MMM 324: Still unpacking

But all of my office is finally in my office.

Johnson reveal imminent.


What is this in Freedom Units?


Perky for pizza.


Good quads.


She needs to pull those pants up.



I could get into cycling.


The drawstrings seem just a tad extraneous.


Old school motivation.


And the week begins for one and all.


  1. Mini-me raised over $500 with her bake sale for the local pro-life/crisis pregnancy center. She was so happy and kept thanking me for all the help. Totally worth falling off the low carb diet this weekend. Back to it today.

  2. I’m low carbing pretty well at the moment, and vegan so far today.

  3. I put cream in my coffee first thing, so no vegan for me.

  4. $500 from a bake sale is amazing. Strong work Mini-me!

  5. That is one heck of a bake sale.

  6. Hillary used a Russian fur hat as a prop when she gave her commencement speech at Yale. When will Americans realize she’s now our crazy old aunt?

  7. What Jimbro said, $500???? Well done, Mini Me!!

  8. Good job mini me!! wakey wakey

  9. Great bake sale!

    OK, that’s as awake as I am…

  10. Matt was at a festival yesterday to see Tool and got a fucking crowdsurfer thrown on him and his girlfriend. He blacked out and the two of them ended up in the med tent.

    He said the crowd was filled with assholes. That’s why I don’t like festivals.

  11. Great way to get a horrible injury, Carin. Glad he’s okay.

  12. People are stupid. Crowdsurfers aren’t there to listen to the music and should be ejected.

  13. A few surfer stabbings would get rid of that.

  14. Old School looks like a dancer.

    Monday is upon us…

  15. Bleh. Morning.

  16. Can someone explain to Oschi that the chickens don’t really like it when she “plays” with them.

  17. Old School looks like a dancer.

    It should, she’s Cyd Charisse.

  18. Just wait until she learns how tasty they are.

  19. How many times has Michael Dyson called Jordan Petersen a mean white man today?

  20. The world is sadly lacking in mean white men these days. Too many of them are sniveling connivers or wussified omegas.

    And anyone perceiving Peterson as “mean” is a complete and total pussy. The man is as gentle a debater as you’d ever find. “Mean” = “I’m outclassed and losing the argument”. It’s the same as “racist”.

  21. that’s how Dyson fights.

  22. Use big words and guilt. He must be a PhD, because that MO is familiar.

  23. that’s how Dyson fights.

    People should just wear shirts that say “mean white racist” when they talk to him on camera and save him some time.

  24. The above would be especially funny if Stacey Dash did it.

  25. Stroh’s is back!

    Looks like they started brewing IPAs and such, too.

  26. Morning, weiner faces.

  27. MWM Privelage Foh EVAH!

    “You’re a mean white man.” YES I AM, and it would probably behoove you to keep that in mind when addressing me you petty racist fuck.


  29. We used to get Stroh’s beer balls back in college. For some reason there was only Stroh’s or Genesee Cream Ale in the beer ball format. One of my peers did the math on the equivalent beer by volume in the beer ball versus buying bottles and it worked out favorably for the ball o’ beer.

  30. Is Dyson the vacuum cleaner dude?

    If so, that would suck.

  31. Let me know if they start making ice cream again.

  32. I did try one of the new Stroh’s beers about 2 months back. It wasn’t bad!

  33. I lived really close to the brewery growing up and could see the HUGE lettering/ sign on the top of the square building from my bedroom window. That big street is Gratiot, and that was a block away (plus a little bit) from where I grew up in Lafayette Park.

  34. Will the media continue to cover the ‘animals’ brouhaha, now that Trump is trying to use it as a message medium? We shall see, but I doubt it. They’ll ignore, is my guess.

  35. Now the Pope says it’s okay to be queer.

    MJ, that should be good news for you, right?

  36. Pretty sure that’s what someone’s saying he said, as usual, but do you have a cite for that?

  37. I mean, this is the same guy who called gay marriage a satanic invention.

  38. wait what, leon? That isn’t what I’ve taken from this pope.

  39. Does this mean it would surprise you if he actually did say this?

  40. I’m happy for MJ.

  41. Please, keep discussing MS-13. The more it gets discussed, the easier time Trump will have to declare them an armed invasion and send troops after them.

  42. So, a third-hand report about a conversation that could easily be interpreted plenty of other ways that align more closely with Catholic doctrine? Par for the course.

