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Your model for today was born in Chiba, Japan on April 23rd, 1988.  She stands 5 foot tall, 40x27x35″.  BANZAI!  Please wax on/wax off and say hello to Miss Saki Yanase!








  2. I don’t know what’s grody about her, but she’s grody.

  3. Sure am glad this poat is here in the early morning, though. Thanks, man.


  5. Saki is really cute. If she were a large B or small C cup, I’d consider bringing her home to meet Mom. As it stands, she looks like a roadside attraction.


  7. International! I think it’s cool we appreciate bed dusters from other countries (besides Eastern European)

  8. I will fight you both.

    *gets out map, ruler. crayons *

    *draws lines from southern canada to New Hampshire, Norfolk*

    *calls Leon for help with math*

    Meet me behind the bait store on Great Duck Island, Lake Huron in 12 hours.

  9. That doggeh looks like my Tucker after the little girl from next door visits. Spoiled rotten brat

  10. How do you yell, “ COCK” in Japanese?

    Asking for a friend.

  11. I meant Tucker not Skyler of course. She’s just an innocent, adorable four year old.
    She might be a spoiled brat, but that’s not my business.


  13. O-chinko

  14. nice boobs pup

  15. another fine joob!!

  16. I see a spinal fusion in her future…

  17. bait store on Great Duck Island, Lake Huron in 12 hours.
    This made me spit a little sip of coffee

  18. *jumps in truck, starts driving*

  19. I might be a little late. I’m a girl and make extra pee stops on long drives.

  20. Ha! Jam!

  21. I might be a little late. I’m a girl and make extra pee stops on long drives.

    Don’t forget your ten song mix tape.

  22. Also

  23. wakey wakey

  24. She looks comfy. I’d let her cook for me and call me ‘senpai’.

  25. I was gonna call you out for the microaggression-racism of assuming that every asian person can cook, but in her case you’re probably correct.

  26. Egad. I just don’t get the appeal of chubby Japanese chicks. Ick.

  27. *sits next to Pepe*

  28. Heh. You guys just see Trump walk out of the white house, past all the reporters, and straight to talk to Steve D of Fox News. Pretty funny sutff.

  29. I was gonna call you out for the microaggression-racism of assuming that every asian person can cook, but in her case you’re probably correct.

    If she’s never ‘cooked’ on camera while wearing just an apron (exceedingly common anime/hentai trope), I’d be shocked.

  30. Mare?

  31. You guys just see Trump walk out of the white house, past all the reporters, and straight to talk to Steve D of Fox News.

    CNN will be hyperventilating all weekend. Did Jim Acosta pass out from rage stroke?

  32. It was pretty funny. I guess trump tweeted that he could see the fox guys out on his lawn and said perhaps he’d go visit. 30-45 min later, out he trots. LONG interview with Fox. Still going on.

  33. 30 mins uncut interview. Now taking questions from the gaggle.

  34. Trump is fighting the press, not afraid to take questions. Obama was still strolling around in his pj’s watching sports center at this time of day.

  35. “I am AMAZED that Peter Strzok is still at the FBI”.

  36. I don’t think he uses a teleprompter a lot, either.

  37. The last couple of choices have bags under the bags under their eyes. Turn-off.

  38. Those are boobies, BC


  39. Comment by PepeLp on June 15, 2018 8:49 am



    I once was applying a lip balm called EOS in public and I made ( eye contact with a guy and I felt dirty afterward.

  40. I think eating bananas in public should be a no-go for women. And faggy men.

  41. Excited Parents Throw Gender Reveal Party For Their Teenager

    What a fun party! Lapeerpalooza theme, if MJ shows up?

  42. Let me guess, she got sick of having to say “my eyes are up here”…

  43. Don’t forget Corn Dogs mare!

  44. ever notice how there are no pictures taken of democrats eating corn dogs like that?

  45. That story is a load of bullcrap. There are no pink M&Ms.

  46. Dammit. I loved me some Rick Perry.
    But, who holds a corn dog like that?!? It’s on a stick for a reason, asshole!!
    You deserved to fade out like a cheap screen print, loser.

  47. Excited Parents Throw Gender Reveal Party For Their Teenager

    The Morning Report link about the Indiana teacher fired for not calling a tranny according to it’s ‘preferred pronoun’ is terrifying.

  48. Democrats hold them like that, too. It’s all in the photo timing. It’s different for R’s, dontcha know?

    It’s not even the worst one!

