Thorsday Substitute Poat

Since Jimbro is off in the mountains receiving a heavy load from some shady contractor, I’ve agreed to put up a poat.  The old one was smelling worse than your mom after Fleet Week.  We haven’t had a rip-roaring, honest-to-God hurt feelings fight on this blog in far too long, so let’s talk about music.

So, I’m about two weeks out from leaving my job, and by the time you read this I will hopefully have an offer for a new job outside of California.  Even if I don’t, I’m still leaving this state.  And that means one thing… ROADTRIP!  For the past nine months I’ve driven 45-75 minutes each way up to Santa Barbara each day for work.  Obviously, spending that much time on the road means listening to the radio a lot.  Thank the gods for Pandora, and Youtube on my phone.  So I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favorite songs to listen to while driving.  I decided to limit it to ten songs, about what I used to burn on a CD before a long road-trip.  Obviously there are others, but if I had to pick ten to listen to for a couple of hours in parts of the country where the only radio stations are messican polka and the baptist station... the mixture below would be my top choice. Yeah, some of them are covers, but they’re better than the originals for keeping me awake and focused while on the road.

American Girl – Tom Petty

Boots of Spanish Leather – Mandolin Orange

The Road Goes On Forever – Joe Ely

Ain’t That a Kick in the Head – Dean Martin

Mi Confesion – Gotan Project

Wang Dang Sweet Poontang – Ted Nugent

Shake That – Eminem

If I were the man you wanted – Lyle Lovett

1952 Vincent Black Lightning – Sean Rowe

Wicked Twisted Road – Reckless Kelly

You may now commence telling me how my music selection sucks.  What would be your top 10 songs for a long road trip?




  1. Wow, that’s quite the varied collection.

  2. Which poat are we inhabiting?

  3. But the rest of the world eats less meat than we do, leon!

    (and is 6 inches shorter. Suck it, rest of the world)

    Just think how short I’d be if I’d been raised vegan.

  4. This one is moar better.

  5. On a long road trip – I tend to listen to whole albums, but I’ve made playlists for long runs – here are what some of my playlists look like (first 10):

    Reach for the Sky – SOcial D
    Hey man, Nice shot – Filter
    Re-Align – Godsmack
    Flagpole Sitta – Harvey Danger
    Suburban War – Arcade Fire
    Bodies – Drowning Pool
    Nice to Know you – Incubus
    Silver, blue and Gold – Bad company
    Pheli War – Billy Japai
    Chemtrails – Beck

  6. Rope – Foo fighters
    Slow Hands – Interpol
    Raise your Weapon – deadmau5
    Change – Deftones
    Choking Game – Chevelle
    Always Malaise- Interpol
    Dig – Incubus
    I think I’m in love – Beck
    Sugarcoat – Breaking Ben
    Joyride – Chevelle
    Idiot Box – incubus
    The meddler – chevelle

  7. Damn. That’s two good mix tapes.

  8. Silver Blue and Gold is one of my all time favs.

  9. I am the tallest in my family, by a half inch. Almost all the nephews have caught me.

  10. These list suck. Not a one of em has a song that has to do with momma, pickup trucks, prison or trains.

  11. This post rocks

  12. I love Richard Thompson’s version. His singing that song almost brings tears to the eye.

  13. I love Richard Thompson’s version. His singing that song almost brings tears to the eye.

    There are three versions that I listen to: Thompson’s, Rowe’s, and a version by a group called Red Molly. All three are completely different songs.

  14. Not Paul Rodgers? Sacrilege!

    *looks for the Thompson version

  15. wait, what song are we talking about?

  16. These list suck. Not a one of em has a song that has to do with momma, pickup trucks, prison or trains.

    Well, I never claimed it was the perfect country and western song list.

  17. Comment by Jay in Ames on June 14, 2018 9:47 am
    wait, what song are we talking about?

    I assumed Car in was talking about 1952 Vincent Black Lightning.

