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  1. Thanks for the reminder, jamjam.
    I need to put the flea & tick drops on the dog today.
    I’ve found two (separate occasions) on him this year. They weren’t dug in yet, just in his fur – but I still can’t stand the thought of those insidious little bastards. Ticks are disgusting. Why did God create them??

  2. Well, that last book title is a bit awkward

  3. There was some report on the local news that Maine had the highest Lyme Disease rates in the US but I can’t find anything to confirm it. Fake news?

  4. Lots of big hits to the memory bank scrolling back to 2009. My original post idea was to look at old bookmarks on my machines, but they are all gifs or boobs or some combination.

    Rainy day here, got to keep 10000 lakes full for the walleye.

  5. Our dogs have had the Lyme vaccine and also take some super expensive oral chew that is supposed to work on ticks and fleas for 3 months. I forget the name though.

  6. Bravecto Chews

  7. Aaarrgghh!
    Don’t get me started on Bravecto.
    That shit worked like magic on Tucker for two years. Then my vet stopped carrying it and wanted me to spend 25% more on some other shit that I read online doesn’t work as well.
    I hate it when the vet changes over to whatever the cute pharm rep convinces them to buy from her. Bravecto is great, dammit! Keep it in stock, and I’ll spend the $60!

  8. My dog has a better healthcare plan than I do.
    I’ve spent more on him in the last six years than I have on myself in the last twenty…

    Speaking of which – is it common to develop eczema or psoriasis at 50? I’ve got some weird rash on my inner elbow out of nowhere. It isn’t poison ivy, I know.

  9. Could be shingles. A lot of food intolerances manifest as skin conditions.

    Hanging with Possum while her mom catches more Zs. Then I need to run to Meijer, then a day at the lake.

  10. I got eczema in high school because I ate like crap and didn’t change my gym clothes often enough. I didn’t work out or anything, they were just the clothes I wore for class.

  11. Turns out this new place has a fair number of mulberry trees. I either need some chickens to feed them to, or I need to start making wine.

  12. The wild birds will take care of them. I have a LOT of mulberry trees. This year they have a LOT of fruit on them.

  13. Is it too soon to start posting this video?

  14. I get very little value from wild birds. Gathering the berries for wine or as a chicken treat seems worthwhile, though. Some of them are trying to grow into the bean field, and that’s no good. I’ll need to do some trimming soon.

  15. I saw Wild Bird Mulberry open for Queensryche at the Buckeye Lake Music Festival in 96.


  17. I’m just saying, many years the wild birds have picked the trees clean before I’ve picked them. The birds don’t wait until they are completely ripe.


  19. Productive morning! Did the picking for both moms. Then made a big pan of chicken parm. I gotta figure out a way to make that with fewer steps. Lots of steps are a drag, man.


  21. I thought you where lumping for Scott today. Oh, right.

  22. Rocketboy and Mini-me are on the road to Rolla. Mr. RFH has gone shopping. I’m going to set up dinner in the crockpot and watch Downton Abbey.


  23. Dad gave me a set of Downton abbey dvds months ago, and I still haven’t watched them. It’s hard to get back into the flow of watching TV. Maybe in Winter.

  24. Quiet on the lake today. It’s really a beautiful day out there. On a similar day one month from now there’ll be tons of boats and waverunners on the water. Dogs are a little stressed with the change in venue.

  25. Chicken parm is one of those things I always think of making but never do. Same with eggplant parm.

  26. An 8 pack of hard seltzer was comparable in price to an 18 pack of PBR. After doing a cost comparison in my head for a brief moment I just said fukkit and bought both.


  28. I need to see if a friend and her husband are free for dinner tonight. Then I should workout, go get a haircut, and go shopping for food (if not driving across LA).

  29. If I dispense with the breading and frying that would probably be the best thing for speeding up the process of chicken parm. The breading doesn’t really add much flavor, if you are gonna top with onions and peppers anyway.

