Oooh Boy – HHD

Ah-ite – I hope the Roamanator is ok….. I’m guessing she throwin’ down with that poser over at tessla.


Humper #Uno –

Humper #2:

Humper #3: (looking suspiciously like a relative of someone we know)


Humper #Fo: (love ya cyn)

Humper #5:

and last but not humpable –

Humper #6:

happy-hump-day for chicks


jiquanda says to get out there and hump something up



  1. hell of world when you have to stomp your own turd pile

  2. I’ve got to say, Jam does a pretty sweet Hump Day.

    Oh, and thanks, Leon.

  3. Is McCain dead yet?

  4. I hope Roamy hasn’t abandoned us forever like Cyn did.

  5. humper #5 is from one of leon’s binders…..
    so hump at your own peril

  6. For McCain to want Obama to attend or possibly speak at his funeral is disgusting. The whole Obama administration wanted to “fundamentally transform” America. What patriot wants that bullshit?

  7. There is so much wrongness in this story I laughed:

  8. Aw man, you can see in his face he’s on the left side of the IQ curve…

  9. Hence, the stupid part.

    Now, don’t make me say that of course there is mental illness here and that we need to be compassionate toward those who are lonely and mental and horny.

    That is NOT what this POS site is about.

  10. we need to be compassionate toward those who are lonely and mental and horny.

    We care for our own.

    Pasta alfredo, anyone?

  11. I want lasagna. Should stop on the store for it on the way home.

  12. At the store. Flying car is in the shop.

  13. we need to be compassionate toward those who are lonely and mental and horny.
    We care for our own.


    You are correct, Sir.

  14. I think it must be especially hard if you are both a gay male and unattractive.

  15. And your weenus is barely big enough to escape the FUPA.

  16. Don’t forget people, he likes the young ones. He doesn’t get a pass on that one. Kids are different today, but I was a moron at 15. And as you know, things have barely changed.

  17. There is someone for everybody, but to be honest, I don’t want to see it or hear about it.

    I’m definitely in the, “I don’t want to see ugly people kissing” camp.

    Wrong, though it may be, it’s just the way it is.

  18. No different than being straight, overweight, and unattractive.

  19. I also don’t want to see gay people kissing.

    Why? Because it’s so weird. Less than 3% weird.

  20. I don’t even want to watch hot lesbians (i.e. gay for pay) kissing.

  21. I don’t even want to watch myself, especially myself.

    “Yuck, my thigh at that angle!”
    “Gross, my arms are giggling!”
    “What the hell is that”
    “Why is your face in that stupid expression?”
    “Why did I choose those drapes??”

  22. matching drapes

  23. Ahhhh…blessed relief! Passed that mofo. Bigger than I thought it was in comparison to the discomfort level. Right at .5 cm

  24. In case he deletes the tweet…

    Peter Henry Fonda


  25. Peter Fonda is just trying to out-dickbag his big sister. He’s actually doing a pretty good job!
    I bet their dad is rolling over in his grave.

  26. How the hell did Henry Fonda’s wife manage to squeeze out two total fuckwits? That was quite the accomplishment.


    and those of us that try to follow the Thou shalt nots are the monsters

    the upside to the dissolution of social fabric is the reset potential –
    the downside of course is the tree watering

  28. Meh. Anomalies happen all the time, Hotspud.
    Take Ron Reagan, for example. That douchecanoe counts as two Fuckups for Nancy in my book.

  29. Apparently TED realized belatedly that having a pro-pedophilia talk might be a bad idea, so they are scrambling to erase evidence that they ever did:

  30. I guess Melania isn’t so thrilled about threats to kidnap her son. She’s already reported Peter Fonda to the Secret Service.

  31. If pedos are 2% of the worldwide population, I wonder what the Venn diagram of Gay males to paedophiles looks like. One solid color?

  32. The pedo circle would have a tiny sliver outside the gay male circle.

  33. Sony Pictures is releasing a movie starring Fonda in a matter of days called ‘Boundaries.’

    Guess who wouldn’t watch the fucking thing even if it was free.

  34. I learned that Nazis aren’t socialists today. The socialists were taken out on the first day.

  35. Europe stumbled out of WW2 convinced that the problem with “National Socialism” was the “National” part. Socialism was fine, they reasoned, it just needed to be global.

  36. To their credit, the Nazis did kill the German commies pretty early on.

  37. I have family from Stuart.

    Did I tell you guys that NEXT weekend my cousin and her husband are coming to Lapeer for dinner on their way through town? This is the guy who unfriended me on Facedouche over politics.

  38. Wait. You’re having a guy over who threatened to kill a US rep.’s kids?

  39. That’s not my cousin’s husband. Duh.

  40. Haha, that’s what I thought at first, too!

  41. There’s an overlap of the pedo and gay population, but thats to be expected. I don’t think it’s much more than the overlap between the straight population.

  42. Carin, I lived in Stuart/Palm City for 14 years. Martin County is a conservative county. The only real turd(s) that came out of there are the stupid Reno sisters. Both awful.

