Thursday In A Hurry

Everyone but me has an excuse why they can’t be at camp to supervise the load of crushed rock we’re getting. When we bought the camp several years ago the driveway was covered with crushed rock. Some idiot tried to help by plowing the driveway of snow in the winter when we weren’t there. Most of the rock ended up on the lawn and dirt road. When it rains the driveway is a morass.






How about you? What are you doing today?




  1. Worst post ever

  2. It’s pretty awful.

  3. yer gunna halve to try harder if you want worst

  4. Watched a chicken butchering video (highly edited so as not to get their channel demonetized) and the triggered vegans and vegetarians in the comments are hilarious and sad.

    Dude, they’re chickens. Only moderately smarter than cockroaches, and they only lived so that this family could eat them. No, they couldn’t have gotten the same or better nutrition by eating the same grass and feed the chickens got. Head. Ass. Some extraction required.

  5. We had a bar in Ypsilanti that had a sausage-centered menu:

    “The Wurst Bar”

    The rattlesnake chorizo was really good.

  6. and last but not least your award:

  7. I also determined last night that I have WAY too much lawn right now. I have to fill the gas tank in the mower twice to get it done. I might try building a chicken tractor and doing a dozen meat birds this year as

    1) a trial run to test the land, tractor, and predator presence
    2) a way to mow about 1600 fewer square feet

  8. “rattlesnake chorizo”
    that actually sounds interesting
    there is plenty of room for good marketing humor

  9. Some former character on Lapeer Creek have fallen … floppy hair and (I can’t remember the other one’s nickname) have taking up with a pair of sisters- who I happen to know. The one is 14. I’m completely grossed out. Dumb as a box of rocks too. The moms is pretty white trash and buys the sisters (her daughters) alcohol.

  10. growing slaughtering and butchering were natural course events; i’m not sure i’d want to deal with that anymore, but chickens; no problem. like you said they are tres stupid and easy to deal with. If i had more room here in the village i’d raise a few for sunday dinners.
    raising them out at my other property would only feed the coyotes

  11. up

  12. sounds like that mom is hoping to become a grandma in the near term

  13. coyotes are natures ms13 –
    they’re ruthless killers that add nothing to the milieu

  14. I want to be a grandma too, but not like that. Yuck. The one girl used to work with us, and I waited on her and her family one night.

    Whoa boy.

  15. Fox keeps showing a video of Cory Booker blathering about something, and it looks like a giant word “POOP” behind him.

  16. *wonders what time j’bro is getting stoned*

  17. growing slaughtering and butchering were natural course events

    That’s what really gets me. Not one of these people whining is more than 3, maybe 4 generations from ancestors that wouldn’t blink an eye at harvesting meat, and here their descendants sit mewling and crying with this sappy, overweening sentimentality over birds being slaughtered humanely after a (admittedly short) lifetime outdoors.

    These people have no rightful place in civilization. No right to the incredible inheritance they’ve been given. They’d never have managed to build it, and they harshly judge those who did.

  18. But the rest of the world eats less meat than we do, leon!

    (and is 6 inches shorter. Suck it, rest of the world)

  19. which poat are we inhabiting?

  20. I’m not sure anymore.

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