Hello  Crossfitters, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born May 12th, 1993 in Indio, California.  She stands 5′ 2″, 34DD-24-34 and 112 lbs.  Please follow me and say hello to Miss Ella Knox.




  1. Coopers Droopers

  2. She looks better on video with a _____* on her face and a _____** in her _____***.


  3. I’m not sure how I feel about this one.

  4. The young people who describe her as “thic”.

    wakey wakey

  5. I think maybe it’s “thicc”

    I don’t know for sure.

  6. Ok, so there’s a dead deer at the END of my driveway. Supercool.

    I’m going to have to drag it into the woods. I don’t really know how to psych myself up for this.

  7. After I drag the deer, I’m going to drag the dead carcass of this blog.

  8. I don’t really know how to psych myself up for this.

    Take Moose and Squirrel with you.

  9. You won’t have to buy dog food this month.

  10. Deer carcasses are harder to drag than you think.

    Bring it to Crossfit and leave it next to the big tire.

  11. I almost had a dead deer in the driveway this morning, but it dodged the car in the road that was about to make contact. I think it wandered back toward the mulberry trees on the field’s edge.

  12. Ok, so there’s a dead deer at the END of my driveway. Supercool.

    I’m going to have to drag it into the woods. I don’t really know how to psych myself up for this.

    Think of it as a new crossfit exercise. Functional strength!!!

  13. I need to hit refresh before yapping.

  14. Anthony Bourdain killed himself. Holy crap. 61.

  15. I can’t believe it. That guy had so much going for him.

  16. He probably finally realized he worked for CNN.

  17. Apparently he was dating Asia Argento. Dario pimped her out (his own f*cking daughter, mind you) to Weinstien for years to get his movies made. Maybe there was some #metoo shit coming for him.

  18. headed to cold water lake leon

  19. 112 lbs, you say?

    I’m struggling with that.

  20. 112 lbs, you say?

    I’m struggling with that.

    Might be time to start TRT and hit the gym, wuss.

    Oh, wait, you mean… nevermind.

    headed to cold water lake leon

    This may shock you, but there are a bunch of lakes by that name. Where ’bouts? I’m near Granger.

  21. other side of the state

  22. in kinderhook now

  23. Looks like maybe his girlfriend found herself someone younger.

  24. Exactly where is Lake Leon? And how cold is it?

  25. Yeah, you’re about 70 miles east of me.

  26. Oh, wait, you mean… nevermind.

    If I meant it that way, I wouldn’t be struggling – I’d have just surrendered.

  27. Maybe the camera is adding 25 pounds.

  28. Something like 90% of the videos on Antarctica are Flat Earth BS now. Who the fuck is pushing this psy op and why?

  29. Never liked Bourdain. Got 3/4 through Kitchen Confidential. HotBride insisted I read it when we bought the inn because of the insight into chefs and high end restaurant kitchens. I couldn’t finish it because his arrogance and narcissism totally turned me off.

    He was heavy into drugs in his early years, and it doesn’t surprise me that he has mental health problems.

    Proves once again that fame and fortune do not buy happiness.

    Shame he couldn’t overcome his difficulties.

  30. This one’s got everything wrong with the eyes.

    Judge me as you will, I’m declaring this one a zero on the binary scale.

  31. McCain is imminent.

    Spade and Bourdain are the lead in.

  32. She’s a 1 for me, but only because she’s short.

  33. I read Kitchen Confidential and liked it, but I’m not that surprised Bourdain offed himself. He was an arrogant prick, and seemed perpetually unhappy with the world.

  34. She looks an awful lot like a gal I briefly dated back when I was stationed in El Paso.

  35. I’m sorry to hear that, CoAlex. I hope you’ve overcome that by now.

  36. 8/10 would smash and paint like a Jackson Pollack.

  37. …paint like a Jackson Pollack.


  38. Warm spinach salad recipes …


  39. Sadly, Bourdain left us with no warm spinach salad recipe

  40. MJ?

  41. /flamethrowers COAlex

  42. Im thinking I could get behind this “trend” of pseudo celebrities offing themselves.

  43. Just when we thought Hollywood couldn’t get any more perverted and irrelevant…

  44. It’s almost as if we shouldn’t admire then, and listen to their political rantings …

  45. I tried watching “exciting new movie trailers” today.


  46. Leon, are the differences in IQ scores of diff races hereditary or environmental? What is the split between the two?

    Half and half?

