MMM 326: heat wave

It was 95F here yesterday, so instead of yard work I cleared some of the rubble pile in the basement of the shop.  I can only do so much at once because it appears to be a lot of soil, and that’s quite heavy in my trash bin.  Would that it were only soil, because then I could just put it out in the yard somewhere, but there’s insulation, bits of metal, and even some broken glass in it.  I still have no idea how it got there.  Best I can figure is that it’s mostly potting soil from when this place was a gladiola farm; maybe they were starting seeds or storing pots and potting soil down there.

She’s got cable.


Cute braids, pretty eyes.


Given the imprint, I can’t imagine much of the output from there is SFW.


This seems wildly impractical as an outfit unless you’re a flasher or something.


Looks like a riverbank.


I wouldn’t run in those boots.


I should try a trip to the beach this summer.


Happy Monday, folks. Summer starts in 4 days, get hyped!


  1. Wakey wakey. I hope it’s not as hot today. Yesterday was horrible.

  2. And work is a mess. Everyone asked off this next week and another chick was chicken a week off for calling-in one day. Gee … maybe if 8 people all ask for the same weekend off, you can’t give it to them all? Managers are stressing trying to cover the shifts, but honestly it’s going to be DAF all week. Let’s go short. Let people make money.

  3. Crossfit it stupid today. I don’t want to go. Ugh.

  4. Chicken a week off?

  5. Nice Leon, all these ladies look amazing. Thigh boot lady has a crazy awesome body. The last lass has a lovely normal great body.

    Today is 58 min leg day.

    Scott: Why not 60?

    Also, Scott, interested in the DEA deal but I’m always leary of a 60 minutes expose’.

  6. I don’t trust any part of the government anymore except for maybe Trump.

  7. Wow. chicken a week off. That is a weird one. I have no explanation. She was given a week off.

  8. It’s starting to feel like having multiple federal police forces was perhaps a stupid idea.

  9. Amen, Leon. And armed with crazy technology.

  10. Nice job, Leon.

  11. Arguing with a 20-something about how she didn’t get any help going to college. @@. Biting my tongue.

    She’s going to a kinda bad local community college, so when she said “I think it’s worth it” – I just kept on. She’ll learn.

  12. But we need another civilian force, just as big as the army!

  13. They are absolutely hammering the “taking the children away from illegals” theme on the news today. Evidently this is the only thing that has gotten any traction against Trump and they are going all in. Evidently it’s much better to send the kids to federal detention with the parents. Sounds safe.

  14. I’m not getting any help going to college right now, either.

  15. I’m not sure what it is, social media, bad parenting, schools…but kids have been lied to so much that they seem totally unequipped for reality.

    This, more than income inequality is going will fracture society along the lines of the haves and have nots. The kids that understand the basics and are well adjusted will do fine. The others, not so much.

    Income inequality is the result of societal decay, not the cause.

  16. I was informed by a local sports talk show that one of 2 reasons that people don’t like soccer is racism and xenophobia.

    They got an email from me on that one. Sick of this shit.

  17. We’ve been enjoying the World Cup. I guess I’m just more accepting of others than “you people.”

  18. Ethan went back to soccer on Saturday. His mood is already better. Him without soccer/sports has been difficult.

  19. She just brought up the European college structures . Ha ha ha … this is too easy. I feel bad.

  20. Selective knowledge is kinda sad.

  21. When you are used to playing sports, taking them away is like permanent punishment.

  22. Soccer appeals to a wide spectrum of drunken asshole and homer sexual.

  23. All of Europe plays soccer and calls it futbol. How the fuck is it racist to not watch it? Hardly anyone watches pro billiards, but that doesn’t make it racist.

    Black people and hispanics are racist for not watching Bowling.

  24. Having any federal police forces at all was a massive error.

    Don’t get me started about the administrative kangaroo courts.

    I’m pretty much down on anything the Constitution didn’t explicitly and specifically authorize at this point. Too much fuckery.

  25. I know it’s 10 minutes long but at least go to about 8 minutes (although the whole thing is worth a watch) where the pink haired lady shows us how smart she is about issues.

