MMM 323: It’s still raining

It’s been raining every day for the past week or so.  Getting downright depressing, it is.

Looks warm and dry there.


She seems nice.


They actually look kind of mean.


Crossfit Instagram chick again.


Your mom gave me a similar gesture recently for services rendered,


Not something I’ve seen in my kitchen.


Wiserbud just wants to know if there’s more of that in the fridge.


I still really want my own sauna, but I’m buying two new roofs in a few weeks.


Happy Monday, y’all.  I start with my new client today just as soon as I hear from someone this morning.


  1. Benjamin is ltaeid

  2. Wut

  3. One last comment on the latest Hillary excuse.

  4. ww

  5. I likes Coalex twitter thing from yesterday. I raffed.

    All my kids over yesterday – except Erin had to work the night. Good day.

  6. I expect most dems are sick of Hillary at this point, but afraid to say so.

  7. imagine how fun it will be when she runs again

  8. Hillary and Elizabeth fighting it out for the nomination is going to be fun.

  9. We’ll take some rain, Leon. Super dry here. ABQ has had 3/4″ of rain since October. We’ve had a little more, but nothing for quite a while.

  10. Damnit, Leon.

  11. They actually look kind of mean

    I first read that as “men.”
    Either way, the sentence works perfectly.

  12. I imagine most Democrats are sick of the entire freakshow their party has become, but we all know what happens to the first one to speak up…

  13. Deluge here, still. I might need to fix the corner of one of the house gutters, and the front porch is tilted the wrong way. I knew that last thing, but if every spring is going to be a monsoon like this one, it’ll have to be fixed one way or another.

  14. It’s a business model, Pepe, but I can’t see it taking off.

  15. We walked down to the creek yesterday. It has flooded its banks and we couldn’t get within 200 feet of it. It’s raining again now.

  16. Aww, now even chickens won’t “go to the farm” anymore.

  17. Don’t forget Michelle fighting for a spot, Car in!

  18. Aww, I heard the Palestinians are upset with the location of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

  19. waaaah. don’t care.

  20. My sister wants me to go to some hippy music fest (bluegrass and “roots” music) up in Petosky.

    hard pass.

  21. bluegrass would be fun

  22. Petosky is really beautiful, Carin.

  23. I love Petosky. Three days of liberals, and music that is good, but not lighting my fire. And afternoon? Ok. three days?

    How much Trump bashing will there be? What is infinity?

  24. AN afternooon. I could handle that.

  25. Image on Jerusalem wall

  26. $175 for music I’m not really into. Plus expenses.

  27. Seems like bluegrass music oughtta be mostly rednecks and good ol’ boys.

    Something’s wrong in bluegrass if it’s full of open-borders types.

  28. Good article.

  29. On the plus side, Car in, there will be plenty of E, molly, and unbathed hippies screwing in tents all day.

  30. Yea, I don’t think it’s like that Chi:

  31. Their mission statement: The Blissfest Music Organization’s mission is to preserve traditions and promote innovators of American and world music, arts and sustainable living through performance, education and community participation.

    I mean, it’s PETOSKY.

  32. My uncle – who’s 65+ never misses is.

    He’s a liberal lawyer.

  33. Any “festival” I’ve been to in the last five years is mostly a bluegrass type bands, Leon. Some really good music, but the crowd is VERY iffy. Drugs are passed out like Tootsie rolls on Halloween, and it’s all white guys with dreadlocks & vegan chicks that don’t shave their legs or pits. Pretty nasty.

  34. It was interesting at this year’s Annual Ark Folk Festival back in January, I sort of cringed at going, thinking that the Trump bashing would be non-stop. The Ark is notoriously infected with liberals, and almost all musicians nowadays are lefty assholes, especially the young ones.

    But to my surprise there was not one political comment all evening.

    I suspect that The Ark staff, while quite liberal, realizes that the Folk Festival plays to a much broader audience than liberal Ann Arbor and the tuna head academes that live here, and told the performers to leave their biased schtick at the door.

    It was a nice evening.

  35. I mean, it’s PETOSKY.

    Yeah, what else can you expect from a town full of liberal virtue signaling 1%ers?

  36. Bluegrass / folk attracts a lot of hipsters and younger millennial singers. Which isn’t always awful. I love Sarah Jarosz and saw her a few months ago in Santa Barbara. Great voice.

  37. If you ever have a chance to see The War and Treaty, don’t pass it up.

  38. You guys are missing out what makes up the population of Petosky/traverse city area.

  39. Still no word about my flight to San Antonio. The company is supposed to provide the ticket and hotel, so I’ll call them today if I haven’t heard anything by noon.

  40. Uhh, Carin, I had a cottage there for twenty years, and the inn for seven. I’m pretty aware of the jackassery of that area.

