Nailing it

Not sure why things like this:

fastenate me but they do. Amazing piece of engineering & still pounding it out after all these years.

I was sooo enthralled by the nail making process I had to commission – YEP – your mom to write a little ditty about it.

don’t laugh –

your dad nailed it



  1. everyone hungover?

  2. wakey wakey

  3. We used to have that type of nail in abundance in my dad’s nail cabinet. No idea whether they were made at the Tremont Cut Nail factory but since it was only about 25 miles away from that house there’s a good chance they were.

  4. The interview yesterday was good. The guy is a solid candidate, a little younger than me but far more accomplished. Very personable and easy to talk with. Everyone who met him felt the same way. The only kicker is the concept of being “board eligible”. Specifically, the ABOS. He’s boarded in Canada where he practices now but there’s weird rules on how you can qualify for the US version. Hopefully it will work out. One of my colleagues ran it by the hospital lawyers months ago before this trip and they thought it would work. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. well, if he’s boarded in Canada he should be able to board in US, right? Are the qualifications easier in Canada? Sounds like a good guy.

  6. Tuesdays with jam’s imagination are always a trip, aren’t they?

  7. Lawn situation looms. I need to get a new lawn tractor. Sadly, there isn’t enough crossover with the things I need to do to the cornfield that I think there’s a single machine for both.

  8. Watching the local news. They are starting with political ads. Democrats are going full retard. “I’ll punish Trump and the NRA” “Progressive Democrat” “Pro illegal immigrants”


  9. Tom Steyer is still running impeachment ads. And he’s the #1 Dem donor, according to CNN.

  10. heh, so Israel stole a half ton of classified documents from inside Iran. Well done, Bibi!

  11. He trained in Egypt for residency and then went to Canada for fellowship. Being a smart guy, he wanted to live in Canada over Egypt. Being boarded in Canada doesn’t guarantee US requirements especially if you’re foreign trained. After hearing all the combinations from people who had quickly looked at this but hadn’t confirmed anything with the actual ABOS I just left it with God. If he’s meant to be here he will be here. I’ll do my part in the bargain by pushing for it on my end.

  12. Probably got them off a home brewed server

  13. Miss Thunderfuck should really have changed her unfortunate name before she got into show business.

  14. Some people are just born into their life, laura.

  15. High School must have been a terror for the poor lass. All those mean girls.


  17. Rabid Dog Saliva killed it…….I guess thats probably happened before.

    Thank God the weather finally turned.

  18. I’m very, very close to getting away from my current customer, and maybe getting a couple days off. Excited.

  19. From Jimbro’s link:

    “Health Canada has approved a long list of nosodes, including remedies made from the cankers of syphilis patients, the cerebral fluid of people with meningitis and cells taken from carcinomas.”

    Seriously, WTF???

  20. “You know what will fix you right up? A little juice from a syphilis canker, with a dash of rabid dog drool.”

    What could go wrong?

  21. Dont forget the the Herpe Juice!

  22. Anal papule extract from Haitian undocumented hiv + citizen of the year awardees

  23. Miss thunder duck was able to get by on raw talent

  24. Haaahaaa

  25. Autocucumber doesn’t like miss thunderfuck i guess

  26. Insisting things be done the same way in Washington is ridiculous. Trump’s proving you get crap done when you approach it with common sense. Almost zero in Washington D.C. is tackled with common sense.

    Oh, and that prick, Bill Gates has admitted Common Core (spit) has been a bust compared to traditional methods.

    Every single person with a lick of common sense knew that would happen.

  27. As far as the stupid Meuller investigation, why don’t Trump’s lawyers simply say, “President Trump will only answer questions that are related to your Russian probe. Every other question is beyond the scope of this investigation.”

    Also, eff you.

  28. Interesting, I’ve always thought Rubio wanted to be President, I guess not. Looks like he’s not all that interested in being a Florida, republican senator either.

    Also interesting when RINO’s show their colors.

