MMM 325: holy crap it’s June

Summer is almost here!  To do this Summer:

  1. Upgrade support beam on east-facing pole-barn door
  2. Build stalls in pole barn
  3. Add gutters to workshop and block shed
  4. Add sump pump and dehumidifier to workshop basement
  5. Build chicken coop

And if I get all that done, before it snows, I’ll call it a huge win.

Light and shadow.


Kayli Ann Phillips9zneoQ3.jpg

Curious pattern


Is 3 disjoint photos of the same subject still a triptych?


That tattoo is scary close to her ladybits.


Big harbor area there.rjHn4FF.jpg

I don’t recommend mixed grip until it’s absolutely needed to maintain grip, and you should always alternate.


Happy first Monday of June.


  1. Now what?

  2. Monday conference. Reviewing opioid data and, surprise, bone doctors prescribe the most opioids among their peer group of other surgeons.

    No shit Sherlock

  3. Guest from TAMC this morning to meet and greet. TAMC is 3+ hours away and a partner hospital. She is from Iowa and of Vietnamese descent. I’ve met a few Vietnamese surgeons from Iowa over the years. Was there a big resettlement to Iowa in the 70’s?

  4. Time to finish that final

  5. Probably an early effort to turn Iowa D with ‘refugees’ from a war-torn country. They may have actually been genuine refugees and it was at least a little bit our fault, at least in the sense that democrats decided to start a war in Vietnam.

  6. Robert Ray was a Republican, and until Branstad (another Republican) broke his record he was the longest serving Iowa governor.

    Of course the libs hate him.

  7. Lots of Vietnamese refugees in our area in Iowa.

  8. The federal gov pays states to take in refugees, which is how you end up with Somalis in Minn and arabs in Detroit. It’s a source of cash for the states.

  9. Heh, the Vietnamese were probably the least likely D voters. They spent their lives fighting Communists, who eventually drove them out of their countries to float in the ocean on rafts.

  10. They do now, Alex, but they didn’t at that time.

  11. Erin’s new boyfriend is a Mexican. She thinks it’s funny to call him “her Mexican.” He doesn’t really seem very mexican to me. Doesn’t have that little barely there ‘stache and no sombrero.

  12. Wait, did you actually call him “boyfriend”? This is a big development on Lapeer Creek.

  13. Does he have a pickup truck with tiny wheels?

    An El Camino with the Virgin Mary painted on the hood?

    How is he related to Oso?


  15. “how is he related to Oso”….

    well played suh.

  16. Does he look mostly Spanish or does there appear to be a lot of Aztec in him?

    Based on my soaps, the latter dictates that he’s an unnamed character and will not survive more than a few episodes, particularly if he ever wears jeans and a flannel shirt.

  17. On the other hand, he may be back with a different hairstyle even if he does die once or twice.

  18. Boyfriend boyfriend?

    Wow. This seems like a big deal. What are the chances of him kicking the ever loving shit out of floppy hair?

  19. Put out a few Coronas and maybe a taco or something.

    That’ll smoke him out.

  20. Ask him if he’s a member of La Raza or MS-13.

  21. Using the information provided in the table and assuming the cash flows occur at a constant rate each year, calculate the discounted payback period for Project B.

    Discounted free cash flow @ 17%
    Initial outlay $11,000

    Cash flow year one – $5982.91
    year two – $2922.05
    Year three- $1873.11
    Year four – $1,067.30

    2.79 years

    3.21 years

    3.9 years

    4.21 years

    None of my numbers are jiving, because it doesn’t appear that this project is making shit for $$.

  22. Im at the laundromat, so I don’t have mu finance books or access to a computer.

  23. ased on my soaps, the latter dictates that he’s an unnamed character and will not survive more than a few episodes, particularly if he ever wears jeans and a flannel shirt.

    Ha ha ha …

    You guys are funny.

    He doesn’t really look “mexican”. I wouldn’t have known. He really needs something ethnic. Just sorta a nice tannish color, which really doesn’t indicate anything.

  24. Are there any hot chicks there?

  25. I’m pretty sure that Erin has the upper hand with floppy hair, and he doesn’t dare try anything. She smacked him down pretty well in the last few months.

  26. No hot chicks.

  27. QUestion 36 of 40.

  28. C

  29. When comparing ratios, remember that

    determining the firm’s true peers can be challenging.

    industry averages are a gold standard for performance.

    accounting practices are uniform.

    published peer groups and industry averages are scientifically derived.

  30. MJ, are you sure, or are you just fucking with me.

  31. I’m thinking the first answer “Determining the firms true peers can be challenging”

    But I obviously don’t really know. The other answers seem kind like bullshit to me. Accounting practices ARE uniform, but that doesn’t really mean that comparing ratios is relevant .

  32. if you don’t know the answer, it’s always C

  33. Ok, except for those two questions, I’m done.

  34. Agree.

  35. Alex, if you can get to those two questions at some point today, I can wait. Otherwise, I’ll just keep trying to figure them out.

  36. I think it’s accounting practices are uniform. The other answers are subjective.

  37. Alex, you agree with MJ? Or J’ames?

  38. With the choice of “determining peers is hard”

  39. YES. I’m going with that. I just don’t think accounting practices has much to do with it when you’re evaluating ratios. I mean, that’s assumed. If you’re trying to find meaning from the ratios.

    You know, because I’m a finance person now.

  40. Ok, I’m going to take another crack at the discounted payback period one. Ugh.

    I need to find my notes on that one.

  41. I’m going to need a cookie for this first.

  42. MJ, are you sure, or are you just fucking with me.
    I mean, do I have to answer that?

  43. Figured that one out and I got an 85%!!!!!

  44. Congratulations, Erin!

  45. I’d like to thank everyone, except MJ

  46. Why are you taking a final?

    How long have I been gone?

