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  1. Roomy…

  2. If he’s messican, Car in should show him her garden. He’ll know what to do.

  3. Your mom is doing.

  4. Doing?
    I typed roomy. Autocucumber won’t even let me make your mom jokes.
    I’m going for another cup of instant coffee.


  6. Pinche Mojado.

  7. Beanses is kind of…stacked.

  8. Beaner? I just learned that was a slur.

  9. Beaners

  10. Chili Chopper.

  11. Little help?

  12. Comment by Pupster on June 9, 2018 11:59 am
    Beanses is kind of…stacked.

    Veggies and milk… what every growing boy needs.

  13. The vegetables killed it.

  14. Outstanding poat Pupster. Outstanding weather today. My life is awesome and I am the luckiest man alive.

  15. I’d go with Beaner. Or B.B. for Bean Boy. Refried. Pinto. Some variation on the bean theme.

  16. O.C. – “Oso’s Cousin”.

  17. Bean boy kinda fits because he’s sorta tall and skinny

  18. Rainy here, but we do need it

  19. Yesterday was the class trip for Wagner Middle School. 0400 wake up for shower and arriving at the school before the Cyr bus left at 0500. Pick up was at 11:45 last night. Long frigging day for the parents and kids. One of the buses had to drop a kid off in the ER on the way home, thankfully not the one our boy was on. Heat stroke is what the boy heard. The kid probably dropped some bad acid.

    They went to Boston then a water park in NH. Fun times. I bet that was the first time some of those kids were in Boston. Hell, I bet it was the first time a few of the kids left the state of Maine

  20. Frijole

  21. Clam shack.

  22. Clam Shack is more of a girl’s nickname IYKWIM

  23. Stay away from her tartar sauce

  24. I saw your mom open for Motle Cru at the Clam Shack back in ’96.

  25. Beanpole.

  26. Everyone keeps posting the Anthony Bourdain Waffle House video. I don’t understand: Bourdain was a long-time junkie. How has he never been in a Waffle House before then?

  27. I mean, it’s like finding out that your Goth coworker has never been to Denny’s at two in the morning.

  28. Next comes the vids of a bunch of hipsters getting the shit kicked outta them at 2 in the morning by rednecks and street people cause they head to waffle House to be “cool” like this silly dead fuck.

  29. I like Waffle House. It’s all Perkins up here in southern canada.

  30. Anybody seen or heard from Jam2?

  31. “Anybody seen or heard from Jam2?”
    He’s probably tied up, check with your mom.

  32. I think it’s bondage day, Jam had a coupon.

  33. Hey Pepe, did you hear? Leon’s new farrier is a hottie.

  34. Justify won the Belmont Stakes, narrowly beating Camilla Parker Bowles and Sarah Jessica Parker.

  35. Julia Roberts hardest hit.

  36. Wafflehouse is the greatest breakfast joint of all time. However I have never had a waffle there.

  37. Waffle House >> IHOP

  38. I don’t think I have either. It’s always steak and eggs “up,” hash browns scattered smothered & covers, and extra toast. I believe that’s the only thing I’ve ever ordered there.
    The steak is tougher than Randall Tex Cobb, but always great at 0200.

  39. Ate at Waffle House once in 1986 when I drove back from spring break. I really have no idea wtf I had but it didn’t kill me. Yet.

  40. waffle house hash browns, mmmmmmmmmm

  41. Late night drunk restaurants were usually Chinese food places, small local diners or Denny’s when and where that was my thing. Now if I’m awake and hungry at 0200 there’s a problem with a really broken bone and the menu consists of peanut butter with saltines and burnt coffee in the breakroom. Thankfully that’s a rare occurrence at this point in my practice.

  42. No Waffle Houses here. Never seen/ ate at one. Saw the Bourdain vid, looks like a bunch of nonsense.

  43. mmmmmmm peanut butter and saltines. even better, ritz!

  44. Ritz are for closers

  45. I prefer Taco Cabana to WH, IHOB, and Denny’s. Fiesta Breakfast y’all. IHOP is changing their name. When traveling, Steak & Shake, Perkins, or Cocos. Finally went to a Black Bear Diner. Overpriced. BEARS/OSOS

  46. I’ve driven to Florida and North Carolina a couple of times and the Waffle House signs on I-95 are seemingly everywhere

    These ones too

    Surely one of us has been there, I have not had the opportunity I bet Beanpole has been there.

  47. There is a waffle house at every exit in the south.

    Sometimes two.

  48. I’ve never been in one because they look funny.

  49. Okay, Puppeh, that Gadsden at the end of the poat cracked my ass up.

  50. They serve food at South of the Border?
    Huh. Go know.
    I’ve stopped there dozens of times, but only for a bathroom break and to buy fireworks.

  51. Oh, and for a quick snack break, saltines are really suited for sardines. I like the ones in mustard sauce or Louisiana hot sauce, but plain old Olive oil is good too.

