Hello two for ones, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today was floated by Jimbro, she is a talented pianist and composer, born July 3rd, 1985 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Please slow your roll and say hello to Miss Lola Astanova!





  1. She looks like my wife. Fist!

  2. why has jimes been taking pictures of satchmo’s wife?

  3. leggy

  4. If I hadn’t seen video of her playing the piano I’d think it was Fake News. Woman’s got some chops. And some other talents. Like filling out tight dresses and sweaters in a spectacular fashion.

  5. She always plays pianner in high heels. You have to respect her commitment to the bit.

    Also, tell Paula that her instructions were unclear.

  6. It’s a combination IQ Test/Phlebotomy Station!

  7. Her body is amazing!! A rare find for BBF! Well done Jimbro/Pups!

  8. I took my egg sandwich with me rather than eat it at home before I was hungry. It smells embarrassingly like I’ve been farting up a storm the day after a picnic where egg salad was on the menu.

  9. Oh, just looked at her face, her face is nice too!

  10. “My face is up here!”

  11. I thought it was Thursday.

    This changes everything,

  12. Possibly the most talented tits ever on a BBFer.

    Nice job, pupster!

  13. I have an orchestra piece to share – to make us all cultured and shit.

    wakey wakey

  14. The “Jimbro” link is from a movie I liked, The Guard.

  15. You guys will be so happy to know that I’m totallying digging ‘Bring me the Horizon’. I never really heard them, but Octane loves them, so I’ve been hearing it a lot lately.

  16. Good morning. Whose turn is it to search my hump for ticks?

    I think I got some like grape-size hangin’ back there. Here.

  17. /places chicken on Lauraw’s back.

    I got this for you .

    Those will all be gone in a second.

  18. Oops.

    that mole may bleed for a second.

  19. That’s brilliant. Say, she feels nice walking around back there. Relaxing.

    Can the chicken massage a little of this into my leathery bits too?

    *waves bottle of Armor All*

  20. I thought the flying monkeys were good at that?

  21. Just putting this out there again- Beasn’s link to Jordan Peterson’s daughter’s blog. I had heard that she resolved her auto-immune stuff with diet but this list is really helpful.

    I have planted a lot more greens in my garden because I just always feel better when I eat meat with greens.

  22. Yes Carin, but they steal.

    They use it as hair conditioner. And well, you know, they’re fucking covered with a couple square yards of dry, thirsty hair each. The bottles keep ‘disappearing,’ and before you know it, I’m blowing half my paycheck on Armor All.

    I’ve tried confronting, but you know what I get for that.

    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

  23. Man, I feel like crap today.

  24. Armor All gargle will get you right as rain in no time

  25. in defense of my simian brethren –
    we are fastidious in our grooming requirements.

  26. “Man, I feel like crap today.”
    Shaniqua Twain, 1993 World Tour

    what do i win?

  27. Wife wants me to just buy sheep instead of a lawnmower.

    Still not tired of winning.

  28. Still going to have to buy the lawnmower, but my hope is that next season it’ll just be used to haul things.

  29. Watching “The Magic Pill” now. If I cold get my family to watch this, it might help. It wouldn’t just be me saying it.

  30. Just watched the trailer for that. Will definitely have to view the whole thing.

    My mom and sisters all have inhalers. I don’t. I’m the only one who doesn’t eat dairy. Hmmm. I still have digestive issues that need working out….could be seasonal…could be too many carbs (looks at ass in mirror….yep).

  31. I go back and forth on dairy. I love cheese and would miss it a lot, but I know it’s not the best thing for me.

  32. ACKphbt!

    Can we just skip to day’s end?

  33. I fell off the wagon a month or two ago. But I try to stick with just one meal a day, and limit the sugar to the weekends. So I’ll get a sandwich for lunch, and tea, but that’s it for the day. If I do eat when I get home, it’s usually some leftover pulled pork or beef stew.

    It will be nice to find another job where the hours aren’t quite so crazy.

  34. Y’know, I’d have celebrated the end of a productive week with a glass of something this evening, except f***ing brain chemistry and Welbutrin.

    Grr. Screwit, I’m going somewhere for a nice steak tonight.

  35. Super windy here today.

  36. Wind killed it.

  37. Maybe you shouldn’t have fed the dogs bean chili.

  38. Still not five o’clock yet.

    Which at least I can read a clock…

  39. When I was driving home from work today a car came up behind me moving fast on the Main Road and I didn’t think too much about it until it was tailgating me. I looked in the rear view and saw it was the older boy. Since it was 1:30 and he’s supposed to be in school I was curious. When we got to the light where you go straight to go home he took the corner toward the HS without braking. When I got home I noticed the back door unlocked and texted Paula at work for a sitrep. No reply for 20 minutes then a phone call which is weird since she never calls from work. The popo pulled him over going 93 mph on the Kennebec Road which is nowhere near where he’d drive to get home without fucking around. Criminal speeding. He faced being arrested and vehicle being towed but I’m pretty sure the cop knew Paula from the ER or gave him a break. He’s still getting charged. She’s taking him off her insurance and he’ll be paying SR22 rates to drive now. I don’t know if SR22 is a national thing or not but it’s a big deal for car insurance around here. Reality is coming at him faster and faster.

