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In the timeless words of carin – “Wanky Wanky

buff chick

not so buff chick

fat chick

skinny chick





even a chick with chicken pox

hopefully someone stomps this cage liner quick

Important Update:



  1. My buff was sitting on the eggs I got last week, but one of the cochins stole the nest.

  2. no tucking, other than that, spot on!

  3. I have to work on my bench press. It really sucks. My friend benched 155 the other day.

    I am NO WHERE close to that.

  4. Linda Richman nod while I write docs:

    Popular Science is neither popular, nor science. Discuss.

  5. Haha, hot dog lady is probably a video. I think that might be entertaining.

  6. Well, Popular Science IS a step up from People magazine. So there’s that.

  7. you’re pretty funny jam. you can stick around for a bit.


    The takedown of Vox is interesting, if a bit like picking on the slow kid in class, but the comments are just sad.

  9. Were there ever Gideons in Britain? We noticed that the hotel rooms didn’t have Bibles or the Book of Mormon. No Korans either, which was a relief.

    Lots of foreigners in the service industries there, kind of like Mexicans here.

  10. The article was … let’s just say I’m not ready for it this morning. But this comment was good:

    “Anyone who says “why should we look to experiments in the past to see how bridges, or engines, or cats, or potatoes, or mathematics, or whatever should behave in the future.” is a fantasist who should be kept away from things that matter.”

  11. I can’t help but read male SJW/feminist behaviors as a reproductive strategy.

    It’s truthy here. Smear (toxic) male behavior as a bad thing if you’re not very male in the hopes you get laid more.

    Which … you know … it hilarious.

  12. Well, Popular Science IS a step up from People magazine.

    People’s reporting may be more accurate.

  13. Ok, I guess I have to start doing stuff.

    Just yesterday was a rough day. I’ve been decompressing this morning. Plus it was chilly – which makes me hunker down. My to-do list is a mile long .

  14. The UK is about 30 years down the same glide path the US is on. Or maybe 15-20. It’s hard to tell sometimes.

  15. So we picked up a pile of auction goods that contains a lot of smalls. Scott has been trying to process small postal shipments through the USPS website. Their website is such a piece of shit. We’ve had two accounts with them in the past, and cancelled each time because the site is nearly unusable at times and gives wrong prices.

    Scott is so cranky this morning I can hardly even stand it. He entered all the information time after time only to be ‘Timed out’ by their piece of shit website, right on the last fucking page. We fired them again and we’re processing shipments through our merchant website, which is what we should have been doing all along.

    But Scott is so freakin’ cranky now. Holy shit.

  16. Remind him that Hillary still isn’t his president. Maybe that will cheer him up.

  17. Show him this. No one can be cranky after watching this:

  18. If that doesn’t work, I can take some pictures of Moose? Maybe I can get him to hold Oschi buy the tail?

  19. Re: Laura & the Popular Science article.
    A classic example of the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect.

  20. High School dropout Robert De Niro says Fuck Trump at the Tony Awards, and received a standing ovation.

  21. they have discovered sourdough at AOS. I wonder if they know you don’t need a kit, just leave flour and water stand out for days.

  22. Which prompted my comment about People. I assume gossip columnists actually know shit about gossiping.

    Science journalists are journalists who talk to scientists. Or don’t, if they can find a few semi-relevant articles and wikipedia entries and write a summary that they like.

  23. Ugh. I need to get my pathetic attempts at exercise back on track. I keep saying “I will swim” but, even with new swim gear…I just don’t want to deal with my fellow residents I guess.

    I hate being like this. Bloody hell.

  24. Getting started is always the hard part, BroCavil. Trying to establish good habits is really hard. Good luck.

  25. Just finished my interview with Ohio. They may have a decision by next week. They spent a lot of time asking me question about my military intelligence background, and I had to explain how it was all relevant to the job. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

  26. I hope you replied “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.”

  27. I like that. ^

  28. Everyone is making a big deal about the thumb imprint Macron left on Trump’s hand. Imagine if Macron left a white imprint on Obama’s ha…

    Oh … yeah … forgot

  29. Obama was too busy bowing.

  30. Picked up a hitchhiker…

  31. The Gummy Universe

  32. Comment by Jay in Ames on June 11, 2018 2:04 pm
    The Gummy Universe

    The Gummy Bears are secretly a furry version of Dune.

  33. We stopped at Wendy’s on the way back yesterday so Possum could get a meal. I marveled at the menu. McD’s has a bazillan things they do poorly, Wendy’s appears to have focused on their core competency: burgers with bacon, and potatoes cooked 2 different ways. The latter seems wiser to me. IHOP isn’t going after them, though, they’re taking a swipe at Boob Evans.

