Royal Weiner Wedding Post

Some cats and dogs will be walking down the aisle today so I thought we should commemorate the occasion in our own special way.



Proposal pics



Making the arrangements


Hard to find just the right wedding cake


Worst. Bachelor. Party. Ever.


Scenes from the bachelorette party


Rather than throwing rice the British people have a different tradition


Wedding night gif captured by the paparazzi


Ah, I hope it all works out for the happy couple and they have many children who will fill the tabloids with stories of their excesses for years to come. Hopefully Harry chose right and didn’t stick his dick in crazy.





  1. Speaking of pork …

  2. From old poat:
    I’m okay being dissed for watching it. It’s a soap opera. Looking forward to seeing Windsor Castle in person, been reading the history of the place. Couldn’t care less about Elton John, George Clooney, Oprah, or Spice Girls.

    Likes: pretty dress, elegant and simple. Loved the veil embroidered with flowers from all 53 of the British countries. Prince Philip looking a little rough but standing tall beside Queen Elizabeth. Cute kids for bridesmaids and page boys. The proper British choir singing.

    Dislikes: whoever was strangling a cat at the beginning. The revival preacher going on WAY too long. The gospel choir singing “Stand By Me”.

  3. Ants harvesting secretions news

  4. I was going to watch it on Fox News but for Shepard Smith. What a git.

  5. As we tried to watch local news this morning we saw a few people being interviewed who were obviously chosen for their exuberant feelings about the day. On the guide I saw most of my usual haunts for news with 4+ hours dedicated to coverage. I’m pretty sure they could wrap it all up, including the interesting things Roamy mentions, in about one hour.

  6. My stepmother wants me to pick up a Harry/Meghan souvenir, like a T-shirt. Meh.

  7. Comment by mare on May 19, 2018 9:31 am
    Roamy, I was really just trying to make a joke about the weird Shep Smith. I was fricken glued to the set when Charles and Diana got married. And you are not an average housewife…I am!

  8. Roamy, please get me a royal wedding memorial vuvuzela. Thanks in advance.

  9. WAIT-no. Backscratcher. Way more useful than a vuvuzela. With Harry’s face on one side and his future ex-wife’s face on the other.


  10. I would like a Royal Wedding plunger. TYIA

  11. Roamy, please get me a royal wedding memorial vuvuzela.

    Will do. If not, will a royal toilet paper holder do?

  12. Oh, I forgot, the cello player was awesome.

  13. Thanks for poating Jimbrofus. Hey, our pal bought an auction for some surgical tools, a couple of posts downpage. Might be relevant to your interests.

    I like Prince Harry. I wish him well but my invitation must of got lost.

  14. I like Prince Harry too, because he’s so obviously James Hewitt’s son and not Charles’, ha ha ha. It’s hilarious.

  15. I cannot imagine why anyone would be interested in anything “Royal.”

  16. Maybe not James Hewitt’s son

  17. In that one pic, at an angle, with the beard. If you look at more old photos of Prince Philip, nope.

  18. Huh. tried to automatically renew my membership. It was declined because I used a virtual credit card number for it. I think I would have liked a notice beforehand.

    I want to help conservative news sources, just leery of getting burned by the likes of CRTV and of them being targets of hackers.

  19. That was cool Pupster. Definitely my tools lol. I couldn’t resist commenting. I’ve bought scissors off of eBay before but have resisted buying other stuff that has tempted me.

  20. FB friend pointed out today is also the anniversary of Anne Boleyn being beheaded.

  21. Dislikes: whoever was strangling a cat at the beginning. The revival preacher going on WAY too long. The gospel choir singing “Stand By Me”.
    Pat was watching it when I got up. He pretty much made the same comment about the revival preacher, and I was there for the horrible “Stand by Me.” We turned it off when Shep started talking.

  22. If Roamy is picking up royal wedding souvenirs, I’d like a teaspoon and a shot glass.

  23. Ha ha haaaaaaa … my mom linked the black revival preacher’s bit in the royal wedding. You know, in case you missed it, or once was not enough.

  24. Roamy, if you see one,

  25. H BAA HAAAAA HAAAA … it gets worse. She also linked to the STAND BY ME.

    I didn’t hear the preacher – but I did hear the boring, and sorta trite – “stand by me”.

    Hey libs. It’s called pandering. And you’re doing it.

  26. Oh, I’m going to want one of those yeast things too.


  28. I’m sure this is totally legit

  29. I didn’t care so much for the dress, but I did like her crown and veil. Like the little kids, too.

  30. This is pretty funny.

  31. Paperdolls? See, I wouldn’t mind the paperdolls.

  32. Kid-in-need-of-a-haircut nevertheless has a good soul

  33. Car in, does your mom see the stuff you post? If so, does she respond to any of them…like….the dead palis scratching their nose.