    This is what we are up against. Insanity, stupidity, true mental illness and a lot of it.

  26. Poo, someone can fix that if they want to.

  27. Leg day about killed me. The workouts you don’t want to do and hate always get the best returns, mentally and physically.

  28. “I’m pretty much down on anything the Constitution didn’t explicitly and specifically authorize at this point.”

    *authorizes pro tempore membership status to FTG council on constitutional studies and governmental overreach*

  29. i see mj was interviewed in mares piece (3:30 mark)

  30. Heh:

    Dear President Trump,

    In an effort to stop the barbaric practice of separating children from their parents, please defund Planned Parenthood immediately.

  31. Every government agency needs to be pushed out of the DC/NoVA area and out into the rest of the country. There’s no reason that the FBI headquarters can’t be in Iowa.

  32. I’ve lobbied anyone that would listen that US cybersecurity ought to be homed in Michigan. UofM and MSU can fight it out for who gets to fill it with interns.

  33. Actually, if you want it to be really good, put it da UP right next to Michigan Tech.

  34. Im sooooo tired of the progressives and their whiny ass temper tantrum stunts.

    Dont want to potentially be separated from your kids? Dont try to enter someones else country without their permission. Really just that simple.

  35. They’d need an infratructure upgrade, but buying tin cans and string large enough is too expensive.

  36. They can hire consultants to bridge the gap!

  37. Eh, Purdue has a top-5 Cybersecurity program in the country and is on the Internet2, so why build up the UP? We have it here already.

  38. State Engineering Schools FTW! (ISU here, 3D capital of the world, and we invented the digital computer)

  39. And the professional liberals would feel right at home. Indiana is firmly Red except for around Indy, around Purdue, and up in the Chicago hinterlands in the NW.

  40. oooooooo –
    a midwest cabal throwdown in process….

  41. See how polite we are? Not violent like you NE Cabalists!

  42. Eh, Purdue has a top-5 Cybersecurity program in the country and is on the Internet2, so why build up the UP? We have it here already.

    Yoopers >>> Hoosiers. It’s really that simple.

  43. I would back my folks’ home state, but the People’s Republic of Minnesotastan can take a flying leap.

  44. Today’s crossfit was 12 minutes of hell.

  45. Minnesota thrives despite a leftist government, proving the resilience of a competitive capitalistic economy.

  46. You mean “helluva” lot fun………dont you comrade?

    *prepares report to the crossfit secret police….

  47. And Tom, I think we can both agree at least that it doesn’t belong anywhere near those flatlanders out in the FirstInTheNation state.

  48. Which is why the stupid bastards import Somalis by the boatload…

  49. and leon from the top turnbuckle!

  50. Exactly. MN decided it wasn’t experiencing all the cultural diversity that a gigantic, inbred, low-IQ Muslim community was bringing to Dearborn and Hamtramck, so they’re importing their own.

    Oh? What’s that you say? Minnesotans were never asked, the Federal government just dumped a giant pile of Somalis into a state filled with Scandinavians without a single vote on the matter?

    Huh. Well that’s just a huge surprise.

  51. Normally it’s the violent scandis invading peaceful countries and raping the inhabitants. /English

  52. So they couldn’t go any higher with pay, but I took the job anyways. It’s a job, it looks like it will be good experience, and I will make it work. Worst case, I work a few years, get the necessary experience, and jump ship to a higher paying job elsewhere.

  53. Probably the best choice, Alex. Cost of living shouldn’t be anywhere near CA levels at least.

  54. I guess I should learn what a “buckeye” actually is. I always just assumed it was some sort of deviant sexual position.

  55. Pretty sure the church outfits were pulling in the Somalis before Obama decided to turn it up to eleven. Grr. I want to visit my remaining family there but I’m half afraid of what I’ll find if I go.

  56. Probably the best choice, Alex. Cost of living shouldn’t be anywhere near CA levels at least.

    It may actually be cheaper for me to buy a house than rent one, based off an initial map recon via Trulia.