  49. I love the picture they chose for the gender reveal thing. Perfect. They look like the type.

  50. They will make m&m’s in any color you can come up with for a price. The pink ones originated with breast cancer awareness or some such BS, but they’ve moved on to gender reveal parties for attention seeking Mom’s to be.
    Like I give a shit if you have a boy or girl – it’s still going to be a miserable little shit living with you, Paula. Get counseling, not another unloved child.

  51. I want custom Reeses Pieces in silver and gold colors. I’d call them Mises Pieces.

  52. I want custom Reeses Pieces in silver and gold colors. I’d call them Mises Pieces.

    Nice. I mostly just wanted you to know that someone got the joke.


  54. That whole gender reveal bullshit is child abuse.

  55. gotta love those economist jokes, right Car in?

  56. You are a gigantic virtue signaling asshole if you let your young child “pick their gender.”


  57. I thought the gender reveal thing was what expectant parents did.

    The article above is satire.

  58. And yes, I know Babylon Bee is satire.

    But I’m really thinking of that kid who is about 7 who is a drag queen. Have you seen this poor kid? It’s a complete sexualization of that child. Hence, the FU.

  59. The 7 year old drag queen thing is horrific. The parents need to be dragged into the street and beaten with belts and canes, and the child taken from that home.

  60. A little slow on my commenting.

  61. One of the Disney channels (ABC Family?) had an entire TV show about a kid – maybe twelve? – that was “trans”
    Fucking sickening that this is not only supported, but championed. Mental disorders are not something to be rallied around, they should be treated somehow. The parents of that kid should be in prison. He was obviously coached from a very young age.

  62. If the only yogurt I have in the the house is of the frozen variety, can I call that a healthy breakfast? I’ll top it with melted peanut butter if that helps.

  63. This is hilarious. They’re telling Mueller he’s a punkass liar.

  64. On a scale of one to ten I give her a “meh”. There is such a thing as “too big” even for titties.

    Yes, I denounce myself for my blasphemy.

    Everybody ready for Father’s day? Guys, ready to receive your obviously thought of last minute do you even know who I am gifts and platitudes?

  65. How many fucking times does repeating AMMO. GET ME AMMO OR SOMETHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH AMMO. Does it take? Twenty fucking years….same gawdamn question.

    Yet for her shit, well buddy you better be a j squared away with plans and flowers and jewelry. ….

    New Rules. Fuck That. No more shit for you.

  66. And no, I don’t want a grill. I don’t like to cook and I damn sure don’t like cooking and sweating at the same time.

  67. Enjoy your ugly plaid tie Troy.

  68. Next episode in the TT world is titled “Parolee and Father’s day”

    It’s been a quiet week at the Parolee house but the weekend is here and the Parolee hears the siren song of a 12 pack and a hit of meth. What will he do?

  69. It’ll go with my Midwest short sleeved dress shirt.

  70. J’ames, my mom was complaining about how Trump misspoke regarding the age/relations of the family members hoping for the return of the remains.

    SO completely existing in reality, they are.

  71. wtf is she even trying to say there, car in?

  72. I have no kids, and Dad’s been in the ground a year and a half. Father’s Day is just another day now.

  73. I want a grill, but I mostly want a free day to get some shit done around the yard.

  74. I feel so, so sorry for the little girl in Alex’s link. The “dads” are monsters.

  75. I’m just hoping that Home Depot or Lowe’s has that killer sale on charcoal again this weekend.

    On the plus side, I just opened one of those hard seltzer Waters – this black cherry is even better than the red grapefruit.

  76. On the plus side, I just opened one of those hard seltzer Waters – this black cherry is even better than the red grapefruit.

    Peak Whiteness

  77. It’s 10x better than Fireball, you redneck SOB.

  78. You drink it with a pinky out?

  79. Grapefruit LaCroix mixes nicely with Tanqueray Rangpur.

  80. The pinky is the only thing out. Of your mom.

  81. *snort* I expect better Mom jokes, Chi. Come on now. Do better.

  82. Meetup is a week away. YAY!

  83. Meetup is a week away. YAY!

    Hell yes.

  84. The thing about “your mom” jokes is that they’re all old and over-used. Like your mom.

  85. tf is she even trying to say there, car in?

    It was a stupid meme. I’ll try to find it.