  18. I’ll just be over here. Let me know if you need me.

  19. J’ames, be a dear and go grab me a cup of coffee.

  20. I’ll be with Jay.

  21. I got nothing. I don’t listen to music while I exercise.

  22. HS and I are hogging the coffee.

  23. I listen to music while I do just about anything. Not finance, though. I needed to concentrate for that shit.

  24. Now I’ve got the chorus to “You dont have to call me darlin” running through me tiny brain housing group…….thats what IU get for being a smurtarse

  25. Exercise is when I listen to the top hits of today!

  26. Comment by Car in on June 14, 2018 10:00 am
    I listen to music while I do just about anything. Not finance, though. I needed to concentrate for that shit.

    Finance is easy. It’s just the time-value of money and the expected value of an asset at time t.

  27. I’m sure finance is “easy” if you’re not an english major, 30 years out of any formal schooling, trying to learn something completely alien to your skill set in the span of 10 days.

  28. Just saw this in the other poat.

    Comment by Car in on June 14, 2018 7:59 am
    Some former character on Lapeer Creek have fallen … floppy hair and (I can’t remember the other one’s nickname) have taking up with a pair of sisters- who I happen to know. The one is 14. I’m completely grossed out. Dumb as a box of rocks too. The moms is pretty white trash and buys the sisters (her daughters) alcohol.

    Haha. I remember in El Paso one of my NCOs took me to a local shit-hole bar with a mom and daughter who were regular fixtures. He was very adamant that I should avoid the two of them like the plague.

    Floppy hair is going to end up knocking some girl up, or worse.

  29. For Leon

  30. Fifteen minutes until I’m supposed to get a call from the Ohio job.

  31. Good luck, CoAlex.

  32. What’s kinda sad is that Floppy Hair’s dad abandoned him – and he apparently has “issues” about it, and it really sort of looks like that he’s destined to repeat the pattern. Whatever. Erin had told me that she was “over” him, but I lacked the details that lead to her view. When he tried to woo her back a few months back, I was worried. I really believe she toyed with the idea, but then as she started finding out how he’d been behaving since they’d been apart, she said “no thank you”.

    The guy she’s dating now is NOTHING like him. At all.

  33. fingers crossed

  34. They offered me a job. The pay is right on the edge of where I’d consider taking it, so I don’t know…

  35. counter offer!

  36. What’s kinda sad is that Floppy Hair’s dad abandoned him – and he apparently has “issues” about it, and it really sort of looks like that he’s destined to repeat the pattern.

    It sounds like he needs a couple of years in the Army or Marines.

  37. Yeah, I’m going to counter-offer, but I need to figure out for how much.

  38. His partner in crime (the one dating – cough cough – the 14 y/o) supposedly joined the marines. Erin (who does like this boy as a friend) says she doesn’t think he’s going to make it through basic.

  39. Important poat update.

  40. They advertised the job at 53k, but just offered 58k. The average salary for the job around there seems to run between 60-80k, but jobs in DC run about 90-100k, which when cost of living is factored in, is only about 55-60k in Columbus.

  41. Best response to the above tweet?

  42. Don’t they usually start low, but bump the salary when you prove not to be a complete fuckup?

  43. Nice update.

    Tesla is doing “level 3” autonomy, which Ford – to their credit – immediately realized was an absolutely terrible thing to put on the market. They wanted level 4 or 5, with feedback to level 2 tech (driver assistance and attention monitoring) for non-autonomous cars.

    It’s almost like people who’ve been building cars for 100+ years know something about (1) making cars and (2) how humans drive cars. Tesla consistently shows that they have no real intellectual capital invested in either. Musk’s rent-seeking scam needs to die.

  44. Musk is smart, just not as experienced.

  45. Don’t they usually start low, but bump the salary when you prove not to be a complete fuckup?

    That could be part of the counter offer strategy. “I want a review in 6 months and a salary bump of X% if I’ve proven myself”.

  46. Great, it’s flooding in Ames, and not even raining in DSM.

  47. My basement is screwed. I just know it.

  48. over 5 inches of rain this morning

  49. Your music selection doesn’t completely suck, CoAlex. Just 70% or so.
    If it makes you feel any better Car in’s taste in music completely sucks.

