You really should go do something more meaningful than read this pos post

Things mawr meaningful:



How about taking up knitting:

Put Your Navel Gazing to good use:

navel lint

Go Iron Something:

Already Tried Cow Tipping?

try this –

Or of course everyone’s favorite –

hikaru dorodango – (polishing dirt, or a turd)

Go Donate blood:

Trim Your toenails:

So What’s your favorite time wasters?


  1. I love this.

  2. HA! Lauraw, I JUST showed my husband that video.

  3. Anyone else not able to get into Ace’s comments?

  4. Reading the categories brings back some pretty hilarious memories.

  5. wakey wakey. The heat wave has broken I believe.

  6. Cloudy and much cooler here. Rain should be here tomorrow.

  7. We got rain last night.

  8. We had an incredibly intense downpour that washed the streets and filled my rainbarrel in less than a minute. The reason we had that downpour is because I caved and watered the garden yesterday and also Scott washed my truck.

  9. I’m going to try tarping the coal chute trap door before the rain comes. Not sure how much water comes in from there, but there’s only one way to know.

  10. “tarping the coal chute”

    Leon, keep your filth off this POS blog.

  11. Isn’t that what killed Farah Fawcett?

  12. heh, great article from Scott Adams. I wish that would have an effect if I posted it in reply to FB nonsense.

  13. laura, I caused the flooding in Ames by washing my car too, so I feel your pain.

  14. you know it’s an upstanding citizen when they have a face tattoo.

    I’m a tattoo-profiler. I know.

  15. Mornin’ Hostages.

    Honestly, there’s no good reason for facial tatoos. Except maybe those ladies who have eyebrows tatooed on, and that’s an edge case.

  16. James has common sense, that’s how he knows.

  17. Idiotic comment of the day (so far):

    Remember, the Nazis originally only planned to expel the Jews. But no one would take them.

  18. Heh, my wife has talked about those eyebrow tattoos. I just shake my head.

    I don’t see why my offer of a permanent sharpie is a bad idea.

  19. Expectation vs reality in everything:

  20. Two kinda plain girl walked by me at the mall last week – short revealing clothes and tatts EVERYWHERE. I was thinking, I bet they would give the “WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT” accusation, but why else does someone cover their body with them if not to have people look?

  21. It seems everyone has a tattoo now.

  22. Gulp…………well, when I see a young female with lots of tatts especially on her legs I think 2 things:

    1. Who abused her?
    2. She’s forever branded herself white trash.

  23. No tats here. I have enough problems…

  24. I know we have lots of tatted H2ers. I don’t care.

    I mentioned a specific group. Young and female.

  25. Oh, and on their legs.

  26. tats are a way of shaping yourself w/o actually doing anything. Just hand over some money. You don’t even do it – someone else does.

  27. WOrk was late last night. Yawn

  28. We went to Wal-Mart on Saturday because it was on the way to the cottage and we needed a few things.

    Everyone between 15 and 35 had tattoos, and a few of the folks older than that. Nearly every young woman had hideous fluorescent hair, and there were maybe a dozen people with a normal BMI out of a hundred or so. Absolute shit-show.

  29. It’s ok to laugh at that one.

  30. My mom just posted a meme with Trump’s picture and the following: “Here he is. The most hated man in the fucking planet! The only person he will ever make happy is the Mexican who digs his grave”.


  31. One of the joys of trying to date women under 40- so many of them have lots of tattoos. Not just a small one on their foot or what have you, but full sleeves or half their leg covered.

  32. People also talk about their tattoos, like they have such deep meanings. 99% do not have deep meaning. They are just followers of the latest fad.

    My wife got lilacs tattooed on her feet, didn’t tell me because she knows how I feel about them. Thing is, I respect that tattoo, and can support that. It actually has meaning. I would do that, just don’t have something other than a sports team.

  33. Just imagine wearing, for the rest of your life, clothing you picked out when you were 19.

  34. Based on the way some thirty year olds are dressing, they’re already doing that.

  35. BTW, the lilacs were her mom’s favorite flower, and it’s her way of remembering her.

  36. Ah…..its the bi-monthly tat hater thread……fun. You folks make me raff……

    Jimbro if you’re out there, throw some knowledge my way. Question is ” When it comes to addressing dissected and bulging discs have there been any drastic changes in approach or techniques introduced in the past 10 yrs?” I know a guy that there was discussion 10 yrs ago about “fusing” and he refused the procedure. He hasn’t received any treatment since then. He lives in level 3 – 4 discomfort with anti-inflammatory daily. My position is that he should see a ortho for the latest and greatest…..if there is a latest and greatest.