  40. Ouch.

  41. for cavil

  42. She just met with the superintendent of school for his 3rd suspension yesterday and his teachers spoke up for him. He can go back to school Monday (I thought it was today). He was supposed to go to McDonald’s to get his check and next week’s schedule and then return home directly. He has zero impulse control. His friend lives down there. Fucktard.

  43. sr22:

    in NYS, 25 over will most likely be a trip in handcuffs to the local magistrate.
    there are towns that i know of where 25 over is an automatic stay in the clink. NYS drivers would most likely have their license revoked.
    he’s lucky he’s not in jail . shit happens fast at 90+; it could be worse, you’se guys have moosesez

  44. Maybe your wife should consider telling her police friends to NOT be nice to him. Kid sounds like a knucklehead. From what you’ve shared, it appears he has no respect for himself or others.

  45. Lots of moose around here. And old folks pulling out of driveways. And, that time of day, kids being dropped off by the bus.

    He’s destined to be that guy you always see riding a bike to work in the winter.

  46. I’m guessing they let him go to give him a break. That was me guessing the cop knew her. Rather than go right home he continued to his friends house. Fucktard just got home after I let Paula know he wasn’t home yet. She has just about had it with him. The only thing keeping her from giving him the boot is the short amount of time remaining in the school year. Less than 4 weeks in the semester. After he goes to court and pays his own insurance he’ll be begging friends for rides.

  47. Paula is smart to get him off her insurance, now, RIGHT NOW. He’s a cluster***k waiting to happen.

    Kids. Some just always have to learn the hard way. Sorry it’s been so tough for you and Paula with this one, Jimbro.

  48. It’s been a struggle with him from the word go. His brother is the polar opposite. Life would be so much better for him if he just followed half the rules we have laid out for him.

  49. I hate to say it, but I’m willing to bet it gets worse before it might get better. Sorry that you have to deal with that crap, Jimbro.

  50. 93 miles per hour. Wow. I use to drive my oldest to school on the Florida Turnpike which moves pretty quickly, which I liked. My car was like a tank (safe, heavy, lots of airbags) and it was straight driving, zero turns or stops. I’d never go 93 even on that turnpike.

  51. I hate to agree with you but I’m sure you’re right. I’m just trying to keep my composure for the next month. Then it’s buh bye, see you at the holidays.

  52. I just looked at the ticket. 93 in a 45 zone. He’s fucked.

  53. Urrrgh. Just had to change the battery in Penelope’s vehicle. Not in the engine compartment. No mention of the location in the owners manual. Looked online and found it is located behind the front seat on the passenger side. Step #1, run the passenger seat all the way forward. Power seat, and no power sooooo, aaaaaarrrgh. Also, no handle or carrier to lift it out. Finally got it done, but what a pain in the ass.

  54. Sorry about the kid problems, Jimbro. See why Carin’s hair is grey?

  55. At least it isn’t 5 degrees.

  56. How’d ya get the seat moved forward?

  57. With his new tractor

  58. I am going to Shandaken NY next week. Population 3000, no cell service and no GPS.

    Shandaken is indian for land of rapid waters.

    I bet I like it there.

  59. OFFS, that puppet master, Jarrett is saying Obama deserves the credit for North/South Korean talks.

    Next to Hillary she is the biggest ****!!

  60. Troy, there was juuuust enough room to maneuver it out. Otherwise, I would have had to use jumper cables to get enough power to move it.

  61. The Leader of South Korea and the several South Korean diplomats have themselves said, TRUMP deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Jarrett shut your ferret-faced, pie hole.

    They knew they could walk all over that bumbling, dipshit, Obama.

  62. South Koreans were hacked by the Russians.

  63. Trump wont recieve the Nobel Peace Prize.

    If Jared Kushner can successfully negotiate a mideast alliance between the Saudis and Israel and force the Palestinians to accept a deal, then he should receive it. It would be even more fun than Trump receiving it.

  64. No power at work. Or the rest of the thumb of michigan

  65. Trump would refuse it.

    Nobel? They have no credibility. Sad.

  66. If you know where I live, you know how lucky I am:

  67. I’m a walking clusterfuck, but I was never a +48mph clusterfuck.

  68. That being said, there just may be something wrong with the boy…

  69. Mare, when she was in 3rd grade

  70. The Hump makes the national news. And shit.

  71. I’ve done 103 in a 50. But I was perfectly safe, it was a two-lane bridge and there were never any cops on it.

  72. That’s not a hump. It’s a runaway FUPA.

  73. just may be something wrong with the boy…
    I’m thinking sociopath of some variety

  74. I’ve hit 90 on the interstate for brief periods a few times before having a Holy Shit! reaction. My vehicles have been pick up trucks, SUV and a Jeep Wrangler, none of which are capable of safely traveling that fast.

