Weird Happnins

Imagine getting your junk chonked on by a sharknot cool man!

Got me thinking about shitty ways to die


some old thymee suck with that one

Check these out –

Another one by these people i’ve never heard of:

Remember Faces of Death ?

Oh well – enough of that… time to get to work.

I hope youse’ll’s have a marvelous day!


  1. Testicle

  2. s

  3. Youngest Daughter coming to visit tomorrow. HUZZAH!! Lots of little projects to do!

  4. STEEEEEEEEEE-RRRRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ww

  6. Fuck football teams visiting DC to be gloried. End the entire tradition.

  7. And Trump dunked on the Eagles in a tweet (of course). They were butthurt – especially the Philly mayor.


  9. same shot put Molina out for a month with surgery.

  10. and it’s true. much cooler for a shark to munch on jams junk

  11. aww slick Willy getting pissy about #metoo

  12. wow they don’t mention that Clinton was impeached, didn’t just get accused. he says it was political. hey Willy you lied and they proved it. not like today’s courts either.

  13. at the car shop so deal with it

  14. I’m really glad I don’t live near a volcano.

  15. Garden or excel project?

  16. ash and little pieces of glass sounds delightful

  17. excel! gotta finish your homework before you can go outside young lady

  18. More rain, because I don’t get a dry day to clean up the workshop basement.

  19. how do you get scammed in a sweepstakes? why would you send money?

  20. morning shows are different aren’t they

  21. Daytime tv is basically a cesspool.

  22. I just discovered that the way I jumped around doing the class means it didn’t register me doing things. @@. I have to click the forward button. So I’m going through everything just hitting the forward button.

    This is fun.

  23. And I literally have to leave the “getting started” Page up for a minute+ – even though there’s basically nothing there – for it to register.

  24. Hey Car in, I need a favor.

  25. Do you need me to take a class for MJ Jr?

  26. Nah, just this.

  27. I’m not well versed in econ so I’m not much help there.

    If you need a bullshit summary of Othello I’m your guy.

  28. I officially recommend that we take down the picture of Obama flipping the bird with the constitution.

    Fuck that guy and now that he’s gone lets make him gone.

  29. It’s finance, MJ. Try to keep up.

  30. It’s a good thought, MJ, but we lost the H2 IT person.

  31. It’s all lame, Car in. That’s why we have finance people. You know, to do the finance.

  32. Who was the H 2 IT person?

  33. I’ll take care of it, gimme a few hours.

  34. Cut backs, Mare.

    We had to make some cuts so we could make room for Leon’s muscle chicks.

    Or she abandoned us for real life. One of the two.

  35. I thought we had about 10 IT people.

  36. But IT people don’t really do anything. That’s the issue here.

  37. Oh, Cyn. Losing her was a big fat bummer. A lot of stuff going on in her life, but what a loss.

  38. Is Hotspur on a big project? Haven’t seen him around much.

  39. He’s on a hunger strike.

    Won’t eat a thing until he gets his cake baked.

  40. I’m like a wizard.

  41. Before anyone attributes that to IT people, recall that I’m just a dipshit engineer.

  42. Ha haaa haaaaa … I like the improvement.

  43. I’m on your mom.

  44. This is the cake Hotspur wants made. NSFW, obviously.

    No justice, no piece.

  45. “I’m just a dipshit engineer.”

    So you’re a specialist then? Impressive. Those regular engineers they dont impress me, but a engineer that specializes in dipshit…well….

  46. Very nice, my oddly pocketed friend.

  47. Cargo Pants 4 Life

  48. No justice, no piece.
    That’s a Clintonian bend, non? I can’t imagine any chick or dude would like that in their various holes.

  49. Piece of cake, you sicko. It’s a cake. You eat it.

  50. I don’t want any cake, thanks. Never been a better time to be keto.

  51. I love doing everyone’s job. It’s my reason for living, and job security.

  52. Bake my gay bent dick cake!

  53. I’ll pass on what MJ is having…..

  54. MJ just wants the tip anyway.

  55. Are there vag cakes?

    Seems like gay chicks might not go to that extreme. Gay dudes are constantly talking about dicks but lesbians don’t seem to be quite as obsessed.