  37. They aren’t right for me, TT, but they are quite stunning sometimes. I’m just amazed at the justifications some people have for them.

  38. Ironically, I consider tats less awful than the green hair.

    Green hair is a terrible look, at least tattoos have some history and can be artistically impressive.

  39. Maybe that’s it. Hardly anyone gets a tattoo intending to become uglier. There’s almost no other possible interpretation of green hair. You either intended to make yourself uglier, or you simply don’t know what beauty is.

  40. I saw a girl who had green hair that looked good. It wasn’t the fluorescent anime green, however. She had dark hair, with just a hint of a green sheen when the light hit it. It was… interesting, but definitely not horrible.

  41. I’ve seen some very well done tats. There’s some legit artists out there working with those needles. It’s just that, as always, some people (a) do a shoddy job (b) take things way too far (c) are too stupid to have one (d) all of the above.

    Getting a tattoo is a decision that should be made after thought and consideration and handled like any decision with long-term consequences. Naturally, that means 90% of people with tats had no business getting them.

  42. I like that effect in hair too, alex. Also looks good with blue and purple.

  43. No explains necessary for me folks. You are all good to go. I understand that opinions differ and may be valid for some and not others… specially when it comes to “art”. Truth of the matter is that most tats are garbage and people have lost all sense of decorum. I’m not a fan of large tats on de wimmens, dont mind the delicate small ones, but ladies with large swaths of tattoo’s turn me off.

  44. My mom got the eyebrow tats at 70+. SMH, but, you go girl!

    I have no problem with tats. However if you are chubby and out of shape, a tat doesn’t make you hot.

  45. TT, a small private tat generally isn’t a problem. I’m not a fan, but if it’s concealable when necessary it’s not a big deal. It’s the massive tats that are a problem.

    I know a girl, a friend of a friend, who is very cute, but she has a bunch of tats, including a huge one between her shoulder blades. It’s… awful. A beautiful woman and it looks horrible.

  46. Agreed Co Alex. Had a ex girl friend that sent me a pic once of her latest tat…..a tribal nightmare that meandered up the side of her torso……thought to myself…..”Yep, good thing I got rid of her earlier.”

  47. Wife keeps saying she wants one. Says she’ll never give me guff again about using what she calls “50 cent words”.

    Yeah, right.

  48. for the clown with the comment line update:

  49. hahahaaaa

  50. My Son wants me to get a matching tat with him. We are still batting around different idea’s. No hurries. It will definitely be my last one.

  51. Leon, you should offer a compromise. She can get a tattoo, but you get to choose the tattoo.

  52. Where’s Tushar?

    What does he think of his cousin Sahil trimming the beard?

  53. Leon, you should offer a compromise. She can get a tattoo, but you get to choose the tattoo.

    “Property of Leon S Caruthers”

  54. I really don’t have a blanket opinion about tats. Some people get so many, and just random ones – their body looks like a wall that’s been hit by every graffiti artists in the city. That’s how these girls looked. No central planning involved – just marks here and there – wherever they fit. In addition, as I said – something you think is supercool when you’re 19 … you may feel differently about a few years later.

    Rock stars? Super awesome. Get all the tats you want. Artists? Ok. fine. But for most people, unless you want to get stared at, don’t completely cover your body. It’s obviously what you want, so don’t pretend it’s not.

  55. oy!!!!
    i just saw another alert for giant hogweed (no not dope for your mom)
    This –

  56. Johnny Stevens has a bazillion tats. It’s not an improvement. But, rock star. And, at the current rate he’s going, he’s not going to have to worry about what they look like when he gets old. (hope not, I like Highly Suspect – but he is a bit crazy)

  57. “Property of Leon S Caruthers”

    Only if you buy her a matching leather collar and ball gag.

  58. That would make the next Lapeerpalooza interesting.


    Could be fake news, but also perfectly plausible.

  60. ” When it comes to addressing dissected and bulging discs have there been any drastic changes in approach or techniques introduced in the past 10 yrs?”
    Not really. There’s more widespread use of keyhole surgery for microdiskectomy and even fusions done through smaller incisions using blunt tubes to go through the paraspinal muscles and get to bone. But the principles remain disk removal if herniated and compressing a nerve root and fusing painful arthritic segments.

