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So Marezeedotes organized a swim  with a couple thousand of her closest  beach buds.


Note: Mostly safe for work? – but you may as well wait till you’re home…

Shoot first axe questions later:


Colex is gonna have to move:

New emoji:

Where’s J’Bro ?

This Day in History – 1987

Reagan challenges Gorbachev

This Day in Music:




  1. What, again?

  2. I love those hard Seltzer’s. I just found the above Claw brand yesterday, in fact. I chose the Ruby grapefruit variety. Just a hint of flavor.
    Yes, they go down a little too smoothly on a hot day.

  3. I saw that moose call story over the weekend. Skowhegan is a nice little former mill town with a lot of old brick buildings. If it was somewhere people wanted to live now someone could make a fortune rehabbing them into condos. As it is Skow-Town is barely hanging on mostly as a place on the way to the mountains where people ski.

  4. i think wiser made a cameo in the BBC report –

    can you guess which one he is?

  5. I had vivid dreams last night. That’s rare for me.

  6. It was probably my entrance into purgatory, since we all died when Net Neutrality ended yesterday.

  7. Only one of them was a ‘Vivid’ dream in that sense, and the weird thing was that it didn’t stop there. I was mentally present enough to think ‘crap, I just committed adultery, how the heck do I go to confession for that?” while I was doing other mundane things in the dream. It took a few minutes of being awake to recall that I hadn’t actually done it.

  8. Hot-n-Tot:
    is there a simple way to layout jack rafters where the hip and complementary faces are a different pitch?

  9. time to go to work

  10. later

  11. sounds like leon’s been wearing a nicotine patch to bed.

  12. The left is losing their shit today.

  13. AH, so its another day that ends in “Y” eh?

  14. It bcock a never trumper?

  15. On facedouche, many liberals seem to be in a holding pattern until they figure out what they need to say about Trump and the Norks.

    I can wait.

  16. Just re-watched this, which Scott brought to my attention many years back. Best music video ever:

  17. On facedouche, many liberals seem to be in a holding pattern until they figure out what they need to say about Trump and the Norks.

    Journolist newsletter is likely running late.

  18. 1st lib response to the summit on my timeline:

    It wasn’t as much a summit as it was a time-share scam. Kim should learn that a free round of golf isn’t worth five hours of powerpoint slides.

  19. Mango Mussolini hasn’t got a clue.

  20. Their silence, and inability to formulate a ‘this is why this is bad’ voxplainer by now is very telling and hilarious. Just sarcastic bitchy meangirl jabs. Hoo boy.

  21. Bcoch refused to vote for Trump during the election, but has been happy with a lot of what Trump has done as President.

  22. The only proper response to Trump’s photo op. *insert Where’s the Beef animated gif here*

    These libs are funneh today

  23. So the only people who know what was said between Trump and Kim is the two of them, their two translators, and whatever foreign intelligence services have Trump’s phone cracked.

  24. At this point, I think we can assume Vladamir Putin has minute by minute real time access.

  25. Bobby Three Sticks has remarkably good connections with foreign law enforcement.

    Did we sound like this? Probably. Still funny.

  26. The face you make…

  27. Chik Fil B

  28. Pancake King

  29. Anyone been to Democratic Underground or Daily Kos lately?

  30. He seems nice.

  31. Is Trump savvy enough to have planned this out?
    Today is the anniversary of Reagan’s “tear down this wall speech.”

  32. Yanny or Laurel?


  33. MJ likes to troll the DU and Kos sites IIRC

  34. Typical libs today

  35. Fuck the media for fawning over this

    Fuck the media for helping to install Trump to begin with

    This guy ate the wrong lawn mushrooms.

  36. Chi, I doubt that it’s a coincidence 😄

  37. Wow, my world is upside down, after reading Kos.

  38. You really think so, TiFW? I would think he’d be broadcasting that far and wide if it was true.

  39. This was planned long ago. Surely someone in his inner circle knew the significance of the date.
    I think he knew and he’s sitting back and waiting for others to make the comparisons.

  40. Comment by Jay in Ames on June 12, 2018 10:31 am
    The face you make…

    Once again the Trump curse haunts another arrogant asshole.

  41. WTF is he talking about?

    Erick Erickson
    ‏Verified account


    If Obama had had the last 24 hours that Trump has had, the GOP would be demanding his impeachment.