  47. IQ is strongly heritable, brains are metabolically expensive, and environments select for it or against it based on the availability of food. Avoidance of becoming food for large predators doesn’t appear to require a very high IQ, but finding food in harsh environments does. Hunting/gathering actually requires a stronger intellect than agriculture, though the latter requires a “talented tenth” be charged with calendar-keeping and thus seasonal planning. As I understand it, the genetic “inherent” IQ largely comes from how long your ancestors have survived wherever they did. Admixture with near-human species like Neanderthal and Denisovan appears to have an effect on the nature of the intellect. Neanderthal genes track to some extent with mathematical ability, less is known about Denisovan ancestry’s effect.

    That said, early childhood nutrition, education, and environmental appears to account for as much as a half to full standard deviation in IQ.

    We know less and less about this each year, because testing IQ is currently on the outs with the scientific establishment, particularly if race and ethnicity are crosstabbed. The Chinese are likely researching genes for it in hopes of engineering themselves some geniuses, but they aren’t publishing.

  48. I just learned that lighting farts is called making blue angels.

  49. Which is a perfect follow up poat to Leon’s dissertation.

  50. Hey Hotspur – pull my finger

  51. Carin, that is not at all ladylike.

  52. The woman just dragged a dead deer into the woodline.

    And dumped it next to the bodies of a couple of dickhead teenagers.

    That’s as ladylike as you get in Michigan.

  53. I actually have dragged the deer yet. I just don’t want to . ugh. But if I don’t do it, it’s not gonna get done.

  54. Burying the dead deer above the dead teenagers would be a clever way to keep things nice and calm should people come looking for things better left in the dirt.


  55. Ok, psyching myself up for it.

  56. Boyfriends, even “not boyfriends”, tend to keep the hordes of teenage boys away. This weekend she’s having a “girl’s night” tonight and then the boyfriend over on saturday night.

  57. For the record, he’s been over Sunday, tuesday and thursday this week. But … you know … it’s nothing “official”.

  58. The quicker you move the deer, the better. Letting it sit in the sun for hours won’t help.

  59. This is pretty neat. If the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis is true, it appears likely that one of the impacts created Saginaw Bay, and likely the pattern we see in the Great Lakes and bays as far away as Nebraska and the Carolinas.

  60. Will you be live streaming the “girl’s night” ? CoAlex needs a link.

  61. Ok. the deed is done.

  62. Yea, Pepe. I did take that into consideration. Plus, sometimes they bloat and look like they’re about to blow. Didn’t want that to be a risk. It got hit sometime between 5 and 7. I didn’t actually see any point of impact or anything , so that’s weird. I didn’t dissect her, though.

  63. And no, to the second comment.

  64. That is pretty interesting, Leon.
    The theory is that the Chesapeake Bay way similarly formed.

    [i]The Bay’s geology, its present form, and its very location were created by a bolide impact event at the end of the Eocene (about 35.5 million years ago), forming the Chesapeake Bay impact crater and the Susquehanna River valley much later. The Bay was formed starting about 10,000 years ago when rising sea levels at the end of the last ice age flooded the Susquehanna River valley.[/I]

  65. I’m sure you have coyotes up there, Carin. I wouldn’t want that carcass anywhere near my property – it’ll only draw them in.
    Find a way (one of Erin’s suitors?) to get it hauled far away, please.

  66. Comment by Car in on June 8, 2018 12:38 pm
    And no, to the second comment.


    *Puts away the baby oil and luchador mask*

  67. It’s about .2 miles from my house – by the road. That’s about as far as I was willing to drag it. The treeline.

  68. OH…
    When you said “driveway” I imagined it much closer. 2 miles, ID be comfortable with.
    There will be more roadkill when the scavengers come for it tonight, so get the stewpot ready.

  69. 0.2. It’s not 10000′ away, but still pretty far.

  70. I thought you would be more entertaining without puns. I see I was wrong.

  71. maybe you could put it in that big hole in the driveway

  72. Set up a overwatch on the carcass and practice some “pest” management. Its a twofer, get rid of pests……send message to “not boyfriends” sniffing around.

  73. Boy came over before girl night. I think it’s time to make him a nickname

  74. There was a geology professor at my school who came up with that theory in the early 80’s. I have a copy of his book around here somewhere.

    Everyone in that profession thought the guy was nuts.