  86. I saw the grapefruit one – haven’t tried it yet. I have some of that lime gin, perhaps I’ll try some lacroix.

  87. She posts a LOT and it was a few days ago, so this may take a bit of scrolling.

  88. Here – it was this but in Meme form – another rabid lefty posted it. It’s making the round:

    “From a friend’s post this morning regarding Trump’s POW lies the other day. Made me laugh…it was a sad laugh, but….

    “If you’re the parent of a Korean War veteran, please contact me, or at least send me a note explaining your “fountain of youth”. See I’m 63, and my father was a Korean War Veteran. If his father was alive he’d be about 110. So I figure if you’re still aware and active enough to a) remember that your son died in a war that ended 65 years ago and, b) find a way to get the ear of POTUS, then you must be in extraordinary condition for a 110 year old. What’s your secret?”

    I can’t honestly find it where Trump said he talked to parents … but I assume me slipped up and said parents instead of “your parent”, etc. @@. they are unhinged.

  89. Nice. So we’re going to quibble about the age and relationships to people who died in a war, and still aren’t here?

    They really do hate him.

  90. Unhinged. As I said, the difference between BDS and this TDS, is that Trump derangement appears to be degenerative.

  91. The same day you mentioned that hard seltzer Paula came home and was talking about seeing it in the grocery store. She didn’t pull the trigger though. My job tomorrow when we head to camp is stopping by the store to get a few groceries for the weekend. I’ll buy a 6 or 12 pack of them on the way too.

  92. seltzer water. french surrender monkeys all!

  93. If we get nothing else besides the bodies of the POW’s then it was worth it.

  94. I like Pompeo…a lot. I hope he’s not a stab you in the back kind of guy like McCain. But it would be hard to be that bad so I’m optimistic.

  95. Comment by shreddedchi on June 15, 2018 1:28 pm
    The thing about “your mom” jokes is that they’re all old and over-used. Like your mom.


    That made me lol.

  96. I always thought we were on the cutting edge of mom jokes, here at the H2.

  97. WGAF about who Trump talked to and who he didn’t? If we send soldiers into war we get their bodies back (if possible).

    Eff your mom and the stupid left who don’t understand shit about anything.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  98. Ammo…get ammo

    Twenty fucking years….same gawdamn question.


    Troy’s outrage is justified and hilarious.

  99. They went and spread rock while I was at work this morning. Apparently there was a lot of bitching by the oldest boy ALL DAY LONG. They made progress and she sent me a picture but it’s hard to see because of the angle it was taken at.

  100. BBF-ish content.

  101. Jimbro, did the oldest graduate?

  102. Okay, I don’t expect shit to be done about the IG report, EXCEPT firing the lame ass FBI “agents” who were actively working against Trump.

  103. I hear that the IG report proves once and for all that it’s proof that the GOP has undermined Hillary’s campaign.

  104. No such luck Mare. He’s taking online classes in the fall under the supervision of the resource room guy. Easier than doing it over the summer with Paula needing to ride his ass to get anything done. He’s got a neuropsych visit coming up soon and hopefully he’ll qualify for some adult services since there’s no way he’s ready to fly on his own regardless of what he believes. His court date was moved to mid July so he keeps his license for now. After that the state DMV will revoke it for up to a year.

  105. Same thoughts about the IG report. Hillary and Obama will never feel any heat from anything regardless of anything they did.

  106. Did your flood recede Jay? I’d like to see a picture of the same flooded street today, minus the water.

  107. When I get home, I’ll take a pic.

  108. The invention of the word Boob

  109. Beasnette is going to Ireland this coming week. What should she get me?

  110. Where in Ireland? Ask for some blood pudding

  111. Pepe, this chick is not chubby. Just her boobalas.

  112. ACK, no blood pudding.

  113. A leprechaun and his pot o’ gold?

  114. On one of my Ireland trips I was tasked with bringing back a bunch of frozen meat. On the way to the airport my aunt Betty stopped by the butcher’s shop and picked up the goods. They were stashed in my suitcase wrapped in newspapers as was the custom at the time. When I landed at Logan I had to deny bringing back anything. My suitcase had watermarks on it from the thawing meat.

    International Sausage Smuggler

  115. Jimbro, she’s gonna see Galway, Killarney, Kilkenny, and Dublin.


    My daughter is rubbing it in our faces that where she is going to be will in the 60s and 70s.