  56. Lesbians just eat ice cream and get fat together.

  57. San Antonio is out.

  58. San Antonio is out?

  59. Fuck San Antonio.

  60. San Antonio is out.

  61. Oh yes, there are vajayjay cakes and cupcakesout there. Just Bingle image search vag cakes – quite popular with the pussy hat crowd, I’m sure

  62. San Antonio if OUT?

  63. will beasn make us a vajayjay cake?

  64. Is South Bend still in? You could be my neighbor.

  65. Oh goody, a Golden Domer

  66. Ohio. I have another interview on Monday for a job in Columbus.

  67. Too far. Ask if they can move the office to Mishawaka.

  68. He’d be close enough to make him an honorary member of the Michigan cabal.

  69. But he’d reside in the state that Lost The War, so we’d have to be sure to remind him of that often.

  70. What’s it in for?

  71. Bummer bout San Antone…..Is the job in Columbus or in the vicinity?

  72. Columbus. State gov job.

  73. San Antonio is queer?

  74. Too bad about San Antonio. Maybe you should have worn a pretty pink party dress. They would have been afraid to not hire you due to fear of the lawsuit.

  75. It’s too hot there anyway.

  76. Molly finished her homework

  77. I couldn’t live that far south. Hard winters are a blessing.

  78. Mrs. Pupster worked for the Legislative Budget Office as an AA for a bunch of budget analysts for a couple of years, Alex. Let me know if you want me to ask her anything, or if you want to know about living in God’s Country. Go Bucks!

  79. It’s a job with the LSC as an economist. If she knows anything about the office and the people that that would be helpful.

  80. Economists killed it.

  81. I was out getting garden shit.

  82. I don’t really care that Kate Spade is dead. And it’s not really “tragic”. Tragic is Cancer. Tragic is the untimely death of a soldier.

  83. Who the eff is Kate Spade?

  84. Purse designer. @@

    I mean, like you need a fucking designer purse.

  85. It’s a circle of material with a drawstring and a handle.

    “Designer” anything is just another bit of signalling.

  86. Economists killed it.

    We usually do.

  87. Well, suicide IS tragic to those left behind.

  88. That is the tragedy. Yes. But it isn’t tragic, to society as a whole, that a purse designer killed herself.

  89. I just don’t see a purse designer as somehow who’s influence on society is SO much, that her suicide is a “tragedy”. Perhaps it’s a tragedy to New Yorkers who need her stuff …

    But for the rest of us?

  90. When a NYC based designer dies am I expected to fly my 🏳️‍🌈 at half mast?

  91. The largest suicide demographic is middle-aged white men.

    No one in the media gives a fuck when or why they die, though.

  92. on facedouche, I always thought Sam was a guy, Car in. Mainly because I know a Sam with same last name who’s a guy. Oh well.

  93. nope. Sam is one of my crossfit buddies – she is running the Spartan race with me as well. She’s a badass.

  94. No one in the media gives a fuck when or why they die, though.

    Yea, I just bristle at the idea that somehow when someone rich/famous dies it is somehow more … poignant or some shit. And people share it and saw “HOW TRAGIC” and I think … Is this really a tragedy for you? She designed purses. She was super rich and probably lived in a bubble.

    Perhaps I’m just a curmudgeon.

  95. I have one more garden task I really want to accomplish today. Guess I should go hit it.

  96. /peeks back in to make sure no one’s hanging out …

  97. Im with Car In, her suicide is no more significant than anyone else’s. I’m with you. The real “tragedy” is that this bint left behind a 13 yr old daughter and in the suicide note, reportedly told the kid to not feel any blame. So my first big problem is a adult abandoning their child. (I gotta a real fucking problem with that). Second is the individual is stupid enough to reference the kid in the note……cause that couldn’t possibly leave the kid wondering ……Nice……real nice….abandon yer kid, and fuck with its head on your way out…..good fucking job…selfish cunt.