  50. I shall eat Italian citizens? It got that from Olive Garden commercials? Wow!

  51. Maybe “Let’s eat Italian” is what it means 😉

  52. Two words: Monica Bellucci

  53. 1 block from my house

    That’s a 4 lane road, viewed from where I walk the dog. There’s a sidewalk just beyond the grass, then a median, a curb, and 4 lanes.

  54. Looks like you need to import some drainage, Jay. Amazes me that here in flat Indiana they totally rip up stretches of street and rebuild with the same drainage problems as before the rebuild! It’s like Purdue doesn’t have any Civil Engineers or something!

  55. Comment by shreddedchi on June 14, 2018 12:03 pm
    Two words: Monica Bellucci

    My dream is to go on Jeopardy! and have the answer be, “This is Mexico’s most popular export” just so I can answer, “Who is Selma Hayek?”

  56. Batten Down the hatches! Stage the damage control teams! AH OOG AH……AH OOG AH. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

    Seriously Jay, I hope that doesn’t impact your home.

    On another note it appears the NY Commie Progs have attacked Trumps “Foundation” suing it in civil court for conduct described as “criminal”…..well if it was criminal, then why is it being addressed in civil court? Oh and you know who else had a foundation we can talk about?

    Fox is running a story saying Sessions threatening firings based on the IG report. The deep state is about to shit its pants.

  57. Hah, ISU is an engineering school, too!

  58. My house won’t be affected, but the sump pump drains into the storm sewer system, and that is overwhelmed right now. It’s been a problem in the past, too, with really heavy rain. And some rain gauges are over 8 inches right now.

  59. That looks exactly like my street any time we get a good fat rainstorm, nor’easter or hurricane. I have a picture of the water touching my front porch – 110ft from the curb.
    It’s not uncommon to see the neighbor kids paddling down the street in canoes & kayaks when it happens.

    Heck, a few years back, they couldn’t close the floodgates (lack of testing/maintenance) and the downtown tunnel flooded. What a mess! It took them weeks to pump it out.
    I’m surprised the weight didn’t collapse the old thing.

  60. Im with you CoAlex…Selma might be bat shit crazy latin commie prog….but she remains in my top three……

  61. She just needs the commie spanked out of her.

  62. Now that’s a plan I can get “behind”!

  63. OMG – solid you see the pics of Salma when she was preggers? Looked like those sweater kittens were fighting to get out.
    Stacked doesn’t go far enough to describe it. BBF probably couldn’t handle that kind of action.

  64. Chi is correct.

  65. Hopefully this posts as a link and doesn’t embed:

  66. Cant say Im real down with pregger titties….

  67. But , regular big ole titties…..I good with.

  68. They really aren’t any fun when they’re full, guys.

  69. And they come with that enlarged belly…..which I DO NOT find attractive in any way, shape, or form.

  70. Titty blog?

  71. And they come with that enlarged belly…..which I DO NOT find attractive in any way, shape, or form.

    It really isn’t. Even when it’s your wife and your kid. Obstetric recommendation is to continue intercourse gently throughout pregnancy, and that gets tough after the second trimester gets going.

  72. [i]]Titty blog?[/i]

    Man cannot live on food, gardening and poop alone.

  73. 🐶 style

  74. PG is a solutions guy.

  75. And crossfitcult – let’s not forget that one.


  77. “She just needs the commie spanked out of her.”

  78. We have a load of crushed rock the size of an old Volkswagen Bug at the end of our driveway at camp. I stopped on the way home and bought 2 more steel rakes. I don’t want to deprive the boys with a functional tool in case one of our existing ones breaks. They’re very thankful. I’m sure the kid who is up for a visit will regret coming to visit this weekend.

  79. *waits for functional tool jokes*

  80. Heh, I’ll BET they are “thankful”.

  81. Not as thankful as they would be with a bung hammer

  82. Thanks jimbro, you just got me fired.

    Ok, the web filter caught it. But same thing.

  83. Not a bung hole! If you’re still employed it’s a Minor League team name change for the West Michigan Whitecaps

  84. Your mom jokes in 3…2… 1…

  85. “Thanks jimbro, you just got me fired.”