  57. Of course, I’ll need to find a place that has enough room for a forge, a garden, and a chicken coop.

  58. I guess I should learn what a “buckeye” actually is. I always just assumed it was some sort of deviant sexual position.

    You’re not wrong. It’s also a tree nut, though.

  59. Yay, Alex! Get some experience, then you can get a job in Iowa, the proper 3 vowel 1 consonant state.


  60. They probably have both definitions at Urban Dictionary.

  61. Don’t ever look up “Yooper” in the U.D.

  62. We should welcome CoAlex into the Michigan cabal.

  63. I’m not going to Crossfit with you.

  64. One of us one of us ONEOFUS

  65. Also, I’m not going to participate in any sort of initiation rituals, especially if they involve being alone with Hotspur in the corner of some shady bar.

  66. We have lots of tree nuts here. They nut all over everything come spring.

  67. So apparently I’ll be five hours from the next Lapeerapalooza.

  68. Trump announces the creation of a space force.

    Marines every where just sprouted a hard-on.

  69. We have a lot of nuts on Purdue’s campus as well. They just aren’t from trees.

  70. I kind of like the Hoosiers around here. Don’t think I’ve met any Yoopers. This is a hard admission to make, as I am originally from the state just to the west. Had to move to a state that was in the black!

  71. But, Go Illini!

  72. On this date, June 18, 2004…

  73. On This Date: The Globo Gym Purple Cobras blew a four-man advantage against Average Joe’s Gym in the American Dodgeball Association of America Tournament.

  74. Marines every where just sprouted a hard-on chainsword.


  75. There are almost no yoopers to meet, so it’s not surprising that anyone hasn’t met any. I’ve lived here my whole life and only met one.

  76. Must have been a really nice guy, then 😉

  77. I say don’t separate the kids from the parents. When caught, send them all back together, on the spot. If it can’t be proved they are not related, send them back to Mexican federal authorities and let them sort it out.

  78. …if you can’t prove they are related…either way don’t let them cross.

  79. The object of current policies isn’t to send them back. It is to get the adults housed in a detention facility, where they can be relocated to a host family, and have a hearing scheduled for their “trial”. Which most of them don’t show up for, and disappear.

    The system is working for the left as is, and they are just drumming up more support by highlighting something that was originally conceived in a time of their power.

  80. “and leon from the top turnbuckle!”


    a little different from a normal NE row where it usually starts with an f-bomb and ends with a description of your mom’s lineage

  81. the REAL Catwoman!

  82. Afternoon Hostages. Well, to the shock of absolutely no one, the latest batch of tests came back “completely normal or well within acceptable parameters.”

    Two months and counting. Extreme lethargy and little appetite. No one can explain it. Ruled out: heart issues, lung issues, cancer, multiple types of infections, diabetes complications, and thyroid batshittery.

    I have no idea where to go from here. I’m pushing for them to test testosterone levels next. My father was treated for that a few years back. I doubt that’s it, but fuck all if I know. Worth a shot.

  83. We should have Trump’s wall by now it should’ve been completed many months ago. We wouldn’t even be listening to this stupid talk from the left if action were taken on day one of his presidency.

    Hell – we built 1700 miles of interstate through the Canadian wilderness in 7 months in 1942. 19freakin42! With today’s technology we could cover that border in pre-fab panels in no time at all. 95% of the problem is solved.

  84. It might be your prostate. Bette get that checked.

  85. Must have been a really nice guy, then 😉

    Being better than a Hoosier is hardly a high bar…

  86. Bcock, that genuinely does sound like low T or low HGH. No joking about either one, both are serious issues to get checked. Don’t let your doc poo-poo it because he thinks you’re some kind of juicehead looking for a scrip. Lots of things could be disrupting the levels, too, so look for that before going on TRT. Once you’re on TRT, well, you just got a new cable bill for the rest of your life, and you’re done having kids.

  87. Leon, I’m 99% certain that I’m headed to an endocrinologist. Which I really should be seeing anyway as a Type 1 diabetic. Heh, no one would confuse me for a juicehead. Probably not ever in my life and certainly not in the last 15 years.