  47. You know those dreams where you’re back in school at age mumblety?

    Yeah, she’s living it.

  48. Watered the heck out of the lawn yesterday because we have had and are going to continue to have a string of 100+ degree days with no chance of rain in sight.

    Got woken up this morning by a huge rumble of thunder, followed by a couple of hours of rain.

  49. Erin’s stupid ass counselor signed her up for INTRO to Finance instead of HOME finance because she needed more credits. It was too late to change and there were consequences, so I took one for the team. It was basically a college course, and Erin had trouble with her HS math classes … soo …

    ou know those dreams where you’re back in school at age mumblety?

    Yeah, she’s living it.

    I basically had dreams all night about solving finance equations. ugh. I honestly did. It sucked.

  50. Comment by MJ on June 4, 2018 11:14 am
    Why are you taking a final?

    How long have I been gone?

    We’re all a dream a butterfly is having.

  51. Rain follows the car washing or lawn watering.

    It’s axiomatic!


    As soon as ninth-grader Eric Rollins walked into her morning social studies class sporting his MAGA hat, his teacher, 34-year-old Amanda Higgins, stepped up by immediately pulling him out into the hallway and telling him point-blank that she would no longer be meeting him in secret to have sex in the football field snack stand during study halls.

  53. Damn, I wish Car in was my mom.

    Seriously, I could have gotten 3 useless undergrad degrees if I could have outsourced the work.

  54. Something tells me Eric Rollins is rolling in poon anyhow, so he won’t miss her.

  55. I got some fertilized eggs from a friend. I’m going to try to hatch them. The birds are copper marens, so it will be kinda fun if this works.

  56. Well, that last comment could have gone in a totally different direction.

  57. J’ames – that kinda comment is why we can’t have nice things on this blog.

  58. We can’t have nice things on this blog because it is a shithole dump.

  59. Should I tell everyone about my recent cross fit experiences?

    [ ] Yes

    [ ] No

  60. Should I tell everyone about my recent cross fit experiences?

    [ xxxxxxxxxxxx ] Yes

    [ ] No

  61. Trick question, you’re going to tell us anyways.

  62. Does it involve a snatch?

  63. So, we don’t have to bake cakes or pizzas for MJ anymore.

  64. MJ, have you shared any recent baby pictures of MJr? Why not?

  65. I thought the crossfit contract required every participant to blog about their most recent experience or risk being ejected from the cult……I mean club!

  66. Yes, MJ is pretty much under contract to tell everyone about his recent crossfit experience. There’s a 200 burpee penalty if he doesn’t.

  67. Where the eff is Mare today?

  68. Took care of my chickens, collected all the eggs (and there were a LOT) cleaned the boxes, and put my fertilized eggs (SYWM) in – chicken went right back to sitting on them.

    Got about everything planted, weeded a lot. I need a few more things for my garden and then I’m good to go.

  69. This is pretty cool.

  70. I saw that, HS. I wouldn’t have made it that long. Guy supposedly caught the little sociopath keying cars.

  71. Happy birthday, Jana!

  72. MJ, have you shared any recent baby pictures of MJr? Why not?
    Not recently but I’ll put together something later this week. He’s in college now.

  73. I gave a bag of really nice butterhead and oakleaf lettuces to my sister and another to my MIL, mixed with baby spinach. Still more lettuce out there. I sowed some more today. And I harvested all the japanese turnips at once and split them up three ways too.

    Looks like the bush beans are germinating.
    And we’re less than a week away from sugarsnap peapalooza. And snowpeapalooza. I’m probably not gonna share the snowpeas with anybody. Just blanch and freeze.

  74. Hay delivery tonight. Was supposed to be 6, now 7pm.

    Roofer showed up to work for the day at the crack of 530pm.

  75. Well this is depressing.

  76. Speaking of fertilized eggs, how’s your mom?

  77. Car in, what are his familial names and what part of Mexico is his family from?

  78. That would be hilarious, if he’s a member of the Michigan Oso Clan.

  79. What are the big five Latino last names?


    I’m just guessing and forking around…..I may have to look it up now, I’m kinda curious

  80. Garcia.

  81. I really don’t know anything else about him.

  82. In NM, top names are Chavez, Garcia, and Martinez.

  83. It would be hilarious!!!

  84. TT, varies state by state, country by country.

  85. Mi familia is most recently from Chihuahua. By recent, I mean 1850s. Salcido and Chavez.

  86. Sherlock Homeslice

  87. Um, leon said “pole barn” twice at the very top of this poat, and none of you cracked the slightest bit wise about it.


  88. Wait- do you really have people in MI, Oso?

  89. Two family members graduated from Michigan. Ortiz. They are Go Blue assholes, live in NM.

  90. Place your bets–first time he meets Pay, does he call him “mang” or “holmes”? What does everybody got?

  91. This dude is as white as oso. Probility they’re related?

  92. Lauraw, I have Brady family members in MN and the Dakotas. I don’t know where they all went. I know Sheriff Brady married into a family of at least 8 sisters. Luceros. San Patricios from 1848 set the bar. Civil War was really goofy out here.

  93. Light skinned Garcia? Probs are high. Most Garcia people I know are Laguna Indians.

  94. Speaking of your mom, when does she go on work release?

  95. Not recently but I’ll put together something later this week.

  96. Heh, so Trump cancelled the Eagles visit to the White House

  97. Jay,
    You’re quoting CNN?
    Why give them the clicks?
    I don’t even go there when scanning the “NEWS”, as they’re bullshit…

  98. Your mom is the pole barn.

  99. I liked her derp and oh those eyes
    She left today oh goodbye
    And looking at you I’m drained outright
    And isolated in the light

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