  43. Does this mean it would surprise you if he actually did say this?

    Yes, actually. He’s pastorally inclined to lead with the love toward everyone. but he’s been very consistent on saying that homosexual behavior remains a sin and shouldn’t be engaged in or supported by gay “marriage” laws.

  44. Middle of last week the weatherman said there’d be rain thru Friday and then sunny days for the weekend.

    So, rain/storms have been rolling through ever since. Today is overcast with possible storms. The summer is supposed to dry heat with drought. Nice.

  45. Looks like our bout of rain is just hitting Michigan.

  46. I love when Trump opens the meeting to the press. He gets the Dems on tape supporting Hamas, MS13, open borders, banning weapons, raising taxes, etc.

    In NM, at least for the primaries, the Dems are going with a full left/anti Trump platform. Banning guns, only wind energy, open borders, full socialized medicine. Hopefully it won’t turn out well for them.

  47. Everything is anti-Trump in Iowa, too. Full court press for Planned Parenthood and cutting tax cuts (is that possible?)

  48. That seems to be the trend this cycle Pepe. I’m seeing it around here too. Who can out-progressive the next guy or girl?

  49. Gov, house and senate are all GOP now, so everything is horrible in Iowa, as you can imagine. tied with WI for lowest unemployment (2.8%), surplus in spending, etc. Just terrible.

    Our schools don’t get enough money (fully funded is now a keyword). Fetal heartbeat bill is killing thousands before it’s implementation.

    Can’t wait to spend more money. Branstad (the old gov) is now the ambassador to China (heard about China buying more ag products yet? You will, Trump tweeted it). The new gov is lackluster compared to Branstad’s record, but she (yes, the first woman gov in Iowa history, from the party of misogynism) is catching on. Started putting out more ads.

  50. MJ, that should be good news for you, right?
    I think he’s pitching to a certain audience, IYKWIMAITYD.

  51. Membership drive or recruiting new clergymen?

  52. 12

  53. 42

  54. 17 and that’ my final offer

  55. 17

  56. I see it’s time to transition the comments to Puns.

  57. 80s music day for me. I’d forgotten what a smokeshow Rebecca De Mornay was.

  58. She’s a lot hotter in Risky Business.

  59. Just linking what reminded me of her, Jay. Her Risky Business role was definitive and life-changing.

  60. just sayin, leon!

    *goes back to looking for puns

  61. I like Sara, too. I have to put that in my 80’s rotation, too.

  62. I think Scott is really onto something with the nettles.



  64. Pfft … nettles!


    It’s obviously male white privilege

  65. You have to own a plantation to harvest nettles. SCIENCE!

  66. Heh, if you want to know what the left is doing, just observe what they are accusing the right of:

    How many people believe that the NRA is funded by the govt? And don’t know that Planned Parenthood actually is, and that is one of the main issues that the right is pissed about?

  67. What happened, Car in?

  68. Conversation at the store this afternoon:

    Me – can you put those in another bag? (bread and chips)

    Her – Oh, I’m just putting these on top of your eggs, is that okay?

    Me – No, I prefer the salmonella to stay on the eggs.

    She finishes bagging and walks off without putting the rest of my bags in my cart. Ooookay.

    WTF. Do they not teach anyone about food safety and cross contamination anymore?

  69. *when germophobes go shopping


  70. Salmonella from putting bagged food on top of an egg carton?

    You’re kidding, right?

  71. I understand.

  72. Leaving a few bags out of the cart and walking away is a passive-aggressive move, beasn. They should have put the rest of the bags in the cart and told you directly to your face that you’re insane.

  73. Eggs get cracked in cartons. Egg goo and possible bacteria gets on other cartons. Putting my bread on top of the egg carton can get on my bread bag. When I open the bread bag, to make a sammich, I can transfer possible bacterias on the bag, into said sammich.

    Cross contamination. Even Walmart makes those who work in their deli/bakery test out on it.

    Voila, now I have a temperature and an oozing ass.

    Everyone who has suffered from a food borne illness sure wishes they had people like me handling their foodies.

  74. They should have put the rest of the bags in the cart and told you directly to your face that you’re insane.

    At least she didn’t put the cans or potatoes on top of my bread like the old guys do.

  75. Remember back when Jack in the Box was killing people with ecoli because they would undercook their burgers?

    I worked there for a summer or two for college money…..on the grill. I didn’t like that the meat was still pink when the timer went off and always added a minute or two. Mostly because I didn’t care for the food safety practices or hygiend of some of my coworkers. I never gave anyone diarrhea or death with my Jumbo Jacks.