  34. STOP! Look closely!

  35. Had a nice chat with the Illinois Dept of Corrections Parole office this morning. Apparently they don’t condone drunken behavior on behalf of their paroles nor his associating with people doing same. My problem neighbors parole officer will be having a chat and possibly a home inspection with him very soon.

  36. I have a strong feeling that you’re not too worried about retaliation from this idiot, but watch your six just the same. You never know with that type.

  37. Justify: I just won the Triple Crown!

    Heh. That record still stands.

  38. STOP! Look closely!

    One of the hotels had cookies and tea for us. The cookies were shortbread with raisins and cranberries. Mr. RFH commented it was like someone had seen a picture of a chocolate chip cookie but didn’t know what actually went into it.

  39. Fool’s Chocolate cracks me up.

  40. I think the budding mafia kingpins down the street are thinking twice before coming down to TT’s home.

  41. I hear ya Chi, and thanks.

  42. Mare?

  43. Mare is a natural blonde?

  44. I completely agree with the restrictions they’re placing on narcotics in an effort to decrease the free access to opioids many addicts seem to enjoy. Some of the hoops they make us jump through are really retarded sir. As an example, I operated on a kid on Friday and he ended up staying overnight because of pain and spasm. It was a pretty big whack but it could have gone either way as far as post op pain. He went home the day after and I asked the family to call us today to give an update and see if they had enough pain meds. Turns out they were running low so we needed to get the name of their local pharmacy (they live 3 hours north). Got it, ordered the Rx which was liquid oxycodone for administration through a G-tube. After we left the office emailed my nurse to say that they didn’t have the liquid form and could we send it to a different pharmacy. Never mind that the process takes about 15 minutes to do on a good internet connection. My nurse (who I make do all these Rx’s because I don’t have the patience) lives in a rural area where they have crappy internet. She pushed back and said that it’s a pharmacy problem, not a prescribing problem. Somewhere in Maine they have the right drug in the right form … get it sent to your pharmacy FFS !!!

    To be continued I’m sure

  45. Oh, $20

  46. Oh hey Dr. Jimbro, what’s the RX for a torn meniscuscowitz? Mrs. Pupster is stubborn with a high pain threshold, but I’m pretty sure she has one in her knee.

  47. I’m going to have to have a come to jesus talk with Erin really soon. I’m probably going to need back up.

    Who’s up for it?

  48. Surgery, Pupster. It sucks, but the healing time isn’t too bad.

  49. That sounds like a fancy Jewish wine.

  50. Depends what type of tear. If it’s something that needs a repair the recovery is longer just because you have to wait for it to heal before you get too active. Partial menisectomy isn’t too bad of a recovery.

    MRI first then find a scope jockey to give you options of repair, remove or PT/wait-and-see.

  51. Paula can back you up Carin. She doles out Come To Jesus talks at least weekly for our older kid so she’s in fine form. You may have to prep her on the No Backhands-To-A-Girl’s-Face Rule in advance.

  52. From my VERY long experience with this …. lol

    I know folks who live with a tear and just decide not to repair – it’s all about what kind it is.If it’s a huge flap that folds over, they’re going to need to snip snip.

    Ethan had holes in his, and the issue is that you basically can’t put pressure on your leg (because the tissue is so thin) until it’s all healed up (6 weeks for him). But you actually feel fine pretty quickly. You just need crutches to keep the weight off of it.

  53. Cool. Tell Paula I need her. No slapping will be required, I don’t think . She’s just a bit in la-la land right now.

  54. Bring her to the Strawberry Festival in Belleville next week. I know some fine, upstanding women who can Put Her Some Knowledge.

  55. Orthobullets is a useful site when you have a quick question during clinic. The other one is Wheeless but it sucked on an overview of meniscal tears and got into specifics too quick.

  56. I’m going to have to have a come to jesus talk with Erin really soon. I’m probably going to need back up.

    Who’s up for it?

    Wait, I’m a little behind on Lapeer Creek. Is jesus the Mexican fella?

  57. Sean wins.

  58. Marry her off to the messican boy. You get her out of the house and boom, discount lawn renovations.

  59. Sean wins.

    Sweet! You’re all invited to the medal ceremony!

  60. …aaand the nickname contest is over.

  61. When we’re on YOUR boat, we’ll do it YOUR way.

  62. Yeah. We all wish we came up with that comment first.
    Well played, sir.

  63. Oh, hi Oso.

  64. I encountered someone named Holiday Dapper today.

    Surprise. It lives in California.