    Surgery makes sense when you have a herniated disk compressing a nerve root and causing pain/sensory or motor compromise or changes in bowel or bladder function. The other problem that can occur is arthritis of the facet joints. They become stiff, painful and sometimes hypertrophic which can cause spinal stenosis which is a whole other ball of misery.

    If you’re friend is functioning in the okay/alright level and can manage the pain he may be better off avoiding surgery. Seeing the right chiropractor can help get him through the rough spots and buy more time.

  61. Thanks for the response Jimbro. I know yer a busy man.

  62. There’s always “new stuff” in terms of instruments and hardware which is always good for both patient and surgeon (and the vendors who like the profits). But the basic principles remain the same.

  63. Rain came early, no tarp in place. Dammit.

  64. I tattooed your mom with a large blunt instrument. It left a mark but prolly not permanent.

    **cant believe I had to be the one who finally went there. You people are worthless and weak.

  65. Rain came early, no tarp in place. Dammit.

    I, for one, am glad that leon speaks in code regarding his sex life. We already know too much about each other.

  66. I bet my coal chute is all wet and dirty again.

  67. Your mom’s coal chute is always wet and dirty, in case you were unaware.

  68. I think Leon needs a time out.

  69. leon always needs a timeout.

  70. You people are disgusting and that’s why I come here.

    Spent the morning in the garden, re-mulching the beds since it rained last night, picking sugarsnaps, and tying things up. It was a hot, pretty morning. Then I came inside, processed some produce, and made Scott and myself a couple big yummy burritos.

    Now it’s almost time to go to work. YAYYYY! I have an awesome jerb, life is great, and I’m the luckiest man alive.

    Have a great day, homtargestes. See you at midnight.

  71. I noticed you didn’t wash your hands before making burritos.

  72. Little dirt, never hurt.

  73. I see you’re now in poetry mode.

  74. My friend Julie on facedouche got me going.

  75. **cant believe I had to be the one who finally went there. You people are worthless and weak.



    Mare loves PD.

  76. I’m going to say it and anyone can pillory me for it, I can take it, but I don’t give a shit about immigrant families, especially the mom I just heard on the radio WHO HAS ALREADY BEEN DEPORTED ONCE being separated from her son WHO IS AN ADULT.

  77. Surprised PD left “get to the bone” alone!

  78. MCPO was cited as a source in that article Carin.

  79. Im too tired to pillory today and I got a headache so Im gonna pass on the free pillory….maybe next time.

  80. Nice jimbro

  81. Mare!

  82. They know it won’t pass, why bother writing it correctly?

  83. Crap. Truck turbo is shot.

    It’s going to take $5500 to replace it. It’s a 2007 with 225000 miles on it.

    I don’t know what to do.

  84. That’s about 9 monthly payments if I buy a new one.

    So I am thinking it’s probably worth it.

  85. How many more miles can you drive this one?

  86. I just spoke to the mechanic, he convinced me to let it go.

    It still runs it just won’t do hills.

  87. Move to Iowa.

  88. Is that the same bill that calls for no arrests within 100 miles of the Border?
    There aren’t enough bags of dicks for Feinstein and her ilk to eat. F them all.

  89. Move to Ohio. I could use the company.

  90. Successfully completing toe nail trimming is a major victory for 70 year olds. I’m passing this on from a friend.

  91. One of my dearest friends lives in O-high-O. He’s cooler than the other side of the pillow.

    If you know Slapweasel from the ONT, tell him you’re moving there. He may be able to advise on diff things. Or shoot me an email if you want, and I’ll put him in touch with you…

  92. Stop lying Chi. Everybody knows you dont have any friends.

    *dives in his prepared fighting position, turkey peeks for targets

  93. I found a suitable replacement truck, a Ford. MSRP is $38,870.

    I went on and I can buy it through them for $33109.

    That’s not bad.

  94. This is actually true and inarguable, ttroy.
    I have one buddy left in town that I think i could count on.
    Another is 3000 miles away in CA, and Slap (whom I’ve never met in person, but he knows me better than anyone) – that I count as “friends.”