    I think if I just put a layer of raw sliced onions and peppers in the bottom of a roasting pan, toss with oil, then lay the pounded & well-seasoned chicken pieces on top, and smother with a thick marinara, then bake at a hot roasting temperature. Put slices of provolone on last, right before it’s done.

    Next time. I bet I could do that in a big round pan in the Big Green Egg and keep the cooking heat out of the house.

    Did the frying today on the propane hotplate outside. So nice to not have the greasy mess indoors.

  30. Plus between breading and frying and setting things aside on clean plates, I generated a sinkful of dishes before we even got to eat anything. Ridiculous.

  31. at the library, brewing beer

  32. But the hard seltzer is 5% alcohol. Double that of PBR?
    And twice as tasty.

  33. So nice to not have the greasy mess indoors.

    Ya know, Scott reads this site, right?

  34. Speaking of which – is it common to develop eczema or psoriasis at 50? I’ve got some weird rash on my inner elbow out of nowhere. It isn’t poison ivy,

    I had that in grade school on the inside of my elbows, too. Itched like a fiend, especially on hot, sweaty days. It eventually went away but then the stomach aches happened. In highschool, the gastric distress. I figured all of it was related to something I was eating but it wasn’t until adulthood that I figured out what. Dairy.

  35. Huh.
    I haven’t had much dairy lately. A little sour cream, maybe. And ice cream (yogurt) for breakfast yesterday.
    I think Leon might be right – I have developed shingles. Or maybe it’s arm herpes from viewing pupster’s BBFs. We need a better quality ho on Fridays, dammit!

  36. “Could be shingles.”

    probably prostatitis

    or maybe mastitis

    he should get that checked

  37. My bet is it’s a fungus.

  38. You should prolly expose it to the sun. I hear bleach works real good too. I’m trying to think of appalachain remedy for mangy dog…..oh, yeah….pour kerosene on it……..then light if on fire……pretty sure that’ll take care of it.

  39. went to a golf tournament yesterday (fundraiser thing) –
    one of the guys had nut cancer that was surgically addressed last year… i didn’t know. his daughter and little jammette are friends and are on most of the same sports teams together including a travel bball team – that conversation was a little awkward and made me wonder how many fuck up things i’ve said to him / around him over the last year or so.

  40. We need a better quality ho on Fridays, dammit!

  41. Actually, bleach and sun are solid remedies.
    When I was a kid (quite poor), any skin ailment was treated with a trip to the beach. Wipe it with bleach, then sun and salt water cured any rash – or at least took your mind off of it for a while.

  42. his son (16) came out a few months ago.
    not sure if that bothered him at all….
    no grandchildren from that seed i suppose

  43. hhahaaa!

  44. ah-ite i have to go dig holes to plant some friggen shrubbery things

  45. Pupster, I laughed till I cried watching the gal at the gas station.

  46. You know I’m just fucking with ya brother chi. Yeah the bleach thing? Fuckers put that shit on everything. Got poison ivy? Bleach, feet itchy? Bleach. Of course they watered it down…but good Lord, bleach on poison ivy hurts….I was like thanks I’ll stick to calamine.

  47. hahhaaahhh, Pups on the unicorn.

  48. I’m now picturing pupster wearing a fuck-u-nicorn t-shirt.

  49. Jimbro, didn’t you become a doctor so you could have the financial freedom to buy BOTH PBR and flavored vodka water with carbonation?

  50. Garden weeding – almost done – then took youngest to soccer. Just got back. Gotta finish up the weeding, then workout. Then dinner. My boys are all here and working on fixing toys (jetskis). Heysus isn’t here. Did she get tired of him already?

    SOccer game is starting, and if he doesn’t show up soon I’ll assume he’s been friend zoned.

  51. i need some hard seltzers. I’m out.