  117. I just watched that twitter video linky lauraw poated. OMG how cute is that good boy!!

  118. Those are all wonderful places. When we went with my dad he drove us around to a lot of those places but I was too young to appreciate them all. We went to a big Boy Scout Jamboree and I got to meet my Dublin cousins who were all about the same age. In my later trips I mostly visited family in Dublin, Cork and Kinsale. I’d go with my Uncle Mike to different job sites where he was doing HVAC jobs. That man had the gift of gab. My cousin Brian took me around to rural pubs at night with his buddies who had accents so thick I could barely understand half of what they were saying. When you consider that every other word coming out of their mouths was some variation on the word “fuck” you can guess what I understood. My last trip was in ’93 and an awful lot has changed for Ireland since joining the EU.


    Primer for Beasnette

  120. Took Boy1 to work, stopped for BBQ, took the Wonder Dog out for a frisbee session and now I am responsibility-less for 48 hours. My life is awesome and I think I’ll take a nap.

  121. Yeah I don’t think she’ll be speaking the Irish. She’ll let others do the talking more like.


  123. Flooded

    Not Flooded

    Maybe 24 hours difference? Downstream the river is REALLY full today.

  124. Jeez, that’s a crappy picture. Meh, the other one is just as bad.


    Anyway, I think that’s the branch that’s in both pictures.

  125. Update on FIL…he’s still hanging in there but he has gotten extremely ‘confused’ the past few weeks. For the longest time, he was mostly sleeping and cranky and didn’t talk very much. About 2 weeks ago, he’d get one of the aides to call Mr. B. at work or home a couple of times a day. Then he gets very agitated and angry, “You should call me when you say you’re going to call me.”….even though Mr. B. or I tell him that he will call or come see him AFTER work. Then he’s upset because his right knee doesn’t work. (Both legs have zero strength. The home needs to use the harness and several people to get him out of bed.) I had to calm him down telling him that his knee is very old and can’t work anymore…and that’s why he shouldn’t try to get out of bed….”Oh, that’s what they tell me is wrong with it.”

    Yesterday he was very talkative and lucid.
    Today, he was trying to get out of bed when Mr. B and beasnette went to see him. He was nearly in tears telling them to LISTEN TO HIM. In his mind, he won six million dollars 2 years ago and wanted to know if beasnette got the envelope….she has to look in the envelope!!! He was going to keep $2M and give each grandkid $1M each. Then he wanted to know if beasnette was happy that she didn’t have to worry (about bills) anymore. “Yes grandpa. It is a good feeling not to have to worry anymore. Thank you and I left the envelope at home.”

    That seemed to satisfy him. Mr. B. warned the Home to keep an eye on him after they left because he was a flight risk. (They found him on the floor twice, in the past two weeks.)

  126. There is a theme in his dementia. (Up until last summer, he was still very interested in the stock market and making money from his investments.)

    Last week, while eating ice cream, he was looking for the hidden diamond. Another day he told the aides they were going to be on a money show where they’ll win a million bucks for wiping his butt. And then was very upset that Beasnette was there visiting him and not on the money show.

  127. When I get more demented, just give me a coloring book, some stuffed sheep, and pictures of piggies, I’ll be good.

  128. BUT DON’T FEED ME THE DAIRIES or I’ll shit myself times six.

  129. I like that you said “more demented”. Shows a lot of self awareness.

  130. Beasn, my Buckeye grandfather and Dan’s MO Grammy, both reverted to obsessing about their farms. Who’s watching the cows? Taking care of the crops. Etc. Dan’s mom didn’t understand why we wouldn’t take her home. Last few years she called Dan by my FILs name.

  131. Greetings, assorted desperadoes and vagabonds.

  132. Howdy, Sean!

  133. Have any of y’all ever heard about the World Famous Midnight Sun baseball game?

  134. My mom had Last Rites today. She’s prepping for next week. Aortic Stenosis. On Tuesday, we find out if her arm/shoulder veins are big enough to get the new valve in. Groin not an option. Not a candidate for open heart. Found out that her synthetic skin was Bovine from Boston. For some reason I find that funny.

  135. No interest in Midnight sun baseball games. Sun about beat my arse today and I was only out for a half hour fertilizing my flowers. Squoze me like a wet rag it was frackin Africa hot.

  136. Just watched something on PBS about brain plasticity and older folks.

    Bottom line…use it or lose it. Challenge yourself with new experiences and games and skills.