  34. I don’t know how you deal with her, but after talking to my mom I’m anxious for days.

  35. Not sure I buy the conclusion, but I do buy the part about the set-up.

  36. Car in, does your mom see the stuff you post? If so, does she respond to any of them…like….the dead palis scratching their nose.

    who knows. She doesn’t respond.

  37. Here’s the thing. I believe Obama was really very jealous of Putin, regarding how he always retains power no matter what his actual title is, and he wants that kind of life.

    He’s still trying to run the place, along with the Clintons, through his hires that are still infesting office.

  38. Just returned from my grandson’s college graduation. He done good.

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  40. Food Network show “The Kitchen” just made the most disgusting drink I’ve ever seen, and that includes ones with kale. It was a “Verde Maria” and was supposed to be a green version of a Bloody Mary. It had juiced tomatillos, cucumbers (with the skin on), dill pickle brine, cilantro, gin, green hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and horseradish. Mini-me and I laughed our asses off at the bad blending job (you could see the cilantro stems and big chunks of leaves) and the hosts trying to keep smiling after drinking.

    It wasn’t Kwanzaa cake level of bad, but it was close.

  41. LOL, just checked on my MIL. She said she had to get up and pee early this morning and turned on the teevee because she remembered the wedding was today. Was only going to watch for a few minutes and then get in more snoozes but then got caught up ’cause she wanted to see this and then that. Three hours later……she made herself turn the coverage off to take her shower.

    She loves that stuff.

  42. New neighbor is some sort of landscape designer.

    He brought home a backhoe and opened a can of whoopass.

    It looks completely different out there.

  43. If money was no object I’d let a landscaper whoopass here. So many annoying features I’d like to erase around the yard.

  44. I will probably be hiring him to do stuff here. I’ve been checking out pictures of some of the stone patios he has built. Simply amazing.

  45. I’m watching footage of the wedding on Youtube. They’re showing shots of the guests waiting for it to start. How many would we need to sample to get a full set of teef?

  46. Question for the tech savvy and not so tech savvy people:

    What browser are you using now? I’ve been using Pale Moon, but evidently it sold or something. It’s big, fat, and slow, and they have a huge update every couple of weeks.

    Non-windows browsers are out, I don’t want to learn Ubuntu or whatever.


  47. I’ve got Opera. Don’t care so much for it but am too lazy to do anything about it.

  48. Oh man, I love this tiny house but $99.9K? Needs a porch with a couple of rockers.

  49. if Ethan wasn’t raving about deadpool 2 he probably hasn’t seen enough bad marvel movies to appreciate the satire. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. highly recommended!

  50. He said it was as good as the first. He liked it.

  51. He said it was pretty funny.

  52. Dropped Erin off at friends house for pre-prom pictures. She’s with a friend (female).

    Pat asked the question – “Is Cole going?”



    so, Pat’s on alert, but Ethan says Erin hates him. We’re not convinced. The girl Erin is going with works with Cole and was one of the people trying to get her to listen to him/give him another chance.

  53. sounded like he was meh on it. guess it was teenager meh.

  54. the credits are a scream.

  55. cole = flippy hair right?

  56. Who the fucks Cole?

  57. Cole is floppy-hair mcunironedshirt von douchebag.

  58. i use 64 bit pale moon but its a memory hog. have to testart it all the time.

  59. pale moon killed it. I mooned the blog

  60. So Megan Markles is a SJW. Just saw a thingie about her on ‘Inside Edition’. At age 11, she had the weasel words down pat.

  61. I wonder if he ironed his shirt this time?

  62. Yea, Megan wanted to invite the Obamas. So, yep. The royal family has that SJW thing going around.

  63. So, Meghan Markles is a cunt?

  64. Probably. I mean, she probably picked “Stand by me”. @@

    I’m thinking she’s about as deep as a puddle.

  65. Agreed. ^^

  66. Her sum value to the world thus far was being a hottie on Suits, and she wasn’t even the hottest chick on it.


  68. The aging ginger on Suits was hotter.

  69. Haha, kitty wanted Chablis!

  70. meh, he’s British, probably never met some prime American ladies.

    He should have dated Anne Coulter.

  71. View at

  72. The aging ginger on Suits was hotter.




  75. The aging ginger on Suits was hotter.

  76. Cray cray.

  77. “… aging ginger”

    She was born in ’72 so around 48?

    Those titties aren’t aging, tell you what!