    Luckily, I’ve never had to make that call of “I need you. Show up with a shovel and a bag of lime” & they wouldn’t ask questions.
    If that day comes, can I count on you?

  95. I have a wide assortment of shovels.

  96. And I’m sure Car in has the lime.
    But I’m pretty sure I’ve offended you both enough to need other avenues…

  97. OK, I got 3 dealers fighting over me. Best price wins.

  98. Sorry about your turbo Scott. I had to rent a truck on short notice last year, and ended up driving a cargo van / sprinter type deal, and I really liked it. It handled like a car, I think it was a Nissan but it looked just like the Mercedes/Ford/Dodge sprinters I see all over.

  99. Same boat here chi.

    As far as shovels are concerned……burial leaves alot of evidence, but as long as yer willing to be the one shoveling (under this scenario your the one that had all the fun) I got yer back.

  100. It sucks. I was also down to three glow plugs. So it won’t start below freezing, and there’s a good chance they will sheer off when they try to remove them.

    That would be an additional $2000.

    They do ride nice, 144 inch wheelbase will do that.

  101. My mechanic, who talked me out of fixing it recommended the Ford Transit.

    So that’s what I am going with. It will the 2nd truck I purchased sight unseen.

  102. WOOHOOO!

    We’re finally getting some rain! It’s been so flipping hot (mid 90s..feels like 105+) and this front should give us some relief for a few days.

  103. Beasnette has been in Ireland for a few days and today is the first day they’ve seen the sun. They’ve had to wear jackets since they’ve been there.

    My niece and her parents went to see Mt. Rushmore and Badlands. They, too, have to wear jackets..and it’s been overcast.

  104. That is one ugly vehicle. Possibly uglier than the Pontiac Aztec?
    But, if it’s anything like women, the ugly ones usually perform like crazy. Good luck with her.

  105. Ford Transit? You’ve got some potential off the books income opportunities for human smuggling if you play your cards right.

  106. I’m guessing you’re not going to have all the windows which makes it perfect for some vintage “van art”. Like a wizard and a dragon and a unicorn shooting lightening bolts out it’s arse in battle with the dragon……I wonder if society has deteriorated enough that you could get away with putting the words “Fuck Truck” with some “art” on a van and drive around? I’m willing to bet that answer lies in what “hood” your driving through.

  107. No luv for van art? Well I guess it could always be turned into a Mobile Tattoo Parlor…….which actually doesn’t sound like bad idea. Roll up outside of the mil base or campus…

  108. Ha! The internet rocks. I think I just bought a new truck.

  109. Back in the 70’s my neighborhood friend had older brothers in their 20’s who were into the whole customized van thing. They were tradesman who could walk the walk and there made a few nice vans we all oohed and awed over. They had a guy living with them who must have been estranged from his parents or something but he was not from the same mold as the brothers. Harry lived for his customized van and was always tweaking some minor detail on it. One day he left a soldering iron on and went inside only to have the shag carpeting catch fire. I was home playing in the back yard and heard him screaming “MY VAN!!!!” over and over at the top of his lungs before I spotted the smoke from it. Of course I hopped the fence to run over and witness the van fully engulfed and the people restraining Harry from attempting to salvage stuff from the van. Exciting day on Granite Avenue.

  110. This guy got down to business. The other ones are trying to schedule test drives.

    It’s a work truck, I don’t give a crap.

  111. They’re selling cars the old fashioned way. They want to sell you the rustproofing and tire warranty while you’re on the road with them.

  112. If they dont stop I will demand window cranks.

  113. This was a total gut punch. I am going to miss that truck.

    I feel like I lost a pet.

  114. Did you trade it in, or are you going to sell it outright?

  115. I hope to trade it in.

  116. The trick to burying a body is to bury the victim at 6 feet and a dog at 3 feet.

  117. Dr was able to find a vein that will work for my mom’s valve replacement surgery. Have to be at hospital at 4:30 on Thursday

  118. Good luck, Oso.

  119. /dog at three feet.

    Got it. Thanks Leon

  120. Is the Jesus going to live on a farm?

  121. Or a deer carcass.
    No need to kill a good dog.

  122. Heysus so far hasn’t gotten on my bad side. But I like to be prepare.

  123. Deer, dog, pretty much anything large enough to explain the disturbed earth and mask the scent.

  124. Heysus so far hasn’t gotten on my bad side.

    This is what we call, ‘foreshadowing’

  125. Carin, do you own a tortilla press? It’s probably something you want to encourage Erin to put on the bridal registry.