  41. Morning ass faces.

  42. Morning whistle dick.

  43. Uhh, Carin, I had a cottage there for twenty years, and the inn for seven. I’m pretty aware of the jackassery of that

    Not you, jackhole.

    I haven’t used that word in a long time.

  44. I’m imagining crowds and crowds of people like my uncle. Aging ex hippies.

  45. Morning, Dick Face!

  46. Honestly, I wouldn’t even go to a music festival of bands I would really WANT to see. It’s just too much. Plus the cost.

    I went to Lalapalooza the second year, and back then it was ONE day and that was cool. It was one long-ass day, but I was 22.

  47. My son is going to see Tool this Sunday (at a festival, but he’s only going for one day – not the whole weekend). The thing that sucks – is that they play shorter sets. Instead of 2 hours it’s on one, or 90 min if you’re lucky.


    The thursday following that, I’m taking my three boys to see cats fucking in the closet again. I can’t wait.

  48. Where did you see LP 2?

  49. Cincinnati.

  50. Or somewhere around there. I don’t exactly remember the venue.

  51. How many Grammies have Cats Fucking In a Closet won?

  52. We were almost at the same show. But I was 17.

  53. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ministry, Ice Cube, Soundgarden, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Pearl Jam, Lush.

  54. Flight booked. I was two seconds into writing an email when the recruiter called to finish making arrangements.


  55. Blissfest sounds pretty hippy.

    Anyone here ever listened to The Dead South?

  56. The Dead South is good.

  57. Primus?

  58. You need to get some pearls to clutch.

  59. I don’t remember Primus being there. But if I recall some bands were at certain shows and not others. The secondary stages especially.

  60. So, I like the fact that people are starting to use the Lefties tactics against them. The lawyer for Stormy Daniels is getting a a financial colonoscopy. Rather than go after her, they are going after the lawyer and the people paying him. A nice sideways, lefty style attack. It’s going to get ugly.

  61. Ah, “Lawfare”. I likes it.

  62. I’ve been to two concerts. One was more than enough.

  63. There won’t be a break in the rain until Saturday.


  64. Leon, my forecast shows 50% chance tomorrow, 0% Wed, 10% Thu, and 20% Fri.

    You moved to a sucky part of the state.

  65. I can understand concerts not being someone’s thing. Pat says I’m “too into” music – that’s probably why I really, really enjoy them.

  66. I’ve been to more concerts than I can count, Leon. Hundreds, probably.
    I was hooked since my first – Rush in ’82 or ’83? (Of course, we had 17 joints with us, so…) I’m kinda done with crowds at my age now, though.

    My favorite is hard to nail down, but the Steely Dan reunion tour is up there as a milestone. And, my ex took me to see BB King & Buddy Guy a few years back – that was one check off the bucket list for sure. BB was beyond his prime by far, but Buddy was still killing it even in his 70’s. What a showman!

  67. Crowds don’t honestly phase me, but if I went to one of those huge festivals I’m sure I’d be over it pretty quick. Most of the concerts I go to are in smaller venues. I have been to a few stadium shows, but I had a seat etc, so not a lot of battling do be done.

  68. What was your favorite show, Car in?
    Who’s on the wish list that you haven’t seen yet?

    I’d love to see Gov’t Mule live. Wish I was there for The Deepest End recording.

  69. faze

    Favorite show – Tool. Of course. I mean, it was amazing. But I’ve pretty much enjoyed every show I’ve gone to. I saw Poppa Roach a few weeks back because they were the headliner, and I’m not even a fan but they put on a great show. I love love love QOTSA – of course.

    The one band I’d like to see live that I haven’t is Chevelle.

  70. I would have LOVED to see tragically hip, but Gordy’s gone now.

  71. I can understand concerts not being someone’s thing. Pat says I’m “too into” music – that’s probably why I really, really enjoy them.
    I bet Pay loves concerts.

  72. You moved to a sucky part of the state.

    On the upside, no part of my field is flooded, and the first cut of hay will be cheap.

  73. I once passed up an offer to see Stevie Ray with Robert Cray as an opener at a small local venue.
    “Who wants to go see that redneck shit?!?”

    I still kick myself after 30 years. Six months later, i became the biggest SRV fan on the planet. Then before i had the chance to ever see him, he got on that damned helicopter…
    The only saving grace is that I heard the soundboard was all screwed up that night & the show sucked. Plus, Someone told me he was so wasted drunk that he could barely stand up to play.

  74. True story – Stevie used to have his roadies dump a gram of cocaine into his shot of Crown Royal that he had onstage. He’d hit that, then play ’til he broke the strings again.

