MMM 322: Hot wire

So the solar box we’d initially bought to power the horse fence lasted approximately one day installed, then stopped delivering the requisite zap. So yesterday I dug a 60′ trench, buried the cable, and now our new fence is on-grid and the solar box is hopefully going back to the factory for a stern talking-to.  Fortunately (?), all four equines are still with us.  Still lots and lots of unpacking to do, but I’ve got Thursday and Friday off this week as a gap between contracts.  Should be plenty of time.



Matching sets are nice.


Why is she skateboarding on a step ladder?


That’s a good color on her.


She seems enthusiastic.


She seems unenthusiastic.


My binders are running low, somehow that means there’s a lot of Anllela.


Making coffee?xelbV4M.jpg

Look, actual exercise!


Happy Monday, all y’all.


  1. To do to-day:

    1) Schedule new roof.
    2) Call township office for vacant land and tell them we’ve moved so they can find us and send us tax bills.
    3) Buy new digging shovel.

  2. 4) Reserve rental wood chipper

  3. That’s great, Leon! Getting settled in must be so fun. All the decisions and getting things the way that you want them. It’s a lot of work but so satisfying, right.

    We moved the fences around and made the garden a little bigger yesterday. Now I have twice as much land under Garden Management Solutions™. It’s awesome. I feel like a princess.

    Now I get to chop tree roots and kill grass.

  4. It’s been stressful. No idea where so many things are, and Memorial Day/getting starts in the ground is approaching too fast.

  5. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on May 7, 2018 12:43 am

    Just saw Infinity War. It sucked.


    I haven’t seen it. But whatever.

    I just saw “The Greastest Showman” and that was enjoyable.

    wakey wakey.

    Leon, it’s ok to pair down the list for this first summer. You don’t want to become a maniac with your do-to list.

  6. I got a new compost pile going this weekend (Pat and Ethan built it for me with pallets – the waddle fence ran into the dreaded ROCKS in the soil and I decided I didn’t want to deal with it)

    And I cleaned out a few garden beds too. Things are beginning to look ok.

    Not a tonne of stuff, but I’m ok with it.

  7. If it was my land and I had as much going on as you do, I would just keep the garden very small and minimal this year- even just a few toms in pots- and take the time this Summer and Fall to prep the rest of the garden area well for next year’s garden.

  8. Pare down. As in paring knife, meaining “to cut”.

    It’s not a maniacal to-do list, but I had a tree cut down and another trimmed and now I have wood that needs to be chipped anyhow, so mulching the garden (yet to be dug) is likely my best way of solving a problem with a problem.

  9. You could also delay planting until July, just focusing on Fall veggies.

  10. John McCain is a bitter, effing creepy, asshole right to the end.

  11. This is going to be my retribution, for now on, when pre-coffee/don’t care grammar is corrected.

    Music. Videos. I’m being nice this time. This is an enjoyable tune. Next time? Who knows.

  12. Dude has a voice of an angel. Which makes some of his songs more interesting, when he’s not really being angelic.

  13. Carin, for what it’s worth, I liked Infinity War. Laughed out loud a few times. Worth the matinee price.

  14. I’m moving the strawberry bed into the new part of the garden in July or August. I think I have time to kill the existing grass and get a cover crop of buckwheat up and cut down before I move the strawbs there. Hm.

  15. Chipper rental for Friday. Garden digging will be happening Thursday, rain or shine.

    There will be basil!

  16. Oh crap, I haven’t figured out where to put the strawberries yet at all.

  17. Life is just a way to manage the soul’s suffering.

    *beats head on cheese grater

    Good morning!

  18. ROAD TRIP!

  19. Are Nordic people just the Inuit of Europe?


  20. Yes. Next question.

  21. I tried studying the Eskimo, but I just couldn’t get Inuit.

  22. Better question: are the the Inuit just the Nords of North America?

  23. Tom with a spring time funny, or, if you will, a May zing

  24. So, if Stormy Daniels was paid $130K in hush money, then didn’t hush, doesn’t she have to pay that back? Broke the contract.