  52. Derp me
    And may you always have no shoes
    And I would rather just for you
    Be in a taxi driving miles from here


  54. Check out CARin’s workout of the day.

  55. exciting bunch

  56. Everyone’s sleeping of their drunk.

    I’m on my third cup of coffee.

    Overcast and I work at 4.

  57. *noise in kitchen*

  58. That must have been one helluva party last night.

  59. Whisky and a cigar under the stars. Then I took two benadryl last night and slept like the dead.

    Today is a lazy day. I’ll do some sketching/painting, go for a long walk this evening, practice my violin, and read.


  61. I’ve had a productive morning. Did some grocery shopping and confronted a slumlord and his shitbird tenent on said shitbirds and friends ignorant fucking behavior last nite. It was a serendipitous meeting and I’m pretty sure I sent the message I was trying to send. I have no intention of fucking around with social deviants in my neighborhood. Tommorow morning, I’m going to make my shit official with the Chief of Police and I already sent word to my bud on the dept.

  62. Y’all suck. I am the backbone of this blerg.


  64. Troy, what did shitbird tenent do?

  65. I’ve been doing this and that all morning. Gardening. Ran to the store. Hung out with the kids.

  66. ***checks blog’s pilot light***

    Still wondering about the shitbird tenant….

  67. Doing laundry and machine won’t drain or spin.
    Open panel, get Fluke meter, lid switch is dead.
    Cut 1″ piece of #12 copper and jumper lid switch.
    Finish wash.


  68. They have lived on the block a week. On day two one got picked up for domestic violence. Did some checking, they are all career petty criminal type. over the past two days they’ve sustained a level of open intoxication that contributed to their doing passive aggressive shit (loud comments) directed at son in law and company that live directly across street from said shitbirds etc etc. They were a hootining and a hollering a bit to much and acting a bit too big for their britches. Had to put em in check. Maintain community standards, you get one chance to comply.

  69. White trash gonna white trash.

  70. And we have a name.

  71. I saw that earlier today and did a facedouche search. She’s cute, but too many tattoos, and too skinny.

  72. too many tattoos, and too skinny

  73. Pupster, this post, the header the header title are so old school I lol’d in my pants.

  74. If the “Trudeau losing his eyebrows incident” doesn’t make you laugh, nothing will.

  75. Trump so owned those morons at the G7 that I Lol’d just looking at pictures. What a bunch of weasels.

    Did you guys see the pic of Canada’s Crack Negotiating Team? Even the pic of the team was hilarious.

  76. Yeah, these are the meth head type trashies. Actually, they are the anything they can get their hands on type. They’re down on their front porch now acting all butt hurt and pouty. But here’s the deal, the lessee is on parole, I drew to his attention that I was aware of his status. We provide childcare for one the local cops and fly the thin blue line American flag on the front porch. I’ll be tracking down his parole officer this week. Cretins, one and all.

  77. John McCain is a traitor. Really, he is a traitor. Globalist Traitor scum.

  78. Good for you, TT. Don’t let the scum ruin your neighborhood.

  79. heh, scum upset they can’t intimidate everyone?

  80. I know the type type very well. The couple next door that got evicted just over a year ago were cool, but man, did they have problems…
    She didn’t do drugs, just a bad alcoholic. He was the tweaker. Did you know that they INJECT that shit now? I thought they only smoked or snorted it, but no – they’re injecting that shit now.

    3 times per week she would come home schwasted, pick a fight and start throwing shit at him. Then call the police on him. More than once I watched them take her away because he was just sitting on the couch watching TV, and his name was on the lease.
    It made for some excitement, but not the kind we want here.

  81. Packapalooza 2018 was a great success.

    We got 27 packages of small stuff and 4 pieces of furniture packed.

  82. [i]Packapalooza 2018 was a great success.[/i]

    That’s what your mom said.

  83. Facebook quote of the day:

    ” you can’t spell advertisements without semen between your tits.”

  84. Not sure if this has been linked here, but I thought this article on keto diets was interesting. Sorry if it’s full of heresy or anything.

  85. Keto killed Nicole Brown.


  87. Mare you scamp.

  88. Comment by Pupster on June 10, 2018 8:51 pm

    Left to right: life, Pupster?


    Left to right: Pupster, life?

  89. Comment by scott on June 10, 2018 8:48 pm
    Keto killed Nicole Brown.

    I thought he merely testified at the trial.

  90. Black Panther. Meh.

  91. Yea, it was a bummer. There wasn’t really enough there. It was all exposition. Ian said it should have been renamed “Black Panther’s really bad day”.

  92. Ian is a pretty dang funny kid. We haven’t gotten to meet Beaner (trying out one of the nicknames here) because he sneaks in and out. Ian suggested that we call out questions every time he sneaks out/leaves … “DO YOU HAVE ANY HOBBIES?”

    Lol. He’s a funny guy.

    Worked sucked times 2 today.

  93. The best part of work tonight was when some of the girls brought in “sodas” they bought from the gas station next door. It was that kind of day.

  94. I hate you all so much.

  95. Death Wish with Bruce Willis was good.

  96. Hi Car in. Daughter # 2 hurt her back while lifting Friday and went to chiropractor today. I’m not trying to start any shit but hated to see you here alone. And shit.