  42. Erickson has been playing with the snow globe again. Ignore him.

  43. He’s off his meds. Poor dear.

  44. I thought BDS was bad, but Trump derangement syndrome appears to be degenerative.

  45. WTF Erickson? I hope he isn’t still haunting my email. He’s deranged.

  46. A protester in Singapore would get caned.

    I’d raff.

  47. Whoa Fat looks to have stolen his summit wardrobe from Hillary’s closet.

  48. Anyone have a good source/story about what’s going on at the southern boarder. I have some lefty friends who are losing their shit about how we’re scaring the children. Pardon me if I don’t take the NYT’s word for it.

  49. I thought Hillary was taking a cue from the Norks regarding the pantsuit. They wore it first.

  50. A vulture boards a plane…

    Make sure laura sees this.

  51. Hillary was there, Car in!


    “And if all of this seems underwhelming, it’s not your imagination. It was possible the summit could lead to some kind of roadmap toward denuclearization, but it didn’t. It was possible Trump and Kim would nail down some steps toward verifiability, but they didn’t. It was possible the two leaders’ agreement would include inspection provisions, but it didn’t.

    It was possible North Korea would agree to some kind of detailed accounting of its arsenal, but it didn’t. It was possible the two countries could at least agree to define “denuclearization,” but they didn’t. It was possible they’d establish some kind of timetable for the near future, but they didn’t.”


  53. OMG, they haven’t destroyed their arsenal yet? It’s been over an hour. Trump is a failure!!

  54. That Glenn Campbell is well worth clicking.

  55. Whose turn is it to smack Jay around with a frozen mackerel until he cries blood out of his eyes?

    Oh, my turn AGAIN? Already?? Well, alrighty then. Never call me a shirker!

    *opens freezer*

  56. Interstellar Suite: Danish National Orchestra

    I loved the soundtrack to this movie.

  57. LOL

    That’s going to leave a mark.

  58. I see red…

  59. *jokes to a coworker about microdosing lsd and ritalin.*

    *wonders if that is actually a “thing”.

    Oh sweet reddit, you answer all my awkward questions…

  60. I’m worried. I don’t know if Heysus had the proper reaction to Erin having a bad day…

    He came over and brought gifts, but she seem a bit underwhelmed.

    (cliff hanger episode)

  61. What constitutes a bad day requiring the boyfriend to bring gifts?

  62. I like it, Heysus.

  63. There’s one gift that’s perfect for your girlfriend at any occasion.

    Step 1: Get a box…

  64. Too funny CoAlex…..

  65. Well, actually it was a bad day, but I am joking about his gift failure thing. I mean, he showed up with stuff, so that should be ok.

    BUt she’s going through a few rough things – hopefully most of it is behind us.

  66. HAHAHAHA!!
    Cut a hole in a box…

  67. Car in, what happened?

  68. She was upset that Leon failed to post MMM, and still doesn’t appear to have his shit together.

  69. https://is.gd/XXjqXp

  70. She was upset that Leon failed to post MMM, and still doesn’t appear to have his shit together.



    I didn’t think it would hit her this hard , but you never know.

    (She didn’t get to walk, and actually worked on grad day — people came there to eat). She’s taking an online course to finish this summer.

  71. Since I think most of high school grad stuff is hoopla anyway … we never made a big deal out of it with any of our kids- even the ones who graduated at the top of their class.

    You did well? Good. Now what can you do. That’s pretty much my view on it.

  72. Our graduations were pretty low key. I don’t think I went to my sister’s since she graduated from the public high school in town that was huge. Now that I think about it, I really don’t remember going to either one of my brothers’ ceremonies, HS or college.

  73. ACK, Olympic skier Bode Miller’s baby girl drowned in neighbor’s pool.

    Toddlers and pools. Always been my nightmare…. and it almost happened to mine.

  74. She was upset that Leon failed to post MMM, and still doesn’t appear to have his shit together.

    If only you know how thoroughly disorganized my shit really is.

  75. Car in, the blue check media has been posting about Trump/ICE separating families. Tweeted and retweets of pics of Border detainees in cages. Turns out the pics were from 2014.

  76. Beasn, I provide care for an older teen girl who was a near drowning at the age of 2. She’s mentally there but her body is ravaged by the effects of the prolonged hypoxia. Her family is super nice, old school Catholics with 6 kids. She’s fully grown now so not much for me to do bone wise these days. Her spine fusion was difficult to say the least but she needed it. I see her once a year for mostly a social visit.