  137. Best of luck to your mom, Oso.

  138. We had a Picasso pass through here yesterday.

  139. Thanks, Lauraw. The cardiologist only had access to her last 2 years and not her VA records. He was ” How many lives do you have?”. My mom “Hopefully at least one more”. Very attractive guy with a Portuguese name.

  140. A wiener dog Picasso?

  141. I hope things go well for your mom, oso. I know you have a complicated relationship, but I’m sure you want what’s best for her.

  142. No, a piece of crap Picasso. Still worth a lot of money. That guy sold poop on a canvas in his later years.

  143. Sean, thanks. The Revenge movie OSO is all about letting go. The Oso that gets guilted into being a decent person is trying to be a good daughter in spite of history.

  144. Lauraw, I have the book about Picasso and his dachshund! Pretty much everything was a cash grab of crap!

  145. The fact that the latter oso is the one we’re seeing right now is a good thing. Revenge Movie oso would have to deal with some shit later on that’s hard on her soul.

  146. I really want to be Revenge movie OSO. Dan is prepping me to be best Oso possible. He’s really concerned about me. Making me call my mom and keep her in the loop. Dan doesn’t care about my siblings. We’ve been there done that.

  147. When I was a little (latch key) girl some neighbors used to let me in for tea and cookies just about everyday. I was actually locked out a lot. ANyway, they were an older couple, friends of my parents. The man (Ziggy) died about … oh … 15 years ago. His wife is still alive. they were very nice people and as I said would give me tea and cookies and Ziggy would give me puzzles to solve. It was a great time.

    I forget where I was going with this …

    OH RIGHT, anyway, they collected art and had a Picasso. Right there in their (modern townhouse) Detroit home.

  148. My grandparents lived next to a woman who was the widow of a minor known artist. She gave me a painting kit one year and helped me paint a picture and hung the result on her wall next to the Picasso.

  149. {{{hugs}}} Oso 💕

  150. Follow the first lady’s advice… Be Best Oso.

  151. Let everyone debate the true reality,
    I’d rather see the derp the way it used to be
    A little bit of freedom, all we’re left
    So catch me if you can
    I’m goin’ back

  152. Alex, Carin and I’ll include myself had some really good non-relative people in their lives. Great example to shoot for.

  153. Sean, I my daughter had been in town so I hadn’t been around much, how are things with your lady love?

  154. It’s actually raining here for the first time in months. We really needed it it. Hopefully it will be a good year.


  156. We could actually use some rain here. It would be a solid excuse to not go outside and do yardwork all day.

  157. Time to pick the strawberries again.

    MIL is coming over this morning for a goodie bag, I’m gonna drop some nice produce on her. Butterhead lettuce, oakleaf lettuce, strawbs, sugarsnaps.

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Until Monday, when we’re supposed to get a scorcher of a day.

  158. I want fresh produce from a garden-loving (but not in a sexual way) individual. Nothing tastes better.

  159. The short time I lived in Michigan my neighbor would gift us produce, especially tomatoes. Tasted like candy.

    Side note, this neighbor was a foster parent so obviously a good, generous, helpful kind of person, however, going into her home (exterior nice) I almost gagged from the lack of cleanliness. I mean actual sticky floors, huge stains on carpets, horrible dog smell, dishes piled up with food, general filth everywhere. Couldn’t figure out how the state (when doing home checks) didn’t say, “Hey, you at least need to make the cleanliness standard for rest stop bathrooms.”

    Did any of your growing up hear your parents/grandparents saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”? Just curious.

  160. Where has that douche, Hotspur been?

  161. !!!

  162. wakey w

  163. Anna Nystrom could be a BBF model, pretty sure she has fakies but fakies beat FUPA’s any day of the week.

  164. Kevin Cokley, a professor of educational psychology and African diaspora studies at the University of Texas at Austin.


  166. not recommending you read that pos –

    just never heard of diaspora studies

  167. hotspot went on a 3 hour tour

  168. Before/After Flood pics from J’Ames @ 7:01PM … very interesting

    Good reason to build on posts in the neighborhood

  169. he’s trying to get lucky with ginger and mary ann and gilligan even as we speak

  170. I’ve been thinking the same thing Jam. Hotspur is probably spending more time in his hole on the water.

  171. j’bro – what’s the tick count like in the north country?
    i’m hearing we have a banner year started here.
    friends went on a little trail hike 2 days ago and came home with 15 ticks on 3 ppl and 2 dogs….

  172. i find ticks repulsive

  173. one of the few things in life that make me revert back to the days when i was a little girl

  174. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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