  75. A lot of genuine experts are risking their careers and funding on it now, Scott:

  76. Everyone with a new idea is nuts, until the evidence proves them right.

    Except, of course, when they’re actually nuts.

  77. Right. If you tell me that the megaliths appear suddenly and perfectly built Because Aliens, well, that’s fine for the History Channel.

    If you tell me that they appear suddenly and perfectly built because a catastrophe flooded most of the places where the people of the time lived while they were learning to cut and move big-ass rocks, and you’ve got deposition-layer evidence to support your case for a catastrophe, you’ve got my attention.

  78. It wasnt aliens, it was angels after God created the Earth in 5500 BC, as written in the divinely inspired King James Bible.

  79. Wrong.

    I stole a time machine and a Bobcat and put them there.

    Just to fuck with people.

  80. I do often wonder how much of the resistance to civilization dating potentially prior to the end of the LMG is due to people reading Genesis wrong*.

    *Neither Jews, Catholics, nor Orthodox read Genesis as literal history. The creation story was always taken as a symbolic, poetic telling of the events. No one said it was literal history until protestants in the US in the 1800s with their KJVs decided to assert as much.

  81. Don’t underestimate the effects of national/ethnic pride on such things.

    Seriously, dating ancient cultures in East Asia is about as politically touchy a subject as you can find.

  82. Genesis isn’t meant to be a history of the origins of the world, but of the Jewish people. It sets their relationship with God and the world, and the cycle of destruction/rebirth of Jerusalem and the temple which will eventually be ended with the arrival of the messiah.

  83. Seriously, dating ancient cultures in East Asia is about as politically touchy a subject as you can find.

    I don’t doubt it. Many Chinese dynasties literally burned and obliterated all records of prior ones. Dating any event in China by written records is almost impossible, even though we’re fairly certain they’ve been writing for thousands of years. We don’t even know when exactly Confucius lived, or if the statements attributed to him were repetition of an earlier person or persons.

    Interestingly, one of the native cultures of Japan is one of the few very very old cultures with no version of a Deluge in their historical tradition. Caveat: they have lived in the mountains of the Japanese islands since “the beginning” and they remember at least two islands that “sank”. Undersea mountains are present at those locations, iirc.

  84. Heh. Check the articles on ancient Korea. Makes US politics look tame…

  85. New farrier is here and I’m watching Possum while she trims horse feet.

    Caught a glimpse of her when she got out of the truck. Good that I’m in here and she’s out there. She looks hot as blazes.

  86. Yep, confirmed when I had to let the dogs out. Smokin’ hot. Monday post quality.

  87. You have a zoom lens, right?

  88. Only on my wife’s camera. Awkward.

  89. Awkward? To say the least.
    But – a hottie that works with her hands (and horses) that isn’t afraid to get dirty is definitely worth the risk. You are obligated to share, brother.

  90. I’m really starting to enjoy Kyle Mills Mitch Rapp. See also reboot of Jason Bourne. Can I get a HS?

  91. Not unlike the catfish noodler CoAlex(?) posted the other night. A bit young for me, but certainly a gal that one would be proud to take home to meet Mom.

  92. Maybe I need to head for Michigan at the end of the month.

  93. Maybe I need to head for Michigan at the end of the month.


  95. She re-did her ponytail after the wife paid her.

    If that’s what her hair looks like on a work day, I’m not sure I could even look at her all gussied up.

    Alex, the horses get their feet trimmed every 2 months or so. I’ll let you know.

  96. What did Anthony Bourdain know about Hilary Clinton?

  97. Bad Skunk.


    Bad but funny Skunk.

  98. I’m really starting to enjoy Kyle Mills Mitch Rapp.

    I read the first one and meh. Vince Flynn was kind of a big deal here in south canada.


  100. I tried a Mitch Rapp. Flynn could torture him some prose…..

    “His moral compass, his sense of right and wrong, had been de-magnetized and he found himself awash in a sea of guilt…….”


  101. sells sheep skulls for $159 apiece. I could undercut that by quite a bit and still make some bonus bucks.

  102. KM writes better sexy times Rupp. Dan just roasted green chile for his sammich. I was stuck with leftover pulled pork.

