1. There are two types of emus.

  2. Emus in the news


  4. Morning Jimbro. Ignore the sign.

  5. I’ve been working on a new project

    There’s been a few issues along the way

  6. That doggie looks like he needs a chew toy made from something abrasive. And cheese.

  7. I heard they are adding these to The Murph:

  8. Murph Coach: “And don’t forget to wear your cup men!”

  9. I heard they are adding these to The Murph:

    That is NOT how you perform the snatch.

  10. Why oh why did I sign up for the Tough Mudder? It’s overcast and 52.

    Or right. I’m stupid and lack judgement.

  11. New potential still hasn’t been booted. He was over for a long freaking time yesterday.

    I don’t have much to report, but apparently he’s quieter, hasn’t dated a lot (if any – certainly nothing serious), and isn’t a party type. No floppy hair, I don’t think, so that’s a positive. Quizzing folks at work (who know him through school) say he’s nice.

  12. Hope springs eternal

  13. I bet Leon could build a knock off of this beauty

  14. Can we call him “Super Associated “


  16. It’s overcast and 52.


    That sounds perfect for a race.

  17. I just got a flashback of Hillary walking onto the stage for the debate, with her usual smug stupidness and pointy finger, “Hey person in the audience that I’m surprised you’re here but we’re close friends!!!” acting like she knows the questions in advance and therefore will make Trump look unready.

    Oh, wait.

    And the fat, liar still lost.

  18. If you go to the NYT link in Ace’s cowbell post yesterday, definitely hit up the comments. A more miserable bunch of naysaying sourpusses you never saw! HAHAHAHAAA!

    Good economic news is like sand in their mouths. Hilarious.

  19. Holy Smokes, what a bunch of miserable people. There is no helping them. They will always be the turds in the punchbowl.

  20. I saw Turds in the Punchbowl open for Phish in 98.

  21. I will say it’s frustrating for me to hear the crazy crap especially the “This is Obama’s economy!11!”

    Hey, dipshit, Obama is the one who said:

    Obama referenced Trump’s promise to bring back jobs to the United States when talking about manufacturing.

    “How are you going to do that? What exactly are you going to do? There’s no answer to it,” Obama said.
    “He just says, ‘Well, I’m going to negotiate a better deal.’ Well, what, how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is, he doesn’t have an answer.”
    During a speech Wednesday, the president bashed one of the candidate’s central arguments that international trade and immigration have hurt American voters. He called Trump’s pledge to roll back Wall Street regulations “crazy.”

    “That will not help us win,” Obama said of Trump. “That is not going to make your lives better.”

    And yet, that is exactly what he did. Rolled back regulations, negotiated better deals, tax cuts for corporations and boom there you go. You know, common sense stuff.

  22. I saw Turds in the Punchbowl open for Corn in 78.

  23. I saw Corn in the Punchbowl open for Don’t Drink That in…wait, what

  24. So they’re saying it took 10yrs for Obama’s policies to help the people?
    Or is only 8? I’ll allow two yrs for Bama to get settled into office….

  25. I’ve been working on a new project…..

    There’s been a few issues along the way…..


  26. obama is a cunt as are NYT commentators.

  27. Heh. My buddy just stopped by. he says “wife told me I texted you last night, but I don’t remember it. What did we talk about”

    So I read him his texts: “text talk networking rightly good now.”
    After I told him I couldn’t understand, he responded:
    “Simple ship tomorrow in measurements.”

    The bad thing is, I pretty much understood the points he was trying to make.

    And he wants me to go do all at his s house today, I want to fish. Guess who’s Go ng to win

  28. The fish?

  29. Heh, Teresa!

  30. I did my graduate work at Eastern Michigan University. Their mascot was an eagle. They had changed it from the Hurons (local tribe, that didn’t actually complain about it) because racism. Not to Emus, though, Eagles.

    Talk about missed opportunities!