  43. I said to my husband today, Trump (and more importantly those who support his policies) has literally made people lose their minds. I think there was a fragility to these people who for 8 years blissfully and naively thought the Obama administration bullshit was universally loved. It’s been a fricken shock to their system to learn most of us hated the guy and his failed policies.

    Also, they can all go eff themselves. I’m sick of their candyassed bullshit.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  44. Where do they live, Carin? Port St. Lucie? Fort Pierce? Stuart? Palm City? Hobe Sound?

  45. Ho-Lee-Shit! Peter Fonda needs to be arrested.

    What a washed up, drug-addled, creep.

  46. There’s an overlap of the pedo and gay population, but thats to be expected. I don’t think it’s much more than the overlap between the straight population.

    I’m fairly certain that the stats say pedophiles are statistically almost all male and strongly prefer boys, I’ll see if I can find a link.

  47. As Jesse Kelly always says, “All liberals have to do is not be insane and they can’t do it.”

  48. My aunt/ uncle live in Stuart and my cousin lives in Hobe Sound, right on the intercoastal.

  49. right on the intercoastal.



  50. Yea. Typical liberal elites. Gated community. Three homes. Fly everywhere. But the environment is super important, and Sarah Palin was a bitch. @@

    I’m really looking forward to this.

  51. Some stats here, but I haven’t looked at his cites yet. These were easier to find a few years ago, but they’re hate facts, so they get disappeared or “debunked” a lot. 3-5 times as many boys are molested as girls, and the overwhelming number of convicted pedos are men, neither of those are in dispute. The correlation is obvious: most pedophiles are molesting boys (i.e. homosexual). The contrapositive is not true, obviously, or you’d see a lot more violence against homosexuals.

  52. Ufffffffff, I can’t imagine having to entertain libs and not telling them to, “go shove it, hypocrites!”

  53. john reilly

    2h2 hours ago
    Well whaddya know

    US tariffs on German cars 2.5%, German tariffs on American cars 10%

    Trump threatened them, and the German automakers already caved . They will support new tariff of 2.5%, matching US

    Tired of winning yet

  54. Trump is the rectification of names. He’s realigning our political structure to match reality.

  55. Yeah, but he basically caved on The Wall so far, and just caved on the latest “children are separated from their families!!” BS.
    He’s still winning bigly, but I wish he’d stand a little taller on some things.

    In unrelated news, I’m making tacos and margaritas for dinner this evening. I’m sure you all care.

  56. Makes me wonder if the RON has ever had a human avatar before.

  57. Actually Chi, apparently the EO says the entire family will be held together until the case is adjudicated…

    So, yeah.

  58. Did he EO the Cruz proposed approach?

  59. Looks like it. He can’t EO doubling the judgeships though, so that’s still stymied.

  60. This is the same thing he pulled with DACA. It’s political aikido, getting the Dems worked up and then using that energy against them.

  61. Almost like he’d been dealing with these sorts of vainglorious imbeciles his entire career…

  62. They can give him the Judges or they will sit as a family for a bit. By the end the kids will be like “thanks Mom and Dad for the prison experience.”

  63. Rand is right. If you’re an asylum seeker, you had a lot of consulates and at least one embassy on your trip here through or from Mexico. What you’ve done is child abuse.

  64. Looks like ole Fonda has hit the apology trail….. apology not accepted there Pete. You’re a 78 yr old man (supposedly) that obviously has the emotional maturity and self control of a 16 yr old. Seek professional help and / or just shut the fuck up cause you’re an embarrassment to the other adults.

    Im seriously done with our “I’ll have a temper tantrum” society.

  65. I wonder if Sony got to him?
    He was attention whoring and he got what he asked for – just the wrong kind of attention. Sony will now lose tens (if not hundreds) of millions because of this idiot’s vile rants.
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, douchebag!

  66. The day of social media restraint being in an actor’s contract is coming soon. Brie Larson might single-handedly kill off the MCU if they can’t shut her up.

  67. My mom has a UTI. Valve replacement surgery pushed back. Early pics of Brie in her costume are underwhelming. Gal Gadot with one of the few DC wins

  68. She’s going to find out what it’s like when white males decline to see a movie in the US.

  69. I have absolutely no idea who this is or what she’s said. Apparently, just another Hollywood fuckwit I don’t care about?

  70. Nevermind, she already knows that from the box office numbers for the appalling adaption of A Wrinkle in Time.

  71. The MCU will die after Infinity War. People are watching just to finish the storyline now.

  72. She’s Captain Marvel in upcoming Marvel movies, touted as the face of the MCU post Avengers 4, i.e. after the current genius walks away before it can become a dumpster fire.

    She said she wasn’t interested in the opinions of white male critics for the aforementioned (and shitty, with Oprah) AWIT.

  73. As I’ve said before, I checked out after Iron Man 3. Bleh.

  74. New valve date is 7/5. Brother going back to Vegas

  75. Truck has been ordered.

  76. Thank you, jam, for putting up the poat.

    Design review was today. A lot that was supposed to happen while I was gone did not happen. I can see why some people get burned out.