    Fuck them James! You dont need that shit! You’re a free and grown man! And by god if you want to look at bunghammers, its yer god given right to do so anywhere you are! Fucking Facists.

    *Im working on my infiltration persona

  86. Never open H2/HQ links at work! (Or, frankly, ever…)

  87. “Never open H2/HQ links at work! (Or, frankly, ever…)”

    hey motherfucker!!!!!! my links contain nothing but the absolute bestest content!!!!

    so there!

    *waits patiently for j’ames to get fired for teh clicky clicky

  88. *passes tin can around for jays’ unemployment fund*

  89. *drops pennies in tin can and takes all the quarters out*

  90. My ten song road trip tape would have to have about fifty or sixty songs. Sometimes I’m in the mood for Ozzy and sometimes I’m in the mood for Hank Jr.

  91. not one mention of “radar love” or anything by Boston. It’s like you people have never even taken a road trip before.

  92. My list ended up more like ten albums for a road trip. Most of those were live.

  93. Early ZZ Top, anything by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Jackson’s entire catalog, everything Steely Dan (especially Gaucho), and Govt Mule’s “The Deepest End” – that could get me across the country without a doubt.

    (Is any of that post 1990? I suddenly feel old)

  94. Chi, Troy, that’s why I limited it to ten songs: you have to think hard about what you want.

  95. Screw your rules!! I’m taking 5 cassette tapes with me!

    How did the Ohio thing go?

  96. Thanks, Jimbro and Alex, for posting today. Congratulations on the offer from OH, there are much worse places to have to move.


  97. Gratitude killed it.

    BAD DOG.

  98. Beaver Fever

  99. On road trips I like listening to AM radio. You never know what you’re going to hear or how long you’ll be able to carry the signal with you.

  100. You know who’s basement is always wet?

  101. Mine’s only a little wet, which is better than I expected, after seeing those pictures.

  102. Watching Arachnophobia, halfway through, Penelope says “This is Charlotte’s Web, isn’t it?” Me: yeah, a darker version.

  103. Heh, I still get the creeps watching that movie.

  104. Your Mom’s.

  105. Hasn’t rained here in months. The ground is getting powdery, like flour. Really bad.

  106. [i]You know who’s basement is always wet?[/i]

    Your mom’s?

    Yeah, AM radio was always a good listen when I used to commute to D.C. on a regular basis. That’s how I found Michael Savage and Art Bell. Crazy as all get out, but kept you awake. That and the CB. Those rednecks can be quite entertaining late at night.

  107. Why are my tags not working anymore?
    The brackets are correct, right? Or am I just stoopid?

  108. I don’t know what tags are.

  109. Use < , not [

    Unless you're at the Mothership, in which case it is the reverse.

  110. Like on a shirt?

  111. regular html tags here

  112. EXACTLY like a shirt, scott

    *cuts the deer with a knife

  113. testes one, testes two

  114. If you can count ‘testes three,’ make a doctor’s appointment

  115. Or just donate to Lance Armstrong, maybe?

  116. It depends where we’re going on our road trip. Las Vegas gets Dean and Frank. Florida gets John Anderson and Jimmy Buffet. Baseball road trips get baseball music.

  117. Pepe, we’re supposed to get some rain from Tropical Storm Bud. So far, nothing but Virga.

  118. If we’re going to Texas, Bob Wills, Waylon, and George. California gets The Beach Boys and Dwight Yocum. If we are driving through the Palms Desert it’s Joshua Tree. Disney trips get Disney music. Hawaii gets Hawaiian Music. Louisiana gets Cajun Music.

  119. Oso, that’s kinda fuckin complicated.

    You ever listened to the old Bob and Tom show’s version of Harry Carey interviews? They’re funnier than most of the shit out there.

  120. I haven’t. I’ll check it out. ❤️ Bob & Tom.

  121. Elvis gets to go pretty much everywhere.

  122. Dwight Yokum & the Chairman of the Board are standards. Always have them on deck. I hate my voice, but I’m told that I do a great “world on a string” – never heard it but have sang along with it 1000 times.

  123. Sing it!!!

  124. Even the derp goes down, heroes eventually die
    Horoscopes often lie, and sometimes “y”

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