  52. I didn’t know we had such a high roller in our midst. PBR and hard seltzer.

  53. I picked up a bottle of Jim Beam for the occasional lemonade mixer as well. Every year we end up with a big mix of cans and bottles from summer purchases. There’s probably some ciders and fruity malt beverages at home still.

    It’s funny how much I intend to booze it up versus how much I actually do. I’m a one drink guy 95% of the time.

  54. Reading all the stuff you guys do got me thinking.

    You know that expression, “If you want something done ask a busy person”?

    It’s so true. I use to kick ass and do a crap ton every day. Now I don’t have to so I don’t.

    One of the great things about kids? They make you do stuff.

    But I don’t want to go back to work. What would I do? Be a greeter at Walmart? Wait, I could actually do that and kick ass doing it, not like those old, Medal of Honor earning Veterans who just sit at the entrance because they have only one leg because the other got blown off in ‘Nam.

    Lately, I use the grade school/high school method of getting lots done. I wait until the last minute and then kick all kinds of ass. Seriously, having guests? No problem. Don’t do a little every day for two weeks. I simply get up at 5am and work nonstop cleaning, grocery shopping. pre-cooking and new decorating until 10pm for 2 days straight. Easy peasy.

  55. I did my god deed for the day.
    I clipped a dozen geardenia blooms , three hydrangeas flowers, and put them in a vase. Delivered it to the lady next door – simply because I’d rather that she enjoy them before they rot on the vine.
    Woo hoo, I got some good karma point this week!
    Now I’ll continue on in my heathen ways. Bring on the hookers and cocaine!

  56. Fuck it. I’m done. I’m burning down friendships over this “TRUMP IS HARMING IMMIGRANT CHILDREN” bullshit. Fuck them. Fuck it. Fuck all the things.

  57. OMG that was so fucking funny.

    My best friend in the world just called, and it turned out to be an accidental butt dial. I was cussing him six ways from Sunday, threatening all kinds of prison sex and saying every “your mom” joke i could think of when he finally got on the phone.
    He said “sorry – I butt dialed you – i’m with my mom & dad. It’s fathers day weekend.” His mother heard every damed thing I said I am going straight to Hell. No passing go, no collecting $200…

  58. I’m saving up all the shit I need to do for retirement. Seriously, I often have days where there’s very little scheduled but I’m supposed to be available to go in to work 5 days a week. At least that’s my convenient excuse. Of course Paula doesn’t buy that for a minute.

  59. Lately, I use the grade school/high school method of getting lots done. I wait until the last minute and then kick all kinds of ass. Seriously, having guests? No problem. Don’t do a little every day for two weeks. I simply get up at 5am and work nonstop cleaning, grocery shopping. pre-cooking and new decorating until 10pm for 2 days straight. Easy peasy.

    Meth is your friend.

  60. Fuck it. I’m done. I’m burning down friendships over this “TRUMP IS HARMING IMMIGRANT CHILDREN” bullshit. Fuck them. Fuck it. Fuck all the things.

    Meh, my prog friends all cut me out of their lives over the past six-seven years. Last one did so over Trump. Fuck them. I’m better off without them.

  61. Orange is the New Black Turtleneck

    Federal prosecutors filed criminal charges against Theranos Inc. founder Elizabeth Holmes and the blood-testing company’s former No. 2 executive, alleging that they defrauded investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars and also defrauded doctors and patients.

    The indictments of Holmes and Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, Theranos’s former president and chief operating officer who was also Holmes’s boyfriend, are the culmination of a 2½-year investigation by the U.S. attorney’s office in San Francisco, sparked by articles in The Wall Street Journal that raised questions about the company’s technology and practices.

  62. Another example of why hedonism is bad and stupid.

  63. ou know that expression, “If you want something done ask a busy person”?

    It’s so true. I use to kick ass and do a crap ton every day. Now I don’t have to so I don’t.

