Some Poats are meant for stomping

This is one of them –

got a ton of “stuff” happening –
if one of you nice peeps would be so kind as to give this the 2 and a half finger death punch… that’d be great

Thank you in advance :)


  1. condolences Jay

  2. Wakey wakey.
    Sorry about Martha J’ames.

    Wow, Jam – you really put a ton of effort into this poat, didn’t you?

  3. Jay, the Country needs more stand up people like your Aunt. We were all fortunate to have her.

  4. Mornin’ all. And condolences Jay, sad to hear one of the really good folk is no longer with us.

  5. Also, please tell me that isn’t representative of country music these days.

  6. Game camera says we still have a rabbit.

    An invisible during the day ninja rabbit.

  7. Tats are STUPID on ANYONE. So there.

  8. I’m not necessarily anti-tat. It’s not my body, you can do what you want. Some are really stupid, of course. But the line I think holds true is that no one (who isn’t an idiot) ever said “You know, she’s pretty (he’s hot) but if only he had a tat ….”

    Get a tattoo. Knock yourself out. But nothing on the boobs/chest area if you’re a women. Please. Especially words, phrases – I don’t care if it’s your mantra, or a bible verse. UGH.

  9. I’m not the biggest fan of tatoos, but I’ve seen some that are pretty impressive artistically.

    None of which were tramp stamps or quasi-random items from some Asian language.

  10. I hate tattoos in all shapes, sizes, colors, and locations. I’ve never seen one that I thought enhanced a person’s appearance. In fact in every case I think they detract.

    If this offends anyone, tough shit.

    Oh, and fuck John McCain.

  11. Tattoos are at best neutral, and become more negative with age.

  12. I hate tattoos in all shapes, sizes, colors, and locations. I’ve never seen one that I thought enhanced a person’s appearance. In fact in every case I think they detract.
    I can see your point of view. I also think John McCain is an asshole.

  13. A tat or two on a well-formed, in shape, sailor…marine…soldier, is hawt. On the arms.

    *waggles eyebrows*

  14. McCain is a cunt.

  15. John McCain is a small small man. Why does he assume Trump would even want to come to his fucking funeral? He was probably going to use that day to schedule an overdue colonoscopy. If he has to pay attention to an asshole, it may as well be his own.

  16. MJ’s tattoos look expensive and really need more muscle under them.

  17. I was certain that McCain was the better choice than Obama but now I’m not really sure how they would have differed.

    I guess Obamacare, and he potentially would have had a more aggressive foreign policy but that’s about it.

    All of the other poor choices Obama made, I could see McCain supporting.

    At least the First Lady wouldn’t have had, you know, a throbber taped to her meaty thigh.

  18. Wait…….message coming through………its from all 14 of my tattoo’s…….they say yer mom never had any problems with em

  19. A McCain single term would have been followed by Hillary.

  20. My favorite part was when he dragged out his mom to show how alive he was.

    Dude looked like he was on death’s door for 20 years.


    I wonder if she had a kyphoplasty.

    After the fall and the broken wrist in India she probably saw someone about her osteoporosis who recommended kyphoplasty and bracing to decrease her Dowager’s Hump. Very important for the campaign trail not to have the hump.

  22. Not sure Laura would agree with you.

  23. Someone else suggested a life vest/defibrillator.

    Which … I say … let’s just let her go.

  24. Either one is indicative of a woman who ought to be spending more time with her grandkids and less time grifting donors to her foundation.

  25. It’s all she has. Chelsea, the grandkids, it’s all props, means to an end. An end she remains obsessed with despite having been denied TWICE. To first time candidates and relative novices to national politics each time.

    The White House is her White Whale.

  26. I just watched part of her interview in NZ.

    She’s fucking pathological. She is actually still blaming sexism, Russian trolls, and racism for her loss. She offhandedly said that she, of course, takes some credit for her role.


    And she’s clearly wearing a robotic exoskeleton under her coat. Its’s buttoned so closely to her neck, that her old lady neck waddle is cinched up and hanging out.

    I swear I heard her beep a few times during the interview.