  98. Any suicide will hit somebody as tragic. Maybe not a “national tragedy”.

  99. Exactly, every suicide is a tragedy.

  100. Ok, did yucky task and probably got poison ivy juice all over me.

  101. I’m with TT. You got kids? Suck it up, or you’re fucking up their life.

  102. Depression is a bitch; most people who commit suicide are not in their right mind at that moment. I’m wondering if she was on a medication that reduced the instinct for self-preservation. Different people have different reactions to different anti-depressants. (Our Michelle wasn’t on anything, fwiw)

  103. will beasn make us a vajayjay cake?

    No but I do make prick cakes.

  104. Coach now owns the Kate Spade brand. (purses, wallets, etc)

  105. I have some of the dirt spade brand in my garage.

  106. that’s racist, isn’t it?

  107. that’s racist, isn’t it?

    It was said by a white male, so obviously.

  108. Jay, have you ever made a gruit ale?

  109. Its not racist Jay…. your avatar says so.

  110. That cat header keeps cracking me up. That is what I imagine lauraw keeps around to guard her lair.

  111. Hey Jay, what does a thesaurus eat for breakfast?

  112. Barney waited. He didn’t know why the bug got special attention. He couldn’t understand why it got it’s own house. Inside HIS house. With his people. So he waited.

    Until one day, the miracle happened. On that day, the whole pack learned about the transformative nature of life, it’s terrible beauty, it’s wondrous rewards for those that can stay patient. Like Barney.

  113. Oops.


  114. My coach tried to kill me today at zumba. She told me I was on pace to beat Sam.

    I don’t remember ever being this competitive when I was younger.

    Honestly, though, beating people doesn’t make you friends. They all get mad at me.

    I did almost die though. I think the coach was trying to kill me – that way I can’t beat her in the future.

  115. Yesterday when I almost caught up with someone who had a HUGE lead, she called me a bitch. lol

    Then afterwards she told me that she both loved me and hated me.

  116. Is Erin going to get a diploma?

  117. Comment by beasn on June 5, 2018 7:36 pm

  118. Eventually. August or earlier

  119. Why so late, Car in? Is she taking other courses this summer?

  120. Govt school is my guess.
    It’ll take them two months to grade Carin’s final and process the diploma.

  121. Yep. Math course and another elective. Needs two classes and can only take two in the summer, so I had to do the finance course or she’d be looking at …?

  122. I have made ales with fruit, but never a gruit ale.

  123. Well car in, you are the short old lady at Zumba. How would you feel if you almost caught yourself?

  124. Car in is going to be busy.

  125. That bitch better not catch herself.

  126. 2 classes in the summer of your senior year is really gonna cramp her social life.

  127. My turbo has crapped the bed and I have to go to New Hampshire tomorrow.

    If Keene isn’t the flat part of NH, tomorrow is going to suck.

  128. Marriage material

  129. That’s using your noodler!

  130. Comment by Jay in Ames on June 5, 2018 9:52 pm
    I have made ales with fruit, but never a gruit ale.

    I am Groot.

  131. Dear God, they gave Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir a wedding cake show on Cooking channel.

  132. I paid $55 for a Rawlings baseball purse. It smells like a baseball mitt. I’m having buyers remorse. I’ve never spent that kind of money on a purse.

  133. I paid $55 for a Rawlings baseball purse. It smells like a baseball mitt. I’m having buyers remorse. I’ve never spent that kind of money on a purse.

    Don’t worry. It’s a baseball purse, so we still think of you as a guy.

  134. I knew the name Kate Spade. I’ve never spent real money on a purse before my Rawlings purchase. I have a Joe Carter mitt

  135. And a Pete Rose haircut.

  136. I was not ready for the road
    I was so discontent to derp that heavy load
    And so I got down on my knees
    Made a sucker’s prayer
    Like Rimbaud to Baudelaire before

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