    Yea. On days where I have WIDE open I get nothing done. Today I’m busy and doing all sorts of shit and wondering how the time is passing so quickly. I NEED MORE HOURS IN THE DAY ON MY PRODUCTIVE DAYS.

  64. ’m done. I’m burning down friendships over this “TRUMP IS HARMING IMMIGRANT CHILDREN” bullshit. Fuck them. Fuck it. Fuck all the things

    Yea. And I get really sick of them parsing every last word Trump utters to catch him in a lie.

    He speaks off the cuff a lot, and exaggerates. It’s actually a rather human trait, but can bite you in the ass when your every syllable is parsed.

    They can go fuck themselves. I’m not interested in such trivial things.

    Sideways. With a swordfish.

  65. Your going to have to pick a side sooner or later. That’s where this shit is going. Wait til the nightriders portion of the program starts.

  66. I can’t think of the last time I had a face to face debate with a liberal.
    Damn near everyone I know is either intelligent/conservative or at least Republican (yuck).
    Everybody I know basically stays in their lane & doesn’t speak out – unlike me. I fly a Gadsden Flag fercryinoutloud. You KNOW where I stand.

    Hell, I don’t know one other person that knew we had a primary election for Tim Kaine’s Senate seat the other day – how do you not know that??
    Oh – that’s right! It’s a Republican primary! News doesn’t want you to know about that…

  67. Penelope follows the “If you wait ’til the last minute, it only takes a minute” philosophy.

  68. Chi, I work with a couple of liberals. I don’t start the arguments, but I don’t let their comments fly without answering.

    I will admit, I don’t defend Pope Francis any more, but I do argue pro-life.

  69. Have you guys been following the huge pedo sting operation that has been happening across the country? There is an article online that 51 of 76 children missing have been found in a police pedo sweep in Genesee County, Michigan.

    It’s called Operation Broken Heart and 2300 pedos have been rounded up. Haven’t heard much about it in the mainstream news.

    Evidently, Trump is hitting this hard.

  70. Comment by PepeLp on June 16, 2018 5:15 pm
    Penelope follows the “If you wait ’til the last minute, it only takes a minute” philosophy.


    I want to sign up for Penelope’s newsletter.

    *Pups, I live in a condo so zero yard work. It’s kind of new building so no maintenance. My job was raising kids. I spent a lot of time traveling to help with my father and mother as they were declining. Kids are out of the house. The busy life of appointments, sports, music lessons, coaching, designing a complete athletic association for a school (3 inch binders worth), running the school fundraiser, etc..It’s weird when it all dries up when kids are gone, you don’t have a house anymore and my parents are both gone. Reading about how much H2ers do around the yard/farm/ranch, those that work and those that are busy with kids (or all three) is just a memory for me now.

  71. There is an article online that 51 of 76 children missing have been found in a police pedo sweep in Genesee County, Michigan******

    That’s 10 miles from me

  72. I was going to say, I’ve been through or to Genesee county a dozen times. That’s horrifying.

  73. Welp, I’ve been accused of “mansplaining” and “telling me about my own experiences”.

    Oh well. Stop being a condescending Nazi about women’s health. Your experience is simply that. Your experience. And it has no real meaning on the issue at large. The plural of anecdote isn’t data.

  74. How can you be a mainsplainer? Don’t you wear one of those plaid skirts like GGE does? That alone makes you part of the protected class – you can’t possibly be a bad guy. You’re a victim, ma’am.

  75. Lol chi. I’ve never worn a kilt. Though I defend people’s right to. In fact, I nearly got in a bar fight in Alexandria over it. Stupid frat bro’s.

  76. Tell them to quit womansplaining as their misandry slips are showing.

  77. Shit. Who am I confusing you with? I thought for sure you wore a skirt…

    It’s been too long since I was welcome at the HQ I guess.

