite sex
    The things you try to forget, doesn’t time fly?
    I’m in no position to give advice, I don’t want to be nice
    And you know that

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