Memorial Day Military Muscular Motivation

Binge watching Band of Brothers today, in between household chores and basking in the sun on the back deck. I hope you all can take some time today and remember those who gave their all. I feel remarkably unqualified for a memorial day poat featuring fit women. Yet here we are.



Now, go do something or not.  Like I give a fuck.


  1. Awesome.

  2. Yeah, that last one was for Leon. I think she rooski and there are IDF girls in there too.

  3. My son did his first Murph today (had to do the pullups banded).

  4. Blonde girl at the beach is IDF, and young enough that I feel dirty looking at the picture. Not that I’m going to stop looking, mind you.

  5. This reminds me of Rosie.

  6. Someone pissed off lauraw.

  7. A hostage vacation.

  8. Murph with vest, but scaled the pull-ups to ring rows to save my hands for next Saturday’s tough mudder. 51 min flat. 86 degrees out . It was tough

  9. We had a huuuge turnout. Two other smaller gyms joined us

  10. It was 94 yesterday with a heat index of 506. More of the same today.

    The heat about kicked my ass just by watering my garden. Murph stuff would kill me within 5 minutes. Hats off to you, Car in.

  11. Stingrays are rather adorable.

  12. A hostage vacation.

    L to R

    Lauraw, CARin, Beasnes, Pup – shotgunning beers

  13. Something tells me the cute blonde with the braids is IDF.
    By something, I mean my loins.

  14. Heh. Great minds think alike, I guess. CoAlex already said it.

  15. I stand sit awkwardly with Israel!


  17. Lauraw, CARin, Beasnes, Pup – shotgunning beers

    HEY!! Damn dog….when I get up, my foot will be wearing your ass like a slipper.

  18. Pretty sure strangers are damn glad Lena hasn’t fucked any of them either.

  19. I ain’t hittin’ on shit today.
    Started raining (pouring) just after noon.
    Realized that I’m out of charcoal so I can’t grill.
    My buddy refuses to go fishing (lazy bastard).
    I ran out of bourbon. When I Ubered to the liquor store, they were out of my regular brand so I had to go up a shelf.
    I’m afraid to look at take-out menus or even open the fridge to see what’s for dinner.
    I’ll probably get food poisoning!

  20. OK, making a quick trash run before the storm hits. (Don’t laugh. Y’all in Michigan are getting this later this week.)

  21. You don’t need trash.

    You need bread and milk.




  25. I have consulted the fridge, freezer, my dog and the houseplants. We have decided that delivery is the only option left tonight. A gyro, hot garlic & parmesan wings, and stuffed jalapeños for dinner.
    I’m sure you were all waiting for that update.

  26. A gyro, hot garlic & parmesan wings, and stuffed jalapeños for dinner.

    Here, chi, I got you some dessert:

  27. Flan. Flan is what I want for dessert.
    My buddy took me to his local Messican joint the other day, and I got distracted by strong margaritas, so I forgot to order flan.
    I love me some flan and try to sample it wherever I go.

  28. Flan is a scam

  29. Go get a drink. Miss a goal.

    Why does that always happen?

  30. Flim-flammed by the flan scam.

  31. The Vegas Knights hockey stadium is impressive.

  32. Bread and milk I’m good on. Trash had to go though.

  33. Our trash gets picked up.

    It only costs about $500 per month.

  34. My trash collection is tied into my water bill. It’s the most expensive portionby far – ridonculous. Water is almost free in comparison.
    It’s the most complicated, convoluted water bill you’ve ever seen. Water sewer, storm water(?), trash, recycling, various taxes & fees that run onto a second page.
    I tested it once a few years back when I was basically living at a girlfriend’s house. I went the entire month without using a drop of water – my water bill was still over $100 just with city fees & taxes.

  35. Just got back from Deadpool 2. Very funny. Very raunchy, but funny.

  36. Home from work. Feel that I need to eat a small piece of cheese.

  37. “small piece” = “whole block”?

  38. And corn chips, yes. Many. Many-many.

  39. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I’m going to leave this here, in lieu of derp…

    Finally, the clouds have burned away,
    It’s been a pleasant almost-summer scene—
    All day long, a million grill fires leap,
    The stores have been dealing all weekend,
    Ice clinks in cold drinks, ballgames on TV.

    Just out of the eye’s reach at each of these
    There is a void, a space that would be
    Filled, yet stands empty—a band of many
    Thousands, stretching back through centuries,
    They brought this carefree holiday to you.

    Fourscore and more right here on our own soil
    And then, Over There, across the world
    In foul trenches, snow, jungle and desert heat.
    In Boxcars and Fortresses. Phantoms and Hueys,
    And on endless patrol beneath the seas.

    Here they stand, only in memory. In fact
    There, occupying precious little ground,
    An empire of green lawns dotted with stone,
    Whose legion marks no time, inheritors
    Of the sad, unsecret way of never growing old.

    Yes, this day is given us by row on row
    Of ghostly ranks—Enjoy each moment but
    Spare some for thanks that one you maybe never knew
    May rest until the day some other trumpet blows,
    Yet living in your heart shall never truly be alone.

  40. Thank you, Sean.

  41. Well put

  42. *looks for light under door

    wakey wakey

  43. I was basically immobile all day yesterday. Sunday was swimming in the sun and heat with Possum, and I was just exhausted the next morning. Fell asleep again after sunup, even.

  44. I just figured it out. Hunh. Leon is a corgi.

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