  77. Evening people who aren’t coming to Connecticut.

  78. More clams for you.

  79. Extra turns on the zip line.

  80. Spent this afternoon at the hospital with mi familia. My mom has aortic stenosis. Dan saw my local familia at Savina’s graduation party. I hadn’t seen them in awhile. Savina’s artwork will be in NYC and D.C. She’s getting a scholarship to an art school in Chicago. Savina Romero at the Google to see her work. Her mom is my cousin. Dan’s dermatologist. Dan had more crap frozen off this AM. He had a mole removed 3 mos ago. Mole coming back.

  81. Zombie mole.

  82. Get a hammer, play “Whack-a-Mole”

  83. Put a little Windex on it.

  84. Ugh, it’s a horrible thing, Jimbro. I still get major anxiety when I think about it. And I was in the pool too…

    A year or two after the ‘incident’, a neighbor was out on a pontoon with her kids and a few friends (her husband was a pilot and was gone two weeks each month). She turned her back for a moment and her youngest child (about two years) went in. She didn’t see her go in but she realized ‘hey, where’s Natalie?’. Lake..brown water. Lucky for her, she saw some strands of her daughter’s hair on the surface a few feet from the boat and grabbed them. She was choking up water but she survived. (Don’t remember why she wasn’t wearing a vest and she beat herself up pretty good for it.) Thinking about the trajectory of her life after, that event sent her over the edge.

  85. Horrible. I can’t imagine. I worried about even those five gallon buckets around the house.

  86. And, remember, I had a chicken die in a water pitcher.

  87. Worst margarita ever.

  88. Lots of drowning stories. RL friends had a near incident in HI. Kona side. Old lady I worked with at T-14, lost two grandsons to backyard pool drowning. We used to play pool Russian Roulette. Jump the fence and swim until the cops show up.

  89. I almost croaked in a rip current when I was 17 or 18.

  90. Meteor game. Bcoch and Roamy justified with their crappy Braves BS. HANK AARON y’all.

  91. Scott, see Dan at big makena Maui. I was so afraid, I got in the ocean and started rip tide protocols. Fucking desert dweller.

  92. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Obama just want to meet with NoKo out of the blue? Whoa Fat was the one who initiated this meet.

    So why is there a big deal about what the GOP said about Obama meeting with NoKo with no conditions?

  93. Snowflake has made an appearance. He fully intends to marry erin so perhaps he’s not ok with Heysus hanging around her

  94. No salt on rim or nothing

  95. STFU j’ames! Totes different.

  96. My AUSA uncle was all talking politics with me today. My other Uncles weren’t keeping up. I’m not an attorney, but I read the HQ. I also follow real Catholic twitter. I consider myself more Conservative than Republican. My Uncle Simon was all in for Lujan-Grisham for Gov. She sponsored his granddaughters art at Congress. Google/Bing Savina Romero. I ososplained Benghazi and Benghazi hearings. Steve Pearce just got another vote for Gov.

  97. All of my moms surviving siblings are now diabetics except my Aunt Cecilia. All of her siblings believe she’s lying due to 40 years of fat shaming and clean living.

  98. Pup,

    Just FYI Leila Lowfire is a potential BBF model. She got a mention in the comments over at the HQ. She’s Ace approved.

  99. Potentially?
    Leila is definitely BBF worthy. Just trashy enough, but still quite fetching.
    Certainly Chi approved.

  100. I’m an engineer, I have a real hard time with absolutes when it come to opinion. I’m like an anti salesman, it’s why I am no longer allowed to write proposals 🙂

    However if I wasn’t really sure she would be a good BFF I wouldn’t have said anything. I agree with your assessment.

  101. I ososplained Benghazi and Benghazi hearings.

    Hand puppets? Interpretive dance?

  102. Goodness gracious.

    Thanks Thermador.

  103. She’s no Jennifer Love Hewitt, but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

  104. Ben Shapiro’s sister is cute as well.

  105. Leave some shards under the belly
    Lay some derp inside my hand
    It’s a sentimental jury
    And the makings of a good plan
    You’ve come to love me lightly
    Yeah you’ve come to hold me tight
    Is this motion ever lasting
    Or do shudders pass in the night?

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