  31. No word yet regarding the San Antonio job, which makes me nervous.

    The Ohio folks called my references, but I’m hesitant to take that job, since I’d make about what I was making ten years ago.

  32. O hi O is pretty cheap to live in if you aren’t in Cincinnati, at least.

  33. In real terms, it would be a slight pay increase, because anywhere is cheaper than SoCal. In nominal terms, it would be a 20k per year pay cut, which sucks because I have debt that I’m trying to pay off as soon as possible.

  34. Understood. I’m at that point in my personal finances where I don’t expect my salary to go up much more in nominal dollars, but my only debt at this point is the mortgage on this place. The Comstock land – when it sells – should be enough to knock that down a lot, depending largely on whether that road ever gets the proposed sewer line. I’m hoping to be entirely debt free in another 10-15 years or so, but that’s going to be a hard road.

  35. I took a large loan out to cover my rent during grad school, had to take a few grand in student loans for the last semester, and have a small amount of credit card debt. If I play my cards correctly, and with a bit of luck, I could be debt free in about 18 months. The Ohio job sounds interesting, and putting in maybe three years could pay off down the road in terms of experience. But… I’m 36 this year. Time is no longer on my side. I don’t want to hit forty and have nothing to show for it but an entry-level job that I could have done at 30.

  36. Teresa was right.
    The fish won today. Fred is too lazy, Mike isn’t responding, Josh is too busy being a new dad…
    There’s always tomorrow, I guess.

  37. It’s overcast and 52.


    That sounds perfect for a race.

    For a run? YEs. But for the Tough Mudder, which gets you completely soaking wet w/in the first mile? not so much. There is lots of water involved. I don’t know how I survived.

  38. Ugh. Paul was watching something on the DVD this afternoon, and when it was over the channel that he had been on was running a documentary about John McCain’s life.

    What little we did see was repugnant, in that the overwhelming number of people who were rhapsodizing about him were Democrats – Kerry, Biden, Obama, George W., etc.

    I had thought that maybe he had finally kicked the bucket, but no such luck….

  39. I don’t know how I survived.

    Hate. Hate kept you warm. Hatred of all of us.

    Also, if you die before you pass your daughter’s final, she’ll be stuck at home for the rest of her life, and your basement will be continually infested with teenaged boys.

  40. I had to open the emu thing in Edge of all damn things. Why do all my decent browsers hate imgur gifs…

  41. Did anyone see Only The Brave? Has the lead from Whiplash in it, looks good.

  42. What little we did see was repugnant, in that the overwhelming number of people who were rhapsodizing about him were Democrats – Kerry, Biden, Obama, George W., etc.

    Huh. I know I’m a dirty backstabbing RINO traitor CUUUUUUUCK these days and all, but that George W. remark kinda surprises me.

  43. My opinion of any biography rapsodizing about a politician would be about the same.

  44. George W wasn’t a RINO. He was simply an old-school establishment conservative. He represented an era that has passed, especially with regards to how one should behave in the presidency.

  45. He’s part of the club that looks his nose down on the likes of trump

  46. “I know I’m a dirty backstabbing RINO traitor CUUUUUUUCK”


  47. old school conservative

  48. You ladies will love the “scenery” in Only The Brave. Doesn’t matter if the movie is good.

  49. George W has been less than gracious ever since Jeb! crashed and burned. He was quiet all through Obama’s reign, but ever since Trump won the election, he has been rather nasty.

    Not a good look on someone who was so magnificent after 9/11.

  50. W was not a great President, but I do believe that he’s a good man. A decent person in general.
    Sadly he’s aged like a cheap wine since he left office. Seems he holds a grudge like a twelve year old schoolgirl. It’s not a good look – especially on someone I used to respect.

  51. Lots of good people showing their asses re: Trump. Dubya isn’t alone.

  52. Your mom is a tough mudder.

  53. Oh, I think he is a good and decent man, too. Just needs to keep his mouth shut when it comes to politics. The last thing we need in this country is political dynasties.