    ‘You know, everyone thinks that racism is BEEP the worst thing that ever happened to me BEEP, a rich white woman who BEEP, was born BEEP black.’

  27. Besides Richard Nixon, I can’t think of another person who has run, lost, then thought it was a brilliant idea to run again.

    She’s a cunt.

  28. Usually they can take a hint. They can see that, welp, that wasn’t going to work out, trying to change that and repeat will come across fake and grasping, just find another payday.

    But no, not Hillary Ahab Clinton.

  29. You guys just hate women and stuff.

  30. If we hate women then who will make our sandwiches?

  31. Comment by beasn on May 8, 2018 11:17 am
    A tat or two on a well-formed, in shape, sailor…marine…soldier, is hawt. On the arms.

    ***Point of order***

    My paternal grandfather had a tattoo of an anchor that he had gotten while serving. As a small child, it creeped me out.

    He was a “smallish” man, and by the age of 65-70, most of his muscle tone was gone, so the anchor was all shriveled up and it basically looked like a dark green mess.

  32. Trump is kicking Iran in the nads.

  33. *calls the blog a brown slave, slaps it, blacks out, Wales up the next morning and threatens to kill it.

    God what a time to be alive. Poor fat Rosetta. He would have loved this shit.

  34. Chris Chilliza wants Hillary Clinton to run as NY’s attorney general.


    I don’t even know wtf Chilliza is but he’s obviously an imbecile.

  35. Mj, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve thought of Rosetta enjoying the hell out of a Trump presidency.

    Trump has providence on him. I really believe it.

  36. Election night would have been rare form for Rosetta.

  37. He’d have laughed solid from 2am until 11am after Podesta’s announcement and until Hillary appeared.

  38. I hadn’t seen the “Brown Slave” thing.

    Oh man. This much winning is… unprecedented.

  39. It would have been a fun day with Rosetta around, that’s for sure.

  40. TiFW’s daughter for Prezzy, thatisall

  41. Pfeh, I should know better than that.

  42. That’s an assload of buttfucking.

  43. Democrats are having a rough week.

    Hardest hit?

    Schneiderman’s date.

  44. April Ryan is a pile of cow flop. Same color too.


  46. Hahahaha

    Xbrad. Hahahahaha

  47. That’s an assload of buttfucking

    Hotspur’s mom calls that, “Tuesday night”.

  48. Hotspur’s mom killed it.

  49. *tap tap* This thing on?

  50. 92 degrees and 7% humidity.

  51. Sounds familiar, oso.

  52. bcoch?

  53. I heard a rumor that I might be drinking beer with you sometime soon.

  54. Scott! Lol. I’ll be seeing you folks soon!

  55. We can talk shit about Cyn.

  56. Hotspur’s mom killed it.

    Normally she just leaves it with a burning sensation.

  57. Comment by scott on May 8, 2018 10:16 pm
    We can talk shit about Cyn.

    For fucking real. Obv I’ve been gone for a while….has she ever been heard from??? I tried sending a couple emails, but no response.

  58. I even got in touch with Brass Pair some time ago. He said Cyn was okay and that he would pass along my message.

  59. Well at least she’s “ok”.

  60. Crap. That was January 2017.

  61. Well, I did a google search on her last month, couldn’t find anything.

  62. Well, I did a google search on her last month, couldn’t find anything.

    Helluva thing.

  63. Anybody here watch “The Autopsy of Jane Doe”? Netflix sent it to us out of the blue. Dayum. Creepy, but nicely done.

  64. The derp is breaking
    Or so it seems
    We’re too young to reason
    Too grown up to dream
    Now spring is turning
    Your face to mine
    I can hear your laughter
    I can see your smile

  65. Please let me know if you need an invite to the next meetup in CT this Summer. I know I don’t have everybody’s email addy and I missed a bunch of peeps.

  66. If my computer will stop updating and rebooting for a few minutes, I’ll put HHD up.

  67. I’m out for the meetup, Laura, I don’t think there’s any way I can make it work for me nor mine. Very sad.


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