  78. Ask to speak to the man in charge.

  79. I’ve been looking at rental properties in Columbus. One had a list of reasons an applicant might get rejected.

    Criminal history.
    Low credit score.
    “We do not rent to practicing attorneys, law students, lawmakers, or property managers. “

  80. I don’t think I have had a day off since April.


  82. The job is downtown? What are you looking for in a rental, Alex? If you can live with a commute there are some nice burbs, but the closer to downtown the more expensive and/or skankier it gets.

    If I were in your situation I would probably look at Marble Cliff, Upper Arlington, Clintonville for a short commute, or I’d get outside the outerbelt in Hilliard, Dublin, Worthington or Westerville. Bexley is nice to the East, but is surrounded by ghetto.

    I love all the restaurants and breweries of German Village, but they are a historic district with nice little victorian houses that are 3X market value and NO PARKING ANYWHERE.

  83. Job is downtown in the Vern Riff building. Ideally I’d find somewhere with a private backyard and maybe even some space to set up a workshop. I don’t care about being close to the cultural crap. I’m old.

  84. All righty then. If you don’t mind a commute I’d stay outside the outerbelt. Stay away from campus too, grandpa.

  85. Does Ohio have dry counties?

  86. I don’t think so Scott.


  88. I think they did when I was there.

    Maybe dry towns.

  89. I would have liked Ohio if the water wasn’t brown.

  90. Where is Brunswick? is that anywhere near Columbus?
    I have a very dear friend up there – he could maybe hook you up on a good deal? Or at least steer you in the right direction.

  91. Ohio is a weird place. Like the nether world between the east coast and the Midwest, and the southern border is as appalachain as West by gawd Virginia.

  92. I remember as a kid taking road trips up to Michigan. One time, I woke up and looked out the window.
    All I saw was brown. The absolute ugliest, bleakest, nastiest landscape one could imagine.
    “Where are we? What is this place?”

    “It’s just Ohio, honey. Go back to sleep. It’ll be prettier in a few hundred miles.”

  93. Ohio is a weird place. Like the nether world between the east coast and the Midwest, and the southern border is as appalachain as West by gawd Virginia.

    When I attended Marshall, I ran with a few other ROTC cadets and we’d cross the bridge into Ohio.

  94. I get the impression that someone is moving to Ohio? I’ve never been there, but my people come from Illinois, so I think we’re supposed to hate it there.

  95. I accused Mr. RFH of farting in the car, but it was just Cleveland.

  96. Anyone else watching Goliath on Amazon Prime?

  97. NM rainy day. Soaking rain; no virga. Mama hawk was on the condo across the way. Daddy hawk was on our condo.

  98. Ohio isn’t awful, but they put cinnamon in chili and then dump it on spaghetti.

    Barbaric and demented, but not awful.

  99. My dad’s family for the most part moved to Ohio in the 1790s. Muskingum/Licking Counties. CoAlEx, do you play euchre?

  100. I accused Mr. RFH of farting in the car, but it was just Cleveland.


  101. Anyone else watching Goliath on Amazon Prime?

    I watched the first season. It was good, but not great. I’ve never been a big David E. Kelley fan.

  102. No euchre. Should I?

    Also, Pupster is going to fight you all.

  103. Billy Bob Thornton was good in it, but it just seemed to drag on a little too long. Too much noodling around in little side plots about various characters’ personal lives. As far as the Amazon series go, I’ve enjoyed Bosch a lot more.

  104. Mare, you better back off from my Ala Moana greeter job!!! I love the former warehouse that is now a stacked WalMart/Sam’s. WalMart has an L&L

  105. Sean, I need to figure out a way to watch Bosch without Prime.

  106. Euchre is a blood sport in Ohio. Iowa. I don’t know about MI.

  107. Sean, I need to figure out a way to watch Bosch without Prime.

    Well, if you’re not terribly concerned about legalities, you could always find some kind of torrent site and download it.

  108. Poop. It took Dan 20 years to get me to smuggle snacks into movies. I still don’t upgrade my seats at sportsball games.