  126. Carin, do you own a tortilla press? It’s probably something you want to encourage Erin to put on the bridal registry.

    Also, a large statue of the Virgin Mary.

  127. And a sugar skull tattoo, of course.

  128. She’ll need to practice shaving her eyebrows off and drawing them back on.

  129. Yeah, but she’ll save a ton by not having to shave her legs or pits anymore.

    And of course, Abuela Car in will have to get used to watering the Modelo trees in lieu of the PBR trees.

  130. Car in should probably just start making a list of all the landscaping work that she needs done.

  131. Something tells me that we’re not going to find this so funny when she wakes up in the morning…
    Hopefully, HHD will be posted by then?

  132. I don’t need you, I don’t need you
    Besides I barely ever see you anymore
    And when I do it feels like you’re only halfway there
    Young mothers love me even ghosts of
    Girlfriends call from Cleveland
    They will derp me anytime and anywhere

  133. Busy day ahead. Rounds, meeting then office all day.

    AVENGE ME!!!

  134. Environmental survey team is under my power lines today.

  135. Evidently the only news story is Trump “ripping” children away from their families.

  136. Good thing nothing else is happening in the world.

  137. I put the weed wacker right in his walking path one day and he didn’t appear to get the hint. I did find out he’s only 25% messican.


  138. Evidently the only news story is Trump “ripping” children away from their families.

    Been reading the local FB “discussion” group about this. Evidently every woman ever is pissed off about this, because of the little boy in the cage (yeah, the staged photo). I respond every once in a while, but they are unreachable. We’ll just have to let every single person in to the US just to appease them.

  139. When word gets back to the people on their way that the law is being enforced as written, the flow slows and the crisis abates. That’s how this works.

    “Hey man, I found out Wal-Mart calls the cops if you steal bibles now!”
    “Shit! Maybe I won’t bother then.”

  140. Ugh, I got a kidney stone stuck at my prostrate. This is not a pleasant experience.

    The political collapse is quickening. The left will start their physical attacks soon. See them berating the DHS Secretary at a Capitol Hill restaurant? See the “intern” in the capitol yelling “Fuck” at the President? See the Dem congress critter address congress and tell Trump to “use your god damn pen”? The attacks will begin with various substances thrown and escalate from there.

  141. Prostrate is laying face down. Stand up and it won’t be there anymore.

    *winks at MD diploma from Grammar Nazi U*

  142. eysus so far hasn’t gotten on my bad side.

    This is what we call, ‘foreshadowing’

    Well, I fear he’s a nice guy and a considerate boyfriend. So Erin gets bored.

    I hope that’s not the case.

    NB kept Erin on her toes by never making their relationship “official” (whatever the fuck that means). Heysus solidified the deal a week or so back. I didn’t know that there are procedures for being able to use the boyfriend/girlfriend title but apparently there are.

    Erin’s friend Brian (who was a good friend of NB) said NB played Erin like a fiddle.

  143. I stand corrected.

  144. Now they WANT Trump to issue an executive order!

    The Dems don’t want to be tied to the fix, in legislation.

  145. I stand corrected.


  146. NB played Erin? Wha?

  147. The only official status recognized is what is on Facebook. Everything else is just rumor and innuendo.

  148. It’s always about the $

  149. That’s a great link, Pepe. I haven’t figured out what to do with my tithe money in light of what I suspect happens to the $$ stuffed in envelopes for the collection plate. Might just go for that platinum donor level to Catholic Answers and Redeemer Radio. Maybe direct donations to convents and monasteries.

  150. Guess what sticks out to me about this story. Go ahead. GUESS.

  151. I swear, the hardest thing about trying to get back to church-going is finding a church that isn’t pissing me off with shit that’s less from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and more from Das Kapital.

  152. Cavil, I haven’t heard anything from the pulpit on it yet at all, and I’m at mass every week. Just the readings per the calendar, a short homily related to the readings or the holiday (good words and rah-rah for dads on Father’s Day). It’s deep-red IN, though, YMMV.