    I go in tomorrow for the vamps to take more blood. We’ll see what that says and go from their. But I’m so done with this. The amount of caffeine needed to even pretend to get through the day is not something I’m comfortable with and it damn sure isn’t a long term solution.

    Frustrating as all hell. “Well it’s not your heart, lungs, cancer, infection, thyroid, or diabetes.” “Wonderful. Then what the fuck is it???”

  88. what about sleep apnea? Not getting sleep was a big issue with dad.

  89. I appear to be sleeping “normally”. My wife isn’t telling me of anything physically, noticeably abnormal.

  90. I mean, I’m sleeping a ton. It’s not been uncommon lately for me to get home from work by 445, fall asleep on the couch by 530, she wakes me up at 10 for “bed”, I stumble up the stairs, take my nighttime meds, fall asleep and sleep uninterrupted through the night.

  91. Is it just energy levels? Any issues with memory or focus?

  92. sleep apnea is interrupting your deep sleep. It doesn’t allow you to fall into REM or deep sleep periods, only light sleep. It’s caused by interruptions to breathing.

  93. just an idea. It really helped dad.

  94. Is it just energy levels? Any issues with memory or focus?

    Energy level and loss of appetite are the main symptoms. I mean, I certainly don’t mind losing 15lbs since my last doc visit 6 months ago, but I’m pretty sure most of it has been in the last two months and not at all how I’d want to lose it.

    Memory and focus seem unaffected.

  95. Endocrinologist and a sleep study if the endo can’t find anything.

  96. and they are just drumming up more support

    With whom?

  97. Bcoch, did they check your thyroid….lyme disease?

  98. Nevermind…you said they checked thyroid.

  99. “Today’s crossfit was 12 minutes of hell.”

    Sounds like my date with your mom.

  100. Minnesota is where the cops are forcing EMTs to give suspects Ketamine. They stop breathing quite often, evidently. It’s always the Lefty places where the abuses occur.

  101. Loss of weight is bad, BCoch. Really hope they find something simple.

  102. Keep an eye on your potassium levels, BCoch. Mine were normal, then they weren’t, due to a diverticular issue. Have you had a colonoscopy lately?

    Then again, maybe it’s lupus…. 😊

  103. It’s never lupus.

    -Dr. Gregory House MD

  104. TiFW….well, at just shy of 37yrs old, a colonoscopy isn’t something that’s come up just yet.

  105. Katie Couric’s husband was only 42 when he died of colon cancer.

  106. Yeah. The appetite/energy thing is a blaring warning. Get checked ASAP.

  107. And in my case, I had a diverticulum which got infected, then abscessed. I lost almost 40 lbs due to loss of appetite, without any idea what was going on (I wasn’t complaining, though!). Never had any pain from the abscess until the last few days before things went tits up.

    Almost everyone has diverticula in their colon; most people won’t have any problems whatsoever 👍

    Unfortunately, I have regained all of the weight back 👎

  108. Best buddy was having similar problems, then he went in for treatment of his arm and steroids kicked something off. They thought it was an abcess. The exploratory found a perforated intestine. (He wasn’t pleased when he found out they had to remove a stretch of intestine while he was under–informed consent etc.–until I reminded him that it was a life-threatening condition, and they kinda had to deal with it then and there…)

    He still isn’t back up to weight, which worries the fuck outta me.

  109. has anyone lived in a place where the police are viewed as the actual bad guys?

    I’m just curious, because I’ve had 2 people use that exact phrase to me. I’ve never been to such a place.

  110. Not all, but some Hartford cops were scarier to me than gang members. Shit, they WERE gang members. Incredibly corrupt and abusive. Some of these guys were taking drugs and money off street thugs and profiteering from it instead of enforcing the law.

    I watched helplessly as my bf was beaten to a pulp by a Hartford cop who continued beating him after he was unconscious. My bf had just been in a car accident and got into an argument with the cop about who was at fault (not the cop’s determination to make), and the cop waited until the other cops left the scene, then jumped him.