  109. Oso Story for Scott. I was working the exit door at work. Focusing on receipts. Got an “Hola, Prima”. It was my mom’s first cousin, PJ, and his wife. Hugs ensued. Next guy in line, we’ll call him Creepy.
    Creepy: Where’s my hug?
    Oso: They’re my cousins.
    Creepy Guy: Cousin!!!
    Oso: Awkward laugh.

  110. WOOO, what a night at work. These patients are crazy!

    Wait. They really are.

    OK, never mind. It was a normal night at work.

  111. What’s the Sam’s policy for when an employee knees a customer in the nuts? Is it dismissal, or do you just get written up?

  112. We can’t physically touch anyone. Verbal comments are frowned upon.

  113. TIL the actress who played Elaan of Troyius in Star Trek also played Liat in South Pacific.

  114. New guy chased a shoplifter out of the Club yesterday. Former associate blocked shoplifter with his ride and flashed a gun. Associate took pics with her phone of shoplifter license plate. The police report was so shady. No mention of chase, gun, and phone chick wasn’t on the clock when she took pic.

  115. Hey Roamy 🤓

  116. I ❤️ South Pacific. Filmed on Kauai

  117. Hey Oso. How’s your mom?

    I went down the rabbit hole on Youtube, started out with the soliloquy from “Carousel” since tomorrow is Father’s Day (thanks, Mark Steyn), then went on to “Oklahoma” then “South Pacific”. I should go to bed.

  118. Roamy, they are checking arm veins on Tuesday. If they are usable, valve replacement surgery on Thursday. She had Last Rites a few days ago. Familia that can’t make Albuquerque are visiting her this weekend. She shares Rosetta’s birthday tomorrow.

  119. I’ll light a candle for her.

  120. Thank you, Romacita.

  121. Co-worker just got back from WDW. Worst visit ever. Almost as bad as Dan’s employee that didn’t understand most rides at Disney are imagineered into buildings.

  122. Happy Birthday, Rosetta. Not sure what the time saving dealio is where you are. Stop laughing about forcing me to deal with my mom. Osso Bucco retired

  123. From every dingy basement on every dingy street
    Every dragging handclap over every dragging beat
    That’s just the beat of derp-the beat that must go on
    If you’ve been trying for years we already heard your song


  125. good morning! got a nice sunburn in my hair yesterday. that’s fun.

  126. Nude beach, J’Ames?

  127. Happy Father’s Day to our wonderful H2 Fathers!

    I REALLY hope Troy gets ammo.

  128. I got eggs, hash browns, bacon and toast. Coffee too. All served with attitude so I had to smack the server on the ass.

  129. I showed Paula an M1 Carbine reproduction from Inland Manufacturing and said it would make a great Father!s Day gift. Pretty sure that’s not happening.

  130. I have faith in Paula. Maybe not Father’s Day but someday.

  131. Happy Father’s Day

  132. Dad’s going to a car show today, so I was told to delay and bother him on a weekday instead. Which is fine, I have to go to work in a few hours anyway.

  133. ww

    Sometimes a dad’s got to buy his own father’s day gift. just saying.

  134. MJ’s A FATHER THIS YEAR!!! HUZZAH!!!!!!

  135. I’m eyeballing an entire new rig and setup on a Springfield 9mm. Thinking single stack with a optic. Will need a new holster and mag holders….gonna wait til the whole Parolee situation plays out. He’s been quiet as a mouse so far, but his parole expires tommorow.

  136. Happy Father’s Day, MFers!

  137. XD-S or 1911, Troy? What kind of optic?


  139. XD s. Just decided that optic was desired, looking at Sig and Aimpoint quality, but really just decided. I love my full size 40, but I need to modernize one last time to take me til the lad inherits the load out.