  25. Your mom has a solar box that never quits

  26. Meat-up footage?

  27. If you can’t trust a porn actress, who can you trust?

  28. It’s ironic that McCain stating he doesn’t want Trump at his funeral brings out the Trump hate. Because – you know- it’s completely classy to make such a statement.

    I think he’s making sure we don’t miss him when he’s gone.

    I denounce myself.

  29. No reason to denounce yourself. He’s an evil bastard. Crashed how many planes? Ended up getting captured. Sold out his shipmates. And built that into a career where all he did was suck media and democrat peen.

    I blame the idiots in Arizona who repeatedly put the dumb ass in office.

  30. The 2008 election was the first time in my life that I seriously considered not voting. He was a horrible candidate, and his epic loss to Obama should have ended his political career.

  31. Good riddance to bad rubbish. McCain’s legislation, comments and actions have done much more harm than good to this country. And saying he regrets picking Palin as his running mate is an enormously assholish thing to do.

    A. Millions voted for him only BECAUSE of Palin
    B. What good does it do now saying that? It’s ONLY for RINO purposes
    C. When is a better time to bring people together rather than divide than before your death?
    4. He’s a prick and I don’t want anyone saying we can’t rake this asshole over the coals now or when the asshole is dead.

  32. If you can’t trust a porn actress, who can you trust?

    Porn directors and film producers.

  33. Porn directors and film producers.

    They too are selling a lie.

  34. I voted for Palin hoping McCain would be dead be dead by Labor Day 2009.

  35. If John McCain truly loved his country he’d ask for his daughter to show us her epic tits on his deathbed.

    But no. He’s thinking about what level of asshole gets to sit in the front row near his tumor.

  36. All entertainment is a lie, Carin, porn just especially so.

    But whores can only be bought for a short time, Trump knows that as well as anyone.

  37. The key to good cinema is the temporary suspension of disbelief. Porn movies usually throw that out the window in the first minute.

  38. How would you know?

  39. I read a rumor that Justice Ginsburg is about to die. McCain is looking for the ejection seat of life.

    Who is the third?

    And who will go first?

    My money is on a dark horse candidate.


  40. If McCain goes first, we get a good appointee to confirm Trump’s nominee.

    He’ll die second.

  41. How would you know?

    Your mom told me.

  42. She really knows a lot about porn movies. I was shocked, actually.

  43. But no. He’s thinking about what level of asshole gets to sit in the front row near his tumor.


    Nailed it. And imagine the narcissism necessary to want former Presidents to speak at your funeral???? And just planning it in general like you’re someone special. That’s for others to decide. This is EXACTLY what has been wrong with McCain from the beginning. HE thinks very highly of himself.

    And his daughter (Yes, her father is dying and she has a right to be sad) has adopted this same, “I’m someone special even though I’m dumb” attitude.

    But, yes, I can see where guys would like to see her fat boobs.

  44. And wanting Obama to speak at your funeral?????

    Even as a fake republican you’d think he could have kept that quiet since real conservatives know the damage the stupid, puppet, prince thrust on the Country.

  45. I read a rumor that Justice Ginsburg is about to die
    I saw a trailer up for a movie about her coming out this summer “RBG”. Saw, as in, “Oh look, a trailer for a movie I’m not clicking on or watching in any form!”

  46. And don’t get me started on the Country’s biggest dipshit, John Kerry. WTF gives him the right to negotiate shit with anyone on behalf of our Country?????

    John, you’re a pussy traitor. Back in Vietnam, as a SOS (which you sucked hard at) and today.

    Go away, and take that faggot, Obama with you. Oh, and don’t forget ferret face.

  47. Good day to you, Sir!

    I said GOOD DAY!

    I don’t know what I’m saying but I’m dialing back on the coffee.