  76. The chance of the egg carrying the bacteria in the first place is nearly nil anymore unless your farmer has a pet iguana and you bought them off the side of the road.

  77. besansnsnsn, are you prone to psychosomatic illness?


    *fricken fast*

  78. * remembers Beasnsnsnsn is stuck on the toilet, slows down…but just a little*

  79. mare, I have digestive issues and an irritable gut. I don’t need a bacterium to f*ck me worse than I already am.

    * remembers Beasnsnsnsn is stuck on the toilet

    You have no idea. Spring has finally sprung which means cross reactivity between food and pollens…..up my ass. Today was not a good day.

  80. I know a guy who used to complain that he would often get sick after eating steaks he grilled..

    Me…Are using the same tray to carry the cooked meat back to the house?

    Him…Of course. Why?

  81. leon, I’m not going to take that chance knowing the IQ, hygiene, don’t give a fuck attitude, of a lot of people isn’t much above that of an iguana.

    Sit in the restroom of an eating establishment and count how many workers wash their hands after touching their asses. Think it’s any better where eggs are processed or chickens butchered?

  82. Me…Are using the same tray to carry the cooked meat back to the house?

    Ding ding.

    My daughter stopped buying her lunch at school when she saw a lunch lady picking at her head/ears/face…while wearing the gloves she is supposed to wear for the student’s protection.

  83. What happened, Car in?

    SHoulder has been bugging me. Took some nettles. Pain is GONE.


  85. “Pain is GONE.”


    If you had allergies you may see a difference there too.

    Mine are almost gone.

  86. LOL…St. Louis Circuit Atty has been barred from any involvement in future Greitens case if refiled.

  87. Years of eating raw eggs did me no harm whatsoever, let alone bagging my bread with them back when I ate it.

    And who goes to restaurants? You’re basically signing up for a poisoning.

  88. Beasn, when cooking burgers on the grill, do you run inside to wash the spatula between flips like I do?

  89. You just know those chickens never wash their hands after touching their asses

  90. I’m amazed that I haven’t died from eating yet. Oh yeah, it’s because we ate dirt when I was little, and I built up a resistance.

    Nothing like a good mud pie.

  91. beasn needs sous vide. Pasteurization is your friend. sous vide food is practically sterile.

  92. Car in, what brand did you buy?

  93. Comment by Jimbro on May 21, 2018 10:15 am

    We used to get Stroh’s beer balls back in college.

    Is that like whiskey dick?

  94. I’ve got a mole on my hand

  95. BOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  96. I don’t get it. But it’s probably some computer bullshit, or math, or sumpin’.

  97. Nature’s way off of amazon.

  98. Beer Balls are the yeasty equivalent of Whiskey Dick—beer-ball-had-it-all

  99. just remember avocado’s number

  100. First you get beer goggles, then you get beer balls.

  101. Hotspur went to school before chemistry was invented.

  102. First you get beer goggles, then you get beer balls.

    Then you get the power and then you get the weemin?

  103. Hotspur went to school before chemistry was invented.

    Back then everything was “Transmute this other thing into gold or GTFO.”

  104. Actually had a pretty nice b-day this year. A good lunch & beers with an old friend, a lovely visit & card from Mom, I treated myself to a better than bottom shelf bottle of bourbon, and played with the doggeh.

    Then I washed all his snot marks off the picture window so I could relax and actually see the bird feeder station again. That thing has become quite busy the last few days. Plenty of variety (the nuthatches finally arrived) and action, and I was treated to two firsts – I first bluebird I’ve seen in my yard and definitely the first oriole I’ve ever seen.
    I named him Dalton, because I thought he’d be bigger.

  105. Was your birthday today, chi? Congrats on not dying for another year.

  106. Yep, Sean. I tried to post a meme, but it must’ve been sent to the dumpster.

    And I don’t know how to post just a pic from my folders.

  107. Fished it out of the bucket for you. Happy birfday.

  108. Happy birthday, chichi

  109. Happy birthday, chi!

  110. Thanks, J’ames (I was in the middle of typing that when a friend called to beat the clock).
    Thanks, Roamy.
    I don’t have any cake, but I might make some biscuits to slather in butter and honey. Hmmm…

  111. Dang it, best friend lost his job through no fault of his own, company’s new owners are idiots.

    Life wouldn’t suck so much if I only had my own problems to deal with.

  112. Oh, but I’m just derp enough to try
    To keep you in my life
    For a little while longer
    And I’m insane enough to think
    I’m gonna get out with my skin
    And start my life again

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