    Penelope’s “If you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute” is being tested this week.

  77. Losing power on iPad. Getting really tired of family shit. Getting lots of crap from my sig other.

  78. Saw one in parking lot today Scott……that is a awful lot of van art space. It practically begs for something. Maybe a tasteful Frazetta? I hear they can do crazy shit with the wrap graphics…….

  79. White Claw Hard Seltzer Black Cherry

    I don’t get it.

  80. Ok, I went and looked up what you guys were talking about.

    “I don’t need a 40-year-old white dude to tell me what didn’t work about A Wrinkle in Time,” said Larson at the Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards in Beverly Hills. “It wasn’t made for him! I want to know what it meant to women of colour, biracial women, to teen women of colour.”

    Well … she can go fuck herself. I didn’t know THE FUCKING BOOK was aimed at black and biracial women. Oh right. It’s not. It’s just a book aimed at anyone who wants to read it.

  81. *knows his van art idea was dismissed last nite but wanted to revisit after allowing time for ponderance.

  82. I’m drinking that RIGHT NOW. You don’t like?

  83. Good Lord. What a day. Mystery patient on rounds, occupied me most of the day between researching old notes and MRI/CT scans, coordinating with Oncologists and Pediatricians; meeting to go through office processes which are akimbo with the departure of my partner and an old timer/part timer who is full of bluster and then office. OMG … there was a back to back to back stretch of stoopid people who pushed me to the edge this afternoon. I kept my composure for the most part and didn’t cross any verbal Rubicons AFAIK. I’m sure one will file a complaint. I made that note bulletproof in anticipation.

  84. Wrinkle in Time was a Christian allegory that Disney, Oprah, and the director that lost Black Panther are too busy trying to Kathleen Kennedy splain.

  85. Jimbro, I love you. UNM drop out here. Your comment is way above my pay grade.

  86. It wasn’t BAD Carin, just, I’d prefer a beer over that. Even a PBR. I don’t know, maybe I’d get used to it. I probably will considering Paula brought that one back from camp and it’s been sitting there for 3 -1/2 days in the fridge until I kifed it.

  87. Not above your pay grade at all Oso If you obsessed over one thing for years to the exclusion of many others you’d be speaking the same language. I blame my relative deficit of emotional intelligence on my single minded pursuit of the one thing.

    (That one thing is not Your Mom in case you were wondering)

  88. Only fruit beer I like is that Summer Shandy stuff. Weissbeir with subtle lemon. Not obnoxious. Refreshing. Good with food.

  89. It was so hot and humid today that I was going to grab a sixer of Bud Light Lime (I know, I know). It really ain’t bad as a summer lawnmower beer.
    Then I noticed that they now have Bud Light Orange. Hmmm…
    Meh. Kinda refreshing, but a little too orangy. The kids will probably like it, I guess.
    I’ll stick with my hard selters and bourbon & ginger after sunset.


  91. Jay first mentioned grapefruit beer a while ago and I was skeptical. Then I tried it and it was superb.

    This one is good, as in “OK” good. Maybe it’s just nostalgia for Narragansett Beer which was before my time or Del’s Frozen Lemonade which I’d drink on road trips to Providence

    First beer is good year round, second one is a summer-only-ice-cold-on-a-blazing-hot-day beer

  92. I love how subtle the seltzers are. Crisp and refreshing, and definitely not overpowering.

  93. On the plus side, Maine is a “shall issue” state that also has a castle doctrine law.
    Just remember the words “I was in fear for my life.”
    And carry extra magazines.

  94. Somalis in Maine?

    That’s pretty funny.

  95. Lewiston has had a skinny problem since early 2000s. I remember being a problem when I was there on business in 04 or 05.

  96. “For the first time, the Portland Police Department will consider new officer recruits who are non-citizens and recent marijuana users ”

    and we the US citizen is just supposed to bend over and continue to take it….

    fucking foreign nationals with guns and police powers….
    i remember being harassed by fucksticks in various airports who were foreign nationals – the balls of our government.

    keep poking the bear

  97. Roamy – glad you made it thru another day.

  98. speaking of making it thru another day –
    Phat-man is almost another year older.
    Hopefully he keeps all his engines on their pylons

  99. Oh, that’s rich, jiquanda. Police departments are having a hard time filling positions because the criminals/politicians – but I repeat myself – have gained the upper hand, so they’re going to outsource those positions to foreign nationals and potheads. What could possibly go wrong?
    If it happens what they were projecting onto cops, which mostly wasn’t true, come to pass.

  100. Those orange cone thingies?

  101. Leine’s Summer Shandy all summer, oh yeah!

  102. I made a lime hefeweisen that will definitely be remade.

  103. She was kind of like a star, thinking I was like a fan
    Dude, she looked good, down side, she had a man
    He was a rooty-toot, a nincompoop
    She told me soon your little birdie’s gonna fly the coop
    She was a flake like corn, and I was born not to understand
    By letting her derp I had proved to be a better man

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