  48. Read somewhere else there’s speculation Justice Kennedy was going to retire. The same speculation that’s been going on for years I suppose. Imagine if you will Ginsberg croaking and Kennedy retiring or the opposite order of events. Leftie heads exploding everywhere!

  49. Over under on the Is and Ifs.

  50. You’re kidding me.

    “Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush plan to be eulogists at McCain’s funeral service, which is to be held at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., the source close to McCain said.”

    Maybe we could get nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters to say a few words too?

  51. “When Axios reported Trump had been “physically mocking” McCain for the thumbs down gesture the senator indicated during his vote, McCain’s daughter Meghan tweeted, “What more must my family be put through right now? This is abhorrent.””

    Oh, go fuck yourself.

    This was the attempt to repeal Obamacare. Go. FUck. Yourselves.

  52. Meghan said that? That fat boobed, privileged, bitch.

  53. This thread is too hurtful and negative for my nerves. I need a safe space.

  54. The safe space will be at McCain’s funeral.

  55. I neither want to see nor touch Meghan’s boobfat.

  56. If the Obama folks had been smart, they would have pulled a West Wing after Scalia’s death. Ask Ginsberg to step down, nominate a hard leftist, and let Republicans in the Senate pick a successor to fill Scalia’s vacancy.

  57. The key to good cinema is the temporary suspension of disbelief. Porn movies usually throw that out the window in the first minute.

    Well there go my dreams of a career in pizza delivery.

  58. Did Jay ever make it back from Vegas? Or did he go rogue and has decided to be a black jack dealer on the strip?

  59. *Picture me singing, You’ve Got A Friend at McCain’s funeral*

    That’s pretty safe spacey.

  60. To be fair, McCain has been dead for years.

  61. i hope James Taylor plays at McCain’s funeral.

  62. And John Kerry gives a speech.

  63. I have to go mow a hill.

    I don’t want to go mow a hill.

  64. Don’t you have suitors you can trick into doing it?

  65. It’s done.

    But I ran over the dog line. Ugh. So now I have to fix that.

  66. The suitors either know they don’t have a chance, or haven’t reached the point where I can get them to do shit.

  67. headed back today. in an hour. I’m actually up in gambling. something that has never been done before. jumping jalapenos at circus circus was good to me. as well as betting on cardinal games with my cub friend.

  68. No Keno?

  69. not a keno fan

  70. Keno killed it. Just like it did my desire to bartend.

  71. It’s going to start raining here Wednesday, so tomorrow is the day for moving plants.

    I’ve got corned beef in the oven. Gotta pick up Erin in a bit. Then my friend dana is meeting me for an extended Zumba workout.

    Idiot on facedouche just quoted something from SPLC and when I questioned the source, he idiotically said I didn’t like them because they report hate crime states (from the military) . I bombarded him with articles. He doesn’t even know what hit him. Probably just slithered away.

  72. Urrrgh, super busy getting ready for a big knife show and a friend just “dropped by” for a few hours. Now where was I?

  73. Are we on edge, Pepe?

  74. OMG there’s a plane problem!

  75. Ice on the wings?

  76. Toilet bunged up?

  77. Ran out of peanuts?

  78. Hungover pilot?

  79. No coffee!

  80. My darkhorse candidate on Deathwatch™ is Charlie Rangel.

  81. Stephen segal was found in the cargo hold

  82. Weak windows?

  83. Stephen segal was found in the cargo hold

    Was he eating all the food out of people’s luggage?

  84. Comment by tomswifty on May 7, 2018 2:21 pm

    Are we on edge, Pepe?
    Not really, just can’t get lined out. Trying to do some design work and get all artistical which is a real struggle for me and it’s: Hey someone is coming over, I need help getting a cow in, I need help moving some steel pipe, some elk may have wiped out a fence, you gotta check it, I need you to feed the cows while I’m gone, I need you to get a guy’s email address, etc. and that’s just today. Really hard to get any momentum when you’re constantly being interrupted.