  54. Unfortunately, we may be gearing up for the next dynasty.
    At the rate the Left is going, Ivanka could win in 2024. When will Baron be 34?

  55. The Bushes are part of the established political class. This class, Republican and Democrat alike, are expected to go through certain rituals before ascending to power. The right schools, business/non-profits, perhaps a short stint in the military, and then a string of lesser political positions. Trump skipped all that, and now Trump has demonstrated that the establishment doesn’t know nearly as much as they claimed about governance. It turns out that a real-estate mogul from NYC is better at picking judges than the people with law degrees from Harvard, better at improving the economy than MBAs from Yale, and better at foreign policy than the Ph.Ds in International Relations from Georgetown.

    Plus, much of the establishment class are a mix of libertarian/neoclassical on economic matters. Free-trade, open borders, etc. Trump is closer to a modern-day mercantilist. I suspect that a lot of people are scared that he’s going to prove that they were wrong all these years.

  56. Only the Brave? Absolutely heartbreaking, and beautiful ending.

  57. Jennifer Connelly and Miles Tellar are great, as are the others. Starts out eyerolling, but wow, what a finish.

  58. Shhhhh, J’Ames…you had me at Jennifer Connelly.

  59. Oh, she’s gorgeous in this one.

  60. I don’t movie.

  61. Oso movies enough for all of us.

  62. I think you’re all effing fools. All politicians are selfish, self-centered, attention whore assholes. The regulars are pissed Trump is getting shit done. It makes them look bad when they are doing NOTHING. Their job is to cater to the lobbyists providing them money, whores and PR.

    The only reason Trump is getting shit done is because he’s not one of the insiders. Let’s just hope he gets enough done before the DC scum corrupts him too.

    Look at Trey Goudy closely. The guy LOVES to question during congressional hearings…about 8-10 of them but has literally done nothing. He’s a poster boy for being a shit bag.

    My point? The Bush family were ***ts.

  63. Well shit, Alex said what I was thinking only with more class.

  64. You are an effing fool!

  65. I don’t know who said it about Gowdy, but I know it was said here.
    “All hat, no cattle” sums him up perfectly.

    There is a reason I have never been registered to any party – but I have voted in every election since my 18th B-day. From dog catcher to President, I vote. F the Dems, F the ‘pubs, F them all.

  66. I quit the GOP in 2016. I have since embraced nihilism as my political philosophy. It’s incredibly liberating. It’s also fun because since I’m an independent now, Democrats waste money on sending me election materials. I’m all, “Oh, yeah, I can throw that away for you.”

  67. I quit the GOP in 2016. I have since embraced nihilism as my political philosophy.

    I bet you also roll on shabbos.

  68. Will you come off it, Colex? You’re not even fucking Jewish, man.

  69. This is not ‘Nam, this is The Hostages. There are rules.

  70. You know, it occurs to me that it’s been entirely too long since I’ve seen that movie.

  71. My GOP registration remains out of (a) inertia and (b) spite.

    Of course my Quisling Rep Martha Roby is being primaried by several folks, including Bobby fucking Bright, who clearly assumes everyone forgets he was a Democrat when he had that seat before and is stupid enough not to recall he voted for Pelosi as Speaker, among other things. Which is why Roby was able to bounce his sorry ass in ’10. (Amazingly, he voted against Obamacare. He wasn’t a complete fool I guess.)

    Makes me want to get them all to have a debate somewhere than MOAB the joint.

  72. Shut the fuck up, Donny.

  73. We have the Rawlings roadshow at our Club. I just spent $54.98 on a $100 MSRP. The purse smells like a baseball mitt. Has baseball stitching. I’ve never spent that much money on a purse before. Buyers remorse. I’m taking it back. Really cool purse though!!!