  75. Shandaken!!!!!
    hahaha –
    heart of the catskills. i’ve fished that region from rockland, thru denning to windham.
    good times.
    While you’re there stop at the fleishmans inn and tell ’em i sent you… or maybe not – i’m curious if my picture is still up.

    if you’re there for hiking you chose right.
    amazing place. bring an extra canteen. and bug repellent.
    the area spawned this (

  76. “93 in a 45 zone.”

    yeah – that’s gonna be a problem. maybe a short stay in county will teach him to moderate the dangerous stuff.
    i feel for you brother; not sure this will go well for the lad, but hope does spring eternal.
    on the plus side tho, he wasn’t stupid enough to try to run from the cop, that invariably leads to a bad end.

  77. Greetings, people who are celebrating Han Skywalker’s birthday or some shit.

  78. No hiking. Work.

    Someone is paying me to drive there to pick up a guitar, amp, skateboard, and two music stands.

    It’s going to be the best day ever.

  79. Herpes never sleep?

  80. Sounds like a milk run, Scott. You should smoke some left-handers just to keep it interesting on the hills.

  81. btw – there’s rumored to be a few million in gold coins and such somewhere around there.
    there was a psycho piece of shit named dutch schultz that frequented the area and supposedly hide a large box of coins and cash somewhere around there.
    A small cache of his stuff was found in a house in hudson, ny in the 90’s iirc.
    i spent a couple years with some local historians and treasure hunters trying to track some of the leads down.
    found some cool stuff but never a large cache.
    saw some pictures of a couple of good finds tho.
    the smart hunters were pretty tight lipped about their recoveries

  82. Herpes never sleep?

    I’m not really a Neil Young fan, but that’s his best album by far.

  83. if you go via newburgh you should stop at Pete’s Hotdogs –
    absolutely the best hotdogs on the east coast – seriously!!

    get a couple of Texas loaded with a cream soda…
    your welcome

  84. I got a stop in Germantown first. It’s as dumb as the other one.

    Newburgh looks like a nope this time, but I will keep that place on file.

  85. Driving from Wisconsin to Colorado a couple years ago, I was doing 85 most of the way in my Tacoma. My friends in the 4runner were hitting 100…

  86. Mr. RFH hit 113 mph on the German autobahn, and we were still getting passed by the BMWs and Porches.

    I am sorry you are dealing with that, Jimbro.

    I am at my dad’s, and he just told me at least one fraud dept. has been calling here for my dipshit brother. I probably need to check Dad’s credit report.

  87. it is funny to hire someone from ct to drive to the middle of nowhere catskill mnts to pick up a guitar… but good for you.

    richie havens and some of the other hardcore 69 burners used to hang out in vw buses and tents and shit around there. i’d run into some semi-famous totally burnt out musicians once in a while around the area. maybe it’s a famous guitar; that’d be kinda cool

    germantown and surrounds is a pretty area – beautiful views across the river

  88. I thought recording new versions of Ashokan Farewell had been outlawed on pain of death? Or maybe that was just on my “Upon Becoming Overlord of North America” list.

  89. “Greetings, people who are celebrating Han Skywalker’s birthday or some shit.”

    i see the farce is strong with that one

  90. i used to fly around the ashokan near sunset –
    really beautiful country

  91. t is funny to hire someone from ct to drive to the middle of nowhere catskill mnts to pick up a guitar… but good for you.

    They gonna steal his kidneys.

  92. Can you make it before sundown? We don’t have lights for the field.

  93. Man, USC’s baseball program ain’t what it used to be.

  94. And it’s the fame that put words in her mouth
    She couldn’t help, but derp ’em out
    Around your crooked conscience she will wind
    And it’s a lot to ask and not to sting
    Give her less than everything
    Innocence and arrogance entwined

  95. Sunny day already out there.

  96. In the final month of med school I took a Europe trip with a few other guys. One had an uncle in Rosenheim in Bavaria. He was pretty well off and treated us well. He took all of us in his BMW to some mini museum with classic cars and other memorabilia that was pretty cool. He enjoyed going close to 100 on the autobahn.

    It was a great trip overall and I’m glad I had the chance to get there before the Muslim Invasion.

  97. “Can you make it before sundown? ”
    hahahaaaa – he shrugs off the “help”

    that’ll be some funny shit for the highlight reel for local news and the kids wedding

  98. toolin’ around germany is fun. thru the years i got to see quite a bit of it. i love munich. berlin was fun (got a funny story about berlin i’ll share some day).
    i’ve tried to blow up car engines on the autobahn; driving flat out for miles is entertaining and getting passed by soccer moms in their mercedes wagons at 120 is humorous


  100. Hah! Silly squirrel.

  101. So our younger boy walked downstairs with his shirt on backwards. After hanging around for a while Paula finally asked him if he was going for the Kriss Kross look. He had no idea what she was talking about so she explained about the backwards clothes trend. She admitted that she too had a brief phase of emulating them in elementary school before they were discovered to be lip syncers. As she walked out the door she left me in stitches as she confessed to wearing hammer pants as well.

  102. Love the header pic.

    How apropos!

  103. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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