    The next day, after my bf was diagnosed with a concussion at the hospital, I went to complain at the HQ. The cops there told me that they would investigate themselves and if they determined I was lying, they would prosecute me. I correctly interpreted this as the threat it was intended to be, and never filed the complaint. My bf was charged with breach of peace even though he never raised a hand to the cop. He had been charged from behind, literally did not see it coming.

    I had to provide a statement of what happened. It went to court, etc., and the breach of peace charge was cleared by the judge. But that feeling of injustice simmered for a long time. They do what they want, they protect the bad ones among them, and you can’t do a fucking thing about it.

    I have no doubt this is still going on.

  111. My bf and my neighbors were hanging out in the yard and saw a Hartford police cruiser pull up across the street. Two cops got out of the front of the cruiser, opened the back door, and pulled out another cop.

    They stood him up, got back in the cruiser, and left him standing on the sidewalk. He started weaving and bobbling down the sidewalk toward Franklin Avenue. BF and neighbor went to go talk to him. The guy was so fucking staggering drunk he could barely talk. He was in uniform, wearing his sidearm, etc.

    Another time, my friend who worked nights at a convenience store told me that several cruisers would pull up at a time, and the cops would all get out and come in to buy munchies, drinks, snacks, etc., at the wee hours of the morning. They reeked of pot, and were all obviously stoned.

    These things all happened between ’89 – ’96. There’s more. It was a pack of fucking assholes.

  112. Otherwise, I have great respect for law enforcement. But I’m not reflexively pro-cop, because the job does attract dicks.

  113. there have been numerous instances of nys police selling drugs while on duty.
    i know 2 cops who have been kicked out for criminal behavior – one murdered a drug dealer in an extortion racket gone bad (he’s still in prison i believe) and the other was extorting sexual favors from ppl (men and women) he pulled over (he was only fired not prosecuted).
    a local village chief of police recently offed himself – he was under investigation for selling drugs and some possible pedo things.
    i used to shoot with some retired nyc cops that told some interesting stories about “bag money” and throwing drug dealers off of roofs…

    i approach law enforcement ppl with a jaundiced view – they are just as fallible as anyone else, and they can make your life a living hell with little to no provocation.

    the badge and gun don’t make angels i guess

  114. Yikes, that scares me, Lauraw.

  115. I’ve always wondered about the cops that become cops because they have power/control issues and are the LAST people who should have authority.

    I had a brother in law like that…complete jerk.

  116. HEY LEON

    Can you find out Miss Riverbank’s name for a possible Friday post in the future? Thanks!

    *goes back to read comments*

  117. I guess I should learn what a “buckeye” actually is.

    Horse Chestnut.

    I always just assumed it was some sort of deviant sexual position.

    Dirty Horse Chest Nut

  118. Cops are human beings and therefore just like everyone else. There are good ones and bad ones, softies and hard asses, honest and corrupt, chivalrous and shitheads. My general anecdata opinion is that most cops fall under the “decent human being” category, but positions of power attract the weak and the megalomaniacal. So yeah, bad caps are BAD.

    *insert rant about unions protecting the worst to the detriment of the best here*

  119. Pupster:

    You’re welcome.

  120. Our cops have been under DOJ supervision for years. The guy doing the supervising is getting paid millions for a job he isn’t even really doing. Not even the minimum residency requirements.

  121. I gotta get one of those jobs.


    This was the chief in my city. My cousin Arthur was a narcotics detective who, along with his fellow detectives, was wiretapped, tailed and otherwise prodded by the Feds because they thought a cop was doing it. Turns out it was the chief. He was one of the good ones, Vietnam vet, son of an old school beat cop and the guy who showed me how to drink coffee. He used to say colorful things about the colorful people he ended up arresting most frequently. His lily white Scots-Irish daughter married a dark skinned Puerto Rican guy and they gave him 2 beautiful granddaughters.

  123. Get tested for lyme like someone else mentioned.

    I know a guy who went through a hell with that. He tested negative the first time.