  78. She has a hell of a surgeon.

  79. And she’d be 45-46.

  80. Hotspur, or MJ?

  81. so, Pat’s on alert, but Ethan says Erin hates him. We’re not convinced. The girl Erin is going with works with Cole and was one of the people trying to get her to listen to him/give him another chance.

    Haha, hated is a good place to be. He’ll get under her skin, until she’s thinking about him constantly.

  82. What.

  83. Saturday night is my new favorite TV night.
    Found a rabbit-ear channel airing two episodes of Columbo followed by two episodes of Rockford Files. Now, if they just started showing Vega$ reruns, I wouldn’t leave the couch except to get my delivery pizza and a cold beer.

  84. mmm delivery pizza

  85. Delivery pizza is a scam.

  86. Only Dominos.

  87. Yea, we’re gonna need a prom update.

  88. Seriously, I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find the prom scores posted.

  89. Heh, we probably don’t want to post about scoring at prom.


  91. Such strange ways to show who we are, what you know
    Put the derp back in your heart
    Let’s try forgiveness no self-deception
    Little less reaction, little more reflection

  92. You guys are cray cray.

    After prom, they came here, and there were just a few people . It wasn’t crazy.

    I’m hoping the score was 0-0

  93. How many beer seeds ended up on Carin’s lawn?

  94. It can’t end in tie.

  95. None.

    floppy hair had an after party, and I think the rowdy kids went there. Erin’s die-hard fans came over (snowflake – which is a bold move because he’s really good friends with floppy hair).

    So, fewer crazy people. The ones with a mission went to the “party”.

  96. It can’t end in tie.

    Ha ha ha … Ok, then I’m chalking it up as a win?

  97. Did the rapture happen?

  98. no score makes this like a soccer game. no wonder no one is watching.

  99. no score makes this like a soccer game. no wonder no one is watching.

    Well, Erin is very good at soccer.

  100. It looks like the Santa Fe HS shooter was aggressively pursuing a girl and the week before she embarrassed him in front of a class. She was one of the victims.

  101. *click*


  102. What a little f*cker.

  103. So if a creeper guy is aggressively pursuing you, how do you cut him off without becoming a victim of his wrath?

    Used to be you brother would go kick his ass.

  104. Well you don’t embarrass him in the presence of a large part of his peer group, but just because that’s really mean.

    Was he on any prescription drugs, too?

  105. Everyone is doing the “He was a nice quiet guy and no one ever bullied him” dance right now. We’ll see how that plays out.

  106. The girl, Shana Fisher, was the first one he murdered.

    This creepy fucker had all the signs, too – social media pages with pics of guns & knives and get this… Animal torture.

  107. Weird kid, somewhat smart, tries to fit in by playing sports, messed up home life (apparently his parents were divorced and he lived in a trailer with mom).

  108. Well you don’t embarrass him in the presence of a large part of his peer group, but just because that’s really mean.

    Did she do it purposefully? Or was it something like one of those public marriage proposals where the gal didn’t see it coming and it’s up on the Jumbotron.

  109. Royal wedding on PBS RIGHT NOW!

    Didn’t care for the Episcopalian bishop.

    And what is the hell up with Amal Clooney’s mustard colored dress/hat. It is hideous.

    Lort…just no to the Stand by Me.

  110. No clue. My interpretation is that he kept pestering her until she finally blew up in public, maybe insulting him in front of the classroom.

  111. Michael Dyson is a cunt. Jordan Peterson shoulda smacked him in the mouth.

  112. I wanted to hear more Peterson, but that dumb broad wouldn’t shut up and wouldn’t make a point.

  113. Dyson had nothing other than ad hominem attacks and rambling nonsense. Loser.

  114. Good to see Trump going on the offense

  115. Fecal matter, meet rotary impeller.

  116. You would think the DOJ under Sessions, would be looking into that already. Derp.

  117. Car in, do you get Netflix? You may find this interesting.

    “Guitar greats Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White discuss their own musical histories and styles, eventually meeting up to play each others’ songs.”

  118. Watched it last night with the husband. I’m not into music that much and I found it interesting.

  119. Yep. Cunt.

    “The US former actress received her own web page on the official website just hours after her sensational wedding, which proclaimed her pride at being a feminist, soup kitchen volunteer and social justice campaigner.

    The page, which confirms she will now carry out royal duties in support of the Queen, includes her famous quote from a United Nations conference in New York in 2015, when she said: ‘I am proud to be a woman and a feminist.’

  120. E.T. had the wedding coverage and at one point spoke to Diana’s psychic. Psychic said she got nothing but good vibes from William and Kate’s marriage but negative ones from Harry’s. Said Meghan is all about the trappings of being ‘royal’ and will break his heart in the end.