  85. But no. He’s thinking about what level of asshole gets to sit in the front row near his tumor.

    *insert Muttley laugh here*

  86. I succeeded at (4). Forgot to do (2) and we’re getting a second quote for (1). I’m going out to do (3) now.

    Anyone need anything while I’m out?

  87. is leon still highly waisted?

  88. Really hard to get any momentum when you’re constantly being interrupted.
    Even without interruptions I find my inspiration for genuinely productive work is hit or miss. Add distractions to that and I’m close to useless

  89. why can’t there be 2 exits on a plane? grumbles from back of plane

  90. Today’s fun in class, we’re sorting an array of names by an index array.

    Me: “I’ve done it.”
    Prof: “Why did you compare the first character in each name. You should be able to compare strings.”
    Me: “Not unless I use X.”
    Prof: *Google searches* “Oh. Ok, we’ll talk about that after the break.”

  91. Catskills were meh. I expected more.

  92. compareto is your friend

  93. Yeah, that was X.

  94. Comment by Jay in Ames on May 7, 2018 7:00 pm

    why can’t there be 2 exits on a plane?
    They used front and back in Iceland. Of course they were just stairs pulled up to the plane and it was 3:00 AM and 20 degrees. :)

  95. Today’s fun in class, we’re sorting an array of names by an index array.

    Sounds like a hoot.

  96. Sound it out…

  97. that’s quite an instructor colex

  98. Anyone need anything while I’m out?

    New low-beam headlight bulbs for a 2003 Audi A4, 220 feet of surgical grade hose, a 23lb granite boulder, a six-pack of Schlitz light, bottle rockets, some yard waste bags, a snowflake-shaped white crystal ornament from Bronners in Frankenmouth, 1000 lbs of river-rock, hiking boots size 9W, 10 racquetballs (blue), a stainless steel machete, tuna casserole, leather pants with button fly (any color), The Long Run by the Eagles on vinyl, 2 gallons of apple cider vinegar, Colgate Total toothpaste (whitening).


  99. Comment by Jay in Ames on May 7, 2018 7:44 pm
    that’s quite an instructor colex

    Yeah, the class started nearly full, with over thirty people. There were seven in class today. He’s basically given up, I think.

  100. Uhm, yeah so if everybody could lean forward just a bit…

    OK! Now I just need a little more weight in the front and an upholstery cleaning.

  101. Ho Lee Schitt!!!!

  102. Update: I pick Hillary’s body in Deathrace 2018.

    It’s a long shot but McCain will probably beat her and spoil it all.

  103. Yea … kinda glad I don’t live on the big island right now

  104. Where did you move to, MJKC?

  105. Hillary is a mess. Imagine the spin if she had won? Fashion designers would have models walking the runways wearing back braces and wrist splints.

  106. The media wouldn’t cover the back brace.

  107. Anyone who mentioned it would be guilty of ableism

  108. It’s an intellectual support.

    Her brain is just too big.

  109. John McCain dies rich with a family, I’ll probably die alone and in poverty.

    Thank God it’s not just about this world…

  110. Re: McCain – how can I miss you if you won’t go away?

  111. Dammit, I meant to meat up with you, BroCavil, and I got freaked out about Dad bleeding again and totally forgot. I’m sorry.

  112. Nah, you had your priorities straight, it’s cool.

  113. How old are you, BC?

  114. 47 and in truly abominable physical condition. It’s only by the grace of God and ironclad DNA, but probably mostly the grace of God, I don’t have diabetes or heart disease yet.

  115. I mean yeah, I probably could get in better shape once I start to get a handle on the depression thing, but I’d be in sight of 50 by then. Prospects for starting a family at that point are…well, kinda minimal…

  116. One of the chicks I work out with is … 65? She only started working out -seriously- 5 years ago. Before that she was a smoker for years, etc. anyway, she’s such a badass now she just missed being qualified for the nationals games. She went to regionals.- finished 30th in the county. 5 years. 47? Shit, you’re younger than me and I kick all sorts of ass.