  29. I hate dealing with the Census Bureau’s website…

  30. No Worries Mare, after 8 years of Trump those RINO’s will be extinct.

  31. Condoleezza Rice says DonaldTrump should step aside & let the “experts” handle the North Korean details.


    Condoleeza, STFU. You are exactly wrong on this as was the Bush administration, Bush senior, Clinton and Obama.


  32. We need John Kerry and James Taylor on this.

  33. Slow in here

  34. You guys are obviously thunder duck haters.

  35. James Taylor mainlined too much heroin

  36. Comment by scott on May 1, 2018 3:11 pm
    We need John Kerry and James Taylor on this.


    Exactly, Scott.

  37. John Kerry is dumber than Kerry Marie’s left tit
    And WAY less useful

  38. Bummer about Rice.
    Not being able to break from the pack is a sign of weakness.
    Mind , spirit or intellect

  39. I’m still embarrassed by that moron Kerry bringing that idiot to France.

  40. Gotta admit though…that James Taylor shit was funny as hell, not funnier than the fake sign language dude in SA doing Obama’s speech, but still….

  41. I never saw the fake sign language guy. Hoo Boy that is funny.

    Pretty much sums up his presidency

  42. At Mandela’s Funeral no less! Fake sign language dude is only surpassed in comic history by old old SNL with Garret Morris doing the news for the deaf…..

  43. I’ve been on and off working outside. It’s sorta too hot (thanks Michigan – go from 32 – 81 in a day).

    Been trying to clean up all the beds, etc.

  44. Where the fuck is Jay today? Is he actually doing some work? Or is he betraying the blog by philandering on other blogs?

  45. Ok, I’m going to make one of these:


    Is is going to look awesome.

  47. Just finished a phone interview for the job in San Antonio. It looks like it would be a good job. Hopefully they’ll want to fly me down for the next phase.

  48. oh, I’m around once in a while. Busy day.

  49. San Antonio is a cool city.

  50. Comment by Car in on May 1, 2018 4:21 pm
    Ok, I’m going to make one of these:

    Video of Car in’s house, sometime in the future.

  51. she saw “wood chipper” and went with it.

  52. We’ll probably be checking out San Antonio this fall.

  53. You should be coppicing if you plan to do a lot of wattling.

  54. Land is cheap. Laura could easily triple the size of her garden.

  55. This is how a republican President’s Press Secretary needs to answer dumbass questions.

    Reporter: “Is the White House concerned as Congressman Adam Schiff has said, that so many of the questions point to obstruction of justice?”

    Sarah Sanders: “We here at the White House try never to be concerned with anything dealing with Adam Schiff.”

  56. Condoleezza Rice says DonaldTrump should step aside & let the “experts” handle the North Korean details.

    WTF? He brought it to this point, why bring in others to f*ck it back up?

  57. Because the professional bureaucrat class is afraid that Trump will show why a doctorate in “international relations” is bullshit.

  58. Heh. Watching the collapse of the credential racket fills the shriveled remains of my heart with great delight.

  59. Great. The water company is expecting the city of Hartford to stop paying it’s bills, so they are turning to the surrounding towns to pick up the slack.

    How can this be legal?


  61. That’s the least stupid millenial trend thus far.

  62. Chuck-E-Crossfit

    Do a burpee, get a token.

  63. Make Chuck a tranny and you’ve got a gold mine.

  64. Caitlyn-E- Crossfit.


  65. We are gonna need a new name for wall balls.

  66. Dual use name.

  67. face the other way for toes to bar

  68. Comment by Jay in Ames on May 1, 2018 8:46 am

    heh, so Israel stole a half ton of classified documents from inside Iran. Well done, Bibi!


    This might have been a sign of the impending regime change in Iran. Hopefully the new government decided they wanted to back away from the whole nuclear deal and decided to grab all the info on it and get rid of it.

    Fingers crossed that the mullahs will be deposed soon.

  69. I don’t derp you anymore
    You darken my door
    Whatever you’re looking for
    Hey, don’t come around here no more

  70. Caitlyn-E- Crossfit.

    I am thankful everyday that Scott uses his genius for good and not evil.

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