  97. That IS quite funny, Carin. I approve of this method of shaming. I like Ian already.

    BTW, Flaco could be a good nickname – it’s catchy. It means ‘skinny’ in Spanish.

  98. Death Wish was a long NRA ad. Entertaining.

  99. I worked with the Thumb and the Bitch that accused me of being racist today. So far management still has my back.

  100. Really getting tired of the Never Trumpers. Sean isn’t an ass about it. I respect Sean.

  101. I used to be a NeverTrumper during the primaries. Was all aboard the Cruz Ship.
    But since the election, I’ve been 90% happy – nay, ecstatic.
    Heck, at this point, I’d be in favor of repealing the 22nd amendment.

  102. I voted for Trump because Hillary in the White House terrified me. I didn’t expect him to be anything but a NYC liberal Republican. I figured anything conservative would be gravy.

    I’m still not tired of winning.

  103. Long story short.
    I went to Leona Tx (pop 172) with my friend who married well. The General store seated 200, there was a line of several hours to get in.
    Menu was chicken breast or ribeye. My 28 oz ribeye was perfect. Go there if you can.Ribeye is fantastic.

  104. My dear lady Anne
    I’ve done what I can
    I must take my leave
    For promised I am
    This play is run, my love
    Your time has come, my love
    I pledge my derp to lady Jane

  105. Monday … ugh

  106. ww

  107. Road trip yesterday, too much caffeine. Up until 230am. Gonna be a little while.

  108. That PopSci article was nothing but FUD. Phinney, Volek, or Noakes would tear it to shreds.

  109. Happy to be back in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Jet-lagged as shit.

  110. Welcome back Roamy

    Any entertaining trip stories?

  111. ROAMIE!

  112. We visited the Yorkshire Air Museum on D-Day. That in of itself was moving, but when we climbed the stairs to the control tower for the airfield, it was set up as it was in November 1943. Seven Halifax bombers went out on a mission to bomb Munich. I’ve been to Munich, I’ve seen pictures of the bomb damage. Only five came home. Seeing the two planes with “time returned” blank…well, that brought on the dust storm.

    Made me love the P-51 that much more.

  113. Saw the British Crown Jewels first – lots of bling, huge rocks (100 carat diamond, IIRC), two crowns made just for a trip to India. Saw the Scottish Honours later. It’s simply a crown (a very nice one, lots of pearls), a scepter, a sword, a ring with a big honkin’ ruby, and the Stone of Scone. We appreciated the simplicity and the practicality of the Scottish.

  114. welcome back, roamy. Maybe you can inspire these boring souls to post something once in a while.

  115. In general, the cheaper the food, the better tasting. Best meals were a place in Seaham that looked like a cross between a pub and Shoneys with a weekday dinner special of free beer with purchase of a $8 meat pie and a Greek/Turkish place near Windsor Castle selling grilled lamb wraps for about $7. Worst was at one of the inns, it was $120 for the four of us, including $4 for the bread ($1 a slice). It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that good, either.

  116. Did anyone watch NBC news this weekend? The level of TDS is astounding there. They use every chance to bash the President, no matter how small.

    The jobs reporting, and North Korea were funny to watch. They keep covering the South Korean population as being up in arms about Trump’s warmongering. Yet they never explain how this meeting is taking place. It’s like news creationism, told from the evolution side.

  117. I heard the beer in England is really good.

  118. Work hit me like a truck the minute I opened my email. We may be here for most of the day.

  119. BBC also has TDS. Didn’t watch that much, but did catch the British reaction to the G7 summit. If they’re against it, I’m for it.

    Beer was good. Belhaven Best was my favorite.

    And yeah, the low carb diet went out the window on the second day. I didn’t gain any weight back because we walked 78 miles in the two weeks (3 marathons) according to my Fitbit. If anything, I may lose some water weight from all the carbs once I get back to low carb and some fasting.

  120. Sounds like a good time Roamy. 78 miles!

  121. Kids walked a couple more miles – they opted for a hike on Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh instead of a tour of the royal yacht Britannia. I had tea and a scone onboard, and that was pretty awesome.

  122. That popular science article on keto conflates ketosis with ketoacidosis. These are two different things. This reporter is not a knowledgeable person and was easily led astray during their shitty and shallow effort at researching this subject. Jeezum crumb, this is elemental.

    Also, as long as you have any stored fat on your body at all, you will not go into ‘starvation mode’ and break down your own muscle. Your body will metabolize the fat first. Because that is what it’s fucking there for. The vast majority of people are walking around with plenty of fat to live off of for a long time without ever coming close to their body scavenging muscle, even if they aren’t fat.

    For crying out loud. Ridonkumous. I can’t believe that made it into Popular Science.

  123. One of the days in London was 19,000 steps and 44 flights of stairs. I was very happy that my knee and my heart held up.

  124. Can’t you just sit in a hot tub and let the fat render?

  125. Haha, sounds like Europe needs Sam’s Club scooters!

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