  74. I’m in the business of living
    Yeah, that’s something I’d say
    All I need is a new derp
    I’m only five blocks away

  75. Good morning, children. Its a loverly day.

  76. I do not know what most of you are talking about. That makes 2 of us.

  77. I’m cooking broccoli because it’s great to stink the house up on a Sunday morning.

  78. Working on second coffee…getting my will up to put on some playclothes and go garden for a few hours before work.

  79. I watched Burt Reynolds’ latest film last night, “The Last Movie Star.” It was perhaps one of his best performances ever, a heartfelt masterpiece that any Burt or movie fans should make sure to see.

  80. I thought about gardening, but it just started raining. I need more coffee. I’m a tad sore today.

    And I have a final.

  81. I have a biohazard to clean up in the workshop basement, bathroom shower doors to remove, a leaking outdoor faucet to get a hose for, and Possum kept my wife up until 2am so she’s in a great mood.

    I’m hoping to get everything down to a single trip to the hardware store.

  82. A single trip?

  83. He’s setting himself up for failure with that.

  84. ONE TRIP.

    I already have bleach and ammonia and a rag mop, so that covers the biohazard (barn cats were in the garage at night for a month and half at my wife’s insistence, there are blue and fuzzy catpoops now and the wood shelf in the basement is covered in mildew). Hose is a single item. The bathroom remodel because she has HAD IT with the rolling glass shower doors is the one that require the most planning, because taking out the door frame will leave a hideous mess above the acrylic where it’s caulked straight to the wall.

  85. He’s setting himself up for failure with that.

    I set myself up for failure years ago.

  86. One trip just can’t be done. It’s unpossible.


    We’re gonna need everybody to send Leon our thoughts and prayers. He’s trying to only go to the hardware store once. That means he has to anticipate all the unpredictable shit that’s going to break/ be revealed to be rotted/ just happen somehow, while he’s fixing other shit. I think we can all appreciate the magnitude of this goal he has set for himself.

    *holds hands with my flying monkeys and bows head*

    *trying to beam good will to Leon*

    *feels it’s not working*

    You’re resisting man, just let it happen.

  88. I got the doors out and put them in the workshop. I could just leave the frame there forever.

  89. One of you jokers is praying that he’ll avoid more trips by lowering his standards. Cut it out.

  90. I’m gonna stick with the easy stuff and pray for world peace

  91. I’m putting my money on three trips.

  92. I’m not going anywhere. Wife’s taking a nap and I get to watch Dora.

  93. A hose to fix a leaking faucet?

  94. it’s a very slow leak, and I just want to drain it away from the house for now. I’ll fix it properly later when I have more time. I’d turn it off entirely but it’s the only water available in the back yard at the moment.

    Previous owners didn’t shut it off for winter while the house was vacant, that probably broke it.

  95. Car in, when were you planning to take the final?

  96. I’m going to the grocery store. What do you all need?

  97. Some shelled pistachios, a block of aged raw cheddar, and a half-pound of hard salami.

  98. I work at 4 so I don’t know if I have time right now. I need coffee, please and thank you.

  99. Some shelled pistachios, a block of aged raw cheddar, and a half-pound of hard salami.

    You’re out already? I just gave your mom a pound of hard salami last night.

  100. Ramen, box of pasta shells, block of velvetta, bag of doritoes, 12 pk diet pepsi, loaf of bread, peanut butter, strawberry jam, some bologna, pack of hotdogs, small bottle yellow mustard , almost forgot, breakfast….strawberry poptarts.

  101. The yield curve shows the relationship between years to maturity and the ________ of U.S. Treasury securities.

    term structure

    interest rate


    inflation rate

  102. Pretty sure it’s interest rate

  103. Interest Rate

  104. What is the first step in the capital budgeting process?

    Forecast the discounted cash flow associated with a potential capital project.

    Forecast the cash inflows and outflow associated with a potential capital project.

    Identify test markets and use surveys to determine potential costumer interest.

    Identify potential capital projects that fit the firm’s investment strategy.