  103. I’m all in for team Swagger. G-Man about grandpa Swagger is amazeballs.

  104. I saw Team Swagger open for The Bloodhound Gang at the Shoreline Amphitheatre back in ’99.

  105. Who pays $159 for a sheep skull

  106. Alex the answer is fuckin’ lunatics pay for any skull.

  107. You don’t just start out skull fucking humans CoAlex, you gotta work your way up.

  108. I shipped them a complete human skeleton a few years ago.

  109. *blame that last one on Pepe. He started it.

  110. Dan is closing the kitchen. Pulled pork burritos and leftover tater salad was awesome. Not sure what we’re getting for dessert. He has a tendency to let me have a diabetic blackout before eating ice cream.

  111. I’ve said it a thousand times – fuckin’ lunatics is perfectly acceptable. You just don’t let the lunatics know where you live.

  112. I don’t care who’ll pay $159 for a sheep skull. I’ll settle for $99.99.

  113. Just the meat would net about $150, the fleece might get another $70. Another $100 for a defleshed skull, and we’re talking a little over $300 per sheep. An acre of grass will support 5-10 sheep, so I could get close to clearing 8-10k a year on just these, not counting income from eggs/chickens that are working the grass in concert.

  114. Are these sheep skulls vegan?

  115. Vegan and gluten free. Low carb, too.

  116. Chi if you continue down that path we will be forced to morn over your machete chopped corpse someday.

  117. Just be sure to remove the cardboard first.

  118. Meh.
    Just drag me down to the end of Carin’s driveway and plant a Bud Light tree on my grave. Floppy Hair can deliver my eulogy.

    I nominate Pupster to take care of Tucker when the day comes.

  119. Why would you pass over leon for Tucker care? That’s just hurtful, man.

  120. Good point.

  121. Possum would absolutely LOVE Tucker.
    Right up until he ate a couple chickens. And he would somehow figure out a way to mount a sheep (not that I could blame him).

    *True story – He was “fixed” at something like four months old/six years ago, but lost his virginity to a ginormous black lab two summers ago. How does a minpin fuck a 120 lb Lab??

  122. Like a boss, with John Cena trumpets in the background

  123. Vet cut them off in 2012, but he still has bigger balls than Jim Acosta.

  124. Is Ace down for everyone? or just for me?

  125. First time I’ve looked in a month but since you asked, I checked.
    Main page opens up fine on my phone.
    Clear your cache?

  126. It’s very strange to have that huge swelling gone from the left side of my face. Dr. Meka took only about 30 minutes after the numbing to the stitching and he did not rupture the capsule. This is getting painful as the anesthesia wears off.
    He tells me that these are quite common and he has done hundreds of them.
    It was the size of a large marble(Shooter?) and translucent.
    I look funny(?) without that bulge on my left cheek.
    Well, I look funny anyway…

  127. Opens fine on my PC, Peps.

  128. Glad it went well, ChrisP. Hopefully you will recover quickly.

    Chi, cleared my cache first thing. Must be an isp thing. Out on a couple of computer.

  129. Mr. Le Pew,
    If you’re still around – do you recommend a certain style of blade sharpener?
    One of those dual sharpening thingies that look like a pair of scissors?
    A simple whetstone like I grew up using?
    Maybe just a kitchen knife rod? (I hear they don’t sharpen as much as they straighten the edge…)

    Thanks in advance.

  130. When you cycled by
    Here began all my dreams
    The saddest derp I’ve ever seen
    And you never knew
    How much I really liked you
    Because I never even told you
    Oh, and I meant to

  131. ww

  132. Just drag me down to the end of Carin’s driveway and plant a Bud Light tree on my grave. Floppy Hair can deliver my eulogy.

    Well, floppy hair isn’t allowed on the property … so that’s going to be a problem. ANd we haven’t come up with a good nickname for the new, NB. Bud light tree will probably be something like PBR. Kids these days.

  133. How do you say friend-zoned in Mexican?

    amigo zonificado

  134. la zona del amigo

  135. No novio
    (Not boyfriend)

  136. I like no novio. Maybe just novio though? We’ll just have to see what sticks. Can’t force a nickname

  137. ‘Beaner.’

    Where’s Oso? We can’t issue ethnic nicknames without a representative. She needs to sign off on this.

    You know what would be a really culturally compassionate gesture, Carin? You should find out when his birthday is and get him a brand new sombrero.

  138. Novio by itself is “boyfriend”, Carin.

  139. You should find out when his birthday is and get him a brand new sombrero.


  140. No novio sounds like a Lapeer Creek version of a Phil Collins song. It should at least be on the soundtrack.

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