  153. Such deeply set corruption is hard to believe.

  154. Probably I get irked because I keep comparing my Catholic upbringing to what the Church has devolved into now.

    Maybe I should just start my own, get that sweet tax-exempt status…

  155. Hmmm, Car in, I wonder who could have done that…

  156. Well, most have turned out to be hoaxes. But this is the bit I enjoy:

    “The owner of the truck, Hubert Roberts, said the truck already had decals that read “Black Panthers” and “U.S. IS RACIST SH** HOLE.”

    Roberts said he was exercising his First Amendment rights.

    “I used my truck as a platform to express some of the concerns to start a dialogue that would be positive, not to breed hate,” Roberts said.

    Roberts said he used profane language on the back of his truck to describe his feelings about race relations in the United States.”

  157. Jiquanda Johnson?

  158. Racism in America…The most manufactured bullshit in THE WORLD.

  159. Fuck you. You’re an asshole.

    Just starting a dialogue.

  160. Comment by Hotspur on June 20, 2018 10:00 am
    Fuck you. You’re an asshole.
    Just starting a dialogue.


    Nailed it.

  161. Heh, looks like Trump’s threat of tariffs is working.

  162. America has done more for all races in this world than the rest combined. We even fought ourselves about it.

  163. Not “breeding hate” and Black panthers/ US is a racist shithole.

    I need a Venn diagram.

  164. Dennis Prager who has done more world traveling than all of us combined does some interesting Prager U’s and what not on how the Racism in America claim is BS.

  165. From the bottom of my heart, I encourage, nay beg, any “person of color” to move to the country you think is racist free or less racist than America. I further encourage Black Americans who feel America is racist to move to ANY African country. Thanks. Get back to me when you move back to America…in less than 6 months.

  166. SPLC defines PragerU as a Hate Group.

  167. SPLC needs to STFU, they just lost a multi-million dollar lawsuit because they are racist, lying, assholes

  168. hahahahahahaha…Who wrote the comments header?

    This place kills me.

  169. *considers changing name to jiquanda am2*

  170. I’m not sure if I’ve ever used the word nay in a sentence before.


    Leon, I know women and men are different with regard to fasting, but what do you think about 18 to 24 hour fasts? Good for autophagy or do you lose ground slowing metabolic rate?

  171. SPLC is a hate group.

  172. Even forgetting autophagy, are they any good or do they just slow metabolism?

  173. where’s roamy?

  174. Jiquanda said “you dont see him running around tearing down peoples confederate flags”. Im thinking exactly how many of you Michigan yankees flying Confederate Flags are there? I did not know Michigan is a hot bed of confederate flag support.

  175. Lefties by FAR will key a car, steal a sign or act like assholes when they see a conservative opinion.

  176. tuesdays should be a free-for-all poat stomp fest….
    carrying this piece of crap into wednesday is almost as large an abomination as the SPLC

  177. I miss the days when Rosetta would call us lazy assholes for not putting up a new poat.

  178. don’t make me post an hhd

  179. lazy fuqquers

  180. Yea, where has Roamy been?

    I did see Clint here yesterday…HUZZAH!!

  181. hahaaahhahhh…Jam, YES!! Poat an HHD!!

  182. From what I recall, “starvation diet” studies show slowed metabolism, but studies of extended fasts (even when calorie intake is lowered to the same degree) don’t show that same effect. Fung’s clinic has a lot of patients doing 5/2 fasting/feeding days and losing weight.

    That said, 18 to 24 hours is fine even for normal-weight folks, but long (48+ hours) fasts are probably deleterious if you’re under 18% BF as a woman or 8% BF as a man.

  183. Well, I fear he’s a nice guy and a considerate boyfriend. So Erin gets bored.

    I hope that’s not the case.

    NB kept Erin on her toes by never making their relationship “official” (whatever the fuck that means). Heysus solidified the deal a week or so back. I didn’t know that there are procedures for being able to use the boyfriend/girlfriend title but apparently there are.

    Erin’s friend Brian (who was a good friend of NB) said NB played Erin like a fiddle.

    Erin is the reason that there are entire certain subreddits.

  184. j’ames likes to do hhd poatations

  185. If she’d just take her mother’s advice, she would be so much better off.

  186. *wonders if he even saw the bus coming*

  187. Erin is the reason that there are entire certain subreddits.

  188. Honestly, she maybe learned her lesson. She had all sorts of bad boys who wanted to take her out. Heysus isn’t some crazy party kid, and she was friends with some of his friends first and they are mellow, nicer kids.

  189. Plus, no floppy hair.

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