  105. I’m better with the math questions

  106. Identify potential capital projects that fit the firm’s investment strategy.

  107. Which of the following contains both secured and unsecured short-term liabilities?

    line of credit, transaction loan, commercial paper, trade credit

    pledging accounts receivable, factoring, inventory loans

    commercial paper, line of credit, floating lien agreement, pledging accounts receivable

    accrued wages, accrued taxes, trade credit

  108. commercial paper, line of credit, floating lien agreement, pledging accounts receivable

  109. 16 of 40

  110. Finance blog

    I liked it better when we were a poop blog

  111. Car in, what happens now?

  112. now we dance

  113. No, I mean I have answered 16 out of 40 questions. lol

    My annuity calculators aren’t giving me any of the options here. I must be doing something wrong:

    What is the future value of a 10-year $1,000.00 annuity due at 6% interest?





  114. I’ll go do one of the questions while I’m on the shitter, if that would help Jimbro.

  115. 22 out of 40 . I haven’t answered the one up there I posted though … the math one. I can usually do those, but I must be doing something wrong.

  116. The important thing is the lesson you are teaching your child about academic honor.

    Also, the answers to these questions are probably on If not there, then definitely on, but you have to pay them.

  117. small boutique chooses to stock large artwork and sculpture, which consumes a lot of floor and wall space in an already cramped store. The owners turned down candle makers and a specialty stationery company—both of which are compact—in order to stock the artwork and sculpture. The consequences in cash flow following from the rejection of the candles and stationery is called a(n)

    financing cost.

    overhead cost.

    opportunity cost.

    sunk cost.

  118. $13,971.86

  119. Opportunity cost

  120. I’ve searched for answers and no they aren’t anywhere. And the Chegg this is too expensive. I ain’t doing that.

    And the lesson i’m teaching erin is that public schools really, really suck.

  121. I figured it was that number …

  122. for the annuity question, are you getting $13,180, not $13,971?

  123. On question 26!!

  124. Yes, that’s what I was getting. What did I do wrong?

  125. “Annuity Due” means that the payment comes at the beginning of the period, not the end, so the calculation is off (because you have a few extra months of interest). In excel, you use the function “=fv(.06,10,-1000,,1)”.

  126. I think now may be a good time for a break. Weight cost of capital question. I remember that being a pita.

  127. You should make Erin take a finance class after all of this is done.

  128. I figured that it was something like that.

  129. WACC sucks. Let me go find my class notes…

  130. I going to make her take the HOME finance course. Which is what I’m sure the counselor meant to enroll her in.

  131. LOL, Yea WACC, I remember it being a rather big page of me figuring, and trying to keep it all straight.

  132. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on June 3, 2018 12:22 pm
    I’m going to the grocery store. What do you all need?

    4 ribeye steaks, 2 pounds of shrimp shelled and deveined, 2 lobster tails, a rib roast, some fresh asparagus, and a ball of kitchen twine.

    You’re buying, right?

  133. It’s a graph, so of course, it won’t let me cut and paste. I may just go for a spin.

  134. If you’re going to take a break, I’m going to the store. Be back in thirty minutes.

  135. Take your time. I have to work in an hour and a half anyway.

  136. one trip to the hardware store, or peace in the middle east?

  137. I’m just hoping he doesn’t mix the bleach and ammonia. Or if he does, he gets good video of the resulting toxic cloud.


    Tesla sent a software update over the air and improved the model 3’s braking by 20 ft. The Tesla fanboys and technolibertarians are all atwitter. Everyone else is pointing out all the ways that this is horrifying. The thread on Insty is pretty good.

  139. Cmon, Wacha! No hitter going into the ninth.

  140. Bummer, I jinxed it.

  141. I’m doing vinegar first, the ammonia is the cavalry to be called only if the mold returns and it’s been at least a week.

    They only had chem gloves in men’s size large.

    That’s sizist.