    He would sometimes rip the entire callused fingerprint off his right hand, stop long enough to superglue it back on, then finish the show.

  75. NSFW. boobs in crowd at one point. lol

  76. I caught SRV live but I cant remember if it was at the Cap Centre or George Mason Uni Hall……regardless, SRV tore that shit up that night. No “show” to speak of, he just stood there and killed it.

  77. I saw SRV at the Orpheum in Boston. First year of college I was working PT as a maintenance guy at Sears and saw a line at Ticketmaster. I walked up and asked a kid who they were waiting to go on sale and it was some metal group. I got to the front of the line and asked if there was any good tickets left and the girl said no but they just put SRV on sale. Got 2 tickets and they were second row tickets which was completely awesome.

  78. I saw Johnny Winter open for George Thorogood at the Civic Center in Omaha.

    Actually true.

  79. any good tickets left and the girl said no but they just put SRV on sale. Got 2 tickets and they were second row tickets

    Sometimes you have a great time by accident. That would be cool.

  80. Saw two shows at a weird venue, the Fitchburg, MA ice skating rink. It’s a city of a good size but not exactly on the usual tour list for most musicians.

    Fugazi was super intense. Nirvana was the best concert EVER.

    I saw 4 or 5 Lolapaloozas along the way.

  81. I saw Willie Nelson back when he was touring with Leon Russell. It was a trip.

  82. With SRV I really had no idea that the tickets were that good. Once we got past the entrance we were led by a series of usher/bouncers deeper and deeper into the auditorium until one of them pointed at the seats. I still remember the thrill of that unexpected discovery.

  83. I saw your mom open for SRV behind the Orpheum back in ’86.

  84. Alex knows my serendipitous Ticketmaster story is bullshit

  85. I always thought I’d have time to see Tragically Hip. Gord, live, did this sort of spoken performance art sort of thing with his songs. It was amazing. Them live are 10times recorded, and I like their recorded stuff.

  86. The cuck thread on the HQ is funny.

  87. Select all images of US Presidents is my new background on my work computer

  88. What a beautiful day. It’s 75°ish, I’ve harvested seeds from last year’s Japanese eggplant & i got them in pots, i have finished trimming & cleaned up the neighbor’s bushes, Hank the giant black lab came to visit Tucker and won’t leave, charcoal is lit so I can smoke this pork shoulder, a brand new US flag is flying high and proud…

    my life is awesome, and I’m the luckiest man alive.

  89. Diagnosis is a staph infection, and he was sent home with some antibiotics and something for the pain.

    My husband’s cousin wound up with that in his knee that suffered bursitis.
    I hope your husband feels better soon.
    beasn has a new Twitter handle?

    Heh. My daughter showed up unannounced with flowers, a drawn picture, and some dairy-free peanut butter cups……..alas, no engagement announcement.

  90. Speaking of US flags, any veterans and/or active duty members want to weigh in on proper disposal protocol?
    I have my own method, and of course there is always the VFW, but just curious if there is a way y’all prefer?

  91. I prefer burning in my fireplace.

  92. I believe burial is also a licit method.

  93. Teresa, the Greitens case has me spitting mad. And that article leaves out one fact….in her deposition to the Soros funded Circuit Atty, she said that Greitens did not commit any violence against her person. She had a crush on him. (Also, the past few days…not one of the 16k pictures on his phone was of her and there is no indication any has been erased.)
    You know…the deposition the Circuit Atty said they didn’t have a tape of because the machine broke and noone thought to take notes. But the day after the extremely damaging report from the ‘committee’ of mostly RINOs – the ones with jobs lined up as lobbyists of whom Greitens is trying stop that gravy train – that said he slapped her around and made her cry, the Circuit Atty magically came forward with her taped deposition, with an atty taking notes.

    Them RINO f*ckers wrote that ‘report’ after having only interviewed the woman and her ex-husband. It appears they mostly went by what the ex-husband had to say. $50k was given by the ‘candyman’….and I have yet to hear who gave the other $50k…for that ex-husband’s ‘expenses’. His lawyer also getting caught in lies when he initially said he had no clue who dropped 50G, in cash, at his door. Gee, will turncoat Josh Hawley, the RINO AG, who wants to run agains Claire, investigate whether this lawyer filed the mandatory IRS forms which require the name of who gives one more than $10k in a given year?

  94. It makes me even more suspicious of why the popular radio host Jamie Allman was fired from his radio and television show. He kept reporting on this bullsh*t. Him having a tv show, taking all of this apart, reached a LOT of people. His removal was led by a democrat state representative.

  95. I used to take them to the local VFW.
    Then I started my own little ceremony where I burn them in the barrel out back, playing Taps on the outdoor speakers. Complete with pics of Dad & my Father looking on.