  65. Jesus doesn’t seem very religious.

  66. That would be a good name for Hotspur’s boat.

  67. My life insurance agent’s administrative assistant’s name is Fannie Fan. I have emails.

  68. Jesus doesn’t seem very religious.


  69. But you gotta pronounce “Hey Zeus” not gee sus

  70. I had a boss who’s name was Bainsbridge Fravel. Called him Bains or Sir. Anything else and he’d kick the shit outta me. Cool motherfucker, de wimmens would throw themselves at him He was so goodlooking even another guy would go “damn, I bet you get alot of ass”. And he did…

  71. If he’s about 80 now, there is no s.

  72. Woo hoo!

    The thumb I tried to amputate on Saturday has stopped throbbing.

  73. Dammit. TTroy stole my thunder.
    I was going to say to name him Zeus, so every time you see hime, you can say “hey Zeus.”

  74. Pupster, torn meniscus is what I had last year. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get it looked at. I felt better immediately after the surgery. Crutches for a week? Done with PT in 6 weeks.

  75. Hose-B.

  76. Thanks Rocket Chick, CARin and Jimbro. I’m going to bug her to make an appointment.

  77. Beanses is kind of…stacked.

    Dawww, did you notice the little boogers jumping over the lava between the two rugs? My boy piggies hated any flooring they may slide around on. The girls didn’t care…they were quite curious and went everywhere around the house.

    Those carrots are too big though. A third of those is a good enough portion.

  78. Howdy, Pups!!! Why no fear of Oso attack?

  79. Big Beasnes Friday

  80. Loco is more scary than Oso, no?


    …..and he’s right….*cries into my bag of chips*

  82. Pretty much. Crazy is crazy, but don’t poke the bear!!!

  83. Love the piggehs!!!

  84. jeez, Car in is bullying pregnant women on FB. They just want to be fit!

  85. Fit is pathetic. CrossFit or GTFO.

  86. I love Ginger Snaps.

  87. Ginger Snaps sounds like a porn star in the Barely Legal series of videos.

  88. Those thin spicy gingersnaps + sharp cheddar cheese = crazy delixxxious

  89. We! Cheese on ginger snaps? That sounds gross.
    Meh. I wouldn’t invent peanut butter on cheese crackers either, but those are darned good in a pinch.
    And who ever dreamed up cheese on Apple pie? I’ve eaten a lot of strange things, but that’s one I haven’t been brave enough for yet.

  90. The salt and sharpness of cheddar cheese is so good with sweet apple pie or gingersnaps. No bravery required, it’s just good. One of these days you will try it and it will make sense.

  91. I have alerted Scott to the presence of a chipmunk that is living under the blueberry bed.

    Rainbow Bridge stands ready to receive. Or is that just for pets?

  92. I think chipmunks and squirrels are allowed over the rainbow bridge. If for no other reason, to give our puppers something to chase.

  93. Do you need someone to help you through?
    Well, I don’t know, I don’t know
    Someone to take questions for you
    I don’t know, I don’t know
    I want to be the one
    To make you feel okay right now, someway, somehow
    When I fall short
    I derp so low I even blame the clouds

  94. I’ve been enjoying the MSM’s coverage of the Trump–Kim treaty signing overnight. As with anything related to these rogue regimes, I wouldn’t hold my breath while waiting for the results of talks and promises but the complete focus on the downside of all this is simply amazing. Amazing in the sense of the contrast with how they would treat the same event if it were Hillary or Obama doing the same damn thing. Who doesn’t think they’d be pushing for a Nobel peace prize by now? NPR had a lazer beam like focus on the pitfalls of this agreement, one they lacked on their lord god and savior Obama’s Iran agreement.

  95. It’s ridiculous. This is historic, and right now the left would accept nothing but Kim’s capitulation as leader as a positive sign.

    During the Obama era, “Diplomacy” was all that mattered. I remembered Obama’s famous line about dealing with the ME dictators (Iran) – I’m going to extend my hand until they unclench their fist and IT WAS THE MOST FUCKING WONDERFUL IDEOLOGY FOR A PRESIDENT TO HAVE. HE IS SO AWESOME.

  96. Boys were here last night. Not Jesus. I was hoping Jesus would keep the boys away.


    “We’re just friends” variety.

    le sigh

  97. Heysus.

  98. I bought those White Claw seltzer things – my cousin had been raving about them. 2 carbs 100 calories. They go down waaaay too easy. Light, crisp. Very subtle. I likes them. Lime and Blackcherry I think were the flavors I tried. Perfect summer drink. Not sweet at all.

  99. We go through a lot of seltzer here. Polar, Schweppes or store brand — whatever’s cheapest. It’s mostly the boys and Paula. I stick with tap water, coffee, tea or beer depending on the time of day.

  100. Oooohhhh … they’re “Hard” seltzer!

    Heh heh, I’ve seen them but haven’t bought any. I’ll get some for this summer at camp. Paula isn’t much of a drinker at all and when she buys those fruity drinks they sit around for so long and I’ll only have one when we’re out of beer.

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