    I raffed and raffed.

  121. Apropos to nothing, at some point in the last couple of days an anole got into the apartment (small lizards that change color like chameleons). I’ve decided to let it stay, as it presumably will chow down on the various flying insects which have also snuck in over time. So, good times.

  122. Missed the Royal Wedding. Loved people harassing Billy Idol on Twitter. Sitting around in chones watching hockey. I was 27 when we married in 1990. Yesterday, I have been a Gorton longer than I was a Porter. My nephew graduated from Georgetown Law today. I don’t have a relationship with him, because of the way his parents treated my parents. Freaked me out that he wanted to have lunch with Dan and I last time we were in Vegas.

  123. Oso, congratulations to you and Dan on 28 years of marriage!

  124. A lifetime ago, I used to keep anoles. Little bastards were better escape artists than Houdini.
    I eventually just let them have the run of the house. Never saw another moth or fly. Every once in a while, one would show up just hanging out on the wall or TV set.

  125. Thanks. We are more cell mates than soul mates.

  126. Branding today. Lots of help, so it went pretty smooth. Roping and dragging is a lot easier and faster when you have people who know what they’re doing.

  127. Branding today. Lots of help, so it went pretty smooth. Roping and dragging is a lot easier and faster when you have people who know what they’re doing.

    When did you start up a self-help/sex-cult?

  128. Yesterday, I have been a Gorton longer than I was a Porter.

    One of the coolest, nerdiest gifts Mr. RFH has ever given me was a double-heart niobium charm on a silver necklace. I had made a comment about being married to him for half my life, so he looked up half-lives of various elements and isotopes and settled on niobium as the closest. (Strontium would not be a good idea.) They are on Etsy.

  129. Roamy, I love you. 🤓

  130. Unfortunately no sex cult activity.

  131. Roamy ♥ Oso.

  132. Congratulations, Oso and Dan!

  133. Why do young people think out is okay to watch a tv show on their phone, in the lunch room? With the volume on? I came here to get off the floor for break time, ie peace and quiet, didn’t come here to listen to your frickin’ show.
    Bad enough, but it also sounds like some expletive-fest youtube channel.

  134. Do you buy gifts and let your significant other figure it out, or do you tell them up front?

  135. *sneaks into blog, hoping laura’s wrath is still focused elsewhere*

  136. After 32 years, we buy our own, Jay. Or he’ll buy something he needs, like a mower or tractor and I’ll say ‘Happy Birthday!’.

  137. You know you are old when a good weekend consists of more than 10 loads of laundry cleaned and put away.

  138. Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, Pups, but there was a week not too long ago where I realized the two things I was looking forward to the most were a trip to the barbershop and trying out a new kind of toothpaste I’d bought. I feel you.

  139. Are you coming to Wiserpaloozah, Sean?

  140. Don’t do it, Sean. It’s a trap. They’re gonna brand you with Laura and Pupster’s initials.

  141. Banglar mosquito hatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No mosquitoes this year, until today, Holy crap.

    Mosquito Magnet has been deployed.
    Tomorrow I’ll empty a couple cans of skeeter killing juice.

  142. Probably not, Puppeh. I just now found out about it because I never check that email address and my boss is moving this summer, so scheduling time off before he does that probably isn’t gonna work out.

  143. More clams for me.

  144. Somehow, in the space of twenty minutes, while lying on my bed, I have managed to lose my glasses.

  145. Looks like one of those fun family portraits

  146. I suppose we could mail you some clams.

  147. Beware of mail-order clams. Especially ones from Eastern Europe.

  148. The trouble with mailing clams is that the stamps keep falling off.

  149. Have you tried staples?

  150. I suppose we could mail you some clams.

    Just have the mosquitoes fly them over. Like a cheap version of an Amazon drone.


    Former inmate has life turned around listening to Rush. Calls the show.

    Start at about 59:00 minutes. Good call.

  152. 26-year-old-former-prison-inmate-blows-rush


  153. Staples won’t stick, either, no matter how much you lick them.

    *swishes with bactine*


  154. Man, I have a feeling I’m gonna pay for that. Dearly.

    *closes blinds*


  155. man why you up so late

  156. Heh. That was at 9:30 out here on the west coast. It’s 12:45 here now. Truth is, staying up way too late is one of the few bad habits I never broke from my drinking days. Gonna do the derp now, wash some dishes, and go to bed.

  157. Well, you’ve got your diamonds and you’ve got your pretty clothes
    And the chauffeur drives your derp
    You let everybody know
    But don’t play with me, ’cause you’re playing with fire

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