    But, there is a local funeral home that advertises all the time – “bring your old flags to them, and they’ll bury it with a vet.”
    At first blush, this seems cool. But is it honorable? An old, faded or tattered flag? I often have more than half a dozen amassed to dispose of – between my own, family and friends. Everyone knows that I have been flying one 24/7 since I was a teenager, and I’ve become the go-to.

  96. Depending where you are, Boy Scout (I’m still calling them that) Troops will often still do flag retirement ceremonies. At least they do out here away from Blue Hell Cities. Can’t say for anywhere else.

  97. Fag Scout?

  98. Please, tell me again how they aren’t communists?

    California Bill Would Replace Lincoln or Washington’s Birthday With ‘May Day’

  99. Hearing Pro Miracle Ear people keep calling me about 3-4x/week. Two calls today…first one said they’d make a note not to call since my FIL is no longer here. Another just now. Told the guy this was the second time today so quit calling x 3. He hung up on me. F*cker.

    Called them back and gave the gal an earfull. Oh, it’ll take 30 days for you to be removed from our system.
    “So…30 days, twice on Mondays, of calls for a guy who no longer lives here? It shouldn’t take 30 days.”

    How hard is it to go into their digital rolodex and remove a number?

  100. FFS, went to register for the no-call list again. Said it will become active on October 1.

  101. Maybe they are calling 6-8 times a day, and are just concerned?

  102. Beasnsnnns !!!! Beasnsnssssnn!!!
    Is it true? The Greitin’s case has been thrown out???

  103. Just got home from the store. Yes, the judge just threw out the case regarding the ‘invasion of privacy’ because the prosecutor was going to be called as a witness and she can’t be a witness at the same time. So, she is going to seek out a special prosecutor and refile.

  104. HA…she was going to be called as a witness for the defense.

  105. Instead of 2 hours it’s on one, or 90 min if you’re lucky.

    That’s like, 1 Tool song. What a gip.

  106. I like Bluegrass, some folk music, but The Grateful Dead (*spit*) ruined folk music in my opinion.

  107. “Hearing Pro Miracle Ear people keep calling me about 3-4x/week. ”


    Just scream “What? What? I can’t hear you!!!!” into the phone.

  108. Evening Hostages.


  110. Just scream “What? What? I can’t hear you!!!!” into the phone.

    Ooo, good idea. I’ll do it next time they call.

  111. Oso!

  112. *ring*


    Is Franz there?

    Yes, I’ve got hands.

    No, can I speak to Franz?



  114. Is McCain dead yet?

  115. Can anyone here translate this pattern for me and send me a link?

    I’ve tried to add an extension to translate but it isn’t working for me.

  116. Minor miracle today. We have an old, worn out, POS Bobcat. Finally found someone who works on them. The miraculous part: we got it started and it ran long enough to get it on the flatbed trailer. #1 son drops it off tomorrow. Odds are it will cost more to fix than it is worth…….

  117. Dang this woman is talented. I am going to collude with her.

  118. Look she does Chelsea and John F’n Kerry.

  119. Check your cabbage, Beasdhfeksdfs.

  120. BBF nominee.

  121. She looks constipated.

  122. Is McCain dead yet?

  123. Whoops, I thought Gavin MacLeod was dead. Maybe he needs to take over Abe Vigoda’s website.

  124. Just remember to clean up and wash your hands when you’re done colluding, beasn.

  125. gross

  126. Beasn <3 Pupster

  127. A message for all you Hostage Wimmens:

  128. Beasn is colluding with Russians.

  129. Russian ‘hookers’ are very talented.

  130. Temp here finally ‘turned over’, in that it’s cooler outside than inside. Open windows and try to stop sweating.
    Anita was out ‘brush hogging’ at 85 degrees.
    Silly woman.
    Tomorrow will be 10 degrees cooler…

  131. We’re getting a little relief too, ChrisP.

  132. My Mother’s Day card from Rocketboy is one of those “To Mom From Both of Us”. I gotta come up with a good nickname for Rocketboy’s fiancee. Seriously, a good one, because he’s met Hostages and asks what’s going on when I’m sitting here reading. MOgirl?

  133. RocketSocket?

  134. Rollagirl.

  135. Heh. They just mentioned feldspar on the episode of Nova I’m watching.

  136. Rollagirl could work. Reminds me of this song.

  137. I gotta come up with a good nickname for Rocketboy’s fiancee. Seriously, a good one, because he’s met Hostages and asks what’s going on when I’m sitting here reading. MOgirl?

    LittleSkankWhosNotGoodEnoughForMySon? It’s a little long…

  138. I saw it written and I saw it say
    Pink derp is on its way
    And none of you stand so tall
    Pink derp gonna get ye all

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