  142. * does over-the-air update to Tesla autopilot to set max brake force to 1 millinewton*


  143. Did you get distracted by a cool end cap at the hardware store and forget something, leon?

  144. Blerg. Waiting for our flight in the Atlanta airport. Won’t get home until early tomorrow morning. Good show, but tiring as usual.

  145. I just saw those two words in the same sentence and flashed back to when I was a 19yr old punk new homeowner that didn’t know the difference. I accidentally made chlorine gas in my deep sink…

  146. Didn’t forget a thing, and Meijer had everything I needed for what I’m doing today.

    0 TRIPS.

  147. Dog head on foot. The pastrami could get burned.


  149. This is an incredible story.

    I’ve been saying for years they’re using secret tech to solve crimes and then hiding how they do it.

  150. Does anybody else have to try really really REALLY fucking hard not to give into the urge to be the bad guy once in a while? Because while I know that being good for the sake of being good is nourishing for my soul and all that jazz, my jealousy and self pity are just begging for me to unleash my inner dickhead.


  151. Yes I do, Sean.

  152. Every day.

  153. Glad it’s not just me.

  154. Thing is, I’ll bet we bite our tongue a lot more than the true assholes do.

  155. Quite often the only thing keeping me from saying my true thoughts is a professional code of conduct.

  156. Often enough to give me pause, but not so often that I start making serious plans to do so.

    I’d be a fantastic criminal if I wanted to be. I’d have gotten away with the Hacker scam mentioned above, if only because I already assumed Stingray existed.

  157. What I deal with is mild in comparison to the absolute bullshit Paula deals with in the ER. She comes home with stories and the bizarre antics of people never cease to amaze me.

  158. Multiple burner phones, Faraday cage phone carriers, Bitcoin and these babies and you’ll be all set

  159. Why use a cell phone at all? Skype from your VPN if you have to, make sure all your money is well laundered, avoid being too greedy, and walk away as soon as you can retire.

  160. He should have shifted tactics as soon as they had his scent, or pulled a similar scam in another country with a tax refund system, or just laid low for a few years and funneled the money into legitimate accounts carefully over that time.

  161. Is anyone else kinda turned on by Emily Blunt dressed up as Mary Poppins, or am I just a weirdo?

  162. Comment by leoncaruthers on June 3, 2018 9:11 pm
    He should have shifted tactics as soon as they had his scent, or pulled a similar scam in another country with a tax refund system, or just laid low for a few years and funneled the money into legitimate accounts carefully over that time.

    But he was so much smarter than all the rest of us. His plan was perfect!

  163. I have not seen this yet, Alex. Will check.


    Nope, it’s not just you.

  164. “Just a spoonful of KY…”

  165. Stingray doesn’t surprise me.

    In a few years we will learn 23andme is actually the FBI.

  166. Emily is quite fetching in most movies.

  167. It’s still Politico.

  168. While quite attractive, she’s still Emily Blunt. Another dumb Brit bint.

  169. Don’t fight it , Sean.

  170. Stingray was ‘old-school’. When it came to light here (Tacoma), the city-council was asked to approve an upgrade to ‘Hailstorm’. It was about $34k and they were WTF, O?
    That was because the original Stingray was “2G” and the cellular companies had killed their old 2g towers and were all 3g or 4g lte. If your phone showed “2G”, it meant you were near a Stingray and it was sucking data out of your phone.
    That’s when the WA governor (Insley) and AG got a law passed that the cops had to have a warrant.
    Prior to that they would just use it to find the ‘bad guys’ and not reveal how they found them.
    Every department that bought them from Harris Radio had to sign an NDA.
    The first rule of “Stingray Club” is that you can’t talk about “Stingray Club”…

  171. Did Car in finish her final?

  172. Hold on tight she wears the derp
    It’s got more stars than the sky
    It’s still forbidden to excuse
    That little look in your eye
    I was busted in my gut that time
    That time I said ‘I know it’s true’
    Why didn’t I ask?

  173. 10 minutes or so to MMM.

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