  124. You’re welcome.

    She’s nice looking, but those bolt-ons are to her detriment.

    I’ve worked with cops for a long time, there are all types just like bcock said at 6:50. The chief sets the tone for the whole force, good and bad.


    Cause of the current outrage, or at least the chisel 0bama was using to hammer a wound into the USA.

  126. Colorado Alex, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

    *adds page to BBF binder*

  127. Pups zeroed in on Riverbank girl. I was more interested in Cable girl and the flasher.

  128. Several years ago, the Sheriff and Mayor in Socorro were rumored to be the biggest drug dealers around.

    Most cops are great, some are assholes, and some are bad.

  129. Pupster is correct: it’s a leadership issue. Probably more so, IMHO, than unions. See also, Broward County. I suspect that unions end up being more prominent in toxic police departments because they’re protection against a chain of command that will try and screw you if they can.

  130. Pupster, she’s marriage material.

  131. Pepe, pretty sure Socorro lawmen have been questionable since Elfego Baca.

  132. My GGGrandfather, Sheriff Brady, was killed by Billy the Kid, for siding with the Santa Fe Ring.

  133. I want to buy a Fiat convertible and get a custom licence plate “CRRNCY”.

  134. I’m willing to bet LUX is taken already.

  135. Get tested for lyme like someone else mentioned.
    I know a guy who went through a hell with that. He tested negative the first time.

    Good call guys. I’ll bring it up to the doc.

  136. Huge tracts of land.

  137. I want to buy a Fiat convertible and get a custom licence plate “CRRNCY”.

    That was dismal.

  138. Hey Michiganders, who is responsible for teaching CoAl euchre?

  139. Not me. I’ve learned how to play it six times and can’t remember fuckall.

  140. I don’t know Oso, but I do so love some euchre.

  141. Euchre meet up?

  142. If only there were a planned meat up in place where folks could play. Ah well.

  143. Your Ohio name will be Crancy.

  144. Does the cabal play chess?

  145. If only there were a planned meat up in place where folks could play. Ah well.

    I really wish I had made some different plans, and could be there this weekend. You all have fun. But not too much fun. *sulks*

  146. I still want to be able to meet the cabal on home turf.

  147. from the HQ. Poated without comment.

    So these two lesbians set up camp in my brother and SiL’s backyard. They have a large Newfoundland named Kendall.

  148. Is Cabalpalooza this weekend? Wish I could go.

  149. Sean, si.

  150. I have to admit that I enjoyed laughing at Stolen Valor Blumenthal today. Still angry that I can’t be a Nutmegging Cabal member

  151. Damn, Chris Pratt gave a good speech. Accepting an award from MTV, he got up and gave his “9 rules for life” and one of them was “God is real. God loves you.”

    I expect that he’ll be lynched by Thursday evening.

  152. I want to design the Space Force uniforms.

  153. I live in a border state. Send them home!!! True Story! If we deport all the illegals, New Mexico becomes a Red State.

  154. Comment by osoloco11 on June 18, 2018 11:22 pm
    I want to design the Space Force uniforms.

    Silver lame, with a silver beanie with an antenna on top. Or, this.

  155. Is it ok for me to play the Latin card on OTM immigration scare stories?

  156. Does the Latin card trump the Jack or off Jack in euchre?

  157. Pretty sure we already have a design for the Space Force uniform:

  158. Just saw that clip, CoLex. Very impressive.

  159. Shit, I’d forgotten about that. Sean (and velour) for the win!

  160. Space Force Space Shuttle Door Gunner, how much did you spend on a used space rocket? What interest rate?

  161. Simpsons did it first. Go from there

  162. Well, your derp was
    Sweeter than
    Any I know
    So don’t come back
    Knockin on my front door

  163. I think there are certain “professions” that attract a higher percentage of not so mentally healthy people.

    Politics is close to the top of my list.

    “The Arts” are on top.

  164. So, pole dancers are third or fourth?

  165. No, they fall under “The Arts”…hence the quote marks.

  166. Any of you not able to get onto Ace’s comments section?

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