  117. Geez, I whine a lot…

  118. Workouts really do help.

  119. Before crossfit she played softball with her husband. Which is mostly about drinking beer. No matter what wiser says.

  120. Workouts keep me sane. After I recover, of course.

  121. Families are overrated and 50 is nothing.

  122. Honestly I kinda know my head’s what’s holding me back here. I have a bit of hope now I’ve started Welbutrin, maybe I can start putting myself in order now. First steps first…

  123. Getting your head right is important, but making changes that will help you to be healthier will also help your state of mind. I didn’t start doing anything about exercising regularly until about three years ago, and I’m 42 now. I’m a lot healthier and happier now than I’ve been since I was a kid. The sobriety thing helps, too.

  124. Yeah. Gotta start with some exercise here, that’s for sure.

    Anyway, I think I’ve used up my whining allowance for the week, and sleep is also nice >.< later all!

  125. So, what happened to chi? Did I piss him off that badly?

  126. I actually answered a phone call from my mom. Only 2 VAs do the surgery she needs. My bro is researching private docs in LV. MY MOM was recently in LV. Making LVK scarves and afghans. Lawyer saw her afghans on my bros GFS FB page. He commissioned a few afghans. Gave my bro 1.9 million in cases. My mom made him 2 afghans and 5 scarves. No payment from bro or his lawyer friend. I told her I couldn’t take off work for her surgery.

  127. 🤣🤣🤣👋🏻

  128. Some of you who are nerds might find this interesting.

  129. That moment you realize…

  130. That is an impressive knowledge of CSS.

  131. Why is booze so expensive in IA? Before the deposits

  132. What is happening in New York and DC is *Amazing*. I’m drinking heavily, and laughing my ass off. NY AG Schneiderman, Mueller, and Rosenstien can kiss my ass…

  133. Bro Cav, I hear you. I’m in a similar boat, though younger than you.

    I’ve been busy with classwork and job hunting, so my workouts have been sporadic, and I’ve been stress eating too much. I need to get in the gym tomorrow. Squats, bench, and deadlift will make me feel better.

    I’ve given up on dating.

  134. The state sells alcohol to stores.


    Say hello to my lovely Aunt Martha. She passed away on the 4th, funeral is Wednesday. There isn’t a nicer person that has ever inhabited this earth, including my mom (only because she had to raise me, mom is pretty darn nice!). I learned so much about cooking, life, and everything else from her. Mom and her were inseparable (Martha is 10 years older) so this will be tough on her. Martha and Roland didn’t have kids, so we were theirs, too.

  136. Is that some kind of artifact from Prohibition, J’Ames?

  137. The only bad thing about this date for a funeral is that there are 0 gladiolas available in Iowa. She loved them.

  138. We used to have only state run liquor stores. Years ago that went away and privately owned stores could sell liquor, but distribution was still handled by the state. Not sure how far it went back

  139. Jay, I am sorry about your Aunt Martha. Everyone needs an aunt like that.

  140. Yes, they do. And thank you, roamy.

  141. She passed while I was on vacation. Now that I’m cleaning up and getting ready to go home, it’s becoming very real.

  142. Condolences, Jay. She sounds lovely. I bet she could turn out a mean batch of aebleskiver. ;)

  143. Mom and Martha taught me everything I know about aebleskiver.

  144. Your Aunt Martha sounds like she was a good woman who lived a good life, J’Ames. You and yours have my condolences for her loss.

  145. Awww. *hugs Jay*

    Have a safe trip home, man.

  146. Like Andy Dufresne, Martha built a library. After caring for so many as a nurse.

  147. Now it ain’t no fun
    And the good’s gone now
    We used to derp as one
    But we have forgotten now

  148. Jay, the Country needs more stand up people like your Aunt. We were all fortunate to have her.

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