  140. I’m using an RMR on a Glock. Very interesting. It made me modify my shooting style. Most people seem to like them.

  141. Watching TDS bloom fully in formerly “right-wing” pundits is glorious to behold. The latest is S.E. Cupp, who apparently is now going keyboard warrior on twitter. Remember when she was just another libertarian sexpot on Fox News? I guess she’s finally aged to the point that her looks are starting to go and people will soon realize that she doesn’t actually provide anything of value to the political conversation.

  142. SE has been going down that road for a while now.

  143. RMR?

  144. Happy father’s day, to those H2ers that have spawned.

  145. I’ve ignored her for a while, so I hadn’t noticed. She was cute at first, but it quickly became apparent that she didn’t have anything substantial to add.

  146. It’s really hot out up here.

  147. garden is weeded and watered. All annuals are in the ground (I need a few more … of course). My sprinkler is fubared. I sorta have a handle on the yard/garden ON THIS DAY AND THIS DAY ONLY.

    All bets are off in a week.


  149. I got all my packing done.
    Well, not all of it, but enough to call it a day.

  150. The course at the US Open looks awful. Lots of dead patches of grass.

    Talked to my dad, finished all the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, scanned some old family photos. A little more decluttering, and I will call it a successful day.

  151. Went to the supermarket, finished watching Goliath, ran some sprints, and now I’m boxing up books.

  152. The 60 Minutes piece on the DEA was amazing.

  153. Did the ultra traditional family fish fry. Enjoyed playing with kids at the water table and introduced two little boys to the mysterious ways of ants. There is a whole bug world to explore now! Other than the heat, it was a excellent day. Had enough of a breeze that it wasn’t beat down oppressive heat but index was round 101 or so.

    Then got text from the number two at work saying that I needed to find and hire 3 guys in three weeks. (Like that shit couldn’t have waited till morning) My response ….Happy Father’s Day. This fucking guy is manic as the day is long and appears to entering his peak phase for drama, over reaction, and just in general loss of emotional self control. He was on vacation last week and probably didn’t take his meds. Fuck Them til tomorrow.

  154. Happy Father’s Day, Hostage Dads. I hope everyone’s had a good day and your kids didn’t mess with the thermostat.

  155. Comment by scot on June 17, 2018 7:37 pm
    The 60 Minutes piece on the DEA was amazing.

    Scott, what did they say?

  156. DEA started going after opiod distributors for not reporting pill dispensaries. Distributors got pissed.

    Suddenly, the DOJ stopped taking their cases and in 2016 congress passed a law that completely neutered DEA.

    This drug crisis is just too profitable.

    That or it’s a payback to the drug companies for Obamacare.

  157. Not surprising.

  158. Happy Toxic Masculinity Day!!!

  159. Happy “You said you were on the pill” day!

  160. I stole a bible for Dad.

  161. Bible theft is down. We can no longer lock up alcohol under $100. Backpack ban in effect, unless being used as diaper bags. Guess which area code no longer carries traditional diaper bags? Funny story. Friend uses an old ammo bag as diaper bag. He and family have annual Disneyland passes. Youngest is finally potty trained. Wife got tired of being profiled and followed through Disneyland. We were sharing Disney security stories. Half the fun at Disney Springs in FL is identifying the LEOs.

  162. KMN. Cubs at Cards. Sean at J’ames.

  163. Daddy hawk did a brushback at Dan today. Birds constantly attack him. Closet Cards fan.

  164. 5-0 Cards. Boo.

  165. I’ll be updating you guys on the World Famous Midnight Game. MLB should be airing it. Center fielder Blake Porter is my nephew. Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks.

  166. nothing wrong with a cards win, nothing at all. All you brainwashed WGN addicts, whatever!

  167. Is WGN even a thing?

  168. D and I are talking baseball. Boring baseball. Mostly because Dan is wrong. Mostly

  169. Come here mama and dig this crazy scene
    He’s not too fancy but his derp is pretty clean
    He ain’t no drag
    Papa’s got a brand new bag

  170. 10 minutes, maybe 15.

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